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Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
Aslynn♥Pokemon: Awww... will can you send him/her a thank you for me? I took a look at the website last night, but I didn't know where to look so I could give them a "thanks".

I do as well, even though it was a bit difficult to get Mewtwo to actually be in love without making it seem forced or OoC, you know? I unfortunately had to torment him (and Mew) before he would realize his true feelings. And keeping the love pure is even more difficult. They say love is a passion, and it is, but there's more to it than just hormones and kissing and other lovey-dovey aspects. And that's where it gets hard to keep it pure. I'm trying hard not to make this be a general romance by just having them confess their feelings and all that. I want to show the special connection they have with each other, much like what married couples have--especially if they're happily married. (Really, it makes sense because they are life-mates now, which is equivalent to marriage, even though they're not "happily married", work with me here.) And by having the relationship rocky and trying to mend is where this pure love is going to be challenged, you get what I mean?

I really don't want to give anything away here since it will be explained more in future chapters. But if you have any questions or just want me to clear something up, shoot me a PM.

And I'll add you to the list. I was going to do it anyway, but I tend to wait for a consent before doing so x3. Thanks again!


Petals and Leaves
Qymaen: Muah ha ha, my hanging around the Games section proved successful! What do you mean I've been switching around POVs? I'm not aware of this. You talking about the POVs of Mewtwo and Mew? Wait, wait... the end of chapter six comes to mind. Is that it, as well as a few other places? Huh... even then I still have no idea about it. Can you maybe point out some examples? If this is going to be a problem, I need to know so I can avoid it in future chapters, and even attempt to fix the older chapters. Still, you're enjoying it, so it's probably not that noticeable. Maybe...

Like during the first few chapters, you would say that Ho-oh was thinking something then within the same paragraph Entei, or another of the legendaries was thinking something else. I am enjoying myself, though. Keep up the good work! :D

Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
Like during the first few chapters, you would say that Ho-oh was thinking something then within the same paragraph Entei, or another of the legendaries was thinking something else. I am enjoying myself, though. Keep up the good work! :D

Uhhh... nothing's really coming to mind o_o. You say the first few chapters? Like up to chapter six? Can you point it out to me, I believe I get what you're saying, but I need to see it to make sure.

So I guess I'll put you on the PM list, then. Was going to get to it anyway.


Petals and Leaves
Uhhh... nothing's really coming to mind o_o. You say the first few chapters? Like up to chapter six? Can you point it out to me, I believe I get what you're saying, but I need to see it to make sure.

So I guess I'll put you on the PM list, then. Was going to get to it anyway.

It mostly happened during the Legendaries' meeting at the beginning and in Chapter 4. I'd have to reread that to give an example, though, but I'm going to finish reading all of the available chapters.
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Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
It mostly happened during the Legendaries' meeting at the beginning and in Chapter 4. I'd have to reread that to give an example, though.

Oh, chapter four! Okay, I see what you mean. In each segment, there were (usually) multiple Legendaries together, and so it made it seem that it kept switching between those Legendaries and what was going through their minds, right?

...though to be honest, I'm not seeing that. Each scene is split by the "*~*~*" symbol, and I did try to spread out among them, like having each of them give their own thoughts about it, but in some it was more focused on just one in general, like with Entei, Kyogre, Giratina, the Legendary Birds (in a way). Am I right, far off, close to what you mean? Maybe I'm not looking hard enough...

And in chapter one, I took a look through it, and it looked fine to me. Though that's probably because that's how my style goes or something xD.


Bearer of Peace
I love this fic, Kutie Pie, I flipping love this. :D I love the way you wrote this and how the plot went. It was just so.... Perfect. There were times when I was confused and had to reread but that was a quick phase and I got over it quickly. I can't exactly post any critique here for you because I'm not critic material buuuut I can provide you with encouragement. ^^ Please continue with this fic because I would really hate it if it would end suddenly.

Thanks a whole lot, Kutie Pie for entertaining me. Please add me on to the PM list. ^^

Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
Sweep Freak: It would haven been in the main Fan Fiction thread if it wasn't for the romantic atmosphere xD. Thanks for being concerned about it, though, lol. And do take your time to read ^.^.

kuriboh361: Muahahaha more successful advertising in the Games. Thank you so much, I'm glad you're loving it. And that you're not so lost, lol. YOUR ENCOURAGEMENT NURTURES ME. I mean, it inspires me. Yeah... *ahem* You shall be added to the list! Thank you for reviewing!


The DNA Master
This is so amazing! I cant wait for the next update either! You made me feel so sorry for Mewtwo, with the way you wrote this story. But I love the romance thats going on..
Hopefully Mew is saved! T.T


Luxray Fanboy
Lol... I have got hooked by this fanfic, and spamming it as Status Updates on YCM... This acctually have made me feel that Pokemon is the fanfic of THIS. It's pure epicness.

Oh, when do you whrite the next chapter?

Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
FormeEon: Thank you! I hope Mew's saved too, and I'm the one writing it XD.

iCakeify: LOL PM me a ink to one of these spams, I'm not sure where to look on the website XD. I take it you're unintentionally getting yourself banned for the sake of this story. If that's the case, and you love the site and thus does not want to be banned, I'm asking you to resort to telling just your friends.

I'm working on the next chapter. I just got home from church, I have no assignments to do (that's due tomorrow anyway) and I want it done by tomorrow, so we'll see how it goes. Been having a hard time trying to write this one chapter out, so be patient. Updates are going to be irregular from now on.


Luxray Fanboy
This shipping is almost worth being banned for.
Status spam? Sure. http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/statuses/all/page__member_id__331379
Also, I made a Forsaken fan club^^
But only 2 members so far...
Also noticed that you put some lyrics before a chapter. Can you use this? It's poetry of the highest grade.*

When all the laughter dies*
We'll see nothingness and realize*
But does it matter then when all the laughter dies?
-Versus Terminus, In Flames (Come Clarity)

Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
This shipping is almost worth being banned for.
Status spam? Sure. http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/statuses/all/page__member_id__331379
Also, I made a Forsaken fan club^^
But only 2 members so far...
Also noticed that you put some lyrics before a chapter. Can you use this? It's poetry of the highest grade.*

When all the laughter dies*
We'll see nothingness and realize*
But does it matter then when all the laughter dies?
-Versus Terminus, In Flames (Come Clarity)

...I don't know if I should be flattered xD. It's not the best in the universe, there are way more awesome stories out there, lol.

Hmm, interesting lyrics. I have been looking for something for chapter twelve, but I won't really know until I do get around to writing it. But as far as I know, it'll fit. *goes for a quick listen*


Wow... not my kind of music... it scares me... but the lyrics I might still use. We'll see. Thanks for the suggestion ^_^;...


Luxray Fanboy
Lulz, you got scared? xD
It is probarly the most melodic band in the universe, and you get scared. But you may not be as comfortable with Melodic Death Metal/Alternative Metal as I am... Tip: Dont listen to Watain if In Flames scares you... Swedens hardest Black Metal Band.

Way more awsome stories? Yes, but this is the most interesting.

I am probarly the advertiser Aslynn talked about xD


And I thought I already told you iCakeify. I'm SURE i did.
Can't wait for the next chapter.
*crosses fingers* please save mew please save mew PLEASE SAVE MEW ALREADY!

Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
iCakeify: Death metal, that explains it. I'm not a fan of the screaming or whatever they're doing.

Well Happy Valentine's Day! Expecting something happy today? Sorry.

WARNING: This chapter contains disturbing content and imagery.

Well, enjoy! Though your mileage may vary... I would have something nearby just in case.

A/N: 'Italics' is Mewtwo speaking “out-loud”. Maybe that'll help clear up some confusion.

Chapter Eleven: Through Her Eyes

"Show me the shadow where true meaning lies
So much more dismay in empty eyes"

-- "Exodus", Evanescence, "Evanescence EP"


Mewtwo grew aware of the cold floor he was laying upon before the pain stung through his head. He groaned as he sat up, squinting into the dim chamber at the pulsating lights. He questioned his current location, knowing he had been elsewhere just minutes ago. Placing a hand to his temple, he winced again, and felt on his cheeks faint trails of dried tears. It took a moment for everything to come back to him, recalling how uncharacteristic he and the other Legendaries had been, then how Mew's arrival led to a fit of passion—no, that was all him, she was just following along. Once they had recollected themselves, that was when she had announced it was all an illusion used by Legion that everything started to fall apart.

Speaking of...

"So, you woke up as well," came a sinister growl, and he whipped his head around to meet an enraged Mew in the eye. He almost stumbled back out of an impulse until he remembered it wasn't entirely her. "I bet she told you everything after snapping you back to normal, did she not?"

"You!" he snarled. "What have you done to Mew?"

"Me? I never touched her the entire time. Wish I could say the same about you." The slitted eyes flashed tauntingly as she licked her upper lip. "How did it feel to know you had her in your grasp? Exhilarating, am I right?"

"Stop it, Legion!" he barked, trying to shake off the memory. "What did you do to Mew?!"

Shrugging, Legion nonchalantly responded, "The same thing I do to all souls taken into possession. She currently awaits eternal damnation in Spirit Prison. She put up quite a fight, I had expected no less from her."

"...she is where?"

"It is where all unclean spirits go to dwell until they are 'bailed out' in a way." The phrase was hissed out maliciously. "I will be perfectly honest with you, I do not know what goes on there most of the time, I refuse to stay in there. All I know is good spirits can go in and preach to the bad or the uninformed because that is just what they do. If she is lucky, someone will visit her and convert her over to Paradise. But... she will have to pay the consequences."

Mewtwo shivered, half in fright and the other in anger. "You promised to let her go," he harshly reminded the demon. "Why are you still in her body?"

Legion laughed. "You only asked me to 'release her', if memory serves me well—and it always does—but you were not specific. I would have done what you might have been thinking of until you broke your end of the bargain before we could make the deal."

The clone fought to restrain himself, gritting his teeth and glancing away. He tried not to think about his previous actions to no avail; they were still fresh from minutes ago. Despite everything being a trick, and as much as he'd like to deny it, his contact with Mew (her spirit anyway) was real. From the touches to her hard kisses, the hot breaths and heartbeats... the tears... the discovery of her body... everything. It had happened. His reasons for it, however, were unclear. As his eyes scrunched shut in frustration, of all the past memories he could see, the vision of her pleading for him to stop as he forced himself upon her came to mind. He couldn't think of another time she was so helpless against him.

Afraid to delve further into the memory, he threw an accusation down the demon's way. "You tempted me to break that promise. I would never dare handle her in such a way."

"Surprise, surprise, I had nothing to do with the temptation!" she exclaimed in a strangely excited tone. "Well, the vision was all my doing, but your actions were of your own! Had the real Mew not weaseled herself in, then I suppose I would have been a part of your temptation—how she got rid of it is beyond me. It does not matter, point is, it was all you." A crooked smile lit up in the dim lighting. "After all, Mewtwo, your immortal spirit carries with it all the memories and personalities you have developed in your mortal life. You are currently warring within yourself about whether-or-not you truly love her, or are just wanting her body. And so far... lust is winning the war."

"You lie, I hold high regards to her!" Mewtwo moved to stand only for his knees to give out. He maintained eye-contact with her to continue, "She has been my enemy, a true friend, an equal! I do not want her body, I want her heart, her soul! They hold the Mew I know and respect, and I almost got her back! If there should be any warring going on, it should be you and I fighting for the future of her welfare!"

"Bah, you have not a clue what you are talking about," Legion interjected, waving a hand. "You cannot challenge a demon and win. Mortality and sin go hand-in-hand because of how you are unable to escape it. That is how fickle bodies are, and spirits do get restless after a while. For all I know, you were extremely curious about how spiritual bodies can still be intimate with each other. It still does not matter, you cannot get Mew back." Floating closer, her hips swung suggestively. "You can, however, still have the body. At least you will not return home empty-handed."

She reached out to cup his face, only for him to jerk away. "Never!" he spat.

With a huff, she backed off. "Fine, be that way. You will be confined back to the wall, then."

When "back" left her lips, Mewtwo's wrists were immediately seized upon, and he was wrenched up from behind to the stone wall. He struggled, noticing whenever he strained his arm away, a thick, shadowed tendril tightened as it forcefully pulled back. "Unhand me, demon!" he seethed out.

"You had your chance, but you gave it up for 'her virginity'," she mocked, using air quotes as emphasis. "For something as pathetic as that excuse, you are undeserving to be released at this present time. I will let you go, briefly, when you are needed."

"I will not do what you demand of me. You will only be wasting your time."

"I have all eternity. Time does not exist to me." The smirk grew into a maddening grin. "I plan to keep you alive against God's wishes and yours. You will live to see completion of my work." Mew closed the space between them to place a teasing kiss onto his mouth, sending tremors through his body. "Of our work." She nipped at his jawline.

Mewtwo bent away from her the best he could, only evoking her to latch on further. Any repelling abilities he had on hand were disabled, rendering him helpless under her control. He bit back gasps when she traced her hand along his throat, claws scraping lightly against his jugular. He caught at the corner of his eye a warning glare before the harsh kisses resumed along his neck.

At once, his recollection of Mew's own reaction to his advances returned. She was like him, being subject to another's will. But unlike him, he realized, she had trusted him enough when she willingly and possibly foolishly submitted herself to the passion. If what Legion said was true about a soul carrying the same personality into eternity, and having met her soul...

...she was of love, he was of lust. Because she loves him, she gave herself to him. But also because she loves him, she had wanted it to end for their sakes. Now, being in her position, he understood what she had felt during those minutes of passion... of weakness.

Glancing back at his counterpart, he noticed dark spots on her neck that he identified as bruises, similar to what Mew had obtained from him. Very similar. When she shifted down to kiss his chest, he craned for a look to see bloodied dots and streaks on his fur, no doubt from the gash. A sorrowful thought came to him, and he dared to speak to Legion.

"Why have you not healed her wound?"

"Why does it matter to you?" she grumbled into his pectoral, digging her claws into him.

He cringed a little. "Mew has lost too much blood from it. She is going to die if she does not get treatment."

"She is already dead."

Within that second, his heart stung in protest when it skipped a beat, his lungs clenched when he lost his breath, his blood ran cold... So much was running through him, he felt like his body had suddenly shut down. He stared in bewilderment down at her, hardly noticing she still pressed coarse kisses across his torso without another care as his thoughts focused on Mew. He did not want to believe it, there was no way she could be dead, not when he had talked to her. She may have been a spirit, but he could vividly remember she was as alive as him, if not more. He had experienced her warmth, her heart beating against his chest. It had to be no more than a few minutes ago, he was sure of it.

Yet... there had been something in her eyes before they separated. He had seen her sad enough times to know what it looked like inside her pure soul. But there in his arms was more than sadness—that sorrow of hers had pierced him in such a way that he knew he couldn't do anything for her. He would not have been able to comfort her, to make her laugh to chase away the tears. There was something personal about her grief he had no right in knowing, and nothing he could have done would have made her better. Any happiness she may have felt with him was temporary, unimportant.

What if, right then and there... she had died? Had he been unable to revive her in time?

Mewtwo tensed in his heartbreak, trying and failing to hold it back. Pausing in her travel, the imposter tilted her head back, scowling deeply at him. "Enough, crying never solved anything," she snapped impatiently. "Mew is dead, there is nothing you can do."

"HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT?!" he screamed at her, wanting to reach out and strangle her. He struggled to toss her off, though she calmly removed herself. "Mew did not die, I saw her! I touched her, I was intimate with her!"

"I hate repeating myself," the demon grumbled before speaking louder, getting in the clone's face. "Do you not get the definition of 'dead'? She is gone, ceases to exist, extinct! Get over it and move on."

"I cannot!" Mewtwo cried out on the verge of tears. "How can I when you are in her body to torment me?! But I know she is not dead! She is just lost and too weak right now to do anything! She needs help, or she will die! Surely not all demons are cruel!"

"Well, as much as the bursting of bubbles are so cliché, I love doing it. So there!" Legion cackled upon pretending to "pop" the feline's outer "bubble".

Shaking his head, he weakly struggled against his hold, too overcome with grief to steady himself. His knees nearly gave out from quaking so much, the demon's words slowly sinking in. "..I-It does not make sense... It may have just been her spirit, but... spirits cannot die..."

"Not in the way you are thinking of." He could barely bring himself to look at her, preferring to stare at the floor. "There are two types of death: the physical death, and the spiritual death. When I say that Mew is dead, what I mean is that she is about half of both. This body is only alive because I will it to, and also because a spirit still inhabits it—namely me, again. The other is much more devastating, you can say. The spiritual death is basically being damned, the opposite of eternal life. Mew is on her way to spiritual death because she has committed a grievous sin."

"No, not Mew!" he quickly gasped out, forcing himself to look directly into the slitted irises. "Not her, she is pure, she is all things good! It is I who has committed sins, not her!"

A jagged-looking grin split her face. "Everyone who has lived on this earth has committed a sin," she declared in a deathly whisper, "especially your precious Mew. How else was I able to possess her?"

"Legion, tell me the truth! Mew is innocent, she has to be!"

"Say all you want, you know what I say is the truth. She is not as perfect as you think she is."

"W-Well I know she is not perfect, no one is. But—"

"No one except God," Legion corrected him. "But she is not God, and thus she is imperfect. And imperfect people are destined to make mistakes."

"Then that is all it is—a mistake!" Mewtwo hysterically exclaimed. "Mew has done stupid things before, but she always made up for it!"

She slapped him with her tail and hissed, "Shut up and listen, or I will leave you here to rot in your insanity!" When he bit his lip, she straightened with a smirk. "You have much to learn about your sweetheart. There are things about her past she has not revealed to you because she fears you will judge her. She has not lived an easy life. She lost her mother to poachers as a young kitten, and had to fend for herself. The more she had fought to live, the more she learned the world was cruel to its inhabitants. She was hunted down, nearly eaten, often deathly ill, almost drowned twice, was trapped by a fallen tree until she taught herself Teleport, then took longer to learn Recover..."

Legion trailed off for a moment. "I could go on, but it is a tiring list of disasters and near-death experiences she had, all as a child. Though she was once captured by a poacher and lived in a cage for a few months because she was still too small to even be the cuffs of a coat. Thanks to her ability to learn every attack, she 'accidentally' caught the camp on fire and escaped. Then she was stupid enough to get captured again, this time to be put up for auction as a rare, exotic pet. Once she remembered she could teleport, she fled deep into the Amazon. It took her another several grueling years before she knew all the dangers."

Mewtwo squirmed in discomfort, feeling unworthy to hear Mew's life story. His movements went unnoticed. "A few years into her adulthood, Arceus granted her permission to be an immortal Legendary, and to be the Tree of Beginning's guardian. She accepted, and you should already know what happened during the next thousand years," she droned, waving her hand around. "She has seen many things in her lifetime, more horrific than your encounters, and considering the time-line when it came to wars and all, your days were terrible, but not like hers. Name anything, she has seen it."

"Why are you telling me this?" he moaned. "Mew would have told me when she was ready."

"So you can learn for yourself how hellish her life was. And how she is no different from you."

He slowly shook his head. "No... she is nothing like me. I have done things... terrible things. Mew is too pure to be near my range of status."

"You would be surprised," Legion smirked. "She would be able to relate to you oh-so very much."

"How can she? She is my opposite, there is no way she can."

Her smirk spread from ear to ear. "I think I will have Mew take over from here," she slowly whispered, letting out a breathy chuckle.

"What are you talking about?"

Without another word, she floated up to eye-level and pressed her forehead against his. He stared in confusion into her demonic eyes, attempting to shrink away. His wrists were given a painful squeeze in prohibition, forcing him to freeze in place. The grin eased up to a wicked beam as the narrowed oculars flashed a light blue.

Then Mewtwo's vision blacked out.


...he didn't know how long he was out for, how long the silence had been going. Somewhere in his subconscious, Mewtwo knew he should be dreaming at that moment. He didn't care what it was about just as long as he was dreaming. He was going to force himself to wake up if he didn't—since when was light so bright? He blinked a few times to get used to it, then sat up and stretched. This was feeling familiar...

With a yawn, he levitated away from the branch he had been sleeping on—Wait, why am I in a tree? he questioned himself, then waved it off like it was nothing. He was probably dead tired right now. Once he got himself ready, he'll be up like normal and look out at how green everything was. Odd, did spring come early? That would've been one thing. But why was the thought "Today is a new day!" running through his head? That was a bit out of character... maybe he really is dreaming, just in a slightly different way. Which was about time he got something pleasant.

After a few minutes of air-travel (which was feeling so natural in this dreamworld, it made him smile), he reached water, and knelt down. Leaning forward, he cupped a handful into his paws and washed his face, shaking the droplets from his fur. Once the surface calmed, he stared down at his reflection, blinking a few times and wiping the sleep from his eyes. Then, slowly, he looked around at the healthy foliage, taking in the morning songs of the many Bird Pokémon, the chirps of Butterfree on their daily duties, the scurrying of little feet upon bark and vines as other inhabitants foraged for breakfast. The jungle sounds were very relaxing, so very normal, but beautiful—

...wait a second...

Mewtwo looked back at the water, getting lost in his scrutiny of the tiny rosy body contrasting against the greens and blues, aqua irises developing a rather far-away look to them.

And suddenly, thoughts were made clear, like a remembrance. "Oh, tomorrow is Latias' birthday. Eee, I can hardly wait to see her face when I give her her present!"

'Wha... what is going on?' the clone gasped, inwardly. 'What kind of dream is this?'

Then he—or in actuality, Mew—sneezed. "Oh, gosh, that was strange," she muttered to herself, wiping her nose. "Guess some Butterfree scales were on the wind."

'What is this?!' he continued in distress like it never happened. 'Am I having an out-of-body experience?! This cannot be real!'

It was apparent he was speaking out loud to himself, but Mew did not react in acknowledgment. She instead fell back to sprawl and stretch out on the grass, gazing up at the clouds. While Mewtwo had the beginnings of a mental breakdown, his counterpart mentally traced out shapes. She would occasionally comment to herself, which quieted him down so he could hear before it started up again in a seemingly never-ending cycle (though the outbursts did simmer down to mumbles after a while). He began to wonder if he had been drugged when Legion knocked him out, thus causing this strange hallucination of him being manifested inside Mew's head.

Though what made it more confusing was if he was inside the head of Mew... if that was even possible. The thought itself made his own head hurt.

A rather low, weary sigh escaped from the lips of the small Legendary, catching his attention. "I bet this is what Mewtwo does when he's bored," she murmured, shrugging her shoulders. She flipped herself over, then scooted herself to the water's edge, running her fingers in a circular motion through its surface. "I don't know how he can stand being alone in a large city like that. He really doesn't have too many visitors... not since Pikatwo died..." (Mewtwo felt his heart ache at the mention of his dear friend.) She sighed again. "If I could... if he would let me, and if the Tree wasn't so demanding... I could travel around with him. Maybe then he wouldn't be so lonely. I don't know why no one's bothered to stay more than a few hours. 'S not like a hundred years ago where he would have ripped off their heads for showing up."

When she giggled, a wave of nostalgia rose up inside him. The giggle he had hated, yet missed so very much... "Oh, Mewtwo... he's changed so much since then. Maybe it's about time I do, too."

A twinge of sadness tugged at him, realizing this was a memory from not too long ago—maybe. He recalled that as the years went by, in between bouts of depression, Mew had slowly toned down her playfulness ever since she felt the world take a turn for the worse. Was this one of those very days?

She lightly closed her eyes as she let out a long breath (though it took Mewtwo a couple of seconds to figure it out), head resting against her arms. "Maybe then... things will get better..."

Mew trailed off, succumbing herself to her inner thoughts he caught snippets of when he least suspected them. They were of her typical thinking, he wasn't really surprised about it all. She had always been the one who loved all her friends, who believed everything would get worse before getting better, who saw the world's beauty amidst its ugliness. In a way, it grieved him.

'Always the hopeless optimist,' he muttered. 'If only you had known what was coming...'

Then her eyes snapped open as she sat up, turning to scan the jungle background. There was a noticeable eerie silence that Mewtwo could have sworn was just filled with Pokémon cries not a moment ago. Mew might have as well, but she was too engrossed in her alertness to mind it. Her ears swiveled as she stared intently into the trees, the constant flickering of her vision giving the clone a little motion sickness. She cautiously levitated a few feet above the ground.


Faint as it was, they both heard it, and she whipped her head towards its direction. It was just enough for a smooth cold surface to skim by her neck. A splash behind her caused her to spin around and peer at the ripples, bending over for a better curious look. There was a catch of glint shimmering beneath the surface before there was a sharp jab on the back of Mewtwo's neck. Hissing from the sudden pain, he went to reach for the source when Mew did as well. Tugging whatever it was from her skin (sending another vibe through the neck), she brought it to her line of vision, staring in disbelief at it.

"It's still standing?!" came a gruff gasp from behind, startling her into dropping the tranquilizer.

"Shit, it must have been from when it moved!" a second voice growled. "Reload, and don't miss this time!"

"I got it, sir!" a third blurted out before another click was heard.

Almost immediately, a second harsh prick on the shoulder was felt. Her vision started to blur, and a headache ensued, but she remained afloat, if clumsily. Breaths began to become ragged, as did her hearing. Mewtwo could pick out rough uses of language whenever it briefly refocused to normal, for whoever was shouting (possibly the leader) was angry about the other's actions. Then he observed something odd about Mew's behavior. Despite all her wavering, she made not one motion to fly off, choosing only to gaze down where the three disembodied voices were arguing from.

'Why is she not running?'

The three must have noticed as well for the bickering quieted down. "Sir... not doing any..." was picked up from the faltering hearing before it blanked out. Then from the bushes appeared three, no four humans clad in what was hinted to be hunting gear. The sunlight was either glaring or she was losing her eyesight for their faces were barely visible. From what could be seen, they stood there in bafflement, one scratching his (maybe her) head as they gawked down at the small Legendary. Mew's thoughts manifested themselves in vain attempts to come out as words.

What's going on? Why are there humans here? How did I... oh Arceus, it hurts so much... hurts to think. Feeling sleep coming... I don't feel good.

She dropped from the air, barely catching herself from collapsing onto her face. Her breathing shallowed out, her arms quaking beneath her. One of the nearest humans flipped her over with a boot, leaving her sprawled out before them. They stood around her, and she could feel their stares boring into her. The one that didn't have a noticeable beard grinned and the lips mouthed. The throbbing worsened, causing Mew to scrunch her eyes shut in pain.

Why... does it hurt... why...?

Then there was another pinch to the neck, her thoughts faded, and Mewtwo was left in blackness. All outside feeling dissipated a moment later, and then the pain was gone. He steadily grew nervous, unsure what was going on in this helpless, immovable state. The long silence was suffocating, it made his anxiety more mind-consuming. For how long was she unconscious? What were those humans doing there? Were they planning something? Why her?

Amongst the uneasiness, he felt anger rising in him. Was this what Legion wanted him to see? She got ambushed, that was it? As unlikely as it was, he knew Mew would easily escape from them once she got up. There was no way they could lay another hand on her—


...as faint as it was, the echo caught his attention. Wherever he looked, it was still black. Great, was he starting to go insane from it now? Unless... could Mew be dreaming?


It was louder this time. If she was, she might be dreaming about swimming. Mewtwo couldn't help but grin awkwardly at the idea. He was getting worked up over a stupid dream.

"...waves spiked. It's gaining consciousness."

"What! It's only been a few mon... Why... waking up?!"

"Well, it is a Mew. Guess we calculated wrong."

He felt his heart tense. She wouldn't be dreaming something like that... would she?

"Should we give it more sedatives then, sir?"

"No, the drug we used must be interfering with the experiments. Can't have it—" The voice continued to speak, but it was now suddenly muffled.

He couldn't care less at the moment what the unfinished dialogue was. His mind was being thrown into shock at what he had heard. 'It... it cannot be...'

A disturbance was evident enough Mew was stirring, the eerie gurgling increasing in volume. Her arms slowly rose until her knuckles bumped up against a smooth plane that was chilling to the bone. Her chest ached every time she took a breath like it was being compressed. A small thought of worry blipped by, though it went unheeded by Mewtwo. He feared the worst, hoping it wasn't the case. And as she slowly opened her eyes, everything came crashing down on him, revisiting a world he never wanted to see again.

It stung the moment her eyelids lifted, vision blurring for the first minute. A golden orange was what awaited them, a slight glare somewhere in the depths. Fuzzy shapes drifted upward before she (and her clone) identified them as bubbles, or rather congealed bubbles. They stared at the curiously haunting substances until she decided to look past the glaze. For a while it was distorted, all one shade of color with no other distinguishing shapes or lighting. The more she grew aware, the clearer the world beyond was. And Mewtwo wished she had stayed asleep.

The room was similar to what he once knew well: advanced computers up against the wall alongside cylindrical and cubical tanks, polished tile floors plugged with wires, garish fluorescents, observant humans in bland white coats calculating formulas. Shuffling and electronic beeps were the ambient sounds next to the gushing of liquid. Unbearable noise... he felt his mind keeping in time to the steady beats, disturbing his thoughts. He tried to focus on the reflection of Mew in the hopes it would all fade to background hums, but as she wasn't looking at it directly, it was shapeless.

Where am I? her thoughts gasped, and he mentally locked on—anything to get rid of that blasted beeping. What's going on? What is all this? Why can't I move? I'm so cold...

She tried to take in a deep breath only to start gagging. Her lips closed over a plastic lining, and when she glanced down, she panicked further. A thin tube was lodged inside her mouth—no, it was her throat—and extended down into the bottom of her tank. Attached to various parts of her body were wires, holding her in place.

Outside her glass container, a monitor was rapidly pulsing. "I thought you subdued it already!" a voice snapped.

"I just typed in the coordinates, give it time!" came the immediate defense.

Coming in the line of vision was a thin, furious man, brows pinching his glasses as his teeth gnashed. He pounded the surface once, emitting a thunderous sound to vibrate throughout the liquid, startling Mew and causing her to choke again. "Knock it off, you stupid creature!" he shouted. "You're going to kill yourself in there!"

"Sir, don't yell at it! You're frightening it further!" Another one much like the first but taller and hairier rushed forward to hold him back. "It'll calm down soon."

"Is that tracheal tube working? It's not floating in liquid oxygen, you know!"

"Yes, sir, but if you just let it be, it'll calm down and the procedure will proceed smoothly."

"You bet your ass it will, or guess who kicks it out on the curb?!" He turned to huff in her direction before storming off, shouting for a drink. The second man left without a glance, returning to his seat by one of the monitors. The beeping began to slow down after a few moments, and Mew was now able to breathe without gagging.

Fighting to hold back tears, she brought herself to scan the room. Both she and Mewtwo agreed it was a sterile, uninviting place. Despite the human activity, they were all cold towards one another, avoiding eye contact, working individually far apart and rarely speaking to each other except for arguing over notes. The most common trait they seemed to share were being physically languished, otherwise they were like complete strangers. Some, upon closer inspection, looked and acted like they hadn't slept in days.

Why would people do this to themselves? her thoughts meekly wondered as she tore her eyes away from the humans. Has this gone on for a while? Maybe... when I was put in here?

Mewtwo questioned this himself as well. It reminded him of the scientists who aided in creating him. While the years had blurred their faces, he could still remember the tired, but relieved tones when they congratulated each other on succeeding. They had spent grueling long hours, long months on making sure he survived. For all he knew, they must have eaten and slept very little the entire time. It was likely the same situation here. The one raging human only known as "Sir" must be in charge of whatever was going on. He must know that Mew was valuable, that one mistake could kill her. They couldn't afford mistakes—scientists rarely did. However long she was in the tank for was probably as long as they had undoubtedly gone without rest.

Mew gagged again when she swallowed (tried to), and leaned up against the glass barrier. When she took another glance beyond, her jaw dropped as her eyes widened in horror.

Not even a yard away was another tank, occupied by a creature suspended in identical fluid, bent backward nearly in half. It was of unknown species, one she nor Mewtwo had ever seen before, but closer inspection revealed to them it was supposed to be a common Rattata. It still had its rodent shape to it, but with a feline touch. The ears were rounded like a normal Rattata's except for the notable pointedness. The buck fangs were replaced with canine teeth, the whiskers nearly absent. From the paws were extended claws, the forelimbs and hind legs strikingly similar to that of a feline's. Its tail caught their attention the most, being extended to twice, possibly three times the length of its body, but still curled at the tip. Whether it was from the vermilion coloring or not, it was a sickly yellow, though the clone was sure it was gray.

But Mew hardly noticed that. She was too transfixed on its eyes. Its cold, blank eyes unblinkingly staring into emptiness.


"...aw, damn it, Tyson, why didn't you catch this?" a voice snarled out. One of the scientists walked up to the tank and glared at the body, teeth gritting.

"Whaaat, I went on lunch break—oh..." Another one had stepped to his side, grimacing at the sight. He sucked in breath through his teeth. "...you know, the wires could never stick—"

"That's not the point, you dumbbell, it was your post!"

"How the hell was I supposed to know it'd die just when I'd go on my frigging lunch break? Did anyone else hear the droning over the yelling earlier when the wires came off?"

"Doesn't matter, it's another failed experiment." Ignoring the rise of exclamations in the room, the human walked over to a computer, typed away, and watched impatiently as the tank drained. The corpse sank down through the hole, and the other scientist pulled open a hidden compartment to drag it out. "That's the third failed clone since we got the Mew. We're beginning to run out of options here."

The human, Tyson, dangled it by its skinny tail, frowning deeply. "It's strange. The fetus would grow normally, so why give out now?"

"Because someone decided to go on lunch break. Science doesn't wait on anyone."

"You sure it's because the cells stop mutating and it poisons the body... or something?"

Throwing his hands up, the disgruntled human yelled, "I don't know, and I don't give a damn! Just dispose of it while I collect more of the Mew's hair! We used the last of the batch on this one." He pinched his brows when the man left, grumbling under his breath as he once more typed along. "How many more embryos do we have in storage?" he asked out loud.

One of the few female scientists, when she pulled herself together, announced, "Due to a tight budget and the shorting out of the freezer, we're down to our last."

"What tight budget?"

"Our funding is being threatened to get cut by next month. Weren't you there for the meeting when the contract was being signed?"

"I'm not as high of a class as you are," he sneered. "Why did no one tell us?"

She scoffed, taking off her glasses to prevent smearing when she face-palmed. "We were quite sure we'd get living specimens because we now have a live Mew. Okay, yes, they'd live to the juvenile stage half-way through gestation, but then they would suddenly shut down. This is the third time it's happened, and no one can figure out why."

"Look on the bright side, we've progressed quicker than the first cloning attempt in history," Tyson blurted out when he returned empty-handed, attempting to bring out the positive. "It took them a year to figure out how to fill in the gaps in DNA. Dr. Fuji followed it as well, even though it did take him longer to alter DNA."

"We get it, Tyson, what's your point?" she huffed, crossing her arms.

"Well, all he had was a thousand-plus-year-old fossil to work with. We have a living, breathing Mew."

"What does this have to do with our failed experiments?"

"...Crap, I had it..."

"You're wasting our time and patience!" the man at the computer snapped, swerving back around to continue punching in numbers. "Go make yourself useful and fetch the last embryo, and pray to your personal god or whatever it survives this time!"

"Wait, wait, I remember! It had to do with the lifespan!"


Other scientists had by now given up on listening to him and returned to their own work. The woman and the angry man remained rooted in place. Pointing to Mew, Tyson noted, "There are legends that say it has a special life-force that enables it to live forever. Fuji was familiar with it, and he had tried to copy it. And he succeeded—at the cost of many other experiments, yes, I'm aware of it, but they successfully cloned it!"

Mewtwo felt his counterpart stir in discomfort, though he was sure his stomach had tightened into a knot. How did they get that information? This Dr. Fuji... he never got the scientist's name, but whoever he was... did he somehow survive? A colleague of his? Some of the machinery had managed to remain in working order after the destruction. Did the records still exist? It had to be the only other reason. The project was a well-kept secret, but he knew they had to jot down notes. So how did they get off the island?

"What are you getting at? You better have a reasonable explanation for this," the woman sighed exasperatedly, glancing at her watch.

Tyson boyishly grinned. "What if the clone is still alive?"

Mew flinched, her heart clenching in fear. The impatient man was quick to reply, turning away from the monitor for the occasion. "That was a few centuries ago, and there have been no reports of any sightings or its existence for that matter. It's dead, end of story. Now shut up and go back to your lunch break."

"No, I'm serious! It may still be out there!"

"Tyson, we're not sending men out there to hunt it down just because Fuji's last words declared it lived," the female interjected. "For all we know, it killed itself destroying the lab, and even if it didn't, it went into hiding."

"You sure natural instincts didn't kick in, and thus it found a way to survive in the wild? Maybe it even produced offspring?"

"Tyson, it was a clone, it had no natural instincts!" Jamming down on a key, the furious scientist quickly stood up to tower over him. "Your arguments are invalid because of lack of proof, how many times do we have to tell you this?! We have a goddamn Mew in our possession, that should be satisfying enough!"

"What is this nonsense prattling I'm hearing instead of fingers clacking away and monitors beeping?!" came the sudden outcry when the bespectacled man from before barged into the room. The scientists, startled at his appearance, hurriedly stood before him and bowed apologetically. He leered at them. "What the hell is going on? And you better give me a damn good explanation."

"You see sir, I was trying to explain to them about the possibilities of—"

"I wasn't talking to you!" he barked at Tyson, who shrank back, hanging his head. "Bridget, what's with this idiocy? Why aren't you at your posts?"

Fumbling with her glasses to put them on, she responded, "We were just about to fetch the last embryo once we discovered MXP-303 was a failure."

A vein pulsed in his temple, his face darkening. "A failure?" he seethed through his teeth. "I thought you said you had learned your lesson after the failure of MXP-101."

"We have, sir, but we have also been experiencing problems lately, and—"

"I don't want to hear excuses, I want to hear success!" He pounded on the nearest tabletop, knocking over cups and spilling the beverages. "We are on a tight schedule! If we don't have a living specimen in the works when they come to see our progress, we'll lose our funding, and we'll have to pay out of pocket! And guess what we last manually paid for?" His eyes glinted over at Mew, and she shrank far back as she could, only to flinch when a mechanical arm swooped into sight and tweezers yanked some hair from her cheek. She choked on the tube when she whimpered, but no one noticed.

"S-Sorry sir... we'll do our hardest with this one," the woman sputtered out.

"There's no time for that, we're going with plan B."

A scientist huddling over his notes meekly raised a hand for attention. "Sir... the Mew has been unconscious for so long... Err, all we know is that it's a female... but we don't know its ovu—"

"There's no time," he stressed. "Now I want cooperation this one time. Let's get it out of there, bring out the sonogram, and thaw out the semen. When they come, we'll have an embryo in the process, and hopefully liable enough be labeled as acceptable. Since we can't grow it in a test tube, we'll just have to grow it in a surrogate mother."

"Why didn't we do this in the first place?" one of the humans muttered to himself.

With a silent warning glare, the man nodded in Mew's direction. The woman returned the gesture, and walked over to the computer and clacked away. The fluid gurgled as it emptied, and she was eased down to rest at the bottom of the tank. Once the water was gone from her ears, the wheeze from the tube inside her mouth was clearly heard. The cylinder then was split in half as it withdrew deep into the compartments. Having grown used to the liquid, her vision was watery and her eyes stung, and the cold air of the lab made her shiver. One of the scientists (possibly the woman, Bridget) stepped up before her, and tugged the tracheal tube straight out of her mouth, gagging her and leaving an uncomfortable sensation behind. Then one-by-one, the wires were detached from her. Judging by the winces and dull aches, Mewtwo had a feeling these wires weren't exactly suctioned to her skin.

She was too weak to move about nor fight off the human picking her up, so she lay limply against an arm. The others shuffled about, bringing things together and clearing workspace. "Sir" continued to spout out orders and snapped at Tyson to be careful with the equipment when a loud bang! was heard. "Put it on the table, Bridget" was the next demand, and she obeyed. The steely surface jolted Mew for a moment, and her sight cleared up. Just above her, the woman quickly pulled on some rubber gloves, briefly meeting her eyes. Shivering, the Legendary forced herself to look ahead in time to see one of the scientists bring forth a stubby, cordless device, placing the flat end on her abdomen. The surface was even colder than the table, and she jerked.

"Hold it still, Bridget!" he barked at her, and she pushed her hands down against the sternum to pin her. "Can you bring that a little closer? I don't think it's reading the image." He lightly pressed it against her again, turning his head away to look at the machine. Because he was in the way, Mewtwo and Mew couldn't determine what it was he was looking at, or even looking for. The clone had been around a few hospitals to know it emitted ultrasonic waves into the body. Usually, though, he noticed they were used to show a human fetus.

'But she is not even pregnant,' he duly noted, growing confused. 'What are they looking for?'

Judging by some groans and a displeasing sigh from the woman, they were unable to find their target. "No sign of ovulation," the man announced, removing the device.

"I didn't say put it away!"

"Sir, you saw for yourself—"

"That means nothing. We're going to manually fertilize and alter the genomes of her eggs."

There was a great pause. "You mean... Sir, what about the last embryo?"

"Forget it, that was from a different mother, which might explain the failure of the experiments. If it came from the Mew itself, we may have better success in starting fresh."

"Sir, transvaginal oocyte retrieval is a human procedure!"

"Who says?" With a snap of his fingers, he asked the nearest scientist, "Is there a vaginal transducer on hand?" to which he was given a positive nod. Pleased with the response, he gestured to the outside direction, and after the human left, he pointed at Mew. "It needs to be in lithotomy position. Bridget, you have it covered, or do you need extra hands?"

"She's weakened enough," she coolly answered. "But extra hands won't hurt."

"I'll elevate the hips."

"You already have the sonogram, Tyson will do it."

He stepped into place without a hint of hesitation and nodded at Bridget. When the feline was forced into a sitting position, he spread out her legs and supported them up. Mew immediately began to squirm in her best attempt of a struggle. "Let go of me," she mumbled, though the man blinked down at her.

"That was a pitiful whimper, wasn't it?" he commented, quirking a brow.

"Indeed..." She skeptically looked at how he held the legs up. "I don't think this is going to work. Looks out of her flexibility range."

"It should take no more than half an hour. She can handle it." The quiet whines convinced Mewtwo otherwise.

The moment they brought the needle into view, her stomach (and his) twisted and she resumed fighting them, albeit weakly. "Sir" glared in her direction, which one of his colleagues noticed. "Think we should sedate her some more?" he inquired concernedly.

"We have the equipment, just get it over with."

Bowing his head, he frowned down at Mew. "I'm not seeing the vulva..." When he reached down to poke his fingers about, she kicked at him, forcing the two scientists to snatch her ankles and twist her around on her stomach. "Raise the pelvis—oh, there it is. Yeah, good call, lithotomy position wasn't going to work well here like this."

"Make sure to hold it down," "Sir" added, adjusting his glasses.

Hardly able to see what was happening, the small Legendary was finding herself out-matched by two humans, limited only to moving certain parts of her body as her face compressed further into the table. While still foggy from the sedatives, she was more alert in her senses, and even Mewtwo was finding himself squirming from it. The sonogram's wireless scanner lingered on her lower abdomen as the scientists talked among themselves on what they needed to do; the two were attempting to block them out (Mew was, anyway), wanting to be spared the details.

And then...

At first, she couldn't feel it, but there eventually came an uncomfortable sensation like she was cramping between her legs, spreading upward. And what felt like a squeeze followed after... and there was movement. Her eyes slowly widened, a tingle running along her spine and her lower region at the same time. There were murmurs of "Careful, careful" going around, and Tyson—or Bridget—tightened the hold on her.

What happened next hit her like a kick to the stomach. It might have been for all she knew, but there was no denying she was now in pain. She let out a sudden cry against the table, alarming the humans. One let out a cuss under his breath, and she could swear something was burning inside her.

"She's feeling it. We're giving her more sedatives."

"Not too much," "Sir" warned, but gave his permission nevertheless.

Until they stuck a needle into her thigh, the pain was growing intense, more than just a cramp or an internal squeeze. Whatever it was, there was something foreign inside her body, and somewhere between her legs she could just feel it rub against a sensitive area. "Get it out!" she begged, tears starting to well up. "Whatever you're doing, stop it! It hurts!"

Mewtwo had caught himself about to shout it out as well, until he wondered how it was the internal agony was affecting him. As provocative as it was, even distracting his thoughts, it made no sense how he could feel the pain as well. This had to be another trick, it had to be...

Momentarily, it dulled, and she trembled and moved less, but the sedative was unable to chase away the sensation. Inwardly, she could still feel it slide. Despite it being unwanted pain, her mind was sick enough to think back to it, trying to guess what exactly was going on. She wasn't good at these terms, it was more of Mewtwo's thing (so he managed to catch of her thoughts). Though... the more she thought on it, the less longer it took her to put two and two together.

They said they were going to... impregnate me... weren't they?

"Pull it out carefully, we don't need any vaginal bleeding right now," the one holding the scanning device advised.

"Then stop moving around, the image keeps getting blurred."

"I'm not moving it..."

...oh sweet Arceus...

She lay there in silent shock even when they announced they got what they wanted. The voice of "Sir" demanded it to be fertilized at once, then Bridget spoke up. But she was only half-listening, and she didn't care once her mind blanked out. Mewtwo hardly paid attention himself, wishing he couldn't understand the situation. He mentally went through all that had been happening: capture, sedated into a deep sleep for no more than a few months, altering an embryo so it slowly morphed into another Mew, salvaging for her eggs...

It was of a different procedure, but it was still cloning. He wondered if this was how he came to be, through the manipulations of an embryo tweaked and forced to be the strongest Pokémon in the world. There was no surrogate mother except for the tank he grew in, as far as he knew. He might have been formed in a womb, then was cut out and placed inside to finish growing to his adult form, being kept asleep as a precaution. It was a disturbing thought. He hoped this wasn't the case for Mew.

Even when they released her for the moment, she remained motionless on the table as the scientists went about their own business, deaf to them and staring unblinkingly at the machines. Time became non-existent, the surrounding space frozen into place. It was like Dialga and Palkia decided they wanted to go on break—if only from this very room—and hit the pause button. It could be she was now stuck in sleep paralysis, or that she was experiencing the horror of waking up in the middle of an operation. But nothing mattered to Mew. It was a breaking point, the undeniable outcome she wished she could refuse to acknowledge. This was her way of handling such pressure, emptying everything around her, secretly wishing it was all a nightmare she could wake up from.

Mewtwo could feel her mind crack.

After a long time passed, if it was still existing, she suddenly jerked when they lifted her hips back up, and muffled voices could be heard. The tension sensed by them lasted only for a few seconds before all was quiet again. The internal sensation returned, and she shuddered, closing her eyes tightly. In a repetitive manner, her thoughts echoed through what he was sure were lyrics to a song she knew or stanzas of a poem, or a chant; whatever it was, she was distracting herself to keep from thinking back to whatever was going on below. The more she felt it, the vigorous the recitation. It strangely sounded like a lullaby...

"...transfer is complete."

Their breath caught at those words. It went unnoticed.

"You sure?"

"Positive." A short pause. "We won't know if it'll survive into the following week. It is fairly young, just starting to divide its cells. We're letting the other eggs be fertilized on their own. If this one doesn't live, the others will."

"Mmm, maybe Lady Luck is on our side after all." There was a deep laugh before it abruptly stopped. "Put it in the kennels for now. We'll worry about room later."

There was a blur of movement above her, the faint outline of one of the scientists picking her up. "Sir, I think she's in shock."

"It'll get over it." And the conversation was over.

Everything was deathly quiet as she was carried out of the room as though the subject matter, if any, was too solemn to mention. The walk down the hallway was long, the temperature feeling like it dropped with every step. Any human scientist they passed by was just as cold, hardly if ever stealing a glance (and if they did it wasn't friendly), turning their backs on them when in range, and those were the small ones. Mewtwo was sure they didn't like her, the person holding her, or even both. While fully aware, Mew felt no sense of emotion over it. She just didn't care at the moment.

At last, they reached a poorly-lit room lined with nothing but cages. It was silent as well, though the kennels appeared to be occupied. The person paused at one to jerk the gate open before slipping her inside.

"You'll only be in here until we know if we'll be keeping our funding or not," the human whispered, now identifiable as Bridget. "I'll check up on you daily until then. You're too important a specimen to lose." She snapped the cage shut (with some difficulty), then sighed, pushing her glasses higher up her nose. "I wonder what it's like to know you're the last of your kind. It must be painful." Then she left, hands in her pockets.

Mew remained motionless, leaning against the side and gazing across the room. The kennel across from her held a Furret, starved and unkempt. It was probably a specimen used for experiments, but there was no infliction to be seen. When it came more into the light, however, Mewtwo cringed at seeing it was tailless.

Placing its paws flat against the cage, it peered directly at them. "Hey... you're a Mew, aren't you?" it squeaked, indicating it was a female (unless they all sounded like that). "What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be a goddess, impossible to capture?"

Mew's response was a blank stare.

The Furret squirmed, scowling. "Well? Aren't you?"

"Did my ears deceive me, or did you say 'Mew'?" Crawling into view in an adjacent kennel was a Spinda, patches over its eyes.

"There's a Mew across from us," the rodent explained.

Voices started picking up in whispers out of sight. The Spinda tilted its head. "...describe her, please."

"Uh... looks to be the size of a healthy Pikachu. Cat-like... long tail, big blue eyes—they're so gorgeous, I don't think even a poet can describe them. Wait... there's something about her eyes. She looks disturbed." She did a quick scan and quietly gasped. "She's bleeding... Oh heavenly Ho-oh, they did something to her."

"Do you know what it might be?" an unseen Pokémon questioned. "Where's she bleeding from?"

"Down there... you know." Furret turned to Mew's direction in sympathy. "Honey, did they take your baby? Do you remember?"

Her head slowly dropped to spot the small patch of blood on her fur, but took no heed. Resting a hand upon her stomach, she solemnly murmured, "The exact... opposite."
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Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
Mewtwo wordlessly watched the world go dark like she had fallen asleep. He felt his heart constrict and his breath catch as he waited anxiously, silently reviewing all that had happened. It was a surprise, even though he shouldn't be. There was always going to be attempts at cloning, it was what ultimately brought back the prehistoric Pokémon—for the most part. To create the world's strongest Pokémon was a different issue. He knew these people, they only did this for money, or to satisfy an evil person's desires. There was no love put into it.

Since his birth, it was that fact that had continued to haunt him even after the passing of his nemesis. Another was the lack of remorse in the man's eyes as he drew his final breath. In disregard of his vow to never cross his path, when he had heard of Giovanni being on his deathbed, it was the sign of victory. He'd get his justice in the next life, and he had wanted him to know about it. The weight may have been lifted off his shoulders by telling him, but some was held back by the man's reaction: he didn't care. He had no regrets that he made history because he was famous. To hear he had a part in his creation only made him more proud of himself. He had died laughing triumphantly.

Whoever wanted Mew to be cloned had his mindset; he wouldn't be surprised if they idolized him. The scientists implied the files of his creation had gotten out, published for the sake of science. Perhaps they wanted the fame of having proof of an actual Mew clone, made from the cells of a living Mew. If it was the case, she was to be treated well, always healthy to continue supporting a new generation until they tired of her. And because of her immortality... she would be there forever, drugged and forced to be the mother of clones.

'...oh, Mew...'

There was a stir as the blackness opened up to the inside of a roomier cell, almost no different from the previous kennel except for a blueish color. She blinked up at the ceiling, refusing to move. Thoughts instead ran through her head—no, they were more than just thoughts.

Lord... why me? Why was I subject to this torture? Okay, what I mean by 'torture' is the lab. I'm not free to go anywhere, I'm on a schedule. You know this already... but I am not fit for this. I can't carry a child that's not from Your hand. Yeah, I love the whole idea of pregnancy, it feels nice and all... but I don't love it, at how I got it. I have issues with this baby not being natural. She paused when the image of Mewtwo flashed by. ...did You have issues with Mewtwo? You probably didn't, he's still alive. But well... is this very baby meant to live, too? Because honestly... I don't know how much longer I can stand to carry it. It doesn't feel right, like it's not really alive...

A kick against her ribs distracted her, and she groaned a little. "Oww, did you have to kick there?" she muttered, flipping over to her side. Her hands caressed her bulging belly, and when the baby kicked again, a smile came to her. "Funny... you always know when I wake up. Maybe we wake up at the same time. Or am I now a slave to your schedule?" She giggled, a heartbreaking sound. Pushing herself up with a groan, she stretched behind her head. "I heard from Bridget I should be exercising more, though I'm not sure if I'm supposed to or not. It's not like they know about the pregnancies of my species better than I do. Mother never got around to talking about it."

Mewtwo was puzzled as to why she was talking to herself—unless she was talking to the baby? He noticed that pregnant female humans when they were alone sometimes did talk out loud, almost like it was second nature for them. Mew had given her reply then that it was so the child would be able to recognize its parent's voice. In a way, he agreed with her, though by taking his own accounts he was liable to claim it false.

Her sigh brought him back to the present. "I wonder if they'll let us go. Everyone must be so worried by now, wondering where I am. I missed Latias' birthday, I missed Lugia's, Shaymin's, Darkrai's, Celebi's... I even missed Mewtwo's. I make sure to celebrate everyone's birthdays... and I missed them." She moaned and leaned up against the wall. "I wonder if they're worried... Mewtwo especially. He doesn't like his birthday, but I always make sure he celebrates it—once I found out the date my way, of course. I don't think he likes being reminded of his age, but he ends up in a better mood by the end of the day. Mewtwo's a good guy... you'll like him. Maybe you two will hit it off, you're so alike. He's never going to believe I got myself pregnant, though. If I tell him why..." Mew shook her head. "No, I won't tell him you're a product of science. I'll just tell him you were an orphan. But if you come out looking like me, then we'll have a problem."

It hurt to hear her ramble on like normal despite her being part of an experiment. 'She is acting like this was meant for her. Does she really not mind carrying a man-made child?'

"Tell you what, I'll introduce him to you first thing we get out, okay? Oh boy, he's going to be in for a treat, especially if you come out like me. He got used to just one of me, imagine double that!"

"Hey, shut up in there!" a scientist barked at her, pounding on the gate before he opened it and shoved a bowl of berries inside. "You talk more than my pet Chatot did before I strangled it." He slammed it shut and stormed off.

Mew pressed her paws on the sides of her stomach, almost like she thought it would cover the fetus' ears (which Mewtwo was astonished to realize was involuntary). "Oh, don't listen to him, he doesn't mean well," she crooned, scooting over to the bowl. "Let's just have breakfast and be on our way, okay? What are you in the mood for?" She picked through the mix, smelling them and only eating those that didn't make her feel sick. She saved the Lum berry for last, savoring it the best she could.

When she (and the baby) was full and happy, she patiently sat at the entrance, scanning the spacious room before she grew bored. She picked out the seeds in the uneaten berries and attempted to make shapes out of them, then flicked them at passing scientists for the heck of it. It made her more giddy; it frightened Mewtwo. She was in what was the closest to a prison cell, and she couldn't be more happier. On the outside, anyway.

Inside, thoughts continued to drift, even asking God for help or just to spill her hidden feelings. From what he could glean from them, she couldn't admit she had a love-hate relationship with the child. Most of her complaints were trivial from not realizing the drawbacks to a pregnancy: Mew ached from her spine to her developing breasts (a detail the scientists found intriguing, though she had no idea why), she had cravings she couldn't always satiate due to a feeding schedule with carefully-calculated nutrients, she was upset about her steady inability to levitate for long without hurting, and that was only a handful from just the lack of real comfort and distractions. She was physically fine, otherwise, allowed to roam in a small built-in terrarium for daily exercise, and had periodic check-ups for an ultrasound and any physical that couldn't be done through the gate.

But what she loved was speaking to the child, telling it stories or humming songs she had learned over the years. She was fond of bringing up friends and what each of them were like as individuals. And yet, the longer she would talk, the sadder she'd become until trailing off and resorting to stare at her growing belly. Trying to keep to the positives, she'd imagine what the child would look and act like, and the bonding activities they could do, and the friends she wanted it to meet with. Try as she could, by the end of the day she was depressed until she fell asleep, wishing none of this had ever happened and dreaming of her freedom.

That was the routine day-by-day as she slowly grew big with child. Then at one point, she heard from two scientists in passing she had entered her third trimester, and a ray of hope entered her mind. Mew could hardly wait for the baby to be born, guaranteeing she would be out of there. Mewtwo's cynical side hated the optimism, though he found himself wondering about the end result, having never once seen evidence of a child when she was in the Tree.

True to his suspicions, it would seem life had other plans.

She woke up in the middle of the night while cramping. It was uncomfortable enough she sat up and attempted to fall back asleep, but couldn't. Steadily, the pain worsened, and if she moved in any direction, a sharp sting traveled downward through her abdomen. Attempting to stand made it worse.

"What's going on?" she let out a whimper, her breaths accelerating. "Is the baby coming? Oh Lord, please let it just be a false alarm. I don't feel ready yet..."

One of the scientists happened to walk by and hear her feeble cries. Looking in, he scoffed. "Oh, what're you whining about? Go back to sle—" He took a closer look, and his face contorted into bewilderment. Pulling out a small flashlight for a better view, he hissed out a swear and fumbled with the gate. "Get the professor, something's gone wrong!" he called out into the room.

"Is it contracting already?" an unseen human responded back in an equally-surprised tone.

"Damn it, don't ask questions! Just get the professor!" He reached in and pulled her out.

He ended up handling her wrong, triggering another wave of pain. She bit him out of fright and involuntary reaction—Mewtwo knew it was out of self-defense to protect the baby. The man, of course, let out more expletives.

"What happened, Harv?" Tyson asked after a sudden jolt.

"The goddamn thing bit me!"

"You had it coming. Put her on the table."

After a bit more fighting, he got her over to the table as a blinding light sparked to life. When the humans took one look at her, they went wild as well. Bridget pushed herself through and let out a frustrated growl. "She's in her third trimester, she can't miscarry!"

Mew's heart skipped a beat, as did the clone's, and the agonizing vibes were briefly tolerable. No... no. No, no, no... it has to be a false alarm. Miscarriage? This late?

"Sir, something's gone wrong!" the woman shouted, catching her glasses when she wheeled her head around. "She's miscarrying!"

"What!" the bellow of "Sir" thundered. He raced up to her side, almost pushing her away. His own spectacles hung off the edge of his nose, eyes blazing in fury. "Miscarriage?! That can't be!"

"For all we know, it's a stillbirth, and the body is trying to abort it itself but got stuck midway due to the size," Bridget hurriedly explained, trying to steady her breath. "I-It's also possible the fetus has grown too large for her... so it suffocated." She flinched when her boss swerved to face her. "She attempts to deliver it... she'll die." She glanced down at Mew's lower half, covering her mouth with a hand.

"Then cut it out!" he sputtered out, face reddening with rage. "If there's an inkling of life in that thing, revive it! I want it alive!"

Quickly turning away, she nodded. "Okay... let me give her an epidural, and then we'll—"

"There's no time for that! Do it now!"

Though it was clear she was not in agreement with him, she hesitantly called for some hands to hold her down and for surgical instruments. When enough scientists surrounded her (one brought a drape to shield the lower body from view even though he was told off for it), and once the arguments were settling down, the first cut was made.

Mewtwo never heard such a painful scream, nor felt such pain in his life.

The humans were quick to pin her down to keep her from thrashing about as they continued to make the incisions, and it got worse when she felt them reaching inside her body. Mew tearfully begged for an end in between her wails, unsure what bloody mutilations they were doing to her and what the outcome of the child was. She refused to believe them when they were saying she was stuck in a miscarriage, wanting nothing more than for the safe delivery of the baby. And in between screams about its wellbeing, she pleaded to God for help. A few times, "Sir" roared at the surrounding men to silence her, sedate her or anything, and every single time it failed. One managed to stick a needle in her, but she kept on fighting, her will out-powering them.

Long minutes ticked by and her voice nearly gave out from all the screaming before the harsh tugging beyond the drape stopped, and the sound of rushing footsteps faded as they left the room. She felt exposed amidst the penetrating pain, the sensation of warm blood flooding her stomach... and empty. The weight that was in her belly was gone, leaving behind what felt like an impression. Glimpses of scientists walking from behind the cover showed them with red-soaked hands, a few faces splattered. Bridget had yet to be seen, though she could still feel a pair of hands in her innards. Exhaustion fell over Mew, and she could no longer care how much pain she was still in. It would go away eventually.

Mewtwo, however, heard one of her weak thoughts blip by: ...my baby...

"Hey, Bridget, you okay?" a voice soothed past the cloth.

"...I will be," came her quiet answer. "Just about got the uterus back in place. Want to help me sew her up?"

"Was never good with embroidery. Did you have to make that median incision?"

"I wasn't thinking. The professor was screaming and the Mew was crying... and it's late. Can't tell him that she'll only have a few pregnancies because of this. He'll have my head."

Mew's paw twitched, almost in a clench.

"...strange how a Pokémon's anatomy may look different from ours, but still function the same way."

"I know... I wanted to be a doctor because of that."

"Explains everything, really."

"You're just jealous—oh, my God!" Bridget backed away into view, eyes wide and jaw dropped in awe. The man she was talking to also stepped back, running into another scientist who turned to yell at him before following his frightened gaze. Without Mew looking around, Mewtwo knew from the scuffling the other humans in the room were coming to investigate.

"What's going on here, why's everyone standing around—" Wherever he was in front, the voice of "Sir" stuck in his throat. It was a few moments of silence until he started again, "What the hell is this?! What's it doing?!"

"I didn't know Recover could go that deep," an awed scientist off to the side gasped.

Shortly after he spoke, the pain had gone away, and Mew slowly sat up. She knocked the drape to the floor to study her body. It was surprisingly normal, there were no signs of scarring or that there ever was a baby. The tabletop and her stomach spotted with drying blood were the only available evidence something had gone on. She ran a hand down her belly, and a freezing vibe ran throughout her body.

Head still hung, she murmured hoarsely, "Where's my baby?"

At the corner of her eye, she noticed the humans tensed up, even "Sir" flinched. A frown deepening on her lips, her ears flicked as she tilted her head, gaze unfaltering. "Where's my baby, Bridget?"

A whimper quivering in the woman's throat, she steadied herself to give a reply. "Y-You had a complication... We had to perform a Caesarean section."

"I want my baby," Mew interrupted, raising her voice a little. "Where's my baby?"

Choking back a sob, Bridget plainly responded, "It's dead."

Her blood ran cold as something snapped inside her. Her stomach churned when her heart skipped a beat, and she quaked. "...dead?"

The woman covered her face as she nodded. "It was stillborn... it was what I thought."


"Yes, Mew. I'm sorry, Mew..."


Bridget wept, dropping to her knees. "Sir" shook off his surprise and stepped forward. "Enough of this delusion. We still have viable zygotes on hand that we had salvaged, we'll just try again. We forced the first to fertilize, so the fetus must have had an unbalanced number of chromosomes. When these ones were fertilized by themselves, we froze them. We should have no problem with any of the embryos when we thaw them out and get in there to fix the genomes."

Mew snapped her head up, baring her teeth at the man before her. Adrenaline pumping through her veins caused her arms and legs to tremble as she lifted herself from the table. "I don't want another baby! I want my baby!" A red film falling before her eyes, she let out an enraged scream. A power surge erupted from her body, the shockwaves pulsing through the air knocked over the scientists, shattered glass, and short-circuited electrical equipment, sparking fires.

A few of the humans recovered quickly and started to run for the exit, possibly to set off an alarm or to save their own skins. Mew raised her hands up and telekinetically jammed the doors shut. One unfortunate scientist was caught in it, and was crushed before he had time to scream. The sight of blood only seemed to excite her. Using her psychic powers, she pulled wires from a nearby tank and shot them at another, skewering him in the areas she remembered they monitored.

She sensed a presence behind her, but didn't bother to turn around. So much energy was bouncing off her body, it acted as a repellent, her only protection. She resumed to massacring the room they were trapped in, chucking objects around and finding ways to torture the scientists to their deaths. Mewtwo realized she was repeating the end experiments of the Pokémon she had seen as they flashed through her memories: the eye removal of the Spinda, decapitation of a Doduo's twin head, cut in half much like the Furret's separation of her tail... the body mutation that was of the Rattata fetus. There were more she did he couldn't bear to think on, wanting it to be done with. When more scientists managed to break through to flood in, they were found with shotguns.

"Don't shoot!" "Sir" ordered, but they disobeyed, not knowing of her defense. She smirked and ricocheted the bullets back.

When she was certain no others were going to barge in, her head whipped in the man's direction. "I have a better experiment for you," she snarled, inching closer. He stumbled back against the wall in fear. "Let us stick you full of tubes and force you to carry a child. We shall lock you in isolation, where you shall be forced to bond with it and dream of a better future while hating it all the same. Once several months go by, we shall take you out, lay you on a table, and cut out the child. You shall remain conscious and aware of the pain as you feel them take the baby from you."

Bridget ran in between her and "Sir". "Mew, enough, please!" she implored shrilly. "Let us go!"

"Step aside, Bridget. You aren't of my concern."

"I should be! I never wanted this to happen, I swear, but these things just happen! It's a part of life! Just please, Mew, have mercy! You're killing us!"

Mew paused, taking the frightened woman in. She didn't look like she was ever touched from her wrath except for being splattered with the blood of her colleagues, but her eyes gave it away that she was traumatized. The longer she stared her down, the more her trembling worsened. For a moment, she felt sorry for the scientist, and even considered her words. Going through her memories, she had been the only one who cared for her in this whole lab. She wanted her to be comfortable... to be her friend. The closest thing to love was from her.

She meant well, she sighed to herself. But she helped as well. She despises her boss, yet here she is protecting him...

Narrowing her eyes, she murmured, "If you didn't want this, then you should have prevented this from happening when you had the chance."

A sickening snap sounded when the professor's head spun a full one-eighty, and the body crumpled. Bridget, tears in her eyes, fell to her knees, raising her hands for Mew who floated away from her reach. "Forgive me, Mew... I kept them off the path in the Amazon for as long as I could. I didn't want this to happen... H-Had the baby lived, it would have been trained to be a killing machine. You were never going to see it, you would get pregnant again immediately and the whole cycle would have restarted itself. I didn't want you to be subject to that." She hung her head, sobbing quietly. "So I... slowly poisoned the baby through the berries. I-I didn't know your body... You've consumed so much it's in your bloodstream... I-It'll take a long time before it's diluted. You won't get sick from it... but your babies will." With a wail, she bent forward, pressing her forehead to the floor.

The Legendary gaped down at the woman, paralyzed from shock. It was too much to take in... and she was refusing to believe it. No, it's a lie! her mind went into hysterics. My baby wasn't poisoned! It didn't die! You took it away from me! She took it away from me! Her energy boiled over, and in a bright flash, she released it. The red clouding her vision was over-taken by white, and her senses blacked out just when a blast occurred.

...and it was silent. For a long time, everything was disturbingly still. Mewtwo, already close to his breaking point, began to panic. 'M-Mew, are you there?' he called her, even though he knew he would go unheard. 'Mew, say something... a-anything! I know you are alive, do not cut yourself off! For God's sake, Mew, come back!'

The emptiness continued to greet him. Unsure if it was Mew or himself who was shaking, the clone grew more desperate as the seconds ticked by. No matter where he looked, if he could even move himself around, there was only nothing. Swallowing down a growing sickness, he cried out in a broken tone, 'Legion, no more of this! I have seen enough! I beg of you, end this nightmare! Return me to reality!'

The madness weighed too far on his own mind, breaking down from it all. As much as he loved Mew, he knew he wasn't ready to learn—worse, experience—what she went through. His voice faltered, stopping any more screams he needed out of his system. The despair surrounded him, tightening up to suffocate and leave him in the blank slate.

...I did this?

He let out a gasp, straining his ears to listen, hanging onto the echoes. 'Mew?'

...no. No, I-I couldn't have. I—

She abruptly cut herself short, and the clone's heart froze. What was going on? Those were her own thoughts, her voice. Why did it sound like she was struggling?

No one will believe me when I say I killed... what? Whose blood...?

There was a small whistling not far in the distance, and a hacking cough joined in. The blackness quickly gave out to a deep, empty blue, and Mewtwo felt a jerk as Mew hurriedly sat up, choking and heaving up her contents. When she got her breath back, her wide-eyed stare fell upon a demolished computer before her. Glancing about, she noticed a sea of debris surrounding her. Beyond that was desert landscape, a dust storm looming on the horizon.

Slowly taking in a breath, she looked down on herself. She was covered in a thin film of dirt, but beneath that was the unmistakable color of blood drying into a deep pink. Sitting up on her knees, she caught a glint at the edge of her peripheral. A slight tilt to its direction revealed it to be a pair of bent, cracked glasses. When she crawled over the hot surface to pick it up, she recognized the familiarity of the frames almost immediately.

Shutting her eyes, she dropped them and willed an image of a green field with crystals scattered throughout to pop into her head. As though carried away by wind, the burning floor was replaced with a cool silky feeling (complete with a splash sound effect) and tiny prickles from when she fell forward.

There came a startled yelp, followed by an astonished cry. "Mew, you're alive!"

"Of course she is, otherwise we wouldn't be here," a scoff of a second voice answered it. "We lived here how many years?"

"Shut up, my memory's not as great as it used to—is that blood?"

"Arceus, it is! Smells like human!"

Rolling over, Mew's eyes refocused on a crystalline structure suspended high above, squinting from the bright shine it gave off. Peeking into view were two worried Omastar, shuffling nervously in place. "...you don't look good, Mew," the one on the right pointed out. "Where have you been? The Tree has been calling for you for months now. Can't remember the number..."

"Eight, nine months," its companion stated.

"Oh, yeah. Some friends of yours came by as well. They were looking for you. That red one was in hysterics when she couldn't find you anywhere here. Brought along a few others for a search party. It was crazy."

"Then there was that one who was only here for a few minutes before the cells came in to throw him out. Looked like you, sort of. He sounded surprised when we told him you hadn't been here in months."

"That reminds me, we need to send someone out to let them know she's back."

Frowning down at her, the left Omastar said quietly, "I don't think she's completely back, if you know what I mean."

"...yeah, you're right. She hasn't blinked or said anything. It's creeping me out." It stared back for a few moments. "Let's go get some herbs for her."

"And berries to wash it down." They nodded, and squirmed away.

Once they left, Mew whimpered, scrunching her eyes shut. In her mind's eye flashed the many faces of the scientists, knotting her stomach enough she forced herself to think about the other Legendaries. She only felt more ill, letting out a moan of torment as she writhed in anguish. She tried to open her eyes back up to the world, but the thickening darkness was consuming her. Before she succumbed to unconsciousness, she drew in a shaky, painful breath, letting out in a hushed whisper:

"My God, my God... why hast thou forsaken me?"

And everything was silent one last time.


Mewtwo struggled to draw in breath as he regained consciousness, body quaking in such heavy sorrow, he felt he had no strength left. Tears stung his eyes when he felt the lump in his throat rub against him wrongly, his voice trapped beneath it. He was cold, and his heart hurt with every beat. His arms ached from being held above his head for so long, his knees stiff and glued to the floor he was kneeling on. Lifting his limp head, his lips brushed up against cool skin, and he found himself breathing in lukewarm air that he felt he should know, but couldn't register. Then it was pressed against him, covering his mouth and leading him in a hard kiss. He moaned in a lamented tone when he returned it in a half-hearted manner, knowing deep inside he wasn't in control.

His head was tilted back painfully, forcing his neck to hold it up against his will. Thrown into another tremor, he brought himself to open his eyes, crossing visions with the demonic eyes of his beloved above him. She separated space with a toothy smirk, running the tips of her claws against his cheekbones. With a lick to the nose, she released him, and in his weakened state he fell limp but held suspended by his numb wrists. Without even a small chuckle to accompany the unambiguously-triumphant grin, Legion left him be, slipping out of the room.

The clone hardly ever noticed. He fought a losing battle to uncontrollable sobs as he mournfully wept for Mew.
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I'm in the confused state that I think I should be in due to literary devices, so I'm going to hold off on the questions. I do like this part a lot, and I'm just glad that Mewtwo did catch himself, and Mew forgives him.
They are just too cute. :3
As for the other story at large, I really want to know what the two of them have to do with Legion, but I have a few guesses, but I'll need some more info to verify. So, until a new chapter, I'll sit back and wait. :p Awesome work, as always.

EDIT: Crap, this is about Chap 10. I think you posted Chap11 the moment I was writing this. XD I'll have to catch up sometime in the future.


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As my name may indicate, I take great pride in knowing all about the DNA alterations and different formes of Pokemon. *puffs out chest* Point is, with the way you wrote this, its obvious you did your research. Kudos to you! However I was slightly expecting Blaine to show up too, since he was thought to have helped with Team Rocket's project alongside Dr.Fuji.

Also I was not expecting for Mew to go on a rampage like Mewtwo originally did. That was not expected. Especially with all that rage she had... Hell hath no fury like the wrath of a woman scorned. Also, was this what happened right before Mew became full of emptyness and stopped eating? It seems like it because of how she acted at the end.

Bridget sounds worse than those doctors. I mean, Mew had the power to break out, with her kid. Gosh.

Amazing chapter. :3


As always, beautifully written. I've never seen such a well written story.

So, basically, Mew got caught, then got pregnate through science, and Bridget, who was the nicest of the scientists, killed the baby, and Mew went into a hyper active state where she hardly knew what she was doing.
I really feel sorry for Mew. SOMEONE SAVE HER ALREADY! SHE DOESN'T DESERVE THIS.... this... TORMENT! *sobs loudly*