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  1. A

    Paul vs the Master Class

    I figured I'd start a thread to discuss how current Paul stacks up to the Master Class. Paul has so far battled the Strongest Iteration of Ash (Post Raihan/Pre Master Class Tournament Ash). He seemed to perform relatively well against Ash and held his own in battle (Which also included having...
  2. sampleswift

    What if Paul and Tobias had themes?

    What if Paul and Tobias from the Pokemon Anime (Sinnoh) had themes? They never had one IIRC My predictions. Paul: Gen 4 Rival theme combined with Silver's theme from gen 2? (Silver is similar to Paul in the games) Tobias: Darkrai's theme from Rise of Darkrai + Champion Cynthia's theme? What do...
  3. Ethan Mantooth

    Paul vs Trip 6 v 6

    Trip's Team fully evolved 1. Serperior 2. Chandelure 3. Vanilluxe 4. Conkeldurr 5. Unfezant 6. Jellicent Paul's Team 1. Ursaring 2. Magmortar 3. Torterra 4. Drapion 5. Electivire 6. Hounchkrow
  4. Genaller

    Alain vs Paul; Battle Of The Strongest!

    This was the most popular vs matchup during Kalos League season and its back with some twists! Like with the most recent iteration of Sawyer vs Tyson the poll options ask more than just who wins in a straight up match in order to keep things more interesting. Assume that Paul is using whatever...
  5. Genaller

    Remainder Of Paul’s Best Team

    As all of you know Paul was Ash’s rival in Sinnoh and had around the same expereince as him as a trainer. When making a hypothetical “best team” for him it is nearly unanimously agreed on that Electivire, Torterra, Drapion and Ursaring would be on that team; however, the remaining 2 slots are...
  6. Genaller

    Ash’s Sceptile vs Paul’s Torterra; Poll Tally!

    Who would win a battle between these 2 powerhouse grass types? — Ash’s Sceptile - Solarbeam - Leaf Storm - Leaf Blade - Quick Attack — Paul’s Torterra - Stone Edge (directed) - Curnch - Giga Drain - Frenzy Plant By individual categories this is how I’d say they compare: Power: Torterra >=...
  7. Genaller

    Paul’s Torterra vs Sawyer’s Mega Sceptile; Poll Tally!

    While Paul may be the stronger trainer overall, how would Paul’s starter Torterra fare against Sawyer’s starter Mega Sceptile in a 1 vs 1 bout!? I know that we have versus to discuss stuff like this though the primary purpose of this poll is to get a consensus of PAD opinion on this matchup as...