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Mega Evolutions Thread

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Since this topic is so huge, it demands its own thread

Discuss the various MegaEvolutions of the Pokémon, and your theories in this thread.
Also, please refrain from posting fanart of non-official Mega Pokemon.

"I hope the mega evolution of <Pokemon> will look like this."
"This one is my favorite. I hope GF will do this."
"Hey guys, what do you think of [this] mega evolution?"
"blah... blah... blah..."

Such posts does not contribute anything to the discussion at all.
Please be reminded that this isn't the Mega Evolution Appreciation Thread. Also, please don't turn this thread into a wishlist.

We are ready to hand out infractions for everybody if things get spammy/out of hand.


First, Pokémon can only Mega Evolve when they are holding a Mega Stone. Mega Stones are a type of item like Evolutionary Stones and include specific items such as the Blazikenite that the event Torchic holds. The Blazikenite is not found within normal gameplay. It also confirms that Mega Evolutions are temporary, being only in battle.

Not all Pokémon will have Mega Evolutions. The Master Tower has a connection to Mega Evolutions

Mega evolutions result in stat increases - e.g.MegaLucario's Attack is higher, while MegaAbsol has increased Attack & Speed.

MegaMawile is Steel/Fairy-type, as is normal Mawile now. MegaMawile has the ability Huge Power.
MegaBlaziken has Speed Boost.
MegaLucario has Adaptability.
MegaAbsol has the ability Magic Bounce.
MegaMewtwo has the ability Insomnia
MegaAmpharos is Electric/Dragon and has the ability Mold Breaker

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I would have never... EVER expected Ampharos to really become a Dragon type... This is unbelievable..


Wow. This was a very shocking and explosive news to me. I wonder this will affect competitive battling...


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Loving the MegaAnpheros is electric/dragon


Mega evolutions are only accessible during battle.


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ampharos... I'm so stoked I'm not going to let a change like this in an amazing franchise ruin the entire experience for me :p


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This is just my theory, but I these "mega" evolutions are only capable if you already have a mega stone and are levelling up your riolu or combuskin, I don't think or know if they will be an extra evolution or whatever, I just think they're a form IF you have this mega stone. Either that or, they could do something like "if you're pokemon gets to lv 100, he digivolves into a mega form" idk.


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ampharos is even less of a dragon than altaria is lol


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Guys it would be pretty terribad if these mega evos turn out to be event exclusives. Well, for me at least. No way to get a hold of 'em.


So is the MegaEvolution technically the 4th Evolution or just a new Forme? Wow! Just wow! Give me some time to recover from this news.
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