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What is the most annoying thing in D/P

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If you don't pick Chimchar as your starter your only other option for a fire type in your team is a rubbish Ponyta. I WANTED MAGMORTAR IN MY TEAM GODDAMMIT


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The most annoying thing in D/P imo is thay way everyone puts hacked Pokemon on the GTS and asks for Mew level 9 and under.


Not being able to catch rotom until you've aquired the nat. dex.
-not being able to catch ANYTHING DECENT until national dex.
apart from
-not being able to get roserade/mismagius/murkrow/weavile until aaaages away

that's why i reeeally hope they change the dex in platinum...

-cynthia having gastrodon. it's a skank.


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How about most annoying "Things?"

1) Not lack of pokemon choices, but the SAME pokemon pretty much everywhere you go.

2) Battle Graphics. I loved how G/S/C made the battle real dramatic through the black/white/invert colored screen. Now there's all these fancy backgrounds with nearly every attack. The attack that I love in the game is CONFUSION! 'cuz it turns the screen black, it's fast, but impacting.

3) Rivals... 'nuff said

4) All the legendaries are either part psychic or part dragon. That's a wrong on many levels (Heatran and Regigigas besides)

5) Easy-ness and length. The story wasn't very in-depth, and after you beat the elite four it was hard to train, everything became simple, and there just wasn't enough replay value to it.

Lastly, 6) Pokeradar is hard to use. I barely ever get to play the DS, and the Pokeradar was way to much of a problem. I got to 40 chain of eevee, but after a couple of tries I didn't notice my repel went away... until I took one step. As I was pressing the left button I'm like, NO! I NEED A MAX REPEL! and in that ONE STEP I found a roselia. Wasted an hour of my weekend.

Diamond/Pearl is a great game, an excellent game... but there's a lot to improve in 5th generation.


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The snow. Agh! You can go on water. Abover air. Under water. But they don't let you stay on snow. Looks pretty but, Agh!
I hate the mud aswell.
It's a swamp. They should give you a paddle boat or let you surf or something


dont deny darkrai
victory road team galatic wild pokemon seem like they appear more often in D/P Than in other games

worst pokemon ever>;484;


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Bidoof/Bibarel always appearing when you're looking for GOOD Pokemon. Ugh. Also, Waterfall being an HM again...


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Bidoof. I hate the stupid little thing. Bibarel is even worse. To me, it's just one of those little buggers that makes you go "Duuuuuhhh" in a stupid tone whenever you battle it.

I'm also somewhat irritated by how one of the Galatic Grunts says "owned" before, or after, you battle him.


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I think the surfing speed or that they talk to you during the battles.


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The most annoying thing in D/P to me is all these legendaries. Just overkill in my opinion, too many.

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everything is annoying abt the game but we tolerate it because we love pokemon. :)
But for me I would say the general slowness of the game, I think i must have mashed my A button a million times just to see the opponent's pkmn hurt themselves due to confusion when my pkmn confuses it. Oh and a lack of a proper training area


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it's really annoying that you can only migrate pokemon from ADV game once a day


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A very annoying thing is, not only in D/P but i noticed it a lot in D/P that if you have a Pokemon that learns mostl Sp.Attack moves it will have it's Attack stats like double it's Sp.Attack stats! Even worse if the nature is Impish! (just an example but yeah you get it)
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