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Item and Pokerus Thread

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hi im looking for subway items and evo stones i have pp items and EVd pokemon also a collection of evolution items that i can trade just pm or vm what you got and we can work something out


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hi i am looking for rare candies and will trade pokerus or power items in return


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still looking for evolutionary stones. i have pokerus and the pokemon in my sig to offer. PM me.


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im looking for a couple master balls if anyone has a spare laying around.i can offer pokerus,lucky egg,up-grade,dubis disc,dragon scale,electrizer x2,oval stone, all gems,
heart scale,magmarizer,kings rock x2,razor fang x2,dawn stone,everstone x5. i can even do a combination of like PKRS on a DWf poliwag,vulpix or DWF impish gligar with an item
if you want.pm with offers


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I got alot of items up for trade. Specially: Masterball x2, Lucky eggs, Exp.Share, Evolving stones etc...


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Im looking for the tms: sunny day and earthquake. I'm offering items, stones or pokerus. Please and thank you :)
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I'm looking for a Masterball.
I had a spare one, but my little brother stole my game and caught a Whynut with it.
I can offer some other items, pokes, ect, or the Whynut. lol.
pm me.
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i need a choice scarf and life orb please!

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I don't know if the Soul Dew has been released in BW 2 but I am looking for one ^_^ I can offer Light Ball, Life Orbs, Rare candies and such Even Pokemon :D ^_^ PM Me and Thank you :3


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I am offering PP Ups, PP Maxs, Rare Candy, Master Ball, Sun Stone, Water Stone, Shiny Stone, Dusk Stone, Dawn Stone, Silver Powder, Rocky Helmet, Reaper Cloth, NeverMeltIce, Mystic Water, Metal Coat, Magmarizer, Lustrous Orb, Griseous Orb, Electirizer, DeepSeaTooth, DeepSeaScale, Choice Scarf, Amulet Coin and Adamant Orb. I am seeking shiny Pokemon, shiny flawless or near flawless Pokemon. PM me if you are interested.


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Looking for a power band

Got DW eevee's to offer


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Looking for
metal coat
red card
eject button
rocky helmet
life orb
air balloon

can offer Water stones, leaf stones, thunderstones, dusk stones, and maybe other stones in return

pm if interested.
Looking for evolutionary items. Especially a Fire Stone. Can offer any breedable Pokemon. I'm also prepared to evolve Pokemon if you prefer


Looking for a Prism Scale, can primarily offer the Dream World females in my Sig.


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I am looking for a focus sash. I have a lot of items so just ask and I'll see if I have it. I have evolution stones and tons of rare candies.
I also am willing to trade an event Arceus from the GL giveaway, and an event Mewtwo from the B&W 1st anniversary event. PM me if you are interested. Thanks!


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Needs leftovers and POKERUS POKEMON badly!
Offering any starters but don't have any shines. From Gen 1 2 3 and 4.


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I'm looking for a Water Stone. I can offer Pokérus, Lucky Eggs, King's Rocks, DW females, Power Weight, Power Belt, etc. PM me.
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