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404 Error

Discussion in 'Completed Fics' started by Missingno. Master, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. pacman000

    pacman000 Well-Known Member

    Awwww... Evee got in on the battle. That was cute.

    Good job explaining why Team Debug let the kids through.
  2. UltimatePokemonExpert

    UltimatePokemonExpert Experienced Trainer

    Hello! Remember me M.M.? It's been a while since I commented. Life's been busy lately, (stupid junior year of High school). Anyways, I've been caught up on your story, and I'd like to say three things. Firstly, YES!!!! Charizard son! Best pokemon ever!!!!! Ok fan boy moment over. Secondly, I would like it to be mentioned that I was the first person to mention the relationship that would eventually happen between Orange and Violet, I officially coin Glitchshipping as cannon! Haha. Anyways, last thing is that I almost feel bad for Red. I always saw the Orange and Violet relationship coming.....but I always actually kinda wanted Red to end up with Violet and have a jealous Orange.... poor lonely Red. Lol, oh well. Anyways, I'm glad to be back, and I look forward to reading more of this story as it's released. Bye!
  3. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer


    Glad to see you back! And I had intended for Violet and Orange to get together from the start, by the way. I tried to not make it seem so obvious, though of course you were the first of many to guess. I still never commented on that, though, I wanted to keep you all guessing until the time came to make it happen.

    I'm working on the next chapter right now- about time, I know, I'm sorry, but between life and laziness, I just haven't been writing all that much. Plus, I did finally manage to get that final extra chapter for The Adventure of Adventureness done, and that was way overdue. Anyway, this is actually going pretty well. I won't say it'll be out tonight, but I won't say it won't... Depends on how things go, I guess. Expect it at some point this weekend, though, count on that.
  4. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    Chapter 25: Mind Over Battle

    As the trio continued onward, the aluminum siding path gradually giving way to one made mostly of rocks, grass, and square puddles of water, they arrived at a large building that would have been slightly more imposing were it not constructed entirely out of plastic. A fence consisting of all sorts of numbers stretched far on either side of the building. The staircase which led to the east-west bridge was right nearby.

    "Fourth time's the charm?" Red said hopefully.

    "It better be," Orange stated, leading the way inside. As they fully expected, a pudgy security guard sat behind a counter inside, and shook his head as they tried to pass.

    "No, no no no," he said to them. "Road's closed."

    "Alright, listen here," Orange stated as he stepped up to the guard. "I don't give a Raticate's rear end if you're hungry or not, it is no excuse to keep all roads leading into a major city closed! Now, you will let myself, my friend, and my girlfriend through right now, or you and I are gonna have problems."

    "You watch your tone, boy," growled the guard. "I-" he broke off at that moment, sniffing at the air. "Mmm," he remarked. "Fried nines."

    "Oh, yeah!" Red said suddenly as he reached into his backpack and pulled out the paper bag containing what remained of his breakfast. "I almost forgot about these. We were in such a hurry, remember, guys? Didn't want these to go to waste."

    "Hey, here's a deal for you," the guard said, hungrily eyeing the bag. "You give me the fried nines, I'll let you through. In fact, I'll share them with the other guards. Gotta love those fried nines."

    "I can't argue with that logic," shrugged Red as he handed the bag to the guard.

    "All right!" exclaimed the guard as he took a fried nine out of the bag and bit into it, clearly savoring the flavor. "Mmmm," he sighed contentedly as he chewed. "Oh, that's good," he said after swallowing. "Yeah, if you guys want to get to Fansfor City, go right ahead. Sorry for the trouble."

    "Thanks," grinned Red. "C'mon, guys, let's- OK, really?" For as he was speaking, he turned to look at Orange and Violet, only to see them kissing once more.

    "Sorry, Red," Orange grinned sheepishly as he and Violet broke apart. "Sometimes we just look at each other, and the rest just kinda happens on its own."

    "Right," sighed Red. "Why don't we just get moving?"

    Fansfor City was a very large place. Many houses lined the wooden streets, built out of all manner of random materials, such as concrete, sheet metal, rocks, and bowling trophies. One house appeared to have been knit entirely out of wool, a sight which greatly surprised Red, even given how used to this world he was getting. There also appeared to be no freeze arches anywhere in the city. They wandered around the city for about twenty minutes before locating the Pokémon Center.

    "Alright, so, let's get moving after this, get to the Fansfor Gym," Violet stated as the nurse walked to the healing machine with their Poké Balls. "You guys with me on this?"

    "You know it, Vi," grinned Orange.

    "Same here," nodded Red. "What type does the Gym Leader use again?"

    "Psychic," answered Orange. "So, what are we thinking in terms of strategy?"

    "Not sure," sighed Violet. "Psychic Pokémon are some of the toughest out there. They tend to be amazing when dishing out and taking special attacks, a lot of them are fast, and it's only weak to Bug. Not a lot of Bug-type attacks out there.

    "Well, I know one Pokémon I'm using," said Red. "Parasect's Leech Life is bound to be useful here.

    "I'm thinking of fighting Psychic with Psychic," said Orange. "Q will be great in there, I'm sure of it, and I'm thinking A's Transform will come in handy, too."

    Violet sighed. "Migraine and Flutters are the only members of my team not weak to Psychic moves," she said. "This will be tough if the Gym Leader uses more than two Pokémon."

    "Type advantage isn't everything," Orange responded. "Tombstone, Chompy, and Skulls are strong Pokémon, Vi, and we've all overcome type disadvantages before."

    "Yeah," grinned Violet as the nurse returned with their Pokémon. "Then let's do this."
    Seventeen minutes later, the group found themselves looking up at a large and imposing building. The exterior appeared to be constructed entirely out of shiny metal spoons. One gigantic wooden spoon was hung across the front of the building, just above the double doors (which were made out of spoons as well), and in large blue letters, the words "FANSFOR CITY POKéMON GYM" were painted on the handle of the wooden spoon.

    "Wow," Orange remarked as he looked up at the building. "Suddenly, I find myself in the mood for soup." Red and Violet chuckled at this as they walked in through the doors.

    The interior was very large and spacious, with the usual dirt battlefield built into the floor. On the other end of the battlefield, there stood with his arms crossed, a man clearly in his mid-twenties, his black hair slicked back. He was wearing a dark blue jumpsuit, to which was attached four Poké Balls.

    "Welcome," the man smirked. "Welcome, challengers, to the Fansfor Gym. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Harry, the Fansfor Gym Leader. Now then, why not introduce yourselves?"

    "Orange McPixel from Talpel Town," stated Orange.

    "Violet Scramble, also from Talpel Town," added Violet.

    "Red Vershunn, Talpel Town," chimed in Red.

    Harry nodded. "A pleasure," he stated. "Now then, here are the rules around here. When I battle, each trainer is allowed four Pokémon. I cannot switch unless the Pokémon I have out has fainted, but the challenger can switch at their leisure. Now then, which of you three is to be my first challenger?"

    "I will," Violet volunteered.

    "All right," grinned Orange as Violet stepped into the challenger's box. "You can do it, Vi!"

    "Then let us begin," Harry grinned as he plucked one of the Poké Balls off his belt and threw it. "I choose Jynx!"

    The ball opened up, and out came a rush of bright light, which eventually formed itself into a vaguely human-like Pokémon with extremely light hair, large, noticeable lips, and what appeared to be a red dress. Violet whipped out her Pokédex and aimed it forward.

    "Jynx, the Human Shape Pokémon," droned the device. "Jynx wiggles its hips while it walks. It can cause people to dance in unison with it."

    "All right," said Violet as she threw a Poké Ball of her own. "Go! Migraine!"

    In a flash of light, Violet's Psyduck materialized, clutching its head as always.

    "Heh," chuckled Harry. "Do you really think a little Psyduck is the best choice?"

    "Psy?" said Migraine as it tilted its head to one side, seemingly in response to Harry's question. Before Violet could say anything, however, a dazzlingly bright light distracted her. It took her a second or two before she realized where the light was coming from- Migraine!

    As the Psyduck changed shape, Orange cheered loudly, and Phil's smirk faded away slowly. Then the glow faded, and standing in Migraine's place was a significantly taller creature. Its hands and feet were webbed, and instead of a bright yellow, it was an aquatic shade of blue. Its beak was pointed, unlike a Psyduck's bill, it had long, actually visible legs, and its hands and feet were tipped with actual claws. Its tail was also longer, and there was a ruby-red gemstone in the center of its forehead.

    "It evolved into a Golduck," Red grinned as Violet held her Pokédex back out, aiming it at her newly-evolved Water-type.

    "Golduck, the Duck Pokémon, and the evolved form of Psyduck," droned the Pokédex. "Golduck's webbed hands and feet make it an excellent swimmer. Often seen swimming elegantly by lakeshores."

    "Ready to go, Migraine?" said Violet.

    "Golduck!" exclaimed Migraine as it turned around and gave her a thumbs-up.

    "Jynx! Psywave now!" ordered Harry.

    "Jyyynx," responded Jynx loudly as a volley of glowing blue rings erupted forth from her mouth, expanding in midair. Violet made up her mind on the spot, decided to see if evolution may have changed something.

    "Migraine, Confusion attack!" she ordered. Red and Orange exchanged highly surprised looks at this. However, Migraine immediately placed both hands on its head, closed its eyes, and focused. Almost instantly, a ray of blue light shot out of the gem on its forehead, and the Psywave rings disintegrated.

    "Jynx, go for a Body Slam!" called Harry.

    "Migraine! Scratch attack!" shouted Violet.

    Both combatants lunged at each other. Jynx jumped up, attempting to drop her full body weight on top of the Golduck, but Migraine had other plans, and took a vicious swipe at Jynx, throwing her off course. The Ice/Psychic-type gave a startled gasp as the Scratch attack hit.

    "Follow up with Fury Swipes!" grinned Violet, clearly on a roll.

    "Golduck duck duck duck duck!" grunted Migraine as it lunged at Jynx again, and scratched at her repeatedly.

    "Time to get serious!" Harry declared. "Now then, Jynx, use Lovely Kiss!"

    "Quick, Migraine, Water Gun now!" said Violet.

    "Duuuuuuuuuuuck!" bellowed Migraine as it opened its beak wide and unleashed a forceful stream of water at Jynx. The Water move disrupted Jynx's attempt at attacking, and Violet knew it.

    "Jynx, Blizzard!" ordered Harry.

    "Migraine, Submission!" commanded Violet.

    Migraine lunged yet again, this time dashing right through the blinding snowstorm currently being released from Jynx's mouth, grabbed the Human Shape Pokémon, and proceeded to wrestle with it.

    "Do it, Migraine!" cheered Orange, earning him a smile from Violet.

    "Jynx!" exclaimed Harry, but too late; once the Golduck was finished, Jynx had collapsed to the floor, and had ceased to move.

    "Good job, Migraine," Violet said, grinning happily at her Golduck while Harry withdrew Jynx.

    "Not a bad start," he conceded as he prepared another Poké Ball. "Now then, Hypno, go!" he added as he threw the ball. This ball unleashed a tall yellow Pokémon, decidedly much more humanlike in appearance than Jynx. It had an odd, crooked, pointed nose, a collar of white fluff around its neck, and a small pendulum on a string clutched in its right hand.

    "Hyyypnooooo," it murmured as Violet aimed her Pokédex at it.

    "Hypno, the Hypnosis Pokémon, and the evolved form of Drowzee," it said. "Avoid eye contact. It uses its pendulum to hypnotize others into falling into a deep sleep."

    "Don't make eye contact, Migraine," warned Violet. "Use Water Gun!"

    "Hypno, Thunder Wave!" ordered Harry.

    Hypno raised its right hand, and began to swing its pendulum around and around in small circles. Within seconds, it looked like a silver circular blur going around the hand. Then, sparks flew off the spinning pendulum, followed by a small bolt of electricity. As it zapped Migraine, the Golduck grunted and struggled to move. It opened its beak, but winced in pain instead of firing off the ordered move.

    "No! Migraine's paralyzed," groaned Violet.

    "Hypno! Mega Punch now!" Harry shouted.

    "Hyp! No!" Hypno exclaimed as it dashed forward, drew back its fist, then slugged Migraine right in the gut, sending the paralyzed Golduck tumbling to the ground. Migraine made no effort whatsoever to get back up.

    "Migraine, return," Violet sighed as she called her Water-type back to its Poké Ball. Then, she produced another Poké Ball, pressed the button to bring it to its full size, and threw it. "Skulls, I choose you!"

    "She's using her Weezing?" Red muttered, a skeptical look on his face. "But Hypno's a Psychic-type."

    "Hypno, Psychic attack!" Harry commanded.

    "Skulls, use SmokeScreen!" said Violet.

    "Weezing weez," groaned Skulls as it drifted across the battlefield, a thick black smoke erupting from its pores and quickly blanketing the entire battlefield. A blue ray of light shot out of the smoke, missing the Weezing completely.

    "Don't give in, Hypno!" said Harry. "Double Team!"

    "Skulls, Tackle it now!" Violet ordered. However, as her Weezing dove into the smoke, the sound of her Poison-type colliding with the floor could be heard. As the smoke cleared out, they could all see Skulls unsteadily rising back up into the air, surrounded by no fewer than ten Hypno.

    "Uh oh," Orange muttered.

    "Now use Psychic once more," sneered Harry.

    "Skulls, go up!" Violet shouted.

    As every single Hypno copy fired off a blue ray of light from the eyes, the Weezing simply floated up into the air. The illusory copies of the Psychic attack harmlessly passed through the illusory copies of the Hypno- except for one. One Hypno copy vanished upon contact with the Psychic attack which hit it. Violet pointed to the Hypno across from the one which had just vanished. "That's the real one, Skulls!" she yelled. "Sludge!"

    "Weezing," replied Skulls as both heads unleashed a thick stream of smelly black liquid, blasting the real Hypno with it.

    "No!" Hypno grunted as it tried to fend off the foul goop with its hands. Nevertheless, once the Weezing had stopped its onslaught, Hypno was looking noticeably fatigued, and its forehead now had a purple tint to it.

    "Hypno's poisoned!" Orange exclaimed.

    "Let's wrap this up, Skulls," grinned Violet. "Use Thunderbolt!"

    "WeeeeZIIIIING!" bellowed Skulls as the Poison-type unleashed a powerful bolt of lightning from its body, zapping its Psychic-type adversary.

    "Wait, has Skulls always known Thunderbolt?" asked Red.

    Violet shook her head. "Just used the TM on it last night," she replied.

    Meanwhile, Hypno slumped to the floor, and as it slipped into unconsciousness, the pendulum fell from its hand.

    "Hypno, return!" snapped Harry as he held out the Poké Ball, allowing the red energy beam to retrieve the Hypnosis Pokémon to its spherical innards. Then, he took another ball and launched it onto the battlefield. "Now then, Q, let's go!" he shouted as a yellow and black cube materialized in midair, identical to Orange's starter Pokémon.

    "Kyuuuuuuuu," it droned, albeit in a deeper tone of voice than Orange's Q would use.

    "Hah!" smirked Violet. "Skulls just fried your Hypno with an Electric attack, so you bring in a Water-type? Skulls, use Thunderbolt!"

    "Q, Psychic!" ordered Harry.

    As Skulls let fly another bolt of electricity, Q unleashed a ray of blue psychic force from the front of its body. The two attacks met, but Q's Psychic quickly overpowered the Electric move, and both of Skulls's heads were groaning in pain as the super effective move hit.

    "Skulls!" Violet exclaimed as her Weezing slumped to the floor.

    "Now then, you were saying something?" Harry smirked. Violet scowled as she wordlessly withdrew the Weezing.

    "I wonder what Violet's gonna use next," Orange murmured.

    Orange was not left to wonder this for long, for Violet was already throwing a new Poké Ball. "Go! Chompy!" she yelled as the Victreebel erupted forth from the sphere, shrieking loudly.

    "Hmm," Harry remarked as he eyed Chompy. "Interesting. Interesting. Victreebel, as a Poison-type, is weak to Q, as a Psychic-type... However, Q, as a Water-type, is weak to Victreebel, as a Grass-type... Now then, I'm interested to see how this one plays out. Q, go! Ice Beam!"

    "Kyuuuuu," bellowed Q as a light blue orb formed above it, then fired off a blast of freezing energy right at the Grass/Poison-type.

    "Chompy! Acid attack!" Violet yelled.

    Chompy screeched loudly as it unleashed a steaming stream of highly corrosive purple fluid from its sizable mouth. The Acid struck the Ice Beam in midair, each attack cancelling each other out- at least, until Acid started winning out. As Q stopped the Ice Beam out of tiredness, it groaned in pain as the Poison-type move hit.

    "Go, Chompy, now use Razor Leaf!" commanded Violet.

    "Q, TM50!" ordered Harry.

    As Chompy swung its leaves around, sending numerous razor-sharp leaves flying at the Deep Sea Pokémon, Q began to rapidly spin around, and two of its sides sprouted a glowing rectangular appendage each. These glowing appendages slapped the leaves out of the way as Q charged forward and proceeded to slap the Victreebel around.

    "Chompy!" Violet shouted. "Use your Wrap attack!"

    Chompy screeched as it swung its long brown vine around and, in the blink of an eye, coiled it all around Harry's Q, who was struggling futilely.

    "Q!" Harry shouted. "Get out of there! Use your Ice Beam!"

    "Kyuuuu.... Kyuuuu..." groaned Q as it struggled fruitlessly against the grip its Grass/Poison adversary had on it. Several minutes later, Violet's Victreebel relinquished its grip, allowing Q to fall to the floor, where it made no effort to move whatsoever.

    "Q, get back," sighed Harry as he held out the Poké Ball, recalling his fallen Pokémon to its spherical confines. Then, he produced his fourth and final Poké Ball and pressed the button to enlarge it. "Now, then, Alakazam, I choose you!" shouted Harry as he threw the ball, releasing from it a tall, dark yellow creature very humanlike in appearance, albeit with pointed ears, and claws on its hands and feet. It sported an impressive mustache, and held a silver spoon in each hand.

    "Alakazam!" bellowed the newly sent out Pokémon in a deep voice. Violet responded by holding out her Pokédex.

    "Alakazam, the Psi Pokémon, and the evolved form of Kadabra," droned the device. "Highly intelligent, its brain can outperform a supercomputer. It freely employs psychic power to defeat its foes."

    "Geez," Orange muttered. "Alakazam is supposed to be one of the most powerful Psychic-types out there. I hope Vi is gonna do OK."

    "Yeah," nodded Red.

    "Now then, Alakazam! Use your Psychic attack!" bellowed Harry.

    "Chompy, Stun Spore!" commanded Violet.

    Before a single speck of Stun Spore could vacate the Victreebel, Alakazam held out its spoons in front of it, holding them in an X-shape. The spoons glowed blue, and a blast of blue light was unleashed from them. There was no time for Chompy to dodge, let alone for Violet to order it to do so; the attack hit hard and fast, and the Victreebel was out cold on the floor in roughly the time it took Orange to blink.

    "Now then, your Victreebel is, I must admit, quite impressive," Harry stated as Violet withdrew Chompy. "But don't feel too bad. It's not often something comes along that can withstand Alakazam's Psychic attack.

    Violet sighed. She only had two choices left, and call her crazy, but she was rather inclined to pick the one that wasn't weak to Psychic. "It's up to you, now," she said quietly to the new Poké Ball in her hand. Then, she threw the ball. "I choose you, Flutters!" she called as her Butterfree materialized.

    "Freeeh, freeeh!" chattered Flutters, the Butterfree flapping its wings to stay airborne as it faced its enemy.

    "Let's do this, then," smirked Harry. "Now then, Alakazam, Psychic!"

    "Dodge it!" Violet called in desperation.

    Alakazam fired off another blast of psychic power, but Flutters was able to fly out of the way, though only just barely.

    "Flutters, String Shot now!" Violet yelled, calling the first attack which came to her mind.

    "Freeeheeeheeeheeeh!" exclaimed Flutters as it sprayed several strands of sticky, silky string from its mouth. As Alakazam geared up for another Psychic, the String Shot wrapped around it, pinning its arms to its sides, causing it to drop one of its spoons.

    "Kazam?!" exclaimed the Psi Pokémon in horror.

    "That's it!" Violet gasped. "The spoons! Flutters, use your Confusion attack! Get those spoons!"

    A blue glow came over Flutters's eyes as the spoon on the ground rose into the air and flew towards the Bug/Flying-type. The spoon in Alakazam's hand was also tugged in that direction, but the Psychic-type desperately kept a firm grip on it.

    "Alakazam, use your Psywave!" shouted Harry.

    "Flutters, Psybeam!" Violet yelled.

    "Freeeeeeh!" screamed Flutters as a multicolored beam of light exploded forth from its eyes at the same time a volley of blue energy rings emitted from Alakazam's eyes. At first, it looked as though Alakazam's Psywave would win out, but then, the spoon now clutched in Butterfree's tiny hand took on a blue glow, and the Psybeam intensified, starting to gain control over the Psywave. Alakazam's spoon also glowed blue, however, and the Psywave intensified as well.

    "Do it now!" Violet yelled. "Pull up and go in for Tackle attack!"

    "Freeeh, freeeeeeh!" Flutters responded as it suddenly flapped its wings rapidly, cutting off the Psybeam and deftly flying above the Psywave. Before Alakazam could do anything to stop it, Flutters dove down and rammed into Alakazam. The Psi Pokémon lost balance and toppled over. It rose into the air, however, and landed deftly on its feet as it finally managed to free its arms from the String Shot. Using Psychic, it attempted to reclaim the stolen spoon, but the Psychic-type was breathing heavily, clearly tired out, and failed to so much as pry the kitchen utensil from the Butterfree's grip.

    "Now then, this does not bode well," frowned Harry. "Alakazam, use Psychic!"

    "Tackle one more time, Flutters!" Violet ordered.

    "Zam..." whined Alakazam as it raised the one spoon it still had, which flickered with blue light. However, at that moment, Flutters rammed into Alakazam once again. This time, the spoon fell out of the Butterfly Pokémon's grip. But this time, Alakazam made no effort to get back up.

    "YES!" Orange exclaimed as Flutters dove into Violet's arms to be hugged by its happy trainer.

    "We did it, Flutters!" Violet exclaimed happily as Harry withdrew Alakazam. Then, the Gym Leader walked across the battlefield and approached Violet.

    "An impressive battle indeed," Harry stated as he held out his hand. "Now then, take this- it's the official Pokémon League Mental Badge. Also, please accept Technical Machine #46, which will teach Psywave to one of your Pokémon."

    "Thanks," grinned Violet as she accepted the items. The Mental Badge was a golden, circular object with two thin, black circles, one inside the other. Harry strode back across the battlefield, and placed his Poké Balls in the healing machine located on his end.

    "Now then, who is to be my next opponent?" asked Harry once his team had been healed up.

    Red and Orange exchanged looks, and the former stepped forward. "I'll go next," Red stated.

    "Very good," Harry nodded approvingly as he took one of his Poké Balls and enlarged it as Red did the same with one of his. "Now then, we begin!"
    End of Chapter 25.​
  5. Jonah the Slaking

    Jonah the Slaking Couch-bound Warrior

    I imagine Harry to be a rather dapper fellow.

    Migraine was being pretty awesome against Jynx, and then he just gets laid out in one attack by Hypno? Granted, Submission recoil and Blizzard damage, but I'm not so sure that adds up.
  6. pacman000

    pacman000 Well-Known Member

    Is the gym leader's surname Potter?

    That bit with Alakazam and Butterfree fighting over the spoon was nice. I guess the spoons amplify Alakazam's attacks.
  7. Shadow_Zorua

    Shadow_Zorua Triple Cherry Bomb!!

    Even hungry guards like fried nines :)

    Can't say that I was expecting the evolution of Migraine, that's for sure. And I love how the building is made out of spoons. Definitely captures the Psychic type well.

    Nice chapter as usual!

    And now I really want a Butterfree...
  8. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    *shrug* Crit happens.

    Yeah, I guess it's not that hard to see where this one got his name from, huh?

    Well, Kadabra's Sapphire dex entry states that it is said to be limited to half its psychic power without its spoon. It makes sense that something similar would hold true to Alakazam.

    Yeah, they do. The popularity of fried nines reflects my own taste for bacon. It's no coincidence that that's what they taste and smell like.

    Well, I like to keep people guessing as to when evolutions will happen. Don't want it to be too predictable. And thanks!

    Thanks! :)

    Good! I've always found Butterfree to be a worthwhile in-game Pokemon. Earliest access to Sleep Powder and a Psychic move in any Kanto-centric game (especially in RBY, where the Psychic-type was king). My Butterfree in LeafGreen actually took out half the Champion's team on its own. Including his Blastoise. In spite of the Full Restore he used on aforementioned Blastoise at one point.

    I've started work on the next chapter. It's not even close to being done, though it's coming along pretty nicely so far.
  9. Z-nogyroP

    Z-nogyroP whoa whats that

    Pretty great chapter, and nice to see you've toned down the romance. Migraine's evolution was unexpected, but I suppose that's good. And I think Harry's the first gym leader to have a glitch, right?

    five bucks says Parasect gets smashed in the first round
  10. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    Actually, the first Gym Leader-owned Glitch Pokemon was Walter's LM4.

    You'd lose that bet, but that's all I'm gonna say.
  11. LadyLady

    LadyLady Well-Known Member

    I'm really liking this! Orange is such a funny character and .4 is my favourite so far! It's so original it kills me, I love deciphering the names of things and figuring then out. I love that this is all based of Kanto as well, great nostalgia, you're doing a great job Misingno. Master and you deserve credit for constantly bringing well written fics to this forum, I know it wouldn't be the same with out you.

    anyway continue the good work hunni xoxo
  12. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    Chapter 26: Psi And Low

    "Jynx!" shouted Harry as he threw his Poké Ball.

    "Charizard!" shouted Red as he threw his Poké Ball.

    Simultaneously, both balls opened up, each one pouring its contents out onto the battlefield. From Red's ball emerged his Charizard, roaring loudly and happily at the chance to battle. From Harry's ball came his Jynx, who looked determined, even in the face of her fiery foe.

    "Hah!" laughed Harry. "You think you have the advantage, but this is merely a minor setback for us!"

    "We'll see about that," smirked Red. "Charizard, Flamethrower!"

    "Jynx! Water Gun!" commanded Harry.

    As Charizard unleashed a sizzling stream of flames from its mouth, Jynx blasted a torrent of water from her mouth. The attacks collided in midair, with Jynx's Water Gun cutting right through the flames. Charizard roared in anger as the Water move made contact with it, and subsequently flew up and out of the way of the attack.

    "Good job, Jynx!" smirked Harry. "Now then, bring it down with Blizzard!"

    "Charizard, use Flamethrower once more!" ordered Red.

    This time, Jynx unleashed a howling snowstorm from her mouth, and this time, it was Charizard's attack which cut through the other one. Jynx cried out as the Flamethrower made contact.

    "Slash!" Red shouted.

    "Now then, Jynx, use your Psywave attack!" commanded Harry.

    Before Jynx could unleash a single psychic ring, Charizard dove down, claws glowing, and took a vicious swipe at the Ice/Psychic-type.

    "Finish it off!" Red shouted. "Use Flamethrower one more time!"

    "Water Gun atta-" began Harry, but it was too late- Jynx was suddenly on the receiving end of another Flamethrower, and this time, the super effective move was sufficient to take out the Human Shape Pokémon.

    "Way to go, Charizard!" Red exclaimed as his Fire/Flying-type roared triumphantly.

    "Jynx, return!" snapped Harry as he held out the Poké Ball. Once Jynx had been withdrawn, he threw another ball. "Now then, Hypno, it's your turn!" he shouted as the Hypnosis Pokémon materialized once again.

    "Charizard! Mega Punch!" Red yelled.

    "We'll use Mega Punch too, Hypno!" exclaimed Harry.

    The two Pokémon charged at each other, each one ready with their right fist. Each one punched the other at the exact same time, and both of them fell to the ground. They both got back to their feet very quickly, however.

    "Now then, Hypno, Psywave attack!" Harry commanded.

    "Dodge it, Charizard!" shouted Red.

    "Wow," Orange remarked as Charizard flapped its great wings, ascending into the air just as Hypno whirled its pendulum around, firing off a volley of glowing blue rings from it, which Charizard was able to just barely evade. "Hey, Vi, when did Red's Charizard learn Mega Punch, anyway? I don't recall it ever using that move."

    Violet shrugged. "Neither do I," she admitted. "Then again, I was just as surprised to see .4 pull off that Dragon Rage, back at Nodacel Gym," she added as Charizard unleashed a Flamethrower, which Hypno evaded by way of Double Team, causing the flames to merely pass through an illusory copy.

    "Fair enough," conceded Orange as Charizard looked around in confusion before being suddenly struck by Psywaves from seemingly every direction and collapsing to the battlefield.

    "Now then, let's end this!" Harry shouted. "Hypno! Skull Bash attack!"

    "No!" yelled Hypno as it charged forward, ramming Charizard head first with great force.

    "Charizard!" shouted Red, but it was no use- the Flame Pokémon collapsed to the ground, and made no effort to get up.

    "Your Charizard is well-trained," nodded Harry as Red withdrew the Fire/Flying-type. "An impressive start, for sure. Now then, let's see what else you've got."

    "Your funeral," grinned Red as he threw another Poké Ball. "Go! Dodrio!" he shouted as the Triple Bird Pokémon materialized, all three heads cawing at once.

    "Hmm," remarked Harry. "Hypno, use your Mega Punch!"

    "Let's go, Dodrio! Fury Attack now!" Red commanded.

    As Hypno dashed forward and swung its fist back, Dodrio started to peck at it with great rapidity, with all three of its long, sharp beaks.

    "Now then, Hypno, Thunder Wave!" Harry ordered.

    "Use Whirlwind!" Red called.

    "Drioooooooo!" cawed all three of Dodrio's heads as each beak expelled a swirling funnel of wind. Hypno was blown back by the triple blast of wind, the weak jolt of electricity it was firing off going in a completely wrong direction, missing Dodrio entirely.

    "Hypno! Psywave!" yelled Harry.

    "Dodrio! Skull Bash!" Red ordered.

    Dodrio charged forward, heads lowered, as Hypno unleashed a barrage of glowing blue rings. Though the Triple Bird Pokémon charged valiantly through the Psychic-type onslaught, the Psywave eventually knocked Dodrio back on its tail feathers.

    "Red!" called Violet. "Try the new move Dodrio learned!"

    "I dunno," Red said uncertainly. "I'm still not so sure it'll work."

    "Well, there's only one way to find out, isn't there?" shouted Orange. "Go for it!"

    "Now then, Hypno! Use the Skull Bash attack!" commanded Harry.

    Red sighed, then called out, "Dodrio, Fly attack!"

    Dodrio's two side heads immediately faced down, and from their beaks they expelled flames and exhaust as though they were rockets, launching the Normal/Flying-type into the air, and allowing it to evade the Skull Bash altogether. Hypno stopped short, stumbling slightly, and looked up just in time to see Dodrio dive back down and slam into it.

    "Hyyyyp.... no," groaned Hypno as it struggled beneath the weight of Dodrio before collapsing to the floor and succumbing to unconsciousness.

    "Gaaaah!" Harry exclaimed, holding out Hypno's Poké Ball. "Hypno, return!" he said as he took out another Poké Ball and threw it. "Now then, Q, go!" he shouted.

    As the dazzling flash of light faded, the Deep Sea Pokémon could be seen floating in midair, ready for action once more. "Kyuuuuuuu," it droned menacingly.

    "Dodrio, Tri Attack!" said Red.

    "Q, Tackle attack!" ordered Harry.

    "Kyuuuuu," responded Q as it zipped forwards, just as Dodrio fired off a great, glowing triangle of energy. To Red's astonishment, however, Q broke right through the Tri Attack and rammed Dodrio hard.

    "Dodrio, get up!" Red shouted, as the injured Triple Bird Pokémon tried to climb back to its feet.

    "No letup, Q!" Harry exclaimed. "Now then, finish it! Ice Beam!"

    Q did just that, unleashing a light blue beam of freezing energy right at Dodrio. The squawks and screeches of protest quickly ceased as Dodrio's heads all passed out simultaneously.

    "I gotta teach my Q that move," Orange remarked as Red withdrew Dodrio.

    "The battle's getting pretty intense, though, isn't it?" asked Violet.

    "OK, Parasect, I choose you now!" Red shouted as he threw another Poké Ball, releasing the Bug/Grass-type out onto the battlefield.

    "Para Parasect!" hissed Parasect as it glared at Q.

    "Now then, this will be interesting," nodded Harry. "Good on you, Red, Parasect has the obvious type advantage. Q, on the other hand, has a few super effective moves up its hypothetical sleeve, however. Yes, yes, this should be interesting."

    "Yeah, it will," nodded Red. "Parasect, ready!"

    "Q! Aurora Beam!" commanded Harry.

    "Bide!" shouted Red.

    Parasect covered its face with its claws and braced itself, its body taking on a harsh, white glow as the rainbow-colored beam. As Q stopped the attack, a forceful blast of pure energy was unleashed from Parasect's body, plowing into Q and sending it tumbling to the floor.

    "Parasect, Leech Life now!" Red yelled.

    "Q, try your Headbutt attack!" said Harry.

    Parasect and Q lunged at each other, Parasect's small teeth glowing a bright green. As they collided, Parasect clung to Q with its claws, and sank its teeth into the Water/Psychic-type, causing it to shout in discomfort as the Bug-type move proceeded to sap away its stamina.

    "Yeah! Keep it up, Parasect!" cheered Red.

    "You think you've won?" smirked Harry. "You, my friend, are sadly mistaken. Now then, Q! Ice Beam at point-blank range!

    "Spore attack!" Red shouted.

    As Q proceeded to charge up a pale blue orb above its head, Parasect scattered a fine blue dust from beneath its massive mushroom. The Ice Beam dissipated as Q slumped to the floor, snores emanating from within its body.

    "Let's wrap it up, Parasect!" Red exclaimed. "Use Slash!"

    "Sect para para!" hissed Parasect as took a single swipe at Q with its right claw, which was bathed in a bright white light. The impact caused Q to wake up, though this did little good, for it was then knocked into unconsciousness as the Slash caused it to fall to the floor.

    "Impressive. Quite impressive," nodded Harry as he returned Q to its Poké Ball. "Having said that, however, you still have my last and strongest Pokémon to contend with," he added, smirking as he produced his fourth and final Poké Ball.

    "Bring it on," Red said confidently. "Parasect, you still good to go there?"

    "Para Parasect!" replied Parasect, sounding just as confident as its trainer.

    "Very well," chuckled Harry as he threw the ball. "Now then, Alakazam, I choose you!"

    In a flash of light, the humanoid form of Harry's Alakazam materialized, a shining, silver spoon clutched tightly in each hand.

    "Parasect, use your Spore attack!" Red called.

    "Good call," Violet nodded approvingly. "Immobilizing Alakazam right from the start is a smart idea."

    "Yeah, but Alakazam is pretty fast," Orange remarked. "It might be able to-"

    "Use Teleport!" Harry ordered.

    "...do exactly that," Orange finished lamely as Alakazam vanished into thin air, and reappeared directly behind Parasect, evading the Spore completely.

    "Parasect! Behind you!" Red exclaimed. "Leech Life now!"

    "Alakazam, Mega Punch!" commanded Harry.

    As Parasect wheeled around, Alakazam was already driving a fist right into the Pokémon's mushroom. Though not a particularly powerful hit, it knocked Parasect onto its back. The mushroom prevented it from being completely on its back, of course, but still, its legs and claws, sticking up at an angle, flailed about uselessly.

    "No!" Red exclaimed.

    "Quick, Red, call it back!" Orange shouted.

    "Right!" nodded Red as he fumbled for Parasect's Poké Ball.

    "Now then, Alakazam, blast it with Psychic!" ordered Harry.

    "Parasect, return!" Red called out as he held Parasect's Poké Ball out in front of him. However, as the red beam emerged from the button, Alakazam had already unleashed a blast of blue energy from its now crossed spoons. To Red's horror, the blue energy connected before the red beam could. The Psychic attack knocked Parasect out of the path of the ball's beam, and also knocked it out.

    "Mm. Not quick enough," smirked Harry. "Don't get me wrong, it was good judgement to withdraw Parasect at that time, you just needed to be quicker. Speed is crucial in both the trainer and the Pokémon, remember that."

    "Speed," Red murmured as he recalled Parasect, and then glanced down at the new Poké Ball he plucked off his belt. "Well, then, maybe this last guy has a better shot than I thought." Then, Red enlarged the ball and threw it. "It's up to you, now, Raticate!" Red called. "Go!"

    Sure enough, the ball split open, unleashing the furry, light brown form of Red's Raticate, who bared its prominent front teeth, sneering menacingly at Alakazam. "Rrrrraticate!" it screeched.

    "Alakazam, Psychi-" began Harry.

    "Quick Attack!" Red interrupted.

    Before Alakazam could even start to cross its spoons, Raticate charged forward, slamming into the Psi Pokémon and knocking it backwards.

    "Kazam?!" Alakazam exclaimed as it used its telekinetic powers to float back to its feet.

    "Psychic now!" Harry shouted.

    "Quick Attack again!" Red yelled. "No letup, Raticate!"

    Alakazam managed to cross its spoons and fire off a blast of Psychic energy, but Raticate managed to dodge it just before ramming Alakazam once again.

    "GAAAAH!" exclaimed Harry.

    This went on for a while; Alakazam would attempt a Psychic attack, only for Raticate to evade it before unleashing a Quick Attack. However, after five or six times, Alakazam finally scored a hit, plowing Raticate into the floor with Psychic.

    "Raticate!" Red called as the Normal-type shakily climbed to its feet.

    "Now then, Alakazam, let's heal off that damage," said Harry. "Use Recover!"

    "Water Gun now!" Red shouted.

    Raticate unleashed a stream of water from its mouth, but Alakazam seemed unfazed by it as it took on a gentle white glow, its injuries healing up.

    "Raticate! Tail Whip now!" Red called, a somewhat desperate thought occurring to him.

    Orange and Violet exchanged highly dubious glances as Raticate wheeled around and started to wag its tail. "Tail Whip?" they repeated in unison.

    "Ka... zam?"Alakazam muttered as the Recover finished its work. Alakazam hadn't fully recovered, though it was certainly looking better than before.

    "Hyper Fang now!" Red shouted.

    "Alakazam, use your Psywave attack now!" exclaimed Harry.

    As Alakazam prepared to fire off a volley of blue rings, Raticate was already upon it, sinking its fairly large teeth into its right arm.

    "Ala?! Kazam kazam Alakazam!" exclaimed Alakazam as it tried, without success, to shake Raticate off.

    "Finish it!" Red exclaimed. "Raticate, Tackle attack!"

    "Now then, Alakazam, Mega P-" began Harry, but it was too late- Raticate had already dislodged its dental hardware from Alakazam's arm, and rammed into the Psi Pokémon, sending it crashing to the floor.

    "YES!" Red exclaimed as Harry withdrew his unconscious Alakazam. Raticate rushed towards Red, jumping into its trainer's arms for a hug. As Red hugged Raticate, Orange and Violet approached him.

    "Nice job, Red," smiled Violet.

    "Yeah, that was great," added Orange.

    Just then, Harry also approached Red. "That was indeed a great battle," he said to Red. "You're definitely worthy of the Mental Badge," he added, holding out the golden badge for Red to take, along with a Technical Machine for Psywave. "Now then," he added, "Mr. McPixel, I believe it's your turn."

    Before Orange could answer, however, panicked screams and an alarmingly loud screeching noise could be heard from outside.

    "What the Hyper Beam?!" Harry exclaimed. "What's going on out there?"

    "C'mon, guys," Orange said to Red and Violet. "We gotta go and see what's going on!"

    "I'll be right with you guys," Harry stated as he raced back to his side of the battlefield. "I just gotta heal up my team first, just in case!"

    Red nodded in understanding before he raced forward along with Orange and Violet in the direction of the Gym's doors, intent on finding out the cause of all the commotion outside.
    End of Chapter 26.​
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    I didn't know Hypno could talk. Other than that, the chapter's good.

    Also, PM list please!
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    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    Hypno was yelling the second syllable of its name,which just happens to also be an actual word.

    And consider yourself added!
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    The whole "this Pokemon kills a Leader's Pokemon and then faints to the next one" thing is getting old, to be honest. I think it would change things up if the protags--or the Leaders--switched Pokemon as their Pokemon got a kill every now and then.
  16. Missingno. Master

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    You bring up an excellent point. I'll be sure to work on that, though I already have something in mind for the next Gym.

    On another note, you guys know by now that when I find myself particularly motivated to write, it tends to show? Well, guess how I felt today. :)

    Chapter 27: Just Say Missingno.

    As the trio burst through the doors of the Gym, they could hardly believe what they were seeing. Several of the buildings throughout the city seemed to be on fire, and people were running in every direction. As Red looked around for the source of this chaos, another screeching noise came from overhead. Red looked up, and let his jaw drop to the ground- he was looking at some sort of large, flying beast which appeared to be nothing but bones. It was flying overhead, launching streams of fire in random directions.

    "Gah!" Red exclaimed as he took out his Pokédex and pointed it up at the airborne menace. "What is that?!"

    "Missingno., the Data Pokémon," droned Red's Pokédex. "Missingno. in Aerodactyl Skeleton Form are very capable both in flight and in hunting. It is capable of learning a wide variety of attacks, and its type will constantly change to match another Pokémon in the area."

    "Now then, that's not so good," came a weak voice from behind the trio. Harry had just emerged from his Gym, and was looking up weakly at the Missingno. "This is not the first time I've seen that Missingno., but I've never been able to take it on. It's always managed to overpower my team."

    "Yeesh," remarked Red. "And that's not an easy feat with four Pokémon- that thing is only one!"

    "So you see the problem here," replied Harry. "Missingno. can live for a very long time, you see- my guess is, that one used to hunt in this area before it became Fansfor City."

    "Well, we gotta do something!" Orange declared. "We can't just let it keep on destroying stuff!"

    "Yeah, Orange is right," nodded Violet. Red also nodded his agreement with this. With that, the trio took off after the Missingno.

    As they caught up, Orange took out a Poké Ball and threw it. "I choose you, Fearow! Go get it!" he shouted as the Beak Pokémon emerged from its ball.

    "Feeeeeaaaarooooowwwww!" cawed Fearow as it soared up to Missingno.'s level. The cawing caught Missingno.'s attention, and the Data Pokémon wheeled around in midair to face Fearow, screeching menacingly.

    "Fearow! Take Down!" Orange commanded.

    As Fearow streaked forward, Missingno. opened its skeletal mouth and unleashed a powerful Flamethrower from within. Fearow was able to dodge it, but just barely, and then the Normal/Flying-type slammed into its avian adversary.

    "Good work, Fearow!" Orange cheered. "Now use Razor Wind!"

    As Fearow started to flap its wings vigorously, Missingno. seemed to pull its body into a ball, looking about as spherical as an animated avian skeleton could possibly get itself to look. The wind didn't seem to affect it at all.

    "That must be Missingno.'s Defense Curl!" exclaimed Violet.

    "Fearow, try your Drill Peck!" called Orange.

    As Fearow flew forward, Missingno. uncurled its body, and became cloaked in swirling water. Then, it too charged forward, and collided with Fearow head-on, Drill Peck and Waterfall each competing against each other. It concluded in a draw, however, as both Pokémon were blown back. Before Orange could make another command, however, Missingno.opened its mouth once more, and this time, a thick plume of black smoke billowed out from within, engulfing the group. As the trio coughed (and in Red's case, felt around for Dodrio's Poké Ball), Fearow took it upon itself to blow away the SmokeScreen by flapping its powerful wings. Once the smoke had cleared, however, it appeared as though Missingno. had fled.

    Red turned to face Violet and Orange. "I'm thinking the Pokémon Center right about now," he said.

    "Best idea I've heard all day," stated Violet as the three of them ran off in the direction of the aforementioned building.
    Mercifully, the Pokémon Center had been spared from Missingno.'s onslaught, and was still open. Once Red, Orange, and Violet had healed their Pokémon, they started to discuss the situation.

    "OK, so let's think about this," Orange stated. "First, let's see what we know about this Missingno., aside from the fact it changes type on a whim. So far, we've seen it use Flamethrower, Defense Curl, Waterfall, and SmokeScreen. And that's very likely not all the moves it can use, either. But let's focus on that for now. What do we have that can withstand both Fire and Water moves?"

    "Well, a Water-type would be the obvious answer," stated Red. "Though I think Charizard would find it easy enough to evade Waterfall."

    "There's also the fact that some Pokémon just don't have any weaknesses, like .4," Violet added.

    "And Transforming into Missingno., that's sure to pose a challenge to it," said Red.

    "...Wow, Orange," Violet said, blinking in surprise. "We just described half your team there, and... none of ours. Neither me nor Red have any Water-types, anything with no weaknesses, or anything with Transform. You, on the other hand, you have Q, .4, and A."

    "No Water-types?" repeated Orange. "So, what type is Migraine, then?"



    "Shut up," said Violet, though she still gave a small smile. "No, but you're right, Migraine is a Water-type. Still, I think it's safe to say you have a pretty good shot of taking down Missingno., Orange. What do you say?"

    "Let's do this," grinned Orange as he promptly led the way through the doors and back out into the streets of Fansfor City.

    The streets seemed eerily deserted. Red was watching the skies so intently that on more than one occasion he nearly walked right under a freeze arch.

    "It's quiet," remarked Violet.

    "Yeah," replied Orange, in a cautious tone. "Too quiet, if you ask me."

    Then, as if on cue, an earsplitting screech came from behind the trio. Red, Orange, and Violet wheeled around simultaneously to spot the Missingno. diving right at them.

    Orange assumed a combative stance, a Poké Ball in his right hand. "I got this!" he said to Red and Violet as he threw the ball. "I choose you, A!" he shouted as the Normal/Normal-type emerged from its spherical confines, but shrieked in terror at the sight of the oncoming Missingno.

    "A, Hydro Pump attack now!" shouted Orange.

    A gave a series of squeaking noises before a high-pressure stream of water from the entire front portion of its rectangular body, stopping Missingno. in its tracks. When A ceased its attack, however, it became clear that Missingno. hadn't taken much damage,

    "Oh, geez," Red murmured. "I don't think Missingno. took any damage at all!"

    "Remember, A isn't exactly good at offense," Violet reminded Red. "Its real strength is in its speed."

    "A! Transform!" Orange hollered.

    A gave a high-pitched squeal as its body glowed and drastically changed shape, and before Red knew it, he was seeing two Aerodactyl Skeleton Form Missingno. facing each other. Orange whipped out his Pokédex, presumably to pull up a list of attacks A could now use. Sure enough, Orange nodded at what he saw on the screen, then turned his attention back to the battle. "A, use your Flamethrower attack!" he shouted.

    Both A and Missingno. simultaneously unleashed streams of fire from their skeletal maws, the Flamethrower attacks colliding in midair, cancelling each other out.

    "Well, they're certainly evenly matched now," Red observed.

    "A, now try Egg Bomb!" commanded Orange.

    Missingno. screeched loudly as it charged forward, water swirling all around it, as A spewed three large white eggs from its mouth. Upon colliding with Missingno., the eggs exploded, disrupting the Data Pokémon's flight.

    "All right, let's wrap this up!" Orange grinned. "Bone Club now!"

    As A dove down after its adversary, Missingno. managed to take to the air once more, and spewed more black smoke from its mouth, engulfing the entire area with the SmokeScreen attack.

    "Dodrio, Whirlwind!" Red coughed as he threw a Poké Ball. In a flash of light none of them could see, Dodrio materialized, and the next thing any of them knew, three forceful gusts of wind managed to blow all the smoke away. Unfortunately, Missingno. seemed to have escaped once more.

    "Now what?" Orange muttered, frowning. "It seems like every time that Missingno. is about to be defeated, it makes its getaway by spraying SmokeScreen all over the place."

    "Yeah, that'll be tricky," Red agreed. "But we gotta find a way around it. We-"

    At that moment, however, a screeching sound could be heard several streets away. "This way!" Red exclaimed as he climbed onto his Dodrio's back. Dodrio instantly took off running in the direction Red indicated.

    "Let's follow him, Vi," Orange stated as he sent out his Fearow. "I'll need that HM Mr. Ujif gave you."

    "I... I don't know," Violet said uncertainly as she handed the disc to Orange.

    "Don't worry, I'll have Fearow keep close to the ground," Orange assured her. "No worse than riding a Rapidash, I promise."

    Violet said nothing, but seemed a little more at ease with this idea as Orange proceeded to make use of the HM.
    "Dodrio! Tri Attack!" Red shouted.

    "Do dri o!" cawed the three heads as they fired off a glowing triangle, which Missingno. was able to evade by diving and swooping in midair. Red grunted in exasperation, when a voice sounded from behind him.

    "I got this, Red!" came the shout. Red wheeled around and spotted Orange and Violet, on Fearow's back, soaring right at him, Fearow no more than four feet off the ground. As Fearow allowed its riders to dismount, Orange withdrew the Normal/Flying-type and threw another Poké Ball. ".4, it's your turn!" Orange shouted as the Pokémaniac-type emerged from the ball, gibbering excitedly.

    Missingno. glared down at its diminutive adversary with what appeared to be bare eye sockets, screeching unpleasantly. Then, as its body became cloaked in swirling water, Missingno. dove at .4.

    ".4! TM28!" Orange ordered.

    .4 zipped forward, gibbering gleefully as it flew circles around Missingno., exploding three times in rapid succession. Each blast was in very close proximity to Missingno., and very clearly caused damage.

    "Well, that's more like it," Red nodded.

    "Now use Dragon Rage, .4!" commanded Orange.

    "Eeeeee hee hee hee hee!" cackled .4 as a brilliant blue stream of flame was launched from its body. Missingno. tried to evade, but was hit by the move nonetheless, and it screeched loudly as the move made contact. Then, it dove down at .4 suddenly, striking it with one of the bones on the end of one of its wings. .4 was sent flying by the Bone Club attack, but it was able to regain its composure fairly easily.

    "Good job, .4!" Orange said encouragingly. "Agility! Then use your Wing Attack!"

    .4 zipped forwards, once again flying circles around Missingno., little more than a diminutive purple blur. Then, the aforementioned diminutive purple blur suddenly sprouted a pair of purple, blocky wings, and slammed into Missingno. with them, sending the Data Pokémon crashing to the ground.

    "Don't give it a chance to do anything!" Orange warned .4. "Go for a TM28 attack!"

    As .4 dove down, Missingno. opened its mouth, but the Caffeine Pokémon let off a sudden explosion just as the smoke started to leak out of Missingno.'s mouth, and the SmokeScreen was interrupted. Knowing its usual escape tactic wouldn't work this time, Missingno. changed strategies at the speed of light, and instead fired off a trio of large eggs from its mouth. .4 shrieked as the eggs exploded around it, and Missingno. seized this chance to take flight once more, not bothering to cloak its getaway with SmokeScreen. However, the Egg Bomb attack had knocked .4 out.

    "Missingno. is weakening!" Violet exclaimed. "Wow, is that thing powerful or what?" she added, smiling slightly in spite of the severity of the situation.

    "Yeah, it is, isn't it?" Orange agreed, taking note of Violet's apparent admiration of Missingno.'s tenacity and power. "OK, though, we gotta move," he added as he produced a pair of Poké Balls. He withdrew .4 into one, while sending Fearow back out of the other. Red got back on Dodrio's back, and Orange and Violet climbed onto Fearow. The bird-like Pokémon then took off, with Fearow flying low, and Dodrio running, both of them headed in the direction in which they saw Missingno. fly.

    Not long afterwards, they located Missingno. once more. This time, the skeletal menace was flying circles around an extremely tall skyscraper, screeching in a threatening manner.

    "Mew damn it, that's Plish Co. Headquarters!" exclaimed Orange. "They produce Poké Balls and all sorts of things for trainers! Fearow, up!"

    "Orange..." murmured Violet.

    "Vi, just hold on to me tightly," Orange said to her. "Trust me. You'll be OK."

    Violet gulped, and though she was shaking, she wrapped her arms tightly around Orange as Fearow ascended.

    "Go! Q!" Orange called as he held up yet another Poké Ball, this one releasing Orange's starter into the open.

    "Kyuuuuuu," sang Q in its usual melodic tone of voice.

    At the sound of Q's voice, Missingno. took its attention off the skyscraper and focused on Q instead. Screeching, Missingno. fired off several Egg Bombs from its mouth.

    "Q, use your BubbleBeam attack!" Orange ordered.

    "Kyuuuu," replied Q as a barrage of bubbles flew forward from its body, causing the Egg Bombs to explode in midair. Missingno. screeched again as the bubbles collided with it, then suddenly streaked forward and struck the Deep Sea Pokémon with one of its wings

    "Of course," sighed Red. "Now it's using the moves Water-types don't resist- Egg Bomb and Bone Club."

    "Drio," remarked one of Dodrio's heads, seemingly in agreement with Red's observation.

    "Q, Headbutt!" commanded Orange.

    Q flew forward, slamming into Missingno. with great force. Missingno. started to fall, spinning uncontrollably, but with a great flap of its wings, managed to take to the skies once again. This time, however, it didn't even bother with SmokeScreen, but instead just took off, figuring it had better come back once Orange was gone.

    "No you don't!" Orange exclaimed. "Q! Fearow! After it!"

    The chase was on. With Violet holding tightly onto Orange the entire time, Fearow and Q flew after Missingno., following it as it wove between tall buildings, flew across streets, soared above and beneath the pair of bridges spanning across the city, and did all manner of aerial maneuvers to try and lose its pursuers. After a while, however, it somehow managed to get itself cornered by Fearow and Q, up against the front of Fansfor Gym.

    "We got it now!" Orange exclaimed triumphantly as Red and Dodrio caught up. "Q, use your Confusion attack!"

    "Kyuuuuuuu," sang Q as it unleashed a ray of blue light, which struck Missingno. hard... and then, at long last, the skeleton shakily wobbled in place before collapsing to the ground.

    "Oh my Mew," gasped Harry as he cautiously approached the unconscious Missingno. "You... You actually defeated it? Now then, Orange, was it? You... I think you ought to catch it, Orange."

    "And a sensible thought it is," agreed Orange. "Catching the Missingno. would definitely ensure the safety of this city... but I don't want to catch it."

    "What?" exclaimed Harry, Red, and Violet simultaneously. Even Fearow squawked in surprise.

    "That's right," Orange nodded as he turned to Violet. "I want you to catch it, Vi. I saw you admiring its power, and I know it'll be a good addition to your team."

    For a moment, Violet said nothing. Then, she gave Orange a kiss, and smiled at him. "You're so sweet," she said. "But you weakened it, Orange, you got the right to catch it if you want to."

    "Exactly- it's my decision," Orange replied. "And I decided that you get to catch it. This isn't like if someone weakens a Shellder with their Weezing, and then another trainer throws their Poké Ball first, I'm giving you permission here. Go for it, Vi."

    "I'd recommend doing it quickly, it could come to at any moment," Red added.

    "Right," grinned Violet as she produced the necessary red and white sphere from her fanny pack, pressed the white button in the center to bring it to its full size, then threw it. "Poké Ball, go!" she shouted.

    The sphere struck the Missingno.'s skull, and its entire skeletal form was converted into transparent red energy and sucked inside. The ball then snapped shut and fell to the ground, where it wobbled... Once... Twice... Three times...

    And then, the ball stopped moving, and emitted a single low-pitched ping.

    "All right," Violet smirked as she picked up the Poké Ball. "I caught a Missingno.!"

    "Congrats, Vi," grinned Orange.

    "Yeah," added Red.

    "I think I even have a perfect nickname for it," Violet added. "I like the sound of Skelefly, what do you guys think.

    "Skelefly... I like it," nodded Orange. Then, Orange turned to face Harry. "Alright," he said. "So, we're just gonna head back to the Pokémon Center to heal our Pokémon, then we'll be back so you and I can have our batt-"

    "Wait a minute," Harry said, shaking his head. "I don't think that's necessary." As he said this, he approached Orange, a Mental Badge in one hand, and a pink Technical Machine in the other.

    "Wait, what?" Orange said. "But we didn't battle."

    "We don't need to," stated Harry. "Do you realize that what you just did is what I've been trying to do for ages without success? I told you, Orange, my Pokémon were never able to take that Missingno. down, whereas you got it done. Strictly speaking, Pokémon League regulations dictate that badges are to be handed out to those the Gym Leader deems worthy. While a battle is indeed the usual way to determine this, the rules allow for Gym Leaders to give out badges at their discretion to those they feel deserve them, even if a battle was not fought."

    "Well, I guess if you're sure," Orange said, though his eagerness to take the badge and TM in any case was barely contained.

    "I'm positive," Harry insisted, practically forcing the objects into Orange's hands.

    "Well, can't argue with that," grinned Orange. "All right, then! That's five badges for each of us... now what?"

    "Well, there's a Gym in Nodacel City," Harry stated.

    "Been there," Red replied.

    "You could try the Ruceelna Gym to the north," Harry continued.

    "Beaten it," Orange said.

    "What about Miliovern Gym to the south?" asked Harry.

    "Done that," Violet stated.

    "Well... there is a Pokémon Gym in Chufisa City," Harry said hesitantly. "Now, then, I must warn you, it might not be easy to get there. Snorlax have been known to come down from the mountains and are notorious for somehow managing to block the roads leading there. You three think you'll be able to handle it if need be?"

    "Yeah," grinned Orange. "We've encountered one of those living roadblocks before. I think we'll manage."

    After saying their good-byes, the trio headed off to the Fansfor City Pokémon Center. As the sun was setting, they decided they ought to have themselves some dinner. This time, they all shared an extra-large even number salad as they discussed the day's events.

    "That was pretty lucky, Orange, you not having to battle for your badge," Red said to Orange.

    "Yeah," Orange grinned. "I mean, I know I should feel like I should have battled for it, but... I kinda don't," he admitted, grinning even wider. "So, five badges each now, huh? Feels pretty good!"

    "Yeah, we're more than halfway there," added Violet. "Three more, and we'll be able to compete in the Pokémon League!"

    "Yeah," grinned Orange. Then, he turned to face Red. "Er... What about you, Red?" he asked. "I mean, once we get to Bincanar Island, you'll probably stay there for answers, or go home if you can, right?"

    Red was silent for a moment as he thought about this. "Actually," he said, "I'm not so sure I want to leave anymore. I mean, sure, some of the Pokémon freak me out a little bit, and I'm still not entirely used to certain other aspects of this place, but... I really am enjoying myself here," he smiled. "I'm traveling around, catching and training Pokémon like I always wanted to, and I'm even traveling with good friends." Orange and Violet both smiled at this. "I mean, sure, once we get there, you bet I'll be getting some answers, but if it turns out it's possible to get me back to Kanto, I won't be going back. Not right away, anyway. I'd kinda like to compete in the Pokémon League here, at the very least."

    "That's what I was hoping to hear," Orange nodded approvingly, grinning happily. "I for one am loving this, the three of us traveling together like this."

    "Yeah, same here," Violet agreed.

    Once they had finished their dinner, the trio retrieved their fully healed Pokémon from the nurse, and spent the remainder of the evening just relaxing in the center. Violet was tempted to try and get to know her newest Pokémon, but they were all in agreement that to avoid panic, Skelefly shouldn't be sent out in Fansfor City at the moment. Eventually, they all went to the room they had reserved for the night. As Red climbed into bed, he placed a pair of earplugs in his ears. By now, it had become a habit- he was now doing it with barely any conscious thought. He drifted peacefully off to sleep, the earplugs shielding his eardrums from the usual cacophony that was Orange's thunderous snoring.
    End of Chapter 27.​
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    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    Pokedex entries for Glitch Pokemon:

    "44Hy, the Riverside Pokémon. 44Hy is an uncommonly good swimmer. If threatened, it fights back with telekinetic power."

    44Hy's size;
    "Though usually small, the largest known specimen was recorded at being twenty-three feet tall."

    ".4, the Caffeine Pokémon. .4 travel in swarms and emit high-pitched cries constantly. They explode regularly to let off excess energy, but the explosions will not knock them out."

    .4's type;
    ".4's type is Pokémaniac, which gives it no weaknesses."

    "TM28, .4's signature attack. .4 explodes to let off excess energy. Due to its constantly-energetic nature, however, the blast does not knock it out. TM28 has no type."

    "Q, the Deep Sea Pokémon, and the evolved form of 44Hy. When it starts to use its immense Psychic powers, its entire body lights up. It can dive underwater to great depths."

    "TM05, an evasive technique. TM05 turns the user invisible, allowing it to avoid oncoming attacks with greater ease."

    "Z4, the Box Bee Pokémon. Z4 has the power to grow incredibly pointy stingers from any point on its body. Commonly found in forests, where they travel in large swarms."

    "TM09, an attack of the IIIItoto-type. An immensely powerful technique that no Pokémon type is resistant to. While TM09 is powerful, it causes the user to faint."

    "A, the Speed Demon Pokémon. A has exceptionally pitiful offensive capabilities, but is among the fastest of any known Pokémon. Very rare, A prefer to live solitary lives."

    "LM4, the Bubble Cube Pokémon. Though famed for its violent battle style, LM4 is kind-hearted. It will always try to rescue any drowning human it encounters."

    "pPkMnp, the Fortress Pokémon. pPkMnp moves slowly and cannot attack with much effectiveness. Its true strengths lie in its rock-solid defense."

    pPkMnp's type;
    "pPkMnp is of the Poison-type."

    "7g, the Slow Pokémon. Though low in intelligence, it will always obey an order given to it. Even if ordered to use a move it does not know, it will attempt to use it anyway."

    "'M, the Shoreline Pokémon. 'M thrive in coastal areas, though are not particularly adept swimmers. It flies through the air with style and grace, and hits with the force of a freight train."

    h Poké;
    "h Poké, the Spirit Pokémon. A common sight near graveyards. Employs a powerful technique to drain energy from others."

    "HM02, h Poké's special attack. A powerful move in which the user stealthily steals its opponent's energy and uses it for itself. There is no way to visually confirm usage of this attack."

    "Missingno., the Data Pokémon. Available in four different forms. In its ghostly and skeletal forms, Missingno. can learn most attacks and changes type constantly."

    Missingno. (Aerodactyl Skeleton Form);
    "Missingno., the Data Pokémon. Missingno. in Aerodactyl Skeleton Form are very capable both in flight and in hunting. It is capable of learning a wide variety of attacks, and its type will constantly change to match another Pokémon in the area."

    Missingno. (Kabutops Skeleton Form);
    "Missingno., the Data Pokémon. Missingno. in Kabutops Skeleton Form are highly capable swimmers. It is capable of learning a wide variety of attacks, and its type will constantly change to match another Pokémon in the area."

    Missingno. (Normal Form);
    "Missingno., the Data Pokémon. In its Normal Form, Missingno. highly resembles 'M, though differs in size from one. In this form, Missingno. are known for their sheer attack power."

    "u, the Fiery Pokémon. Immensely proud of its power. If a u turns down a battle challenge, it is a sure sign of illness."

    p T;
    “p T, the Behemoth Pokémon. Its immense power is spoken of in legend. Said to slumber deep underground, where its occasional tossing and turning causes earthquakes.”
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    Aww Orange is so sweet letting Violet catch the Missingno.!

    I can see you were very motivated to write today. I was kinda shocked to see two notifications, and they were well worth it. I liked the ending of chapter 26 quite a lot.

    …I don't know why but I'm really happy Violet got the Aerodactyl Missingno. It always looked so cool.

    And I should let you know I got my Butterfree :)
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    Great chapter M.M. I knew you couldn't resist having someone catch a Missingo. I just have one question, is Violet like your favorite character? It seems like you give her all of your favorite pokemon, which is similar to what you did with Jack is the A of A series. I was just wondering. Anyways, keep up the great work!
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    Anyway, I'm just glad nobody said that the Missingno looked like a dragon like the old man in Pewter does at the actual Aerodactyl skeleton.

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