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Specific Poké Ball Trading Thread


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** Updated**
looking for apricornball pokemon, other rare ball pokemon, or rare pokemon in cool balls. So far I can breed:
levelball: cyndaquil

loveball: ha vulpix, ha eevee, bounsweet, Togedemaru, Salandit, morelull, cutiefly

lureball: corsola, dratini, Dhelmise, totodile, mareanie, carvanha

Moonball: Mimikyu, rockruff

Friendball: rockruff, jangmo-o

Heavyball: mudbray, sandshrew

Beastball: bagon, beldum, axew, Wimpod, Vulpix, pikipek

Other: luxuryball dewpider, dive ball dewpider
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Looking for Beast and Apricorn balls (lure, fast, heavy etc..)
Hey guys, I really want a Scyther in a Net Ball. Any level. I don't have much to give, except for some Electric Terrain Pichu. Other than that, everything else I have is in a Gen. 6 game if you want something from there. Message me if you want to figure something out soon.


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MS Paint Sableye
I'm currently being stingy in how I use my Apricorn balls and Beast Balls, but I am willing to use one to catch (and breed) any pokemon in Pokemon Sun in exchange for a 6 IV Ditto, foreign (English game) optional but very much appreciated. Solgaleo and Nihilego are unavailable.

Since males can pass the pokeball now, we're not limited to trading only females anymore right?

Correct, both Male and Genderless pokemon can now pass on their pokeball when breeding with a Ditto.
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Moon Ball: Honedge, Litwick, Axew, Mimikyu, A-Vulpix (HA), Gothita
Heavy Ball: Honedge, A-Vulpix (HA)
Friend Ball: Snivy, Eevee (HA), Bounsweet, Goomy, Axew
Love Ball: Mimikyu, Eevee (HA), Salandit
Fast Ball: Litwick, Cyndaquil

Beast Ball: Staryu

Others FT:
Fast Ball Pichu

Coming Soon:

Rockruff (Moon/Love)
Salandit (Moon)

Also: Any Moon Ball Pokemon, Love Ball Pokemon, other Apricorn Pokemon not available in HGSS.

Not trading or breeding for IVs and EMs at this point in time.

Males, Females, and Genderless all accepted.
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Erron Black

The Outlaw
I've got a huge stock of Love Ball Adamant Komala, will give one for simple dex entries of Buzzwole, Solgaleo, and Kartana. If you don't want to do that I'm also looking for:
Moon Ball Oshawott
Friend Ball Chikorita
Lure Ball Wimpod
Moon Ball Sandshrew
Love Ball Vulpix
Level Ball Drampa
Heavy Ball Turtonator

EDIT: Just got a Beast Ball Goomy via GTS that I can breed up and trade as well. I can do natures, but if that's the case then I'd prefer a dex entry trade with a Pokemon bred in a specific ball, unless that nature is already available for me!
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Friend ball: bounsweet, rockruff, snivy
Heavy ball: sandshrew, turtonator
Level ball: cyndaquil, snorunt
Love ball: bounsweet, eevee, vulpix
Lure ball: carvanha, dratini, mareanie, totodile
Moon ball: cyndaquil, eevee, mimikyu, rockruff, vulpix

I'm looking for any apricorn ball Pokemon I don't have
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crazy Eevee lady
Correct, both Male and Genderless pokemon can now pass on their pokeball when breeding with a Ditto.

wait, WHAT O_____________________O

LF: moon ball /love ball Eevee
FT: Luxury Cyndaquil/moonball Mimikyu - Don't have much yet in G7, tell me what you'd like and i'll see what I can do - Available in G6: bankballs
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Reputable Trader
Looking for multiple of every apricorn ball
Gen7 new shinies including alolan forms
Regenerator Mareenie
Regenerator Slowpoke in a Dive or Love Ball

Quick ball glare snivy
Dive ball double kick cyndaquil
Dive ball freeze dry swinub
2 different pheromasa (shinies and 5IV mons only)
Master ball (for 2-3 apricorn balls)
Dive ball snow warning moonblast, extrasensory, encore, Freeze-Dry Vulpix
(and maybe the Shiny Naughty Snow Cloak one I hatched based on offers)


Lucario Trainer



Sandshrew (alola)



power items
Any other apricorn ball pokemon (i love them)
-Friend chikorita
-moon goomy
-moon alola vulpix (male)

(but really anything i don't have which is most things)
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~Apriball Collector~
looking for moon ball mons. ive got moon ball togepis that i can hatch out with future sight and charm egg moves. i also have dive ball mareanie, dive ball totodile, luxury ball cyndaquil, luxry ball litwicks, all three alola starters, fast ball gible with 5 ivs, dive ball lapras, and many more. send me a pm for discussions or join me on discord: https://discord.gg/uWkAZvq.


crazy Eevee lady
LF: chikorita in a love ball, love ball Pyukumuku, pink alola pokemon in a love ball, other newly available in apricorn 'mons
FT: love ball Eevee, loveball bounsweet, moonball mimikyu, eevee, luxury cyndaquil, timer totodile
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Ft: love and dive ball ha vulpix 4EM, love Salandit, dive ha sandshrew, love mimikyu 2EM, luxury Rockruff, luxury Mudbray, ultra Jangmo-o, dive wimpod

Lf: other apricorn ball pokemon especially love and moon ball pokemon.


Mew Guardian
Hey there I finally got something worth trading folks
Minior Violet Core in Beast ball
Slowpoke HA Nest ball

Rockruff HA Heavy/Moon/Timer Ball
Alolan Sandshrew HA Heavy/Dive Ball
Alolan Vulpix HA Heavy/Moon/Love/Dive Ball
Salandit HA Love Ball
Mimikyu Love/Dusk/Fast/Beast
Dewpider HA Net/Dive/Lure
Morelull HA Love/Heal
Eevee HA all Apricorn balls and also Beast

Other Apricorn or Beast Ball Pokemon I don't already have with HA. IVs don't matter me by the way.