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  1. thenonsmashrob

    Discuss the Pokemon anime theme songs V2

    I Wanna Be The Very Best (Pokemon Theme is not a creative name) - The original, the classic, the icon, the one that started it all... is not my favorite?? It's a good song, but I like several others better. There's nothing really wrong with it, I just prefer some of the faster paced intros from...
  2. L

    The How Much Japanese OST/BGM/Tracks Were/Are Kept in the Pokemon English Dub Thread (**In Episodes Itself**)

    A link I'm re-posting from Bulbagarden Forums, as it's for everyone's purview: this is only the Anime dub Seasonal averages listed below, as the document consists of the Films etc. as well in the English run. Pokemon English Dub Over the Years: How Much Japanese Music was Kept in Main Series...
  3. sampleswift

    What if Paul and Tobias had themes?

    What if Paul and Tobias from the Pokemon Anime (Sinnoh) had themes? They never had one IIRC My predictions. Paul: Gen 4 Rival theme combined with Silver's theme from gen 2? (Silver is similar to Paul in the games) Tobias: Darkrai's theme from Rise of Darkrai + Champion Cynthia's theme? What do...
  4. M

    Sheet music/MIDI for Guzma's encounter theme?

    I'm working on an arrangement of Guzma's Theme for my marching band, but it's hard to pick out some of the chords with all of the distortion and noise. Does anyone know of sheet music or an MIDI that I could use for reference?
  5. Ryu Taylor

    Pocket Monsters (2019): Original Soundtrack

    The CD's finally out (the first one of its variety to have been released in the past ten years). It can be bought on Amazon Japan, CDJapan, and iTunes Japan, and can be heard on Spotify.
  6. Ryu Taylor

    When and where did each composer peak?

    The dub's had more than one person working on it, and fairly recently even the JP version handed the job of composer to someone else. They all had their low points, but they also had their points where they were awesome. Yes, I know there were assistant composers and arrangers. This question...
  7. Y

    USUM super music collection?

    Ive just been wondering if there has been any plans by gamefreak to release an USUM super music collection, as there is a lot of music in the game that isn't in regular sun and moon, and all there is out there are gamerips with the sound effects included.
  8. A

    How would you rank the generations music-wise??

    Hi all! So I’m planning on making a YouTube video where I rank each generation of Pokémon main series games (1-8) on their overall music, including the standout themes from each generation in the video. With that, I want to get all of your opinions! How would you rank the Pokemon games by the...
  9. I

    Looking for the name of a song from the anime

    Hi y'all. I am looking for the title of a song that plays in the early anime, particularly during the Mewtwo Radio Drama and during the uncut animated segment of Mewtwo's Origin. You can hear the track I am looking for the title on start 9:37 in this link: Would anyone happen to know the...
  10. NovaBrunswick

    Best Gen 7 BGM?

    As Gen 7 comes to a close, a new generation will take its place. In celebration, I'm looking back at the music of Gen 7. Which tunes in Sun/Moon and Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon (not counting Let's Go) stood out the most to you? Here are my personal favourites: Lush Jungle - I loved the zen vibes I...
  11. NovaBrunswick

    Best Gym Leader Battle Theme?

    Gym Leaders could be considered the bosses of the Pokémon games - we all have to fight them on our way to becoming the Champion. Appropriately, the battles come with orchestral music that fits the drama and adrenaline of the scene. As with every generation, the Gym Leader battle theme has...
  12. Genaller

    Anime Music Face-Off - Winner: God Knows

    Welcome to the Anime Music Face-Off! As is implied in the title, this is a thread where music from various anime series will go up against each other until only 1 song/soundtrack remains. I realized that it’s a lot easier to listen to a piece of music for up to at most a few minutes rather than...
  13. Prof. SALTY

    Favourite opening theme?

    I did a quick search but couldn't find a thread similar (sorry if it already exists and I'm just stupid) What's your favourite opening to the anime? Mine are: Original series (Japanese) Battle Frontier (both Japanese and English) Diamond and Pearl OP1 (English) XY OP1 (Japanese) Sun and Moon...
  14. xXZ380 D43M0NXx

    I found something out about SM/USUM music...

    Alright, so a bit ago, I listened to the RSE/ORAS intro, cause I enjoy listening to Pokemon music in my free time or while working. Anywho, towards the end of the piece, I though I heard a bit that sounded very familiar... SO, I checked Ultra Necrozma's theme, only to confirm my suspicions...