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Trooper Guy

Lost in history...
Well, at least you could switch pokemon or run away (if it was a wild battle). Probably the only thing good about this generation's Wrap attack.
Oh good lord XD

I remember waaaaaay back when I had absolutely NO idea what I was doing, I was walking through that Tunnel area that leads to Lavender Town with my 30+ Level Venusaur when I ran into a Trainer with a Lv14.Bellsprout. And ALL that thng would do was WRAP. And it killed my Venusaur :O

I literally cried when it happened XDD. I was only ten at the time.

So, yes, I hated Wrap in the old games. And in the Stadium as well.


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Wrap was one of the worst moves in the game. Its accuracy was around 75% and you could switch out. How could that get annoying? I guess switching could get annoying, but it's not that bad.


I don't know!
this is why Fire Spin was good back then


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I Hated this move with a passion. every single time i play Pokemon Stadium, in the free Battle mode, the CPU would always use wrap.


Scary Faerie♥
+ G R A A H !

I absolutely hated that, it would drive me insane! And to this day you can see a crack in my Gameboy screen from the day I just blew up. lol, it's true. It still works, but there is one crack on screen.​


Piplup Master
Wrap is terrible and annoying, it may not hurt much, but when it does it 5 times it gets REALLY annoying.

A Local Guy

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Yes, 5x wrap is evil.

I had it often where the enemy would get 4-5 hits per try, and every time I did it, it was 2...

darkness blade

big cuppa... EvIl!
when i was 5 and i had it i remeber nearly cryign when one of my pokemon fainted to wrap ='(


My Emo Friend
i hated wrap when it came to bellsprout and tentacool, but i guess thats how it was programed

surfer treecko

Highly Explosive
Why hate it? I use it on my in-game team! My ekans can kill anything! But if it's used against be, I feel like smashing my head on the screen because of the opponents magical hax powers that make it impossible to avoid.


Oh god! The imagery!
1st generation + wrap = the mother of all that is evil.

I lost so many times to that underdog monstrosity. On top of you losing your pride, the loss bores you to death! 30 minutes a battle of mine lasted once. 30 MINUTES! And I couldn't switch it off cause i'd lose 2 badges(i don't save very often).

Thank god they fixed it in the 2nd gen. SWEET RELEASE(no pun intended)


Dawn and May fan
Wrap was just plagueful along with its other similarities (Fire Spin, Clamp, etc.). Dragonite with Wrap from the Dratini was lolz though.


lol internet
What? I'm using it for the Pokemon League! :3

Shigeru the Weepinbell used Wrap and killed everybody....great story.


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They were extremely annoying, but I found the actual animations to be more of annoyance than the effect. When I first played Pokemon Red, I kept away from the grass as much as I could...and when I was in it, I almost always fled.

No wonder when I got to the Elite Four, I didn't have a Pokemon over Lv 40...:p
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