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Which of the 'First Attack' moves hit first and in what order do the others go?

There's Fake Out, Aerial Ace, Quick Attack and a few more.


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Well, Aerial Ace doesn't go first, but always hit and I know that Extreme Speed Always goes first. Don't know about the others, though.


Aerial Ace doesn't go first but I believe Swift does. If there are two pokemon that both use Quick Attack, the pokemon with the higher speed stat will hit first (after any stat-ups).


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No, IIRC, Swift also connot be avoided. But you're right about the Quick Attack going first by speed.
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im pretty sure that if one pokemon (like swellow) used quick attack and something slower used extremespeed the quick attack would hit first because the swellow is faster. im pretty sure that each move hits first in the order of the pokemons speed.
but I believe Swift does.
swift is the same thing as aerial ace, it never misses but doesnt automatically go first


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Swift is an un avoidable attack, not first move.


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If it's the first turn in battle, does Fake Out take effect before Quick Attack and Extremespeed or vice versa?


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Fake Out cannot fail. It is always first. Period.


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I meant attack-wise. Obviously Protect/Detect goes first, and obviously it doesn't hit ghosts. Those are a given, which is why I didn't bother mentioning them.


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yea from the list above it goes fake out then extreme speed ay?


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i haven't even heard about that move so i dont no


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I think fast poke strikes first. If quick attack hits first Fake Out fails
Fake Out cannot fail. It is always first. Period.

You're both right and wrong. Quick Attack would strike before the Fake Out if the quick attacker is faster, however Fake Out will still hit.

Anyway, moves with a positive speed priority are...

Quick Attack
Mach Punch
Focus Punch (the focusing message - if it counts)
Pursuit (only when opponent is trying to switch out)

Yeah...I think that's all.
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I knew I would have forgotten one. Thanks. ;)


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This is the move priority ladder:

+6 Helping Hand
+5 Snatch, Magic Coat
+4 Follow Me
+3 Focus Punch (charge)
+2 Protect, Detect, Endure
+1 Quick Attack, Mach Punch, Extremespeed, Fake Out
*0 Sleep Talk, Everything else
-1 Vital Throw
-2 Focus Punch
-3 Revenge
-4 Counter, Mirror Coat
-5 Roar, Whirlwind

To answer your question, if both pokemon use a +1 priority move, the pokemon with the higher speed goes first.

For example: If Jolteon and Breloom (both with no speed boosts) were to use Quick attack and Mach punch respectively, Jolteon would go first, as it has higher speed. But if Jolteon were to use another attack (Let's say Thunderbolt) Breloom would go first, as Mach Punch has a higher priority than Thunderbolt.

Hope this helps