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Arceus and Shaymin, because they haven't been released yet. Also, any Pokemon with illegal stats (IVs over 31 or too many EVs).


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Shaymin and Arceus.

And Pokémon with more than 510 EVs. It's odd that stuff like Wondertombs are allowed though...


Try deleting the pass, and then remaking it.

Also, which Pokemon are on the pass, and did you raise them all yourself?


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Chances are one of them is hacked if you got it in a trade.
My team is Togekiss, Salamence, Pachirisu, Lugia, Deoxys and Mewtwo
Just try taking each of those Pokémon onto Wi-Fi individually alongside some that you know are legitimate(ie. self-caught ones), to suss out the hack/s in your team.
You only need to do this with the Pokémon that you obtained in a trade though, as i'm sure you can vouch for the legitimacy of those you captured and trained yourself;]

If you get the message warning come up whilst testing them individually, saying that you are not allowed onto Wi-Fi with your current pass, then you've found your hack.
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don't the hacks turn into bad eggs or the one that the games think they are or are they getting through now?


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Shaymin, Arceus, and hacked movesets/abilities cannot go in wifi.
(Pokemon with more than 510 EV's turn into bad eggs, but some hackers apparently found a way to get through the ability filter. Well, at least they can't go in wifi)


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^^ Actually my friend said he encountered a Typhlosion with Hydro Cannon the other day on Wi-Fi.