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Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
Mewtwo finally let loose when the memory faded, breaking into sobs and allowing himself to cry. "I-I am so stupid," he croaked. "I did not think it through... but it felt so right at the time! A-And I did not want to disturb the peace... the peace that she was feeling then... She had not felt peace in so long..." His voice cracked, and he gave up speaking, resorting to tears.

Despite her attempts to forget it ever happened, he knew it was bothering her, they were growing mad from it. He admitted it to himself he couldn't get her off his mind, couldn't bring himself to blot out that spark of innocence he brought back to life. Whatever had happened between then and his return to Mirage Island had only caused more dismay. The look in her eyes when they made first emotional contact in a long while was heartbreaking. She didn't mean it, it wasn't even her that bit him. Something else had made her, whether it was from her madness or another side of her brought to the surface. He had been meaning to verbally forgive her for it, her accusation just hit a nerve that kept him silent about it. Touching the area on his arm where he knew the wound had been, Mewtwo secretly cursed Arceus for taking it away from him. Indeed, he wouldn't deny he had become more of a human than he wished to be.

What happened the previous week was so different from their first kiss. He had tried for tenderness, but it was too passionate when all he did was miss and graze her jaw. His much-hated human side had then taken over, replacing the comfort of love with carnal desires. Because of his actions, she came close to losing every virtue she held dear just because he wanted her that night. It had taken all of his willpower then to keep from thrusting her against the tree, even after he had felt it rising inside of her as well. Because he obeyed his heart, he suffered a whole day and night's worth of withdrawal from her body like a drug addict breaking a habit. There was no doubt she had gone through the same ordeal. The more he thought on it, the more Mewtwo's heart bled.

Ho-oh, the whole time, silently watched him break down at his feet like a sinner confessing to the Father. It wasn't like him to weep about it, let alone show any other strong emotion besides rage. The situation, sentimental as it was, made him uncomfortable. He didn't know what to do. It just felt wrong for him to know what was going on in Mewtwo's head the whole week. This was too personal, too intimate for everything to be poured out to anyone but Mew.

Gingerly, he gave his insight, "Mewtwo, you should not be saying all of this to me. I'm not Mew."

"She will not let me near her," the clone barely breathed out through his tears. "Not after what I did."

"You don't know that."

"I do know that! Have you seen what happens when I walk by without even saying a word to her?! She is afraid of me!"

The phoenix bowed his head a little. "Well, maybe she doesn't know what to say."

Mewtwo let out a dry laugh. "Of course! Why did I not see that before? Mew has grown shy around me, and thus she cannot find the words to tell me her feelings and must only resort to body language. How romantic! It is true that actions speak louder than words!"

"Mewtwo, I have never seen you act this way before, and quite frankly, it frightens me." He reached forward, and with a little effort forced him to stand. "You are an intelligent being, how can you lower yourself to this?"

"Oh, like many intelligent beings, human and non-human, have not gone through what I am going through," he snorted, swiping the tears away and sending an accused glare at Ho-oh.

Feathers bristling a little, he reasoned, "Of course they have, it's a part of life! We have been made to be attracted to one another in the idea that one day we may have children! What are you looking at me like that for, did I word it wrong or something?"

Mewtwo's face had cringed sourly at his statement, but he refused to answer. Rolling his eyes, Ho-oh resumed, "Look, the point I'm making is that we all find love at some point in our lives. But unfortunately for some people, they think they may feel for someone only for it to be nothing more than a farce. They use this person to quench their thirst for a body, then move on to something else. They may claim this is love when in reality it's lust. This is more apparent in some more than others, but it happens in everyone. It's up to the person to judge themselves and question why it is they're in love with this someone, what their motivation is for staying together. A relationship can only remain strong if the couple supports one another, to equalize and have good communication with each other. And they must recognize what it is that attracted them together, and hold true to that. Am I getting off topic?"

The psycat shrugged. "You went from love and lust to good relationship advice. You tell me."

"Oh, for God's sake, Mewtwo, just..." He sighed. "Just go talk to Mew, and don't give me that same emo crap about her not wanting anything to do with you."

"Why, Ho-oh, did I hear some common slang from you? I thought you were above that."

The Sky Guardian stood there frowning unhappily at a smirking Mewtwo. "You're a smart-ass," he grumbled, turning around and heading further into the wood. Then he looked back and pointed at the campsite's direction, "Go make yourself useful and prepare breakfast, or find Mew and talk to her. And that's an order."

The moment he disappeared into the trees, the clone returned to the site to find only a few other Legendaries had stirred themselves awake. He noticed Mew wasn't to be found, presumably gone to prepare herself for the day. A sigh subconsciously escaped him, which caught the attention of a passing Darkrai.

"What's the matter with you?" he wondered, looking Mewtwo up and down.

He made himself unsure of it all. "I do not know. I suppose I did not sleep well last night."

The phantom chortled. "Mewtwo, I would have known if you tossed and turned. You've slept better last night than you did two nights ago."

Mewtwo had almost forgotten that even as a mortal Darkrai still had the capability to feel uneasiness pulsing in the air. He stared back, trying to picture his days with Cresselia and wondering if he could trust telling him about his thoughts. Who better to ask for advice than someone who had been through it all?

But he held back those questions to try brushing him off. "I am all right. I just... had a feeling today was not going to be a good day."

"Yeah, I felt that, too. The spirits have been a bit restless the past couple of weeks, so I figured something was coming up."

The feline blinked. "You can still see them?"

Darkrai half-shrugged. "Eh, sometimes. I suppose I lost some of it, but every now and then I'll see them wandering around. Same with Giratina, but since he's been around spirits longer than I have, he sees them more frequently. But most of the time, I just feel their presences." He then leaned forward, his voice almost dropping to a whisper. "You have been noticing that, right? The world's quieter and less distracting now, surely you've felt them."

"Why? Has everyone else reported that?"

"Pretty much, but only Mew has personally told me that she's been seeing glimpses, though she thinks she's only just seeing their auras. And I can see that. After all, when one's learned to control the Tree of Beginning and thus quite often involved with aura, it would make sense to see them that way. It doesn't make her a channeler, because honestly, those people creep me out, but it makes her more unique." A small grin jutted out from behind the spiked collar. "Maybe with a little bit of exposure and training, she might be able to communicate with them. I think she might help save some souls that way." Without another word, he drifted into the wood.

Mewtwo shivered from the somewhat-chilling impression Darkrai still would leave behind and hurried more into the campground, dodging Lugia's tail when it twitched (he swore he was working on controlling it). The longer he glanced around, the more his insides writhed in his anxiety—wait, since when did he become nervous?—to speak with Mew. He was thinking he would confess to her, but suggest they remain friends, and hopefully this inward battle with their emotions would end. He couldn't bear to see her waste away again over it.

Latias suddenly bolted him from his thoughts when she clung onto his arm. "Mewtwo, Mewtwo, come quick!" she gasped.

He turned to her, frowning at her spilling tears. "What is it?"

"Latios is acting funny! I've never seen him like that before!"

The Eon dragon was one of the few who was up, Mewtwo just figured he went to wash himself. It was the urgent tone, however, that gave him second thoughts. "Where is he?"

"He followed Mew somewhere over there," and she pointed north of Cherrygrove. "He kept muttering to himself, and he was all... I don't know, I think he just wanted to talk to her. But from what little I saw, he was trying to catch her, so she ran off and—Mewtwo?" She paused in her hurried explanation to find the clone was already disappearing into the trees.

It was never a good thing to have a sibling report unusual behavior. It would have been one thing had Suicune said out of the blue Entei or Raikou ran off, maybe even Moltres saying the same thing about Zapdos. To have a well-composed Pokémon like Latios just turn tail like that was a bad sign. And as he was following Mew, no doubt there was something going on. His heart skipped when he heard her yell in fright to the side, and he cut through to a shocking sight.

There was no way to tell how long he had been pursuing her, or why it was no one heard a scuffle. The trees were damaged, many with bark or branches torn off. One had a hole blown through the trunk, and there were scattered chunks of boulder. He arrived in time to watch Latios shove Mew into a tree as she fought back, clawing and kicking to throw him off.

"Latios, what's gotten into you?!" she shouted the moment she freed herself.

A chilling, sinister chuckle escaped from Latios as he turned to grin maniacally at her. "Why, nothing is wrong with me, my dear," he purred. "I am only partaking in my duty."

"What duty?" she hissed, slowly backing away. Mewtwo could tell from where he stood she was visibly trembling. "We all have a duty here. What, just because you say yours is the most 'important' that it gives you permission to go ahead and do it?"

"And should I not? If you have a dream, you go for it."

"But what does this have to do with anything?!"

"I am preserving the species."

Her back hit a tree and she swung around behind when he swiped for her. "And you think by raping me you'll preserve it?"

"It is not rape, you are just playing hard to get," he feigned a complaint.

"Latios, I know you better than this! I mean... you have a sister!"

Latios raised a brow. "Your point is?"

Mew clenched her teeth. "Why are you acting this way?" she bitterly whispered. She quickly dodged another jump for her. "Don't make me hurt you, Latios!"

Laughing, the dragon just spread out his arms in welcome. "Go ahead. It will make it easier on the both of us."

"What is that supposed to mean?!"

He canted his head in her direction, the grin splitting his face. "One must use extreme measures to get what they want." In a flash, he disappeared. She gave a gasp, barely feeling the breeze behind her before she was slammed hard into a nearby tree, crushed between bough and body. A cry was let out until a hand silenced her, and her chin tipped up when the other brushed the claws down her throat and collarbone, throwing her into shudders and a pitiful whine. He then leaned forward, and as he glanced over to where the clone was, darkly jested into her ear, "The difficult, the better."

As chilling as it was to meet the dragon's sharp gaze, something inside of Mewtwo had snapped when he pinned her. He couldn't figure out what the motivation was, nor the emotion that was there. Barely was he able to contain himself when he sprinted forward, snatched Latios by the neck, and ripped him off her to shove him against another tree.

The Eon Legendary at the same time gave a shout of pain, raising a hand for his head and staring wide-eyed at his attacker. "Mewtwo! What are you doing? Where's the campsite?"

"You keep your hands off her!" he snarled, bashing him again.

"Gah, what are you talki—" Silenced once more with another blow.

"You cannot fool me, I saw the whole thing!"

"I-I swear I don't know what you're talking about!"

"You sick bastards are all the same!"

"Mewtwo, will you let me—!" He was cut off by a squeeze to the throat, Mewtwo's eyes flashing blue.

"Mewtwo, what is wrong with you?!" Mew shrieked from behind, rushing up to pry him away.

Enraged, he spun around and seized her by the shoulders before she touched him. "Why did you not fight him off?!" he hollered, shaking her. "Do you realize what he could have done?!"

Having been caught off-guard, she temporarily lost her words, dreadfully gaping at his darkened face. His hard eyes dangerously pulsed color in time with his rapid breathing. Her only involuntary movement was a vigorous shake of the head, meaning one thing, but mistaken for another.

Mewtwo resumed his outcry, "He could have raped you, Mew! Why would you allow him to do that?!"

"H-How was I supposed to know he'd follow me?!" the tiny feline wailed, struggling in his possessive hold. "But I swear, Mewtwo, he wasn't himself!"

"Why, of course, Mew, how observant of you!" he jeered, his grip tightening, causing her to painfully gasp. "All hormonally-stricken males become aroused at the mere sight of a pretty young female and seek out pleasure with her. And a pretty female plus an empty clearing equals a moment of intimacy. They are all the same, are they not?!"

"It takes one to know one!"

He barked a laugh. "Oh, how clever of you! He was set on murdering you if he had the chance!"

"So were you! Mewtwo, ever since we had that one moment together, you've become different!"

"You need to be more specific, Mew. We have had more than one intimate moment together," he encouraged in agitation, pressing his fingers into her arms at the word.

She shivered under the touch and sharp gaze. "Our first kiss started this mess! At least I did—yes, Mewtwo, I'm admitting I screwed up, I admit to everything! A woman needs to be honest to everyone including herself, and since I was the cause of it all, I'll be the one to end it." Mew solemnly hung her head, arms trembling when his hands loosened. Her voice then lowered with a sigh, "You didn't mean it, Mewtwo... I believe you. I believe all of it." Slowly, a paw reached up to touch her throat, inhaling deeply. "I wish I could... believe myself." Then her eyes locked onto his, watching the light inside return.

The two stared at each other as the tension dropped, the witness of Latios all but forgotten from their minds. Mewtwo dropped his hold on her, his frown deepening as he raised a lone hand to lay upon her cheek. She quivered at the sensitive contact, averting her gaze as a slight blush warmed under his fingertips, taking sudden, uneven breaths. Then she backed away.

"I need to be alone. Please don't follow me. I-I don't know when I'll be back." She forcibly swallowed any reasons for her demand. Turning her back to him, Mew brought herself to whisper, "You tell Ho-oh he had every right to hear it. He needed to know."

He barely nodded before she headed off further into the wood. Somehow, he figured he would be stunned she had eavesdropped, but he strangely found comfort in it. Her reaction was different from what he imagined, almost the polar opposite. She had accepted it so easily that he couldn't help wondering if it was bothering her a little, like something was holding her back.

Mewtwo flinched when a small headache stung through, and he turned to Latios, who had remained patiently silent the entire time. He cringed at the bloody welt developing on his forehead, surprised he had gone that far. Pointing for the campsite, he said in an apologetic tone, "Let us get that taken care of before your sister sees you like this."

Without another word, they left as the Eon dragon patted him on the back in forgiveness.


Why did you not spill out everything, hmm? Balance him out.

I couldn't.

Was it because Latios was there? If you were alone with him like you were last week, then would you have told him?

Latios has nothing to do with this.

Answer me!

"What do you want from me?" Mew whimpered out loud, clutching her head as she listlessly traveled through the forest.

The truth.

"Mewtwo doesn't need to know."

Liar. You forget I know everything about you.

"Then you tell me the truth!" she hissed.

Why should I? There was a malicious smile portrayed in the voice. If I said you were insane, you would not believe me.

Her small body shuddered as she spun around, searching for the source. For the past week, she had tried to keep the disembodied voice at bay until she made the mistake of addressing it when it disturbed her dreams. It accompanied her since, and it had taken all her willpower to keep from physically talking to it, and even more energy to continue looking normal. Mew couldn't remember when she last slept—well she did, her body had just never felt like it was getting rest during this torment.

"Who are you?" she murmured. "You're not... me, a-are you?"

Oh no, you are not this cruel, it drawled on as though it was enjoying harassing her.

She felt sick. "Why are you here?"

For the same reason you are.

"You're not haunting me, are you?"

Such a mortal term. But you could say that.

A frightened intake of breath caused her to collapse against a tree, clutching herself and struggling to hold back sobs. An icy wave attacked her on both sides as her chest ached hollowly. Her fur stood on end upon realizing it felt like something reached in to stroke her heart. Almost immediately, a mental image of Mewtwo caressing her breast as he breathed over her neck burst in on its own, which in turn started to numb her.

She shook her head strenuously in disbelief, knowing she didn't envision it. "This has nothing to do with Mewtwo!" she gasped out, staring wide-eyed above her.

So why bring him up? the voice chuckled.

"I didn't, something's putting these images in my head!" The more she shivered, the more passionate and realistic the touches felt against her skin. A moan escaped her lips, head thrown back as his fingertips massaged sensitive flesh.

You do not remember conjuring these up in your dreams? At what you imagined would have happened had you two stayed?

How could she forget? A pitiful, muffled cry escaped her lips when the dream Mewtwo pressed a deep kiss against her mouth, feeling the skim of his tongue slipping in. She twitched against the tree trunk, begging for an end.

You never stayed asleep long enough to see the end, the whispered taunt continued as mouthed through him, hot breath causing her to shiver in arousal. And you have since refused to. But now that you are alone, would you like to resume where you left off?

The farthest she had gotten before she resisted sleep... his lips had been massaging her body while he slowly guided her to the ground below him. He had fondled her tail tantalizingly, causing her to moan and plead for more. And then, trailing the length, his hand moved upward and brushed her inner thigh...

Her eyes widened and her breath quickened, yanking her paws away to push off against the trunk. "I can't!" she exclaimed, speeding down a random direction.

Mew couldn't shake off the belief she was being hunted down, she could feel the spindly fingers stretching to snatch her. They followed her every move, easily slipping through trees, bushes, abandoned tunnels and solid rock, inching ever closer. Her mind screamed for peace when her voice refused to, body tiring from being beaten around by vain escape routes and hunger. She started slowing down, about to submit to capture.

Then it abruptly paused its chase, lifting away from her.

She flew on several more feet before coming to a complete stop, crashing to the ground hard. Choking on her sobs and dust with tears stinging her eyes, Mew shakily crawled into the safety of a brown hedge, heaving painful breaths. She curled up there for rest (or death, whichever came first), adrenaline continuing to throb throughout her veins in an agonizing manner. Then as quickly as it came, she suddenly perked up and wriggled out of the brush, staring at the ivy-coated crumbling building before her. Her jaw unhinged, eyes scanning about the occupied space. It wasn't the only artifact of ruin still standing, there was another identical one further away. The graying yellow of the bricks gave it a bland appearance, though the eerie, mysterious atmosphere about it made it more interesting and intriguing. And for some odd reason, she felt like it was calling her.

Slowly but hesitantly, she lifted herself up and approached the front building, delicately placing a hand on the wall. It was gritty from age, yet still sturdy. With the palm still pressed on the rough surface, she allowed her fingers to skim along when she floated down to the end. Looking around the corner, she gasped lightly at the entrance. The sunlight peeking through the clouds richly enhanced the shadows that spilled inside. More ivy vines tangled around and hung down from their stations, purple buds developing at the entryway. She inched for the mouth of the building only to feel a strong pull emerge from her the moment she froze beneath the arch. Breath caught in her throat, her eyes widened at the long hallway stretching to a grayed end.

Mew tried to back away, but whatever invisible force was drawing her in had already ensnared her. She locked into her teleportation only to receive a sharp headache from it. Having no choice, she flew inside. The slow descent into the ruin was tolerable only because of the curious hieroglyphics carved into the walls—shaped like tablets, she noted—almost like they were guiding her through with their patterns. Though oddly enough, they looked like alphabets with eyes watching her every move—

She gasped and pulled away her hand before she could touch it. "Ruins of Alph," she fearfully whispered, glancing around nervously like there was a curse somewhere in the tunnel. "My God... how is this still standing?"

Then again, how was it all the ruins consecrated to the Unown were able to survive this long, to avoid being torn down for human development? Mew remembered reports and rumors about the ruins being bewitched or haunted, however, none of them proved to be true. While the occasional person did find themselves lost in the labyrinths of these unique chambers, they all had been led to an exit by unknown sources, a few even claiming Pokémon much like the ancient writing helped them out. So scientists and archaeologists had flocked to these sites for fervent studies and hopes to catch a glimpse of an Unown, and channelers and so-called psychics were called in to communicate with them or open a pathway to where they reside. In time, public demand allowed them to become national parks, and it raked the tourists in. A few greedy people had attempted to make a business out of it, they just somehow all failed to in various unexplained ways (though there was a report one tycoon went insane because of "one-eyed devils"). As much as they liked the behind-the-scenes attention, the Unown would sometimes grow bored of scaring and chasing them away, so they would hide away and come back out after every few decades or so.

Then, one day, they mysteriously vanished. Palkia had brought it up the moment he noticed an unbalance in space; slight, but miraculously still harmless. He had visited their home dimension only to find it became nonexistent. A guess was they moved to another dimension or created a new room, but it continued to remain a mystery until their ruins slowly began to deteriorate and fall to dust. One by one, they all became nothing more than a myth, lost with the older, dying generation. The Unown were no more.

Yet somehow, the famous Ruins of Alph proved itself to be resilient to their absence and even eluded human activity. Mew couldn't see how something this large could have gone unnoticed. She knew that once a ruin was excavated, it was doomed to inevitable destruction. So it was virtually impossible for a decimated artifact such as this to remain standing even through the end of the world. Unless...

She had seen the Unown only once, but they were mysteriously incredible. Alone, a Magikarp could easily turn out victorious. Together, they had a form of ancient power that was stronger than her or any of the other Legendaries. It was believed they were the ones keeping the world in order inside their own dimension. Could it be possible they were still around, taking refuge and hiding away the last of the ruins? The latter thought made her uneasy as she turned and flew for the exit.

An invisible power surge from deep in the heart of the ruins constricted her before she could escape, then proceeded to pull her further inside. Mew struggled to free herself, feeling as though her life was squeezing out of her the more she fought. "No, no! What do you want from me?!" she screamed into the tunnel, half-expecting to get an answer.

Her breath then choked in her lungs, sending her body into icy shock. As she began to sink to the floor, she was wrenched further into the dark ruins. How far along, she couldn't tell, her involuntary asphyxiation drawing her closer to unconsciousness. It was a blessed relief when she was thrown onto the tiled floor, the pressure on her chest lifting. She lay there gulping down trembling breaths, hardly aware of the throbbing pain to her head. Slowly, her strength recovered enough to allow her movement without the dizzying effect. Mew cast her eyes about the room she found herself in, jaw dropping.

There was little sunlight spilling into the vast chamber through crevices in the ceiling, but whatever it illuminated brought a quaint amount of color to the room. The inside did not match the outside walls when it came to age and hue, if at all. Everything looked like no one had stepped foot here in many years, but it did it too well, like it had time to renovate itself. From what she could see beneath the ivy, the walls were a golden orange, every square inch covered in Unown hieroglyphics. Stone statues of Pokémon from ancient times were pushed up available wall, their petrified gazes pointed upward. She brought herself to rise to look at them, marveling at the perfect detail and at how there were no cracks or specks of dust on them. In fact, she questioned if they were really sculptures, they looked like they had once been actual living creatures, the poses were so life-like.

As she traveled further into the empty room, the more she noticed it was a simple zigzag labyrinth—if it could still even be called that. Rounding a corner, she found herself in another room. And once inside, Mew held back a gasp, staring at statues of the Hoenn Legendaries. They held reverent poses (even that of Kyogre in mid-jump), all still looking up toward heaven like the lower prehistoric class. The detail was exceedingly fine, like the sculptors took their time to carve out every single scale on Rayquaza and Groudon, every dent and space between rock limbs for Regirock, the perfect smoothness of Jirachi. What surprised her the most was a single pedestal at a corner that held the four forms of Deoxys. Even more-so, it looked as old as its surrounding sculptures.

She shivered, hurrying into the other room where the Sinnoh Legends awaited her there. Brow furrowing, she peeked back at the statue. "It must have been added on some time ago," she tried to convince herself. "The humans were always trying to appeal to the younger generation."

Mew sighed softly, then turned back to the other carved images. They were all there, set up against a wall or in the middle. It didn't take much scanning to know every single one was made to direct their frozen gazes to the skies. Even the Arceus statue with one front leg up had its eyes upward, to show even the Legend it impersonated wasn't above the others. After finding there wasn't another entrance, she left, quickly finding herself into the prehistoric room. There was a strange atmosphere in the ruins that was leaving her shaken up since she saw the Deoxys statue. She desperately wanted to leave and return to camp. Taking deep breaths, she flew for the exit.

Instead, it was the entrance to another room filled with more statues of the Legends. Gasping, she backed up, looking around frantically for another opening. The rays of light were still bright and numerous enough she found no other rooms except for those she had already visited. Whimpering fearfully, she hesitantly inched into the hall of the Johto Legends. It had to be the oldest room, covered in thick layers of vine and filled with the most light. One beam in particular was bathing a Ho-oh statue in the golden rays, bringing out the realism in it. The one of Lugia was kept in darkness, the sight sending shivers down her spine. Mew noticed the Celebi statue looked to have been the cause of the thick growth, fitting as it was by the wall. The three Legendary Beasts were present in all their beauty, almost the opposite of what they were now. She began to sense a subtle pattern as she moved for the other room.

Not surprisingly, it held the Kanto Legends.

But Mewtwo was among them.

Something was wrong here. Deoxys she could somewhat understand, he had brought worldwide attention to himself that made scientists pursue him for studies. Suicune, Entei and Raikou were part of Johto's history, even though they didn't come to being until after the Ruins were deserted, but it still made sense they were added on. Mewtwo, on the other hand, was only known to a very select few, and they had all taken their knowledge of him to their graves. He may have accidentally made an urban legend in a city or two, but that was it. No one had gotten a good glimpse of him, so how was it a perfect sculpture of him was placed in a ruin? Maybe she was just imaging it. She had him on the brain for so long, she projected a stone image of him in the middle of the room, infinitely gazing into heaven like the others in all their godly forms.

Wait. There was one that stood out. Her eyes locked onto where it rested in the dark corner, being irresistibly drawn to the oddity of it.

It was her—an ancestor, maybe, or some other Mew, she couldn't tell nor care less at the moment. The stone bust's detail was still there, the only difference was the head was limp, eyes facing the wall with a blank stare to them. She squinted, leaning forward for a better look. Unlike the other statues, there were no irises carved in, giving it a dead appearance. The pose was still life-like, no doubt the sculptor was talented like that; still, Mew wondered how intentional it was supposed to be. Why would every other sculpture (even that of Mewtwo's) look so hopeful, but this one so downcast? They were all formed to be like gods, yet this was as low as those of the prehistoric Pokémon? It wasn't implied to be her, so why would it appeal to her so well?

She happened to look at the wall the statue was focusing on and noticed what looked to be a paragraph, the only writing on the entire wall. The language of ancients peered at her, as though asking her to read them; they knew she could. With the strangest feeling she was trapped unless she read them, Mew scanned through them, frowning the entire time. It was the most curious thing she had ever read, it wasn't clicking in. Slowly, she phrased it out loud, fleshing out the words:

"Our words shall remain here for the ages, thus we shall erect a Pokémon statue outside. They possess great insight and refuse the outside world. We humans must learn to walk in harmony with them. We depart for their sakes."

At once, the hieroglyphics glowed a venomous green, and a stone tail tightly twined around her, cutting off any air for a scream. She barely caught a glimpse of the Mew statue glaring at her with glowing irises before she was tossed down through a hole beneath her. The moment she hit the floor, it quickly closed shut, torches blazing to life. Biting down on her lip, the feline shakily lifted herself up, looking about the fire-lit room as she rubbed at her arms. The temperature was the first thing she noticed, a deathly chill was in the air (as was dust she determined when she sneezed). The entire area was enclosed in, though a dark hallway behind her suggested there was a way in and out. High above her was the ceiling, the outline she could barely make out in the darkness. On the walls were the tablet-bordered lettering with additional pictures she couldn't make sense of, but thought they were familiar-looking.

Mew froze in place when her eyes grew transfixed on the mural before her, a slow intake of breath finding itself into her lungs. She hadn't seen it in many years, not since she fled her beloved home. They all had to be copies compared to it, this must be the original. It covered the majority of the far wall where the most light shone upon, and thus it was the most detailed. She approached it humbly, having found the source of the pull, the fulfillment of a destiny she herself must perform. When she was as near as she dared, she knelt down on a cold altar, her gaze never once leaving the picture.

It was of a great ancestor, the first known Mew that started it all. The people who once worshiped her species held a deep admiration for her, for without her, there couldn't be a broad variety of species. She was the Eve of all Pokémon, respected and revered.

That could have been the reason the one tablet was taken away by the scientists when they had then journeyed into the Amazon. At least one of them had a degree in archeology and knew the importance of it, so they agreed to take it as inspiration to remind them that she, a normal Mew entrusted with a daunting task, started it all. The Mother of all Pokémon.

But what about the Father of all Pokémon? Where was he? He arguably was, had been, or is in heaven, however, stories of him were twisted over time. She was never taught about him as a child, she had to glean it from passing and her own guesses. But as she knelt there, she had that sinking feeling she knew where he was.

Who he was.

And who she was meant to be. What they were meant to be. That ability was in their DNA.

I'm not ready.

A hand strayed across the altar's surface and bumped up against a smooth wooden object, fingers readily curling around it. She raised it to her line of vision, slightly wincing at the gleam the curved rusted steel gave off. Calmly, she glanced down upon where she rested, taking notice of the dried bloodstains spattered across the surface.

...even though it's my duty.

The paw holding the knife lightly placed it against her throat, almost on its own accord. You will not have to, came a gentle breezing whisper at her ear. You can end it. Someone else will take your place.

Her eyes closed shut as she swallowed. All the Legendaries came to mind, one individual at a time, watching her worriedly. Some shook their heads, others looked away. She recognized those images as memories, some from months back. Mew leaned away from the blade a little as she looked back up at the mural.

Who will take my place?

Any one of them can. They will move on without you. It inched back to the skin, lightly cutting it.

She repeated her action, though not without a struggle. They don't have the ability to alter genes like I do.

That is why they have Mewtwo.

Her breath caught as he appeared in her thoughts, the sight of sorrowful amethyst eyes warming her soul, wanting to comfort her... to love her. He had tried a few times, but it turned out for the worse. It wasn't his fault. As intelligent and powerful as he was, Mewtwo had no experience except from her. She was the one who reached out to him so many times, it was she who managed to open his heart to more emotions, more opportunities to belong to the world. While he didn't show it, he considered her a close friend. He could never really say no to her for very long. There was no doubt that if she had ever gotten into danger, he would be there to help.

Mew slowly lowered the knife, staring up at the ceiling. Could it be he was trying to return the favor, his way of showing his gratitude to her? Or... had he really fallen for her during that time? Was it possible that underneath all that irritation, he had silently looked forward to her visits? Was she the true source of his peace, the beat of his heart? When did he realize this? Why did she not see the signs?

"Oh, Mewtwo," escaped her lips in a sad sigh, eyes gently closing. "How long have you loved me?"

You do not need him, and he does not need you, hissed the voice as her hands began to twitch against the handle. End it! Slit your throat, pierce your breast! End it all!

She shook her head, her arms trembling. "No... I can't..."

He has never loved you, it is all pretend!

The memory of their first kiss flashed in her mind's eye. "He would never do that," she insisted, blearily staring at the ceiling. "He would not play with my heart like that."

There is a difference between love and possession.

"He loves me!" she gasped out when an arm shot out, the other raising the knife. She fought to regain control of her body, the strain bringing hot tears to her eyes. "When he asked me about love, he wanted to know if he was capable of it!"

Wrong! To corrupt emotion, you must know of it first!

Mew's pulse quickened when the edge skimmed her wrist, and she wailed, "What's going on?!"

This is how much a broken heart bleeds!

She screamed out in heartfelt agony when the blade deeply sliced down to her elbow, the dark liquid gushing onto the altar and floor. A fire seared throughout her arm, shivering in regret. She dropped the cursed weapon to apply pressure to the gash, only for her whole body to tremble in a cold wave of fear. The faster her heart pounded, the more blood poured out.

"What did you do to me!?" she shrilled out, doubling over in pain.

A chilling laugh sounded in the darkness, causing her to weep harder. What gives you the right to know? No matter, you belong to me now.

"I-I what?" she gulped out in a whimper, and she glanced up through her tears.

On the mural suspended a shadow that held no steady base, but had a hint of what looked to be a humanoid outline. The tendrils shaped to be arms stretched for her, curling around her limbs. When they made contact, she let out another scream, struggling to pry herself away. The freezing touch burned down to her soul, nearly stopping her heart. Another cruel cackle sounded as it dove into her chest, spreading the evil vibes throughout as it started to take over. Out of an impulse, Mew shot up from where she cowered, now having forgotten her mortal wound, and clutched her head as she lurched and spasmed.

"No! NO! Get out of my body!" she cried out. "Release me, demon!"

Too little, too late, she realized in horror she had let her guard down for too long. The icy hands grabbed hold of her spirit and forced it down an abyss to give the entity room to fill her body. The shock of losing control of her physical state left her fully paralyzed from the agonizing pain, feeling as though she was being ripped in two. With one last blood-curdling scream, Mew collapsed to the floor.

The room went silent for a long minute with exception of the occasional rasp from the feline. Then, slowly, she stirred and lifted the slashed arm to the light of the fire, eyeing the thick running streams of crimson. Gingerly, she leaned forward and savoringly lapped up the blood, flexing her fingers. A grin flashed across her face as her narrowed optics flared a deep blue.

From deep within her chest, a guttural, victorious laugh echoed throughout the sacrificial chamber.
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Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
Do take note that I have never seen a Ouija board in my life, nor do I plan to, not after the freaky stories I've heard. Some of you may have experimented with one. This is my intake on them, though I did take inspiration from a friend who once was around a Ouija board, and she said scary stuff happened. I'm not rewriting her experience, I'm just putting down my own intake for these guys. I had a good idea what Ouija boards did even when I read about them, but feel free to correct me where needed.

Hints of religious discussion ahoy! If you squint, that is.


Chapter Eight: Apocrypha

"Glory shows up, exposes us
I'm naked here, forsaken here
By the dark, by the dark
Damn the dark"

-- "In the Dark", Flyleaf, "Memento Mori"


"Something's not right here."

"Damn straight. I can see all."

"That's because you're freakin' tall."

"Which makes me question why we let him in anyway."

"No, I'm not talking about that," Darkrai scowled, looking behind at the woods. "There's something wrong elsewhere."

Lugia "tch"ed. "You're just jealous because I kicked all your asses—"

"Read it and weep, you pansies."

The two dragons angrily threw down their cards, glaring at Deoxys who sat there with a calm, smug smirk. "What the hell?! This is the third time you won!" Rayquaza roared. "You're cheating!"

"I don't see how you can cheat at Hearts."

"But somehow you did! There's no way you can shoot the moon three in a row!"

Without warning, the cards caught fire and quickly burned to ashes. The males turned to face Moltres who stood there with wings on hips, Articuno at her side. "I can't believe you guys, arguing over a stupid card game when you're supposed to be working!" she harshly exclaimed, gesturing to the remains. "Just how low can you get?"

"Damn it, woman, that was our only deck!" the Air Titan growled in a threatening tone. "You owe us!"

She scoffed, snapping her head to the side. "I owe you? What makes you think I do?"

"Because you burned up our cards!"

"Well, we're still pissed about that 'whore' comment. We still haven't gotten an apology from you."

"I keep telling you, I was poking fun of this poor bastard here. It had nothing to do with anyone!"

"Can you two shut up?" Lugia grumbled, huffing away the ashes. "Honestly, we don't need another Cresselia and Deoxys headbutting here."

"You're no better," the Freeze Pokémon snapped, sneering at him. "If I'm not wholly mistaken, I'd say you've been trying to capture attention yourself."

"I haven't!"

"I suppose that's what happens when you float around in trenches all your life."

"Look who's talking, you spent your days in the mountains!"

"My reason's better than yours!"

He held up his wings to help back himself up. "You see these guns? Yeah, they don't look like much, but I can blow all your feathers and more away with one flap, honey. You'd be lucky to even be alive when I take wing all of a sudden."

"Is that a threat?"

Deoxys let out a laugh, elbowing Darkrai in the ribs. "Oh, and you think I'm an attention-seeker!" he guffawed, shaking his head.

"That's because you are," he frankly stated before looking back to the forest.

"Am not!" He immediately followed the phantom's gaze, tilting his head a few different angles and scowling. "Okay, what are you looking at? I mean, really, I'm seeing nothing."

Everyone looked over as well, mirroring the alien's reaction. Rayquaza rolled his eyes. "You guys are crazy, I'm not seeing anything besides trees. Unless there's something else going on I should know about?"

"Celebi and Mesprit are doing it," Lugia whispered to the side.

"Nuh uh, you liar, where?! I was expecting him with Mew, maybe even Shaymin, but Mesprit? God, what a pimp!"

"There's nothing there, Ray," Articuno grunted, glaring at the water dragon.

"Dammit, Lugia, you're on my list!"

Deoxys lost it and collapsed to the ground, clutching his sides. Darkrai bit his tongue to keep from barking out something he would regret later on. Instead, he got up and floated away, heading further for the shadows close to the woods. After a quick glance to see if anyone followed suit or noticed his sudden absence, he sighed, running a hand through his hair.

"Please tell me you can sense it, Giratina," he muttered. "I don't want to say anything without some backup."

The Renegade Legendary only remained silent, eyes concentrated further beyond the trees. He had hardly spoken a word nor left his station at all that day, not since he noticed something was terribly wrong that morning. There had been an unknown, sinister presence lurking around the campsite that was keeping the spirits away from the area, but while he couldn't track it for eradication, it was leaving behind negative vibes. Unfortunately (or maybe it was fortunate of them), he lost it just before Latias had made it known Latios had been acting strangely. Giratina had seen Mewtwo hurry off into the forest, and some minutes later returned with the Eon dragon—he had caught a glimpse of what looked to be a goose egg on the latter Legendary's head—then it was noted Mew wasn't anywhere to be found at the camp. The clone had reported she needed to be left alone for a while, which only convinced him further something wasn't right.

Having not received a response, the phantom sighed again. "What do they know that we don't? They know we can see them—somewhat. Why haven't they said anything?"

The ghostly dragon slightly shifted weight before quietly stating, "Mostly because they were selfish bastards in their mortal life. They may be jealous we're still alive." A soft snort from deep within his throat sounded. "You've noticed that the only spirits still here are the ignorant and self-absorbed, right? All the good ones are long gone."

"Yeah... but are there others?"

Giratina raised a brow, glancing over. "Other what?"

"You know... other spirits?"

A wing twitched, and he inwardly trembled when a chill went up his spine. "I'm afraid so. They've been waiting, actually."

"For what, do you know?" Darkrai was afraid of the answer he was going to get. He hadn't felt their presences for so long, it was a wonder none of them had been a victim the whole time they lived there.

"An opportunity."

"What kind?"

A harsh breath blew from his snout as he turned to the cloaked specter. "They're not picky, you know that."

Tipping his chin down, Darkrai turned his head back. "Then you might already know of my concern."

"What concern?"

He shrugged, but gestured behind him. Giratina raised an eye-ridge before taking a look, spotting the group of conversing (and arguing) Legendaries. At first, he saw nothing wrong and was going to choose to ignore him for wasting his time, until he looked again. He frowned, then counted once, twice. There were a few unaccounted for: Celebi because it was his turn with Cresselia to go across the world, Mew was on her walk, and Mewtwo...

...he was there, just further away, not talking and staring out at the trees.

"Have you noticed he's changed?"

Whoever hadn't obviously never knew him, Giratina was quick to thoughtfully note. "To be honest, I prefer his moody, broody self," he grunted out with a smirk.

"What? No, I'm not talking about that. Sorta..." Darkrai scratched the back of his head. "He seemed a bit anxious this morning."

"About what, you reckon?"

"I dunno. I figured he could feel the change in atmosphere like we have. Did I ever mention Mew said she can see them?"

The dragon scowled. "Did I ever mention this whole time she's been gone a while?"

"No, but I already knew that."

"Then that's my answer."

Glad his collar concealed his lower face, he allowed a sheepish grin to spread. Oh yeah, he can sense stuff like that. "Well, uh... what do you think is taking her so long?"

Intentional or not, Giratina huffed out a disgruntled sigh. "You want to know? Whether you felt it or not, there was something here not long ago."

"What kind of something?"

His eye glinted when his vision slid back to the trees. "Something evil." The word sent a chill up Darkrai's spine. "I lost track of it around the time Latias said Latios was acting strange."

The Pitch-Black Legendary lay a clawed hand against his cheek in a thoughtful manner. "I found that suspicious he would follow Mew. I saw what had happened, she came back to the site from washing up just to have him start harassing her for no apparent reason. She left almost immediately, and I chose to go about my morning business, thinking she needed time. When I ran into Mewtwo, I didn't tell him about it, I had gotten so engrossed in wondering why he looked so worried. At least Latias told him, but who knows what happened. They won't talk about it."

Taking another look behind them, Giratina furrowed his brows upon seeing the Eon dragon laugh, his arm around his sister's shoulders. "Hmm... that is so unlike Latios to go after Mew..." He fell silent to decipher information in his head, then with a stern "Wait here", he slipped away through the shadows toward the feline's direction.

Amused, the phantom watched as the renegade got close enough to Mewtwo's shadow. After a few moments passed, black tendrils snatched his legs, forcing him (but not without a fight) to stride precariously into the trees. Letting out a quiet chuckle, he followed, arriving in time to see Giratina materialize from the ground and glare down at the clone.

"What the hell did you do that for, Giratina?!" he snapped, returning the leer.

"Interrogation." It was so straight-to-the-point and bland, Darkrai clung to a tree to keep from barreling over.

Disregarding the laugh, Mewtwo crossed his arms. "You could have asked. I would have gladly gone with you instead of making me look like a jackass in front of the others."

"They weren't paying attention. And besides, if what Lugia said was true, it wouldn't have been the first time." After seeing the warning flash, he immediately expressed, "We're questioning you on what happened to Latios."

He didn't even blink. "Is that it?"

Giratina's wings twitched in a shrugging motion. "What's with the look? Did I miss something?"

"No one else has confronted us on it."

"Well, we are now, and we want the truth."

"Not that we won't be able to tell if you lie," Darkrai added. He flinched when he saw what looked to be movement that hinted he was going to be smacked.

Raising his brows and inhaling deeply, Mewtwo replied smoothly, "Latios was attacking Mew, so I intervened."

His brows rose. "Why was he attacking her?"

"From what I had heard, he claimed he was fulfilling his duty of repopulating the earth." He paused when the two Legendaries glanced over at each other in disarray. "Mew, of course, did not want a part in it, but he was persistent. She did not want to hurt him, so it was basically a cat-mouse chase."

"Since when did Latios get it into his head he was meant to procreate, and with Mew, no doubt?" Giratina mused, frowning deeply.

"Uh... because Arceus said so?" Darkrai manifested hesitantly. "Besides, Ho-oh said himself that until the planet is positively sure to heal, there isn't a need to reproduce at the moment. What makes this odd is that Latios is more of a brotherly type. He's the last person to do this sort of thing."

Mewtwo solemnly nodded. "However, according to Mew, Latios was not himself at the time." Much to the pair's surprise, his eyes softened and he hung his head. "I did not notice for whatever reason, I just stepped in without thinking. But I am sure that had I taken the time to..." He swiftly shook his head, visibly fighting off a shiver. "He did not look like he was going to give her up without a fight, so why I easily pulled him off escapes me."

Slowly, they both gave a motion of understanding. "You must have been enraged to cause him to get that nasty bump on his head," the phantom said quietly.

"I was... I am surprised he did not hemorrhage from it..." His grimace darkened. "I wonder if he was under some form of trance at the time."

"A trance? What makes you say that?"

"The moment I struck him, he immediately began questioning where he was, and what was going on." Mewtwo closed his eyes with a slow sigh. "I could have killed him had Mew not stopped me."

Giratina then leaned forward. "Since we're on the subject, did she say where she was going?"


The abrupt yell made the three jump and look at each other in concern. It was never a good sign when someone, particularly Ho-oh, yelled for the removal of anything. As they momentarily hurried out into the clearing, they saw nearly everyone had distanced themselves from Deoxys, who was standing in the middle carrying what looked to be a game board in his hands. From the way all eyes were gawking at it and a few shivered in place, it was not a good sign.

"What's going on?" the renegade demanded.

"I just found something in town and thought it'd be fun," the alien scoffed. "But everyone's freaking out over it."

"That's because you're holding something dangerous in your hands!" Palkia shouted, pointing menacingly at it. "It's of the devil!"

Deoxys took a quick, perplexed glance at it, skimming the fancy font of the lettering and stenciled art that reminded him of tarot cards. "Uh... how?"

"Don't you know what a ouija board is?!"

"Oh, is that what this is?"

"It says it right there!" Rayquaza growled. "God, are you so stupid, you're illiterate too?"

"No! I just can't read human language. Can you?"

The Air Titan "tch"ed. "Of course not, but everyone knows the name is on the board."

"Who cares, just get rid of it, Deoxys!"

With a huff, he released his hold on the board to fold his arms. Shocked murmurs and more cringes intensified at the sight of the levitating items; Mesprit let out a frightened cry before she fell into Azelf's hold. "Oh, what's wrong with you people? I'm just using my almighty telekinesis." He glanced down at the wooden heart-shaped coaster, tilting it every which-way to peer through the magnifying glass. "You know, they use these to communicate with the dead."

"No, really?" Dialga spat, forcing a crooked smile. "I thought it was a spelling game."

Ignoring his sarcasm, Deoxys gently laid it in the middle, "hmm"ing in thought. "If I remember correctly, when humans did it, they placed their hands on it and asked a question—hey, where are you going?" he called out to a few fleeing Legendaries.

"Far away!" answered back Zapdos, waving a wing.

"Whatever. I need a second person in order to make this work." The responses ranged from commanding him to throw it away to obscenities. He easily shrugged them off. "You're all a bunch of wimps. You just don't want to have fun."

"Deoxys, there is nothing fun about a ouija board," Ho-oh coolly expressed. "There are stories of people experiencing terrifying paranormal activity that only results in frightening or injuring the other spectators. It invites unwanted spirits in their vain attempt to 'communicate' with us, to give us false answers."

He waved a hand with a raspberry. "You're no fun. Besides, I was only going to ask a question or two, no biggie. What's the worst that could happen? Don't answer that." Cracking his knuckles, he placed his hands on the coaster, ignoring a tingling sensation that immediately shot through his arms. "All right, board, I want a perfectly logical answer from you. We'll start off simple. First off, what am I thinking of right now?"

"God, Deoxys, did you have to ask that?" Suicune snorted, cautiously backing away some more. Her brothers remained in place, stupidly fascinated.

He shushed her, gaze remaining on the board as he waited, concentration etched on his face. Half a minute passed without any activity, which brought a few skeptical Legendaries to lightly laugh it off and lessen the tension. Ho-oh sucked it up to step forward calmly as he could, brows raising. "Well, Deoxys, thanks to your example, I'm torn between saying the spirits aren't responding and that we have nothing to fear because it's a hoax."

"Oh, did you volunteer to be the second person?" he piped up with a smile. "It won't work with just one person."

"Give me the damn board," the phoenix demanded snappily with a scowl. Letting out a scoff, he psychically swerved it before him. Ho-oh went to tug the board out from his hold. "Let go of it, Deoxys."

With wide eyes, the alien flailed around to remove his hands from the coaster. He went as far as to comically lift a leg to shove it away. "Um... I don't think it's letting me." Immediately, the Sky Guardian drew his wings away like it burned him, stumbling back. "Hey, what's with you?"

Rayquaza huffed and positioned himself to smack the alien. He raised his arms to defend himself, bringing up the coaster and board with him. "I think he super-glued himself to it," he grumbled, dropping his tail. "Nice try, Dorkxys, you didn't have us fooled with that trick."

Deoxys grew nervous, waving his limbs around wildly again. "What's going on, guys? Why can't I let this go?"

Uxie pulled away from his siblings to take a closer look. He started to shiver the moment he was near it. "Darkrai, Giratina, are there any spirits nearby?" When they didn't answer, he glanced up to see them nodding, staring wide-eyed at the ouija board. The pixie felt sick inside and distanced himself from the Legendary. "It can't be... is it possible there are spirits wanting to contact us?"

"Deoxys, damn it, we told you to get rid of it!" Groudon growled, inching further away. "I've always known you were a catalyst for disaster!"

"How was I supposed to know my hands would stick like this?!" he cried out defensively. "Screw it, someone cut off my hands!"

No one said a word as they stared horrifically at the stiffened hands. Mewtwo cast his vision about the group before he took a breath and went forward, paws lighting up in blue flames. "I suppose I will. It is not entirely a 'pay back', just letting you know."

"Yeah, yeah, I don't care about that! Just cut them off!"

Shrugging and giving an apologetic glance, the clone raised his arms and swiped them down. From the flames came a single, curved blade that automatically sliced through the wrists with ease. The alien barely held back a cry of pain as he stumbled away from the dropped ouija, limbs shaking. The severed hands remained glued to the coaster, grayed blood pooling beneath it. (A thump sounded in the background from where Latias fainted.)

Slightly disturbed, Mewtwo averted his eyes to the now-satisfied Deoxys. He concernedly glimpsed at the bleeding stumps. "You can still regenerate, right?"

"Oh yeah, this is nothing," he grinned, slowly rising to his feet. "The other day Giratina got pissed at me, so he poked an eye out. I got it back after a few hours."

"Liar, I did nothing to you this whole week," the spectral dragon sneered.

He surprisingly shrugged in agreement. "Okay, well, it happened so fast, I assumed it was him."

Raising a brow, the feline questioned further, "Why did it take you that long?"

"I dunno. S'pose it's because I'm mortal now, so it takes lo—"

He paused in mid-sentence when a scream came from Moltres. He glanced in horror at the amputated hands to see viscous tentacles crawling out of them. They bolted upwards, stretching great lengths to attach to the stumps of his arms. He let out a shout as they reeled themselves in to thicken into skin. He sprouted out a hiss of curses falling back to his knees, trembling from the pain as he tried to regain control.

"Oh, God, why is it so painful?!"

"I thought you regenerate painlessly!" Ho-oh exclaimed.

"That's different! These just have a mind of their own!" Deoxys gasped out when he flinched. The hands had finished taking form, though judging from his cringing, the regeneration wasn't finished yet.

Mewtwo quaked the entire time, sensing a dark presence enveloping them, the strongest point being where he stood. For the first in a long time—if not ever—he was terrified. He didn't know what it was, just that it was evil. It put his late-arch-nemesis to shame, and he had been the most wicked man he had known at the time. Standing there, he felt the fear radiating from the others, though even combined it was not like how it was coming from Deoxys. He was suffering a mortal pain he himself had a taste of centuries ago. Will manipulation was one thing when it was through machinery, unseen entities were another, if it was trying to possess him. Darting his vision down to the board still glued to the alien's hands, he quickly knelt down and pressed his own to the coaster.

Gasps were heard throughout the crowd, but not as noticeable as Deoxys'. "A-Are y-you insane, Mewtwo?!" he choked out, heaving breaths.

He briefly met his tearful stare. "It must be that desperate to talk to us if it is keeping you from walking away," he answered. "We have no other choice."

Beneath their hands, they felt the coaster quiver and slide across the board. Taking a look, Mewtwo just caught the letter "I" before it moved to the "T". The two had a hard time keeping up with it, and Deoxys ended up whimpering out, "What's going on? Mewtwo, you can read human language. What's it saying?"

Once it came to a halt, he muttered, "'It hurts'."

"Sorry, Mewtwo, I don't have control over it."

"No, that is what it spells." His gaze lifted to Ho-oh. "Deoxys had asked a question about what was on his mind, correct?" The phoenix slowly nodded, unable to rip himself away from where he stood.

"Okay, yeah, it hurts now, but when I asked, I was thinking about getting one of you guys to join me."

"Who cares, you just proved to us this game's messed up!" Rayquaza snarled, backing away for the woods. "I'm leaving before it gets even more screwed up." Nodding roughly, he shot off over the treetops. A few others immediately followed.

Mewtwo closed his eyes and deeply inhaled. "Let us get this over with as quickly as possible," he whispered. Then out loud, he inquired, "What do you want with us?"

With bated breath, the rest of the group watched at the two were jerked around on the board, fighting for stability. It ended abruptly, and he translated, "'Nothing'."

"Bloody hell, is it messing with our minds?!" the alien swore. The coaster swerved to the "no" on one side of the board. "The hell?!"

"It says no."

"Perhaps it's a poltergeist?" Entei suggested, stupidly braving himself to step closer.

"It's not," Darkrai said, shaking his head. "It's a something, but it doesn't seem to have a physical form to be able to even move it. It can only control animate objects, that being Mewtwo and Deoxys. Their hands, anyway."

"Well, what does it want?"

Almost immediately, a new word was being spelled as "talk", which the feline announced. "About what?" Giratina grumbled, strangely planted in place.

Deoxys barked more swears and complaints trying to keep up with the sporadic coaster. Mewtwo remained silent, tensing up when it paused on the "W". After an uncomfortable moment, it continued its whiplash reaction for a few seconds more. Once it was confirmed it answered, he scowled and questioned, "What about me?"

It slid back-and-forth once more, during which those who heard his remark began murmuring to themselves. Ho-oh, horrified and mesmerized, felt his breath catch as he mentally cursed himself for not burning the board first chance he got, and for knowing the language. He saw what happened, it was going to talk about Mew before suddenly changing its mind. He knew not what a spirit was truly capable of, if predicting the future and revealing the true self of a living person didn't count. All he knew was that he didn't trust it.

Whether predictable or not, both he and Mewtwo silently strung the letters together: "You and her."

"You leave her out of this," the clone snarled through his teeth.

"What, what's it talking about?" Regice spoke up in full interest. "Enlighten us, Mewtwo."

"Who did it mention?" Lugia gasped.

"Damn it, I wish I had taken the time to learn the stupid language," the alien grumbled, strangely beginning to feel left out. "Come on, Mewtwo, let me ask a question."

The coaster went to "no" in a flash. Mewtwo, in the meantime, was hardly aware of it and the growing protests as he continued to make contact. "Do not dare bring her into this. Just tell us what needs to be said and release us." Like it had ignored him, the wooden heart spelled out "Mew" once more, angering him further to the point his arms shook. "I do not want her involved!"

"Uh... Mewtwo?" Deoxys timidly whispered.

"Not now, Deoxys," he snapped, teeth still gritted.

"Really, Mewtwo... I think you need to calm down."

"This is pissing me off, and you are telling me to calm down?"

"Mewtwo, negative emotions are dangerous here!" Giratina hissed, stepping quickly to his side. "Whatever it's telling you, just ignore it!"

"Yeah, ignore it and it'll go away!" Entei tried his hand on encouragement. Since Suicune had left with Rayquaza, Heatran slapped him in her place—lightly so he wouldn't cut his head open.

Growling in irritation, Groudon stomped over. "I've had enough! I'm breaking this damn thing!"

"You buffoon, you'll crush our hands!"

"Stupid, I'm going to take the board away then step on it."

"Don't you think we haven't already tried?!"

Darkrai stepped in. "Then let's try again. I'll do it." He reached down to pick up the ouija board.

Azelf's eyes widened when a pricking thought suddenly materialized, and he pulled himself away from his sister to hurry over. "Don't touch it!" he yelled.

The cloaked phantom had already grabbed it, and a strong cold current flowed into his arms felt by Mewtwo and Deoxys. He let out a startled cry, then one of such agony that others shivered in terror. Those who were close stumbled away, unsure what to do for him. Like the two, Darkrai's hands were cemented onto the board, a fate that had ignored Ho-oh earlier. The coaster trembled for a moment beneath their palms, then ceased when the screams faded. With his head tilted back, his mouth was now easily shown as an eerie Cheshire grin.

A quiet, steadily-growing chuckle started deep in his sternum, projecting itself triumphantly. "Fools! You think you can get rid of me by breaking such a worthless instrument?"

Voices were caught in throats, and hearts skipped beats. None of them could register the soft-spoken tone of Darkai's within the naturally gruff vocals. And when he opened his eyes, they froze from the look of dark malice in their depths, his pupils narrowed. He cackled, like he was pleased he struck them with fear.

Mewtwo felt an icy sting in his chest when they locked eyes. "At last, Mewtwo, you can now speak to me face-to-face."

"What do you want?" he croaked out, forcing himself to breathe.

"I want many things, things that were denied to me since the beginning of time because of what I am."

"And what are you?"

"The epiphany of man. Though ironically, we convinced man we do not exist."

The clone furrowed his brows, not understanding what he was talking about. "Who are you referring to? Why are you here?"

"You ask too many questions that I am not interested in answering," he plainly said with a scoff, flicking his head back. "As it is said, 'All things will be revealed in due time.' Luckily for you, this time has just arrived. Any minute now, you shall be subjected to things beyond your control. It is too late to change Fate when it had already been destined before your birth."

"What are you talking about, Darkrai?" Ho-oh spoke up in suspicion.

"Silence!" the ghoul snapped with flashing eyes, his head swerving around a full one-eighty.

The phoenix momentarily found his tongue bound, his vision blacked out, and hearing snuffed. Everyone else were too spooked by the sudden and nightmarish sight to notice his distress automatically. It was only when he began flailing around and bumping into Groudon that they realized something was wrong.

"Hey, Ho-oh, you okay there?" Lugia worriedly asked. "What happened?"

Darkrai evilly laughed before twisting his head back into place. "He will return to normal when I am done here."

"You monster, what have you done to him?!" Giratina roared. "What have you done with Darkrai?!"

He ignored him turning his attention to an enraged Mewtwo. "Your reaction is predictable. Not many mortals handle the truth very well."

"What do you want?!" he barked. "Tell us so you can release Darkrai and Ho-oh!"

The jagged smile froze his insides by several degrees. "Everything that defines you, every single emotion and strength you possess, each breath you take are God-given rights all living beings are freely given. Every spirit is special in their own way. What makes yours so unique is the body it occupies, a body that goes against nature and everything sacred. God did not create your body, man did. Yet as imperfect as you are, you have a purpose in this life, otherwise you would not be here."

Deoxys felt energy gathering into the clone's hands, and he glanced down to see the ignition of aura around his wrists. "Mewtwo, don't listen to him. Darkrai would never say such a thing. Mewtwo, watch your temper," he hissed out, tensing in anxiety as he tried to lean away.

He hardly heard him, too transfixed in the glare to care for anything else. Whoever or whatever it was that was inside Darkrai's body knew him frighteningly well. He began to fear the worst, but his yearning to know more got the better of him.

"What is my purpose?" he inquired, the all-too-familiar words bitter in his mouth.

The smile grew smug. "You still have not figured it out? How typical. You have been denying it for so long, I find it surprising you have not gone completely insane from it."

"Get to the point."

"Why should I? You refuse to embrace it, so what gives you the right to know? But if you must insist, I will say this." The eyes grew piercing, Darkrai's tongue flicking along his teeth. "It is what you hold dear, Mewtwo, the sole essence of your existence. Without it, you would have ceased to exist in your artificial womb long ago. But had you lived without it, you would be a whole different being today. You would have become just like us."

In a flash of pink, the ouija board broke in pieces, cracking the coaster down the middle. The impact flung Mewtwo, Deoxys and Darkrai away, now liberated from hostage. Ho-oh was returned to normal in the blink of an eye, scaring himself silly until he remembered what happened. He and everyone else looked up to where Cresselia paused before them, sneering at the remains as she dropped a small hoard of food to the side.

Turning to the alien, her gaze was of accusation. "What'd you do this time?"

"Oh, thank God you came, Cresselia!" he uncharacteristically sobbed, throwing himself around her neck. "I thought we were gonna die!"

She tossed him off. "Tell me without the drama, please."

"Fine, I won't tell you," he huffed, dusting himself off and popping his knuckles.

The swan rounded her attention to her counterpart, confused by his actions. He kept feeling his face and flailing his arms around, blinking wildly. When he finally acknowledged her, he tightly pulled her into a hug as he gratefully kissed her cheeks.

"Oh, Cress, thank you! You arrived just in time!" he wailed. "I don't know how you did it, but you did it!"

Blushing a little, she pushed herself away. "Okay, someone tell me what's going on. All I can get from this is that there was something so very wrong here, I could feel it out near the Violet City area." Cresselia craned her neck when she noticed Mewtwo hadn't been responsive since she arrived. "Hey, you okay?"

He picked himself up without a word. His body couldn't stop quivering, whether it was because of his building anger or the effect the entity left behind. Whatever it was, no matter what he was going to do, he felt he wouldn't be able to brush it off for a long time. It frightened him how it could see straight into his heart, knowing his every secret fear, secret desire, anything he may have buried long ago in his attempt to start anew. It even hinted at more hidden memories, sources, whatever it was he was not aware of. What bothered him the most, however, were its claims his life would have been extremely different had things in his past—or in the events surrounding his birth—taken another path. In recent years, he had found himself barely able to recall the first minutes of his awakening, and he knew little to nothing at what had been occurring in the lab during his creation.

So what was it referring to?

A hand touched his shoulder lightly, startling him back to reality. Deoxys jumped back in alarm, almost regretting his action. Blinking once, he cast his eyes about the crowd, taking in their worrisome looks, the moon swan especially even though she most likely didn't hear a single word.

He folded his arms, frowning at them all as he fought back a shiver. "Why are you all so concerned about me?"

Like a wave, they all more-or-less shifted in place, unsure what to say about the situation. He couldn't blame them. To break the silence, he asked the first thought that came to his head. "Where is Celebi?"

Cresselia raised a puzzled brow, then remembered. "Oh, he needed to stop by the Ilex Forest for a little bit. Why, what's wrong?"

He briefly averted his gaze. "Nothing really... Did you also happen to see Mew on your way here?"

She shook her head. "Did she go somewhere?"

"Said she went to take a walk," Latios recalled, a small frown on his features. "That was from this morning."

The swan's brows rose incredulously. "Maybe she's sight-seeing?"

"What's there to see?" Lugia grumbled, rolling his eyes. "Besides those creepy ruins, what'd the humans call them? Ruins of Arts?"

"It's 'Alph'," Registeel gruffly corrected. "It's where the Unown live. At least, they did."

Then deep in the forest, they heard a faint, but familiar scream.


Celebi paused in mid-flight to let out a sneeze. "Oh, great," he grumbled, shaking his head. "Thanks, Groudon. You sure spread germs more effectively than the others."

He could just imagine, if he was there, the gargantuan saying some smart-aleck comment while proclaiming it wasn't his fault. And it probably wasn't. There had been a few Legendaries catching colds the past month, though they all knew it was bound to happen. If he was getting sick, he was going to rest and drink fluids once he got back to the campsite, and he'd get better in a week. No big deal.

But were these chills a sign of the flu? Strange how he had suddenly developed them when he was nearing the remains of Violet City. Tempted to eat some of the berries he had found with Cresselia, he went around the area to scavenge for himself, only managing to find a few small ones. They weren't Miracle Berries, but they were at least something for his empty stomach. Still, they couldn't soothe the shivering, which, if he wasn't mistaken, seemed to be getting worse.

Suddenly getting the notion he wasn't alone, Celebi spun around, nearly dropping the food when he crossed visions with Mew. "Oh, Mew! Don't do that!" he sighed, massaging his temples. "Almost scared me to death. What are you doing out this far? Gathering food? Sight-seeing?"

No response came from her. He looked up, blinked a few times, then shrunk back a little as his eyes slowly widened. Her levitation was strangely tense, no part of her body was moving a twitch. She only stared darkly at him beneath her lashes, a stare that drilled a deep hole in him with slitted pupils penetrating her blue irises. The moment he saw them, his chills consumed him completely.

"Mew...?" Celebi glanced down, spotting the sinister appearance of blood flowing down her arm. "Mew, what happened?!" he breathed, reaching for her hand.

She remained unresponsive as he held up her cool arm for a better look. The gash was still fresh and bleeding profusely, her entire forearm a ghostly white from loss of blood. Beneath his fingers, the pulse was faint. "My God, how did this happen?! How are you even standing?! Say something, Mew!"

Her hand then twitched as claws extracted. He barely released her when she swiped at his face, slashing a deep wound into his cheekbone. The Forest Guardian cried out in surprise, stumbling away and loosening his telepathic hold on his findings. Clutching the stinging area, he scarcely caught the glimpse of a menacing grin before her tail harshly smacked him head-on. The impact sent him crashing into a tree, embedding into the trunk. He pulled himself free just as she sent a strong psychic attack, snapping the tree in half and blowing him further away. Beating his wings to keep himself afloat, he shot a glare her way.

"Mew! What are you doing?!" he yelled, getting into a defensive pose. "I don't want to hurt you!"

A deep chuckle rumbled from inside her, her maniacal grin broadening. "That is what they all say," Mew purred, rushing forward.

Celebi flitted to the side, spinning around to lock her arms behind her back. She immediately delivered a hard kick into his gut, then slashed the other side of his face. She shoved him to the base of a boulder, pinned him with her knees, and smashed his head against it. Black spots popped in his dizzying vision, just barely feeling the throbs of his flattened skull. She then drove her fist beneath his ribs, causing him to cough hard enough to spew blood.

Barking out a cruel laugh, she stated in an odd matter-of-fact tone, "This is my first time inflicting physical pain. Not too different from my share of emotional scarring in the past, which I must say is better than scarring a mortal body."

He flinched from the agonizing vibes, but went ahead to throw a punch at her face. She caught it easily, then delivered a blow squarely to the jaw, knocking loose a tooth. "But I suppose I can kill two birds with one stone. Some emotional scars do come from physical scars."

A scream of fright sounded from the side, distracting Mew. Taking a breath, Celebi spat out a single seed pod that stuck onto her fur. Vines sprouted and sunk in her flesh as it tightly constricted, sapping her energy. She had little reaction to it, preferring to keep her eyes locked on the gathering Legendaries stopping in place to stare. Mesprit, who had let out the shriek, was pulled back by her siblings when she saw the injured pixie against the bloodied rock. Mewtwo found his way to the front, breath catching in his throat upon their gazes meeting.

A fanged smirk slowly distributed itself, and she handily spun in tight circles to fling the vines off (taking care to smack the victim with her tail each time around). "Wonderful timing! I was debating whether to slowly torture him, or kill him on the spot."

"Mew... wh-what is going on?" the clone sputtered out as he stepped forward, casting his eyes between the two of them. "Where have you been?"

A frown quickly creased her brows. "I nearly maul someone, and all you have to say is 'where have you been'?" She scoffed. "And after all that effort I put into it, too."

He only shook his head. "Mew, what has gotten into you?"

"I should be the one to ask that question," she snapped out, floating away from Celebi. Her head tilted in her clone's direction. "You are not the same Mew I have had my eye on for years, are you?"

A few held back snarky comments, knowing it wasn't the time for teasing. Mewtwo didn't notice, all of his attention on a neutral Mew since her statement. "What are you talking about? You know I am not of your species."

"Oh, my dear Mewtwo, of course you are," she tsked, inching closer as a twisted smile manifested itself. Her hips had a vague sway to them. "You just have so much to learn about your origins."

Ho-oh then came forward in worry, ready to step between the two. "Mew, come back to camp with us. I fear you are becoming ill—" A sudden psychic wave knocked him off his feet, sending him flying back into the group. Giratina and Lugia caught him when he was passing through.

"Do not cross me!" she thundered, irises flashing dangerously. "Do not take me lightly! I have the knowledge of all your weaknesses and how to use them against you! I know how to break through mental walls with ease to scramble bodily instincts or memories! With the snap of the fingers, I can stop a heart from miles away! Do not pretend you have not an inkling of what I am talking about!" was the snarl when more than one showed signs of bewilderment. "Do not even pretend you do not know who I am, I can feel your very souls cower before me!"

She then pointed her glare at Mewtwo, her face darkening as she straightened her spine. "You are no exception, clone. The only difference between you and them is your unnatural strength. Humans made your mind and body more powerful than expected. It is a wonder you even have a soul, you mainly thrive on energy."

He found himself frozen where he stood, feeling exposed before Mew. More than exposed, he amended, it was like she could actually see into him. The eyes were those of another being living in her body and speaking with her voice, similar to how Darkrai was affected. It was looking more reasonable when he noticed a still-bleeding deep cut along her wrist. And the closer she got, the more his inner self protested, sensing the same darkness that had surrounded them minutes earlier. Yards behind her, he noticed Celebi supporting himself against a tree, slowly approaching.

In the hopes it would distract her long enough, he brought himself to speak out. "What have you done with her?"

She paused a few feet away, intentionally or not in shadow, giving the eyes the sense of intimidation as they glowed. The group of Legendaries impatiently held their breaths, some secretly powering up. Mew took her time to complete a nasty smile, jutting her chin out.

"I slowly convinced her to will her own life away." The smile turned into a toothy grin. "In other words, I traumatized and tortured her soul."

Her tail tightly wrapped around Celebi before he could touch her, sending an electric shock through the appendage. He screamed in pain until paralysis kicked in, and she tossed him over Mewtwo to the startled group. When he spun back around, she had closed space, pressing her open mouth to his. His body began to shake from the current, forcing him to his knees. His trembling hands reached up to push her away, only for his mind to rapidly blank out, falling limp into a telekinetic hold before he lost conscious.

The few Legendaries who had prepared their attacks fired at the feline in the hopes to knock her out. They collided with the target—or so they thought, watching in disbelief as they were absorbed by an unseen shield. The moment she had pulled away from Mewtwo, she shot them a victorious grin, and blinded them with a flash of light.

When their eyesight returned, they gazed in horror at the empty space the two had just occupied.
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Okay, so I read only chapter 7 so far, and will get to 8 asap. In the meantime...I'm really confused. :( I'm unsure what exactly happened to Mew, though I think she's possessed now? By what, I'm unsure, and I'm unsure what I think about it right now.
However, I do enjoy Mew and Mewtwo's thoughts of one another...it sounds so...lemony, you've got me hoping. :p I guess you've just got me really into this ship. XD Your emotional detail is the #1 reason I'm reading, though I love everything else about it. :3 I shall review chapter 8 soon...hopefully I won't have to edit this post. (I'd rather give you another review post).



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Ahhh, i missed out on so much and i just finish reading the other half i didn't get to finish earlier.

Anyway to the review. i competely adore the first half of chapter seven, with Mewtwo and Mew getting closer to each other under the moonlight. it felt like i was reading a advanceshipping fic for a few paragraphs. lol.

I like the personailty of Mew and Mewtwo, im trying to imgine them getting all lovey dovey and such, but its hard since all i read is peoplexpeople fanfics. but i think i'll get a image soon enough. rofl. anyway its getting good. now im going to finish the rest, hopefully in one sitting. lol.

Keep up the fantasic job Kutie pie, the way you describe in this fic is truley amazing. *w*

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Encyclopika: Don't worry, you weren't the only one who was confused ^_^. To answer the question, yes she is, by what/who will be explained in chapter nine. *looks over again at the other sentence, does double-take* LOL lemony xDD? This isn't even rated R, I didn't mean to go that far. I got so into it, I didn't know where to draw the line or not. I don't think I'll ever stop smiling now, you made my morning. And no, you don't have to edit the post, I probably wouldn't even catch it for a while, lol.

midnightjewelz: Lol, it's okay. I mainly read peoplexpeople fics as well, but I've always seen them in the same way as humans. *shrugs* Each to their own, it's understandable. And do take your time, it's not like I'm there breathing down your neck like I do with my brothers. (Wow, what a strange analogy xD.)

Thanks for the reviews. And I just know it was you two who rated this thread (don't deny it), so you get extra thanks! *tosses cookies* Fresh from the oven!


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midnightjewelz: Lol, it's okay. I mainly read peoplexpeople fics as well, but I've always seen them in the same way as humans. *shrugs* Each to their own, it's understandable. And do take your time, it's not like I'm there breathing down your neck like I do with my brothers. (Wow, what a strange analogy xD.)

Thanks for the reviews. And I just know it was you two who rated this thread (don't deny it), so you get extra thanks! *tosses cookies* Fresh from the oven!

Shhhhh, it was my twinn, midnightmoon LOL. jks. Yayy cookie. =) but now that you say that, i could imagine them as ginjikas to make it more easier for me read it. lol. Anyway read some more, its a little confusing but now that you explained it. it makes it easier to understand.


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Okay just finished chapter 8. Basically a continuation of chapter 7, though, I am glad you had someone else become possessed before the group encountered Mew. It made it easier to believe.
But I forgot to ask this before - what was the point of cutting herself? o.o; I know it looks and sounds creepy, but I don't get the real purpose in it. The literary purpose, I guess you could say.

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midnightjewelz: The cookie's got "extra" protein in it. ^_^ If it helps, go for it.

Encyclopika: Okay, how to explain why she ended up cutting herself... (I had the answer back then, but I can't seem to recall my reasons now xD, so bear with me.) Well for one thing, she didn't do it willingly. She was in such a state she was vulnerable to any outside source. Also, that was a sacrificial chamber, so if it wasn't the evil spirit that took over her, it was the lingering spirit of another that still had a thirst for sacrifice, but that's debatable. But what I was going for here was spiritual death, which means not living in the presence of God. Ever. There are sins that aren't forgiven of very easily, murder being one of them. Suicide is considered murder because you're taking a life--your own life. So... *lightbulb moment* Ah, now I remember! This WILL actually be explained later on in the story. So I'm not going to give anything away as to WHY she did this :p. Not yet, anyway. Thanks for pointing it out, though.

If you haven't already guessed from the chapter heading, this chapter is pretty much chock-full of religious philosophies/doctrines. It was rather strange, uncomfortable, and yet interesting to do this in the perspective I chose.

If things get confusing, please, please let me know, then point out what's been confusing, and please, please give me suggestions how to fix it. I was very unsure how to write this chapter, and I don't want to write future chapters thinking I've been confusing people.


Chapter Nine: Thirty Pieces of Silver

"You refuse to see
You're denying me
The cross I bear, but you don't seem to care
Even Judas knew he had lied"

-- "The Cross", Within Temptation, "The Heart of Everything"


A droning hum was the first identifiable sound to reach Mewtwo's subconscious, stirring him to alertness. It was strangely soothing, quickly becoming unfocused as natural background noise. It was for this reason he did not want to wake up. He felt he could sleep for a long time, his thoughts would be clear enough he wouldn't have to worry about being plagued by restless dreams—well, he would be if he kept thinking about it. Immediately, his mind switched back to the humming and he relaxed. And yet, there was that small part of him that wanted to know what the source of it was. He was hopeless like that. Since he was already regaining conscious, he might as well take a peek.

The lighting was very dim; the only source seemed to come from the center of the room, pulsating in a steady rhythm in faint colors of pink, blue, and red. Squinting, he could barely make out the shape of a pedestal, possibly half the size of the room. Upon tilting his head back, Mewtwo made a guess the ceiling was way too high. Apart from it all, it looked like he was nowhere in general, but far from the forest he remembered last being in.

His eyes widened the moment his mind clicked in place, flooding with numerous questions: Where is he? How did he get to be there? What happened? How long was he out? Where is Mew? Why can't he move?

Now that he was thinking of it, he tried to shake his arms free from their out-stretched position. He could only twitch his fingers, everything else was stiffened in place. So he moved on to test lifting his legs. It was the same thing, like he was nailed to the floor—or in his arms and his body's case, pinned to the brick wall. He couldn't even flick his tail, almost his entire body was immobilized. All he was capable of doing was slouching, straightening up, and turning his head. Closer inspection revealed he wasn't shackled with any physical objects. Looking at his background, only psychokinesis, powerful machinery, or a high-leveled Dark-type could hold him down.

It helped narrow down to the one responsible for it.

"I was wondering when you would awaken."

Mewtwo glanced up, shivering under the glow of Mew's eyes staring him down. The flashing grin made him shrink. With the dim lighting behind her, she looked more sinister than normal, the Grim Reaper with a scythe for teeth. She uttered a quiet chuckle, using the tip of her tail to raise his chin.

"Did you rest well?" she asked, her tone dryly matter-of-fact. "It is awfully cold in here. I would be surprised if you did."

"I have lived in many cold places," he muttered casually, tilting away from her touch.

She was persistent on keeping bodily contact. "Ah yes, you did. Mount Quena was cold, was it not?"

"Not in the summer time."

"If there was no wind, probably not." He trembled when she slowly caressed, nearing his throat. "But I trust you kept warm during the night."

He disguised his attempt at pushing her away as a nod. "I did."

Mew rested a hand under her chin when she crossed her arms. "Was it a type of cloak? Because I doubt you are the one who handles the sharing of body warmth well."

A tingle dispersed throughout his body when her tail encircled to the back of his neck. He fought to control himself when it skimmed alongside his cord. "You guessed right," he nearly gasped out from gritted teeth.

Her eyes brightened when her brows raised, and the bulbous end traced it, covering every inch and sending him into faint convulsions. "Is it really that sensitive, Mewtwo?" she purred, curling the appendage around the external organ.

Her odd attempts at small talk was already off-putting, but her sudden approaches rang alarms in his head. A hiss expelled before he formed his words, "Mew, you are making a big mistake."

She just laughed, a little harsh for someone of her size. "You need to explain why. There are quite a few other 'mistakes' I could be making."

Mewtwo merely shook his head about still, though she had to have caught on to his movements and roughened the stroking. "Mew, please stop this act and let us return to camp."

"You just do not want the two of us alone together," she whined, smirking all the meanwhile. She closed the space between them to throw her arms around his neck. "You are afraid of what will happen when we are."

The clone struggled against her hold, flinching when she tilted his head down so they pressed noses. His gaze gradually became that of fear, unable to escape the haunting stare of her newfound pupils. The longer he stared, the more unrecognizable she was becoming. He recalled the last words she had said just seconds prior to his passing out:

"I slowly convinced her to will her own life away. In other words, I traumatized and tortured her soul."

There was a soul there, but it wasn't hers. It froze his blood the second they made eye-contact, sending his heart into such a frenzy he was sure to drop dead at any second. As frightening as they were, he couldn't tear his gaze away. Forcing himself to breathe, he panted out, "What have you done with her?"

She grinned wildly, digging her fingers into his cheeks when she hoisted herself higher to look directly into his face. Mewtwo winced when his neck cricked. "Repetition is irksome, but I shall answer anyway. After all, it is just you and I, alone... in the dark..." She bent her neck to lick his nose teasingly, bringing out a quiet gasp from his throat. "We have nothing to hide."

He turned his face away, clenching his hands tightly. "Where is Mew?!" he snarled.

There was a laugh before she released her hold on him and backed off. "Fine, no use in stalling since you figured it out early. This may still be the body of your beloved, but I am a different being altogether." She bowed in a formal way, peering at him beneath her brows. "The name is Legion. I am a demon lord, one of many, if that is how you wish to address me."

He snapped his attention back to her, eyes wide. "D... Demon lord?"

"Okay, it technically is a misleading term," she admitted with a shrug, "but I am a demon." A fanged smirk quirked on her lips. "I am a being trapped as a spirit for eternity because I rebelled against God along with a third of heaven. I have visited many worlds, witnessed many wonders... even caused most of those wonders. Amazing how one motivated person can change the world, would you agree?" She laughed quietly, taking notice of his perplexed stare. "You do not believe me, do you? Not many do at first. It is hard to wrap your brain around something as complex as my background, especially if you are a skeptic. But well, since I have time to kill, literally and figuratively," she let out as a mutter, "I suppose I will at least explain why I am here on this world when I could be elsewhere with other people."

Taking a moment to stretch and move about, Mew's captive flashed him another malicious smile. "I may be a spirit, but I have a personality of my own," she started in the middle of a twirl, "so I prefer a few things compared to some of my other associates. I happen to enjoy traveling, and since I have no body, I am free to go wherever I please in the universe. I take advantage of it the best I can, visiting other worlds and wreaking havoc one temptation at a time. Humans are fickle as mortals, it is how they are naturally made. You see, when a spirit is far away from home long enough, they 'forget' what it is like being in God's presence. Quite quickly, I may add. By childhood, unless they are regularly taught about Christ's Gospel, they become a rather rebellious spirit. Sometimes. Some people are just born good, others are just born rebellious, depends on the spirit.

"As demons, it is our duty to keep them away from the goodness that is Christ. Through small temptations, we slowly but surely stray them away. The best thing about it is that you do it once, and they will explore it further on their own. Sometimes you have to remind them about it, but often they remember that little thought we placed in their heads, and they get curious. Thus, curiosity kills the cat." Mew let out a cruel chuckle. "What makes this job easier is that we know their weaknesses very, very well. Most of the time, they are unaware of it. But in all honesty, our main goal is to keep people away from their heritage so they do not get the privilege of being gods themselves. They will be shunned forever like we were when we were cast out."

"I do not understand," the clone interrupted, slowly shaking his head. "How can you enjoy being this miserable?"

She abruptly slapped him with her tail. "Do not interrupt me! And I do not enjoy my misery! But I cheer whenever God loses a son or daughter to us. My hatred for Father inspires me to go out and damn as many siblings as possible, knowing that if we get our fair share, we will be seen as equals. Lucifer has power, and he has given us shares of it to help him conquer worlds. And he has been successful. He even claimed an earth as his own, and within a thousand years, it became the most wicked world above all others. It was so wicked, surviving records say it even made the earth weep. And though God wiped out that generation with the Great Flood, Lucifer renewed his power back to its glory days. Believe me when I say even other worlds bore record of a world so wicked they killed their Savior."

Mew paused, her face darkening in a way Mewtwo had never seen it before. "That was the only battle my master ever lost... he was unable to conquer death... It was then my other associates and I realized we had forgotten about the plan that was made in Heaven. God had made a perfect plan, but only death and sin were the flaws. He had asked for a volunteer to be the Savior of the universe, a sacred duty that was preserved for someone willing to keep such great a responsibility, and who has an undying love for his fellow man... just like his father..."

She then growled and took her anger out on her counterpart by smacking him again. "But no matter! We may have lost the power over death, but we still have sin on our side! No unclean thing can be in God's presence, and one blot of sin can keep someone from living in Heaven. How simple is that?

"We demolished that one world Christ Himself walked on into a beautiful wreck, and we were just getting started. From that one earth, Lucifer commanded many other worlds. They were only half as wicked as it, but we still got our good share. Every day, and I am just estimating here, we got an average of about a thousand million souls in Spirit Prison, some more damned than others. Powerful worldly leaders were a delectable treat to get. You think some of the leaders here were bad, you should meet these ones. Some of them were worse. Way worse. Oh, it made Lucifer smile gleefully. They had godly potential, foreordained to do good for the world, and we just snagged them," she snapped her fingers, eyes gleaming, "like that. Others we tried to get, but by then they already had their mind set on being God-fearing. Lucifer made sure the strongest of us went after them, with a few he went after himself. These were people he hated the most, he really wanted to destroy them before they could ruin his plans for good. He had managed to get a couple, but that is never enough for him. In the long-run, I must say, they came to be on our side, and that is always a pleasure. Watching perfectly good angels fall makes him giddy—why did I use that word? Bah, whatever.

"Anyway, I told you enough history, back to my reasons being here. It is the usual objection of gathering more souls to join our ever-growing side, blah blah blah. But what makes this more unique are not the quantity of souls, but the quality. Your world is special for being the home of valiant spirits God had foreordained to be guardians. Perhaps not as valiant as Archangel Michael—stupid pretty-boy—but they are up there. I am certain you can name these guardians off the top of your head."

Mewtwo slowly nodded, feeling the hints of cold sweat on his brow. "The Legendaries."

She raised a brow, but did no more than shrug. "In a way. Some of them were teachers, teaching the newborn spirits basic things like emotions, their willpower, knowledge, to name a few. Others had a part in planning what the earth's creations would look like, and they were set apart to these respected creations. In the cases of Dialga and Palkia, they understood well enough the fabrics of time and space, and were given the calling. Same with Giratina before his rebellion. Darkrai's was an accident. He was originally supposed to spread good dreams and heal nightmares, but he grew addicted to the bad dreams to the point they became a part of him. So to balance him out, Cresselia became the new dream keeper. You may have noticed that most of them are one-of-a-kind, because they were created specifically for that role. The rest of the Legendaries had to earn it in their mortal life, a reward for their hard work."

"Like Mew," the clone breathed out, dropping his eyes. "So were the Beasts, Lugia, Shaymin—"

"And you, believe it or not." Her lips twitched into a small smirk at his astonished expression. "Oh, did you not know? Well, you were a special case. But no matter, you have the genes of the Mew species, thus you are fully capable of having the same abilities as your beloved."

"I have no such abilities," he quickly defended himself, shivering in fear. He didn't know if he was lying, but he didn't wish to find out if this Legion demon knew something.

Much to his horror, the smirk widened to a wicked grin. She had kept her distance as she talked, something Mewtwo had taken for granted as she reached for him. "For about three centuries, you have brooded over your existence, at what your purpose is," she quietly drawled, tracing his jawline with a claw. He trembled, dropping his gaze as drops of sweat ran down his neck. "Slowly, but surely, you found your place in the world, and you quietly lived out your life. However, you have always known you could never belong, for you are too different, too unique to be a true Pokémon. So you lived life in solitude, studying humans from afar, while slowly forgetting your origins."

His hands loosely clenched, wanting her gone so he would not be reminded of his demons. She leisurely flew around behind him and through the gap of the cord, trailing her frigid fingers tantalizingly down his neck and shoulders doing so. "Somehow, you never forgot who you were, always being reminded of it by the mere mention of your name, or through the presence of Mew herself. At first, you were tormented to the brink of insanity at the mere thought of her, so having her close by was near incomprehensible. You wanted her dead so you could prove you were better than her, that you had a purpose in this world."

Mew then took him by the chin to twist his head in her direction where their noses brushed. "But as time passed, and when you accepted her as a close friend, you realized just how lonely you were. Your clones were half-way around the world with families of their very own. Everywhere you turned, a human couple intrigued you whenever they displayed affection in the open or behind closed doors. Children, even when being complete monsters, struck a nerve inside you, a twinge of sadness. Many Pokémon were never without their own kind, always in the vicinity of constant companionship. But not you. You rejected company in the belief you would never fit in. You were alone, you always were... and you knew it."

The cold perspiration on his brows trickled down more heavily when she pulled him in, her breath slowly tracing over his parted lips as they scarcely bushed together. Her claws lightly raked along his jawbone when she moved to seat herself on his shoulder, triggering tremors up and down his spine. When she spoke again, her voice lowered to a seductive, articulated purr.

"And then, you called her a woman without knowing why. How unusual it is for a Pokémon, nothing more than a creature with abnormal intelligence and abilities, to be called something so human. And yet, it felt so right. You realized then you were ready to receive her into you, to forever be one. You could no longer deny that yearning for companionship. You were ready... for a mate." Mew slowly and suggestively licked up his chin.

Fighting back the sudden tears, he finally snapped out, "Release Mew to her body! She is undeserving of this torture!"

She paused, staring at him with a rather far-off look for demonic eyes. Withdrawing her tongue, she mused in fake innocence, "Whatever kind of torture are you implying?"

"The loss of her virginity without her consent. It is all she has left."

A quiet laugh escaped her as she flew off him. "Is that it? That is your reason? What, you think the loss of a virtue is torturous enough to kill her?" It evolved into a cruel chuckle. "I did not possess her body so she could lose her virginity, there is nothing to worry about." Her brows then quirked a little. "Well, she will eventually, but she will lose a lot more when I am through with her."

Mewtwo's eyes widened, and he once more fought against his invisible restraints. "What!"

Waving her hands around, she added calmly, "I do not wish to give a whole lot away as to what I plan to do while in Mew's body. But you will be a big part in making sure it happens."

"What are you talking about?" he whispered hoarsely.

Mew's eyes glinted dangerously as she returned to feel him, running a hand along his collarbone. He squirmed under her touch, provoking her to slip her hand along his pectorals. "The world has died, no one was spared in the mass extinction. You know well enough that God is merciful, He gives everyone chances whether or not they deserve it. He gave this planet many chances, and more often than not they spat in His face. And of course as a demon, I laugh and celebrate whenever that happens, but whatever. Case in point, the world screwed themselves over, and God lost a great many of His children to us."

"What does this have to do with me?"

"And the other surviving Legendaries? Lots!" She pushed herself away to turn her back on him. "You all were commanded to 'be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth.' Well, quite a few months have passed, and there are no babies ready to be born yet. Which is understandable, the world is not yet ready for them." Her head tilted so she could take a sinister peek at the clone. "However, we all know that this body holds the task of splicing DNA to form other species. Because of that, Mew is highly valuable amongst you all. This is where you come in. In order for there to be children, there must be a male and a female." With a pleasing sigh, Mew spun back around, clasping her hands and smiling. "And how fortunate of us to have a male and a female Mew on hand!"

Mewtwo scowled, hurriedly correcting her, "I do not have that power to alter DNA like Mew does. I am not a natural pure-blood."

"A half-blooded Mew such as yourself can still perform this sacred task with a pure-blooded Mew." She floated closer.

He swiftly shrunk back the best he could. "But I am not of this world. I am a product of science, meaning my body is not perfect. I do not believe I have the capability to have children."

"Cannot hurt to try."

"I will not violate her body for such a task! She is not even my mate!"

The tiny Legendary halted before his face and crossed her arms. A brow slowly rose. "Really? You still have no idea what the Mew species did?"

He slouched a little, briefly glancing away. "Ho-oh explained a little to me," he muttered, not meaning to.

"What does he know? Unless he was a Mew in a past life, he has little knowledge of them. Yes, the worships were true, they were revered as sacred. The humans living by Mew colonies saw them as literal gods—hard to believe, looking like this." Rolling her eyes, she continued onward, "This might have come to pass due to them being one of the oldest living Pokémon species and the most powerful. It is also a possibility they had seen other species being created from them. Or perhaps they were just as human as they were. It is hard to tell, the records have been lazily or poorly translated, and many others were lost. But the one thing we can all agree on is that they worshiped the Mew.

"And then the world changed. Being rather naïve people, they easily adopted any traditions they may have come across, deciding they should assimilate. Around this time, sacrificial rituals to their revered gods were growing in popularity—you can say—so they followed along without another thought. Ho-oh may not have been off when it came to the sacrifices, but he forgot some details. The people sacrificed so many Pokémon, populations were low. Luckily for them, there were explorers, traders, other tribes and the like that were regularly traveling through. They traded luxuries for Pokémon, some they had never seen before. But until then, they were resorting with their own people. Then someone got a brilliant idea: 'Why not sacrifice a Mew to another Mew? Are they not Pokémon too?'

"The Mew caught on very quickly, and they fled for their lives. They began to start small populations in corners of the world, but they underestimated humans. Within months, they were hunted down for more than a sacrifice. They were prized for their fur, as exotic pets or just for show, even as food. Anything you can think of, they did it to the Mew species. Humans paid extensively through the nose to see one alive while others took desperate measures just to own one. You know what the average price for a Mew, alive and well, was?"

Already sick to his stomach, Mewtwo only hesitantly shook his head, wanting to keep his mouth shut. A demented, fanged grin spread before she slowly enunciated the answer, "Thirty. Silver. Coins." She licked her lips, reaching out to lift his chin. "Guess where they got that number from. Go on."

He jerked himself free to turn away in refusal, scrunching his eyes shut to trap the rapidly-forming tears. He harshly bit down on his lip, breaking the skin. Enough, no more! he inwardly begged, body trembling in growing sorrow.

"'And I said unto them, If ye think good, give me my price; so they weighed for my price thirty pieces of silver,'" she recited as though from memory, smirking while doing so. "Fitting, is it not? Want to take a guess who the present-day Judas is?"

Holding back a sob, Mewtwo gasped out, "Please... enough is enough. I-I do not want to hear any more of it."

"Why should you care? You did not have to suffer through it. If anyone should be begging for an end, it should be Mew. She went through this herself throughout her entire life. Besides, look on the bright side, you get to at least know of her hidden traumas."

"She would have told me if I was meant to hear it!"

"Well, maybe she did not trust you enough. You would not want to trust someone either if they had betrayed you, would you?"

He gritted his teeth. "I have never betrayed her."

She abruptly let out a long heartless cackle that echoed hauntingly in the chamber. "You hypocrite! You cannot deny it, it continues to eat away at you. Just admit it, you could not help Mew in her time of need."

"I tried!" he shouted, straining to break free, feeling the urge to harm the demon. He held himself back only because it was inhabiting Mew's body. It smiled cruelly upon seeing him back down. "I did more than anyone during that time, I stayed with her the longest."

"By only a few days," Legion reminded him.

His heart painfully twinged. "I was powerless to help her. I was finally convinced the Tree would eventually snap her out of it, so... It was a stupid mistake to leave!" he barked out, his anger expanding. "No one bothered to help her, so she nearly died! How she even lived that long is a miracle within itself, but she should have! Had she died, none of this would have happened!"

"Say that again," she challenged, smirking evilly. "Slower this time so she can take it in better."

Too enraged to catch himself, he rephrased, "None of us would be in this mess had she just given up! Her death would not have affected the world as catastrophically as everyone made it out to be, because if that was true, then why did no one bother to help her? She was not important then, and she is not important now!"

Then suddenly, his heart once again constricted as a strong wave of negative emotions enveloped him. It was one he hadn't felt in a long time, shrouding his thoughts in a familiar cold cloud. His breath was nearly restrained upon its recognition. Blankly staring ahead, he could have sworn he saw heartbreak in large, blue eyes. "...Mew?"

A clawed hand snatched him by the throat and wrenched him forward. His lips were hungrily locked with the smaller feline's, her tongue swiftly lapping up the trail of blood before she pulled away with a wet smack. "It has been said close friends, siblings, and lovers develop a type of sixth sense when it comes to feeling the other's emotions. Do you believe that?" She didn't wait for an answer. "I have been on this world long enough to know that some Pokémon had a strong connection with their mates, most commonly with Psychics. It develops over time, and the strength of it depends on how they connect with one another. The closer they are emotionally, and physically, the stronger it is."

"...Your point is?" Mewtwo mumbled, struggling to pay attention. His mind still reeled with confusion and from the sudden burst of sadness he had caught a glimpse of.

"Well, from what I can glean from this strained relationship, you two have a connection equal to that of close friends or lovers. Possibly both."

"So what if we are?"

The dark smile faltered a little in thought. "Are you aware of what the Mew species did to show affection? Though judging from your numerous reactions the past few months, you do not. I am a bit surprised Mew did not make mention of it whatsoever. The only male of her species, the hope for the future, and she leaves you in the dark. Shocking."

Before he could speak up again, the petite feline resumed matter-of-factly, "Few know of a Mew's mating habits, but surviving records—regardless of what I had said—say a Mew mates for life. But how do they choose this life-mate? you may not be asking. They always had their own tradition, but it was lost in time when they adopted a common human trait that you may know as 'kissing'."

Mewtwo's stomach twisted, and he shuddered. "You cannot be serious," he mumbled.

"Two Mew kiss to make a commitment one to another that they shall be loyal to each other even unto death. It has some common equivalents to a human marriage, which true, other Pokémon had similar mating habits. So though they may have had life-mates themselves, the Mew species were the only ones behind humans to practice this as a pair." She paused, her grin slowly returning to view. "You two have kissed, right?"

He was aware his gut remained in a painful knot, preventing him from speaking out immediately. "Y-Yes... but she—"

"You two have kissed, am I right?" she pressured, clearly not wanting to hear excuses.


"Did she kiss you back?"

For that brief moment, he recalled the glimpse of her broken spirit reaching out for him in need. "...she did... she admitted it herself..."

"Then why are you hesitant? Are you afraid you are 'sterile' as you claim to be?" He shifted in discomfort. "It does not mean you cannot do it for fun."

"I shall not!" Mewtwo exclaimed, startling Legion slightly. "I respect her, and she does not wish to be near me! I cannot take away what is rightfully hers!"

"What is rightfully yours," she amended with a smirk. "You have the right to enjoy it when you want to. She will follow, she has no other choice."

He became locked in a fixed stare, reviewing all that had happened the past few months. If what Legion said was true, he and Mew were mates for life. His heart leapt at the revelation; she was his now. He could get away with not sharing her. They were free to do whatever they want with one another. The law of chastity could now be...

"...no... I cannot. It was a mistake, I do not know what came over me that day. I-I just..."

"She is yours, Mewtwo," came the insistent repeat. She placed her hands against his face, pulling herself toward him until their noses touched. "And you can love her all you want, however you want."

He took another long look at what was Mew. The contours of her thin figure contrasting against the faint lights gave the misleading appearance of a devil, though he could now make an exception. It didn't help her eyes were briefly pulsating as well in the dim light except for the pupils. The aura of evil emitting from her combined with the dark look continued to send his body into seemingly endless quivers.

This was not her. She looked nothing like the imposter before him. Her smiles were always pleasing to the eyes, the sunshine of the soul. Her tiny body was the smoothest feature of any other creature, never to age in fear of corruption. The eyes... they were her trademark, her appearance of innocence. The cruelest she had ever been was when it came to her mischievous pranks, and even then she would apologize and everyone would laugh it off. Oh, how could he forget her laugh, it had been so long since she last did.

And then there was her modesty, her virtuous heart. She would never throw herself at him, nor ever announce her willingness to be loved in whatever or however sees him fit. Except for the rare hug (since he couldn't stand them), she was always no less than a few feet away. He had respected her for respecting his own wishes. For all he knew, she may not even know a thing about sex and the works except for its purpose of procreation. She was so innocent, he wouldn't have been the least bit surprised if that was true. Love was pure to her, having no trace of any lustful desires.

How was it, then, that this deceitful being could easily take over her, to pass itself off as Mew to make her impure?

Mewtwo could feel a power surge coursing through his veins, replacing the cold emptiness with hot rage. "How dare you," he snarled, glaring directly into the harsh stare. "How dare you try to fool me into having sex with Mew's body. You know as well as I do that I respect her. The kiss was accidental, I had wanted nothing to do with her then. But I can no longer deny that I love her, I have for a long time. And I demand of you to let her go! I will never touch her again when you do; if needs be, I will never look at her nor think of her! But until it gets to that point, I will do all that it takes to protect her virtue from any and all outside influences, even if it means killing myself in the process! I will do anything if it means keeping her pure her whole life, and to keep her heart from being broken any further! Release her, Legion, and never tempt us again!"

The echoes faded, leaving them in a long-term silence, both too taken aback for an immediate reaction. Their crossed visions never once wavered, bodies remaining vigilant the entire time. The heated passion slowly cooled inside the clone, who was now showing no signs of fear for the first time since being in the evil presence.

Eventually, after studying Mewtwo long enough, the demon regained its authoritative state to muse, "You honestly mean all that..." A pleasing smirk slowly spread, and she gave him his space. "Well, you forgot to list that to forever keep her virtuous, you would have to kill her. But I take it that is not an option."

The response was a hardened scowl.

Mew just shrugged. "Whatever, your loss. It is a tempting offer, Mewtwo, considering there is a lot at stake here—and that I always keep promises—but I am going to need more time to think about it. I may have to pull an all-nighter, not that I mind. You, on the other hand, are being too stubborn at the moment. Why not sleep on it? You will be less cranky in the morning."

"I will never rest until Mew is safe," the clone growled.

Her smirk cracked into a toothy grin. "I do not blame you for not believing me. Well, good luck with that, mortal. First thing in the morning, I will have my response. Fair warning: we demons may come with a proposition. You should sleep if you do not think your tired mind can pick it out. I especially recommend it with your current exhausted state."

Mewtwo watched her melt into the darkness, feeling the beginnings of a drained body. He found himself wondering how long he was there for, both being unconscious and conversing with the demon lord. It was a random thought, probably meant as a distraction to keep his mind off of Mew. The longer he struggled to think of her, the more there was a demand for sleep. So he gave up trying to hold himself straight against the invisible restraints, and attempted to meditate.

He couldn't remember anything else afterwards except for the faint knowledge he was still worried about his counterpart's livelihood.
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The Queen
Okay, finished chap 9. I am confused, but I think it's mostly because I'm not religious, and so don't understand the "thirty silver coins" thing. You explained things well enough that i got the gist of what Legion is and how much of an ******* he is.
However, for the life of me, I don't understand exactly what his plans/motives are. If you could just summarize that (unless it's been kept secret on purpose) that'd be great. XD I'm sure if you wrote in there, it's there plain and simple, I just can't remember or am afraid I'm getting it wrong. :p I don't want to think that because of the chat we had, I'm getting confused trying to put two and two together. XD;; Crap.
Anyway, your writing is still amazing stuff and I can't wait for the next chapter.

Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
Encyclopika: Thirty silver pieces of silver was the amount of money paid for the blood of the Savior. It was what Judas was paid to betray Jesus. However, he felt guilty for it, and after the betrayal, he went back to the Pharisees, gave them back the money, and left to hang himself. I talked to the seminary teacher about it when we were discussing the New Testament that year, unfortunately I can't remember if he said that because Judas was remorseful he would be saved, but since he killed himself... I don't know.

The whole idea around this chapter was to have Legion explain to Mewtwo why Mew was the way she was. It wasn't really mentioned here (except for the present-day Judas, sorta), but the reason Mew had been so deprived of who she originally was was because of the Legendaries--thirty of them to be precise, and thus a symbolism of the thirty pieces of silver. The three who were exempt from it were Shaymin, Latias, and Mew herself. However, when I thought about it, I felt it didn't... satisfy. So I had Legion mention Mew's backstory (or at least the Mew specie in general), which will play out throughout the rest of the story.

It's okay, you haven't gotten off the path, so you're fine. You are always free to ask questions ^_^, I never expected anyone to get this, honestly. As for Legion's plan, that will be explained more, a little bit of a mention next chapter, and then in its entirety(?) in chapter twelve. So yeah, I'm keeping it a secret xD. He DID give something away in this chapter, however, even though Mewtwo thought it meant something else. And that's only one part of his plan.

Lol, so I suppose all demons are jerkasses, then XD? I didn't see Legion as one, I thought I was making him evil because... well he works for the devil, so he'd be evil! And being a demon lord... I guess he's pretty prideful...

And I noticed you said Legion was male. I don't believe I ever gave the impression in this chapter that Legion ever was. (Though I suppose the name's masculine enough.) Bonus cookie! Wait... um... yeah, I'll give you a bonus. Bonus brownie.

Fun Facts I Didn't Bother to Mention For Whatever Reason:

Fun Fact 1: Legion was an actual demon in the Bible. Mentioned in the Gospel of Mark, a man was possessed by a demon who said "My name is Legion; for we are many." This is where the known scripture about the herd of swine who cast themselves into the sea came from, because Christ cast out the legion of evil spirits when they requested to go into the herd. The man had been possessed for a long while, as he was living in a cave and cutting himself (probably for rituals). As for this story, it's just a demon lord named Legion, and not literally thousands possessing Mew.

Fun Fact 2: Legion was quoting from Zechariah 11: 12. (Yes, even demons can quote scripture, they know it very well.)

And yes, he was talking about our earth.

Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
As evident from the chapter title, this does have a sexual situation involved, though no worse a lime. Thus the rating is now upped to its R-rating from this point on. Many thanks to Encyclopika for clearing it up.



Chapter Ten: Mewtwo's Seduction

"...how then can I do this great wickedness, and sin against God?"

-- Genesis 39:9


Sunlight was the first thing Mewtwo noticed upon waking up, followed by an itchy feeling on his back. Urging his stiff body to roll over, his hand flopped onto a rough pointed surface, and immediately his eyes snapped open. Grimacing, he shot up staring at the palm that had been stuck with a sharp rock, which he flicked off. Yawning and stretching, he blinked away the sleep and took a look at his surroundings. He glanced down at the bed of leaves, and then really looked around.

He was under a large recovering tree, the time he guessed being noontime. Before him was a rather empty area except for buildings, or what remained of them, and some piles of junk from said-buildings. Patches of green hues were scattered among the desolation, a few dotted with shades of red and pink. All that remained of Cherrygrove, and how clean it has been getting—

Wait, what was he doing so far in Cherrygrove?

Standing up, he leaned against the trunk, feeling a little vertigo from what remained of the sleep and some confusion. When did that happen? He didn't remember ever stepping foot in the town, or even thinking about doing anything there. The last he could recall was waiting for Mew to return from her walk. And everyone was talking about something pointless such as Rayquaza's short-lived eating spree or something like that (which he had wanted no part of, so it could explain everyone's absences). He only remembered thinking about her, hoping she'd return safe.

Mewtwo frowned. There was something more to it, wasn't there? There was a rather blank spot in his memory. He could hope it wasn't from a drinking game—not that he would want to participate in one. Watching the others pass out after making fools out of themselves was more entertaining in his opinion, and Mew would have killed him for drinking anyway.

Wait... since when have they done drinking games?

Getting a little disturbed over it all, the psycat hurried for the campsite's direction, catching indecipherable dialogue from what may have been an arguing Deoxys. Getting closer, he groaned at hearing he was fighting with Cresselia again. On second thought, there were still a few things left to do in Cherrygrove's ruins. He might as well go ahead and do that while he was thinking about it. He spun back around.

"Hey, Mewtwo!" Entei greeted loudly, popping out from behind a bush. "About time y—"

He was punched in the face.

"OW, WHAT'D I DO?!" the beast wailed, curling up on the ground and covering his nose—or lack thereof.

Realizing what he just did, the clone quickly apologized. "You startled me," he admitted, helping him to his feet. "What were you doing in there?"

"The usual." (Mewtwo winced.) "I'm berry-gathering for lunch. One rolled in there somewhere. It's like a black hole or something." His face twitched and scrunched. "What about you?"

"I just got up—"

"Ah, good afternoon, Mewtwo!" Ho-oh called out as he approached, the other Legendaries following after. "It's a relief to see you're up and about. We were beginning to get a bit concerned."

Blinking several times in puzzlement, the feline couldn't help but stare. It wasn't normal for everyone to show up just to see him. Even though it did make a little sense for them to be concerned, it was whatever they were concerned about that was throwing him off. Raising a hand to his temple, he asked, "What are you talking about?"

"Figures you wouldn't know," the phoenix said with a smile. "You must've had the twenty-four-hour bug or something, though why you would pass out from it is beyond us."

He tilted his head. "What?"

"Celebi was suspecting it to be the flu, but since you're up and about, guess it wasn't," the Sky Guardian continued liked he didn't hear Mewtwo. "Well anyway, Mew brought you back and stayed by your side the rest of the day. Speaking of which, where did she go?"

"Said something about a Miracle Berry or along the lines of it," Latios replied. "She was certain one was growing not far from Ecruteak City."

Mewtwo's heart had skipped at the mention of her name that he hardly heard their comments. Without a word, he quickly disappeared into the wood, ignoring the weird stares he was being given. He couldn't care less at the moment, all that mattered to him was his counterpart being well and safe. Despite not knowing what Ho-oh had been talking about, he didn't deny that it may have been true. Perhaps Mew had been gone for too long, so he went looking for her, but had turned out to be a little ill that day. Who knows, and who really cared?

...he slowed down, pondering about it all. Since when did he not care about it? No, better yet, why was he so distracted? Once Mew's name was uttered, it clicked into place and she was all he could focus on at that moment. And since he hadn't seen her in a whole day—according to them—he was a little more determined to see her again, wanting to know her thoughts from yesterday. It had been a bit harsh, he suddenly remembered, though why it was still escaped him. He figured it was a big deal for her to be gone for that long.


His head snapped up at his name, meeting her eyes yards away. It was like she hadn't been expecting to see him there, but she only stared back in small surprise. She was empty-handed; she must have not found anything for him. His chest lightened up at the thought, his facial features relaxing. For him. She cared after all.

"Good afternoon, Mew," he addressed, giving her a smile.

She fidgeted in place, a faint blush apparent on her cheeks. "Afternoon," she muttered, quickly glancing away. "Glad to see you're up."

They shared an awkward silence for a moment, Mew refusing to meet his gaze. His smile only broadened the longer the moment stretched on. A light breeze whipped by, giving the tiny feline a small push. As though it told her to move, she floated up to her clone until she paused a few feet away. While still averting his eyes, she noticed his smile.

"That's new," she whispered, tilting her chin in. "But then again, I can't remember the last time you smiled."

"I feel this is a special occasion," Mewtwo replied quietly.

She blinked up at him with a curious expression. "Why?"

He gave a complacent shrug. "I have no idea."

Slowly but surely, a small beam appeared on her lips. Then hesitantly, she reached out and gently wrapped her arms around his torso the best she could, ear pressed to his heart. She let out a soft sigh when he laid a hand on her back. "I'm just glad you're okay. You've never passed out before... and so close to the Ruins, too..."

He glanced down. "What ruins?"

"The Ruins of Alph." Mew tilted her head to look up at him. "Were you visiting them?"

He frowned, not recalling ever going near them, let alone ever leaving the campsite. The blank spot was getting annoying. "To be honest, I do not recall what has happened. I last remember being with the others, and then suddenly I am waking up a day later in Cherrygrove. Everyone is claiming I got sick while out walking or looking for you... though I think it was the latter."

"You 'think'?" she repeated in amazement. "Mewtwo, you rarely if not ever say 'think' in that context. Something must have happened."

"I just do not know what that 'something' was."

Chewing on her lip, Mew reached behind to curl her fingers around his hand, and spun herself around. "Come on. Let's go somewhere private."

Though tempted to say where they were was private enough, Mewtwo obeyed without question, letting her lead.

She was obviously in no hurry to get where she wanted them to be. It was a straight walk through forests and up hills, and the two kept quiet the entire time. He made note of the trees that were still standing or were dead, finding it almost hard to believe a forest that was once prosperous had been reduced to few survivors. Many Pokémon, he imagined, had lived in these parts while humans waited in the background, patiently or otherwise. It was almost a wonder Cherrygrove never did grow any bigger. Most towns became cities within decades, clearing habitats for new suburbs or skyscrapers. He couldn't blame any human for wanting to migrate or expand, it was natural for them.

Within time, Mewtwo noticed the landscape was becoming unfamiliar with different tree species and rugged ground, rent from earthquakes. He felt Mew give a squeeze and murmur an "Almost there" without a glance back.

"Do you know the location, Mew?"

"Yeah... It's just outside Mahogany Town."

His eyes widened a little. "Why out that far?"

She fell silent and quickened her pace, prompting him to as well. They passed through another gray forest before there came a small clearing and pool with a functioning waterfall. She then paused near the bank of the brook, releasing his hand to lean down and feel the grass. "Soft enough," she breathed out before sitting down. She gestured an invitation to her side, and he obliged.

"What is this place?" he wondered, staring at the waterfall.

"I don't know, but I remember people had called it Pryce Falls or something like that. Must've been named after someone who liked the waterfall." She shrugged. "You want to name it later?"

In slight discomfort, he only responded, "I will think about it," and the silence returned.

It didn't take long for them to loosen up when the waterfall faded to a faint hiss in the background. The two took care to avoid eye-contact, growing more awkward the longer time passed. Mewtwo noted there was only a few feet of space separating them, the way it had always been. Not that he didn't mind it, he was just feeling some concern for her unusual behavior despite it being so minor. She probably was still a little hurt from the past week to move on. Though now the more he looked at her, the more he noticed she was looking insomniac...

A light brush against his tail made him jolt, swerving over to see her limp appendage laying where his own was a second ago. "Mewtwo," she sighed, "...I've been bothered for a while about this..."

"About what?"

She tilted her sad gaze up at him. "Why... did you volunteer to heal me?"

He recalled the afternoon when he had made the promise to Ho-oh and Shaymin she was in good hands. As much as they were willing to take her, they were happy to know he would bring her back from her poor state. What he kept from them were his actual reasons for it. They never bothered to figure out his intentions, to learn he had unsuccessfully tried nearly a year earlier. She was so close to death, why would they have entrusted her to him, the clone who once was after her blood? Couldn't they have bothered to be suspicious of him for that one moment? He could have lied to them and murdered her behind their backs. Then who would really be to blame?

The longer he stared into her deep eyes, the easier it was to personally admit it was for a second chance. The stakes were high, the odds of her recovering being against him, but he tried one last try. Had she died, she would have at least been under his care, and thus he would have taken the punishment without a fight.

With a slow puff of breath, he broke the gaze, turning his attention to the serene water. Mew spoke up again, "You had a choice, didn't you?"

He nodded, biting his tongue.

"So why did you agree to it? Did Ho-oh give you a pep-talk or what?"

A shake of the head. "No, nothing of the sort. Are you feeling well?" he attempted to change the topic.

His counterpart blinked. "Why? Am I asking too many questions at once?"

"No, it has nothing to do with that." He respectfully pointed to one of his eyes. "You look like you have not slept in a long while."

She immediately turned away, trying to hide the obvious. "It's nothing," she murmured. "I just don't feel like dreaming anymore..."

"Are your dreams bothering you?"

Mew avoided answering when she scooted closer, gently laying a paw on his knee to which he involuntarily retracted. Her voice smoothed out, and he had to strain his ears to hear her. "How long have you loved me?"

His insides froze as she stared. Though aware that she knew of his feelings, he was too taken aback by how she approached it to answer her. It wasn't demanding, but she definitely wanted answers.

Taking in some breaths to calm himself, he honestly stated, "It is hard to pinpoint a certain day. Many years had passed before I could recognize the feeling as love. I roughly estimate it was a century ago, if not more."

She pressed her hands against her heart, scrunching her eyes shut for a few moments. "Amazing... Only a confident, determined heart can hold love for as long as you did. Did it hurt?"

"Why do you want to know?" he suspiciously wondered. And why did you skip my previous question? he held back.

"The love must have been growing inside of you," she continued, her head remaining hung, "pressing into you. It wanted out to fully bloom, but you wouldn't let it. So it was a little uncomfortable at least, right?"

He thought a bit on it, remembering the early days when he'd snap at her, wanting nothing to do with her. As she continued to be persistent hanging around him, he also found himself becoming like a human, and with it came a new feeling he couldn't name. When she left that one night, it was then he realized he was falling in love with her, but he couldn't tell her. Not at the time, it had still been too soon to positively confirm it. But he recognized that the more he grew annoyed with her, the more he missed her company during her long absences. Her giggles used to make him want to go berserk at times, then he found them pleasant, even cracking a small smile with her every now and then. What had once been a chore to get him to be willing to be dragged across the globe grew to become a desire to always be with her. Like she did with him, he had made the effort to get to know her better, to learn her likes and dislikes, listening to her many stories... even trying to make her laugh at least once per visit.

Little by little, his heart was opened enough he was holding her dear unbeknownst to her. When she was gone, he faced inner turmoil and unrest from his many emotions cropping up. With her at his side, he was at peace, as though everything had been—temporarily—resolved. He became happy for those short moments, and he wanted to repay it back. But what could he give her? He wanted to love her, to show he did care, he just didn't know how. And for that, his heart, the heart he never thought could feel, ached.

Gazing deep into her eyes, Mewtwo solemnly answered, "It was, at first. Then it began to hurt, swelling my heart in such a way I thought it could burst. But as time passed, and the more I got to know you... it was then I realized I can feel love. A love for a creature I could not despise any longer when everything had been worked out between us. It is similar to the type of familial love I had for my fellow clones, just stronger... a burning flame that thawed my heart and made me bleed. Loving you for all these years... has been painful."

Mew switched to sitting on her knees, then grasped his hand. "If you've loved me, why did you deny it for as long as you have?"

He averted his stare. "I... I was confused. It was a new take on emotions I had only heard about. I did not think I would ever experience it."


He closed his eyes, letting out a sigh that sounded grievous. "That was the other reason. I feared it as well, knowing this natural emotion was being given to someone as unnatural as I am. God never gave me emotions, man did. And man corrupts emotions." His hands loosely clenched, though the one Mew held curled around hers. "I did not want to love. I was not made to love, I was made to fight, to hate. If I fell in love, it was only a matter of time before I would destroy that love. That would have only made me more human."

"I'm sure there is a reason you have not yet destroyed your love—"

"What do you know, Mew?" he snapped, glaring down at her. "You know of my origins, I was to be a killing machine, not a living being. I cannot have emotions. I am not God's creation, when will you get it?"


"My name is proof of it, do not pretend otherwise!" he shouted, crushing her small paw. Her eyes only widened from the pain, mouth frozen open. "I am a hideous abomination! I have numerous flaws despite them saying that I am 'perfect' because they 'claim' to know my body! They may have created it, but they did not know it! They did not have to use wild psychic abilities in a fight! Hell, I had trouble controlling them until I wore that damn armor! But even then, that man did not have to deal with everything I had to go through. I have had my shares of injuries during those days that he never knew about, nor bothered to care about. I have gone through much mental torment over you and the world that the bodily torture I experienced months later was nothing in comparison. To this very day, I continue to be haunted by the blood of the scientists that dirties my hands. Knowing you have murdered does not rest well with your conscious!"

"Mewtwo, please," she pleaded, looking a little uncomfortable in his presence. "Those days are over now."

"No, they are not! Now that I have fallen in love with you, I am constantly reminded about how much of a fake I am! As the original imperfect clone, I should not have these emotions, the desire to love and be loved!"

"The other clones did—"

"I CREATED THEM!" Mewtwo roared, grasping her shoulders and shaking her. "I made them perfect, I made sure they could have offspring! God had nothing to do with them, it was all my doing! While re-building the lab, I put in the fluids chemical compounds that can be absorbed into the body to act as substitutes for natural hormones. I made it myself from scratch, long before any other scientist could make it in their labs. Thanks to my handiwork, they were able to be abnormal in strength, but normal hormonal-wise. Something I was denied!"

"Mewtwo, if you would listen—"

"Shut up, I do not want to hear of this! I do not give a damn about emotions, and I could not care less what God has to say about this! Not that he talks to anyone down here anyway, I should know. I have asked numerous questions that I know only he could answer, and I am left in the dark with even more questions. In my times of loneliness, he did not comfort me when I needed it most. And as I witnessed firsthand cities burning and crying out for his help, for his mercy, he was not there either. He did not lend a hand to anyone; not to them, nor to I."

Slowly, he released his tense fingers from her, but continued to glower down at her. "So tell me, Mew, what has God done for me that he is deserving of my respect? What has he done for you? Even if you do not believe in him anymore, even if he may have forsaken us in this time, surely he must have done something in the past."

She hung her head, eyes welled up to dangerous levels. "He allowed you to live," she meekly whispered out, wringing her hands. The response got him to blink, feeling a bit impressed she answered so quickly. "A body is one of the greatest gifts He gives to all His children... even if they're undeserving." She lifted herself off the ground, then glanced up at his steeled look before averting her gaze again. "And... He gave you friends through your clones like Pikatwo and Meowtwo... A-And He sent me to you to show you the beauty of life... of the values of friendship and of... love." Her teeth clenched to stifle herself as she broke down in quiet hiccups.

His hardened stare fell upon the tears rolling down her face, being reminded of rain. With a heavy breath, he seized her back and firmly grazed his lips onto her cheek, licking them up. Mew shuddered in his hold, choking back a sob as more teardrops followed when she tightly closed her eyes. He once again greedily kissed them away, his rough tongue watering at the salty taste the more it brushed against her.

"Why must you taste so alive, Mew?" he moaned into her, his fingers squeezing her arms. "Why must you tease me like this? Do you enjoy my anguish?" He leaned to the side to lick her neck, pressing her into him.

The smaller Legendary only continued to quiver beneath him. She steadily ran her hands against his arms, trailing to the wrists when he reached up to cup her head. Shivering from the touch, he fiercely kissed her jaw, nipping in frustration. "Answer me, Mew," he growled, pulling her closer. "Was I meant to love you, only for you to refuse me?"

Hesitantly, she let out a light sigh, almost in a moan. "Maybe your body was made for me."

Mewtwo quickly pried himself away to look at her face. "What?"

She opened her eyes halfway, her gaze in a dream-like state. Her voice was soft, still breathless from his actions, "Mewtwo... you worried so much about not being able to love, you became blind to it. You think your purpose is to love just so you are denied it? Whatever gave you that impression just by looking at me?" Mew reached up to caress his jawbone and along his cheekbone, skimming the rough features as his eyes lightened up. "Kiss me."

He moved to perform said action, only to halt above her open mouth in uncertainty. "Mew..."

"Kiss me, Mewtwo," she pressed on. With irregular breath, he planted a peck on her, but still remained hesitant. "Harder." He lengthened the kiss as she said before separating with a smack. His body trembled from the small gasp she emitted. "Don't be afraid, Mewtwo," she assured him. "This is our first. We're in this together." Then he devoured her soft lips without another word.

It was a hard kiss, they gave it their all, beginning to cleave unto each other. They would only separate for an intake of breath before they reconnected more passionately. With one hand, Mewtwo massaged her cheek while the other supported her neck as he bowed forward. Mew let out a short-lived whimper in response, throwing her arms over his shoulders. He proceeded to pepper kisses across her face, she doing the same along his chin and throat. Reaching her ear, he nibbled the tip, bringing out a modest giggle from her. He twitched when she ran a hand down his shoulder blade to trace the bony structure. Ducking her head, she slid to his chest, marveling at the firmness of his sternum, and moved to plant her lips to his collarbone.

Brushing a hand against his neck, she hoisted herself back up to press her mouth on his pulse, laying her paws against his heart before pulling away. Mewtwo mimicked when she made no other movement, then sadly mumbled into her skin, "I never would have guessed all hearts beat the same way."

She leaned against his head. "They don't," she whispered with what sounded like a smile in her voice. "It's only when two start bonding... that they do."

"I want to bond with you," he promptly declared, nuzzling into the crook of her neck, taking in her pure scent and putting it to memory. "I want this forever... within my grasp."

"Whatever you want, Mewtwo... Just say the word."

"Love me," came the purr.

She gripped his shoulders when he clamped to her neck, his hands dropping to stroke down her hips and thighs. An irregular shudder rippled throughout her middle when he pulled her pelvis forward. Upon attempting to tilt her head, he nipped and sucked harder. "Oh, Mewtwo... i-is there a specific way you want me to...?"

"No." He licked the area where a bruise had formed. "Just love me."

She swallowed. "How am I going to hide that?"

"We will stay out here if you want to." He tipped her head back to bite underneath her chin. "They will go away in a few days."

"But that was only the one."

Mewtwo snagged and puckered the skin once more for a few moments. "You forgot about that one."

Mew quietly laughed. "Mmm, Mewtwo... I need to lie down," she simpered.

A playful growl erupted in his throat and he pounced onto her delicious lips, pushing her down to the grass and pinning her arms and tail. Being bigger, he was able to hold her mouth open and run his tongue inside. She let out a muffled gasp and tensed, then squirmed from stray saliva dribbling from the gap between them. Her paw involuntarily twitched against his hand, to which he grasped in response. He insisted on remaining locked to her, exploring her mouth desirably while she writhed against his torso, audibly fighting back whimpers in her throat. When he finally withdrew, causing a spit trail to drip, she gasped for relief, slowly opening her watery eyes.

Mewtwo grinned down at her, lips moist. "You liked it," he whispered gleefully.

She gave him a lop-sided smile of her own. "You didn't give me a chance to," she accused, wiping part of her chin on her shoulder.

"Need help?" Without waiting for her response, he swooped down and kissed the rest of the drool away, then slid over for a second round. She joined to revel in the carnal waltz inside her mouth, and he took great pleasure in her tongue sliding along underneath his. He released her arms, allowing her to twine them around his neck while he resumed his travels along her body. His tail steadily fondled the bulbous end of her own appendage, inducing her pelvis to thrust up sensually into his ribs. She let loose indecipherable mumbles against his lips, but nothing else. He wrapped his arms around her tiny body, then flipped over, tilting his head back until he felt no more sensitive tingles running through the back of his neck.

It was then Mew broke the deep kiss to stare down at him. He only smiled up at her, petting her silky back. "Is there something wrong, dear?" he asked quietly, his heart leaping at the use of a term of endearment. "Was that the wrong move?"

Her eyes softened when she frowned. "Something's not right here."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean... well..." She chewed on her lip. "...should we be doing this?"

His brows slightly rose. "Why do you ask? Are we not in love?"

"Yeah, but—"

"Then there is no reason not to continue." Mewtwo pushed himself up with an arm to kiss her full on the mouth.

Mew pushed him back. "Mewtwo, we need to consider things first."

"Like what?" he let out a grumble.

"Like the world, for instance," she pointed out, gesturing to their grim surroundings. "This might be a nicer area, but everything's a mess. We can't raise children in this kind of filth."

The clone deeply frowned at her statement. That's what she was concerned about? "Who says we will have children?"

A blush burned on her cheeks. "W-Well... our actions are implying that procreation is bound to take place... sooner or later." She trailed off in embarrassment.

It hadn't crossed his mind until then just how much his body had flared up in desire for her, which he thought was odd that he hadn't put much thought into it. Waiving it off, Mewtwo sat up and held her by the shoulders firmly to look her in the eye. "Who says this will lead to children?" he inquired again in a strangely calm tone.

Her head sagged in place, slight shivers running through her figure. Her hands nonchalantly gestured around in tight shapes. "You know... when the... sperm reaches the egg—"

"I am not asking for a lecture on how children are made, Mew," Mewtwo gruffly interrupted, scowling. "I want to know what makes you think children will come from this."

"B-Because... it was bound to happen..."

She squealed slightly when he squeezed her shoulders in a hard grip. "Mew, I may have reproductive organs, but it does not mean I have the capability to give you children," he explained harshly. "Stop worrying."

Mew looked away, tensing up and holding herself. "Mewtwo, we're life-mates now. I hope you've realized that."

Something prickled in the back of his mind, a sense of incrimination that he knew about it before, but it faded when he made a connection back to the previous week when he had tried to kiss her. He wondered if the emotions that had sprouted up at that moment were what they were experiencing now in full bloom. Still, he had not heard about this announcement.

"Since when?"

The petite feline glanced at him for a few moments. "When two Mew kiss, they make the commitment to be forever loyal to each other. We sealed it at Mount Quena... about several months ago."

Mewtwo didn't like that he lacked knowledge about the ordeal, especially since Mew's response had more of an air of reminiscence than explanation. However, it still didn't justify why she had been avoiding him the entire time if they were indeed life-mates for that long. His fingers twitched upon suddenly thinking about the intimate moments they could've had that was now lost to time—which concerned him that it hadn't bothered him until now.

To push it from mind, he sighed and pressed his lips against her cheek as she let out a quiet mewl. "There is nothing to worry about, Mew," he said gently to lull her. He turned her head to properly kiss her, though she didn't return it. Her eyes were still cast down, ears drooped and a frown on her lips. "Are you that upset that we will not have children?"

She barely shook her head, refusing to look him in the eye. "It's not that..."

"Then what is troubling you so much?"

A hand rose to grasp a finger. "Your actions, Mewtwo," she sighed. "I don't think you're showing love."

"I am, Mew."

"No, Mewtwo." She finally brought herself to meet his stare, visibly holding back the threat of stray tears. "You're taking your anger out on me in a rather suggestive manner. You can't bring yourself to hurt me, so you went ahead to seduce me. You..." She slowly inhaled. "...you're taunting me... asking if I'm refusing your love." Mew ran her fingers along the bruises on her neck. "I don't know why you would ask that, I would never refuse you. You're my closest friend, Mewtwo... I love you." A small teardrop escaped only to be caught up by the clone's knobbed finger and licked off. "Do you love me, Mewtwo?"

"Have I not expressed it enough times?"

She ducked her head to wipe at her face, and took another breath. "Then if you love me, Mewtwo, I want you to do me a favor."

"What is it?"

She clasped her hands in front of her, eyes closing for a few seconds before gazing back up at him. "When I'm ready, I'll give you my virginity. But for now... just promise me that, okay?"

As much as he respected her wishes, Mewtwo wouldn't lie to himself that it inconvenienced him in his aroused state that he couldn't fully have her. Yet almost as soon as she said it, his mind cranked out a loophole that could give him some release, and perhaps get her to reconsider. With a sly smile, he took her by the chin to bestow a passionate kiss to her parted lips. "I promise." He then fastened to her neck for a tender love bite.

Mew pushed him off. "Mewtwo, what are you doing?" she gasped.

"I promised not to take your virginity, not for other intimacies." He licked her cheek, feeling her tremble under his touch. "Is it a crime now to kiss your mate?"

"N-No, but—"

"Ssh..." His next kiss was deceptively soft. "Please do not refuse me, Mew. I have been so devoid of love..." He steadily deepened it. "...if you are so worried... then teach me."

She whined when he used the tip of his tongue to tease her bottom lip, and quickly pulled back. "Mewtwo, I didn't bring us here for this," was her pitiful cry. "I just wanted to apologize to you."

"For breaking my heart?" he murmured, eyeing her mouth hungrily.

"For everything." He clamped down to suck her lips until she wriggled free. "Mewtwo, please stop!"

"Kiss me back and I will forgive you."

"Mewtwo, please, you don't know what you're getting into!" Mew wailed, gripping the sides of his face in attempt to hold him back.

Out-sized and over-powered, Mewtwo easily immobilized her to the ground and crushed a forceful, biting kiss to her mouth. She screamed into him, vainly shaking her head around to throw him off. He pressed himself to her body, fingers raking up and down her thigh the same time his tail was stroking hers feverishly. In a surprising response, her pelvic area once more drove into him at an angle and hovered in place. Smirking deviously, he slid his hand over.

Mew was immediately thrown into shudders, cries transitioning to pleading, breathless moans against his lips that enveloped him in a blissful buzz. The kiss grew saltier, and without detaching himself, Mewtwo lapped up all fluids within range before slipping inside her mouth. He roughened the heavy petting below, inducing her hips to grind against his midsection and one of her legs to skim his side—though he couldn't tell if it was to push him away or for ballast. With the other hand, he squeezed and massaged her chest, sighing from how softer and perkier it was than the rest of her body. She couldn't stop quaking and struggling, though she dropped her arms as he felt her start to yield. Tantalizingly, he traced a finger up to her open hand to grasp and pin it above her, and got a reaction from her as a muffled gasp. Similarly, when he teased sensitive flesh below, Mew arched into his torso with ragged breaths.

Hazy with hormones, he was reaching his limit. It wasn't enough to just feel her. He wanted her, his life-mate. Even if just for the one time, he wanted to lose himself in her and leave his mark.

What did I do wrong?

It started in his chest and quickly spread out, leaving icy shockwaves and the sensation caused his heart to clench mid-beat. He gasped from the sudden pain, parting from her enough for a sob to escape. She clawed into him, not as defiantly as earlier, but the shock kept him paralyzed to where he barely caught himself from landing on top of her. Pulling his hand out of her hold, he wrapped his limb around her figure to press her closer, crushing his lips to hers again. He was annoyed with his conscious for interrupting the liaison with a stupor of thought. Yet his mind couldn't stop reeling from the break, giving him a headache he could scarcely ignore.

I trusted him... why did I trust him?

...those were not his thoughts.

Mewtwo quickly broke the kiss as cold sweat enveloped him, feeling like he had been punched in the gut. He watched Mew gulp down air and heard her pitiful whimpers, but she didn't attempt to struggle nor open her eyes. He stared down in near-disbelief, taking in the tears, the furrowed brows, her pursed moist lips, and the slight flutter of her eyelids. His gaze trailed down to her bruised neck when she tilted her head with a choked sob. And slowly, she brought a half-lidded gaze up, revealing the anxiety deep in her irises. It was all he could do to fight back his own tears.

...what have I done?

He thought back to the morning he approached Ho-oh—perhaps hours ago—and confessed his emotions, then to the night he was last alone with Mew. The comparison was very clear, he did not have to think hard on it. Within seconds of realizing it, unworthiness and grief clouded his mind. It hurt to feel his heart pump up against her breast, though the lingering touch of her hand on his shoulder was a much deeper cut. She opened her mouth to possibly speak her piece only for her voice to stick in her throat, and tears shimmered in her eyes.

The clone broke away that moment, shakily sitting up and removing his intruding hand from her sacred area. "So... this was what Ho-oh meant," he breathed out.

"About what?" she wondered quietly, unable (or unwilling, he wasn't sure which) to move from her position.

He scanned further down, taking in more of her gaunt figure sprawled before him. "There is always opposition," he stated, almost in a recitation, "there must be. Everyone at some point in their lives feels both, but has to make their own judgment about what it is. Love is the most powerful emotion in the universe. However, lust is just as powerful... maybe even as natural. Some have love control their lives, while others live on lust. It takes them over to the point they are nothing but slaves to it, unable to quench their sexual desires. They continue to go through bodies in the hopes it will, sending them further and further into madness. But love, being the exact opposite, means being free of heartache and misery, ascending into true happiness."

Gingerly, he reached down to touch the bruises, noticing she barely quivered. "Mew... you are the embodiment of love, the result of two individuals who loved each other and had the desire to have you. But I am the embodiment of lust, having been created for the sole purpose to fulfill a wicked man's wish to conquer the world. As a result, I have lust coursing through my veins, while you thrive on love. How is it I love you when I am not familiar with it?"

Eyes widening in inner anguish, Mew pushed herself to a sitting position and tightly grasped his hand. "Mewtwo... you aren't suggesting...?"

"I almost raped you, Mew," he admitted, sending pangs of hurt through his heart. Even she shuddered, dropping her eyes in what he interpreted as shame. "I was angry, I was not thinking straight. It did not help that you said we are now life-mates. It only made me..." He took in a breath to try to calm himself. "I am a being doomed to desire but not receive. Hearing that I now have a mate, it gives me hope. But I am undeserving of you, I would only destroy our relationship. You need someone who will love you, who will not get frequent bouts of anger at himself, and who will give you children."

"Mewtwo, don't say that!" she exclaimed, squeezing his arm to her chest and shaking her head. "You love me, I know you do!"

"Since when is rape considered love?"

"You were making a mistake, yes, but you stopped yourself in time! If you're all lust like you said, you would have already taken my virtue! But there was some love in there that came through! That love cares for me, I've seen it! I know it exists because you told me... even from a distance..." She fought back her sobs, ducking her head to study his vast hand. He leaned in for a look as well, taking in the size differences and at how the shape was more humanoid compared to her feline-like paws.

With trembling breaths, she raised it to her lips to kiss his fingertips one-by-one. "I forgive you, Mewtwo... I forgive you for hurting me back at Mount Quena even though that wasn't you." She brushed her mouth against his palm. "I forgive you for hurting Latios, you meant well protecting me." She bent her neck to kiss the underside of his wrist. "And I forgive you... for denying me. I know you didn't mean to. I knew you were there for me during those difficult days. I was just so scared when I lost everything... I wanted to tell you then, I just couldn't... Oh, Mewtwo, please forgive me. I don't want you to leave me again." Her voice gave out, choking on her tears as she bowed her head onto his forearm, her shaky grip loosening.

The same hand tilted her head back up, the other wiping away the teardrops. She hiccuped a little, repositioning her hands to hold his tightly when he leaned down to press a string of swift kisses onto her quivering lips. Mew wept from the bittersweet moment, remaining clung to him to bury her face into his awaiting palm.

The smell of blood was then more prominent. Looking down, Mewtwo saw a small crimson river dripping from his arm, quickly noting it wasn't a wound of his. Turning over her own arm, his eyes widened as he stared horrified at the deep, bloody gash. The amount of gushing fluid was great, leaving her entire ghostly-white limb to shake from its loss. Snapping back to her face, he was surprised she was unaffected by it except for her sad expression.

"Mew... how long?" he managed to breathe out.

"About twenty-four hours, give or take," she muttered in a melancholic tone. "Legion won't heal it."

"What, who?! Who is this Legion?" he sputtered.

"I was going to tell you earlier..."

"Mew, what is going on?!" he demanded, wanting to shake her. "What have you done to yourself?!"

"I don't have enough time. That demon is going to discover I haven't been cast out completely, and he'll come to kill me."

"Mew, tell me what is going on!" he hollered, impulsively constricting her arms. "Why have you not taken care of this?! Who is this Legion?! Who is going to kill you?!"

She squirmed under his harsh glare before taking a deep, strained breath to start, "Listen, you aren't anywhere near Cherrygrove, this is all an illusion. You were being tricked into thinking nothing had ever happened after my walk. Legion was tempting you, Mewtwo, he wants you to have sex with me—with my body. I arrived just as you went out looking for me, and I got rid of the decoy and played along. Even then..." She shook her head to rid herself of whatever thought she had. "You need to fight the temptations off, or he'll win. Legion took over me for a reason."

"What reason?" he growled, still not making heads or tails of it.

"I don't know, there's very little I know. But he had been going after the others like he did with you. That's why you can't remember attacking Lugia. He had taken you over, you were his original target. But something went wrong—probably my interference—and he's realized the importance of my species. Our species. He was why I couldn't sleep, he was waiting for me to show weakness." Mew gave a sharp gasp of pain, immediately grasping her head.

He could only watch helplessly as she trembled dangerously in his hands, uttering out agonized shrieks. His heart squeezed out freezing vibes, only able to imagine how painful it must be. "Mew, is it...?"

She nodded vigorously, then peered back up, hurrying her speech. "Mewtwo, you helped slow him down today, but he's going to do everything he can to get what he wants. His plan can't continue if I'm not pregnant... or immortal for one thing... oh, God!" She writhed and twitched in a maddening fit like she was having a seizure. It frightened him until she paused. "H-He can't bring back the Tree of Beginning, Mewtwo. We're not immune to it anymore."

"But I thought it was destroyed. Is it possible to get it back?"

"Yes... I-If anything is left of the Tree, it can be brought back. Usually with one of its crystals, if one had survived..." She fought back a whimper. "Please, Mewtwo... d-don't give him what he wants. You can't believe everything he says... especially if he tries to pass himself off as me again."

"Is there a way you can take back control?"

"I-I'm sure..." Mew screamed again for another moment. "...I only managed to get here because you're still asleep... and because my spirit's not as connected to my body anymore—"

"Wait, you are a spirit?" he blurted out incredulously.

"We both are, Mewtwo... Whatever happens to our bodies... happens to us and vice versa... because we take the form of them." She gave a painful smile that only brightened her countenance. "You're so beautiful, Mewtwo... the most unique of all God's spirits. I wish you could see yourself..."

No, you are beautiful, he wanted to amend, but never got the chance. He let out an astonished gasp when she started wavering in and out of focus, their surroundings fading to black. "Mew, hang on, I am going to get you out of here!"

"There's nothing you can do for me now... he already knows."

He started to panic. "What can I do?"

"Just do what I said, a-and you'll be fine... hopefully. I'll try to contact you through my body... again, hopefully." She forced a giggle when she faltered a few seconds longer.

"How will I know when it is you speaking to me?"

Holding an intake of breath, she shakily flew up to eye-level and whispered into his ear with the last of her strength, "Trust me..."

Mewtwo caught her when she fell limp, cradling her protectively close to his chest. He lay a hand against her sternum, wanting to feel her heartbeat once more before she could disappear. Just as they were left in darkness, he saw her eyes open, the azure glow remaining bright in her weak state. They kept their gazes locked on each other, afraid they may fade away into nothingness if they blinked; they breathed together to remain stable wherever they were. Her hands cautiously moved as though to push away his intruding paw, only to move it further so it was directly over her heart.

It was for that reason the clone allowed himself to cry in front of her. "Mew... I honestly never meant to hurt you," he whispered, fingers curling in her fur, thankful she wasn't so ethereal. She twitched a little when he did, the heartbeats slightly quickening. "But I am grateful you forgave me... if only I can forgive myself. I was just frustrated with you then, you were so withdrawn I feared for your life. It was the only time I ever saw you so depressed."

His heart nearly stopped when she slowly blinked, then he let out a breath of relief when she hadn't left. He felt the tips of her tiny digits smooth over his chest in a comforting way. "What happened that day, Mew, to make you realize you could not pretend any longer? That you had to accept you could no longer retain your childlike innocence... and that you accepted your womanhood?" He paused for a few moments so he could swallow down the growing lump. "When did you... begin to love me?"

Mew searched inside his eyes during the long silence, her irises dimming in emotion. Then her arms crawled up his chest as far as they could go, clutching his shoulders. Without breaking the gaze, she lifted her tremulous-self up, using his arm as a ballast for her feet while his hands supported her back. Her breathing was shallow and labored, the strain to stay alive. Leaning forward, she covered his mouth fully, and slowly inhaled.

Mewtwo understood right away what she was trying to do, he had done it once before. Slipping a hand behind her neck, he bent her backward, and breathed down into her lungs. She briefly parted to test out her own respiratory, found it still irregular, and latched back on. He repeated the step once more, continuing the cycle of resuscitation. Three times it took until the two remained glued together, sharing life. They were willing to accept it was more than a kiss, that it was a soul-to-soul connection the two never dreamed could ever happen. It was a promise as they exchanged a little part of themselves into the other—a renewed promise only the pair could partake in such a sacred moment as this. Their hearts lifted, and they wept.

Then Mew shoved herself away in a forceful manner.

And they fell away into darkness.
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The start of the new chapter is pretty confusing... How did Mewtwo get out of that place where he was hold by (the possesed) Mew? Well, the awnser may have existed somewhere, I read it somwhere around 3 AM., so I may have missed something.

But epic whriting so far, the best fanfic I have ever read, even better than the majority of books existing.

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The start of the new chapter is pretty confusing... How did Mewtwo get out of that place where he was hold by (the possesed) Mew? Well, the awnser may have existed somewhere, I read it somwhere around 3 AM., so I may have missed something.

Indeed you did x3. You should have been in bed resting.

Mew said so herself it was all just an illusion created by Legion. She even hinted that Mewtwo's sleeping, and spirits are believed to manifest themselves in dreams. So it's implied that while he was sleeping, Legion went ahead to manipulate his subconsciousness and make him believe nothing has happened. Which is why he didn't recognize the name at first (but felt there was something odd about everything). Make sense now?

And Entei needs more space

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Yes, I would like to be on the PM list.

Also, you have 2-3 more fans on forum.yugiohcarkmaker.net.


You happen to be a member on that website by any chance? I doubt they'd be talking about this story on a site where people make Yu-Gi-Oh cards xD, but if you say so -^_^-. Thanks for that information.


ou happen to be a member on that website by any chance? I doubt they'd be talking about this story on a site where people make Yu-Gi-Oh cards xD, but if you say so -^_^-. Thanks for that information.

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