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  1. Crybaby Sobble

    How long have you been watching the Pokemon Anime?

    So when was your first watch of the anime do you remember? Edit:I started watching like 5-6yrs ago only so I don't know much.
  2. ~Silver Aura~

    Circumstances (Diodeshipping PG-13)

    Okay...when was the last time I posted here? *Nervous laughter* Anyway, I'm gonna give this fanfic thing another shot. This will be a Diodeshipping fanfic. (AshxClemont) I've posted this story on FF.net (ShiningAura) AO3 (ShiningAura) and Wattpad. (EpicAshFan) about a year ago and now I'm...
  3. Genaller

    Favorite Ash Moment of Each Series!

    I figured we may as well also have a thread for this since we have 1 for most infuriating moments. I’ll start: OS: When Ash made his declaration to become the greatest Pokémon Master in front of the Spearow flock. AG: When Ash was fawning over a sheet filled with his Pokémon’s footprints. DP...
  4. FlygontheRavager

    What do you think a "Pokémon Master" really is?

    For the past 20+ years, we've been watching Ash on his journey to become a "Pokémon Master." There have been many tidbits of information dropped over the years, which have allowed fans to form their own theories and speculations as to what exactly a Pokemon Master is and how one goes about...
  5. Genaller

    Johto League Silver Conference vs Hoenn League Evergrande Conference

    Which League did you think was better between these 2? For me it’s the JL all the way. Ash vs Gary was the culimination of the series’s OG rivalry and every battle from the 3 vs 3s onward were a treat. The HL has more quantity including battles for Morrison and Tyson though several of the...
  6. Genaller

    Ash’s Best Team Of NFE Pokémon

    What do you think is Ash’s best team of Pokémon who are nfe (a.k.a are still capable of evolving)? Mine would be: 1. Pikachu 2. Bulbasaur 3. Gible 4. Squirtle 5. Pignite 6. Buizel* * For the 6th slot I think Corphish and Quilava could also be decent choices though with Buizel there’s added...
  7. Genaller

    Who is Ash’s 8th strongest Pokémon?

    So a while ago we had a poll regarding who’s Ash’s 7th strongest Pokémon and Krookodile won that poll convincingly. With that in mind is there a definitive PAD consensus for who is Ash’s #8 (pre-SM)? My vote goes to Bulbasaur due to the Brandon feat where he did over half the work on a Pokémon...
  8. Genaller

    Strongest Team That Ash Has Actually Used

    Basically out of the full teams of 6 that Ash has actually used in official battles, which team would be the strongest? Here are the full teams that Ash has used in battle: — Orange League Team Pikachu, Squirtle, Taruos, Lapras, Bulbasaur, Charizard — Johto League Team against Gary Taruos...
  9. Genaller

    Which Battle Had The Highest Stakes For Ash?

    Basically which battle did Ash at the time of said battle consider the “biggest deal”? Note that I’m not asking which of his battles do you personally consider to have the highest stakes, but rather which 1 would Ash himself consider to have the highest stakes. Please let me know if you need...
  10. Genaller

    Has Dusk Lycanroc surpassed Snorlax?

    Well the episode has happened; now it’s time to cast in your votes! Some things to note: - Nanu’s Krookodile should be decisively above pre-training Dusk Lycanroc(even with DL’s rage issues factored in). - The same Krookodile proceeds to loose to post-training DL with relatively low diff and...
  11. Genaller

    Will Dusk Lycanroc surpass Snorlax?

    Will Dusk Lycanroc’s perfromance in the upcoming episode catapult it over Ash’s mighty bear!? Will GPICSS become GPLICS!? This is a prediction thread where people can place their “bets” (and how confident they are with their choice) for whether Dusk Lycanroc will overthrow Snorlax, and there’ll...
  12. Genaller

    Ash's GOAT Performance As A Trainer!

    Greatest Performance Of Ash’s Life; SL Paul or KL Alain!!!??? Positive Feats: — SL Paul - Sswitched Pikachu out in order to reset his special defense which was lowered by Aggron's Metal Sound (basically a nod to how stat changes in-game are reset when the Pokemon switches out) - Had...
  13. Dragon's Blaze

    United Destiny: The Hero and the Hybrid (Amourshipping)

    Hello everyone! So my name's you already know. Yeah, So I wrote this for FFN and already began posting on Wattpad. So thanks to Umbranatic for helping me with making the transition to Serebii. Now then this story is probably one of the few that has Serena as the Main Protagonist. Yeah, I kinda...
  14. Genaller

    Ash-Greninja Battle Viability Assessment: Compilation!

    Hey everyone, the following is a compilation of all of my arguments concerning Ash-Greninja’s “battle viability”. This topic has been heavily debated around here for roughly the past 1 and a 1/2 years and this thread is basically my way of finally getting closure on the matter. Note that I may...
  15. Genaller

    Connections Between The Different Iterations Of Ash

    How “connected” do you think the iterations of Ash are from the various sagas? By this I mean which versions of Ash would you consider a successor or predecessor of some other version of Ash in terms of factors like personality, development and trainer skill. Should every Ash be viewed as a...
  16. Genaller

    Ash’s Snorlax or Ash’s Krookodile; Who’s Stronger?

    Both Pokémon have cases for being in Ash’s best team, so which one is better? — Snorlax’s Major Feats - Won a Pokémon Sumo tournament - Beat GYM Leader Clair’s Kingdra - Beat Gary’s Arcanine and Nidoqueen - Beat Harrison’s Hypno and Steelix - Beat Frontier Brain Greta’s Hariyama and...
  17. T

    If people hate the Pokémon anime so much, why do they keep watching it?

    I see a lot of Pokémon fans complaining in the comment sections of videos such as these And I notice a lot of people saying that Ash needs to be replaced, he needs to age, and that the anime is ****. I myself dislike it as well and quit watching years ago. But if these people hate the anime...