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AP Classes

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Discussion' started by Dr.Chaos, Oct 30, 2011.

  1. TheBluePorygon

    TheBluePorygon i miss the old kanye

    AP classes are okay, except for Biology, which I hate.
  2. ArcanineShrine014029

    ArcanineShrine014029 Well-Known Member

    Everyone at my school hates that one too, TheBluePorygon. I'm in APUSH, and AP Composition and Language, which we call CLAP. Gonna be in AP Literature and Japanese next year, and possibly AP Statistics, Psychology, and European History. No way I'm doing AP Bio.
  3. Steelers_Fan

    Steelers_Fan hiding in your mind

    I'm in two AP classes right now, AP US History and AP Bio. Bio is surprisingly more difficult at this point in time. But both are pieces of cake work wise, the most difficult thing is the chapter outlines for APUSH and that's only because the chapters take so long to read.
    But the APUSH teacher is amazing, he will have us extremely prepared for the AP test, last year everyone passed with a 4 or 5 except the one person who accidentally messed up her bubble sheet...
    The AP Bio teacher is a complete disaster though, I hope she gets better after she gets back from maternity leave
  4. GrizzlyB

    GrizzlyB Confused and Dazed

    Hi! I'm going to guess that you're one of those dipshits who makes sweeping generalizations about people with little to no basis, aren't you? 'if u no liek ap class u american nashunalist. who can t spell'

    In case you can't take a hint, what I'm trying to get across is that you're an uneducated twit who, for whatever reason, believes that the entire world operates exactly the same as his own experiences would dictate it does, not noticing the disgusting irony in accusing others of doing so.

    Also: AP Bio is the best class, what are you guys talking about? (also, my AP Biology teacher had an eleven-year record of every student getting a 3 or above on the exam. Pretty much awesome)
  5. Zenotwapal

    Zenotwapal have a drink on me

    I'm taking literally every AP course given at my highschool.

    Yes I'm overloading my schedule but I'm dealing OK with it. I actually like the classes a lot.
  6. I took seven AP classes when I was in high school, mainly so I could get college credit. I ended up getting "AP Scholar with Honor" or something on my high school diploma which was nice.

    My sophomore year I took AP Government.
    Junior year I took English Language (or was it Lit? I took both eventually) and World History.
    And my senior year I English Literature, Biology, Chemistry, and Psychology.

    I received 3s on Government and World History (I'm terrible at history-related subjects), which unfortunately did not count for any credits at my university. We don't really have a history requirement anyway so...

    On the English Language exam I received a 4 and on the rest of them I got a 5 (barring Chemistry, which I actually did not take. I didn't see the point of paying for the exam I knew I was only going to get a 2 on...)

    Because of my scores I entered my university with a decent number of credits already under my belt.

    And the courses themselves weren't too difficult at all.

    Oh, and GrizzlyB's right. AP Bio is the best class.
  7. Ice Blue Dragon

    Ice Blue Dragon I belive I can fly!

    I'm in middle school, so I have honors classes, which are basically the same thing.

    Math - hardest, and the teacher has an obsession with saying,"I'ts pointless".

    English - a lot of writing, but is easy to understand.

    Social Studies - easy with a nice teacher. A lot of homework though.

    Science - my favorite by far. A nice teacher who is funny and an overall good teacher. She throws rocks at us sometimes. ( but it's pumice, so it doesn't hurt. XD )
  8. Roronoa Zoro

    Roronoa Zoro Cracks begin to show

    Don't mean to be rude, but there are a few key differences between honor classes and AP classes.
  9. Gelatino95

    Gelatino95 Not a tool

    Still learning about circles? What grade are you in anyway?
  10. Pory, let me just say that we had an AP Biology course available at our school at one point. So many people failed it that they stopped offering it. :S

    I've taken two AP classes thus far, Language and US History. US History is by far the hardest course our school has to offer, and my dad said the workload I had was more than any of his college classes. But it was a very enjoyable class and I appreciate the amount of preparation that class gave me for entering college next fall. As of right now, I'm taking AP Literature and Calculus, and it's a good thing that I'm a math person or I'd be struggling in Calc right now.
  11. kaiser soze

    kaiser soze Reading ADWD


    Sarcasm aside, there's not many differences between honors and regular classes in middle school, with the exception of Math because you can get in the advanced pipeline (which I strongly recommend, because having no HS Calculus experience made college freshman year suck a lot). There's MAJOR differences in what's expected in an AP class and the average HS class.
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2011
  12. Ice Blue Dragon

    Ice Blue Dragon I belive I can fly!

    What are the differences? Sorry if there are some differences and I didn't know.

    I'm in 8th grade

    And I am not learning about circles. Some off the material was easy, ( word problems, let x statements) but others were hard, (52x-35y+23/7xy)
  13. The rigor is a big difference between Honors and AP. AP classes are aimed at college-level difficulty, while Honors is usually just a step up from regular classes. AP is also regulated all across the country as far as the curriculum goes, while the rigor of Honors classes may vary from school to school. The greatest difference, though, is the AP Test. This is a difficult test at the end of the year based on the course you have taken. The scores range from 1-5, and scoring a 3 or higher permits you to exempt a college class and still gain the credit.
  14. ??????

    ?????? That guy.

    AP is regulated by the College Board, and is catered to HS students who want college credit. When you take an AP Class and then pass the corresponding AP test, you earn credit accepted by most colleges across the US. Honors has nothing like that.
  15. kaiser soze

    kaiser soze Reading ADWD

    Furthermore, several bigger schools offer regular, honor, and Advanced Placement classes of the same material. And obviously they don't offer AP courses in middle school (although many HSs will let you take them sophomore year of HS, depending on their curriculum).
  16. Ice Blue Dragon

    Ice Blue Dragon I belive I can fly!

    I see now, sorry I didn't know the difference. AP classes seem a lot harder than honors.
  17. catzeye

    catzeye Writer's Block

    I've taken 3 AP classes so far and I'm currently taking two right now.

    AP Human Geography- I passed with a 3
    AP English III- I passed with a 3
    AP Calculus- I got a 1

    Right now I'm taking AP English IV and AP Chemistry. I think I'm signed up for AP Psychology next semester. Probably going to drop it and take an extra math.

    The worst part of an AP class is the test.
  18. #Gecko#

    #Gecko# The Essential One

    At my school after sophomore year (and sophomore Social Studies class) its either remedial classes or AP. In my sophomore year I took regular World History instead of AP because I thought I wasn't ready and there was no PreAP. Big Mistake! Regular was just really boring, the teacher made me pay attention, and the work was too easy. So in my Junior year I took AP English III and AP World History. I passed my English with a 3 and failed History with a 2. Currently in my senior year, I'm taking AP Environmental, English IV, Calculus AB, U.S. Government, and Economics (2nd semester). I hope to at least pass two of them, having the most confidence in Calculus and the least possibly English.
  19. AzukanAsimbu

    AzukanAsimbu Petal Paladin


    Is it true that colleges can ignore AP scores, but they cant ignore SAT scores?
  20. Gelatino95

    Gelatino95 Not a tool

    I'm taking AP World History sophomore year, and I know plenty of people who took AP Bio freshman year. AP classes are available pretty much everywhere in my school if you're willing to look.

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