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  1. TalkativeBryan

    You're part of the Pokemon canon and you probably didn't even know it

    Dear Stranger, Hi! This post is a compilation of my thoughts, experiences, and light research regarding the canon of Pokemon. It's way more in depth then I ever thought and is actually pretty meta, which isn't really something you'd expect from a game about little creatures slapping each...
  2. S

    Potential hint at dp remakes??

    This is ONLY speculation, just a sudden thought that came to mind.. just curious if anyone had thought about this yet: The raid event switched over to water types, before it was ... steel?? (Pretty sure) think dialga is a dragon/STEEL and palkia is a dragon/WATER?!!? wouldn’t put it last...
  3. Kage-Pikachu

    Pokemon Sword & Shield GENERAL DISCUSSION Thread [Spoilers]

    Confirmed information about the 2019 Switch game: Will include "many" new Pokemon Will have better graphics than any Pokemon game released up til now Will be directed at experienced players Will be a core entry to the series Will be released in the second half of 2019 And of course we'll have...
  4. Storm the Lycanroc

    Generation 5 Remakes Discussion/Speculation

    As of writing this in 2019 the latest Pokemon games going to be released are Sword & Shield. A remake for Diamond & Pearl hasn't been announced but will most likely come at some point. I know a remake for Black & White isn't likely for a couple more years but I'd like to at least discuss what a...
  5. Mr.Munchlax

    How Could Pokémon Introduce Fusion?

    This was a little discussion idea that I've been debating for a while & I wanted to see what other people think. I've seen people make their own designs of pokémon fusions before, but I never really liked the concept since all people seemed to be doing was randomly taking two pokémon and...
  6. BenLee really not taken

    Honest Trailer for Pokémon Special

    I was thinking of writing a Honest Trailer for Pokémon Adventure Manga, where if so, how would you imagine it to be like? For me, it would start with something like: “Are you sick of the repetitive and boring journey of a ten year old and his electric rat? Then, the Pokemon Adventure, might be...
  7. Victorian Rush

    FullMetal Alchemist Shipping Discussions - 2.0

    Well, there was a previous version but it has since been closed so I figured I might as well bring it back, seeing as how I have really gotten into the series and I love it. You are allowed to talk about any ships you support it. Whether it be in the 03 version or in Brotherhood, it really does...
  8. J

    Making Older Pokemon Matter: A rebalancing discussion for old Pokemon to survive in new generations

    Introduction: The purpose of the rebalancing discussion Hello all, My name is John and much like some of you reading this, I have been a Pokémon fan for a very long time. I remember the days as a child playing Pokémon games like Pokémon Red, Silver, and Ruby, mostly enjoying the...
  9. Marika_CZ

    New term for PMD stories without actual dungeons/exploring/rescuing?

    Discussed couple of times on bulbagarden forums... crossposting here because I think it is interesting and relevant in general. We often use "PMD" for stories set in universe where Pokemon exist (usually!) without humans, they can speak English and have their own society/civilisation resembling...
  10. P

    Cross-Generation Transfer Speculation Thread

    I noticed no one has posted this kind of thread yet. So I'm doing the honors. The question of this thread: is there gonna be someway to transfer Pokemon caught in past generations from Generation VII to Generation VIII? And if so, how?
  11. Storm the Lycanroc

    DLC Discussion

    With the main series games debuting on the Nintendo Switch it opens up new possibilities. One of those possibilities is DLC which could expand the overall experience of the base game. The question I wish to discuss is if they are going to have DLC for Pokemon Switch what would the positive and...