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  1. Juanthemovie

    The Scarlet and Violet Box Legendary Box Pokemon are not Legendry's (just a theory)

    Ok a topic that Ive been thinking about ever since completing the game. Despite what the title says I still think they are legendaries but not in the way we normally know them as. So majority of the Legendary Pokemon are deitys to certain regions or was around for the creation of the world or...
  2. Juanthemovie

    Pokemon SV Crater lore theory

    (This theory credits Juanthemovie and King Fish so dont go stealing our theory) Ok so after having a long talk with my friend discussing about all the possible location and story relevant areas on the new Paldea map, we got to the topic on one major thing about that map. THE GIANT CLOUD COVERED...
  3. Juanthemovie

    [SPOILERS] Pokemon Legends Arceus Lore Theory

  4. sampleswift

    What if this anime encounter happened in the games?

    What if this encounter happened in the games? Your character is traversing a town, when you hear reports of a legendary Trainer who has arrived. Disconcerting reports also hear that Champions Lance, Steven, and Leon are arriving at the scene. A few seconds later, you see that there is a man...
  5. Mega Ampharos the Dragon

    My little rant on the first Trip and Ash battle (You know which one)

    So, I always hate how people always say that Pikachu shouldn't have been defeated by Snivy. You would be right but I feel there is always a forgotten part of this episode, Pikachu was weakened badly by Zekrom. Zekrom basically overcharged Pikachu, weakening it quite a bit and because of that...
  6. I

    Pokemon professors when they were young!

    Okay guys, I'm going to create a pokemon fan game which is about the professors from the first 4 generations when they were young. Can anybody help me with sources or just help me with the general story for the professors? I know young professor Oak is in the pokemon movie Celebi: The Voice of...
  7. I

    Why I Think Ash Will Win the Alola League

    Just a brief couple of lines expressing an opinion...... It's 8/29/19 when this is being posted. Ash is currently in the semi-finals against Guzma. Guzma is clearly made out the be the evil character (his past has not being fully explained so there is potentially a sob story behind him) with...
  8. Eternalfalcon

    Do theorys come under the general discussion thread?

    Do theorys come under the general discussion thread?
  9. Eternalfalcon

    Sword and shield theory (spoilers)

    In a new trailer for sword and shield there is a statue behind Marnie which is holding a shield and has its right arm up holding what I assume to be a sword now as you can see by the picture of the legendaries one of them is holding a sword and the other has the mane that is a shield (I keep...
  10. Lapisbomb

    Drone Rotom in the 6.05.19 Direct

    In the direct during the fight against Milo, the battle is being recorded by a drone. Later in the direct, we can see this drone is a Rotom. Since it hasn't been revealed officially, we still don't know if it's a new form that can join your team, or something similar to the Rotom Phone. Link to...
  11. Argentarus

    Alchemical Symbols In The Designs Of The Starter Evolutionary Lines

    Pretty sure everyone is familiar with the Alolan starter's alchemical symbol inspirations and this image below by now: Rowlet's body shape and bowtie or beak makes up the symbol for salt, Litten's eyes and markings are the symbol for sulfur, and Popplio's body shape, when standing, looks like...
  12. D

    [SHINY HUNTING] New technique and theory, 30 min on average

    The technique requires you to do the following:: 1) Reach a Catch Combo of at least 11 (Attention the rate will not be 1/273 before a combo of 31). 2) Wait until the maximum number of Pokemon that can appear for that area is reached (this varies based on the zone; often 3/4/5 at a time...
  13. xXZ380 D43M0NXx

    I found something out about SM/USUM music...

    Alright, so a bit ago, I listened to the RSE/ORAS intro, cause I enjoy listening to Pokemon music in my free time or while working. Anywho, towards the end of the piece, I though I heard a bit that sounded very familiar... SO, I checked Ultra Necrozma's theme, only to confirm my suspicions...