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What now..?

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by TheSirPeras, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. TheSirPeras

    TheSirPeras The end of an era

    The journey after the journey!

    Hello everybody! I decided to try another fic, as the other one hadn't really been motivating me lately. This one is a little different, though still a trainer fic.
    After a couple of chapters, there will be a new region, made up by me so I hope everyone likes it!
    I also want to thank Psychic, for helping me with the script format since it's the first time I try a script fic.
    Last but not least, this fic is about Ash's Hoenn Rival, Tyson.
    PG rated, for harsh language (in future chapters)

    Well, here it goes! :)

    Chapter 1:
    Now what?​

    Narrator: As the Hoenn League came to an end, the world witnessed a tall and skinny trainer, with brown spiky hair lift the trophy. His name is Tyson. He got on a ship to Slateport City in sunny day. He got on the ship with his partner, a Meowth that wore boots and a hat, and just left. To where, however?

    Tyson (standing at the stern of the ship, with his loyal Meowth next to him): Well Meowth, this is the first time we won the league. (Tyson looks at Meowth, and the latter looks at his owner, and they both start smiling).

    Meowth (smirking): Me-owth!

    Tyson: You know, the moment you used Iron Tail on that Magmar in the finals… My heart… it skipped a beat. I was so happy and proud of you buddy. I still am.

    Meowth (stands calmly, crosses arms and nods, very proudly): Meowth… Meowth meowth…

    Tyson (looks up, gazes at the shining stars): We’ve been on this ship for some hours now, shall we head inside? It’s getting late now…

    Meowth (shakes his head): Meowth, Meowth.

    Tyson (looks down to Meowth, with a calm expression): Ah I see… You want to breathe some fresh air huh Meowth? This does feel good though. The gentle, fresh breeze blowing in our faces… The water looks amazing too… Look, you can even see the reflex of the moon and the stars on the sea…

    Meowth (nods and smiles): Meowth…

    Tyson (looking to the sea): I must say though. The battle that really marked me was against Ash. Man, was he good! When I saw Pikachu had been defeated, I sort of felt bad for Ash. Then, however, the smile on his face... the look in his eyes... He was so proud of Pikachu. It made me happy, and I think it made Ash a stronger trainer.
    Ash (leans down and grabs Pikachu): Hey pal, are you okay?

    Pikachu (smiling): Pika pi.

    Ash: You were great Pikachu. You gave it everything you had.

    Pikachu (with a weak voice): Pikachu…

    Tyson (walks up to Ash): Hey, thanks a lot Ash! That was an awesome battle!

    (Tyson stretches his arm, to shake Ash’s hands.)

    Ash: No, I’m the one who should be thanking you.

    (Ash stretches his arm, shaking hands with Tyson.)

    Tyson (looks down to Meowth, and excitingly, puts his arm up): Meowth, let’s give it our best! From now on, let’s travel that extra mile! What do you say?!

    Meowth (follows Tyson’s gesture): MEOWTH!

    (Tyson and Meowth head inside to their small room and they take a nap.)

    Captain (announcing on the microphone): We will soon embark in Slateport City.

    Tyson (stretches his arms and yawns): Ah, finally! Meowth, wake up pal. It’s time to go.

    Meowth (sits on the side of the bed, scratching his eyes): Meowth?

    Tyson: Yeah silly. It’s time to go to Slateport City! We’re almost home.

    (Tyson grabs his bag, and leaves the room with Meowth. They head outside and walk to the bow. They are still surrounded by darkness, where the only light available comes from the stars. After a couple of minutes, the ship embarks in the blue, big harbor.There was another big, white and red ship with the initials S.S.T on it. Tyson and Meowth leave, looking around.)

    Tyson (still looking around): Now, where could he be? I told grandpa to be here around this time… Oh wait, there he is! Hahaha!

    (Tyson points at an old, chubby man, with a big smile on his face. He runs to his grandpa, while Meowth follows him.)

    Wattson (laughing very loud): Hey there kid! Hahaha!

    Tyson (smiling): Hey grandpa! It’s been a while!

    Wattson: It sure has! I saw how you won the Hoenn League! Very impressive, I must say! Your Pokemon were amazing! Hahahaha!

    Tyson (scratching the back of his head): Thanks! My Pokemon were truly amazing!

    Meowth (sharpening his nails, and nodding at the same time): Me-owth.

    Wattson (looks down): Oh! And there’s the star of the show! The Meowth in boots, or as I like to call him, the Puss in Boots! Your battle skills were outstanding!(Meowth jumps up and scratches Wattson’s face)

    Tyson: Yeah, never call him that. He hates it… My face felt terrible for the first weeks that I owned Meowth… (Tyson starts laughing, and Meowth starts smiling)

    Wattson: Well, shall we go then? Ever since you left, I and a couple of others that worked on New Mauville built lifts from here to Mauville, to make access easier for those who don’t own bikes. You can go from Mauville to Slateport quickly and easily now!

    (They all walk out. They walk past the big Pokemon Center, the ancient museum, the normally busy market, until they get to the beach, where the waves hit the shore hard. Since it’s still night, there’s only a few people. All are heading to the lifts.)

    Tyson (with an amazed expression on his face): Woah! You guys built this when I was out?

    Wattson (laughing in a proud way): Hahaha, yes we did! It didn’t even take us very long!

    Tyson: Well, good job. It’s huge!

    Wattson: Yep! And look, we’re also building some from here to Dewford, to make access easier again, of course.

    Tyson (with his eyes and mouth wide opened): Awesome! Let’s go then.

    (They go through the big sliding doors, walk to the brown counter and get some tickets. They then sit on their lift seats. Each cabin is colored with a very light blue, and has big windows so everyone can see the view.)

    Tyson (looking down): The view is amazing! Woah what’s that big house? (Tyson points down, intrigued.)

    Wattson: Oh, that’s the Trick House! The owner has added a bunch of trick rooms since you left.”

    Tyson: Oh, I see… Good to see that Hoenn is developing.

    (The lifts arrive in Mauville City, behind the Pokemon Center. Tyson, Meowth and Wattson leave the building, and head home.)

    Tyson (looking at his house. It’s a big yellow house, with a garden. Murkrow could be heard on the trees around it): Ah, home sweet home. It seems like nothing has changed here.

    Wattson: Nope. Well, I’m gonna leave you guys alone, so you can rest. Good bye Tyson! Meowth!(Wattson leaves to his house, while Tyson and Meowth enter the house)

    Tyson (walks up to his room with Meowth): Well, here’s my room. There’s the desk where I used to study before I went on my journey. Here’s the bed… and here’s your bed. (Tyson looks at Meowth and smiles)

    (He grabs a blanket and a basket, and puts it together on the floor, next to his bed. There is also a desk with a computer on it. There are even a lot of books about Pokemon on the desk.)

    Tyson (smiling): There, you can sleep here.

    Meowth (lies down under the blanket): Meowth…

    Tyson (lies down on his bed, turns off the lights): Well… good night Meowth, it’s been a long day.

    (The next morning, Tyson wakes up to the sound of the doorbell.)


    Tyson (gets up): Oahh… I’m coming! I’m coming!

    (Tyson goes down the stairs and heads to his door, while the bell is still ringing. He then opens the door.)

    Mailman: Hey there Tyson! Good work at the league!

    Tyson (embarrassed): Oh thanks! Haha.

    Mailman (gives Tyson a letter): Well, here’s your mail!

    Tyson (closing the door): Thanks!

    (Tyson goes to the living room, puts the letter on the table, and sits on the couch.)

    Tyson (puts his hands on his head): Ah… I wonder… what should I do now?

    (Meowth comes down the stairs, and sits next to Tyson.)

    Tyson (patting Meowth’s back): Hey there Meowth. How are you?

    Meowth (grins): Meowth...

    Tyson (looks up): Hey Meowth. I still have the trophy in my bag; let’s take a look at it.

    (Tyson takes the Hoenn League trophy and sets it on the table.)

    Tyson: Hm… So many good memories… What now though?

    Meowth (looks up as well): Me…owth…

    Tyson: Hm… well, let’s see what the letter says…

    (Tyson opens the letter, and starts reading.)

    "Dear Tyson,

    We saw how you won the Hoenn League. How you battled with all you had.​
    The bond between you and your Pokemon is superb! Meet us in Sootopolis City, at 10 pm tomorrow.

    Sincerely, the Elite 4 Committee"

    Tyson: Hey Meowth, wait a bit here.

    Meowth (nods): Meowth.

    (Tyson stands up, grabs the trophy and goes upstairs, to his room. He puts the trophy right next to his Pokemon books.)

    Tyson (looks at the trophy one last time and smiles): Hmm…

    (Tyson heads downstairs again, goes next to the couch and looks at Meowth.)

    Tyson (with a huge smile on his face, while his heart beat is quicker than normal): Well Meowth, I know what we’re doing next.

    Narrator: Meowth stands up, and both him and his master have a new look on their faces. They look happy, excited. They have a new journey.

    Last edited: Feb 17, 2013
  2. TheSirPeras

    TheSirPeras The end of an era

    Chapter 2

    Chapter 2:
    Introducing the Elite 4 Commitee!

    Narrator: After that exciting letter, Tyson rapidly packs up enough provisions for the trip to Sootopolis City.

    (After he packs up, he heads for the door.)

    Tyson (looks at Meowth with one eye more closed than the other, with a suspicious look): Hey Meowth… Did I forget any berry?

    Meowth (with a confused look): Meowth?

    Tyson (going through his black bag): Really though… I have Oran, Sitrus, Pecha, Rawst, Persim… oh no… where are the Jaboca Berries?!

    (Meowth jumps and uses Furry Swipes on Tyson’s face.)

    Meowth (with an angry face, speaking louder than usual): Meowth! Meowth meowth!

    Tyson: Thanks Meowth… I needed that.

    (Tyson sits down on his yellow couch.)

    Meowth (calmer, sits down on the couch too): Me…owth…

    Tyson (talking to Meowth): I guess I was just a bit nervous… I mean, we are close to meeting the famous Elite 4!

    Meowth (nods): Meowth meowth.

    Tyson (with a soft and quiet voice): I wonder what they want…

    (Tyson and Meowth start imagining different scenarios.)

    Wallace (points at Tyson, smirking): Hello there! Your battle at the league was amazing, now you have to battle me to see if you really are this good!

    Tyson (very confused): What?

    Wallace (staring at Tyson): So… battle me. You’re not gonna let me down… are you? Show me how strong you are…

    Tyson (whispering to Meowth): This… is very…

    Wallace (interrupting Tyson): Intimidating? Hahaha, I know. That’s what the Elite 4 does, intimidates other trainers. You didn’t know that? Hahahaha, seriously, this guy won?!

    (Tyson and Meowth both shake their heads.)

    Tyson (with a terrified expression, eyes, mouth and even nostrils wide opened): THAT WOULDN’T HAPPEN!

    Wallace (smoking): Hey there kiddo! Come join the party! We have enough cigars for you and your Pokemon!

    Tyson (scared): Woah, what the -?

    Wallace (interrupts Tyson): Calm down kid! Kids can see this fic, so calm down with your language!

    Tyson (whispers slowly and still scared): Sorry…

    (Tyson and Meowth shake their heads.)

    Tyson (quickly stands up and looks at Meowth): Ok, you know what? Let’s just leave to Sootopolis City, whatever happens can’t be as bad as that…

    (Tyson and Meowth leave their home.)

    Tyson (puts his hand over his eyes so the sun doesn’t hurt his eyes): Woah, it’s a beautiful day! (He looks to the left and to the right.) We’re surrounded by nature. If you listen closely, you can hear the Taillow and Swellow.

    (Tyson puts his hand around his ear to hear better, and sure enough, there were Taillows singing.)

    (Meowth grabs Tyson’s clothes and pulls him forward.)

    Tyson (laughing): Hahaha, you’re right, we should continue.

    (Tyson and Meowth walk through the city. The famous bike shop and the electric gym, until they finally arrive to the lifts building.)

    Tyson (looking up to the blue building that hosted the lifts): I still am amazed by this. How an old man gets so much energy, I don’t know. It’s fascinating though…

    (They walk in, buy a ticket and enter their cabin.)

    Tyson (looking at the view): Hey Meowth, come take a look at this!

    Meowth (gasping): Meowth…

    (Tyson looks at Meowth, with a worried look.)

    Tyson (gets Meowth’s Pokeball): Hey Meowth, you’ve been out of your ball for too long. You should get more rest pal.

    Meowth (agreeing with Tyson): Meowth.

    (Tyson recalls Meowth, and stands still on his sit for the short amount of time that it took for the lift to get to Slateport City. As Tyson walks, he can’t stop thinking about the invitation from the Elite 4 Committee, and starts imagining what could happen if he lost a battle against any of them.)

    Tyson (goes down on his knees, hugging his Meowth): Oh no… I lost…

    Elite 4 member #1: How did you even win the league?

    Elite 4 member #2: You’ll never get far as a Pokemon trainer…

    Elite 4 member #3: You should just give up on being a trainer…

    Elite 4 member #4: Absolute. Waste. Of. My. Time.

    Wallace: And now… as we agreed… hand over your Pokemon.

    Tyson: No! C’mon, don’t worry Tyson, nothing bad will happen…

    (Tyson finally arrives in the Harbor and buys a ticket quickly to Sootopolis City. He checks the schedule and realizes the yellow ship with the initials J.A.H (Journeys Around Hoenn) will leave in 5 minutes. Tyson hurries to the ship, and makes it in time. As he enters, he notices the graciosity of the ship. It had ancient flower patterns painted on the yellow of the walls; the floor was an orangey brown, but it still had that feeling of old age.)

    Tyson (sighs): Ok, really, what could the Elite 4 want? Are they going to be serious or chilled? Nice or rude? Ahh… What I need is some food now…

    (Tyson heads to the ship’s restaurant. Its specialty is shellfish. Tyson sits down at the counter, and asks for a plate of shrimp and a bowl of oyster.)

    Tyson (with his mouth full of shrimp): Ah, best shrimp ever! (Tyson keeps munching the food) This trip has already been worth it!!

    (After Tyson finished eating, he went to the top floor of the ship, and found a battle field for training. It had a small pool in the middle for water types, and big rocks spread out on the field.)

    Tyson (grabs his Pokeballs): C’mon out guys!

    (His Meowth, Metagross, Sceptile, Hariyama, Donphan and Shiftry come out. They’re all warmed up, jumping up and down, punching the air, and just warming up.)

    Tyson (in front of his Pokemon): Ok guys, chances are we will be fighting the strongest trainers in Hoenn tomorrow. So if we’re gonna be stuck in this ship for some hours, we might as well do some battling!

    (All his Pokemon throw their fists up, and their voices are louder than usual.)

    Tyson (turns around to look for other Pokemon trainers): Does anyone want to have a Pokemon battle?

    (One trainer turns around and stands up. He is blonde, tall and very muscular.)

    Terry (flexing his arm muscles): Yeah, let’s battle! I gotta practice for my fifth badge in Sootopolis, so let’s do it!

    (Tyson walks up to him, introduces himself and they shake hands. Then they go to each side of the battle field.)

    Tyson (with a friendly, yet competitive voice): Ok, let’s have a three on three battle!

    Terry (still flexing): Fine for me! Hahaha!

    Tyson (grins, and gets one of his Pokemon): Go, Donphan!

    Terry (starts laughing really loud): Hahahaha! This will be way too easy! Go, Marshtomp!

    Tyson: A water type? Predictable. Donphan, strike him with Rollout!

    (Donphan starts rolling quickly towards Marshtomp, who has no reaction and ends up being hit hard.)

    Terry: Oh no! Marshtomp, use Aqua Tail!

    (Donphan keeps rolling, faster and faster. Marshtomp runs to Donphan with his tail surrounded by rings made of water; however Donphan is way stronger, and ends up knocking Marshtomp to the sea.)

    Terry (recalls Marshtomp): Ugh… Go, Camerupt!

    Tyson (recalls Donphan, and calls another Pokemon): It’s time to shine, Hariyama!

    (Hariyama starts punching his fist, and looks at Camerupt with an aggressive look.)

    Terry: Camerupt, don’t let him intimidate you! Use Lava Plume!

    Tyson (smirks): Use Arm Thrust on the fire!

    Hariyama (loudly): Hari!!

    (Hariyama throws his arms in front of him, and quickly stops the fire with a thrusting motion.)

    Tyson: Now, finish this up. Brick Break!

    Terry (with his eyes and mouth wide open, and a scared voice): No! Camerupt, use Earthquake!

    (Camerupt looks back and shakes his heads, scared.)

    Tyson (laughing): Haha, we’re in a ship Terry. You can’t use that here…

    (Hariyama jumped up, and hit Camerupt’s face, knocking it out.)

    Tyson (smiling): Good job Hariyama! Come rest.

    Terry (recalls Camerupt): Ok… it’s not over yet. Go, Shuppet!

    Tyson (pulls out his Pokeball): Ok, go Metagross!

    Terry (astonished): A Metagross?! Ok, Shuppet try your Shadow Ball!

    (Shuppet unleashes its shadow ball attack, whilst Metagross stands still and takes the hit. No damage was dealt.)

    Tyson (laughs quietly): Hm…Metagross use Psychic…

    (A powerful Psychic attack goes into the air, where Shuppet is automatically defeated.)

    Tyson (smiling): Return Metagross. You were great.

    Terry (on his knees, crying): No! You were good Shuppet, come back…

    (Tyson walks to Terry and shakes his hand, smiling.)

    Terry (with one eye closed): Man, you are amazing!

    Tyson (scratching the back of his head): Thanks Terry! Your Pokemon are strong too! I guess I should have told you… I won the Hoenn League recently… I just didn't want to put any pressure on you...

    Terry (laughing): I thought I recognized you! Man, it was an honor to battle you!

    Tyson (his cheeks are red ): Thanks! I couldn’t have done it without my Pokemon.

    Terry (looks at Tyson’s Pokemon): That’s a strong team you got there! This was great training!

    (Terry looks at his watch.)

    Terry: Oh! I gotta go; I’m late for my daily work out!

    (Terry leaves running really fast, which literally lifts up a cloud of smoke.)

    Tyson (sighs): Ah… I’m tired, let’s go rest to our room.

    (Tyson recalls all his Pokemon and heads to his room. He then takes a nap.)

    Captain (on the microphone): We will embark in Sootopolis City in less than 10 minutes.

    (Tyson wakes up, quickly puts his bag around his shoulder and runs out. He can already see the huge fountains of Sootopolis City. The small white houses, the crowd gathered around the water show; the majestic water gym, where water Pokemon can be seen jumping high in water gun attacks.)

    Tyson (the shining water reflects on his eyes): Wow… Sootopolis City!

    (Tyson quickly leaves the ship, and checks the time.)

    Tyson: 19:45… Hm, I still have time. Oh I know!

    (Tyson takes out his Hoenn Booklet and flips to the food section. It is decorated with bagels, noodles and burgers around the pages. Tyson goes to the Sootopolis section, and flips through the pages, trying to find the best restaurant.)

    Tyson (flipping through the pages, concentrated on the booklet only): Hm, not this one. Ah, this one I’ve been to. Hm… Oh, this one looks good! Their specialty is salmon, awesome!

    (Tyson closes the Booklet, and walks through the sunny water city. Through all the big, blue fountains and through the grey water museum, that had pillars at the entrance. He eventually gets to the restaurant, where he has a nice dinner with his Meowth.)

    Tyson (with a surprisingly inflated belly): Ah, I’m so full! I could go for another plate of salmon and potatoes though.

    Meowth (stretching): Me-owth!

    Tyson (takes out the letter): Ah ok. So, it says to meet them in Sootopolis City… where, though? This is gonna be hard.

    (Then, a mysterious man shows up. His face is covered in a mask, and he has a beige long jacket, going all the way down to his feet. He had an 4H symbol on his hand, where an arrow was at the end of the 4.)

    Mysterious Man (with a low voice): Tyson, come with me.

    Tyson (looks at Meowth): Hm… Well, that was easy.

    Meowth (with a suspicious face and his eyes semi-closed): Meowth…

    (The Mysterious Man walks for a bit, and then he climbs a building. Tyson follows him, climbing successfully. Once on top of the big brown building, the Mysterious Man takes out his watch and whispers something.)

    Mysterious Man (with his head close to his watch): Agent here. Ready to go.

    (Tyson and Meowth have a suspicious look on their faces, when suddenly they’re all sucked in up, to an invisible air ship.)

    Tyson (looks around, but can’t see anything as he is involved in darkness): What the –

    Narrator (interrupting Tyson): Dude, seriously. Enough with the “What the”, it can be seriously controversial. This fic is PG, so chill man.

    Tyson (whispering): Sorry…

    Meowth (shakes his head and sighs): Me…owth…

    Mysterious Man: Welcome Tyson. We are the Elite 4 Committee.

    (The lights turn on, and Tyson and Meowth step back, scared and with their fists ready to fight if needed.)
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2013
  3. diamondpearl876

    diamondpearl876 → soul sick.

    Would put “Chapter 1” instead of this because it sounds more professional to me. Or give a name to your chapter.

    Would remove the first “he left”. It doesn’t make sense in the sentence it’s in and you repeat it in the next two sentences in a way that makes much more sense.

    I think it’s cute that you added a moment in like this. It adds life to your characters and what is happening to them.

    Tyson seems to talk quite like… a romantic. I don’t know if he’s like that in the anime (I wouldn’t be surprised if he was), but you do a good job at keeping that consistent and showing that through dialogue, which is important in a script, because dialogue is pretty much all you’ve got.

    Now, here, you misuse the semi-colon. The semi-colon should be used in a sentence where two things are being compared; you don’t want to use it on a sentence that could be better punctuated. See what I did there? I just compared the two parts of the sentence, first by saying when it should be used, and then when it should not be used.

    Your current sentence would look better like this:

    “Then, however, the smile on his face… the look in his eyes… He was so proud of Pikachu.”

    The ellipses add a hint of romanticism that you’ve shown Tyson to have thus far. It’s like he’s pausing to remember the moment as he’s saying it. Hope that makes sense.

    This part seems like it was thrown in there unnecessarily. Personally I would remove it entirely and add a section in the first part where Tyson REMEMBERS thanking Ash for the battle, right after remembering how he was proud of Pikachu.

    Yes, I’d love to take a nap to start that extra mile.

  4. TheSirPeras

    TheSirPeras The end of an era

    Shall do


    He's not exactly a romantic person, but he's very kind to his Meowth and just a simply a very calm person, though it can change. I'm not sure how to explain, but sometimes he's very calm, other times he's hyper (like when he's eating).

    Thank you, I didn't know that.

    It was a flashback to when he beat Ash. I will consider doing what you said in future chapters when I want to add a flashback though :)

    lol it's cuz it's night xD

    Oh thanks, I will go back to it! :)


    Thanks, I wasn't sure if it was very clear, so I added that just in case. I did that a few times, but thank you :)

    I added it because I thought it was funny. All the other berries are used a lot, while Jaboca berries aren't really known :p I even had to go on serebii to check it haha

    Glad you liked it xD

    Hadn't thought of that xD

    Thank you. On my first fic I didn't describe the things very well so this time I tried harder with the description. Ok, will change it.

    Oh. I did proofread but I guess I missed that. Haha thanks xD I think my english is good enough for someone that's only ben speaking english at school (international school) for 3 years

    I just wanted different Pokemon for each match up

    *sigh* damnit xD

    I agree with this. I tried making the battle fairly short because it was an easy win for Tyson since he won the league and the other guy had 4 badges only, but I really should have added more... I will definitely do better battles after this.

    Oh ok. I thought it could be capitalized since it's like, the main feature, but I get your point.

    Ah thanks! I suffered with this when I was writing, as I changed pretty often but managed to find the mistakes.

    Thank you. This is my first script so I am still improving, but thank you very much for your time!! :D
  5. TheSirPeras

    TheSirPeras The end of an era

    This is a short chapter, but it's just to set up things

    Chapter 3: Clearing the darkness!​

    Tyson (looking around): What… what is this?!

    (Tyson keeps looking around but doesn’t see anyone apart from the Mysterious Man)

    Mysterious Man: Welcome, Tyson.

    Tyson (talks slowly): Who are you?

    Mysterious Man (laughs): I… am part of the Elite 4 committee.

    (The Mysterious Man takes off his long jacket and his mask)

    Mysterious Man (smiles): Hey there! I’m Steven, the Hoenn champion!

    Tyson (with a suspicious look): Wait, I thought Wallace was-

    Steven (interrupts Tyson): The champion? He used to, but then he followed a different path.

    (Tyson and Meowth loosen up a bit, and they walk to Steven)

    Tyson (stretches his arm towards Steven): Hey there! It’s a pleasure to meet you!

    Steven (shakes hands with Tyson): Indeed.

    Tyson (starts looking around): So, you’re the Hoenn Elite 4 Committee Champion…

    Steven (starts walking to a blue stage with pillars made out of rock): That’s me!

    (Tyson and Meowth walk to the front of the stage, still looking around)

    Steven: You’re probably wondering why we called you here, Tyson.

    Tyson (suspicious): We?

    Steven (points to his left): Meet Phoebe, the strongest ghost type expert in the Hoenn Region. She has quite the sense of humor, but you don’t want to get on her bad side, as her powerful Dusclops will have a word to say to you about that.

    (Phoebe shows up out of nothing with a Dusclops next to her)

    Phoebe (laughing): Always a pleasure to hear your words about me, Steven.

    Steven (points to his right): And this guy. We only recruited him some years ago, and he is by far the best dark expert around. Say hello to Sidney, the biggest lover of dark types in Hoenn. Don’t ever say anything bad about them, or else Sidney will show you their true strength.

    (Sidney jumps from the ceiling on top of his Absol)

    Sidney (with a straight face): Hmph.

    Steven (looks to the edge of the room, where one big hole is on the floor): If you like tea, you’ll certainly enjoy the lady over there. She loves the cold, but she has the warmest heart ever. Never loses her temper, and stands still like ice. Meet Glacia.

    (A fountain comes from the hole, where Glacia is sitting on her Walrein)

    Glacia (smiles towards Tyson): Hello there! A magnificent entrance for a magnificent city, don’t you agree?

    (Tyson smiles, and looks back to Steven)

    Steven (snaps his fingers and the ceiling starts to open): Finally, the oldest member we’ve had in here. Drake, known to share the same blood as dragon types. You will never meet someone with a stronger bond than him and his Salamence.

    (Drake flies from the dark shining sky, on top of a buffed Salamence)

    Drake (keeps his head lowered): Hello Steven. Good to see you all, again.

    Steven: And then there’s me. When I was younger, I was fascinated by all these Pokemon living in the Hoenn region. I lived in Mossdeep City before I started following my dreams. I trained all my Pokemon to be the best, and when I had the chance to become the Elite Four Committee, I thanked Wallace with my life. And together we are, the Elite Four Committee.

    Tyson (looks around, amazed): Woah… So many amazing trainers!

    Steven: Tyson, the reason we summoned you up here is… you know, throughout the world, there exist many evil teams that try to steal Pokemon and gain control of the world.

    Tyson (with a serious look): Yes. Just like Team Rocket, right?

    Steven: Exactly. How do you know of them?

    Meowth (with an angry look): Meowth.

    Tyson: They were disrupting the league. I and some friends got rid of them though.

    Steven: Good job. I guess you’re already experienced in this, then.

    Tyson (with a suspicious look on his eyes): What do you mean?

    Steven: Well, you see there are several evil teams. Currently, we know of Team Rocket, Team Magma and Aqua, which disbanded, we know of some activity in Sinnoh, with the Team Galactic, and others.

    Tyson (with his mouth wide opened): Woah, that actually is a lot!

    Steven (smirks): Exactly. We need to test you, in case we ever come to need you in a possible war with other teams.

    Tyson (grins): Hm… Test me huh?

    Meowth (sharpening his nails by rubbing them on each other): Meowth…

    Steven: If you look under you, you’ll be able to see a battle field.

    (Tyson and Meowth both look beneath them, and see a big white circle right under them)

    Steven: Yes. We want you, to battle us.

    Tyson (grabs a Pokeball): Let’s roll!

    Steven: Whenever you’re ready.

    Tyson (looks and smiles at Meowth): I was born ready.

    Steven (snaps his fingers): Sidney. You’re up.

    Sidney (hops to the ground and walks to his side of the battle field): This will be fun.

    Tyson (also walks to his side of the battle field): Very.

    Steven (jumps down to the floor and runs to the middle line of the field): I will be the referee. Each trainer is allowed six Pokemon. Substitutions are allowed for both trainers. Let the battle… begin!

    Sidney (throws a Pokeball): Go, Mightyena!

    Tyson (smirks, and also throws a Pokeball to the field): Go, Hariyama!

  6. ChampioN-Trainer-BriaN

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    next chapter plz....i'm excited for tyson's journey. Hope he has or he catches some other pokemons as well.
  7. RealRaymon

    RealRaymon Good series at last!

    First of all, I want to note that your descriptions are VERY good. You describe all the things that are needed: emotions, places, how people and Pokemon react to words and etc.
    Also plus for creativity, since nobody before wrote a fic on what has happened ti Tyson after he won the Hoenn league.
    I am happy to see, that you are dong some "Hoenn business" alongside with me:) But of course we look on the Hoenn region from different sides.

    I liked the 3rd Chapter. It was a bit short, but entrances of Steven and the Elite 4 members were great. And you have found the right words and description for each of them.
    Again, the description is well-done. The only note is: why Steven says that Wallace was the champion before him? In the gams, Steven was before Wallace.

    To conclude, great job! Add me to the PM list.
  8. TheSirPeras

    TheSirPeras The end of an era

    I'm not sure when the next chapter will be posted, as I have a big math test in a couple of days and have to study ;_;
    He will catch some Pokemon later, not sure who though. Feel free to give me ideas :)

    Thanks! Ever since I re-watched the Hoenn season I've liked Tyson and his Pokemon a lot, so I decided to stretch that a bit.
    To your question: I didn't know that, actually. I haven't finished a game (for Ruby) in a very long time so I didn't know that. I just based it off Wallace being a master coordinator in the anime :p Added! :)
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  9. Ryker

    Ryker Im back :D

    PM LIST PLEASE! Great story !!
  10. TheSirPeras

    TheSirPeras The end of an era

  11. ChampioN-Trainer-BriaN

    ChampioN-Trainer-BriaN Well-Known Member

    I will suggest...
    Flareon- Fire
  12. TheSirPeras

    TheSirPeras The end of an era

    I will consider those :) In fact, I think I may actually take one of them haha xD
  13. ChampioN-Trainer-BriaN

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    your wish buddy...;-)
  14. TheSirPeras

    TheSirPeras The end of an era

    Chapter 4: Strategies on the battle field!

    Steven (jumps down to the floor and runs to the middle line of the field): I will be the referee. Each trainer is allowed six Pokemon. Substitutions are allowed for both trainers. Let the battle… begin!

    Sidney (throws a Pokeball): Go, Mightyena!

    Tyson (smirks, and also throws a Pokeball to the field): Go, Hariyama!

    Hariyama (punches his left hand with his right fist twice): Hari…yama!

    (Mightyena roars loudly, and both Pokemon smirk at each other.)

    Sidney (with a dead serious look): Mightyena, calm down.

    Mightyena (changes posture to a serious one, with a calm face): Might.

    Sidney: Good. Start by staring at him.

    Tyson (surprised): Staring? What is he trying to do?

    (Hariyama looks at Tyson confused, while Mightyena’s eyes glow red. Hariyama starts sweating.)

    Tyson: Hariyama! What’s happening??

    Phoebe (sitting on an invisible force made by Dusclops, giggling): That look is certainly intimidating!

    Tyson (with a concentrated expression): Intimidating..? Intimidating… That’s right, its ability must be Intimidate!

    Sidney (looks to Phoebe angry): Damn it Phoebe, stay out of this!

    Phoebe (giggling): Oh calm down…

    Tyson (talks louder than usual): Hariyama! Close your eyes!

    Sidney: Mightyena quick! Keep the Intimidate stare on, while you use crunch!

    (Mightyena quickly runs towards Hariyama with its red glowing eyes wide open. He bites Hariyama’s hand)

    Hariyama (opens his eyes and looks at his hand): YAMA!

    Sidney: Now Mightyena, complete your Intimidate!

    Tyson (looks at Hariyama worried): Hariyama! Be careful!

    (Hariyama’s body glows blue for a second, whilst Sidney grins)

    Tyson: Oh no… Ok, Hariyama, you’re still stronger and have an advantage over him. Jump up and use Brick Break!

    Sidney (still with a dead serious face): Mightyena, Sand Attack.

    (As Hariyama jumps up, Mightyena hits the ground with its tail, lifting up a cloud of sand that goes in Hariyama’s eyes)

    Hariyama (with his eyes closed): Hari! Hari!

    Tyson (with a nervous look): Hm…

    Sidney: Mightyena, use Double Edge!

    Tyson: Hariyama, try to use Focus Punch!

    (Mightyena runs to Hariyama, whose eyes are still closed and vision still unabled. Hariyama hits the air, whilst Mightyena manages to hurt Hariyama quite badly)

    Tyson (worried): Oh no… Hariyama, c’mon try to use Arm Thrust on the sand around you!

    Hariyama (closes his eyes and stands still): Yama.

    Sidney: Mightyena, Sand Attack.

    (Hariyama pushes the sand away. However, another cloud of sand surrounds Hariyama)

    Sidney: Let’s finish this, use Double Edge.

    Tyson (concentrated on the cloud of sand): Hm… YES! Hariyama, rotate your body while using Arm Thrust, as fast as you can!

    Sidney (confused): Huh? Mightyena, just strike him with a strong Double Edge!

    (Hariyama starts spinning his body while using thrusting his arms out)

    Tyson (smirks): Keep going Hariyama!

    (Hariyama keeps doing this, which causes the sand to fade away)

    Sidney (with his eyes wide open): Mightyena, stop now!

    Mightyna (keeps running, with a scared look): Might!

    Tyson (with a quieter voice): Mightyena has gotten too much speed to stop, and since Hariyama can see now, this win will be ours soon. Hariyama, grab him… and use Seismic Toss!

    (Hariyama grabs Mightyena as she jumps to attack)

    Sidney: Hm…

    (Hariyama jumps up, while spinning Mightyena in the air, and then throws it on the floor)

    Mightyena (with the spiral eyes): Might… na…

    Sidney (grins): Return. You were good.

    Drake (smiles): Seems like Sidney has finally gotten a good challenge here.

    Tyson (sighs): Whew… That was great Hariyama! Return though, you deserve some rest!

    Sidney (throws a Pokeball into the field): Go, Cacturne!

    Tyson (leans down to Meowth): It’s your turn pal.

    Meowth (gently hits his hat up): Me-owth!

    (Meowth runs to the battle field)

    Tyson: Double Team!

    Meowth (looks back and grins): Meowth.

    (Meowth creates a bunch of clones, and they all create an army in front of Cacturne)

    Sidney: Cacturne. Cotton Spore, now.

    (Cacturne releases cotton all over the battle field, which traps most of the clones, immediately destroying them)

    Tyson (with a sneaky smile): Well played. Meowth, use ThunderBolt!

    Sidney (smirks back): Hm… Cacturne, Faint Attack!

    (Sidney’s Cacturne fades away, dodging the ThunderBolt)

    Tyson (with his eyes and mouth wide open): What?!

    Cacturne (shows up behind all the Meowth): Cac!

    Sidney: Needle Arm, now!

    (Cacturne swiftly hits all Meowth until the real one, knocking him down)

    Sidney: Leech Seed, and then Needle Arm again!

    Tyson (with a worried expression): Dodge Meowth!

    (Meowth tries to dodge, but Cacturne is faster)

    Sidney: Cotton Spore decreases your Pokemon’s speed Tyson.

    (Cacturne releases a seed which blows up as vines as soon as it touches Meowth)

    Tyson: Meowth, watch out!

    Meowth (astonished): Meowth?!

    (Cacturne’s arm starts glowing green, and then hits Meowth against the wall)

    Tyson (stands motionless): … You were great Meowth, return.

    (A cold silence flows through the room, until interrupted by Tyson)

    Tyson (grabs a Pokeball and smiles): Well, this sure is a challenge. Sceptile, I choose you!

    (Sceptile makes an “X” symbol on the air, and roars his name)

    Sidney: A grass type huh… Are you trying to avoid Leech Seed?

    Tyson: Not only that.

    Sidney (smiles): Hm… Cacturne, Faint Attack!

    Tyson: Nah, not this time. Detect!

    Sceptile (eyes glow blue): Tile…

    (Cacturne appears from the top, but Sceptile quickly blocks the attack)

    Tyson (punches the air): Now Sceptile, grab him and use Bullet Seed!

    (Sceptile quickly grabs Cacturne’s arms, and starts hitting him with green small seeds)

    Sidney (calm): Cacturne, set up a Needle Arm.

    Tyson (confused): Why would he do- (gets interrupted)

    Sceptile (with his eyes closed, yelling): Sceptile!!

    Tyson (whispers to himself): The Needle Arm… Sceptile, throw him in the air and strike him with an X-Scissor.

    Sceptile (slowly and with a suffering voice): Scept… ile…

    (Sceptile throws him up, and hits him with an X shaped blade attack)

    Sidney: Cacturne, use… Huh? Cacturne?!

    (Cacturne is on the floor, with spiral eyes)

    Sidney: Right, it’s four times stronger… Crawdaunt, it’s your turn!

    Tyson (surprised): A water type? Why?

    Sidney (smirks): Use Swords Dance!

    Tyson: Swords Dance? That sets up… Hm… I see. Use Solar Beam!

    Sidney: Hm… Swords Dance, again!

    (Crawdaunt keeps raising his attack, while Sceptile is absorbing light)

    Tyson (looks at Sceptile’s yellow balls on his back): Why is it taking so long..?

    Sidney: Look up.

    Tyson (looks up): There’s no sun around us… but then…

    Sidney: Crawdaunt, use Strenght!

    (Crawdaunt grabs and throws Sceptile against the wall)

    Tyson: Sceptile, Solar Beam, now!

    Sidney: Surf!

    (Both moves collide, and both moves end up hitting each opponent)

    Tyson: Sceptile, are you okay?

    (Sceptile puts his thumb up, and stands up)

    Tyson (looks at Crawdaunt and notices a wound in his forehead): Bullet Seed on his fore head Sceptile, now!

    (Sceptile starts spitting more seeds which hit Crawdaunt)

    Sidney: Crawdaunt, you’re not done yet. Use Strength!

    (Crawdaunt jumps high, and hits Sceptile, knocking him down)

    Tyson (worried): Sceptile..?

    Sceptile (with spiral eyes): Tile…

    Tyson: Hm… return. You were amazing! Go, Shiftry!

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  15. RealRaymon

    RealRaymon Good series at last!

    Great chapter. I like the battle, and the way you are describing them. I can imagine all of the things that are happening.
    Well, quite surprising that Meowth lost, but yay, Cacturne got revenge for Pikachu.
    Found the mistake here:
    It is spelt Thunderbolt
  16. TheSirPeras

    TheSirPeras The end of an era

    Edited :) Thanks lol
    I wanted Meowth to lose because I wanted to show more of Tyson's other Pokemon :)
  17. RealRaymon

    RealRaymon Good series at last!

    Yeah, I know:)
    It was quite unexpected, but it was a good turn of events, LOL.
  18. TheSirPeras

    TheSirPeras The end of an era

    Yeah, but I guess it's worth it for Sceptile and for Tyson's next Pokemon that will be used xD
  19. TheSirPeras

    TheSirPeras The end of an era

    New chapter up!

    Hey guys, I'm bringing you the next part for this thrilling battle! :D

    Chapter 5: The Lord of the Wins!

    Tyson: Hm… return. You were amazing! Go, Shiftry!

    Sidney (smirks): You really think a simple advantage will get you far against Crawdaunt?

    Tyson (laughs): Actually, yeah. I do think that.

    Sidney (with an angry look): Pathetic. Type advantage isn’t everything you know?!

    Tyson: I know it isn’t. But it certainly helps.

    Sidney: Do you know how many times my Pokemon have had to struggle against fighting or bug types?!

    Tyson (looks at Sidney): What are you so pissed about?

    Sidney (looks up): My Pokemon and I worked every day to get to where we are. I remember when Absol defeated Jan's Machamp. An amazing day where I managed to prove how dark types are amazing.

    Tyson: Who’s Jan?

    Sidney (smiles): Jan. He was the gym leader in Dewford. Before Brawley, you know?

    Tyson: What happened to him?

    Sidney: After his son Brawley was born, he died in a tragic accident. He was in vacations in the Seafoam Islands.

    Tyson (surprised): The Seafoam Islands?

    Sidney: In Kanto. Anyways, in the Seafoam Islands every 20 years, a huge wave appears. It’s called the “Humunga Dunga”. Many years ago, Jan managed to surf along it, and planted a flag on the top of a cliff. And exactly twenty years after, he tried to do that again. Unfortunately, the wave tricked him, and he drowned.

    Drake (whispering with his head down): He was a very good man. I had the chance of battling him when he was fighting for an Elite 4 committee position. He managed to beat me, but afterwards he realized he wanted to go back to his gym. To battle more trainers that felt the rush he felt in battle.

    Tyson: Hm…

    Sidney: He left all his goods to Brawley, who now is the gym leader.

    Tyson: I remember beating him.

    Sidney (looks down to Tyson, angrily): Well, doesn’t matter. I wouldn’t be known as the Lord of the Wins if I hadn’t started challenging every fighting type trainer I met. And eventually beat them.

    Tyson (giggles): Lord of the Wins? Well, let’s see if you prove me wrong.
    Sidney: Crawdaunt, use Strenght!

    Tyson: Shiftry, go with a Shadow Ball!

    (Crawdaunt runs quickly towards Shiftry, but collides with a strong purple bubble and is knocked back)

    Tyson (grins): Yes! Now, use Leaf Storm!

    Sidney (with a serious voice): Crawdaunt, time to stand up. Use Surf to defend against Leaf Storm!

    (Shiftry quickly waves his arms creating a storm made of leaves, to be eventually taken down by a gigantic wave)

    Tyson: He blocked our move huh. Well then, Shiftry use Mega Kick!

    Sidney: Strenght!

    (Both Pokemon hit each other, and a huge cloud of dust lifts up from the battle field)

    Tyson (sighs): Shiftry, are you okay?!

    Sidney (standing still with his arms crossed): Hm…

    (The cloud of dust disappears, and both Pokemon are standing, and both are gasping)

    Tyson (with a thinking face): Still not fast enough huh. Shiftry use Sunny Day!

    Shiftry (smirks): Shiftry!

    (The ship lights up, and Shiftry starts running around the battle field much faster than before)

    Tyson (smiles): Good. Now Shiftry, go with Mega Kick!

    Sidney (with his mouth and eyes opened more than usual): Crawdaunt, dodge it now!

    (Shiftry quickly jumps up with his leg up and hits Crawdaunt as he goes down)

    Sidney: Hm… return Crawdaunt.

    Tyson (jumps up and down): Amazing Shiftry! You were simply amazing!

    Shiftry (looks back and puts his thumb up): Shiftry!

    Sidney (with a small smile): Hm… Shiftry, your turn!

    Glacia (after she sips her tea): Well, this shall be interesting.

    Sidney: Shiftry, use Double Team!

    Tyson: Shiftry, use Leaf Storm to make all of the clones disappear!

    (Both Shiftry’s nod and do what are told to)

    Sidney: Wise. Torment, now.

    (Sidney’s Shiftry’s eyes glow black, and ghost versions of his face appear around Tyson’s Shiftry)

    Tyson (worried): Torment doesn’t allow Shiftry to use the same move more than twice. Well then, we’re gonna have to go with Shadow Ball!

    Sidney: Shiftry, use Double Team!

    (Sidney’s Shiftry creates copies of himself, and dodges the Shadow Balls)

    Tyson: Hm… use Mega Kick on all of them!

    (Shiftry jumps up quickly, and then strikes a line of fake Shiftry’s)

    Tyson: Damn it! This will be very hard…

    Sidney (smirks): Swagger, now!

    (Sidney’s Shiftry launches a red beam from his hands that goes inside Tyson’s Shiftry)

    Tyson’s Shiftry (with red eyes, walking around the field): Shif? Try? Shif?

    Sidney: Now Shiftry. Since we cannot attack him just like that, we’re gonna have to make this a corporal fight.

    Phoebe (with her finger on her lips): Oh right! His last move is Extrasensory!

    Sidney (facepalms himself): Be quiet Phoebe!

    Tyson: Extrasensory? That can’t hit us, sweet! Shiftry, try to use Leaf Storm again!

    (Tyson’s Shiftry tries to use Leaf Storm, but ends up jumping and falling hard)

    Sidney (grins): Now Shiftry! Run up to him and throw him against the wall!

    Tyson: Shiftry, c’mon dodge that!

    (Sidney’s Shiftry tries to run to Tyson’s, but Tyson’s is still faster and manages to avoid Sidney’s)

    Sidney: Hm… Try that again Shiftry!

    Tyson: Dodge, again!

    (Sidney’s Shiftry runs up to Tyson’s and manages to grab him by the waist and throw him very hard against the wall)

    Tyson (with a scared voice): Shiftry, are you okay?!

    (There is smoke coming out of the wall, and they realize there is a huge hole on the wall)

    Drake (quickly stands up): Salamence, go save Shiftry!

    (Drake’s Salamence flies out of the ship, and flies quickly under Shiftry. Shiftry falls on Salamence’s back, but regains conscience)

    Tyson (looking down the hole): There they are!

    (Everybody sighs and smiles, while Salamence flies into the ship again)

    Drake: You were amazing Salamence.

    Tyson (hugs Shiftry, who is crying): I am so glad you’re okay buddy!

    Tyson’s Shiftry (crying): Shiftry!

    Sidney: Let’s continue shall we?

    Tyson (stands up and goes back to his place): Yes. You want a corporal fight Sidney? Let’s do this. Shiftry, go punch Shiftry!

    Sidney (grins): Shiftry, do the same.

    (Both Pokemon start fighting like two fighting types, hitting eachother with headbutts, kicks and punches)

    Tyson/Sidney (look at each other and smile): Keep going Shiftry!

    (Both Shiftry’s keep fighting hard, until both of them fall over)

    Tyson (once again looks at Sidney and smiles): You are fantastic buddy. You took down two of his Pokemon.

    Sidney (once again looks at Tyson and smiles): Hm… You were great. I’m proud of you.

    End of Chapter 5
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  20. ChampioN-Trainer-BriaN

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    I really didnt enjoy this chapter much....I thought battle will heat up.but nothing happened and also battle didnt get complete. Also your gaps of posting between two chapters are big. That means,in my opinion,i got nothing interesting after waiting for a long time.looking forward to next chapter though....
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