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hidden ability

  1. D

    FT: HA and Apriball pokemon LF: HA and Apriball pokemon

    Hi Hi :3 I have several HA & Matching Ball Pokemon. Looking to trade with HA & Matching Ball that i don't own yet. HA Pokemon i have: Gen 1 - Caterpie - Eevee - Koffin - Krabby - Timer Ball - Machop - Magikarp - Dive Ball - Snorlax - Heavy Ball Gen 2 - Natu - Dusk Ball - Sneasel - Swinub -...
  2. Mismage

    FT: HA Milotic, HA Froslass or some 5IV. LF: HA Hatterene or HA Snom or HA Copperajah

    Im looking for any of these Pokémon on the title. No success getting then on Max Raid Battles. I can breed u a 5IV Pokémon for trade. Furthermore, I've got Pokémon Sword, so i may have exclusives to fill your dex.
  3. Lunarnorthstar

    LF: Cursed Body Galarian Corsola

    I spent a few days getting myself a max IV Galarian Corsola, only to realize (like a noob) that cursed body was, in fact, a hidden ability not a normal one, and that my ability capsule would not work. sooooo I am going to need someone to trade me a Corsola with cursed body. I would prefer it...
  4. RoyalXIII

    LF: Galarian Darumaka/Darmanitan w/HA. TF: Gigantamax Sandaconda HA

    Looking for either Galarian Darumaka or Galarian Darmanitan with it's Hidden Ability, female if possible! Offering a Gigantamax Sandaconda with it's Hidden Ability. Lv.40, I have one that's Modest & one that's Lax.
  5. K

    LF HA Hatterene

    lf HA Hatterenelf or baby form..will trade shield exclusives or g max centiscorch,corviknights,butterfree, pm me if you can help..cheers
  6. K

    How to get Cinderace's Hidden Ability?

    Cinderace has a hidden ability called "Libero" but hidden abilities can only be found in max raids on those g or d maxed pokemon, and starters dont appear in max raids. So how do we get hidden abilities for the starters or pokemon that arent in max raids in general?
  7. D

    Hidden abilities trade (update)

    Pokemon sm//usum Im collecting HA Pokemons. The list below is what I have so far. I trade anything on the list for anything is not listed. Just BE PATIENT AND WAIT TILL I BREED them. Im usually available at 17:30 pacific time. ONLY HA POKEMONS. I will be updating the list in future. This is...
  8. D

    Hidden abilities trade

    FOR TRADE: (Trademe whatever I don't have here FOR WHATEVER I HAVE, just wait till I breedit.) Starters: Bulbasaur Squirtle Cyndaquil Totodile Treecko Torchic Chimchar Tepig Snivy Fennekin Friakie Litten Popplio FOSSILS: cranidos Aerodactyl Tirtouga PSEUDOS: Gible Dratiny Bagon OTHERS...
  9. lunistg

    Looking for Unown, lots to trade

  10. N


    Hello im looking for HA snorlax weedle jynx smeargle nidoran snorunt i have many HA pokemon starters and others
  11. D

    LF: HA pokemons Ft: over 100 HA pokemons

    I am specially interested in moxie heracross, speed boost sharpedo, A-vulpix, mareanie, vulpix, corphish, and unburden max speed and sp atack IV accelgor. FT: (just letme breed them) Statters: Squirtle Bulbasaur Totodile Cyndaquil Treecko Torchic Chimchar Snivy Tepig Fennekin Froakie Popplio...
  12. D

    LF: HA Litten Line FT: Latias, HA Pokemon, Egg Moves and Event Pokemon.

    I need any member of the Litten family preferably Female with it's HA FT: Latias LV.30, UT, Natures Available: Bold, lax, Impish,Brave Lunala Lv.55, UT, Serious Nature, Caught in Moon Ball HA and Egg Moves Feebas LV.1, UT, Bold Nature, Abilites Swift Swim or Oblivious, Male or Female, Has...
  13. D

    LF: Intimidate Incineroar Line FT: Inside

    I'm looking for a member of the Incineroar line with the HA Intimidate, preferably Female. It can be Litten, Torracat or Incineroar I just need then to be able to breed for more HA Littens. FT: I have Latias Bold Eevees with Wish Alolan Vulpix with Moonblast and Hypnosis Pokebank Passimian...
  14. passerby boy.

    Looking for HA Tyrunt // If Possible

    Just looking for a HA Tyrunt. I have a few shinies along with some 5 IV Pokemon to trade for it. :) Please and thank you! (ALSO if this isn't posted in the correct area could somebody link me to where to post it? thanks C: )
  15. NintendoChannel64

    Hidden Ability Torchic (Gen 6)

    Hi fellow trainers, I'm looking for an Adamant, Hidden Ability (Speed Boost) Torchic: It needs the TM move 'Hone Claws,' so this can only be achieved by teaching it said move in GEN 6 (XY, ORAS.) If you have/are capable of obtaining an Adamant, Hidden Ability Torchic (w/Hone Claws move) I will...
  16. Matthew V

    Looking for hidden ability Mudkip

    Hey guys I’m looking for a hidden ability mudkip for a Pokémon team, if anyone can breed one let me know, I can give hidden ability Dratini, Gible, Meowth with nightmare, hypnosis, dream eater,and substitute The meowth this will also have it’s hidden ability. I really want a mud Kip with Damp...
  17. G

    Need H/A or D/W pokemon.

    Looking for trades in X or Y.
  18. RABAT8108

    //Hidden Ability Giveaway\\~

    Welcome to my small Giveaway! Hello everyone! So when I first started my HA collection, I started from serebii. I came across a guy who wanted shinies for the HA and that's even 1 shiny per 2 Pokemon! That's BALLS!! I won't say his name, but I finally didn't trade with him, good for me~...
  19. A

    Lf: Duskull with HA (Frisk)

    I'm looking for a Duskull/Dusclops/Dusknoir with its hidden ability (Frisk). I don't have much to offer but bottle caps and a shiny Chansey in a Premier Ball.
  20. FairyWitch

    FairyWitch's Ultra Sun and Moon Competitive Breeding Sanctuary

    Welcome to my breeding Sanctuary, where I like to give service to people that need or want for competitive play for singles/VGC Doubles. I offer many varieties of Wifi Ball choices to match the Pokemon you want which I plan on collecting rare ball choices I don't have yet in my Moon/Ultra Sun...