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  1. santiagus

    Team Rocket: Last Ride on the Sunset??

    As you have seen Pokemon Journeys have not been kind to Team Rocket, despite some good episodes... One of the reasons have been the infamous Gatcha machine The other the fact that they caught a Pokémon who does not even appear anymore Another one have been their boring and unoriginal...
  2. DankOverlord

    Which of these rivals was/is the edgiest?

    That's right, we've heard how powerful/good/developed rivals are before. But how about how E D G Y they are? Let's rank em' up
  3. masdog

    The Pokemon Anime Remastered: Prologue

    Spear Pillar Mt. Coronet, Sinnoh Region Serena clutched the Poké Ball in her right hand tightly as she surveyed the ancient ruins of Spear Pillar. The ruins, at the top of Mt. Coronet in the Sinnoh region, had become a battlefield, and several trainers and their Pokémon were scattered around...
  4. Mythical-Moonlight

    Who would win in a Fight? Ash's Torterra vs Ash's Noivern

    Well? What do you guys think? In one corner we have a Grass/Ground, Giant Sinnoh Turtle, standing at 7'3 and Weighing 683 pounds. IIIIIIIIIIIIIt's TORTERRA!!! In the other corner we have a Dragon/Flying Kalosian Dragon/Bat Hybrid standing at 4'11 and Weighing 187 pounds. GIVE IT UP FOOOOOOR...
  5. Dynamic_Fusion

    Has the Strength of "Unbeatable" Trainers been reduced by the Anime in Recent Times?

    Do you think the so-called "Unbeatable" Trainers like Elite 4 Members, Champions and other "Strong" Characters in the Anime have had a reduction in Power Level ever since the XY Series? Or do you think that the Main Cast Characters have simply gotten stronger. Ever since the XY Series we have...
  6. Adobe123

    Popularity Research for Other Anipoke Main Characters

    "Popularity research for Satoshi Always straight to the point with anyone! Satoshi speaks his mind in a true-to-life and straightforward way, without pretention. His fastball straight words come full circle outstandingly!? Chart: Insight: 5 Boldness: 5 Predisposition for love: 0 Seriousness: 2...