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  1. ghosttypeartist

    i drew valerie today!

    shes definitely my fave kalos character :) ive never posted my art here so please tell me if im doing something wrong-
  2. Warpish

    In Search of Coloring Pages

    So I've joined you guys on Serebii for some help. I currently work at a community daycare, still open amidst the Corona virus, and have been tasked with taking care of up to 8 or so school age kids (6-11 I believe?). For some backstory: Before the pandemic, I primarily took care of our small...
  3. Kindoflame

    Including Bad Illustrations

    I am a new writer here and have a really great story to post. To be completely honestly, I think I have a shot at the Best New Writer Award as long as I post regularly. This is mostly because are only 5 new writers who have recently posted, so competition is light. Anyway, this is a goal I have...
  4. AScytherianWanker

    Scytherian's art dump

    I'm not exactly /that/ good at art (as in, I'm pretty much unable to draw anything without using extensive reference material), but here are a few pieces of art that look atleast halfway decent. I'll post more on here as I gradually draw more artwork to post, so hopefully this thread won't just...
  5. Acerola

    Art Lovers...what is your favorite medium?

    Hello! As the title says, what is your favorite medium when creating art? And what kind of art do you love to make? Personally I've always loved art, so I like all kinds of medium. I tend to use: Pencil Fine Liners Markers (very rarely) Yarn! (I just started getting into crocheting today...
  6. Mika134

    My Illustrations and a Prize Draw for you to win some Pokemon Art!

    Hey everyone! I'm an Illustrator/designer who creates whimsical and cutesy Illustrations. Pokemon has been a HUGE influence on my work and therefore I'm going to do a fun prize draw where you get to win some digital artwork and choose the Pokemon who gets Illustrated in my style. Here is a...
  7. NovaBrunswick

    NovaBrunswick's Pokémon Gallery

    I draw all sorts of things, but I do occasionally draw Pokémon. Here's some of the artworks I've drawn so far for the Pokémon fandom:
  8. A

    Realistic 3D Animation - Umbreon: Dark Pulse

    Hi Poke'fans. I'm a 3D animator by trade and a long (long!) term fan of the Pokemon franchise. Recently I've been working on some realistic Pokemon animations which I thought this group might be interested in. My latest one is of the dark Eeveelution, Umbreon. You can see the full animation...
  9. Takoto

    Takoto's Art Thread [ mostly Pokémon, partially animals ]

    Hey all I like Pokémon and animals and occasionally my own characters. Going to throw some of my pieces out onto here. Always open to constructive criticism. Will also link down to tumblr post of the image, as they can be viewed bigger there (I don't want to post them massive on here as it'll...