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  1. Dark_King25

    What are your favorite anipoke crackships/rarepairs and why?

    A crackship is a pairing that is canonically implausible and has zero interactions while rarepairs are ships where there are rarely any content or very few and subtle hints I'll start 1. Dawn and Gary - They have a lot of parallels with each other and it was really cute that Dawn was...
  2. Adobe123

    The Truth Regarding non/anti-amourshippers vs pro-amourshippers.

    This user hates both sides; the non/anti-amourshipping side who act like Serena "outgrew" Ash and doesn't need him in Journeys like she's better than him, because he feels that it makes no sense and misses the fact that Serena's crush on Ash was never about needing him or being dependent on him...
  3. TheCharredDragon

    What She's Got in Store [PG-13] [Akechi/Fem!Akira] [Persona 5]

    Summary: Goro's sucking up at a fancy party for a job when his wife, Akira, decides to swoop in and not only have fun with it, but to give him good, life-changing, news. (Akechi/Fem!Akira) Happy Birthday Akechi! Goro groaned, staring at the restroom mirror as he regained his composure as well...
  4. TheCharredDragon

    Persona 5: Refraction [R] (Sibling AU)

    Content approved by bobandbill My thanks for approving this. Rated R (or M if this was AO3 or M in ESRB rating) for mature themes, violence, strong language (usually ****, crap and damn, but up to ****) blood, physical abuse, sexual themes, suicide (both attempted and past), partial nudity...
  5. TheCharredDragon

    Let Me Sing For Ever More [Yosuke/Rise] [Persona 4 AU]

    Summary: (Adult Musicians AU) Yosuke was just playing his guitar on the streets for some cash when a stranger pops up and spends time with him. He didn't expect her to be so nice...or come back again and again. Not that he's complaining. A tale of two lovers meeting on a doomed ship... The...
  6. TheCharredDragon

    The Perfect Proposal [PG-13] [Akechi/Fem!Akira] [Persona 5]

    Summary: He loved the Phantom Thieves. He really did. ... But sometimes they could be a bit too much...like right now. Aka: Goro wants to propose to Akira and the other Phantom Thieves decide to "help" him. FF.net version here. Goro Akechi sighed. He loved the Phantom Thieves. He really did...
  7. CrazyMew37

    What Ships Do You Support?

    Hi! I'm CrazyMew37, and I would like to see on what ships you guys like/support! It's gonna be interesting on how different our tastes are! Rules are simple: Just list your ships in a simple dotted list or another way to show them in a clear manner! Anyways, here's what I ship...
  8. TheCharredDragon

    The Prince and The Thief [PG-13] [Akechi/Fem!Akira] [Persona 5 AU]

    Summary: Goro Shido had hired her to steal from the highborn and spread discontent among the people, so that his ascension to the throne would go that much smoother. He had not anticipated for it to exceed his expectations...or for her to steal his heart. (Or: The Persona 5 medieval Europe-esque...
  9. Nikita Dracovish

    Dismay (AU, Ash's companions, Semi-OC, Meta...?)

    tl;dr: About a meta, angsty LiveJournal fusion of Misty/May/Dawn/Serena who feels like she’s blown her shot at being really famous and getting it on with Ash. Waaah. You know that one coworker who can't stop talking about how she used to have it better decades ago, despite a steady job and a...
  10. TheCharredDragon

    In the Hands of a Trickster [G] [Akechi/Fem!Akira] [Persona 5 One-Shot]

    Synopsis: Joker falling in love, from the perspective of the Pillager of Twllight. Inspired and written with the setting of the fanfics, Unfiltered and Wings of Rebellion, written by aiyumi, in mind. So spoilers for those fics (that you should totally read if you want a more sympathetic Akechi...
  11. Victorian Rush

    FullMetal Alchemist Shipping Discussions - 2.0

    Well, there was a previous version but it has since been closed so I figured I might as well bring it back, seeing as how I have really gotten into the series and I love it. You are allowed to talk about any ships you support it. Whether it be in the 03 version or in Brotherhood, it really does...
  12. Dragon's Blaze

    United Destiny: The Hero and the Hybrid (Amourshipping)

    Hello everyone! So my name's you already know. Yeah, So I wrote this for FFN and already began posting on Wattpad. So thanks to Umbranatic for helping me with making the transition to Serebii. Now then this story is probably one of the few that has Serena as the Main Protagonist. Yeah, I kinda...
  13. M


    The evilly named ship is back! For those of you who don't know, neoeeveeevolutionsshipping is Gary and Sakura. It was named because at the time they were the only recurring characters with eeveelutions and this was when Umb and Esp were new. I know this isn't the most popular of ships but...