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LF: 6iv foreign Ditto

Discussion in '8th Gen Wi-Fi Center' started by boisechris, Jul 1, 2020.


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  1. boisechris

    boisechris The Strategist

    LF: 6iv, non-English Ditto
    Also Urshifu single strike and Galarian Slopoke for trade evolution.
    Lvl 55 Shiny Wishiwashi, female, 4iv with modest nature in a net ball. Nicknamed Ann Chovy.
    Lvl 1 Shiny Toxel, female, 4iv with naive nature in an ultra ball. Nicknamed Amy Lee. Ability rattled.
    Lvl 100 Shiny G-Max Garbodor, Male, adamant nature in a Pokéball. Nicknamed BANNED. Ability aftermath.

    Several G-Max Gengar lvl 55-71, 3-5iv’s
    Several G-Max Duraludon lvl 62-100, 4-5iv’s
    Several G-Max Snorlax lvl 35-70, 3-5iv’s
    Several G-Max Garbodor lvl 40-50, 3-4iv’s
    Several G-Max Copperajah lvl 47-63, 3-5iv’s
    Two G-Max Flapple lvl 62&64, 4&3iv’s respectively
    One G-Max Appletun lvl 54, 3iv’s
    Two G-Max Corviknight both lvl 54, both 4iv’s
    Two G-Max Charizard lvl 78&100, both 3iv’s
    Several G-Max Machamp lvl 46-78, 3-4iv’s
    Several G-Max Lapras lvl 60-66, 4-5iv’s
    One G-Max Coalossal lvl 61, 4iv’s
    Two (Amped) G-Max Toxtricity lvl 39&100, 0&4iv’s respectively
    One G-Max Grimmsnarl lvl 66, 4iv’s

    Comment for offers, if you have something to trade (not on my list) that you think I may like in exchange for one of my offers post your offer and I’ll get to you. I may come back in the future to add more offers.

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