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  1. K

    If Satoshi/Ash got Eevee for first Pokémon in alt. Anime?

    Hey, there. Does anyone think there should be an alternate anime where Ash received an Eevee as his first Pokemon? but, only in Kanto.
  2. W

    LF Female Eevee (specific natures) CLOSED

    Looking for female eevee with timid, adamant, or modest natures. Offering male level 36 eevee bashful or calm nature.
  3. T


    Penny, The girl you save from Team Star in the beginning, the one who wears the Eevee outfit, could she by chance be Bill from Kanto's (who Gives you Eevee in Red/Blue/Green/Yellow) granddaughter or maybe a niece? She did say she studied abroad and that she likes technical stuff. Bill is famous...
  4. Okami Kujiza

    LF Getting Eevees w/The Natures I Seek

    LF: <Eevee - Jolly Nature Vaporeon - Bold & Modest Nature Jolteon - Timid Nature Flareon - Adamant & Calm Nature - Espeon - Timid Nature Umbreon - Calm Nature Leafeon - Adamant Nature Glaceon - Modest Nature Sylveon - Modest Nature Lowest level if possible Fire stone, water stone, thunder...
  5. J

    Trades to fill pokedex

    I'm looking to make the following trades. The first pokemon named in the proposed trades are from me. Poliwhirl - Poliwhirl Scyther - Pinsir I also need the following pokemon. Let me know what you would like in exchange for them. Farfetch'd Shellder Koffing Goldeen Mew If you can help with...
  6. D

    Need a shiny eevee

    I need a shiny eevee but I don't have the shiny charm so can someone catch or hatch one for me and we cn trade, gender doesn't matter, also I need it for swsh
  7. R3i

    FT: perf iv male Eevee w/hidden & POKERUS LF: Perf iv female Eevee w/hidden

    FT: perf iv male Eevee w/hidden & POKERUS LF: Perf iv female Eevee w/hidden
  8. Mythical-Moonlight

    Favorite Pokémon Designers?

    As the title suggests I was curious who does this board have as their favorite Pokémon Designers? Supposedly these are all of the confirmed designers so far according to Bulbapedia: https://m.bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/User:Altruis/List_of_Pokémon_by_their_designers I think of all of...
  9. Emboar_Rulez

    Battle tournament

    Is anyone interested in a battle tournament in this game??
  10. J

    Need LG Eevee Exclusives.

    Hello everyone, I'm currently in need of the Eevee exclusive pokemon. I currently have Grimer Growlithe Sandshrew Oddish Scyther Mankey Im currently looking for Ekans Meowth Vulpix Bellsprout Pinsir Koffing I'm willing to trade anything else. I have an extra Articuno as well. Please hit me...
  11. Skiimontana

    LF: ha eevee & shinies

    ft: shield exclusives , gmax mons , special pokeballs , battle items , Shiny 4 shiny trade
  12. NovaBrunswick

    Hypothetical Eeveelution Names

    As of Gen 8, there are currently eight Eeveelutions (not counting Eevee itself): Vaporeon (Water) Jolteon (Electric) Flareon (Fire) Espeon (Psychic) Umbreon (Dark) Leafeon (Grass) Glaceon (Ice) Sylveon (Fairy) But there are 18 types in all, so not all of the types have been represented by an...
  13. Ga|2y

    FinalFlash Sword n Shield Breeding Camp

    Hello everyone and welcome to my breeding camp. Please check out my current projects I offer for trade. I'll try to breed a 1-3 different monsevery week, mainly focusing on competitive and HA mons. For this week I have following guys: Male Darumaka Stats: 31-31-31-x-31-31 (No Sp.Atk) Ability...
  14. Z

    LF: 4IV non-eng Ditto or 4IV non-eng Eevee (male egg group)

    Offering: 6 IV ENG male Eevee 3 IV Shiny male Eevee 4 IV Shiny male Eevee Looking for: - min 4 perfect IV - non-ENG - Ditto / Eevee / male member of Eevee egg group
  15. Z

    LF non eng 5 IV ditto

    Preferably 5 IV except Sp Att I have 5 IV english ditto or 6IV male english Eevee
  16. B

    Eevee's for starters

    Catching and breeding eevees(and pikachus) ill offer both an eevee and a pikachu for 1 grooky, and also another set for sooble. Note i can make it a sylveon if you dont want to go through the trouble yourself. Thanks
  17. gengraaah

    Help with pokemon explorers of sky?

    Im stuck on temporal tower? Leader is Eeve and partner is Vulpix. Eevee is lvl 41 and Vulpix is lvl 42. I can barely make it past 10 floors without Porygon discharging and killing me, please help?
  18. C

    Looking for exclusive trade help

    Am looking for somebody to trade exclusives with. I need: Meowth Ekans Koffing Pinsir I have: Sandshrew Oddish Growlithe Mankey Grimer Scyther Any help would be great, thank you!
  19. P

    Trade (giving them back): Moltres, Zapdos, Articuno and Mewtwo

    I'm looking for these legendaries, I won´t keep them and I will return them back instantly (I promise to do it, trust me) ; I just want the shiny charm to shiny hunt for them in the game. I can give you as a gift: Alakazam, Machamp, Golem, Lapras, Kabuto... and any pokemon you like, only 2 of...
  20. canisaries


    Yo! It's time for another story in this rather loosely PMD world. This time we're in a completely different nook of the world, so don't worry if you haven't read Pletora's Story, as there are no crucial links between the two. Just like Pletora's Story, though, this'll be only a couple parts long...