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  1. JFought

    The Myriad Investigations of Detective Oscar [One-Shot Collection]

    Summary: The largest city in Liber is no stranger to crime. From random hooligans to organized crime syndicates, Capital is a city of mystery, danger, and intrigue. But none of that is a match for the unparalleled intellect and masterful detective work of the city’s very own Detective Oscar! I...
  2. Starry Times

    Pokémon Mystery Dungeons: Adventurers of Legacies (Ch 2 Up)

    Welcome the PMD: Adventurers of Legacies. I am a new author who has been writing fanfictions for myself for quite some time. I've always been into writing, but I enjoy reading other works as well. I'd like to get some feedback from anyone else and see what I can improve on as well. ^_^ I've not...
  3. P

    The Pokemon Questions Thread Again!

    ** The Pokemon Questions Thread! ** http://i277.photobucket.com/albums/kk61/Profesco/SPPf%20funnies/Jigglypufflol.jpg If you have a question about Pokemon, bring it here! Really, any questions at all - if you're looking for a quick answer, this is the place. Do not make a...
  4. GlassCannon

    Urban Legends of the Mysterious Y-Comm System

    Ever since the introduction of the seemingly cosmetic Y-Comm system in Gen 8, players have wondered if there is any real purpose to this mysterious feature that was added to these games. Most people know it as a "fun", computer-generated "News Bulletin" that simulates what an online Pokemon...
  5. Ivory/Mercury

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Crossing Legends

    Greetings all! I've been a long time lurker of stories and was finally inspired to write one of my own. I've never tried something long form like this before so I hope to try my best and get great critiques and feedback from this great site of readers. I plan to update this story once a week on...
  6. NebulaDreams

    The Curious and the Shiny: New Game Plus [The Manifold Curiosity]

    Accolades: 2018 Serebii Fanfiction Forum Awards Won: Best Pokémon Chaptered Fic (Established Author) Best Character Dynamic - Curio and Shine Best Pokémon-Centric Nominated: Best Plot Best Setting Funniest Character - Curio Hello, dear readers. As you can see, this is a new version of The...
  7. S

    Extra Shiny Poipole Codes in Trade for Zeraora Code

    Hey, everyone! I wasn't able to pick up a mystery gift code for Zeraora in time, however I do have a couple extra codes for Shiny Poipole if anyone else has an extra Zeraora code that they would be interested in trading with me?
  8. masterreloaded

    The Winter Solstice

    May 22nd, 2013 A fisherman reeled his net onto the tiny dingy he had at sea, a grand catch of many magikarp and even some goldeen! So much so that he could spare a few to take home to the wife. He beamed with pride as he started to sort the pokemon into containers for the trip home. Looking...
  9. NovaBrunswick

    Scary/creepy/weird stuff in Pokémon (games, anime, manga etc.)

    Being popularly thought of as a 'children's game', Pokémon nevertheless has managed to creep and weird us out a few times. The most obvious would be the fact that Psychic, Ghost and Dark-type Pokémon exist, who are thought of as being more 'supernatural' than the 'natural' types, such as Grass...
  10. Marika_CZ

    The Missing One [T, mystery, shortfic]

    THE MISSING ONE (A three part short story) Synopsis: A young Pokémon trainer wakes up one day realizing that the world has been changed somehow. Furthermore an unknown person has disappeared. The trainer has no idea how this happened or who is the missing person - but he sets out to discover...
  11. NebulaDreams

    The Curious and the Shiny (OLD VERSION) [The Manifold Curiosity]

    Hello again, it's been a few months since my last fic (Deli's Delivery Service) and I've been working on this one even before I started writing that fic, all the way back in November. I've been sitting on this project for a while and now I'm starting to get all of my chapters so far redrafted...
  12. D

    Guild Chaos Wingz (pokemon mystery dungeon 2 rescues)

    Team Chaos Wingz We are a group of teams that rescue people who get ko'd in a dungeon. We provide organized and fast ways of rescuing. We currently are looking for recruits -1 space left for 1 co-leader -unlimited space for members from time to time we promote our member to a...