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Mega Evolutions Thread

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Mr. Reloaded

Cause a pirate is free
You can't be serious. . .

No I'm dead serious...
Best mega no doubt, but it has counters.
Plus it needs a free setup to really do damage.
Plus Rocky Helmet Ferrothorn makes quick work of it.


Team Flare Grunt
Kangaskhan is really good, but I out-speed one with a Lucario and used close combat, why should she have a ban? It's so good and it's cool for her to have such a decently competitive aspect.

Trainer Yusuf

Let's not go down the route of create-a-mega

To be fair, that was pretty much why this entire thread had existed. Everything else(competitive role of megas, the designa of megas, mechanics of mega evolution, individual advantages of megas) can all be handled by other threads(competitive threads, gameplay threads, dex threads etc.). The only unreleased but known Megas are Lati twins, which can be handled by the Legendary thread.

Really, this thread is kind of redundant at this point.

Excitable Boy

is a metaphor
Kangaskhan is really good, but I out-speed one with a Lucario and used close combat

tbf, Luke needs Mega-Evolution to outspeed Jolly Mega Kanga (or Jolly to outspeed Adamant Mega-Kang) and Adamant Luke speed-ties Adamant regular Kangaskhan
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Alright, since the games have been out for a while and we know all the Mega Pokemon, there's really not a whole lot more to discuss on this front. From now on all Mega Pokemon related discussion will go in the General Gameplay & Battle Mechanics Thread. This is only for the discussion of known Mega Pokemon. Posts such as "I want x Mega Pokemon" or "I think x should get a Mega" have no place. If you have questions regarding Mega Pokemon use the Official X & Y Help Thread.
Not open for further replies.