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  1. S

    Whos the hottest character?

    I would love to hear opinions and i hope you have fun https://www.quotev.com/quiz/15877039/Who-is-the-most-handsome-pokeboy https://www.quotev.com/quiz/14989846/Who-is-the-prettiest-Pokegirl
  2. NovaBrunswick

    Who is the best dog Pokémon?

    Every generation so far has introduced at least one dog (or dog-like) Pokémon. Who do you think is the best doggo of them all? :D My personal favorites are Houndour/Houndoom, Riolu/Lucario and Fidough: Houndour and Houndoom - Although Gen 1 did have somewhat dog-like Fire types with Growlithe...
  3. NovaBrunswick

    Favourite Fairy-Type Pokémon?

    Although the Fairy type is pretty new, only being introduced in Gen 6, it has nevertheless already included some memorable members. So who are your favourite Fairy types? Mine are: Primarina Azumarill Sylveon Togekiss Hatterene Mimikyu Tapu Fini Comfey Diancie Xerneas Honorable mentions...
  4. NovaBrunswick

    Which region had the best Gym Leaders?

    Every region in the Pokémon world has their own set of Gym Leaders. Which ones do you think were the best, either personality-wise, team-wise or challenge-wise? (I'm not including Alola since it doesn't have Gyms.) Here's my personal ranking of best to not-so-good: Galar Unova Sinnoh Hoenn...
  5. NovaBrunswick

    How many generations of Pokémon have you played?

    So far, there have been eight generations of Pokémon. Have you played 'em all? I've played every gen except 8, since I don't have a Switch yet. If I do get one, I'll make sure to keep my streak of playing every single new gen unbroken. ;)
  6. NovaBrunswick

    Do you hate it when Christmas starts early?

    Every year, Christmas seems to start earlier and earlier. This year, I saw Christmas stuff in the shops as early as September, and even alongside all the Halloween costumes and treats. I think that’s way too early! Do you think so too, or do you like to buy them several months in advance so...
  7. NovaBrunswick

    Which region did you start your Pokémon journey in?

    We've all started our journey with the Pokémon games somewhere. Where did you start yours? I started my journey in Johto with Silver. Kanto is also visit-able in that game, so you could say I technically started in Kanto as well.