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Pokeshifting Thread

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This thread is to request or offer Pokeshifting services. You may ask for/offer whatever you want in return (provided they're not hacks obviously), or ask for/offer nothing at all. Remember to do negotiation via PM/VM, and not in the thread itself, and to follow all other rules.

Also, due to the high chance of scamming, we will be watching this thread closer than some of the other large ones. Remember to refer to tips for saving evidence in the Blacklist Thread just in case you get scammed, and to report any scammers there. For your own safety, try looking through the thread for people who have done the service several times without scamming anyone, or ask people you already know to help you. If too much scamming occurs as a result of this thread it may be removed.
In the next week or so I will be getting a new ds (Because of the price lowering caused by the 3Ds coming out) and will be able to pokeshift anyone's pokemon for them. All I ask for in return is that you feedback to this thread that the process went well :)


Rising pokemonmaster
I'm looking for someone to help me pokeshift from HG and Platinum. If you can help PM me please.


Howls of Loneliness
I can help anyone pokeshift if they want All I ask for is what you are willing to give me.


im bak - TRADE AWAY!
I can PokeShift anyones pokemon(They have to PM me)
We will set up a day to shift & time.
You will have to offer a shiny or a event that i want~


New Member
i will pokeshift with anyone and as many pokemon as you want! no questions asked!

in return!
i want shinny pokemon!

msg me if you are interested.


I will pokeshift. I did so for Monochrome Twist with 24 pokemon, all legends, and completed the offer as requested. I'm no scammer.

All I ask is: 1) Please have a multiple of 6 pokemon that you want to transfer. 2) Some reward would be nice. It doesn't have to be much, but a pokemon I don't yet have is always appreciated.

PM me if interested.


Shiny Master
Very willing to help anyone Pokeshift anything for free~ I may, however, take a clone of whatever you ask me to Shift unless you tell me not to.

Drop me a PM anytime~ :3


i got a keldeo :3
the only pokemon i want pokeshifted right now is my mewtwo
its currently on platinum

i cant offer much on platinum but i can nature breed for ya


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Looking for someone to shift a couple of pokemon from my White game to my roommate's Black game. Only have 1 DS atm, so I am in need of help. Not sure if this is the right forum, but it seemed like the closest thing to what I need. Thanks in advance!

Update: Got help from Jordantyler36. He was awesome. He was patient with me as I deleted an old game and started a new one in order to trade. And he did it all for free! I recommend him to anyone who needs to transfer some pokes from game to game. :)
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Heya guys! I was wondering if someone was able to help me shift a rather hefty order of about 36 pokemon from diamond to black! If so, that would be greatly appreciated! Don't have much to offer in terms of events or shinies, but we can work something out! :)


Dragon Master
if anyone is willing to pokeshift some pokes for me id appreciate it
PM me if oyu want to know what im offering


New Member
Just shifted 6 pokes for chilisex91. I'd be glad to help people out sometime later, it'd be awesome to receive a timid gastly or a good natured drillbur in return.

Send me a pm!


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I just got white and I'm looking for some help with transferring a few eggs from Heartgold over to White. There are four, so it shouldn't take more than five minutes, perhaps. I do appreciate the help, and I don't have much but I could get someone a Jirachi if they wish.

PM me if you'd like to help. I'll try and get in touch ASAP.


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I really need help transferring a few mons (maybe 2-3) from my Pearl to White - If you want to help out, I'll certainly try to repay you somehow. Just let me know what you might want. Thanks in advance!


Howls of Loneliness
I can pokeshift for anyone very reliable just ask bushie or matt36 if you don't believe me


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I need to send my Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres, along with Empoleon, and 5 of my other usual party Pokemon from Platinum to White. Not tonight though. Going to bed soon.

I'll make sure to say you're legit.
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If someone could help me pokeshift a few parties over from my HeartGold to my White, that would be great! Send me a Private message if you're willing to accept, I've got a shiny Weavile I can offer, that's on my HeartGold currently.

EDIT: Okay, I've got someone to help me now.
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