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Do you play with Nuzlocke rules?

  • Yes!

    Votes: 14 27.5%
  • No...

    Votes: 30 58.8%
  • What the hell is Nuzlocke?

    Votes: 7 13.7%

  • Total voters
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Unidentified Ghost
Foresight scares me the most. I don't want fighting types to be able to kick me in the eye.
Being a ghost and all.
Seriously though, what do you think it would feel like? Ever been hit with a water hose, one with tons of pressure? Do you remember the sting? Now multiply that pain by about 10,000. There you go.
Ever touched a hot oven? Or a heater? That's probably how Ember feels. Multiply that pain by about 10,000...that's a fire blast. Overheat? Do the math.
Ever got a paper cut? That's a non critical Razor Leaf, except it causes many paper cuts all over the body.
Double paper cut pain for a critical, I guess.
I would think that a Solar Beam would burn like hell though. More like a fire attack.


Well-Known Member
Heck yes! I think it would be amazing to live in the Pokemon world as a trainer. It would be so much fun and I'd go on a bunch of adventures and battle gym leaders... Ah, it sounds great..


<< Bonkers
I would think that a Solar Beam would burn like hell though. More like a fire attack.
Solar Beam = Sun (only divided by 2 but that would be fried human meat, i guess thats why it takes two turn) Oh half poopy

Sun Beam = Oh poopy (hehe)


<< Bonkers
Magikarp > Gyarados design-wise definitely, I mean seriously, who doesn't like that adorable flopping fish?????

Gotta love it!

Then again, competitive wise Chansey>Blissey pretty soon O.O (or tied at least, which no other pokemon has come close to yet, except porygon2
;492-s;:What about me????
Me: YOur legendary. Legendaries don't have pre evos
;492-s;: crud.)


New Member
Hmmmm... Yeah. I think that'd be cool.

Although, come on people. We all know that beating the games is easy and can be done in 50 hours or so, but if it was real, we couldn't all be Pokemon masters.

It'd be more like the anime I guess. Except, we wouldn't all be as good or important as Ash either. (Come on, the guy's done well in competitions, and encountered tons of legendary Pokemon, that very few people ever see.) Most of us would probably fail utterly as trainers and seek out other ways to make a living. Come on, someone has to be behind the counter at the local PokeMart.

I'd personally like to live in Hoenn somewhere. I'd try training for the Pokemon League, but still, it would be an entirely different world. If we want to think about how it would be, we should look at the minor anime characters that appear in one episode, and try to imagine how their lives would be.

Also, town would be much larger. And not to mention, the Pokemon world is about the same size as ours, and we've only seen a small portion of it. So, it would be unimaginably different than whatever we know from the canon.
Wait! Are you telling me that most people don't already live there! (ouch that was a bad attempt at humor)

Back on topic, yes i would love to, and i would pwn all with my derf army!
Me: "Magikarp use splash!"


Charizard Tamer
Absolutely. I always wanted to do that as a kid. Now I'm in college and I still think it'd be awesome haha. Flying around on my Charizard dominating everything? Oh yea, can't beat that right there.


Charizard Tamer
I think there's lots of them actually. :p

Tepig looks better than it's evos, Eevee looks better than Leafeon IMO, there's just a butt load of them. I think most look better fully evolved, but there will always be those few that get uglier as they evolve :p

Emerald 2006

Well-Known Member
my response is in two words. "Hell Yeah!"
who wouldn't? that world seems a lot more peaceful than the one we have
currently, if you ask me.
I'd get a ton of gear, and set out into the world to be a trainer.
maybe not the best in the world,
but one good enough to defeat anyone who gets in my way.


Charizard Tamer
I'd just battle, battle, battle, trade, and do more battling :p I'd work on beating all gym leaders and elite four and I'd breed my Charizards as well, of course :)
As for me, I'd use them for neither good, nor evil. I'd simply wander around and battle, as long as I didn't get a generic name and outfit and have to wait on a bridge with a team full of level 40 magikarps.


Experienced Trainer
Okay, here is what I would do.
1) Beat every league there was,
2) Catch every pokemon that there was,
3) Raise my pokemon to extremely high levels,
4) Use them for the greater good,
5) Keep all of the crazy people who think they can take over the world in check,
6) Catch arceus and go around screaming, "This is your god?! Well I caught it in a plastic ball! Is that proof enough that you are all wrong and God is real?!"

...And now I'm just droning on about random fantasies.

OOH! and of course,
8) Use them to win over that girl I really like at school.
Not at all. I really do not want a snorlax holding up traffic, even though there would be no cars, only bikes. If a wild Groudon gets in a bad mood i wouldnt want to be near it. Everytime i walk by someone, they challenge me to a fight. If I can eat them like I eat animals, then they would at least serve some sort of purpose. I think Miltank might be the only good tasting pokemon. I would have to get interviewed by the cameraman and give an a 2 word answer that has nothing to do with his question so i can get a mystery gift. Hypno would be eating my dreams. Id go for a nice relaxing day of fishing, and id pull out a gyarados and it would shoot me with a dragon rage. Terrorists would fly on Aerodactyls and throw exploding electrodes at buildings.

no thanks Ill pass on real life pokemon.


<< Bonkers
Magikarp used Splash!

nuff said.

And Karens thing about the perspetive and all that. (even though im against ppl who hate tiers)


formerly R. New
No. I wouldn't. A world full of superpowered animals, some of which are used by total maniacs, where the police don't do anything and parents are apathetic enough to let 10 year olds go out into the world on their own does not sound fun to me. The Spearow would be picking my bones clean within a month.


Typhlosion Master
yup, of course! flying around on my dragonite and defeating people with my typhlosion...:D
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