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404 Error

Discussion in 'Completed Fics' started by Missingno. Master, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. Shadow_Zorua

    Shadow_Zorua Triple Cherry Bomb!!

    Hey, I've been around this fanfic for a while (I just never got around to making an account until now) and I have to say that I'm really enjoying it! Anyways, keep up the great work!

    Oh, and can I be added to the PM list please?
  2. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    Thanks, I'm glad you like it! I'll add you to the PM list right now.

    As far as the next chapter goes, I haven't forgotten about it. It's coming along decently, though a little slower than I had hoped. Just rest assured that I am working on it, and I hope to have it out to you guys soon. A goal of before the end of the week is a tad optimistic, though not unrealistic. We'll see how it goes.
  3. pin

    pin New Member

    Hello there Missingno Master, My name's Pink and have just joined the forums. I have read you Adventure of Adventureness Saga and think that it the most epicly amazing and humorous story I've every read. Keep up the good work :)
  4. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    Thanks! I hope you like this story as much as you like the Adventure of Adventureness!
  5. ESPNfanatic35

    ESPNfanatic35 Catcher of Ubers

    Such a funny chapter as always. You never seem to disappoint.

    Mr. Ujif must be used to horrid music.

    Ohhhhh, that sneaky old man!

    Wow, nothing gets by Violet! Though I have a feeling Orange will in fact play it again sometime in the future.

    Drake and Josh reference for the win! Terrence is proving to be a truly hilarious and likeable rival rather than just the average jerk.

    Classic. Seems like Vi has a tough time when Orange is actually right about something.

    Keep up the great work!
  6. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer


    He most likely will.

    I was hoping someone would get that!

    Yes, she does. Orange is usually so off about everything that as far as Violet is concerned, him being right about something is nothing short of a sign of the apocalypse.

    I will, thanks!

    I've been doing a little more work on the next chapter, but I've also been working on something else- as you can see in my signature, I made a 404 Error banner. What do you guys think of it?
  7. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    Oh, and while you're telling me what you think of the banner, you might as well also give your opinions on Chapter 22. Because here it is! Had to resist the urge for an evil cliffhanger, too.

    Chapter 22: Time To Kick Some Grass

    Taking a deep breath, Red pushed the threes that functioned as the Gym's doors open, and marched inside, Orange and Violet following behind him. The inside of the building didn't exactly look like the inside of a building, however- the floor was topped with well maintained grass, and the walls couldn't even be seen for all the ivy covering them. On the opposite end of the room stood a man who appeared to be in his late teens, if not his early twenties, unkempt black hair atop his head. He was dressed in a pair of blue overalls, the dirtiness of them suggesting that he spent a lot of his time working in the dirt. Several gardening tools could be seen on the ground behind him. Most importantly, attached to his overalls were three Poké Balls.

    "Welcome to the Nodacel Gym," the man said. "Allow me to introduce myself- I am Phil, the Nodacel Gym Leader. Now, who might you three be?"

    "I'm Red Vershunn from Talpel Town," Red stated.

    "Violet Scramble, also from Talpel Town," added Violet.

    "Orange McPixel, Talpel Town," continued Orange.

    "We're all here to challenge you to a battle," declared Red.

    Phil nodded approvingly. "Well, all right, then! Let's get started. Which of you wants to go first?"

    "I will," volunteered Red as he stepped forward. Upon closer inspection, a number of small rocks were arranged all over the grassy floor, forming the outline of the battlefield. Red stepped into the small box outside the battlefield in which the challenger was obviously intended to stand, as Phil did the same on his end of the battlefield.

    "All right," said Phil as he removed a Poké Ball from his overalls and enlarged it. "Three Pokémon each, that fine with you?"

    "Works for me," Red answered.

    "Then let's get started!" Phil declared as he threw the Poké Ball. "Exeggutor! Go!"

    The ball opened up, and as the light faded away, what appeared to be a palm tree with legs materialized. A trio of yellow coconuts hung close to the leaves, a face visible on each one. "Exeggutor," the heads chanted. Red dug out his Pokédex and aimed it at his arboreal adversary.

    "Exeggutor, the Coconut Pokémon, and the evolved form of Exeggcute," said Red's Pokédex. "Legend has it that on rare occasions, one of its heads will drop off and continue on as an Exeggcute. Exeggutor's types are Grass and Psychic."

    "Grass and Psychic, huh?" repeated Red as he took a Poké Ball off his belt. "I know what would be best against that... but better to save it for later, I think. OK, Raticate!" he exclaimed as he threw the ball. "Go!"

    In a flash of light, Red's Raticate materialized. It glared across the battlefield at the three-headed tree, baring its prominent front teeth.

    "He's using Raticate?" muttered Orange. "Wouldn't Parasect have a huge advantage here?"

    "Yeah, but I highly doubt Exeggutor is Phil's strongest Pokémon," replied Violet. "Red's doing the smart thing here, saving the type advantage for when he'll really need it."

    "Exeggutor! Barrage!" ordered Phil.

    "Raticate, Hyper Fang!" Red shouted.

    "Rrrrrraticate!" screeched Raticate as it charged across the battlefield.

    "Tor!" Exeggutor's heads exclaimed simultaneously as a flurry of small glowing white orbs flew forth from its leaves. Weaving back and forth, Raticate deftly evaded every last one of them before sinking its fangs into Exeggutor's trunk. The Coconut Pokémon cried out in discomfort and stumbled about, trying in vain to shake Raticate off.

    "Don't give in, Exeggutor!" Phil called out. "Use Psychic!"

    "Exeggutor," replied Exeggutor as its eyes glowed blue. Suddenly, Raticate found itself being forcibly removed from the Grass/Psychic-type and thrown across the battlefield.

    "Raticate, try a Quick Attack!" Red called out.

    "Teleport to him, then Stomp!" Phil shouted.

    As Raticate charged forward, Exeggutor vanished into thin air, reappearing directly in front of the Normal-type, startling it into stopping short. Exeggutor then wasted no time in raising its right foot and bringing it down hard on Raticate, causing it to screech in pain.

    "Raticate, come on!" Red called, but as Exeggutor got off of Raticate, it was clear that the Rat Pokémon was down.

    "This does not bode well," observed Violet as Red withdrew Raticate.

    "Yeah, you think?" Orange replied sarcastically.



    "Shut up."

    "OK, Parasect, let's go!" Red shouted as he threw another Poké Ball, this one unleashing the Bug/Grass-type onto the battlefield. Parasect scuttled forward, raising its claws in a menacing fashion, ready to do battle against Exeggutor.

    "Hmm, that could get tricky," murmured Phil. "Exeggutor, Sleep Powder!"

    "Parasect, Spore now!" Red shouted.

    Simultaneously, both Grass-types unleashed plumes of blue dust at each other. The powdery attacks collided in midair, whereupon the dust settled to the floor, each attack falling far short of its intended target.

    "Slash it now!" Red exclaimed.

    "Sect para para!" hissed Parasect as it lunged forward with surprising speed, swiping at Exeggutor with brightly glowing claws.

    "No! Exeggutor!" Phil shouted. "Stomp attack now!"

    "End it!" Red called out. "Leech Life now!"

    Giving Exeggutor no time to even raise a leg into the air, Parasect's small teeth glowed green as it chomped onto the side of one of Exeggutor's legs, and the three-headed tree howled with pain as Parasect sucked health from its enemy. At last, Parasect dug its teeth out of Exeggutor's side, and the latter toppled backwards, hitting the ground like the fallen tree that it was.

    "Exeggu... tor..." gasped Exeggutor before all three heads simultaneously slipped into unconsciousness.

    "Don't sweat it, Exeggutor," sighed Phil as he returned it to its Poké Ball. "You were great out there. Take a good rest." He then produced and threw another Poké Ball. "OK, Tangela, it's your turn now!" he shouted.

    As the flash of light faded away, what looked to be a large tangle of teal seaweed with red feet stood in Exeggutor's place. A pair of large eyes were visible through a sizable gap in the tangled vines.

    "Piece of cake," scoffed Red. "Parasect, go! Leech Life now!"

    "Parasect!" hissed Parasect as it scuttled forward, the tiny teeth in its mouth glowing a bright neon green.

    "Tangela! Swords Dance!" yelled Phil.

    "Taaaang!" replied Tangela in a high voice as it proceeded to spin around in place, its body gradually taking on a silvery metallic glow. Parasect lunged forward, but due to the sheer speed of the spinning Tangela, ricocheted off the pure Grass-type and fell off to the side. Tangela stopped spinning at that moment, a fiery intensity now visible in its eyes.

    "Hmm, this could be trouble," Violet remarked. "Swords Dance sharply increases Attack power.

    "But Grass-type moves are special attacks," Orange argued. "Swords Dance isn't gonna affect how they work."

    "I doubt Phil's gonna have Tangela use Grass moves on a Parasect anyway," snorted Violet. "Probably has some Normal moves, like-"

    "Body Slam now!" Phil ordered.

    "Taaaangela!" screeched Tangela as it leapt into the air, preparing to land on Parasect.

    "Use Bide!" Red ordered.

    Parasect focused hard, its body glowing brightly as Tangela slammed into it. The Vine Pokémon jumped back, eyeing the glowing Parasect warily.

    "PoisonPowder attack!" said Phil.

    Tangela responded to this by shaking its vines wildly, scattering a dark purple dust from within, all over Parasect. At that moment, Parasect exclaimed loudly, letting off a powerful beam of energy from its whole body, plowing Tangela backwards. Though Tangela was blown back by this powerful technique, Parasect was looking a little shaky, clearly suffering from the powerful blow, not to mention the poison. However, though Parasect was still standing, Tangela had slumped to the ground and was not getting up.

    "With one attack?!" Orange exclaimed incredulously. "How does that even happen?"

    "Well, Tangela had gotten in that Swords Dance, so the initial Body Slam was pretty powerful," Violet replied as Phil withdrew Tangela. "Then consider that Bide sent double that power right back at it... It's not surprising, really."

    "Of course, just as I thought," nodded Orange. Violet rolled her eyes, then lightly slapped Orange's head. "Hey, what's that for?" Orange demanded.

    "For being an idiot," Violet replied smoothly.

    "Now, Victreebel!" shouted Phil as he threw another ball onto the battlefield. "Go!"

    As he yelled this, the ball opened up, and poured a large amount of light onto the battlefield, the glowing energy forming itself into a decidedly familiar shape. As the glowing faded, Phil's Victreebel stood before Red and Parasect, shrieking menacingly.

    "Let's win this, Parasect!" Red exclaimed. "Leech Life now!"

    "Victreebel! Wrap attack!" commanded Phil.

    As Parasect scuttled forward, it was met very quickly by a thick brown vine; Victreebel was extending the vine which started from its large leaf, and was tightly binding the Bug/Grass-type with it.

    "Parasect!" Red called.

    "It's no good," smirked Phil. "Parasect can't move."

    "Aw, come on, Parasect," Red said quietly, hoping that the struggling bug would fight its way out of the entangling vine. Alas, this did not happen, and Red could only look on helplessly for the next couple of tense minutes. Once Parasect's struggling ceased, Victreebel let go, letting Red's Parasect fall to the ground, unconscious.

    "Parasect, return," Red sighed as he held out Parasect's Poké Ball, allowing it to fire off a red beam of energy which sucked Parasect into the ball's spherical depths. Once Parasect was back in its ball, Red placed it back on his belt and took off another one. "Okay," he sighed. "It's up to you now," he declared as he threw the ball. "Doduo! Go!"

    Despite the type disadvantage, neither Phil nor Victreebel looked especially phased at the sight of the two-headed Normal/Flying-type which materialized on the battlefield. "Type advantage isn't everything," grinned Phil. "But then, your Parasect knows that already, doesn't it? Victreebel, let's hit it with a Stun Spore!"

    "Doduo, use Whirlwind!" Red ordered.

    "Do do!" cawed both of Doduo's heads simultaneously as what appeared to be miniature tornadoes erupted forth from its beaks. Though Victreebel was blasting a plume of yellow dust from its mouth, the Whirlwind forced the powder back onto Victreebel, causing it to wince in discomfort.

    "Nice," nodded Violet in approval. "It's paralyzed."

    "Yeah, nice strategy, Red," added Orange.

    "Good job, Doduo!" grinned Red. "Now use Peck!"

    "Wrap attack now!" Phil ordered.

    Doduo charged forward, both heads focused on the target, both beaks aimed right at their bell-shaped adversary... And then came the thick brown vine, swiftly coiling itself around Doduo's legs, torso, and necks. Struggle and cry out though it might, Doduo could not break free of the vine, its grip holding strong in spite of Victreebel's paralysis.

    "No..." Red murmured as Doduo continued its apparently futile struggle against Victreebel's Wrap. No trainer said a word, the four of them focused only on the struggling Doduo and the Victreebel who was fighting valiantly in spite of its paralysis.

    And then, suddenly, all four of them were very nearly blinded, as a bright glow exploded forth from that which they were watching so intensely.

    "Oh, come on, don't tell me," grumbled Phil.

    "OK, I won't tell you that Red's Doduo is evolving," smirked Orange.

    Indeed, as Red determinedly peered through the blinding light, he could just barely make out the sight of a third head and neck growing between the other two as the bright light forced Victreebel to let go. The glowing then faded, and it was clear that Doduo had indeed evolved. It now possessed three heads, each one topped with several black feathers. From its rear end, it now sported brilliantly pink tail feathers.

    "Do," "dri," "o", cried the newly evolved Pokémon, each syllable cawed by a different head. Red, now grinning widely, held out his Pokédex.

    "Dodrio, the Triple Bird Pokémon, and the evolved form of Doduo," said the device. "An odd species which is rarely found. At night, only two of its heads will sleep at a time while the third stays awake and keeps watch."

    "Ready to win this, Dodrio?" Red asked.

    "Driiiiiiio," Dodrio's three heads simultaneously cawed loudly.

    "Victreebel, trap it with Wrap once more!" Phil ordered.

    "Let's try this new move of yours out, Dodrio," Red stated as he was apparently reading something off his Pokedex's screen. "Use Drill Peck!"

    "Drio Dodrio," cawed Dodrio as streaks of rapidly swirling white energy formed around its beaks, making them appear to be spinning like drills as it dashed forward with astounding swiftness on its two legs. Though Victreebel's vine started snaking forward, Dodrio expertly jumped over it at every chance, and plowed all three of its beaks into Victreebel at once, sending it flying backwards, crashing to the ground at Phil's feet. However, Victreebel was not out just yet, as it unsteadily attempted to right itself.

    "Finish it off!" Red called. "Dodrio! Skull Bash now!"

    "Victreebel, try an Acid attack-" Phil began, but far too late, as all three of Dodrio's heads were already colliding with Victreebel in what was evidently a very painful manner. Once the cranial onslaught had ceased, Victreebel ceased its efforts to get back up.

    "YES!" Red cheered as Dodrio dashed over to its trainer. Red responded by hugging Dodrio, who cawed happily with all three heads. "Dodrio, you were great!"

    "That was some battle," Phil admitted as he walked across the battlefield, having returned Victreebel to its ball. "Type advantage might not be everything, but it's definitely something. Doduo evolving like that was pretty well timed, though- had it not evolved, I'm certain you would have lost."

    "It sure looked that way," Red admitted as he returned Dodrio to its Poké Ball.

    "So, without further ado, here it is," Phil stated as he produced a green and brown badge made to look like a little tree and handed it to Red. "The official Pokémon League Arbor Badge. You've earned it."

    "Thanks!" Red grinned, accepting the badge.

    "And take this too," Phil added as he handed a greenish disc to Red. "That TM teaches Mega Drain. Useful attack for a Grass-type to know. It does damage to the opponent and heals the user at the same time. OK, so who's next?"

    "I am!" Orange declared, sounding pumped up. "I'm ready to go, so let's do this!"

    Violet rolled her eyes as Phil walked back over to his end of the battlefield and placed his Poké Balls on a healing machine built into a tree stump. "Orange, did you ever think that maybe I might have wanted to go next?" she asked.

    After a brief pause, Orange replied, "...no." Violet facepalmed.

    "OK, Exeggutor!" Phil shouted as he heaved one of his Poké Balls back out onto the battlefield. "It's go time!"

    As Exeggutor reappeared on the battlefield, looking to be back at 100% health, Orange's right hand hovered over the Poké Balls at his belt before finally deciding on one. He took the ball off the belt, pressed the button to bring it to its full size, and then threw it out onto the battlefield.
    End of Chapter 22.​
  8. Knightfall

    Knightfall Blazing Wordsmith

    Well, well, well, first review. How lovely.

    Anyways, I do like how you did the banner. The random sections of ... game that make up the background and of course Orange's Pokemon really give it the "glitched" air. I honestly imagined Orange a bit differently, bit Violet and (naturally) Red were exactly how I pictured them. Kudos on that.

    Moving on, the gym battle was nice, as I've come to expect from you. I liked how you made Red try to come up with a strategy with using Ratticate first instead of Parasect. Shows a bit of development in his character, in my opinion.

    Ahh, Wrap. Broken beyond repair, at least in the first generation games. I wondered when we'd see that in use again.

    And yet another evolution that turns the tide of the battle. There's been quite a few of these recently, I've noticed. Mostly against gym leaders. I think this tradition could be given a rest for a little while if you ask me.
    It made the battle no less enjoyable, and seeing Dodrio finish of Victreebel was nice, but I'm just saying we've seen the
    "evolution during midst of battle that wins said battle" quite frequently. Perhaps we could have an evolution during a battle that doesn't immediately give it the win. It'd make it slightly more interesting in my opinion.
    Please forgive me if I'm incorrect about this observation.

    Well, that's about all I have. Good chapter, but I just wanted to voice my concern over that one thing.

    Oh, and since it's 2013 now, it means that I have successfully kept my resolution from last year! (And I must say I am a better person because I've read and replied to every chapter, by the way)
    Now, my resolution this year, along with continue working on my own story, is to continue replying to every chapter. Let's do it! January 1st, 2014, here we come!

    Knightfall signing off... ;005;
  9. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    Thanks! The background is in fact an actual image of Glitch City from R/B.

    Thanks. It was, to be honest, tempting to have him sweep the gym with Charizard, which is why I established in the previous chapter that Charizard wasn't going to participate in order to recuperate fully from the battle with Terrence.

    Yeah, Wrap was awesome back then. Actually worth using!

    You raise a very valid point here, yes, I've been doing that quite a lot lately, haven't I? I like the idea of a mid-battle evolution that doesn't guarantee the win- I actually did that when Terrence forced his Nidorina to evolve mid-battle, in fact, though it's an interesting idea to keep in mind for a gym battle.

    Congrats on keeping your resolution! I'm glad you're making the same resolution for this year. I'm sure you'll have no problem keeping it.
  10. Rotomknight


    I like Red going first in this chapter...
    I do think you should find a way to put music in these important gym battles. That would make it almost equal to The Perfect of Perfectness.
    Bout the banner. First of all descriptions never seem to stay in my head well.
    On Violet: Nearl exactly how I imagined her, just without the headband that somehow went in my head, and much more pixaleted.
    Orange: I imagined a youngster with orange clothes. And a blue hat.
    I never have many comments.

    Last edited: Jan 5, 2013
  11. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    I haven't considered adding music to the Gym battles, though to be honest, that's not that bad of an idea.

    I never described Violet or Orange as having any kind of headgear. In fact, I made their sprites reflect their descriptions from Chapter 1- Violet with long black hair and a purple shirt, Orange with orange hair and a black shirt. Actually, I did base Orange's sprite off a Youngster sprite.

    I'm going to be making another post just after this one, which will contain details of the main characters and their Pokemon, plus the attacks those Pokemon know, just like there was in The Adventure of Adventureness, just for anyone who wants to keep up with that information.
  12. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    Below, you will find details on all the main characters, the Pokemon they own, and the moves their Pokemon know.

    Mega Punch

    Tail Whip
    Quick Attack
    Water Gun
    Hyper Fang

    Leech Life
    Stun Spore

    Skull Bash
    Fury Attack
    Tri Attack
    Drill Peck

    Body Slam

    Missingno. (Normal Form):
    Water Gun
    Sky Attack
    Seismic Toss

    Double Kick
    Water Gun
    Ice Beam

    Wing Attack
    Dragon Rage
    Hyper Beam

    Fury Attack
    Razor Wind
    Take Down

    Water Gun
    Quick Attack
    Aurora Beam
    Rolling Kick
    Horn Attack

    Razor Wind
    Pay Day
    Hydro Pump

    Quick Attack

    Pikachu (Shockey):
    Quick Attack

    Bellsprout>Weepinbell>Victreebel (Chompy):
    Vine Whip
    Sleep Powder
    Razor Leaf
    Stun Spore

    Caterpie>Metapod>Butterfree (Flutters):
    String Shot
    Sleep Powder
    Stun Spore

    Psyduck>Golduck (Migraine)
    Water Gun
    Fury Swipes
    Hydro Pump

    Koffing>Weezing (Skulls)

    h Poké (Tombstone)
    Night Shade
    Take Down
    Confuse Ray

    Missingno. (Aerodactyl Skeleton Form; Skelefly):
    Defense Curl
    Egg Bomb
    Bone Club
    Last edited: May 3, 2013
  13. Shadow_Zorua

    Shadow_Zorua Triple Cherry Bomb!!

    Ok, I loved this part.

    Awesome chapter as usual. So Red got to go first in the gym battle this time, huh? Cool. It seems like it was always...not him. Can't wait to see how Orange and Violet are going to deal with Phil's usage of Wrap. Since it was actually worth your time to use back in Gen 1.

    Couldn't find any mistakes, but then again, I wasn't exactly looking for them. Can't wait for the next chapter; I have a feeling it's gonna be great.

    Keep up the good work!
  14. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    The way the next chapter's coming along, I might go so far as to say it's gonna be great. It's actually nearly done- I was in rare form this weekend. I have a feeling some people are really going to like certain things about this next chapter. It'll be up very soon. Very, very soon. Like, "start spamming the Refresh button now" kind of soon.
  15. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    See? :)

    Chapter 23: Orange And Violet Go Green

    ".4, use Agility!" Orange exclaimed as the Caffeine Pokémon was released from its Poké Ball. Before the glow had even faded, .4 started zipping energetically around the battlefield, gibbering excitedly and incoherently as Exeggutor tried to keep an eye on it- a harder feat than one would think for something with a total of six eyes.

    "Exeggutor, use your Psychic attack now!" commanded Phil.

    "Tor," replied all three of Exeggutor's heads as all six eyes glowed a light blue, sending a ray of blue light across the whole battlefield. .4 screeched in discomfort as the Psychic attack struck it.

    "Hang in there, .4!" Orange called out. "Try your Wing Attack!"

    "Eeeeee hee hee hee!" cackled .4 as a pair of purple, blocky wings erupted forth from its back. The Pokémaniac-type then darted forward, colliding with Exeggutor's trunk, the sheer speed with which it flew sending Exeggutor stumbling backwards.

    "Barrage attack!" Phil ordered.

    "Dodge it with TM05!" shouted Orange.

    As Exeggutor fired off a wave of glowing white orbs from its leaves, .4 zipped forward, flying towards Exeggutor once more, though this time, as its blocky wings retracted into its body, it suddenly veered off to one side, and suddenly became invisible.

    "Exeggu?!" exclaimed Exeggutor as all three heads glanced around, trying to catch sight of their diminutive adversary.

    "Take it out, .4!" Orange called. "TM28 attack!"

    Three consecutive small explosions rent the air from behind Exeggutor, sending it tumbling to the ground as .4 became visible once more.

    "Exeggu... tor," gasped Exeggutor as it tried and failed to get back up.

    "Nice job, .4!" Orange grinned as Phil called Exeggutor back to its Poké Ball.

    "That .4 of yours is well trained," said Phil as he prepared his next Poké Ball. "Exeggutor's usually good for taking out at least one Pokémon."

    "Heh, thanks," grinned Orange as .4 did three or four dozen very rapid loop-de-loops in response to the compliment. ".4's the first Pokémon I ever caught."

    "Very touching," nodded Phil. "But let's see how your .4 stacks up against Tangela! Go!" he shouted as he threw the new Poké Ball, releasing the Grass-type out onto the battlefield.

    "Wing Attack!" Orange called out.

    "Tangela, Bind it!" shouted Phil.

    "Taaaang!" exclaimed Tangela as a pair of teal vines unraveled themselves from the tangled mass of his body and flew forward. .4, however, deftly swooped and dove in midair, evading the vines with remarkable skill before sprouting its blocky wings once more and slamming them into Tangela, sending it skidding backwards.

    "Good job, .4!" said Orange. "Now let's try out that new move we've been practicing!" Red and Violet exchanged surprised glances at this.

    "Did you know anything about Orange working on a new attack with .4?" Violet asked.

    "I barely know anything about .4, period," responded Red, shrugging his shoulders.

    ".4! Dragon Rage now!" Orange called. In response, .4 twirled around in midair with dizzying rapidity before unleashing a stream of mystical blue fire from its diminutive body. Tangela screeched in discomfort as the Dragon-type move tormented its tangles of tentacles.

    "Mega Drain!" Phil roared.

    "Tang taaaang!" Tangela replied before its eyes took on a light green glow. Almost immediately, a similar glow came over .4's body. Now it was the Caffeine Pokémon's turn to screech in discomfort as Tangela slowly started to drain its energy.

    "Come on, .4!" Orange encouraged his Pokémon.

    "Now use your Sleep Powder attack!" Phil shouted.

    "Tang Tangela!" screeched Tangela as it shook its vines, sending a plume of blue dust flying. Though .4 made to evade it, this did not work; the Caffeine Pokémon fell to the ground, and started emitting rapid, high-pitched snores.

    "Rrrrgh!" Orange grunted.

    "SolarBeam! Now!" commanded Phil.

    As the topmost vines on Tangela's body began to glow brightly, Orange furiously dug through his backpack, and produced his Poké Flute from within.

    "No, don't you dare," Violet said warningly. "You promised."

    "Yeah, but-"


    "But .4-"

    "You promised-"

    "Screw the promise-"

    "Taaaaang!" bellowed Tangela as the Vine Pokémon unleashed its SolarBeam attack- a powerful and brightly glowing blast of concentrated sunlight, nearly plowing .4 into the ground. As the attack ceased, .4 was lying at Orange's feet, smoking slightly, and not moving at all.

    ".4, return," sighed Orange as he aimed the Poké Ball so as to allow the beam to suck .4 back into the sphere. As he prepared another Poké Ball, he shot Violet a nasty glare. He then threw the ball, calling out "Fearow! I choose you now!"

    In a flash of light, the ball unleashed Orange's Fearow, who immediately rose high into the air, floating effortlessly in midair, barely needing to flap its wings.

    "Tangela, use Swords Dance!" Phil shouted.

    "Fearow, Take Down!" Orange called.

    "Feeeeeaaaaaarooooooowww!" screeched Fearow as it dove down at the now spinning and glowing Tangela. As Tangela ceased spinning, it was immediately sent flying backwards as Fearow tackled it hard.

    "Follow up with Fury Attack!" Orange commanded.

    "Tangela, Body Slam!" said Phil.

    Fearow flew at Tangela once more as the latter jumped into the air, ready to slam its entire body weight down on the Beak Pokémon. As this happened, however, Fearow abruptly shifted direction, and started furiously pecking at Tangela in midair.

    "Come on, Tangela! Bind now!" Phil called desperately.

    "End it! Peck attack!" Orange yelled.

    As Tangela extended a pair of teal vines, Fearow delivered one final blow with its cruelly pointed beak, sending Tangela tumbling to the ground, completely unmoving, its tangled vines sagging in defeat.

    "Return, Tangela," said Phil as he held out its Poké Ball.

    "Nice job, Fearow," Orange grinned happily. Fearow cawed loudly and proudly in response as it rose higher into the air, now circling over the battlefield.

    "Nice job indeed," nodded Phil as he prepared his third and final Poké Ball. "But let's see how Fearow can deal with Victreebel!" he added, shouting that last word as he heaved the ball, unleashing aforementioned Grass/Poison-type into the open.

    "Be careful, Fearow," Orange advised his Normal/Flying-type. "That thing's got a vicious Wrap attack. We'll stick to long range attacks for now. Use Razor Wind!"

    "Use Acid!" called Phil.

    As Fearow flapped its great wings, sending gusts of sharp, cutting wind at its opponent, Victreebel lifted the large leaf up off its mouth and unleashed a massive stream of dark, corrosive fluid from within, causing Fearow to screech in pain as the Poison move hit.

    "Fearow!" Orange called in concern.

    "Victreebel, use your Razor Leaf attack now!" Phil commanded.

    Victreebel screeched in response as it swung the smaller leaves on the sides of its body around, sending multiple sharp leaves whizzing through the air. Fearow, still reeling from the acidic assault from earlier, made no effort to dodge this, and the leaves struck it hard. Screeching again, Fearow fell to the ground.

    "Fearow, quick, use your Take Down!" Orange called desperately.

    "Wrap!" Phil shouted, almost before Fearow hit the ground.

    Victreebel was almost as quick to respond as his trainer was, its brown vine already snaking around Fearow's body and squeezing hard.

    "No! Fearow, you can get out of there!" Orange exclaimed.

    However, after several minutes of futile struggling, it seemed as though Orange's words had no truth to them. Fearow did emerge from the vine's grip, but only after Victreebel loosened it, allowing Fearow to tumble to the ground, where it lay unmoving.

    "I am really starting to hate Wrap," grumbled Orange as he withdrew Fearow. "Really starting to hate it." He then took another Poké Ball and threw it. "Let's go, Q!" he shouted.

    The ball split open, and Q was unleashed into the air. "Kyuuuu," it called softly.

    "Hah!" Phil roared with laughter. "You really think that's wise, boy? Sending a Water-type to battle a Grass-type?"

    "Watch yourself," grinned Orange. "You think that's wise, getting so cocky when you're using a Poison-type against a Psychic-type?"

    "Touché," admitted Phil. "Well, let's see how this works out. Victreebel, Stun Spore!"

    "Q, Water Gun!" Orange called out.

    As Victreebel expelled clouds of yellow dust from its mouth, Q unleashed a stream of water from one of the corners on the front of its cube-shaped body. The dampened spores fell to the ground, falling far short of their intended target.

    "Now use Headbutt!" Orange commanded.

    "Victreebel, use your Wrap attack now!" shouted Phil.

    Q charged forward, ramming Victreebel hard. In retaliation, Victreebel's vine snaked forward, preparing to coil itself around Q.

    "Dodge it... and use Disable!" Orange grinned.

    Q shot up into the air like a rocket, evading the approaching vine completely, and then a pink glow came over its whole body. A similar glow appeared in Victreebel's eyes as it retracted most of its vine.

    "Fine," growled Phil. "We don't need to use Wrap! Victreebel, Mega Drain attack-"

    "Confusion!" shouted Orange.

    "Kyuuuuu," sang Q as it unleashed a ray of blue light from one of its corners. Victreebel shrieked and screeched in agony as the super-effective move hit. Once the attack ceased, the Flycatcher Pokémon promptly toppled over.

    "Nicely done," nodded Phil as he withdrew Victreebel and made his way across the battlefield. "Your Pokémon are all well trained, and you've more than earned this." With that, he handed Orange his own Arbor Badge, in addition to another TM for Mega Drain.

    "Sweet," Orange grinned as he accepted the items.

    "OK, my turn now," said Violet as she walked over to the battlefield, stepping on Orange's foot as she did so. Though it looked like an accident, Red could've sworn he saw a sly smirk momentarily cross Violet's face as Orange hopped up and down, clutching the foot tightly and roaring various obscenities. At the sound of this, Q appeared to blush (the majority of its front became tinted red for a brief moment, anyway), and then it quickly tapped the Poké Ball on Orange's belt, withdrawing itself.

    Across the battlefield, Phil had already returned to his position and healed his Pokémon. "Ready?" he asked.

    "You bet," said Violet as the two each prepared a Poké Ball. Then, they threw them simultaneously.

    "Exeggutor!" shouted Phil.

    "Skulls!" yelled Violet.

    In twin flashes of light, Phil's Exeggutor and Violet's Koffing materialized.

    "You got kind of a disadvantage there," Orange pointed out in what Red perceived as a deliberately obnoxious manner.

    "Type advantage isn't everything," replied Violet. "Skulls! Sludge attack now!"

    "Koffing!" replied Skulls as it unleashed a forceful stream of black gunk from its wide, grinning mouth.

    "Exeggutor, Reflect!" shouted Phil.

    "Exeggutor," chanted the three heads of the Grass/Psychic-type as a shimmering wall of light materialized before it. Most of the Sludge attack splattered against the wall, but some of it managed to get through, causing Exeggutor to groan in discomfort as it became poisoned.

    "Fight back with Psychic!" ordered Phil.

    "Skulls, Mimic!" Violet commanded.

    The skull-and-crossbones design on Skulls's body flashed briefly, and then both the Koffing and the Exeggutor fired off waves of blue energy, each one cancelling the other out. Though they were able to maintain this for several minutes, Exeggutor was groaning under the combined strain of continual Psychic usage and the poisoning from Sludge. Both Pokémon stopped their Psychic attacks, and stared across the battlefield at each other.

    "Tor... Tor..." panted Exeggutor.

    "Skulls, Tackle it now!" Violet commanded.

    "Exeggutor, Barrage!" said Phil.

    Koffing zipped across the battlefield, and before Exeggutor could even begin to react, plowed the arboreal adversary down to the ground, slamming into it with great force.

    "Exeggu... tor," gasped Exeggutor as it briefly struggled to get up, ultimately failing.

    "Nice job, Skulls," grinned Violet.

    "Koffing, Koffing!" replied Skulls, grinning wider than ever before, just as its body became bathed in a bright white light.

    "Oh, COME ON!" Phil exclaimed as the Koffing started changing shape. "How many times am I gonna have to put up with enemy Pokémon evolving mid-battle?!"

    "Ha haaaa!" Violet laughed triumphantly as the glow faded, revealing a pale lavender Pokémon hovering in Skulls's place. It greatly resembled a Koffing, but without the perpetual grin. In addition, a smaller second head protruded from its left. This smaller head had a yellow circle where the larger head had a skull and crossbones.

    "Weezing, the Poison Gas Pokémon, and the evolved form of Koffing," said Violet's Pokédex. "Weezing eats the dust, germs, and poisonous gases given off by toxic waste and garbage. On rare occasions, it forms by two Koffing fusing together where two kinds of poison gases meet."

    "Weezing weez," groaned both of Skulls's heads simultaneously.

    "Exeggutor, return!" scowled Phil as he held out the ball which withdrew the fallen tree. Once Exeggutor had re-entered its ball, Phil heaved another one out onto the battlefield. "Go, Tangela!"

    "Heh," Violet sneered as Tangela materialized. "With a Weezing by my side, there's no way we're gonna lose! Skulls, Sludge attack!"

    "Weeeez," bellowed Skulls as each head unleashed a stream of sludge.

    "Quick, Tangela! Swords Dance!" shouted Phil.

    "Taaaaangela!" exclaimed Tangela as it proceeded to spin furiously in place, its entire body emitting that silvery glow. So rapid was this spinning that the streams of sludge ricocheted off. Once Skulls stopped its attack, so did Tangela.

    "Skulls, use Psychic now!" ordered Violet.

    "Body Slam it!" Phil commanded.

    It was clear that Skulls's earlier use of Mimic was still in effect, for it unleashed a wave of blue light from the skull-and-crossbones design on its larger head. Tangela, however, expertly jumped over the attack and slammed into the Weezing from above, sending Skulls down to the ground.

    "Weez... Weez," Skulls groaned as it unsteadily rose back into the air. Every few seconds, what appeared to be electricity sparked across its body. Each spark was accompanied by a pained wince.

    "Skulls is paralyzed," Red muttered. "This isn't looking good."

    "Skulls, you can do it!" Violet pleaded. "Use your Sludge attack!"

    "Tangela, it's time for the big finish!" declared Phil. "Hyper Beam!"

    "Tangelaaaaaaaaaaaa!" screeched Tangela as it unleashed a blast of pure destructive force in the form of a beam of yellow light from within the tangled mass of vines that was its body. Though Skulls opened its mouths to unleash Sludge, it never got the chance as the Hyper Beam connected. The Weezing was thrown forcefully backwards by the force of the move, and came to rest at the ground at Violet's feet, unconscious.

    "No!" Violet groaned as she withdrew her Weezing. "What the hell? I had the type advantage!"

    "Type advantage isn't everything," Orange piped up.

    "Orange?" hissed Violet.


    "Shut up."

    "Next Pokémon, please," smirked Phil.

    Violet groaned in exasperation before throwing another Poké Ball. "Tombstone, go get it!"

    Tangela started to look somewhat wary as Violet's h Poké materialized, floating motionlessly in midair. "Poké..." it said in an eerie, echoing voice.

    "Where's your Hyper Beam now?" Violet smirked as Phil and Tangela exchanged uneasy glances. "Oh, wait. Doesn't work on a Ghost-type, now, does it? Aww, did I mess up your big strategy?"

    "Tangela! Stun Spore it!" snapped Phil.

    "Tombstone, use HM02!" shouted Violet.

    While Tombstone seemed to not respond, Tangela shook its vines, preparing to fire off a cloud of yellow dust... and then Tangela's eyes began to droop. The Vine Pokémon started to stumble about, as if having trouble keeping its balance.

    "No! Tangela, come on!" Phil exclaimed.

    "Let's wrap this up," grinned Violet. "Lick attack!"

    One of the small black squares which made up the strange, blocky pattern on Tombstone's body slid open like a mouth, and a long pink tongue shot out, giving Tangela one long slurp. At this, Tangela fell over backwards and moved no more, just as the h Poké withdrew its tongue back into its body.

    "Gah!" Phil exclaimed as he withdrew his Tangela. "This... just... GAH!" he roared as he threw his third Poké Ball, sending out his Victreebel.

    "Heh," Violet chuckled. "I'd like to see what you plan to do here. Wrap's a Normal move. h Poké is Ghost and Poison. Wrap won't work. PoisonPowder won't work, if it knows it. OK, Tombstone, Night Shade attack!"

    "Victreebel, try using Bide!" Phil exclaimed.

    Victreebel crossed its leaves across the front of its body, and as the black energy bolt from Tombstone struck it, took on a bright glow.

    "Tombstone! Confuse Ray now!" Violet ordered.

    "h Poké!" replied Tombstone in that same eerie, echoing voice as before, as the entire front of its body seemed to melt, the pattern twisting and distorting oddly as a pale lavender light was cast onto the glowing Victreebel. Through the glowing, it now seemed to be moving erratically.

    In spite of this, however, Victreebel shrieked loudly as it fired off the powerful beam of energy from its body, hitting the h Poké with twice the force of its own Night Shade. Thrown back by the sheer force of the attack, Tombstone reeled somewhat in midair for a moment.

    "Steal that energy right back, Tombstone!" Violet called. "HM02 now!"

    "Sleep Pow... der..." groaned Phil, for Victreebel had already slumped over on its side before the name of the attack had a chance to fully exit the Gym Leader's mouth.

    "Wow," Red remarked, visibly impressed. "You didn't even need all three Pokémon, Violet!" Orange, however, merely grunted as Violet withdrew Tombstone, and Phil subsequently awarded her an Arbor Badge and a Mega Drain TM.

    As the trio exited the Gym, Violet turned to Orange. "OK, you wanna tell me what that grunting of yours was about in there?" she asked.

    "Oh, you want to know? OK," Orange said as he rounded on her. "I could've taken out that guy's team with just two Pokémon, too, you know? Hell, I might have only needed one! Maybe if somebody hadn't stopped me from waking .4 up-"

    "You made a promise that you weren't gonna play that Poké Flute," Violet replied. "No matter what."

    "You know perfectly well that you forced me into that promise!" Orange shot back. "It was stupid and unreasonable-"

    "Excuse me?!" demanded Violet. "I- can you even hear yourself when you play? It sounds like an angry mob of screeching Mankey! Or worse- like your snoring!"

    "Oh, don't even start that one again," said Orange. Groaning and facepalming, Red led the way back to the Pokémon Center, not even bothering to try and break this one up. Thankfully, they had stopped bickering by the time they reached the center, and the sun had started to set. However, neither Orange nor Violet seemed to want to talk to each other now, and remained silent throughout their dinner.

    "Guys, c'mon," sighed Red as the they handed their Pokémon over to the nurse. "You two are friends, and I don't like to see you two fighting like this."

    "Fine, just as soon as Orange apologizes," shrugged Violet.

    "Hmph," grunted Orange. "Well, don't worry, Red, this'll all be over as soon as Violet comes to her senses and apologizes to me for being unreasonable."

    "This will all be over once Orange comes to his senses and apologizes to me," Violet said, determinedly not looking at Orange.

    "And were I to apologize to Violet," Orange continued, looking anywhere but at Violet, "I don't even know what it would be that she could possibly expect me to apologize for. Trainers are well within their rights to use items in the middle of battles, after all."

    Violet opened her mouth, but no sound came out. Though Red didn't dare voice this opinion, it seemed to him as though Violet was starting to realize that Orange actually had a valid point, and that she was in the wrong on this one. After a moment, she closed her mouth, then turned to glare at Orange.

    "Well?" grinned Orange. "I'm waiting."

    "Hm," Violet smirked. "Orange?"


    In response, Violet grabbed the collar of Orange's shirt with both hands and pulled him in close to her. Red's eyes went wide and his jaw dropped as their lips met. Judging by what little of Orange's face Red could see, he was equally surprised, but he seemed to have no objection to this turn of events. About half a minute later, they separated.

    "Shut up," Violet said at last, though with a grin on her face.
    End of Chapter 23.​
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