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  1. A

    TRADING “POKERUS” pokemon for shiny pokemon

    I have alot of extra pokerus pokemons and im trading them for shiny pokemons
  2. B

    Pokemon sword and shield raids!!

    Add me on switch Sw-6779-4259-1217, for anyone that wants to play raids on pokemon sword and shield
  3. Emboar_Rulez

    Shiny help

    So I’ve been trying to find a shiny Poliwag for almost a week now and was wondering if anyone has any advice I have looked in cerulean cave and the route right before victory road and got my catch chain to 450 I have a lure active always and have the shiny charm.What am I doing wrong? I will...
  4. e6life

    Nintendo Switch Messenger Bag Recommendations?

    Hello, all. As a pedestrian, I'm always carrying my stuff in my handy satchel. Now, with the Switch soon out dating the 3DS, I'm looking for a larger bag that can carry my various items, along with my Switch. For me, I need a bag that can hold my: - Wallet - Keys - Medications - 3DS Games...
  5. Mega Altaria

    Ability Speculation/Wishlist Thread

    Speculate on what new Abilities could be in the 2019 Pokémon Switch game or what changes can be made to the Abilities we have now as in nerfs and buffs. And what sort of Abilities do you want in the game?
  6. X

    Pokeball w. Mew question

    ((I searched everywhere and couldn't find this question. I'm hoping someone could give me maybe a little insight. Thank you for your time!)) We know that if we pre-order the pokeball for Let's Go, there will be a Mew inside. I'm under the impression that the pokeball will be able to connect to...
  7. BlueGreyPidove

    Expectations for Pokemon Switch?

    I believe that expecting Pokemon Switch to become Open World like BotW is asking for a bit too much, but I'd like it to be a jump for the series. I would like things such as a movable camera, voice acting, and make the game one single version rather than two versions. Pokemon is going to be...
  8. P

    Cross-Generation Transfer Speculation Thread

    I noticed no one has posted this kind of thread yet. So I'm doing the honors. The question of this thread: is there gonna be someway to transfer Pokemon caught in past generations from Generation VII to Generation VIII? And if so, how?