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Do you play with Nuzlocke rules?

  • Yes!

    Votes: 14 27.5%
  • No...

    Votes: 30 58.8%
  • What the hell is Nuzlocke?

    Votes: 7 13.7%

  • Total voters
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U & I
Wow, that's ironic. o_O

But a quick question on SRing fossils... do I need to save *before* I get the fossil or before I reanimate them?

Reanimate, while i'm still sane.

Wild Dragonite

Ralts Evo Tree Fan
Reanimate, while i'm still sane.

I don't follow. Are you saying it's reanimate, and that I spelled it wrong, or that I should save before I reanimate them?


Call me nick. K? k.
MMing for a shiny caterpie! YOU WILL SHINE


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Wow, that's ironic. o_O

But a quick question on SRing fossils... do I need to save *before* I get the fossil or before I reanimate them?

You save before you reanimate them =]
I think I actually might do the fossil hunt.. But on the other hand, I already have 2 SR hunts I need to get back to >.>


Aggron with Rock Head, Head Smash, Adamant/Jolly, Attack and speed ev's, and scarf. Pwnage


Its whats for dinner
I have decided that I want a shiny pinsir preferably with mold breaker. What us the best way to ensure this?


I've been slacking on the shiny hunting. Well, today is as good as any to keep MMing. Watch out Shiny Snivy, I will get you! :D

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Masuda Method would be the best way, I think. Just make sure the mother is a Pinsir with Mold Breaker, and the dad is foreign.


Where I shouldn't be
Yeah, I would love to live in the Pokemon world, with me and Lucario going on adventures. Ahh, bliss.



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90 Eggs for Rotom.

I've just had a thought. I might do:

90 Eggs for Rotom
90 Eggs for Munna
30 Eggs for Rotom
30 Eggs for Munna

Musharna is one of my favorite shinies, and it's easier to hatch than Rotom.
what kind of question is this????............tell me who wouldn't


<-- I will get'em
Still no shiny axew. I wish everyone luck today and may my axew shine sometime.


Crobat Trainer.
Heck yeah, the only problem would be the competition.
Me: "Finally, the all mighty Articuno, prepare yourself for a legendary battle!"
Random person:"Excuse me but I got here first"
That and the maniacs trying to steal your pokemon.
You people are all crazy, you guys really want to live in a world where people walk in your house at random?

ha h ah ha hah........that's true..


To do RNGs: 0
^ Congrats on the Seviper, he's a really cool shiny! I love the colors :D! Also, love the name, always love for Harry Potter!

On a side note, I did a little catching up this morning and got to 120 SRs for latias :)


Coming through!
I used to dream as a little kid to live in the Pokemon World.

Honestly, if we all did, we wouldn't be like Ash; most of us wouldn't capture legendaries like in-game. Maybe a couple of us would become gym leaders or professors, but we wouldn't have a crazy time defeating criminals and all.

One thing I would love to have is competitive battling. The creative strategy would be out the roof! There's tons of move combos that would be individual to each trainer and the ways to block/evade attacks would be endless! Look at the anime.

One thing that wouldn't be good is the corrupt people. People like the evil organizations and things. That's why I think instead of dreaming about being in the Pkmn world, we should just hope that some time in the future, gaming could progress as much so we could virtually be in the Pkmn world.


<-- I will get'em
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