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Don't evolve, I love you!

Just stay as you are.

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Contaminated KFC
Wow, two polls in a matter of days. Next thing you know, I'm going to let the cat out of the bag and reveal that I'm actually one of Cybercubed's alternate accounts.
Oh sheet.

Basically, just explain which pokémon you'd rather stay as they are, and why.
I'll get things started with an example;

I personally feel that it's 'my smooth rock gives me super strength' routine works better when it's at it's smallest. Visually, a miniscule, overly-girly looking creature being able to lug the likes of Grotle around with zero effect on it's spine and stamina is awkward looking and unexpected. That's where the humour comes in. While I'm sure it could pull off the same gag as a bulkier Chansey...I just don't think it'll be the same. It'll still be a tub of goo with stumpy arms, but at the same time, it'd be a lot more 'believable' (for lack of a better word), which would take away a lot of the charm the character currently holds.

Try not to limit your answers to 'so-and-so is ugly!!!', because that's been done to death. And none of you are going to top the master anyway, because that'll take a lifetime of training and floor polish to achieve.


Izit cuz I is black?
I like how Piplup isn't on the list, almost as if you know for sure that there's no point in arguing for it not evolving...
I don't see how Croagunk would actually improve as a character with evolution, and Buizel would similarly just become bigger and cockier-looking if it evolved (not much thought was put into Floatzel, methinks). However, I would like to see at least one evolved water pokemon this region, and Buizel is the only one with the potential to do so cause he won't be any less marketable.
I also don't know where I stand on Grotle evolving again, actually. Maybe for the filler saga, but at least for Ash VS Paul in the league I don't want two Torterra- I'd rather Ash have an Infernape.
I agree with you about Happiny- I wouldn't mind that one being another fairly swift first-to-third situation, just cause Chansey doesn't change much evolving into Blissey, but Blissey has had less of a starring role and seems to actually live up to its supposed rarity, unlike its predecessor. Is there a Chansey farm where the Pokemon Centres import them from? They're also clearly not very happy with working conditions, cause only a small handful have made it to the Blissey stage. Now there's a damn good
filler episode in the making.


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Piplup:i dont know...Prinplup just dosent seem right for Dawn.
Buneary:same thing. Just dont think its right for her.


Contaminated KFC
They're all just going to be lame and not evolve their pokemon. I mean, Ash has had a Pikachu for YEARS and It's still not a Raichu. Same thing what everyone else is going to do.

I was expecting this at some point, but it's kind of depressing it went down this early in the thread's life.


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I most certainly agree that happiny should stay the way it is. Not only would it be less fun after evolving, but its evolved form is old as the moon, and we really don't need one owned by the main cast. If we need chansey antics (which we don't, exactly), we could just check in to a pokemon centre. Plus, unlike its evolved form, happiny is a Sinnoh pokemon. People said aipom had to evolve, unless there was no point in keeping it as a Johto pokemon. Happiny has that argument in reverse. Why would it evolve into a Kanto pokemon of all things?

Besides, I certainly don't want it to end Brock's extended reign on Pokemon. I just have a feeling he'll just end up trying to get Joy to like him and still end up failing before the gang leaves him to die, and I certainly do not want that.

As for buneary, I wouldn't mind it evolving, just as long as they don't turn it overly femme. Or do what it was expected to do, and reject pikachu after evolving. Not only is that another male rejection (which Brock supplies by the truckload), but it would deliver the final nail to the little lagamorph's coffin in terms of the pokemon's being interesting. I guess Dawn could use it more after evolution, but really, what fun is it that it gets more usage, yet loses its main schtick? Plus, with those enormous ears, I'm sure it can only be overexposed as son-of-squirtle.

I also don't know where I stand on Grotle evolving again, actually. Maybe for the filler saga, but at least for Ash VS Paul in the league I don't want two Torterra- I'd rather Ash have an Infernape.

Are you saying you want Paul to end up suffering a humiliating defeat of being outsped by some hyper-speedy freak? You want him to be defeated in the same way Ash has beaten Surge years ago?

I say at least a torterra will test Ash in his need for speed department. He totally shafted torkoal for it, and I think the slow pokemon need some bit of redeeming. That can't happen if the swifties like sceptile and infernape keep taking their glory.
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gone gently
If my time machine and mind-control machine hadn't just run out of AAA batteries, I'd set things back to where Turtwig was still a Turtwig and then vote for it in this poll. But that's overly complicated and infeasible, so I'll just make do with your current options, Gravy.

Buizel, Buneary, and Staravia could all do fine either way. Staravia's evolution wouldn't be grieved by anyone with sense. Buizel's evolution wouldn't change much and Buneary can't fill the tiny-fluffy-squishy-girly-cutesy role at the same time as Piplup and Pachirisu fight over it, so evolution might actually do it a favor.

Croagunk's evolution might not be a godsend, but it wouldn't be a terrible move either. I just wonder how Brock's libido and lumbago would take it. :p

Anyway, I like Chimchar very much as is, and the sort of perseverance its character is looking for would best be achieved without evolving first (imo, anyway). But after getting the "I told you so" on Paul, I couldn't imagine anything standing in the way of a shiny new Monferno or Infernape in Ash's future. Physically speaking, Chimchar stands to gain the most from evolution anyway.

But I have to vote Happiny, and for all the reasons Gravy gave. Its gimmick is funny and cute, and just couldn't be handled the same way if it got any bigger. Not to mention Chansey has become something of a Pokemon Center only-themed Pokemon. Or better yet, what octoboy said. >_>
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Monkeyshipping, ftw!
ditto on what everyone said about happiny. and croagunk... poor, poor brock if he does... while i personally don't want chimchar to evolve, i think they don't have much of a choice. it's too little right now to master it's super-powers, so maybe the writers are going to have an evolution/super-training bonanza. i don't think grotle's going to evolve again... look at the piplups.. there's one of each evolution. and there's gardenia's turtwig, ash's grotle, and paul's torterra. buizel might evolve, it's already proved it can beat a floatzel. buneary i tihnk should stay the way it is. a lopunny just seems a bit too mature for our n00bish coordinator.

why did you call staravia "the bird"?


Not really, no.
After proving it can already best it's evo in battle, Buizel honestly has no reason to evolve, IMO.

Except maybe Razor Wind (which just happens to be my favorite attack). And the obligatory form change. Well, and the fact that it's pretty much a water-type Grovyle.


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Croagunk, I don't think its current gag could be pulled off as well, if it was bigger. One of Croagunk's things is that its small and when it pops out of nowhere its believable.
Buneary, definitely. Buneary is the cutest little thing ever in DP (oh my, I sound so girly...tee hee), and I just love it.

Remember the way Buneary ran to Dawn and wrapped its arms around her in that recent ep where the groups Pokemon got separated? It was so cute. Buneary is like a little plush toy, you just want to squeeze it.

I love Buneary's crush on Pika too, in the Rotom ep Buneary was hiding behind Pikachu with its arms around it.

Buneary is one of my favorites of DP, so I don't want it to evolve. I'm surprised some of you don't want Buizel to evolve though, it has Grovyle's attitude and Floatzel looked damn cool in Wake's Gym.
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Oh, u mad bro?
i don't see chimchar evolving.its kinda cool just the way it is.i don't see ash with a monferno or infernape at all.it jus wouldn't look right.visually,chimchar looks more suited for ash.


Contaminated KFC