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Eggmove Trading Thread

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Post any specific Pokemon you want with eggmoves here, or offer ones you have. Please, before you post, make sure that it's actually possible to get the combination you want without hacking. You can check using the Dex on serebii.net to be 100% sure.

Remember that Egg Moves can only be passed down by males, so if you want one to breed the moves onto your own offspring, be sure to ask your partner for a male one.


Pokemon Collector
I have the following egg moves, and am looking for any I don't have, pm me to make a trade

Absol – Feint/ Megahorn/ Swords Dance/ Fire Blast
Spiritomb – Spite/ Shadow Sneak/ Pain Split/ Destiny Bond
Misdreavus – Psywave/ Sucker Punch/ Curse/ Destiny Bond
Nidoran - Head Smash/ Sucker Punch
Chimchar - Focus energy/ Blaze Kick/ Double Kick/ Fire Punch
Trapinch – Bite/ Quick Attack/ Focus Energy/ Fury Cutter
Riolu – Endure/ Blaze Kick/ Sky Uppercut/ Swords Dance
Meditite – bide/ Ice Punch/ ThunderPunch/ Fire Punch
Misdreavus - Psywave/Ominous Wind/Growl/Nasty Plot
Gible - Earthquake/Outrage/Rock Slide/Stone Edge
Larvitar - Earthquake/Outrage/Rock Slide/Stone Edge
Piplup - Agility/Grass Knot/Hidden Power/Ice Beam
Eevee - Curse/Wish/Yawn
Gligar - Earthquake/Roost/Toxic/U-turn
Shinx - Fire Fang/Ice Fang/Thunder Fang
Electrike - Crunch/Fire Fang/Ice Fang/Thunder Fang
Hippopotas - Tackle/Sand Attack/Slack Off/Curse
Growlithe - Crunch/Flare Blitz/Morning Sun/Heat Wave
Lileep - Constrict/Curse/Recover/Rock Slide
Charmander - Scratch/Growl/Belly Drum/Rest
Bagon - Rage/Twister/Hydro Pump/Dragon Dance
Squirtle - Tackle/Mirror Coat/Aqua Ring
Zubat - Brave Bird/Whrilwind/U-Turn/Roost
Dratini - Dragon Dance/Dragon Rush/Extremespeed/Thunder Wave
Charmander - Growl/Dragon Dance/Outrage/Dragon Rush
Squirtle - Tackle/Hail/Rest/Blizzard
Elekid - Leer/Cross Chop/Fire Punch/Ice Punch
Poochyena – Thunder Fang/Fire Fang/Ice Fang


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Offering level 1 modest Togepi's with perfect IVs in Sp.A & Speed and the ability Serene Grace. All Togepi's know the egg moves Nasty Plot & Peck. Here's a complete list:

Togepi male "relatively superior IVs" 2/25,26/19/31/31/31
Togepi male "relatively superior IVs" 20/8/15/31/27/31
Togepi female "relatively superior IVs" 27/15,16/11/31/12/31

LF Lucky eggs

Please PM me if interested.


gone gently
Edit: Trade completed.
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im looking for a pichu with volt tackle i dont have much to offer as im just started my pokemon black


New Member
I have
Zorua w/snarl

Scraggy w/drain punch

Timburr w/drain punch and force palm

I am looking for Turtwig & Smeargle

Also i know they aren't really egg moves but I have a bunch of snivy's that know
leaf tornado and leaf blade

All pokemon 100% real hatched by me and Lv.1 UT


dragon temer
i can breed cranidos with the moves hammer arm stone edge earthquake looking for other pokemon with egg moves especially archen with earth power and/or dragon pulse pm me with your offer


Active Member


deerling-synthesis,baton pass


zorua-dark pulse

sandile-thunder fang, fire fang
i have these looking for other male black white eggmoves

psycho C

New Member
i can breed anyone a male deino with dark pulse for anyone who needs one and im looking for a male chimchar with stealth rock
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dragon temer
can breed lickitung and miltank with hammer arm+earthquake looking 4 other with egg moves mainly pm me if interested i can also breed other pokemon with eeg moves

psycho C

New Member
looking for a chimchar/monferno/infernape with stealth rock...it really doesnt matter which one i get PM me with offers
I can do:
[spoil] Snivy with Iron Tail, Natural Gift and Magical Leaf
Oshawott with Air Slash, Night Slash and Trump Card
Tepig with Thrash and Superpower
Zorua with Dark Pulse and Snarl
Cranidos with Hammer Arm and Crunch
Archen with Steel Wing and Dragon Pulse
Deino with Ice Fang, Thunder Fang, Fire Fang and Dark Pulse
Timburr with Comet Punch, Detect, Mach Punch and Drain Punch
Pansage with Magical Leaf
Riolu with Vacuum Wave, Hi Jump Kick, Bullet Punch and Blaze Kick
Lilipup with Ice Fang, Thunder Fang and Fire Fang
Minccino with Mud-Slap, Aqua Tail and Iron Tail
Pansear with Fire Spin, Fire Punch, Low Kick and Heat Wave
Totodile with Thrash, Metal Claw, Ancient Power and *Superpower

*Please Note: I am aware that Superpower is not an Egg Move for Totodile, I had to raise a male and female that both know it to get this Move Set[/spoil]
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Looking for:
Timburr with mach punch and drain punch
Deino with dark pulse
Larvitar with stealth rock and pursuit
Pawniard with sucker punch

Natures/IVs/etc. don't matter. I have some 5th gen shinies, as well as items, events and pokerus. PM me what you want :)


dragon temer
i can now breed gible with outrage and rock slide pm or vm me with offer


Need deino with dark pulse. Offer modest lv 39 UT deino, white exclusives, oshawott, ditto, or lv 36 pawniard with 255 EVS in atk, 100 EVs in HP naughty nature 104 atk defiant ability. Pm me

psycho C

New Member
looking for:
timburr with mach punch and drain punch
pawniard with sucker punch and stealth rock

PM me offers i have pokerus and dark pulse deino and timid larvesta
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