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  1. TheCrazyMaster

    Jobbing vs Facing tougher Opponents

    A lot of the times strength and feats are brought up for various Pokemon in the anime, a lot of people tend to bring up jobbing and anti feats. For instance I've occasionally seen people say that Ash's Charizard was jobbing when it fought Brandon's Dusclops, or that certain Pokemon like Buizel...
  2. Mismage

    Pokémon Battles and Tournament

    Hey! I need friends to play with. I got enough of battling the same stuff on Ranked Battles. So anyone down to some fun, challenge me! I wanted to make a tournament or stuff like that too if.
  3. mehmeh1

    Pokémon Anime Versus Thread v4

    Seems like the previous one got deleted, so I'm remaking it as it was an interesting thread. It works the same as before, discussing about hypothetical battles in the pokemon anime (not specifically battles as we know them, could also be a race, or any other miscellaneous competition)
  4. Genaller

    Animated Battles Face-Off

    Hey everyone, This will be a face-off for battles from any animated tv series or movie (doesn’t matter where it’s animated). A ‘battle’ in this case needn’t be the physical kind. It could be a cooking battle, a card game battle, a sports match or even a race! Basically as long as it has 2 or...
  5. Genaller

    Ash’s Sceptile vs Paul’s Torterra; Poll Tally!

    Who would win a battle between these 2 powerhouse grass types? — Ash’s Sceptile - Solarbeam - Leaf Storm - Leaf Blade - Quick Attack — Paul’s Torterra - Stone Edge (directed) - Curnch - Giga Drain - Frenzy Plant By individual categories this is how I’d say they compare: Power: Torterra >=...
  6. Genaller

    Best Final League Battle

    Bascially out of the league battles that Ash lost; which was the best? Note that I’m specifically asking which battle was the best and not which was the best loss for Ash (though I guess you could factor that into the overall quality of the battle). For me it’s Ash vs Alain by a mile since Ash...
  7. Genaller

    Pokémon Anime Battle Ratings Thread

    Hey Everyone, This is a thread where people can discuss the general quality of battles in the Pokémon anime relative to other battles in the Pokémon anime. You can also give ratings for battles in order to give a better idea as to which battle you consider better than which (this part is...
  8. Genaller

    Which Battle Had The Highest Stakes For Ash?

    Basically which battle did Ash at the time of said battle consider the “biggest deal”? Note that I’m not asking which of his battles do you personally consider to have the highest stakes, but rather which 1 would Ash himself consider to have the highest stakes. Please let me know if you need...
  9. Genaller

    Ash's GOAT Performance As A Trainer!

    Greatest Performance Of Ash’s Life; SL Paul or KL Alain!!!??? Positive Feats: — SL Paul - Sswitched Pikachu out in order to reset his special defense which was lowered by Aggron's Metal Sound (basically a nod to how stat changes in-game are reset when the Pokemon switches out) - Had...
  10. Genaller

    Paul’s Torterra vs Sawyer’s Mega Sceptile; Poll Tally!

    While Paul may be the stronger trainer overall, how would Paul’s starter Torterra fare against Sawyer’s starter Mega Sceptile in a 1 vs 1 bout!? I know that we have versus to discuss stuff like this though the primary purpose of this poll is to get a consensus of PAD opinion on this matchup as...