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  1. FloralLunala

    Link trade issues.

    Hello! When I go to link trade Someone with a code on Pokémon shield it never shows there name, instead it is just other random people and when I tell them a code and they search for me it shows and we trade. This has happened to me several times when I am trying to join giveaways. How do I...
  2. Shadow_Trainer

    LF Extra Codes for Shiny Lunala/Solgaleo

    There aren't any Gamestops near me, so I would be very appreciative if anyone have any extras, ease?
  3. E

    LF: Shiny Darkrai

    Hi there post reader! I'm looking for a Shiny Darkrai (Timid or Modest). I have a few events I can offer, but if possible, I would prefer to trade my EU code (Australian) for a Shiny Lunala or Solgaleo. Please, PM me. I live in a GMT+8 time zone, so I'll do what I can to make the trade, but I...
  4. Aymen

    LF Shiny Solgaleo/Lunala event codes

    If anyone has a spare Shiny Solgaleo/Lunala code I'd be more than willing to accept it. My country never does any of these sorts of serial code giveaways so I would highly appreciate it. I'd also be willing to trade some mons for it. Thanks.
  5. K

    Exchange Event Zeraora for Code. Spanish

    Hello, I exchange event zeraora of UltraMoon Spanish game. I am interested in shinies, singularity Pokemon or rares. About all in Floette Eternal or genesect shiny. Interested send pvm or here.Thanks!
  6. Shadow_Trainer

    FT: Pokemon Event Codes

    FT: x1 Latios/Latias Code(Exp: 12/21/18) x2 Zekrom/Reshiram Code(Exp: 1/28/19) x1 Shiny Poipole Code(Exp: 12/20/18) x3 Zeraora Codes(Exp: 1/24/19) x1 Ho-oh/Lugia Code(Exp: 2/28/19) LF: Shiny Latios/Timid/31 ivs in SpAtk & Spd at least Shiny Zorua/Timid/Extrasensory/Perfect ivs except in Atk at...
  7. S

    Extra Shiny Poipole Codes in Trade for Zeraora Code

    Hey, everyone! I wasn't able to pick up a mystery gift code for Zeraora in time, however I do have a couple extra codes for Shiny Poipole if anyone else has an extra Zeraora code that they would be interested in trading with me?
  8. Aymen

    LF: PAL Ho-oh/Lugia codes FT: legendries/mythicals

    I don't have a GAME in my country, and unfortunately PAL codes are harder to come across. would appreicate the help. thanks
  9. Aymen

    LF: PAL Zeraora code FT: Mythicals

    So as you all know, Zeraora has been released as a serial code event (yay...). I live in Europe and in my country there literally is isn't a GAME store ANYWHERE! I was hoping that someone who lived in a PAL region like me could help me out by getting an extra code for me. I'll reward you...
  10. B

    Official Mario Kart Wii Code Thread

    Post MKWii Friend Codes here for Races, Battles and Time Trials, etc. Add nickname if you want. It is generally common for PMs to be exchanged before transfer of Friend Codes. The List (s.i.e) (thijs): 3180-0068-8067 AerialAce!: 3523-2595-5751 Alzi (Alzi): 1633-4528-7939 Amanda77...