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  1. CiCi Arts

    Seventh Year (Harry Potter)

    Draco Malfoy returns to Hogwarts after summer's break with thoughts of Voldemort still fresh in his mind. He's ostracized by most, and suffering extreme nightmares and guilt. However, when he meets a new girl called Lyka Zavius, he decides he can try to turn his life around. He doesn't realize...
  2. ~Silver Aura~

    Circumstances (Diodeshipping PG-13)

    Okay...when was the last time I posted here? *Nervous laughter* Anyway, I'm gonna give this fanfic thing another shot. This will be a Diodeshipping fanfic. (AshxClemont) I've posted this story on FF.net (ShiningAura) AO3 (ShiningAura) and Wattpad. (EpicAshFan) about a year ago and now I'm...
  3. V

    Pokémon: In a League of their Own (Chapter 12/??)

    This is a fanfic I started about a month ago. I uploaded it on Fanfiction.net and Ao3 and I want to spread it around a bit more. Essentially I just wanted an excuse to use an original region I created. Most of the cast is OCs and I even threw in some original Pokémon as well. In terms of...
  4. Gloch

    Mercy No More

    MERCY NO MORE Introduction When I began playing Pokemon back as a tiny tot I never imagined I'd still be unfathomably obsessed with it as a twenty-something year old. Yet, here we are. I've lost interest in the anime and manga over the years, but the games (somehow) still sit near and dear to...
  5. Kindoflame

    Including Bad Illustrations

    I am a new writer here and have a really great story to post. To be completely honestly, I think I have a shot at the Best New Writer Award as long as I post regularly. This is mostly because are only 5 new writers who have recently posted, so competition is light. Anyway, this is a goal I have...
  6. Scepty26

    A Dance of Ice, Fire, and Lightning

    I hope you all enjoy the first chapter of my story. This series is going to be relatively long with around 20+ chapters. There is going to be some swearing and violence (especially in the later chapters). This chapter has very few cuss words and no violence so it should be fine for all ages. I...
  7. AmericanPi

    The Bells (one-shot for 2018 Serebii Holiday Fanfic Gift Exchange; PG/K+)

    "The Bells" A one-shot By AmericanPi It's so cold. You would think a Mawile like me wouldn't be able to feel cold. That's a lie. Sure, the expression "cold as steel" carries some truth to it, but just because Steel-types are made of metal doesn't mean that they are completely unaffected by...
  8. ANightmaresDreamscape

    Aura's Light: Redux

    Rating: M - I rated this M in my original version on FFN, I am in the process of rewriting the story from scratch. My FFN pen name is the same as on here, ANightmaresDreamscape. The story will contain violence, blood, some adult themes, so M is for safety's sake. A/N - I currently have one...
  9. ANightmaresDreamscape

    Aura's Light FF- Beta reader wanted

    Hey everyone! so this is my first post on serebii, a while back I wrote a fanfiction called aura's light and my writing has changed quite a bit since I started it. My pen name on there is also AnightmaresDreamscape. I'm currently doing a complete rewrite of it and I'm in need of a beta reader...
  10. Donna Baines

    Pokemon Bookcraft Collection: Mightyena from Bhreatain Bheag.

    Pokemon Bookcraft Collection: Mightyena from Bhreatain Bheag. A tale found in the annals of the timeworn Bhreatain castle, written by the greatest writer that ever was. In the first day of March, the year of which I have no desire to call to mind, there were born not long since eleven and one...
  11. Dragon's Blaze

    United Destiny: The Hero and the Hybrid (Amourshipping)

    Hello everyone! So my name's you already know. Yeah, So I wrote this for FFN and already began posting on Wattpad. So thanks to Umbranatic for helping me with making the transition to Serebii. Now then this story is probably one of the few that has Serena as the Main Protagonist. Yeah, I kinda...
  12. WriterRaichu

    Jade [Pokémon Fanfiction]

    Chapter Zero - I Promise "Jade, listen to me. You need to get out of here, right now." His eyes flashed with an urgent desperation. "You need to get out of here, right now. I promise that I'll come find you. I promise." I promise.
  13. NebulaDreams

    The Curious and the Shiny (OLD VERSION) [The Manifold Curiosity]

    Hello again, it's been a few months since my last fic (Deli's Delivery Service) and I've been working on this one even before I started writing that fic, all the way back in November. I've been sitting on this project for a while and now I'm starting to get all of my chapters so far redrafted...
  14. NovaBrunswick

    Dartmouth & Jollimore's Alolan Adventures

    Prologue The Skype dial tone rung out from Jollimore's sleek black laptop as he slipped his equally-dark thin blanket down to his lower torso. The emerging white light from opening the upper screen further up shone like a bright flashlight onto Dartmouth's still-asleep face, irritating him...
  15. Griff4815

    Holy War [PG-16] (Digimon)

    This is the sequel to my Digimon story, "A Dragon in Shining Armour". If you haven't read it, I strongly suggest you do so before reading this. This story continues the adventures and trials of the Royal Knights, as various new threats emerge in the Digital World after almost a year of peace...