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  1. Dark_King25

    Favorite Ash Ketchum regional Ace Pokemon?

    Pikachu may be ash's partner but that doesn't mean he has all the spotlight the pokes that share that spotlight are his regional ace pokemon so who is your favorite ace?
  2. X

    Unpopular Question: Has anyone had a thought of Lucario and Zoroark teaming up or battling as rivals in the Pokémon anime?

    I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and I keep wondering what would it be like if Lucario and Zoroark had an episode or an arc together as either part of a trainer’s team or as friendly rivals as each of their trainers build up for the Pokémon league. For me, I think they would be great...
  3. Ragnarok4

    What is the strongest Pokémon in Journeys? (Forget the fact that lucario appears twice)

    Gengar : Vs Raichu ✓ Vs Electrode X Vs Lucario (Korrina) X Lucario : As Riolu vs Farfetch ✓ Vs Grapploct X Vs Octillery X Vs Tentacruel X Vs Flygon X Vs Grapploct -- As Lucario Vs Ferrothorn X Sirfertch'd : As Farfetch Vs Riolu X Vs Hawlucha X Vs Gurdurr ✓ Vs Gallade X (train with...
  4. Venia Silente

    Blink, Slowly

    Hello everyone, long time no see. Here I bring this little story I wrote a few weeks ago at the prodding of some members of the PMD Writers United community, who said I had to provide a kill with evidence. Well, here it is. (No, technically this is not the first time I kill a character but it...
  5. Mario D. Solid

    |Only Shiny from Den| H- Lucario, Ditto, Eevee, Applin, Pangoro, Espeon...

    Looking for some shinies only captured by you in dens and in balls that aren't great/ultra: Skwovet, Greedent, Rookidee, Blipbug, Dottler, Nickit, Gossifleur, Eldegoss, Chewtle, Drednaw, Yamper, Boltund, Rolycoly, Silicobra, Sandaconda, Cramorant, Barraskewda, Toxtricity, Sizzlipede...
  6. Mario D. Solid

    |Den Shiny Store| Ditto 6IV, Gmax, Lucario, Espeon, Impidimp, Ponyta Galar...

    To trade (no pokemon in Great or Ultra ball): 1) The Big Gun: 3xCorviknight Gmax 6IV, Square Shiny, HA 4xDitto 6IV, Square Shiny, HA 1xEevee, 6IV, Shiny, HA 2) The Rare: 1xRunerigus, 4IV, Shiny Square 4xLucario, 4IV, Shiny, Inner Focus 2xOranguru, 6IV, Shiny, Symbiosis 1xUnfezant, 6IV, Shiny...
  7. pbugle

    750p an Hour

    Disclaimer: Rated Teen for Strong Language, Moderate Suggestive Themes. Summary The low pay. The monotony. The too-short red and yellow apron that his chest spike poked out of. It wasn't like he couldn't deal with it. What else could he expect working as a lowly employee at a certain fast food...
  8. S

    The Legend of Pokemon: Lucario's Mask

    This is my new fanfiction, Lucario's Mask. Thus far, no warnings. I hope you guys enjoy!
  9. NebulaDreams

    The Curious and the Shiny: New Game Plus [The Manifold Curiosity]

    Accolades: 2018 Serebii Fanfiction Forum Awards Won: Best Pokémon Chaptered Fic (Established Author) Best Character Dynamic - Curio and Shine Best Pokémon-Centric Nominated: Best Plot Best Setting Funniest Character - Curio Hello, dear readers. As you can see, this is a new version of The...
  10. lucarioknight56

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Twilit Destinies

    Created by @canisaries Two brothers--Arthus Zoroark and Matheus Lucario--grow in a region dominated by outlaws and gangs, each suffering losses in the dark world. Together, they rise up and vanquish the darkness, establishing a force for good in the region. All is well…until their inevitable...
  11. G

    Reasons why Serebii members should not catch Lucario

    1. Its weak asf 2. Has terrible stats and movepool 3. Garchomp kicks its as 4. It lost against a Weedle and a Spinarak 5. Furries are attracted to the community (furries are cringe) 6. Design is a cheap knockoff to the egypt dog 7. Stole a country name (which is Cario) 8. Worse than Bidoof 9...
  12. Namohysip

    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Hands of Creation

    Don't you hate it when your life is a lie? It started with getting stabbed. Later, mugged. Then, he forgets them both. Owen had lived a simple life with simple dreams, but an ancient conflict catches up with him, as does a forgotten past. With answers easily slipping away and chaos rising the...
  13. MustardBubbles

    Alternate Target event Pokemon Black/White game case.

    I remember back in early 2012 there was a Target event code for a Global Link Lucario that was packaged with specially marked B/W games. The sleeve inside had Lucario printed on it, hence "specially marked". I bought one all these years ago and still haven't seen another in the wild since. I...
  14. NebulaDreams

    The Curious and the Shiny (OLD VERSION) [The Manifold Curiosity]

    Hello again, it's been a few months since my last fic (Deli's Delivery Service) and I've been working on this one even before I started writing that fic, all the way back in November. I've been sitting on this project for a while and now I'm starting to get all of my chapters so far redrafted...
  15. lucarioknight56

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Unequivocant

    This is a story originally posted over at Bulbagarden and Fanfiction, and I'm wanting this to become more accessible to the main fanbase. This will not be the PMD universe that you are familiar with; it is one of my own invention, and I hope you will enjoy it. Lawrence Stephenson is sent to a...