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The Author's & Beta Reader Profile

Name: PhalanxSigil. However, you can shorten it to Phalanx, or use my real name Dan. Either way is fine with me.

Age (Optional): 20

Types of Writing (optional): I tend to like to write PMD's, as they've always provided the best stories, in my opinion.

Strengths: I've been told I do exposition pretty well.

Weaknesses: Keeping a story consistent, and over-exaggerating a certain character trait.

Types of characters: I LOVE snarky and sarcastic characters with a heart o' gold. They're just so fun to write.

Completed Stories:

Mother of the Cave

This is my first one-shot ever, which I submitted to Phoenixsong for the 2014 Serebii Yuletide. She...hasn't...read it yet, but I've seen nice things said about it from others. It's about a mama aggron who protects the denizens of the Granite Cave from a couple of poachers. Nothing too crazy. I'm still taking reviews for it, if anyone's interested.

Current Stories:

Pokémon: Convergence

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. The only real way to describe this fic is "dimension-hopping shenanigans," as coined by Jax. It centers on Derek as he journeys to find his father in a world that not only wants them both dead, but is literally tearing itself apart.

Future Stories:

Potential ORAS journey-fic, if I have time and a unique idea.

Writing Tips:

In my experience, the best reviews for a writer to see, believe it or not, are the ones that tear a story to pieces. I always ask reviewers to be brutal with the material I've written, and the best review I've ever gotten tore the latest two chapters of Convergence to shreds. You learn so much from having that done to one of your stories. Inevitably, you leave reading that review a better writer.

What I'm saying is this: be open to brutal reviews. The reviewer generally means well in what they say, and only say the things they do so that you can improve as a writer. Learn from it. And don't be afraid to fail so badly that the review has to be that brutal. It's a learning experience.


Really and truly
Name: Psychic

Types of Writing: Character-driven one-shots

Strengths: Characters, dialogue, description, grammar

Weakness: Plots, especially in longer stories, and especially if it's on a more epic scale

Types of Characters: Both original characters and canon characters. These days I’m particularly interested in flawed ones who are struggling to make things better

Completed Stories: My more recent stories are:
Sharing Secrets
Aarune’s passion for secret bases started from a young age, beginning in a small park in Unova thanks to some unlikely friends. From there, it just never stopped growing.

Under Control
It’s Caitlin’s first time losing a battle as a member of the Unova Elite Four. She thought she could handle the position, but can she really?

After Team Flare failed to bring about a beautiful and better world, Malva could find no way to make amends for the part she played. Wilkstrom has noticed Malva's self-imposed isolation and wishes to help.

Important Announcement
The mysterious Fan Fiction Moderators of Serebii have done the unthinkable: they deleted the Fic forum!

The Motionless Journey of Youngster Ian
He waits and he trains on Route 34. He wants to become a better, stronger trainer, but what keeps him going, what really motivates him, are his rematches with you.​

Future Stories: I’ve got plenty of ideas, for nothing solid enough that I want to mention, haha

Writing Tips:
Do your research! Whether this be to learn grammatical rules, scope out the site you want to post your story on, or to ensure your facts are correct and representations are accurate. When you go the extra mile, it shows!

Proofread! Read your work over multiple times before you post it for the world to see, and look for spots that can be improved or small mistakes you may not have noticed before. Read it out loud if it helps! Don’t be afraid to postpone publishing your story if it means putting in that extra time and effort.

Nobody is perfect, and you shouldn’t expect yourself to be, either! Don’t be afraid to make mistakes or be wrong. Listen to your reviewers and take their advice to heart.
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Active Member
Name: NarutoHater84
Age (Optional): 30
Types of Writing (Optional): Computer lol.
Strengths: Imagination
Weakness: Grammar.
Types of Characters: Manga or Fairlytale aka Disney or Superhero.

Completed Stories: Not yet
Current Stories: Do you have any stories you are in the progress of writing? Prince Hood, Guardian of the Realm and Dancing Ghost.

Guardian of the Realm: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?641686-The-Guardian-of-the-Realms

Future Stories: Do you have any stories planned for the future? Nope.
Writing Tips: Can you offer any tips to other authors? Nope just use their Imagination.

I need some suggestions for my story of Guardian of the Realm.
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Venia Silente

[](int x){return x;}
Edit -- last updated Oct 2017.

I kinda sorta should have done this loooooong ago, but since I am lazy I'm doing this tomorrow.

(Nah, I'm kidding.)

Here I go by solovino Venia Silente, the penname I've picked and established across sites in the Pokémon fandom. Those used to the old name can still call me solovino.

Age (Optional):
Somewhere between 9 and 99. Closer to 29, or maybe 39.

Among others: Pokémon (but of course!), Final Fantasy, Metroid and others far less known.

Writing History:
I started writing looooong ago, maybe 2005-ish. Back then I wasn't any good, but I improved after taking a good break.

Nowadays I write and work mostly in the Pokémon fandom. Am a member of the unfortunately mostly inactive Pokédex Extended Fanon Edition, for which I have written a couple of xenoscientific articles. As for creative writing, most of my time is spent as an RPer but also I write my own stories, have done so for a good while. Most of my stories take place in"the Suocéverse", my own interpretation of the Pokémon multiverse, a headverse that has been cooking since about when HG/SS were released. I hope to eventually write the one piece that will tie all of those other works together.

Types of Writing (Optional):
Hmmm.... probably hard to define. Character growth? When I write, characters change. It's one of the most noticeable things that happens. Settings and world in their daily functioning?

When it comes to the Pokémon fandom, interaction between the wild and urbanized cultures from the perspective of an obviously non-human Pokémon.

My characters are well developed and can evolve on their own, discarding traits or developing new ones without losing their perceived identity for the most part. I also can develop or assist in the development of settings with visible facets such as geopolitics, physiology, myth and social mobility once I can get past the "critical mass" of documentation required to create them.

Tenses, man, how do I shot them? Also being verbose and having a tendency to be notoriously roundabout to get the point of a description across.

Tools of Writing:
A word processor of course. In my case, LibreOffice, sometimes coupled with Writer's Cafe's plotting and planning tools.

A wiki and a small database as well, built on top of Dokuwiki and SQLite, because when your headverse grows large you have to keep track of things such as lore, eye colors or even voice tones and architectural styles. Needless to say, it's kept in sync with the above.

People of Writing:
Most of my recent experience writing has been built and shared by contributing with people such as Spiteful Murkrow, for whom I am a betareader and worldbuilding "consultant", and fellow writers such as InsaneTyranitar who are part of the same RPing force I am in. I also had a small similar experience in the Spanish community back when the times Pokéteca (Bulbapedia's spanish-labguage sibling) and its forum community were alive.

Types of Characters: What are your favorite character types to write about?
* Characters whose interaction with others is defined largely by a singular, great regret they have about their lives.
* Characters who are almost the masters of their craft but not quite there yet.

Completed Stories:
To my own misfortune I am not the kind of person to complete stories (all together now: lazy!) - still, there are quite some stories of success here.

* [thread=419186]Playfield[/thread] - One day, two Pokémon run. Why do they run, where do they come from and where do they go? What they consider a contest, a debt or a game, can be reduced to a simple word: time. Originally posted as part of a prompt contest in Pokécommunity.
* [thread=630989]Built for Risk[/thread] - How do edifications like the Battle Towers work in the Pokémon universe? Here I attempt to provide an insight and interpretation of what the canon won't. Part of the Serebii 2013 "Interpretations" writing contest.
* [thread=647801]Overlord[/thread] - Some musings from the lord and master of Team Rocket, as he has to go through daily stuff like science and business meetings. Part of the Serebii 2015 "Criminal Intent" writing contest.
* [thread=659869]Simpler than Magic[/thread] - An interview with Ho-Oh and some musings about what magic is or is not, according to how do we perceive or not perceive the world around us.
* Pseudo-Legendary - When the princess is kidnapped and the knight is dispatched with some warriors to fetch her back from the witch, the dragon and the beast, things are sometimes truly not what they seem. Available from my catalog, see signature.
* Unfit - A Mienfoo in the wild can only learn so much before his attempts for survival point him to an expanding world. If he is unfit to face the challenges that appear everywhere, where can he turn to? Available from my catalog, see signature.

Current Stories: Do you have any stories you are in the progress of writing?
I am at the moment (but lazily!) working on a small number of stories. Most of them are Pokémon ones, being the fandom I am at the moment most involved with.

* Counterparts in Crime - a character-centric piece dealing with the lives of Archie and Maxie and how they evolved from being simply classmates to near-messianic figures to the unwilling orchestrators of what could have been one of the largest catastrophes in the Pokémon world. At the moment being developed and refined from an initial release as a prompt contest piece.

* Interim - Sometimes to score what could be the greatest achievements of your life, it all depends not on your skill or on your effort, but on other people's capacity for making you wait. The story of two characters being weighted on the balance for one of them to become the new Champion.

Future Stories: Do you have any stories planned for the future?
There are two big stories planned for sometime in the future, intended to be the tying pieces of my headverse. "Stars of Suocé" (tentative name) will follow three Trainers who find themselves at the crossroads as they become skilled trainers enough to probably dedicate to the sport, but still not enough to avoid being returned to the schooling and education system. "The Guild of Rienna" (definitive name) will follow a copycat cult of Trainers who under the guise of protecting a natural sanctuary pursue the closed case murder of the family of one of their own - all while their Pokémon work behind the scenes burying their own secrets. Initial projections are about 40 chapter each, so... yeah, that's a lot of work that my heavy revisionism has kept me from getting out of the way the way I would like to.

In the meantime though there are three special stories in the plans for the shorter term thanks, for the most part, to them being based off on material I had already written and published:

* Built for Risk - the complete release of what was once my 2013 Interpretations Contest entry. The story of a Battle Tower building, a living effigy to the art and science of Pokémon battles, told from the perspective of the crew of humans and Pokémon in charge of building, managing and maintaining it.

* Codename: Cardinal - rather than a story, a report on the activities of some figures in the Pokémon World considered the most dangerous for their destabilizing of the relationships between humans and Pokémon. My first attempt (I think) at writing a piece of hyperfiction and also the introduction piece to the unified headverse mentioned above.

* Suocéverse: Legends - tentative title. An anthology of small stories telling the live of the various Legendary Pokemon in the Suoceverse. Will go all the way from slicey-of-lifey to world-defining situations, including some "canon" / game-script events.

Writing Tips: Can you offer any tips to other authors?

It goes mentioned a lot in writing guides, but yeah: get to know your characters a lot. Most of the time when you don't know how to move a story forwards is because you didn't know the characters responsible for exercising agency on the plot as well as you thought you did, and as a result you are stifled out of them not "acting natural".

Also, when developing a setting: always tie things in strings of three or more. A new fighting style, emerged during an event, responsible for an art style. A law, prompted by a villain's action, results in background characters having to find new jobs. Stringing elements of your setting not only allows for it to become and feel more alive, but also provides you with hooks from where to grab and pull the plot when you need to make sure it keeps moving or when you need to expose or develop a new idea, threat or background.
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Name: Dramatic Melody

Age: 27

Types of Writing: Been skewing toward the realistic slice-of-life side of the fiction spectrum nowadays (minus, of course, the fact that it's fan fiction about a fantasy world). Mostly one-shots, too.

Strengths: I've been told that I have a distinct voice in my writing, which I do try to work hard on. I also experiment a lot with form, which can lead to some interesting ways of telling a story.

Weakness: Thing is, it's hard for me to actually diversify this voice across my characters, and they end up sounding the same most of the time even though they shouldn't. The form experimentation is hit-or-miss, too, and most of the time the break in form comes at the expense of the plot, which is something I'm trying to improve.

Types of Characters: Normal ones, for the lack of a better word. I love exploring the mundane and trying to make something interesting out of it.

Completed Stories:

Berries [one-shot]

A researcher investigates the mysterious happenings in Berry Forest.

A Friday [one-shot]

A Drifloon plays with a child.

Escape Rope [one-shot]

A husband mourns the death of his wife.

24 Months [one-shot]

A mother waits for her son to come home.

Stationary [one-shot]

A man waits for someone in the train station. (This was written as a response to the quarterly challenge of Fan Fiction Quarterly 2.)

Exit Interview [one-shot]

A grunt is interviewed about leaving his team. (This was written for the Criminal Intent one-shot contest.)

Soda Pop [one-shot]

A couple talks about their past and future.

Dear Purrloin, [one-shot]

A child writes a letter to her Pokémon.

Youngster Josh [one-shot]

A newly hired gym trainer deals with the pressures of the job. (This was written for CorvusAtrox in the Serebii Yuletide 2016 event.)

Ace Trainer Vito [flash fiction]

An Ace Trainer mulls his loss of self-confidence after frequently losing in battles.

New Year's Eve [flash fiction]

A nurse and a trainer spend New Year's Eve inside a Pokemon Center.

Humans of Hoenn

A trainer talks to the various humans of Hoenn. (A similar version of this fic can also be found on Tumblr. The original version of this fic was written for the Alpha and Omega one-shot contest.)​

Unpacking [one-shot]

A friend helps a trainer unpack his bag. (This was written as a response to the quarterly challenge of Fan Fiction Quarterly 6.)

Iris [one-shot]

A Pokemon Center nurse based in Ever Grande City writes about her frustrations about her job. (This is a rewrite of a one-shot I wrote six years ago.)

Dear Liepard, [one-shot]

A child writes letters to her newly returned Pokemon. (This is a sequel to "Dear Purrloin,".)

Vito Winstrate [one-shot]

A trainer mulls his place in his journey. (This is a revision of "Ace Trainer Vito".)​

Current Stories:

After Plasma [one-shot]

A Neo Team Plasma grunt chats with his former teammates.

Fame [one-shot]

A pair of Champions talk over coffee. Well, one of them talks. (This was written for the Origins one-shot contest.)

Last Trip of the Day [one-shot]

A ride-hailing app driver gets an unexpected passenger.

Featuring Wally [one-shot]

A journalist is tasked to write a feature on Wally.​

Writing Tips: I say this to myself all the time whenever I think of a new idea for a story, but keep a steady balance between form and content. How you present your story shouldn't deter what the story is trying to say, and vice versa.
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Write on
Name: Pi or Michelle. I'm AmericanPi, contrairyart, or michellekchen on every site I go to. A long time ago I was Articuno_rocks or Articunorocks.

Age: 24 (birthday: February 13th, 1997)

Gender: Demigirl (she/they pronouns)

Fiction background: I've always loved creative endeavors like drawing and writing, but I first attempted fanfiction in early 2010, when I was thirteen years old. In the beginning I was young and a pretty bad writer. I finished a Warrior Cats story on the now-defunct Official Warriors/Seekers Message Board, but each chapter was only one paragraph long.

As I grew older, my writing grew better, and soon I found it hard NOT to make a chapter less than two MS Word pages long (back then I still used MS Word). When I took an interest to Pokemon in late 2010, I joined Serebii and got inspiration for my first fanfic, Broken Promise, when I found out that Ash Ketchum never returned to his Pidgeot even though he said he would. Deciding to write a backstory about Ash's Pidgeot, I posted the story's first chapter, and my writing blossomed from there.

My interest in fanfiction has come and gone since then, but currently writing is one of my favorite things to do in the world and I hope to be a writer someday.

Types of Writing: I often challenge myself in my fanfiction writing. I started by writing adventure and romance, but now I've written several genres, including comedy, friendship, and slice-of-life. I hope to expand my writing repertoire to more genres in the future.

Strengths: I'm creative, and I have a lot of great ideas that I will probably never have time to write. I also consider myself a grammar police, so my sentence structure, grammar, and vocabulary are pretty good.

Weaknesses: I have a tendency to have my characters tell each other what they already know, write awkward dialogue, and violate the "Show, don't tell" rule.

Types of Characters: In the beginning, my primary main characters were based on myself - intelligent, musical, adamant, impulsive, and/or quiet. However, now I'm trying to experiment with different character types that are quite dissimilar from my own personality. I often give the secondary main characters personalities that contrast those of the primary main characters.

Writing Tips: Use Google Drive, because it auto-saves, ensuring that as long as you have internet connection on any device your fanfiction will not be lost. Also, do not advertise your fic anywhere except your signature. It gets annoying to people, and I learned that the hard way. If you want reviews, try participating more in the forum - that way, more people will notice you and the fics in your signature.

At this moment, I have no current chapterfics on this site.

All stories are ordered from most to least recent.

Chaptered fics

10,808/50,000 words
(PG/K+, original fiction) Autumn Astor is a seventeen-year-old high school girl with big dreams, which include becoming United States President. But for almost a year now, Autumn has been having powerful visions of three girls she has never seen before. When Ms. Bay, her English teacher, calls Autumn to a student-teacher meeting, Ms. Bay reveals breathtaking secrets to Autumn. Autumn finds out that she is destined to meet the girls she sees in her dreams, and her visions are manifestations of the powers she will hold as a Storyteller. With her new title, Autumn joins a select group of people - Storytellers - who carry the responsibility of recording down a Story to help maintain the stability of the Multiverse. Without Storytellers and their Stories, Autumn finds out, the fabric of the Multiverse will be torn apart. With that one revelation, Autumn’s whole life and perspective changes, and she is thrown into an adventure that she will write down as a Story that the Multiverse will never forget.

(PG/K+) Broken Promise is the never-before-told story of Thunder, Ash's Pidgeot, and her quest to discover the reason why her trainer never came back even though he said he would. A year has passed since Ash released Thunder in the Viridian Forest, and now, she decides to go on a search for Ash with Falkner's Pidgeot, Lightning. However, a mysterious teenage female trainer known only as Nature Hunter K is pursuing Thunder, wanting to keep her for herself because of the Pidgeot's "Adamant Nature". Can Thunder overcome all her obstacles and reunite with her former trainer?

All stories are ordered from most to least recent.

Chaptered fics

(PG/K+) When a Lumineon named Blue gets released into the wild and comes upon a school of starving Finneon and Lumineon, he finds out that the moves he learned while being a Trained Pokemon might just be what the school needs... Fan Fiction Quarterly Edition 5 (May 1, 2016) Response



"The Bells" (PG/K+)
A traveling Mawile trapped in a frozen wasteland after the end comes across another Mawile, a curious character who collects bells. 2018 Serebii Holiday Fanfic Gift Exchange gift for DeliriousAbsol

"Ills" (PG/K+)
Lumiose City, 1839. Suspecting foul play from Ghost-type Pokémon, Franz Liszt, carrying with him a Cleanse Tag and a Skitty that knows Foresight, pays a late visit to the residence of his ill "friend", Frédéric Chopin. (Historical AU)

"A Lesson Learned" (G/K)
Nate's so focused on becoming Unova Champion that he neglects to take any breaks, even to spend time with friends and family. Will a visit from his mother remind him that good things come to those who wait? Serebii Yuletide 2017 gift for xEryChan

"A Battle Scene" (G/K)
A Trainer on her journey through Johto participates in her first Gym Battle against Falkner of Violet City.

"Catching Up" (G/K)
Dawn meets up with Zoey at a Sinnoh airport after completing her Hoenn journey, and the two friends catch up and chat about their future plans. Fan Fiction Quarterly Edition 6 (August 23, 2016) Response

"Twelve Days of Christmas" (G/K)
The life of a female Escavalier named Ironheart, told through twelve Christmases, is a story of learning, evolving, boredom, battling, romance, heartbreak, friendship, science, changing the course of history, managing a business, cucumbers, and ice cream. Serebii Yuletide 2016 gift for Cutlerine

"Sunset Light Teaches Evolution" (G/K)
A wild Espeon named Sunset Light teaches her four Eevee children about evolution. Serebii Yuletide 2016 gift for PhalanxSigil

"Unrequited Love" (PG/K+)
After a Bird Keeper named Abe finds out that Falkner, his mentor and crush, is not interested in guys, he and his friend, a Lass named Michelle, discuss what it's like to love someone who can't love you back. Fan Fiction Quarterly Edition 1 (February 2015) Response

"Ghosts" (PG-13/T)
John hates and fears Ghost-type Pokemon, like everyone else in his village... until tragedy strikes.

"Betterer" (G/K+)
Needing to obtain the eight badges of the Sinnet Region in order to return to Ooo, Finn the Human arrives in Saybelle City and battles the city's Steel-type specialist Gym Leader, Roger Federer. Fan Fiction Quarterly Edition 4 (February 2016) Response

(G/K) Tall Tales Contest (2012) Entry (First Revision June 2012, Second Revision February 2016)

(G/K) Audino think they are helping trainers and their Pokemon by allowing themselves to get beaten over and over again, but one day, one Audino finds out that trainers don't actually appreciate the Audino and are using them for simply experience points. Interpretation Contest (2013) Entry (Revised February 2016)

"One Winter Awakening" (G/K)
Set seventeen years after the events of Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs, "One Winter Awakening" follows Supurna during one of Oblivia's Winter Awakenings as she suffers from sickness and depression after her husband leaves her. Unable to attend the Winter Awakening, Supurna lays miserably in bed until her friend Summer visits her and reminds her that her true friends will always be there for her. Fan Fiction Quarterly Edition 3 (December 2015) Challenge Response

"The T.R.A.S.H." (G/K)
Marmalade Jellington, who insists on going by M, is the T.R.A.S.H. - the Team Rocket Artistic Services House. A lonely, quirky, and eccentric woman, she is responsible for designing everything Team Rocket uses. After Giovanni's death, she finally gets an opportunity to express herself, and vents her emotions to her interrogator. Criminal Intent Contest (2015) Entry (Revised December 2015)

"Released" (PG/K+)
Quacklin' the Farfetch'd was just chilling in his Poke Ball, which was sitting in his trainer's PC Box, when Calem, his trainer, released him to the wild. Being released is never easy, but when you're a Farfetch'd, things get far more interesting... Fan Fiction Quarterly Edition 2 (June 2015) Challenge Response


"A Vacation Encounter" (DualRivalShipping and MewShipping, G/K)
A couple on vacation encounters another couple on their own vacation. Dare from Kyuu-Tales in the Shippers' Truth or Dare Thread

"Crazy" (PendragonShipping, R/M)
Lance walks into his hotel room to find that his cousin has murdered his husband. Then he discovers that Clair has been hiding her true evil self for many years. Lance flies into a rage towards his traitorous cousin, and when his friend Iris comes into the hotel room to investigate, Clair traps both Lance and Iris in the Cube of Void... Serebii Yuletide 2015 Gift For ChloboShoka

"Sunset" (Fedal, PG/K+)
(Non-Pokemon) Roger Federer, arguably the greatest male tennis player of all time, retires from professional tennis. He is surprised to find out that his friend and rival Rafael Nadal is very sad about it. When Roger goes to comfort Rafa, Rafa reveals a secret he's been hiding for years.

Drabble Collections

"Behind the Pitch" (multiple RPS ships, G/K - PG-13/T)
(Non-Pokemon) A series of drabbles about the dorky misadventures of everyone's favorite professional footballers and tennis players. I plan to write many drabbles about many players, with a tentative schedule of one drabble per month. I'm not posting these on SPPf anymore because I no longer feel comfortable with posting non-Pokemon or non-original-work content onto SPPf. You can check out my AO3 for the rest of them. :)


"Saturday" (AppealShipping, G/K)

Dawn and Zoey bake a cake together as they enjoy a lazy weekend. Dare from Mizz Nikki in the Shippers' Truth or Dare Thread

"Dia's Birthday" (AbsurdistShipping, G/K)
Pearl gets Dia a set of Proteam Omega Uno Cards for the latter's birthday. Dare from Mizz Nikki in the Shippers' Truth or Dare Thread

"Still Lillie" (BondingShipping, G/K)
Lillie gets anterograde amnesia. Dare from Pikachu Fan Number Nine in the Shippers' Truth or Dare Thread

"Epilogue" (PenguinShipping, PG/K+)
Dawn reminisces about the past as she enjoys a winter day with Kenny. Dare from Pikachu Fan Number Nine in the Shippers' Truth or Dare Thread

"Strained" (PokeShipping, G/K)
Ash and Misty have been married for decades. Ash injures his back, and Misty takes care of him. Dare from Pikachu Fan Number Nine in the Shippers' Truth or Dare Thread

"New Girl" (AppealShipping, G/K)
Dawn, a privileged girl living during the Victorian era, says hello to the new girl next door. Dare from Victorian Rush in the Shippers' Truth or Dare Thread

"A Conversation Over Coffee" (Multiships - WishfulShipping and one-sided BusterShipping, G/K)
Iris and Georgia have a coffee date, of sorts. Dare from xEryChan in the Shippers' Truth or Dare Thread

(G/K) Lillie faces her fear of Pokemon to give Ash a Luvdisc for Valentine's Day. Dare from SkittleBox in the Shippers' Truth or Dare Thread

"A Pleasant Surprise" (SoledadShipping, G/K)
Cheryl's friends throw her a surprise birthday party... with a twist. Dare from Nerdy McNerdface in the Shippers' Truth or Dare Thread

"Adventures" (DiodeShipping, G/K)
Clemont encourages Ash to find adventure in an unconventional way: by picking up a book. Dare from Avietta_Ikarilove in the Shippers' Truth or Dare Thread

(G/K) Curtis, Yancy, and Lisia do silly things on their way to a concert. Dare from Nerdy McNerdface in the Shippers' Truth or Dare Thread

(G/K) Lisia wishes that Skyla would stay in Hoenn a while longer. Dare from SilverLining554 in the Shippers' Truth or Dare Thread

"Classical Conditioning" (BurningLeafShipping, G/K)
A glass of orange juice from Professor Oak makes Red think of Leaf. Dare from Mizz Nikki in the Shippers' Truth or Dare Thread

"The Cure" (SoulSilverShipping, PG-13/T)
The cure to Lyra's Infection is the power of love, but does Silver have enough love in his heart?

"Cute" (G/K)
Silver, the mean and grumpy rival, steals... a cute little Chikorita.

"Three Yuletide Drabbles" (G/K)
"Famous" (AdvancedChampionShipping), "Snowed In" (TranscieverShipping), and "I'll Be There" (CavalierShipping)
Three holiday-themed drabbles in which Brendan is a Steven Stone fanboy, Nate is really shy around Yancy, and Dawn is worried about Gary Oak. Serebii Yuletide 2015 gift For Mizz Nikki

(G/K) Ash loses Serena's handkerchief during a storm. Dare from Trublsmbob in the Shippers' Truth or Dare Thread

Here are some Pokémon fanfic ideas that I have, and I might write them into actual stories in the future.

I plan to write a lot of non-Pokémon fics in the future, which will be posted on FFN and/or AO3 instead of here. Pokemon fics and original fics will go here as well as FFN/AO3.

Chaptered fics

(PG-13/T for language, violence, romance, and other mature themes) Eventually I want to revamp this old fanfic I've linked here, mostly because I hate the way I've written the main character. The region of Koena is populated by shapeshifters, each of whom can transform freely between Human and Pokémon Formes. Plateau City, the capital of the region, is very cruel and keeps the Districts of Koena in line by forcing them to send one male and one female Tribute to fight to the death every year in the Koena Games. I will eventually release a heavily revamped version of this fic.

(PG-13/T for language, violence, romance, and other mature themes) Eventually I want to write a revamp of a very old fanfic I wrote many years back (the banner links to the fanfic, which is called The Power N.U.). I will change its name to Strong Pokemon, Weak Pokemon. I will change character personalities, add new characters, and build the world a little more, and make it less ignorant and offensive towards Smogon.

"Strong Pokemon. Weak Pokemon. That is only the selfish perception of people. Truly skilled Trainers should try to win with the Pokemon they love best." - Elite Four Karen

What if the "selfish" people and the "truly skilled" people both went way too far? Enter the Gomnos Region, where Pokemon are emotionless data files and trainers strive for perfect Pokemon in order to win battles. However, a group called Team Crystal aspires to create a world where Pokemon have emotions and people treat Pokemon as friends... but at what price? In this world, a fifteen-year-old girl named Hope Blackthorn begins her Pokemon journey, and gets sucked into a clash of ideals and morality.

Cursed: An Ultra Sun Storylocke
(PG-13/T for language, violence, and other mature themes) This is very tentative - I haven't even come up with any character names yet - but it's basically about a Trainer whose family has been cursed to bring harm to Pokemon. The Trainer's parents live in fear, residing in a remote village so they won't have to encounter any Pokemon, and hiding the truth about the curse from the protagonist. Our protagonist, however, wants to be a Pokemon Trainer and wonders why they can't go on a Pokemon Journey.

One-shot collections


(G/K) Pokemon High is a unique place where Pokemon-humans - beings with human shapes and abilities but Pokemon features - go to school and work. The school has a unique cast of students, from the jocks to the outcasts. Together with the staff members, they teach, learn, and grow. This was originally going to be a series of slice-of-life one-shots based on my characters' experiences in the Pokemon Degrassi mini-RP, but the RP got discontinued so I'm revamping the one-shot collection as Six School Stories, which will still focus on the characters I created but will use my own plots rather than following an RP.




(G/K) Charles Darwin ends up in the Pokemon World.

(G/K) The story of how Falkner of Violet City came to love flight.

"Lass of Frost"
(PG/K+) Long ago, an eighteen-year-old girl named Yuki froze to death on a mountain. This is the story of how she became the first Froslass and created the first Dawn Stones.



(G/K) Bianca tries to catch a shiny Swanna for Cheren's birthday.

Fic Awards


Broken Promise: The Story of Ash's Pidgeot

The Storyteller




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Most Dedicated Reviewer,
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Most Improved Writer, 2016 Fanfiction Awards

Most Dedicated Reviewer, 2015 Fanfiction Awards



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Friendly POKéMON.
Name: Praxiteles

Age: 21

Types of Writing: Trainer fic. I write dreamy, old-fashioned and poetic stories about interpersonal connections.

Strengths: I'm not exceptional at it, but I'm improving at characterisation and character interaction.

Weakness: Strong feelings, strong plots, pragmatism and practicality.

Types of Characters: I like writing butch-y girl characters, with a lot of arrogance, who like gripping the world's neck with both hands so to speak. I also like caring characters (not mutually exclusive).

Completed Stories: -

Current Stories:

The Progression
A utopia is a place that makes sense only with children. For anyone else, it would be enough to build a less than perfect place. How many years upon years does Hoenn go back? And how many ages upon ages do children go back?
Trainer Fic
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Occasional strong language, narration of anxiety and dissociation

Future Stories: -

Writing Tips: Write regularly! But also write with love! It's very, very difficult to write frequently but also with inspiration and pleasure. That's one of the enduring challenges of writing. It's okay to take breaks from writing, too.

Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
Name: Kutie Pie, “KP” for short.

Age (Optional): 23

Types of Writing (Optional): Character-centric, mostly romance and slice-of-life, though drama and other elements may come into play; I also have a tendency to write dark stories if the plot calls for it. Themes of relationships such as familial, friendships, and romantics are common, and, in recent years, spirituality. Pokémon is the franchise I write in the most, but I've expanded to others such as Digimon, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Kirby of the Stars, How to Train Your Dragon, and Wreck-It Ralph.

Strengths: Literary-wise, description and grammar are usually well-done. On the thematic scale based on readers' reactions over the years, character development and emotions are most poignant.

Weakness: Personally, I feel my pacing needs work. I have too much to say, I keep getting little thoughts/ideas I thought would fit the characters, and I have a habit of writing 'til I drop/feel the chapter's finished. I also have been working on character perspectives.

Types of Characters: It's all over the place. I have written hyperactive characters, innocent characters, bitter characters, perverts (whether they crack sexual jokes or not), sarcastic characters, romantics, evil villains, et cetera. I do, however, tend to gravitate towards characters with tragic lives, dark and/or mysterious backstories, and the overall curious. When it comes to the Pokémon franchise, the Legendary Pokémon are my favorite.

Completed Stories: I have an old story that is completed, but I'd rather not link it. Here's a list of one-shots instead:

  • Entrustment: Whisper of the Heart; Nishi's dying wish to a long-time companion.

  • Fuzzy: Mew comes home drunk and decides to take a bath. Sort of. (MewShipping)

  • Lady Luna: "There was a way he said her grandmother's name that made her insides feel hollow. She always took it as though he held it sacred." (One-sided Darkrai/Alicia)

  • Misunderstanding: In which Mew's immaturity gets her in trouble; written for the Serebii Yuletide 2014.

  • The Sitters: Baby-sitting is not one of Mewtwo's strong points. (MewShipping)

  • Whimsical Night: Digimon; For all of his oddities, Wizardmon never failed to amaze her, and change her mind.

Current Stories:

Genre: Friendship/Romance

Rating: R for occasional language, violence, and sexual content

Summary: Six years since the August of 1999, Gatomon has moved on, yet Wizardmon's ghost hasn't. In attempt to get him to cross over, she makes a wish in the World of Dreams in the hopes it would be granted, only for the exact opposite to happen. To him, it was as if he hadn't left, but to Gatomon, six years was enough to weaken that strong bond they had, and after accepting his return, strives to restore their friendship only to learn it opens more opportunities for them both. Yet unbeknownst to them, Wizardmon's damaged code wants out—violently—forcing him to reveal and face his dark secrets he kept locked away.


Genre: Romance/Spiritual

Rating: R for language, peril, violence, attempted suicide and death, sexual themes, and religious undertones

Summary: The world has come to an end under the guard of the Legendaries. Despite their failure, Arceus gives them another chance, but at a cost: in the life before, they agreed to become mortal again should they have failed to uphold their duties. Along with that, they are commanded to repopulate and replenish the earth. As the majority of the Legendaries are male, frequent arguments are made as to who would get "first dibs", mainly for Mew because of her ability to create many species.

However, unknown to them, there is a dark power lying in wait, targeting Mew and Mewtwo to do its dirty work...


Genre: Romance/Drama

Rating: NC-17 for strong sexual themes and occasional language

Summary: Having been loving mates for five years, Mew desires for a baby, even though Mewtwo feels the opposite, believing he cannot have offspring. As strong as their bond is, receiving nothing but bad news and unfortunate events piling up higher and higher slowly tears them apart and pushes their relationship to the edge. A fragile heart can break in any hand that handles it for too long. It can be put back together as many times as possible, but it'll never be the same.

Related to the "Fuzzy" and "The Sitters" one-shots.


Genre: Comedy/Romance

Rating: PG

Summary: As Ralph continues to accept his role as a villain and his changed life, he can't seem to fight back that sense of loneliness he's grown to live with. A new character introduced to the arcade may help close that gap—that is, if he can get over her quirkiness. Ralph/OC​

Future Stories: One of these days, I'd like to try my hand at a PMD fic, along with some more Digimon fics, this time focusing on the DigiDestineds. I have also conceived an idea for a chaptered Higurashi When They Cry story, but I'm still working out the bugs.

Writing Tips: Don't push yourself too much, or you'll experience a brain overload. Take breaks, have something to munch on as a snack, and if something comes to mind, WRITE IT DOWN. You may lose it and never remember it again. It also helps to have an entire plotline, or at least the basics of it, planned and written down so that you aren't accused of pulling something out of thin air, because rarely do they work. If you aren't sure about your work's statuses, get a beta reader or two.

And always, always listen to feedback. They're not just fuel, they're your audience, your precious means of success. They're giving reviews/critiques for your own benefit which you'll need to take into consideration for future chapters or stories.
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a dubious creature getting up to mischief
Staff member
As I plan on one day writing a fic, I may as well fill this out. ovo

Name: Hydrangea

Age : Twenty (Aug. 4th/1997)

Writing Background: READY FOR A WILD RIDE? I've always liked writing, since I was a little tyke my mother told me I always loved to come up with little stories and tell them to her. The earliest of this that I can remember was back in elementary school, I made this odd story about animals that possessed different elements and started wars amongst themselves. Each team had eight people, each of different elements; one side fighting for light and the other fighting for darkness. A little weird, I know, but it was my passion at the time.

After this, I got extremely invested in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and wanted to write my own fic based on the universe. This is when work on an untitled fanfic began, but never exactly came into fruition. It involved my initial team from the first series of games (Red/Blue Rescue Team) and took a much more "mature" route, with implied character death and the on screen deaths of many main characters. Although the fanfic was never actually written, it was extensively planned with large character bios that are still on a flashdrive somewhere.

This unnamed fic gradually began to change, using elements from an old Serebii roleplay I used to be a part of with some friends. It seemed fitting, as the two characters I used for that roleplay happened to be former members of a rescue team, and they were the same species as the ones used in the original fic. As such, elements from the universe of the roleplay and ideas from the original fic combined into one; becoming the messy story that I hope to one day sort through and actually write.

This all took place from around 2007 - 2011, from before I joined this website to the later days of me being on it with my roleplay buddies. However, in 2011 my writing focus sort of shifted to fanfiction about television shows. I wrote a lot of BBC Sherlock fanfiction I was an avid shipper at the time as well. Along with these I also wrote a few fics based on other shows I liked at the time and a certain webcomic known as Homestuck.

Anyways, now? Well. I'm not sure. I'd love to write that unnamed fic, but I'd also love to do a murder mystery type fic centred around the PMD2 universe. Whichever is able to draw my attention more first. I also wanna work on something original...

Types of Writing: I like thriller, suspense, action, adventure, and just basic campy stories. I like writing dark characters, damaged characters, ect. Roleplaying on this forum helps me develop my characters a lot more.

Strengths: Character development. I love writing characters, it's a tremendous passion of mine; which is probably the reason I also adore roleplaying on this forum. I also believe I have a knack for world-building; creating my own fantasy settings in order to tell a better story.

Weakness: Um. I hate to be "that guy" but plots kind of stump me sometimes. I can plan a whole story, but in order to actually write down the story and complete it in an organised and chaptered manner is something I find somewhat difficult.

Types of Characters: I have a wide range of characters. I tend to plan them extensively before actually writing them into my stories. I love keeping detailed biographies on every character I have created. I like making my characters feel more real, everyone has flaws; including fictional characters.

Completed Stories:

Sorry, nothing! Any stories I wrote before 2016 have more or less been purged from other sites.
Current Stories:

I have nothing currently on the go, however I hope to change that soon.
Future Stories:

Untitled Mystery Dungeon Fic
Teen (Suspense/Mystery) - Chaptered
The fruits of my childhood labours.
Plot synopsis to come.

Untitled Mystery Dungeon Fic (Time/Darkness/Sky)
Teen (Horror/Mystery) - Chaptered
Elaine, a former member of Wigglytuff's Guild has retired from the industry after the death of her partner, Horus. However, she is yanked from her early retirement after Pokemon in the town have been found dead. They were considered accidents at first, but it's starting to look like Treasure Town may have a murderer on the loose.
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Rabid Dusclops Fan
Name: Samayouru (or just "Sam" or "Lae" if you prefer).

Age: 23 (Nov. 22nd, 1993)

Writing History: I come from a family that loves reading and writing, mostly on my mother's side. I began writing at the tender age of three and as you can imagine my work wasn't very good.

I was about ten when I found Serebiiforums, and as most young writers tend to do, decided to write up something in the comment box. It was awful - an eldritch abomination that wouldn't look too out of place in a Silent Hill game, and of course I was ripped to shreds by none other than the infamous Yami Ryu. Up until then, everyone I showed my writing too thought my stuff was good, but to have someone tell me that my work was a steaming pile of [insert generic swear word here] was... well... heartbreaking.

But as I licked my wounds and recovered, I suddenly became quite determined. I suddenly found myself wanting to improve - to grow and become something that would make what I believed at the time to be mean critics eat their words. It wasn't the best goal to have at the time, but it is what set me on the path of striving to strengthen my work and improve myself as both a writer and a person.

Of course, it would take more than a decade of hard work, blood, sweat and tears (but mostly tears) to get to the point I am now. I've had several accounts with Serebiiforums and fanfiction.net over the years, but I've never been quite as determined to stick with an account until becoming Samayouru. I've accomplished a lot of things that I wanted to do on Serebiiforums: host an RPG, join Fizzy Bubbles, etc. but the one thing that still remains is to become an established writer in the Fan Fiction section. Hopefully this time I will make it happen!

Strengths: World building. I am really good at working with the lore of a world without dumping too much info on my readers. I am also good at writing in the horror genre - because my goodness do we need more horror writers out there.

Weakness: Narrative and showing emotions, rather than telling. It has always been a weak point, and until recently after I bought possibly the best guide to writing emotion one could ever hope to have, these two things are what drove people away from my work, I think (that and I was an arrogant little git who needed to mature a bit more).

Types of Characters: I don't really have a favourite type of character to work with. In fact I actually try to work with characters I'm not familiar with to try and keep my characters varied and interesting. It's hard, but it can be very rewarding with how much experience I get from doing that.

Completed Stories: The only fanfics that come to mind were a couple of Ed, Edd n Eddy fanfics that I posted up on an EEnE forum when I was 13. They're long gone now, so trying to trawl them up is nigh impossible.

Current Stories:

Balance - Life is good for Danny Solomon. She has a loving family, nice clothes and lives in a fairly well off district in New Castelia. But that's all about to change. For when an accident plunges her into the depths of the sewers underneath the city Danny stumbles across a world she's never seen before - and comes to realise that the fate of the Unova region lies in her hands.

I believe how Dragonfree described Quest for the Legends best sums up how I feel towards Balance: it is my demented little brainchild. When I was younger I had a brilliant idea for a fanfic. it was going to be an edgy journeyfic with mature themes and with drugs and violence and other such things that everyone's first darkfic generally involves. It was hilariously awful, so much so that I actually refused to touch the original document for months because I thought it was so bad.

But once I finally plucked up the courage to take a peek, I found something I wasn't expecting: an interesting idea that had just been handled very, very poorly. Now that I have Scrivener, I began mapping out a proper plot, characters and so on and so forth until I felt I was ready to try again. The result? Something that looked ten times better than the original (and I'm sure some of my reviewers would agree with that).

Future Stories: I have future stuff planned, but I'm keeping my ideas secret ~

Writing Tips: Stay in school, kids. Say no to drugs and eat your veggies.

Seriously though, you need to find what works for you. I tried going to several writing courses and found them to be garbage and a waste of time. I'm a visual learner, so going to lectures and other such events did literally nothing for me unless I had a visual walk-through on how to do something. The only way you can discover what is best for you is by pushing yourself out of your comfort zone - and the sooner you do that, the better your writing will become.


Name: Chloe, aka Chloboshoka, C.Gholy or just Chlobo.
Age : 24.
About me: Been a member of FF.Net & Serebii for nearly ten years. I'm a Head Mod at the Creative Arts & Writing Board on Anime League Forums and I've loved writing.
Types of Writing:I've written a variety of things. I think I'm most known for my shipping, crossover and crack fics. My main fandoms are Pokemon and Ace Attorney.
Strengths: I think I'm good with characters and have a strong passion for writing and always try to read and write something everyday. Always full of ideas and try to write everything on a notebook.
Weakness: Not always good on the technical side of things.
Types of Characters: I like writing about my favouite ships and characters.
Completed Stories: I've got so many but one example that most people may know are May's Justice, The Other King, Sleeping Ash, She Returned, Law Plus Chaos and Carry On, Blissey.
Current Stories: The second arc of May's Justice aka May's Justice in Alola.
Future Stories: Maybe a revamp of older fics.
Writing Tips: Have fun writing and reading.
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take it all or leave it... I Feel You
Name: roule

Types of Writing: mostly novels

Strengths: Characters and lore building

Weakness: Battles and descriptive writing

Types of Characters: Characters with redemption arcs.

Completed Stories: Nope!

Current Stories:

Snowstorm on the Yellow Sea:

On the Canadian island of Alexandria, all children are required to complete a Pokemon journey at age 20. Marie Jones has grown up anticipating her journey, hoping to continue her family's legacy. However, everything changes when she washes up on the shores of a foreign country...

serebii ffn ao3

Future Stories: Potentially a prequel to Snowstorm or a story taking place in its universe

Writing Tips: Just keep writing!

Mia Blaze

I'mma gonna Deku in the face, Kacchan
Well, as a writer, guess I'd better!

Name: Mia Blaze/Sapphiria depending on site (Sapphiria only applies to Fanfiction.Net)

Types of writing: Novels, mainly, but I will do the occasional one shot when inspired.

Strengths: Character dialogue, development and engagement

Weaknesses: Action/Battle scenes, pacing and actually finishing any story. Oh, and I'm way too over descriptive for my own good (At least that's what Bulbagarden's Writer's Workshop says)

Types of Characters: Any, but I prefer writing comedic ones if the plot allows for them.

Completed Stories: No completed novels but my one shot "Eusine's Obession" is here on Serebii and is done!

Current (Working on) Stories: Interlocking Bonds (On FF.Net and here) and a Phoenix Wright/Pokemon crossover called "Ace Attorney: Kindred Spirits*

Future Stories: A Bendy and the Ink Machine/Pokemon crossover is in the works called "Generations of Ink", My first horror story which I'm already planning the sequel of in my mind!

Writing Tips: Plan out chapters and plot points so that, if stumped, you can return to the story later on and, other than that, have fun with what you're writing! If you don't enjoy writing it then don't force yourself too!

Name: Nerdy McNerdface, but feel free to call me Nerdy

Age (Optional): am I allowed to be vague with this? I'm a teenager.

About me: Since this isn't an autobiography, I'll just stick to the writing stuff. I wrote my first One-Shot in early Summer of 2016, and I found it pretty bad, but good for a first fic. The next thing I wrote was this really long dystopia fanfic that I later left unfinished due to disappointment (see weaknesses for that). After writing a One-Shot that was crappy but enough to get me motivated to write again, I began writing platonic shipping drabbles and one or two more one shots.

Throughout 2017 I tried a whole load of new stories and concepts, basically throwing everything at the wall and seeing what stuck. Going into 2018 I have two ongoing stories - one with three chapters and one with only a single chapter - and multiple one-shots, as well as a few Drabbles and a poem I’m proud of. I’m hoping to increase how much I write this year, and I hope I can entertain even more people with my writing!

Types of Writing (Optional): I’ve tried out a lot over the last year or so, but I’ve found that my favourite things to write are actually One-Shots focusing on a character’s emotions as they go through something tough. Despite that though I am also currently writing a comedy fic and what I’m hoping to be a mystery/thriller fic, so I do like writing other things. I’m also shipping trash so my work can be seen over there every now and then.

Strengths: I've been told by people that I can write Pokemon battles well, and I'm good at looking into the mind of a character, but I can't say for myself since I'm way too modest. I was once told I had a "vivid yet complex" style by user SkittleBox so I guess that's a thing. Oh yeah also I can do comedy. I have also been told by Dramatic Melody that I can do openings pretty well, in a way that sets the tone for a piece nicely. I like to think I’m not that bad at poetry either, although I seldom do it. Chibi Pika once gave me a compliment for one of my pieces (Thinking Through Illness) saying that I gave it a slow, meandering plotline and that they wanted to see more of it, although I haven’t taken that request up... yet.

Weakness: I'll put this in two sections since the first is less about my actual writing and more writing frequency. I can never gain motivation to write. It might be due to me being slightly perfectionistic, but I want whatever I write to be something I can be proud of. I have a huge issue with this nowadays due to my first big fanfiction originally being fun and exciting for me, but then later becoming a disappointment to me. That disappointment caused me to feel rather depressed for a while since I had been so proud of the fic beforehand and I felt like I messed it up, and ever since finally letting it go I instinctively don't want to feel like that again. I manage to gain motivation in ebbs and flows, but it's a really tough problem.

I’ve also been told that I tend to come up with an idea, but then I don’t flesh it out enough in my piece. I’m trying my best to cut down on it, and I also have multiple friends who help me beta read my work so I hope that they can steer me in the right direction. I also used to space out my work too much, but I’ve cut down a ton on that.

Types of Characters: Honestly there are just a ton at this point that I've grown to love. Edgelords, crazed yanderes, innocent children, talented novelists, dry and witty teens with god complexes, the list goes on and on.

Completed Stories:

The Blue Light: my first One-Shot ever posted here and a piece of crap. Only read it if you want to see Nerdy's beginning roots of posting online. It was an IronWillShipping platonic thing, and while the concept was decent, it wasn't executed the best. I might rewrite it one day though.

Contests: my second One-Shot here and kinda decent. I don't know if I'd recommend it, but it's for an extremely underrated poly shipping so you can see it if you want. It was a Curtis x Yancy x Lisia platonic thing. Edit: it won an award in the 2017 Shipping Oscars. Definitely the most unexpected surprise I’ve had since playing Trails of Cold Steel and Final Fantasy XV.

Drabbles: I don't wanna list them all right now, but you can find small shipping things I've written in the drabbles thread, ranging from the cringe to the boring to the downright decent. I’ll list my favourites now:
-Still Thinking: A Pokemon Drabble about Hilda realising where she needs to go.
-Protection: An Amnesia: Memories Drabble about Toma showing a more possessive side.
-It’s Been a While: A Pokemon Drabble about Unova’s second hero and their busy but kind friend sharing an Xtransceiver call.
-Where I Was, Where I Am: An A Foretold Affair Drabble about January thinking his past over.
-On A Single Day: An Amnesia: Memories poem about the tragic story of Ukyo.

A Simple Kalosian's Story: my first attempt at something tragic. It's a One-Shot I'm actually rather proud of. I would actually recommend it!

Left Alone: my second attempt at something tragic, but this time focusing on none other than Leaf herself. I'm quite proud of this one too, so I'd recommend it!

Thinking Through Illness: a real-life based One-Shot I wrote as a vent piece to get some emotions out. It's not uber-amazing-quality since I was feeling pretty down at the time, but you can still read it if you want.

Festivities in Unova: this was just a little one-shot I made around Christmas because I wanted to feel fuzzy feelings, and while it didn’t get much attention you can go back and read it someday if you want! I think it’s alright personally.

The Brightest People: this was my entry for the 2017 Platonic Writing Contest, where I came a solid fourth place in the rankings. It does have its faults, but if you want some heart-to-heart interaction with the Pokemon GO characters in a future which is unbearably desolate, then give it a read!

Evenings in Bareahard: a non-Pokemon one-shot I made for another of my favourite games, The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel. It’s heavy on the spoilers, but I just kinda wanted to make a somewhat peaceful little story that I’d had in my head for a while.

Current Stories:

Right so I have had a few ongoing stories before, but I only have two ongoing stories I’m still currently willing to pursue. Here are the summaries:

Pokemon White Abridged: Inspired by my recent playthrough of Pokemon White, this is a comedy fic about a sarcastic, dry and rude Hilda having to deal with the insane world around her in her journey. It's not a super-long JourneyFic - most battles will be avoided entirely, and some sections of routes are cut off if they're boring, so the overall effect is a set of interconnected sketches, if that makes sense. It's currently up on Serebii only and is still ongoing. Thank you to MattyburritoMB, 1KidsEntertainment and Something Witty Entertainment on YouTube for creating abridged series that inspired me to write this - you're impactful people!

The Back Alleys of Ecruteak: I started this after wanting to make a Johto fic for some time, and via a combination of OC creation, wanting to write a story featuring certain characters and a sudden burst of love for both the lore of the Burned Tower and various popular fanmade theories on things, I came up with this. After sixteen-year-old Adohira Chiura finds a strange purple creature shortly after setting foot on Cinnabar Island for the first time, he learns its story and takes it in as his own. Five years later and back in Ecruteak, the fears of the creature (now named Ditto) come back to threaten its very life, forcing the responsibility of keeping it alive into Adohira's hands. While all of this is happening, Ecruteak Gym Leader Morty and his friend Eusine have realised that a dark threat is on the horizon, one which threatens the single Tower still standing in the city, along with the whole of Ecruteak itself. This one might be on hiatus for a bit longer since I’m still finalising the story, but chapter 1 is up for those who want to be hyped. Edit: since going on long hiatus I’ve been reworking this a bit, the idea might change in future but I’ll leave it at that for now.

Future Stories:

Unnamed: a non-Pokemon work that I'm hoping to write based on a dream I once had. What if all twelve of the predominant characters in Amnesia: Memories were forced to spend a certain amount of time together locked in Meido No Hitsuji? Considering how all the characters either love each other or drive each other insane, I thought it could be a good comedy.

Unnamed 2: a Pokemon one-shot based around a theory I made about Riley being the reincarnation of Sir Aaron, and revisiting the Tree of Life/Beginning (the name seems to differ...?). Since it’s a theory I’m proud of, plus the implications of the theory and the potential storytelling beats can lead to a great fic, I’m hoping that I could make something like this work.

Unnamed 3: I wanna do one of those “N wins world” fics but I’m trying to come up with a unique way of doing it. Bear with me there.

Unnamed 4: maybe I’ll write up that Hatoful Boyfriend fic sometime in the next century.

Writing Tips: don't feel pressured to write at your best all the time. If you feel like you want to write, but don't want to mess up on a big piece, write something small and don't worry if it's crappy. It could lead to future ideas, but it will also be a good way of keeping writing as a habit while also making it fun.
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Oh, I have a title?
Wait, this place is a thing? Alright, time for me to throw my hat in.

Name: TikTok13. Hi everyone ^_^

Age: I'm a teen. Enough said.

Gender: Male

Types of Writing (Optional): I usually write chaptered fics from either a first or third person perspective, however I prefer to use the former at this moment in time.

Strengths: Not to toot my own trumpet, but I think I'm rather good at fleshing out characters and giving them an individual and unique personality and backstory. I have been told that I'm good at writing about canon characters and combat specifically, the latter being an area that I believed was a weak area for myself.

Weakness: Tenses. I've spent the majority of my life writing from a third-person perspective. Therefore, it is rather difficult for me to determine which is which at certain points, especially when I want to skip certain parts for impact. Also, I occasionally either write too much or summarise too much. However, this is slightly less common.

Types of Characters: Pokémon characters, specifically canon characters. I like to write characters that compliment and contrast each other effectively and work well together in the fic, such as Blue and Red, or Grimsley and Nate. To help with this, I type my characters with the Myers-Briggs Type theory. For example, Red is an ISTP, and Blue is an ESTJ in my fic.

Completed Stories: So far I've only finished one official story, "Out Of The Blue". It's a canon-character centric fic, revolving around Blue, who reminisces on his past experiences before challenging his one true equal and rival. Red. It involves battling scenes and descriptive scenes, and is a short-and-sweet FanFic.

Current Stories: I'm currently writing one FanFic, "A Grim Deal" which focuses mainly on Grimsley and Nate, but the former has a secret in regards to Shauntal, and will not let go of it willingly.

Future Stories: Oh boy, I've got a lot planned for the future.
Unnamed Fic: A story about Colress and his journey across Unova as the leader of Team Plasma. It will delve into his mind, and provide information regarding his relationships in Team Plasma, and how he deals with the insanity of his employer.

Unnamed Fic 2: Another story about Team Plasma, this time focusing on Ghetsis, from the crowning of N to the creation of White Kyurem.

Unamed Fic 3: A PMD story set in a Steampunk era that follows a Sableye through his unlikely journey with his best friend and a mysterious veteran.

Writing Tips:
1. Know your characters inside and out. - You need to know everything about everyone in order to write a colourful and detailed fic.
2. Be prepared to be criticised. - Not everyone will like your writing, but that's fine. Take on as much advice as you can and use it to be a better writer.
3. Do your research. - There's no point writing about something when you know f-all about it.
4. Don't think you know everything. - Don't tell people that their opinions are wrong, or that you didn't make a mistake when you obviously did. It's just rude, and if you have made a mistake, you should rectify it instead of having a go at people.
5. Enjoy it. - If you don't enjoy it, why are you writing? Write about what you love.
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Recorder of Tales
Name: lucarioknight56

Age (Optional): Young Adult

Types of Writing (Optional): Chapter-based, novel-length fantasy. Note that I do not write multi-year epics; I write stories that can be finished within a year.

Strengths: Setting and description tend to be strong, along with plots to an extent. I also write and post often, allowing me to finish novel-length stories in a shorter amount of time.

Weakness: Character development and occasionally dialogue. They've been getting much better, but it has taken longer to develop than my description. Also, due to my faster writing style, there tends to be some mistakes, and I definitely need reviews/beta readers to help fix them.

Types of Characters: I like writing for eccentric characters, particularly those with unique speech and/or actions. Villains tend to fit this role for me, but the occasional hero is good. They're my favorite, but I can work with anyone...except the jerk or bully. My last attempt turned out horribly, and honestly they are so unlike me that I have to think opposite the way I usually do...which really doesn't work.

Completed Stories: I have several, but the only ones worth mentioning are those on Bulbagarden and the one I have here: PMD: Legends Unraveled, PMD: The Forgotten Isles, Dente's Tale (all posted on Bulbagarden), and my most recent and best work, PMD: Unequivocant (posted here)

Current Stories: Not currently, actually. I am busy planning out my next few stories.

Future Stories: Yes, three in fact. Two are prequels to Unequivocant, which I call PMD: Twilit Destinies and PMD: Legends Awakened. The first will focus on the backstories of two of my characters, Matheus Lucario and Arthus Zoroark. The second is a rewrite of Legends Unraveled, coupled with the fact it is a sequel to Twilit Destinies, and will lead into Unequivocant. The last story is The Legacy of Equivos: Culmination of Worlds, which will be a sequel to Unequivocant showing how a PMD population can integrate into a main-game universe. It will also take chapters from Unequivocant that don't quite fit in its mother story.

Writing Tips: Yes: review. If you want reviews, you have to send reviews, no matter how small they may be. Oh, and work on your setttings; they make your world come alive.


sometimes i get a deadache, yeah
Name: canisaries
Age: 20
Types of Writing: Chapter fics that are novel-length or shorter and tend to take about a year to complete. Also oneshots, whose length vary. Currently I write in first person and present tense the most. I like writing surreal and violent things, but not without in-story justification.
Strengths: Dialogue, description, characters...? So I'm told, at least. I'm definitely eager to improve anyway.
Weakness: Describing things like action or buildings. Sometimes also phrasing, which I blame on not being a native English speaker.
Types of Characters: Contemplative. Strongly feeling. Ones that use metaphors way too much.
Completed Stories: Several oneshots (such as Vivarium) and Hunter, Haunted. Then two earlier stories that I don't consider good enough to mention.
Current Stories: Seiren, which is a rewrite of one of the two aforementioned stories.
Future Stories: The sequel to Hunter, Haunted, the sequel to that, and someday a PMD story of my very own. Some oneshots too, I suppose.
Writing Tips: Read others' stories and find what about them works and what doesn't. Plan your writing. Cut out filler. Write vividly. Be aware of cliches and tropes. Try new things. Have fun - if you don't enjoy your writing, the reader likely won't either.


Call me Del
I don't know why I've not filled this in sooner, tbh...

Name: DeliriousAbsol (AKA Del)
Age: 33
Types of Writing: 'Fics of varying length, although not unknown to venture into long, epic stories. Often settings that take a twist on things, more recently a sci-fi/cyberpunk approach to PMD.
Strengths: I've been told character development, and often get compliments on description.
Weakness: Repitition, which I'm trying to fix. Also, given I'm a pantser, I do feel I can make mistakes in continuity. So I often make sure I have a buffer to fix things as I spot them.
Types of Characters: I like writing redemptive characters. I also really enjoy writing comic relief.
Completed Stories: The End, Glitched, Switch (One-Shot)
Current Stories: System: Reboot (almost finished)
Future Stories: System: Outbound. (Who would have guessed that Glitched, a story written for Pokemon's 20th anniversary, would have become this? Behold, a third story set in System.)
Writing Tips: Read. Read a lot. Also, have fun. Don't be afraid to experiment. No idea is too crazy.

I may fill in a beta reader thing later. I'm currently mulling it over.


Impressionist Bakuphoon
Hello, everyone. I didn't see a welcome thread anywhere, but I did see this one on a list of bumpable threads that seems to serve a similar purpose. I figured that I'd take the time to introduce myself here, although hopefully the fact that the last post was made 15 months ago doesn't mean that this thread is considered "dead" (anyone with authority here, please let me know if there's a more appropriate way for me to go about doing something like this). With that said:

InfiniteBakuphoon, or simply Bakuphoon for short.

Age: 27

Types of Writing:
I haven't actually written that much yet — I'm quite new to this whole fanfic thing — but most of my story ideas tend to be either sweeping adventure stories, serious dramas, or some combination of the two. Most of them also tend to take place in the anime universe, which is unsurprising given that it's by far my favorite canon of the franchise, haha.

Although it has yet to be put to the ultimate test in an actual story, I'd call worldbuilding a strength of mine. With my current story especially, I'm always thinking about how things would work in the world — for lack of better words — and how these things would affect the lives of the characters living in said world. I've found that figuring out plots and character arcs to write comes easy when you have an extensive and interesting universe to draw from (which probably also explains why reading Pokémon fanfiction has always been so much fun for me).

Based on the comments I've received with my current story on other sites, it seems like pacing is something that I have to work on, which may be related to another weakness of mine: a tendency to use more words than what's arguably necessary. I've also found that when it comes to my more ambitious ideas, they sometimes become so ambitious that I end up biting off more than I can chew, so to speak. This means that it often takes me a long time to finish what I start, assuming that I ever finish at all. (That said, I never "forget" about any of my dormant projects and I'm always thinking them all at some point, so there's always a chance that one of them might be revived and even eventually finished several years later or something, haha.)

Types of Characters:
Not having written much yet makes this kind of difficult to answer, but I will say that most of the characters that I've envisioned so far tend to not entirely "fit in" with the norms and expectations established by the world around them. They react to this by either struggling through them or by defying them in their own little ways, with varying levels of success for both. Some of these norms and expectations are based on those that exist in real life, while others are more closely related to the more fantastical elements of the Pokémon world itself.

Completed Stories:
None yet.

Current Stories:
Mirror Adventures: A Tragedy of False Smiles, an anime AU fic where everyone's personalities are the opposite of their canon ones. It's based on the Kalos saga episode "The Cave of Mirrors", but its narrative reach intends to go much farther than that episode did by focusing on other "mirror" characters besides simply Ash and Serena, as well as by exploring how everyone's mirrored personalities affect the overall world around them.

Future Stories:
I have a very overactive imagination, so there's a ton of ideas in my head that I'd love to bring into reality. It's hard to say if I'll actually follow through on all of them, though, given my struggles with ambition that I mentioned earlier. In any case, they're all secret for now, haha!

Writing Tips:
As a novice fanfic writer, I'm afraid that I don't have that much to offer right now. But as someone who has often struggled with finding the dedication and perseverance to finish everything that I've started, I can say this: know what you're getting into before dedicating yourself to a large project — or any project, for that matter — and plan accordingly. Knowing your own strengths and weaknesses in not just writing but in actually writing — as in: "How much can I write in one sitting?", or: "How I write even when I don't want to?", etc. — will help you power through the less glamorous parts of writing. Oh, and if something comes into your head that sounds like it could be completely awesome, write something down — literally anything — before it fades away, no matter how shoddy or otherwise not-so-awesome it may come out at first. There's no guarantee that you'll remember that potentially awesome idea later, and even if you do, it may never be quite the same as you first envisioned it.
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