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Trailer Location Analysis!



I've put together this graphic displaying speculation on where locations from the Pokemon Sword and Shield announcement trailer is on the region map. Thanks to everyone that has made suggestions leading to changes to the map.

You may need to open/download the image and zoom in.

Let me know if you agree/disagree with my location guesses, and if so why! Thanks all.

https://i.imgur.com/oBI9wXB.jpg (Original)
https://i.imgur.com/h5zkFuM.jpg (Latest)

Image 1 | Video Link 1:00
View of the first town, facing north. It appears that the chain of rolling cone shaped mountains north of the starting area are a good give-away for if the screenshot is in this starting location. We see a train station, Pokemon Center and an unknown purple building with a large glass conservatory. This building could possibly be the professors house.

Image 2 | Video Link 1:03
Close-up of a wind vane, with windmill in the background. This clearly lines up with location 2 on the map.

Image 3 | Video Link 1:04
View of the town in location 2. We see a stadium, with a leaf symbol. Pokemon Center. Golden wheat fields with stones containing runes. Stonehenge looking stones in the distance.

Image 4 | Video Link 1:06
This building appears to be the player characters house. Large tree on the right, lots of hanging pot plants and many flowering plants. All of this lines up with the house located at 4, 5, 6 & 7.

Image 5 | Video Link 1:09
Front view of the male player character. This location could possibly be in the players house. It could very easily be in a number of other locations.

Image 6 | Video Link 1:13
Closer view of the same building in location 4.

Image 7 | Video Link 1:15
This view gives us the location of the of the building in location 4, 5, 6. From the purple building in the background we pretty much confirm this is our characters house. Also we can finally see the Pokemon symbol above the purple house, things are pointing towards this being the professors lab.

Image 8 | Video Link 1:16
The Pokemon battle court and the glass conservatory attached to the purple house, along with the view of the large lake all point to this being at location 8.

Image 9 | Video Link 1:17
This mysterious misty woodland could be in a number of locations. The path leading south-west from your house happen to lead into misty looking woodlands, so maybe here?

Image 10 | Video Link 1:18
This red-bricked industrial city corresponds with location 10. Likely based off Manchester. The train runs through the city center.

Image 11 | Video Link 1:19
Heading towards a stadium with a grass symbol. The symbol and the large rocks containing runes both point towards location 11.

Image 12 | Video Link 1:20
Another view of the red-bricked industrial city.

Image 13 | Video Link 1:21
The snow, shape of the rock formation and direction of the path point towards location 13.

Image 14 | Video Link 1:23
A different angle of the large purple building by the lake.

Image 15 | Video Link 1:25
The same fork we see in this path can be seen at location 15, the stream and bridge also line up.

Image 16 | Video Link 1:35
Encountering a trainer along the path to the large purple house beside the lake. Lots of gardening equipment can be seen throughout this starting area.

Image 17 | Video Link 1:43
Inside a house, Munchlax can be seen. Unknown location.

Image 18 | Video Link 1:44
Snowy environment, with white marble buildings line up with location 18.

Image 19 | Video Link 1:45
Both 19 and 22 and complete guesses. This could be a number of locations. My guess of this location is because it happens to be a cave close to the large industrial city. Later images of this location show mine carts with rail, which also points to this cave as it has a rail entrance.

Image 20 | Video Link 1:46
Large hill figure. Multiple are known in the UK. The figure appears to be exhaling fire, with bolts of lightning coming from the ball of fire. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hill_figure)

Image 21 | Video Link 1:47
Another view of the snowy white marble city.

Image 22 | Video Link 1:48
Another view inside the mine with glowing multi-colored gems/ore. We can see mine carts and track.

Image 23 | Video Link 1:49
I think this is likely inside the professors lab. Lots of books, high-tech scientific equipment, yep pretty sure.

Image 24 | Video Link 1:50
Another view outside the large purple house by the lake.

Image 25 | Video Link 1:51
Entering a stadium. We see it is open-air. Judging by the color and shape of the stadium I would think this is the same/similar design that we can see is repeating in the region map. It doesn't seem to be the large red stadium themed after Wimbledon. My guess is it is the grass stadium, which is also likely the first stadium we compete at.
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Chuffed to bits
Staff member
15 is the right fork, just north of 2 or south of 1
17 can be anyone's house
23 seems to be the Professor's lab. It could also possibly be the red-roofed building (see 2)
25 can be any stadium


15 makes sense! I'll move that.
17 completely agree, was the only one I didn't speculate on.
23 that is exactly what I thought, 2 would also make sense.
25 agree that this could be any stadium, likely to be the first stadium we come across? If so maybe where 11 is. That is going with a hunch that each of the buildings that look like 11 are stadiums that are also the gyms.


19 and 22 could really be any cave throughout the region. For instance south-west of 9, this cave with the colorful gem looking facade. Or the cave to the east of the city at 10/12.


Beautiful work. I agree with most of the locations except the 25th. If you check the roof, it resembles the generic arena locations with spiked-columns compared to the London one that seems to reflect a lily with a rainbow-shaped column piercing the sky.


Thanks Wulava and WhiteBlair for the feedback, I've made changes from your suggestions.
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Trainer Yusuf

25 is the London Stadium(the red flowery area), you can see the red-blue symbols in PC's outfit. The symbol does not exist elsewhere.

Your earlier assumption was correct.

WhiteBlair corrected me, thanks.

Edit: You should add battle scenes as well. We already know where Route 01 is, for example.
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Here is a numbered points of interest map. Feel free to use to explain a location.
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Stadium/Gym Locations: 38 (blue symbol, water?), 49 (green symbol, grass?), 55 (brown symbol, ground/rock?), 71 (hard to tell the color.. Ice?), 77 (not sure on color, ghost or bug?) and 83 (grand London stadium, elite four?)

Possibly Stadiums/Gyms: 20, 62, 69
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25 is the London Stadium(the red flowery area), you can see the red-blue symbols in PC's outfit. The symbol does not exist elsewhere.

Your earlier assumption was correct.
It isn't.

Click this PHOTO, and you'll see the spiked-columns are not forming a rainbow like London nor a lily-shaped flower. And, click this PHOTO. Red-Blue symbol represents the new GYM/Tournament logo found in every stadium.


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Oh and 15 should be on route 1 since when you see the wild battle it has the first town in the background.
Oh and Runelore 23 should be with 24 because if you look at the glassy part of the screenshot it matches the outside aesthetic of the house.


I didn't notice that entrance to the forest, added it and a few more locations to the points of interest map.

With screenshot 23, I think you're right. You can see the right side of the building has the same glass walled conservatory. Will change it.


I think the forest is the one at the starting town
That actually makes a lot of sense. More likely that they're showing a location from early on in the game than near the end, also that mushroom/fungal looking place doesn't match the misty forest.

Changed the location of screenshot #9, thanks D*N.
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Here's a breakdown of the Galar region paths and rail I can make-out on the region map.

Image Link
Just pointing this out but I think I see another train station/railway, if you look north of the entrance to the cave that leads the train into the mountain and then you keep going up until you reach the end of the mountain and then scroll over to the right you will see a little red building with what appears to be train tracks next to it.