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Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
It was really that... "Something foreign inside Mew" part that threw me off... And nearly scarred me for life. O_ō

Lol, sorry about that xD. Because she couldn't see what they were sticking in her, all she (and Mewtwo) knew was it was foreign. But you know that needle they brought it? Yeah... but bud, you ain't scarred for life until you see the images yourself. *twitches*


come at meh bro
Believe me, I know.

My review for the first few chapters:

Nice way to start it off. Definitely not what I expected from a Pokemon fic, but you still did good. Characters were well-defined, along with their personalities (some of them, anyways.) The setting gave true story a dark feel to it, something I always love to see. Even reading just the first page, I already got a sense of what could happen. And after the "Ragnarok" event, That changed drastically. The appearence of Arceus was expected, but not in such a manner, nor was the mortality of the Legendaries. That's really when the story got interesting for me. The story took on a life of its own, nearly imitating what would happen if any group of 33 people (8 females and 25 males) ended up stuck together in a dead world. And it was that very connection to reality that made this interesting story so, well... Interesting.

All in all, the first few chapters got me addicted to this thing. If I had to give it a rating on a scale of 1-10, I'd give this thing a 9.2/10. There's always something to improve on, and here, I'd recommend fusing slightly different word choice. I found some of the words you used to make a bit less sense than other words that could've been used.

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Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
I'm on Spring Break, but I think I would have finished this chapter even if I didn't. Maybe.

I found this a hard chapter to write. I don't exactly know why, whether it was lack of inspiration, the stress of the final weeks of college, I have no idea. Maybe it was because I really did take my time, and it was just slow work. Whatever the case, I'm still not happy with the outcome, but I'm done with the chapter nonetheless.



Chapter Twelve: Broken

"Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain... And saith unto him,
All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me."

-- Matthew 4:8-9


September nights were usually fairly mild in the Johto region. However, a cold chill lingered in the camp that night, and a fire did little to heat them up. Not that it would have mattered if they did notice. Their anxiety was enough they couldn't care if they slept or ate as they searched for Mew and Mewtwo, and medicinal herbs for Celebi around the clock. While expected to live, he was still recovering from the attack and had to remain at the site as much as he wanted to join in the searches. Mesprit had chosen to keep him company and be his healer (even with Deoxys jokingly calling her a "personal nurse", much to her chagrin).

After the last group returned for the night and Latias and Manaphy went off to sleep, they met around the fire for a meeting, huddled up with little physical contact. The phoenix gravely started it off, his eyes appearing sunken in from exhaustion and worry. "It's been about forty-eight hours, give or take, and there is still no sign of either Mew or Mewtwo. They have left no traces, and even if they did, none of us have been able to pick it up anywhere."

"It's like they disappeared off the map. What the hell, Mew," Raikou sniveled lowly from where he slouched. His sister was too tired to even give him a small swipe. She just gave him an aside glare in warning.

"Your argument is invalid," Rayquaza grunted.

"Like yours is any better," Palkia snorted, rolling his eyes. "Seriously, what were you thinking? So apparently, according to you, Mew is suffering from some form of 'sexual withdrawal syndrome' in that she finally snapped, thus she beat up Celebi to screw him, but she failed and stole Mewtwo away. How does that make any sense?"

"Don't judge me, it makes sense in context!"

"We know Mew long enough to know she would never do that," Shaymin piped up, having altered to her Sky Forme. "And besides, prior to that, she had been avoiding the lot of us—and by 'lot' I meant the males—and had been having a hard time sleeping. Actually, come to think of it... I don't think I ever saw her sleep the whole week."

"I'm telling you, it's the hormones! They attack your brain and take control of your body!"

"You're just saying that because you're incapable of scoring with dames," the alien quipped under his breath. Cresselia smacked him.

"Can we stay on topic, please?" Ho-oh sighed heavily, pinching his brows. "We're wasting time that could be spent on finding Mew and Mewtwo."

"Or sleeping," Giratina coughed to the side, quickly fanning himself with a wing. Then he added with a smirk, "You think they are as we speak?" A few Legendaries snickered to themselves.

"Giratina, this is serious!" the Sky Guardian snapped, irises gleaming in the firelight.

"So am I."

Wanting to swipe at him, he resumed like he hadn't spoken, "We don't know the situation behind it all. All we know is that Mew isn't acting herself. If she proves to be wild, Mewtwo may be in danger—that we all may be in danger. If she is unable to control herself, then this world will die." Lugia raised a feather for a correction, prompting him to harshly explain further, "For good."

"May we ask why?" Groudon grunted with a glare.

Uxie stepped forward, lightly touching Ho-oh's wing for silent permission. When he backed off, the Knowledge Legendary took over. "Have you forgotten about Mew's ability? She is believed to have the DNA of all Pokémon, and thus she should be able to create all the species, possibly more. We do not know how the first Mew did it, whether she had a mate or not. But if Mew were to die, so would the world with the last of us."

"Who says we need to recreate every single species?"

"Arceus, dumb-ass," Kyogre gurgled to himself, though the others heard him.

"What was that, fish sticks?!"

"Arceus commanded us to," Uxie echoed in a louder tone, scowling at the land titan. "This entire planet cannot be filled with just thirty-three species. There needs to be thousands, the way it was meant to be. Mew is the key to achieving that."

The land titan grunted. "And that means the twenty-five of us all have to knock her up however many times it takes to fill the whole earth." Giratina, Deoxys and a few others quickly covered their mouths or ducked to giggle.

The shudder running through the fairy was so subtle, only Ho-oh noticed it. "It may not have to come to that."

"Right, because Mewtwo will have taken all the goods for himself. He'll spoil the fun for us."

"Enough of this!" Shaymin screamed up at Groudon, face contorting in rage. "Please, no more! This is a matter of life and death, and you're treating it like a joke! How can you make assumptions like that?!" They stared down at her like she had suddenly spouted out a wave of expletives, slowly glancing at each other from the corner of their eyes. Shaking her head, she choked out, "Do you not care about this world anymore? About Mew? She and Mewtwo are in trouble, and yet th-these... obscene jokes... They have to stop. This is our future we're talking about, not the past." She then hung her head, covering her eyes with a paw. Slowly, she reverted back into her Land Forme as she broke down before them.

Everyone, the titans especially, felt awkward at the sight of her emotive state, and they averted their gazes to the trees as the silence deepened. Their thoughts wandered to other matters, though some grew notably depressed.

There was a cough off to the side, followed by a slight groan. They turned their attention to Celebi making an effort to sit himself up against Mesprit's demands. He only held up a hand to silence her as he looked up at the Legendaries. "I... I can't believe you would think of Mew that way," he croaked out, visibly trembling. "Sh-Shaymin is right... our future is important... not about someone's s... sex life. If any."

His arms gave out under him, the Lake Guardian promptly catching him to hold him up. After another painful cough, he continued, "And all those theories... they can't be true. Mew didn't attack me, she never would have. No... it was something else pre... tending to be her. I saw it... i-in those eyes."

"We all saw it, Celebi," Lugia grunted, folding his wings. "Mew was getting ready to kill you."

"It had nothing to do with her wanting sex... or anything of the like. Don't tell me... none of you saw her cut."

"What cut?" Ho-oh inquired, brows knitting together. "I saw no signs of injury."

"On her... left arm." He made a feeble swiping motion down his arm. "There was so much blood... she was so pale... I-I couldn't believe it..."

"What are you saying, Cel?" Cresselia spoke up worriedly. "You implying she cut herself?"

When he nodded, a few murmurs rolled through the crowd. Latios was shaking his head in near-disbelief. "There's no way she would have. I had seen her a couple of hours before, she seemed fine then. Except she did have an argument with Mewtwo."

"Was it a lover's quarrel by any chance?" Deoxys blurted out, a hint of a smirk in his voice.

He glanced up at him with a raised brow, but answered nonetheless, "Sounded like it. From what I gathered... as confusing as it was, considering that Mewtwo had been beating me up shortly before, they're rather close. They actually may be mates."

"Wait, wha? You were beat up?" the alien interrupted, drowning out the last part of his statement. "But you said you ran into a tree!"

"Mewtwo said it," Heatran corrected him, rolling his eyes. "You were getting ready to play some stupid card games at that moment."

"Like I was saying," the Eon dragon stressed while glancing at them, "while they were arguing, I heard Mewtwo mention something about them having 'more than one intimate moment together', or something along the lines of that. So from what I've gathered, they might be mates."

Some of the larger Legendaries lost their balance while the others gaped at Latios. Only Ho-oh seemed unfazed enough to speak, "And when two beings are mates, then some form of intercourse most likely has happened, hence the 'intimate moment' part."

"So Mewtwo banged Mew?!" Entei gasped, eyes bugging out and jaw unhinging. Suicune walked away elsewhere, not wanting to deal with him anymore at the moment.

"We can't draw to conclusions about that—"

"So the reason for Mew attacking Celebi and stealing Mewtwo away was not due to a form of withdrawal syndrome, but because she's pregnant?" Rayquaza snapped his claws together. "It all makes sense now!"

"Mew's not pregnant," Moltres huffed.

"Yeah, we would have heard it," Zapdos quipped. His sisters and peers sent him death glares.

"I didn't say they are mates, I said they might be," Latios sighed, pinching his brows.

Darkrai frowned a little, resting a hand under his chin. "If they are, it doesn't make sense why they wouldn't be together this whole time."

"Yeah, well, you and Cresselia are together, but you aren't mates," Palkia snorted. "Though come to think of it, you're always together." He looked between them in suspicion as the phantom ducked his head, a visible blush burning on his cheeks. The swan found herself strangely interested with the sparks flying from the fire.

Giratina smacked the Spatial Legendary with a wing. "Shut up, idiot, you're not helping."

"I'm trying to make a point!"

"It didn't make sense, now shut up." He slapped him again.

"Stop hitting me!"

"I don't think it matters at the moment if the two are in some form of relationship," the Sky Guardian intervened, sending the renegade a warning look. "All we can agree on is that Mew is not herself. There is something else at work here, but whatever it is, it's not a good sign. With Mew going rogue, it puts our fate on the line, and it's her decisions that determine if we live or die. Whether or not Mewtwo is involved in this is not for us to make assumptions. If what Latios says is true..."

He closed his eyes with a slight shake to the head, taking a deep breath and exhaling slowly. His voice lowered somberly when he looked back up, "Mew is the key to our survival. It is from her that all life shall come to pass. However... she is a believer of life-mates, and thus multiple mates conflict with her beliefs. This is just a guess, but it's possible the stress of this duty has finally taken its hold on her. And out of some desperation of feeling like she had to choose, she went with the one who will most likely be compatible with her. She and Mewtwo will create life together... if that's what she wants. Only time will tell what will become of us, if we get along, or fight to the death."

He kept his beak shut for a long minute, trying to get his emotions under control and waiting for anyone to speak up. There were some restless shuffling from the Legendaries, but no other sound was made, except for Shaymin sniffling beside him. Most of them had their heads down or tilted back, generally avoiding eye-contact. The emotional atmosphere pushed down on them, compressing their hearts and making them feel ill.

Ho-oh then let out a sigh to help release tension from within. "I feel we need to pray."

It snagged their attention. The more solemn of the group only glanced up before nodding. Others, like Groudon and Giratina, stared at him like he had spontaneously combust. "You're serious?" the land titan growled.

"I know we're not the praying type, but when it comes to times like this, we don't have a choice."

"I have to agree, what's the point?" Kyogre remarked, though he was more skeptical than pessimistic. "What's praying going to do? We going to expect Arceus or whoever to show up and give us more pointless instructions?"

"You don't have to join us if you don't feel comfortable with it," he simply stated. "You may even leave if you want to. I won't stop you." He held out his wings to the two nearest Legendaries, Shaymin and Moltres. They grabbed hold without a word, then reached out for another hand. Mesprit aided Celebi over when he had moved to stand, prompting her brothers to join in. Others helped form the circle, some were more hesitant, such as Deoxys who grumbled about how dumb it sounded but went ahead to hold hands anyway. Much to the surprise, but delight of Latios, his sister and Manaphy rushed over from the forest, crying rivers. Slowly, the giant and older Legendaries made up their minds and squeezed themselves in (though some, like Rayquaza, had to improvise if they couldn't clasp hands).

Giratina was the only one to remain motionless, a frown of disappointment on his face. "Let me get this straight: we're praying to a God who may-or-may-not exist, and who may-or-may-not care for us."

"It's all we can do right now," Darkrai breathed out.

"Why? What's it going to do for us? I've heard people say their prayers, but look where that got them." He snorted. "For all I know, even Arceus is too busy to listen to us."

"Who said it was Arceus?"

He rolled his eyes. "Well gee, he was the only one who showed up at all."

"Is it because you still have issues with him?" Dialga muttered, Palkia and Regigigas keeping a hold on his crystalline wing. He was turned away from the renegade to see his glare, though he twitched a little upon feeling the stare.

"If you don't want to pray with us, Giratina, then you are free to leave," the phoenix assured him. "We just ask of you to keep Mew and Mewtwo in your thoughts."

He stood there looking incredulously at the group, stomping in place while grumbling under his breath. Finally, he grew too frustrated and pushed himself in between Darkrai and Heatran with a glower. He glanced down at the two, and with a huff, lowered his wings for them to take a hold of. They nodded up at him before turning to Ho-oh. He sent the ghostly dragon a mellow look before bowing his head.

It took a few seconds for him to think of the first words to say, then they hesitantly stumbled out. "...Our Father in Heaven... we come to Thee as... a family group in a state of sorrow..." He felt his wings being lightly squeezed, and his heart lifted a little. (There was a quiet scoff possibly from Giratina, but it was too far off to know for sure.) Ho-oh quickly took a breath. "We know Thou hast spared us so for the sake of Thy work, that it may come to pass as it was declared in the days of its beginnings. Ye know of our weaknesses, of our failures..." There was a short pause, and he swallowed. "...We have let Thee down, have gone as far as to forsake Thee.

"Lord... we come to Thee for Thy merciful hand in this dark hour. Please help us... protect us from this evil which plagues this land... for we have strayed into its grasp. We realize now that we cannot do this on our own." Somewhere before him, he heard what may have been a mumble of agreement. "We ask of Thee to watch over our dear friends, Mew and Mewtwo, precious souls of Thine... wherever they may be. Keep them close... they need Thee more than we do. But we also ask of Thee to guide us to them, to bring them back... to deliver them from their inner demons. Save them—"

His voice caught, and he struggled to choke the words out as his eyes watered behind their lids. With encouraging, tighter squeezes from Shaymin and Moltres, he found the strength and opportunity to redo the sentence while he began to crack. "Lord, please bless them with safety. If not from sin, then from a premature death. They cannot return home to Thee at this present time... not while in this filthy sin... n-not while they are so broken. We beg of You—Thee... mend us together again... make us whole again... for our children's sakes... for everything. F-Fill us all with love... with the strength of Thy Spirit, and forgive us... forgive us of our i... iniquities. We all say these from th-the bottom of our hearts... in the name of Thy Son... the Savior, Christ Jesus... amen."

A chorus of "amen"s slowly weaved its way through the group. It was only after he was sure it was done with that the phoenix cast his eyes about. Many had sorrowful looks as they stared at him, some weeping silently (few like Latias and Entei were fighting back sobs). Everyone still held hands, refusing to move from their spot or to even wipe away tears. Ho-oh was aware he was close to crying himself, though he tried to ignore the watery film clouding his vision. When he locked eyes with Giratina, he noticed the solemn gaze in his scarlet irises, almost that of a far-away look. The moment he blinked, he was more aware he was staring.

It was then a lone, silver tear dropped down his face, and he briefly nodded in his direction. "Amen."

Ho-oh smiled as he wept.


He couldn't sleep that night. He couldn't because he didn't want to. And he didn't want to because he didn't care.

Enough time slipped by that Mewtwo hardly even noticed he was tired. As much as his body wanted rest, he refused to take heed of it. All he did was slump against the wall, staring blankly at the floor with dry eyes. His thoughts were fixated on the harsh past of his counterpart at first, then they gradually melted away into nothing when it was burned into memory, leaving behind a hollow, burning space. There was no indication he knew of Legion's presence when Mew had entered the chamber with a pleased expression. Even when the shadowed shackles released him, he only fell and remained motionless on the floor. Somewhere inside his psyche, he caught word of her ordering him to leave the room to relieve himself, and he slowly forced himself up to trudge by wordlessly to the next room. He was vaguely aware of a chill and what may have been the exit to the outside, but the clone easily pushed it from mind. When he finished up, he returned and at last felt the need for a long rest.

Mew then paused before him, softly laying her paws against his chest to bring him to a halt. She stared for a while into his dim eyes before waving her tail back and forth in front of his face. Mewtwo barely even twitched, not once glancing away. Chuckling to herself, she skimmed her claws against his jaw, then leaned forward and licked his chin. Not a movement. Pressing herself into his torso, she planted a kiss to his mouth, easing it open to poke her tongue inside. Her hands kneaded his shoulder blades and sternum sensuously as she wrapped her tail around to lightly fondle his limp appendage.

He let out a moan, and slowly shook his head, pulling away. "No," he mumbled, closing his eyes. "I will not..."

Legion seethed at his response. "You must be stronger than I thought. Your heart is broken, yet your spirit remains whole."

"...even my spirit is broken..."

"Then should you not care what you do anymore?"

He swayed in place, forcing Mew to move him against the wall. He slid down to a painful sitting position, exhaling a shallow breath. "Not anymore..."

Entangling her tail around his waist, she straddled his chest. "Then you shall be able to do as I say from now on, Mewtwo. And we will start off by having you submit your will to me." She ghosted a kiss onto his nose. "You are mine, to forever satisfy the wants of this body. You shall obey every word that leaves these lips," a quick lip-locking, "to follow the sound of your beloved's voice. If she tells you to come, you shall come. If 'move that mountain' is ever uttered, you shall move said-mountain." She ducked down to run her tongue against his throat. "You shall answer when called upon, shall go wherever she goes..." During the short pause, she scooted down to kiss his chest, and her voice lowered to a sultry purr. "...and you shall play along when she wants you to play."

When she pressed numerous kisses to his belly, the clone shuddered beneath her, his trembling hands reaching up to grasp her shoulders. "...I-I cannot," he gasped, though the crack in his voice gave it away.

Mew slyly slid one of his hands along her body. "Of course you can, Mewtwo. You and Mew are mates for life. Anything goes, if that is what you are worried about." She clamped her lips around a finger.

"No... I will not touch her..."

"You are too confused right now, Mewtwo. You know not what you are talking about."

"She is undeserving of me..."

Growling, the tiny feline lifted herself up to take hold of his face, glaring into his eyes. She grew more furious when she saw the light flicker inside. "You are too delusional to understand your own words, Mewtwo," she snarled, digging her claws into him. "Can you not feel the fire burning through your veins right now, your heart pumping in excitement? You are close to receiving the desire you have longed for your entire life. All it took was a simple kiss to her lips for you two to be committed to one another, and you refuse to take the next step. You two have waited long enough! You shall be the mate of Mew, and you shall consummate!"

He tried to turn his head away when she harshly forced him into a kiss. The moment his mouth opened to welcome her in, he was suddenly aware he had no control over his body. His fingers greedily searched and caressed her figure, pulling her in. She hoisted herself further above him, forcing him to slide further into a reclining position. His tail hooked around to teasingly rub against the bulbous end of her own limb, bringing out a carnal, gurgling moan from her. Desperately struggling to keep himself from falling and to pull himself together, Mewtwo quickly and coarsely bit at her tongue and lips in the hopes she'd fall back.

While she gripped him hard enough to cut his cheeks open, all she did was give a rumbling chuckle as she pulled away. Gasping for breath, he spat out "Mew is not mine to do with!", wincing at the stings.

"You arrogant mortal, of course she is yours!" Legion hissed. "You are bound by life, by spirit! All that remains is for your mortal bodies to cleave. Do not lie to me any further, you have been desiring for her love. You cannot deny under oath. She has been yours since your first kiss!"

Mewtwo stared back like he was in a daze. "...how?"

Mew deeply scowled, then took a breath to fight back a frustrated holler. "'How?' Have you forgotten what Mew told you? What I told you? The kiss is binding, you promised your loyalty as part of the agreement. That was several months ago. However... you took it to a higher level of commitment, almost celestial. There were very, very few members of her species that took it as far as you two did." Taking one of his hands, she flattened the palm against her chest. "Your hearts were open at that very moment, making it perfect for a special connection to develop. You felt in your heart the sorrow and anguish she has gone through like you were there in person. Imagine what she is feeling from you in the afterlife." Vision falling onto the blood raining down his face, she leaned forward to lick it up.

He let loose a trembling breath, scrunching his eyes shut as his fingers twitched against her fur. As much as he hated to admit it, Legion was right. The horrific memory of Mew's was more than just filled with pain. Every thought he heard had her emotions striking his heart, from excitement and joy, to heartache and anger. The fear and confusion from when she awoke inside the tank... her being forced to be pregnant... then torn between loving and hating the child... Mewtwo understood what she had been through, but hers was different from his own experience, almost the polar opposite. What made it worse was the stripping away of what had remained of her purity, leaving her with nothing except the breath of life.

She was forced to grow up.

No, that wasn't growing up. Loss of innocence doesn't entirely make one a mature being. She was mentally tortured for almost two years, which in turn nearly ended in death. The whole time she was unresponsive, what was she thinking? Did she replay the entire event in her head? Were the spirits, or at least the memory of the scientists haunting her? Had she made a completely different world for herself, a different ending?

...did the child ever cross her mind?

Remorse for her increased the longer Mewtwo thought back on it, wishing he had spent more time with her like his gut feeling had told him to. She was unable to sustain herself, he couldn't bear to leave her behind. Had it not been for the bond between Mew and the Tree (and him being unwelcome), he may not have had to. At least the others had thought of her in some way, but for how long was she alone? As he stared back at the smirk growing on her once-smooth features, he remembered the two Omastar that showed some sympathy for her. Did they give up on her much like the other inhabitants did?

He let out a sorrowful sigh. "Why Mew?" he murmured, almost inaudibly.

"What about her?" Legion questioned back, raising a brow.

He inhaled deeply. "Why did it have to be her? She was so innocent... Why would... God allow her to suffer like that?"

"That is like asking why bad things happen to good people. How the hell should I know, I do not even go near God, let alone talk to Him." She snorted, leaning back. "She must have deserved it for all I care."

Mewtwo immediately jumped to her defense. "Mew did not deserve it. No one does..."

"You can argue the wicked do not as well, but guess what the outcome was?"

Another shiver ran through his body before he willed himself to push her off him, attempting to stand back up. The moment he did, his wrists were seized upon to hold him against the wall. He didn't bother to struggle, he was weakened enough he couldn't stand for a long period of time and had to sit back down. Legion wickedly grinned behind a sneer before turning to float off.

Gritting his teeth, the clone growled out, "I heard about your plan."

Freezing in place, she glanced back at him, eyes frighteningly radiant. "You know nothing."

"All I know is you are bringing back the Tree of Beginning and you want her pregnant. Why?"

Narrowing her stare, she snarled out, "Whatever gave you that idea? I said nothing of the sort."

He only matched the gaze, trying his hardest not to tense so much he would tremble. Slowly, her eyes widened, a grimace clenching her teeth. "You... you cannot have figured it out on your own," she hissed. "Who told you? It was her, was it not?"

A noticeable shiver quivered through her body as her breaths quickened. Mewtwo hurriedly braced himself when she turned away, her hands curled into tight fists. "Sh... shit... I had completely forgotten... She was a spirit, of course she would..." She whirled back around, causing his heart to leap in shock at the sight of her flashing eyes. Floating up to his face, Mew growled out, "How much did she tell you?"

He had to fight himself to keep from flinching and stammering. "A little, admittedly. But enough was said that it explains why you are so anxious to let me succumb to my urges. She was unable to tell me about the Tree, however, I believe I was waking up then. Or—and I am taking a wild guess here—you discovered a flaw, and attempted to take her from me."

It was obvious Legion was in a fit of rage, he could feel the evil aura pressurizing around them. Despite claiming to be a spirit, the demon was good at controlling facial and bodily emotions, though the eyes darkened and the pupils shrank. "What about herself?" was the next breath, strangely constricted. "Did she say why I chose her and not you?"

Mewtwo frowned a little, biting his lip. "She... briefly mentioned it. But she does not know why."

"That is still proof she knows!" Mew's tail missed the clone by a few inches when it slammed into the wall, cracking it. "And the longer she's there, the more she discovers herself and the plan! Damn, damn, DAMN!" Her energy built up enough she took out her anger on the wall, floor, the ceiling, anything she felt like hitting while avoiding her captive.

He stumbled forward when he ducked, but caught himself from hitting the floor. He almost didn't realize he was free until she screamed out "Fools, why did you unhand him?!", and he was snatched back. His head sharply whacked against the brick, bringing him to his knees in pain. She then grabbed him by the shoulders and forced him to straighten up, pushing him into the wall. He choked back a cry when he felt his sensitive cord squeeze.

"I knew I should have stuck with you!" she hollered, her voice rippling through the room and him. "The plan would have gone much more smoothly! You may be the strongest alive, and thus more difficult to keep you in control, but you would have been indestructible! The other Legendaries would have been dead within hours, and Mew would have had no choice but to sell her body when you demanded of it! She would have delivered the first child and be prepared for another one by now! And the Tree! Oh, the Tree would have fed on enough energy to last a good millennium! But no, she had to get in the way and change everything!"

She paused, the hateful glare softening to a thoughtful stare, her grip loosening. He cautiously bent his head to release his cord from the pressure, still keeping direct eye-contact. "However... though the plan may have taken longer... it still has a better chance of success," she slowly murmured. "If I was to remain in your body, I would have been unable to change the unborn child to my liking. I would have had to wait until I could touch it. Babies fresh from the womb are occupied with a sinless spirit, they cannot be touched by evil. However... if this body becomes pregnant, I can insert a spirit of my own before God allows one to enter it. It will take over and prevent another one from casting it out. It will be their body... a body we were forbidden to have."

She quietly let out a chuckle, a sinister, maddening grin splitting her face. Steadily, her laughter increased in mania the bolder her voice grew. "We will raise a physical army and live, live on a planet we will inherit all to ourselves! An earth that will officially be the birth place of the third rejected by Heaven! Lucifer will gain his own eternal body, just like we all will! All of Elohim's children will have gotten their bodies like He wanted! It would be like the War never happened! A body! It was all we ever wanted, Father! None of Your children would have been in this mess had You just let us have one! We would have behaved, we all would have lived with You forever as one big, happy family! That is all You ever wanted, and You would have gotten it had Lucifer been sent down instead of Jehovah! Who is imperfect now, Father?!"

Mewtwo ducked his head and scrunched his watery eyes shut, wanting to get away from the madness enshrouding him. The image of Mew screaming up into the heavens was disturbing to him, it was unlike her. It was something he would do, but this was crossing the line. The way Legion was doing it, it was like he was cursing God while laughing in His face. No, that was too mild—why is he reflecting on it? This was wrong, he would never do something like this, could never tell off the one who let him live.

...could he? Did he?

The cackling finally faded away, leaving behind an unpleasant ringing and emptiness. His head was lifted back up, and his eyes involuntarily opened. Mew's face was still contorted with the smile of a maniac, irises glaring deep into his soul. He shivered, attempting to move his arms to push her away. They remained limply pinned to the wall, though they inched upward to show effort.

She just laughed. "How pathetic. You are just giving up so easily. It is a wonder we have yet to consummate."

"I do not know what you are planning, but leave us out of it, please!" he implored, fighting back tears. "So you want a body. I am sure you will get one eventually."

"Oh, did I not tell you? As an evil spirit, I cannot get a body. Ever." Glancing down at herself, she quickly added, "Of course, as a spirit, I can possess other bodies, but I cannot have one of my own."

"Because you... rebelled?"

"Precisely. The body is God's gift to all mortals. It is His greatest creation and is one of the greatest gifts. To get it, one has to be born of parents, of course." She glowered, scanning him up-and-down. "Though there are exceptions... I suppose."

He wiggled uncomfortably. "What are you getting at?"

"If a spirit is allowed to live inside a man-made body, then surely a demon can have one of its own!" she snapped. "There should be no reason why God would make an exception for you and your clones! All of the other clones died in their tanks, so why not you? What makes you special?"

Mewtwo only shook his head. "I have asked myself that many times, so I do not know. Mew thought it was because I was made for her, but it cannot be that. Besides... she only said that because we were..." He quickly pushed the thought from mind.

Legion only smirked. "Ah, yes. Fits of passion tend to make one just scream out their thoughts, hmm?"

He shuddered, trying to think of something else. "What is it about Mew that you must torment her so much? Why her? Why me? What makes us so important?"

She barked out a short, harsh laugh. "You just are not getting it. Let me sound it out for you." She floated closer to the point their noses squashed, her tiny hands clutching his neck. Her voice dropped to almost a whisper, her enunciation drawling out, "You control the mother, you command the children. Command the children, and you rule the future."

His eyes widened, breath catching as cold sweat began to develop. She snickered again, then pulled back. "It never fails. Even the strong-willed will fall. And when we compare yours and Mew's powers, you two will have strong, intelligent, beautiful children together, no doubt with equally valiant spirits. It will take a lot of my good minions to convince them to fall away." Her oculars flashed menacingly. "Luckily, I am in command of this body, and thus everything about it is in my control. I will choose my best followers to possess the bodies, or if we do not reach it in time, we can brainwash it easily. We demons have such a way with words."

Mewtwo was nearly speechless, only managing to croak out one word: "Monster!"

Mew let out a wicked laugh. "Go ahead and call me what you want, I heard it all. Still will not change my mind. Although I would be cautious about what you say to me; I may just damage this body beyond repair if I have to."

A gasp died in his throat, a painful knot twisting in his stomach. "Y-You... you cannot be serious! But... I thought you were using her for..." He couldn't bring himself to say it.

Her expression darkened as she bared her teeth in an unpleasant way. "I am, but only if I have no choice. If I were to leave this body for any reason, I will wreck her to the point she will be lucky to breathe. Mostly, though, I will sterilize her, but if measures call for it, I can mutilate an organ or two. It will not kill her, per se, but it will disable her. However..."

Mew tilted her chin in, flashing a mad grin as she licked her lips. She extended her claws and slit three deep cuts down her cheekbone to the jaw, then held up the damaged arm. Smirking, she dug into the wound and widened it. Mewtwo could swear his heart stopped.

"I do have this fascination with blood and the heart. I will bleed her dry if I must, maybe even ingest every last drop." To prove her point, she swiped her paw along the bleeding gashes and licked it. "Or I can stop and restart the heart at will, just for the heck of it. Unless you want to hold it until it stops beating? I can tear it out from her rib cage and give it to you. It would be a rather symbolic gesture, would it not?" She returned to sucking the blood off her hand.

He finally shook his head vigorously, and tore his sight away from her bloody cheek, letting his tears overflow. "No, no more!" he pleaded in a near holler. "Enough, please, I do not want to hear of it anymore! Please, stop hurting her! It is me you want, not her!"

She glanced over, a sly smile spreading on her lips as she watched the teardrops drip to the stone floor. "Really? Will you do anything to get me to leave her alone?" she challenged.

"Anything!" he sobbed out. "Just please, leave her out of it while she is still alive and pure!"

Quirking a brow, she snapped her fingers, and he was released. He wobbly crawled forward a few inches before he curled before her in anguish. She remained in place, staring down at the trembling, broken Mewtwo as he quietly cried and tried to stifle his whimpers. She gave a small "hmph", crossing her arms.

"I find it hard to believe the world's strongest Pokémon would easily give himself up for the love of his life," she noted. "You must have really developed a soul all these years to bring yourself to this level. For someone who claims to be a fake, your emotions are real, if strangely close to a human level." Legion paused while she ran her hand down her cheek again, waiting for the clone to speak his mind. When he didn't, the demon rose the bloody paw to eye-level, and resumed, "Before I forced Mew to attempt suicide, you were the last on her mind. And she admitted to knowing you love her, refusing to believe it may have been a ploy against her emotions to hurt her. She loves you as well, but I take it you already know that."

Mew floated down to his level, taking his head into her paws and tilting it back. The tears looked to be endless, smoothing out his usual cold countenance into that of a submissive wreck. She let the salt water wash past her hands, leaving smears of watery blood on his left side. "She was difficult to break. I had her in my sight for months, haunting her dreams. She ignored me at first, and when I refused to leave, she had no choice but to acknowledge my existence. It was then she slowly went mad, and I was able to enter her mind, to be her second 'conscious' in a way. She lost sleep because of me, thus making herself more vulnerable to my influences. She tried to fight back, and she did a hell of a job. But in the end, I won."

She flashed her bloody gash, which Mewtwo for a split second glanced at. "I forced her to spill her blood as her final sin, and what a sin it was. Murder lands you in Spirit Prison, and suicide is no exception. She continues to reflect on it, hating herself for it, and thus she stays. She will pay for it as she painfully dies a spiritual death. If all goes well, you will cease to be life-mates when the bond breaks. You may see her again in the afterlife, but you will never remember your relationship with her. It will have been just a dream, not reality."

Realization slowly found its way into clone's eyes, and he moved to push himself away until she caught his hand. "You promised, Mewtwo," the feline purred, smirking at his trembling form. "You promised you would do anything if it means saving your precious mate. As improbable as it is now, your word is still bound. As is mine." Mew lightly trailed her fingers across his palm and wrist, leaning down to plant a kiss to it without breaking eye-contact. "You are mine. You will do as I say." She bent forward and sensually locked lips. "Think of me not as a demon, but as your lover. This body changes nothing of what happens between you and her. Anything you do with me, you do with her. And who knows... I may make her look better in bed."

He took in a short breath to speak, only for her to silence him. "Obedient servants have no complaints. If I order you to raise up a new island, or rip apart one of your friends, you will do it. When I ask for their heads, you will say 'medium or well-done'. I could even tell you to commit hari-kari, and you will obey without question. Am I understood?" He nodded, though it brought a small scowl to her face. "I think you mean, 'yes, Mew'."

Mewtwo stared in fear for a moment before he nodded once more. "Yes... Mew."

She smiled, running her knuckles against his cheek. "That is much better. Now... love me."

As hesitant as he was, the psycat recited a "Yes, Mew" just when they pressed lips.

Mew led the kiss, deepening it with every breath. They touched tongues, making it more overt and salty the longer it lasted. Reluctantly and shakily, her clone ran his hands along her curves, kneading with his fingers, and she reached behind his neck to stroke his cord. She pressed herself into him, lowering her tail down his belly. He let out a groan, bestowing a bite onto her lips to silence himself. She pinched the sensitive organ in warning, then forced him to his feet. Backing up without parting, she pulled him along until she was nearly bent in half running into an obstacle. She gasped, disguising it as a moan when she noticed he had landed on her in the process. Smirking, she took a hand and pressed it against her lower abdomen, close to her thigh.

Mewtwo briefly froze in place, feeling his temperature rise when he recognized her intentions. He tried breaking the kiss, to get himself away from her, but Mew had a tight grip on him. Nipping in frustration, she forced his paw to slip underneath, pushing his fingertips onto her womanhood. At the same time, the tip of her tail rubbed upon a sensitive area, making him squirm and fluster. Afraid of what was coming next, he momentarily pushed himself off, knowing he crossed lines.

She swiftly lunged at him, fire in her eyes. "You try my patience! Even if it means I have to tie you down or knock you unconscious, you are going to uphold the end of your agreement, Mewtwo! How many times am I going to tell you before you get it?! There is nothing wrong with you enjoying yourself, now love me, dammit!"

With shortness of breath, he could only shake his head, trying to pry her off. He didn't struggle long, for the colored lights caught his eye. Now that he was closer, the lights were indeed curiously illuminated on the raised pedestal, constructed in a triangular shape with circular markings engraved on the surface. The lights rested at the three points, each containing symbols inside. One was obviously another triangle while the other two looked more like floral patterns. They all pointed directly to the center, though nothing was visible.

Mew didn't bother to glance over her shoulder, scowling at his confused expression as she rolled her eyes. "Yes, the lights are pretty. Stop looking at them and let us return to what we were doing."

"What is this place?" he muttered, looking around the room. "More ruins, is it not?"

She huffed, pulling away. "Figures you would not recognize it. Mew might, as could some of the other Legendaries, at least through legend. This is the main chamber of the Sinjoh Ruins where it holds the Mystri Stage. It is said that when Arceus steps onto the platform, he creates an egg. But mortals are fickle-minded, they cannot comprehend the powers of creation. They do not realize this can be used to control the world, if one knows how to use it."

Mewtwo tore his eyes away in surprise. "You are saying this is a weapon?" he gasped.

"In a way, yes. It can create life, but it can take it away." Mew floated to the middle of the base. "If a normal mortal attempts to operate this, he or she will right-away faint. Stronger mortals can feel their life-force drain, and may pass out as well. Unfortunately, they will be too consumed by the madness to walk away." She grinned, spreading out her arms. "Us immortals, on the other hand, are more than capable of keeping it in control. Thanks to the quick thinking of some of the Legendaries, the world has managed to quietly stay on the path of prosperity. Yes, Mewtwo, the world has been teetering on edge ever since its birth. But do not go thinking the world has ended because this has been neglected. This is used in emergencies only. It activates itself when it feels the world needs a little power-boost, and sends a signal, alarming a Legendary willing to listen to come work the controls."

He felt his knees quake, and he leaned against the stage for support. "Then... y-you are saying—"

She cruelly laughed. "I did not bring you here for that, Mewtwo. You are not in the position or power to use it, you never were. You may be a Legendary, but you were never immortal. Had you been foolish enough to attempt this, you would have shriveled up alive. It is a horrible way for the body to die. Now Mew, as an immortal, would have easily brought the world back to order without breaking a sweat. There really would have been no need for you all to waste away waiting for food to grow."

Mewtwo stared at the glowing circles, slowly shaking his head in skepticism. "This... this is impossible. This structure cannot possibly be tapped into the world's essence. I-I thought the Tree was."

"It was. But what made you think the Tree existed in the first place?" His eyes widened in sheer awe, turning to the demon. "It is not known who created the Tree, though it is very likely Arceus' doing. But humans have come here in the past and tried to play God themselves. It is believed one of the Golems was brought here and they used it to form the Tree to their liking. They were rather stupid back then, I am sure they followed orders without questioning it. My guess is they brought in Regirock, it would explain why the Tree was a rock formation." She snorted at her joke. "From what I could gather, it was originally going to be for the earth's benefit. When it was not what they had expected, they went ahead to do it themselves. Somehow, though, the creation had of yet to finish, and something went terribly wrong. Instead of feeding the earth, the Tree now fed itself, shortening the life-span of everyone on the planet.

"Because humans messed with it, it was imperfect. It could no longer stabilize, nor take care of itself, so a guardian was chosen. However, mortals were being used. It needed someone who would live long enough, and was strong enough to handle its berserks. Killing the Tree was not an option at the time, so in a desperate attempt, Arceus went to Mew and offered her the gift of immortality if she would guard the Tree, and the world to an extent. What he had failed to mention was the everlasting bond the two would share. She learned that the hard way."

The clone hung his head, not wanting to believe Legion, but the burning, aching feeling in his heart said otherwise. As mind-blowing as it was, it brought to light the full understandings of Mew's harsh life. A seemingly selfless desire to serve the world was done out of selfishness of wanting a better life. She slowly paid for it over the years, watching a thousand years of change go by while she remained the same. She had wanted to get away from it all, yet her attempts only made things worse.

He wondered if she ever regretted her decision to keep the world at bay. She had to give up her personal freedoms to form a symbiotic relationship with it. It could be why she returned after her rampage, it was truly all she had left, her reason to continue living. Those months she had spent (forcibly) away from the Tree may not have done much, though the longer he thought about it, perhaps it was harmful? She only did not notice because of the stress in the laboratory, it possibly not once ever crossed her mind. What if her pregnancy had actually failed for that reason?

Though the longer he thought on it, he could not come up with an explanation for how it would have made sense at the time, for if she was protected from it, then so could have the child. He doubted either of the scientists had known about the Tree and her immortality. The poisoned bloodstream was more likely to have been the cause, as she was not truly immune to it, she just could not get sick from it.

There was a blast from above, startling Mewtwo out of his thoughts. He whipped his head up and quickly jumped back, chunks of the ceiling crashing around and onto the platform, covering them in dust. Mew looked over at him in annoyance, unfazed by the destruction.

"We stalled long enough. Let us begin the creation of a better world!"
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Legion seriously is pushing boundaries, and pushing them farrrr.
I feel sorry for MewTwo, by love, he forced himself to do it, and he really didn't want to, but his word was binding. And only Legion can break the binds. And OBVIOUSLY that ain't happening.

Mewtwo wants what's best for Mew, and if that was the only way to bring her back, he'd have no other choice. But of course, Legion is purposefully leaving things out, so there technically is another way.

Except those dirty god d*mn legendaries are scarying me away..... Deoxys especialy. Dirty twit

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Chapter Thirteen: Summonings

"Fallen angels at my feet
Whispered voices at my ear
Death before my eyes
Lying next to me, I fear"

-- "Whisper", Evanescence, "Origin"


"'A better world'?" Mewtwo echoed out, unsure if he had heard it right.

Mew's eyes flared up in some form of excitement as she smirked. "Your definition of 'a better world' may be different from mine, but yes. I want a world that will not reject me and my people. Perhaps that was your intention at one point?"

"Not anymore!" he hurriedly lashed out, though he backed down a little when she glared. "I learned from my mistakes, and have grown to love this world even if it has never accepted me. I will never bring myself to return to that state of confusion again. Legion, your intentions may be entirely different, but please leave this earth alone. It has gone through enough trials in its lifetime—"

"DO NOT TELL ME WHAT TO DO!" Using her telekinesis, she lifted Mewtwo up and threw him across the room to collide against the wall, holding him in place. He felt like he was being strangled. "You know nothing, mortal! Of all the worlds ever created in the universe, very few are ever this uninhabitable! We were made to damn souls, and if we have to destroy an entire civilization for it to happen, so be it! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to start a world populated only by demons, and you are going to help me whether you like it or not!" Releasing her invisible hold, she turned her back on him when he collapsed to the floor, gazing at the small skylight she had made above her. "Noontime is upon us," she muttered.

Mewtwo looked up in time to see her wave a hand off to the side. Almost immediately, there was a glint at the end of the chamber, streaking into her out-stretched paw where she gave it a squeeze. He watched as the three lights went still.

"At high noon, the rays will directly hit the center, starting up the Mystri Stage," she slowly explained, causing his insides to freeze up. "Strictly through willpower, I will guide its powers to create the Tree's heart, using the aura inside this jewel." She flashed it at an angle that nearly blinded the clone. He saw it was of a pale blue when he squinted. "The rest takes care of itself from there."

Forcing himself to take a sharp breath, Mewtwo cried out, "Mew's body is mortal now! If you attempt to do this, you will destroy her body!"

She cackled, glancing over her shoulder. "You forget that I am in control of her body. It cannot die until I command it to. When I am done here, it will be unharmed, just the way you like it." When she licked her upper lip, he turned away, hands clenching tightly enough they shook. Another quiet laugh escaped her.

There then came a sudden wave of light raining down into the chamber. The moment it touched the middle of the dais, a white circle illuminated into view. Following it were three smaller circles, and the light spread out into a triangle. Before their eyes, more triangular and spherical contours formed, snaking around until nearly the entire surface was engulfed in a blinding glow. The three colorful circles remained the same. Grinning, Mew laid the stone onto the very center, backing a short ways. Raising her hands above it, she began to concentrate.

Struggling to stand, the clone pleaded out once more, "Please, Legion, think about what you are doing! If the Mystri Stage is as powerful as you say it is, you will still hurt Mew!"

Legion ignored him, and Mew's body began to tremble. Developing around her hands were visible signs of energy, much like a dark shadow. The more it grew, the shakier she became. Mewtwo watched in silent awe at the amount being given off, shivering from the sensation of its presence. She dropped to her knees with a grunt, face intensely grimacing like she was trying hard to keep from shouting. The colored circles steadily faded into white, stretching beams of light into the middle. When it reached the stone, it glowed brightly, then started to sprout. Though noticeably in pain, Mew madly grinned as she watched the transformation, the pupils showing signs of dilation. Reaching forward, she grabbed onto the pillar.

It may have taken a few moments, but the scream was a horrible mixture of pain and enjoyment. Mewtwo's stomach churned when he caught the scent of burning flesh. Once the dark aura swirled around the white structure as though to swallow it, she gritted her teeth and tugged an arm up, stretching a spike with her. At other angles, she repeated the same process until it was covered in sharp spires. Then Mew ran her hands along the edges, slicing her palms, but also smoothing the contours out by slightly curving and widening them. Wherever drops of blood landed, it broke through the energy veil, revealing the crimson, crystalline surface beneath. When she finished, she immediately drew her shredded hands away, and the haze faded, leaving behind the fully-formed crystal structured like that of a scarlet water lily.

She scrutinized its radiancy, a faint smile on her lips. "My best work so far," she murmured in a rasping tone. "But it is still rather plain, is it not, Mewtwo? There is not enough red in it."

He was hastily wrenched forward by another invisible force, slamming directly into the platform's edge and flipping onto the stage close to Mew. While he lay there gasping for breath, she leaned down and slashed his palm wide open, then smeared it along a crystalline spire. He let out a startled cry at the stinging heat, struggling to pull away. She kept a vice-like grip on him, releasing him only after the color deepened. He horrifically eyed his burnt hand, taking deep breaths and blinking rapidly to avoid tearing up as he glanced back up at Mew.

"There! The heart is complete!" she exclaimed like she was worshiping it. An insane smile quirked at the corners when she laughed. "Oh, what a beautiful start to a beautiful world! Look at it, Mewtwo! Is that not the most perfect creation you have ever seen? Nothing will ever match it, except for our children! In fact... I want my first love-making here. My first conception—my first birth—right here, in the Heart of the Tree. Right here... under the safety of the spires, under the glow of red."

His face was tightly gripped at when she forced him to look at her. He couldn't help staring into her demonic eyes as her toothy grin widened even more. "Do you agree, Mewtwo? Is this not the perfect place for us? It is rather symbolic, is it not? Our flesh did not just become one, so did our blood. And when we create, we create with our flesh and blood. I would say it suits us perfectly."

And then she laughed some more, more maniacal with every second. The clone only gawked at her, unable to bring himself to say a word or to stand to his feet. He had told himself before this was a fake passing itself off as Mew. Now, the longer he watched and listened to her laugh like mad, he was fully convinced she was gone. Nothing was left of her, not even the body, which was now like that of a ghostly skeleton that still managed to bleed. The irises, at least the parts touching the pupils, were colored gray, and not because they hadn't gone outside in who-knows how long.

As she slowly began to show composure, she rocked in place, covering her face in her blistered, peeling hands. With each breath she took to calm down, they clenched. When she grew quiet, she slid them down her face, leaving behind claw marks. She glared down at Mewtwo, ignoring the six bloody streams running down her cheeks.

"What is the matter, Mewtwo?" she muttered in a dangerously tranquil, almost innocent tone. "Is something wrong? Do you not like my idea? Did the talk of children turn you off? I did not say we would do it immediately after the Tree is finished. It was only a suggestion. Unless..." and she tilted her head, "...do you want our special occasions elsewhere? Were you thinking something similar to a human's honeymoon?" A small, sly smile then twitched on her lips when she noticed he wasn't looking directly into her eyes. "Oh. You have something special planned after all?"

After taking in the disfigured body of his beloved, he locked visions with her. She blinked in some form of surprise. "You are not Mew. You never were, Legion," he whispered bitterly, almost breathlessly. "Stop pretending to be her. Look what you have done to her. You had your way with her for too long. You may have claimed over and over that you decide the death of her body, but you are bleeding her dry, and mutilating it to bring back a godforsaken crystal. And still you expect it to carry a child. How do you know you have not killed her reproductive organs, let alone the ability for her body to grow with the child?"

Her face darkened up, and she slapped him, cutting his cheek open. "Bastard! You are just begging to die!"

He slowly shook his head, refusing to break eye-contact. "No... I am asking you to let her go. So that way if she does die, she will die in my arms. I will then take the punishment the others or God will give to me. Only then will she forgive me fully... and I will have paid for my sins."

Legion cruelly laughed. "What a fool you are to think that. But it is too late to request it. Now that you gave the Heart your blood, you and Mew are forever servants of the Tree. Once your friends are dead, it shall be you, this body, and the inhabitants of this earth for eternity, replenishing the Tree."

"The Tree needs aura to survive," he corrected. "It cannot survive on just the two of us and the other Legendaries forever."

"You are not listening. I said once they are dead, not the other way around." She smirked wickedly. "Though actually, you might be on to something." Then she reached over and touched a spire, and it illuminated brightly. "I suggest you start praying for them. They will be needing it."

Out of the blue, an earthquake swept in, and the ruins began to crumble around them. Mewtwo immediately levitated, albeit weakly, watching the glassy film spread out across the stage. As the walls and pillars fell apart, they were replaced with similar crystalline structures, and reshaped the inside of the chamber. Shards protruded out from corners in groups or as individuals, all in the same crimson hue. He could have sworn there was an elevation beneath them, but all he noticed was how the ceiling suddenly transformed into that of gaping jaws above them, and that the skylight had been stretched. Both it and the lily powered up from the sunlight, and slowly orbs of light were exchanged between them in a double helix. This new source of energy traveled throughout the room, enveloping it into a bloody glow and twisting some spires into coils or splitting them at the ends.

He was aware of the continued shockwaves, but by then he had grown amazed at how fast the chamber transfigured itself. He had been expecting large volumes of heat to be expelled, and instead the room began to cool down. Heart pounding against his rib cage, the clone finally choked out, "What is the meaning of this? What just happened?"

Mew barked out a laugh. "This is the Heart's chamber. It would only make sense for it to be the first to form." She grinned over at him. "And as long as it is alive, the Tree will continue to grow to its full height. There is enough aura for it to do just that and to spread its roots across the world. But I will not worry a bit. Any moment now, my followers shall start the resurrection and replenish its energy. Until we get some fresh bodies made for it."

Mewtwo swiftly shook his head, backing away. He stumbled off the stage in the process, only to scoot himself back in attempt to separate space between him and Legion. The maniacal smile split her dark face as she inched for him, irises flashing evilly. The closer she got, the more he was consciously aware of his trembling and developing cold perspiration. He was cornered up against the wall, squishing himself into it in desperate hopes it would suck him inside and away from the monster. When she was directly above him, his breath caught in his throat, and his eyes widened in fear.

She gave a deadly purr, leaning forward and tilting his chin up with her tail. "But... until then, I have a special punishment for you for defying me."


"Celebi, you're still not in the right condition to move around!"

"I know..." and he coughed.

Mesprit pushed him back against the log. "I'm happy you want to help look for Mew and Mewtwo, but you need your rest. Not that I doubt your quick healing, but you've had a bad concussion. If you pass out—"

"I know, Mesprit," he repeated for what felt like the umpteenth time that day. "I just... want to contribute."

"Then contribute by getting better," Ho-oh told him, a quiet chuckle at the tip of his tongue. "We're glad about your recovery, but it's best if you stay here."

"Yeah, someone needs to keep Mesprit company." Deoxys gave him a thumbs-up from behind the phoenix, who turned to give him a look.

Raising a brow, Celebi leaned back, trying to keep himself erect. "Well... can I just take a bathroom break then?"

They excused him with a warning not to go far, and then joined the group having a quick lunch. Some were scarfing it down, others were barely touching their share. Not everyone was with them, for some had said they were traveling far off in the continent or in another region; the volunteers consisted of Uxie and Azelf, Lugia, and Kyogre. More were expected to join them later. Before they had left, they had gone ahead for a morning prayer (much to the disliking of a few Legendaries) for protection and guidance.

Ho-oh had been persistent they have faith since last night's spiritual experience. He knew their lost friends were still alive, though he refused to dwell on how much longer. He may be selfish on making sure they were back safe, as Mew was still believed to be the hope of their future, but he worried about each and every one of his brethren. Ever since Mewtwo spilled his heart out to him, he had that impression his counterpart was important to him, that they were more than just friends. And he came to the conclusion repopulating did not just rely on Mew.

If he didn't count Cresselia, there were six more females needed to be paired up. However, he was sure everyone could have a chance to partake in their duty to start a family. He was more worried about Mew and Mewtwo "sharing" each other, if the belief the Mew species had life-mates were true. While she had never told him, he heard from other sources it was what they did. He never wanted to bring it up, in the hopes it was only a theory by scientists.

It seemed, though, they weren't even close to what "life-mate" meant.

As he had never had one in his lifetime, Ho-oh gleaned it from what he knew of Darkrai's and Cresselia's relationship. They were as close as Pokémon could get, but then again, they weren't normal Pokémon. They had stayed by each other's side for as long as they had through thick and thin. Adam's death may have nearly destroyed it, but he had noticed they still had something more than friendship between them. Possibly, it was the same between Mewtwo and Mew. What her intentions were for stealing him away was anyone's guess.

"...Ho-oh, sir?"

Blinking rapidly, he turned to Suicune, whose brow was raised quizzically. "Oh, sorry. What is it you need?"

"...you haven't eaten anything," she slowly said. "Are you feeling okay?"

"I am. I've just been thinking about..." Ho-oh trailed off, staring down at untouched pile of berries. It didn't help that a Wiki and Pecha berry happened to be side-by-side.

The North Wind glanced down. "I'm worried too, sir. But it shouldn't be an excuse to not eat."

He smiled and scooped them up, handing them over to Suicune. "Then you take them."

She gawked. "But... Ho-oh! You need your strength!"

"So do you. You've been searching long and hard for them, and every night you return exhausted. If you insist on staying here for the day to rest, I'll eat them. But either way you choose, I will continue searching." He craned his head forward. "Is that clear?"

They stared at each other for a moment until she hesitantly bowed in reverence. He laid the berries before her, and then stood up, looking at the other Legendaries. All of them had been watching in frozen awe at his decision. Shaymin brought it upon herself to step forward.

"Ho-oh, what was that for?" she breathed out. "U-Unless you're fasting, there should be no reason for you to—"

"I'm not fasting," he corrected her with a smile. "I'm just going back to searching. You all finish your lunches. I shall return by midnight, unless I'm too far away."

"You going anywhere in particular?" Palkia wondered, popping a berry into his mouth.

"Orre. Anyone's free to join me if they wish." (Entei's eye twitched, which earned him a few looks.) "For those who don't, I only ask of you to keep me in your thoughts... and prayers."

When no one offered to follow, he gave a solemn nod and took off. Everyone gazed off after him until he was gone, then returned to what they were doing. Celebi made his way back to the group, blinking up at the sky. "Where's Ho-oh heading off to?"

"Gone to Orre for the day," Jirachi said, frowning at Entei's irregular spasms.

"Entei, what's with you?" Raikou muttered to him, cocking a brow. "You look like you're seeing a ghost."

He grimaced. "You don't remember..." He glanced warily at their sister before dropping his voice, "...the dead body Lugia and I saw?"

A memory triggered itself, and he snickered. "Oh yeah, that was priceless. Is that the reason you don't want to go back?"

"Duh! There's still dead people over there! You know we've only buried those up to Ecruteak's outskirts and out by New Bark Town. Well, here in Johto, anyway. I know others went around the world, but I stayed near here."

Raikou gave a quiet "pfft". "You're such a wimp. I went to Lake of Rage."

"Is that where you got the 'bla' or whatever it was called?"

"At Mahogany Town, yeah. And I think you mean 'bra'."

The two snorted at the same time, covering their mouths.

"What are you idiots giggling over this time?" Rayquaza called over, narrowing his eyes in suspicion. "Whatever it is, let me join in your little sausage fest."

The beasts looked around, frowning. "Uh... we don't have sausages," the volcanic beast clarified.

He slapped his forehead. "You're like how old again?"

"Knock it off, Ray," Latios sighed, folding his arms. "Just let them talk, it's harmless."

"Unless they were talking about me."

Raikou smirked at his brother before speaking up. "Yeah, we were talking about your skinny green ass. I mean, wow." And they laughed.

"Hey, no one talks about Rayquaza's ass except me," Deoxys butted in with a scowl. "Besides, you forgot to mention that it looks like it can just pop right off. How much you wanna bet it wriggles on its own?"

"Screw you, Dorkxys!"

The alien obscenely raised a finger. "Right back at you." The two brothers roared.

Suicune reached over to smack one of them, catching the thunder beast by the paw. "Want me to separate you two? God, why do you do this?"

They glanced at each other before shrugging. "We don't know," they said in monotone unison.

She gave a warning snarl, then paused, jerking her head to the trees. The group copied in confusion, some only taking a glance and scoffing to themselves. Latias frowned, clinging to her brother as a precaution. "What's everyone looking at?"

"I think it's more of a 'looking for'," he amended softly, placing a hand on her head. She shuddered.

"No, don't you hear that?" Suicune inquired of them, scowling. "Someone had to have heard that..."

They all strained their ears to listen, a few holding their breaths. Heatran buried his feet into the ground for a brief moment. "I'm feeling seismic waves," he announced. "They may be small, but they're... growing?"

"What do you mean by that?" Zapdos asked, even though he and his sisters spread their wings. "And why did you sound so uncertain?"

As though on cue, the ground began sliding beneath their feet. Mesprit immediately lifted Celebi and herself into the air, prompting others to do the same. The moment the last foot was off the dirt, however, the quakes ended. They stared at it in wonder, but none of them dared to land back down until they were sure there were no shockwaves.

Deoxys set down all the bodies he carried and sat cross-legged on a cracked boulder. "Heh, that wasn't so bad," he said smugly, throwing his arms behind his head.

Right next to him, a shard of crystal broke through, startling him into tumbling to the ground and crawling away while spouting out gibberish.

As humorous as it was to see the alien become frightened, they were just as surprised. It quickly turned to wonder as more spires pierced through the ground and even from roots of trees. Although beautiful, the crimson shine they gave off was menacing.

Latias whimpered and squeezed herself into her brother's hold. "What's going on?" she squeaked out, feeling tears pricking at her eyes.

Jirachi knelt by a nearby crystal for a closer look. His jaw then dropped. "No way... Guys, these are crystals from the Tree of Beginning!"

"Naw, really? I never would have guessed!" Groudon dryly snarled. "I'm so glad you're here, I'd been lost without you."

The Wish Maker glowered at him. "You know, I can tell the difference between sarcasm and seriousness."

"That didn't even make sense."

Celebi slowly shook his head. "Impossible... Didn't Mew say it was destroyed several months ago?"

Jirachi swiftly nodded. "Yes, I saw it fall."

Mesprit, after straightening up the pixie, added her thoughts, "So, if it's completely destroyed, then why are its crystals showing up? And why way out here?"

Just as he was about to answer, the glowing of the spires caught his and everyone's attention. The lights seeped down into the earth as quick as they came, and there was a quiet period of inactivity. They all refused to move, afraid to set things off.

Grinning to himself, Raikou attempted to lighten the mood. "So... err..." His eyes fell on a small pile of berries. "Anyone going to claim that?"

From behind him and Entei, a pair of haggard, peeling arms broke their way out of the dirt. Shaymin screamed at the sight, and the brothers swerved around, momentarily regretting it. The exposed bones crackled as the limbs bent down to claw at the ground. They watched as muscle began to grow in, strengthening the arms, and the skin stretched itself into place as pigment returned. It stopped digging to wiggle the fingers, then pushed down and strained to lift the rest of the body above the surface.

It succeeded.

The Legendary Beasts screamed out in horror and ran to hide behind their sister, who was too frightened to look away. Snapping its neck back into position and smoothing its matted hair out, it turned its head in their direction, the regeneration of tissues and skin swiftly spreading throughout the torso and face. It wasn't hard to tell it was a human man (even with the chest molding out) from the skeletal structure of the shoulder blades and jawbone. Eyelids, ears, and a nose melded around the sockets as bushy eyebrows sprouted out from the clean flesh. The teeth whitened as lips pulled themselves over the bone to hide them from view, and the chin was sculpted into a cleft. When the eyelids opened, the white globes were just replacing the lenses of the corneas. The moment the man blinked, the eyes were normal, except for the serpentine pupils.

The regeneration had been quick, but for the Legendaries who hadn't once blinked the moment the previously-decomposing body popped out, it was painful to watch it all happen step-by-step. Stomachs churned only for the growing ill to make themselves unable to vomit. It was when the human grinned a perfect smile did time seem to flow again, and they remembered why they were so frightened. All around them, bodies dug themselves out of their graves, humans and Pokémon alike, as the restoration of their broken bones and dead skin took place. Most of them were finished when they pulled their full, perfectly-healthy (and naked, though some were partially clothed) forms out of the holes, looking around their surroundings and even staring at the quaking Pokémon.

Entei then broke his silent demeanor by hollering out a high-pitched shriek. "ZOMBIES! OH, MY GOD, THEY WERE RIGHT ALL ALONG!"

Raikou, after getting some awkward, breathy screams out of the way, helped back him up. "And you told us they were fake, sis! I hope you're looking well and kicking yourself for it!"

Latias wailed uncontrollably, burying her face into her sibling. "I don't wanna die, I don't wanna die!"

Celebi, with Mesprit squeezing him in fright, swallowed down bile to glance at the crystals. "I-I don't believe it," he gulped. "They brought the dead to life... and rejuvenated their bodies."

"All in favor of running, say 'aye'!" Zapdos gave a suggestion, tugging onto his sisters' wings.

Just as most of the Legendaries gave their votes, the first human male spoke up, smiling rather smugly. "Ah, the legends of old!" he exclaimed, clasping his hands. "What are the odds we would end up here with them?"

Suicune passed out from shock.

The Volcano Pokémon gave another ear-splitting outcry. "You zombies killed my sister!" he accused, trying to glare despite his wide-eyed stare of horror.

The man only laughed, and the congregation of newly-living corpses joined in. "Oh, if only we were allowed to." He wiped at a fake tear. "Unfortunately, we were only ordered to raise up these bodies for ourselves, and to take you all to Legion."

"Who the hell is Legion?" Groudon grunted, shaking off his surprise.

Raising a brow, he glanced up at the gargantuan. "I take it he has of yet to show himself? You must not be that important to him, then." He raised a brow. "Though why he would want you at the Tree escapes me."

The Legendaries quietly gasped. "What are you talking about?" Shaymin whimpered, shaking her head. "Are you saying it needs to be fed?"

A Ledyba perched itself on the human's shoulder, smirking. "Maybe it does," it drawled out. "We were just ordered to take you and your friends there."

"Ah, now I remember why!" the man proclaimed, snapping his fingers. He titled his head in their direction. "He mentioned something about two friends dying to meet you. No, really. The pun is not a pun, they really are dying. Or was it just the one? I could have sworn he was draining both of their life-sources away..."

"Wow, exactly what possessed Legion to make you a captain?" the Pokémon scoffed, rolling its eyes. One ended up popping out of its socket, causing Latias to scream and faint. "Damn eye. I thought these bodies were perfect now." It twisted it back in place.

"They are, you are just an idiot." He shrugged it off, and pointed at the group. "Obey our command, or you shall be apprehended."

"Yeah, and we will drag you to Hell!" a younger-looking man, one of the few wearing tattered clothing, shouted out from near the back as he pumped a fist into the air.

"Doesn't he mean 'or we'll drag you to Hell'?" Palkia muttered. Dialga bumped his shoulder in warning.

After giving the person a backward glance, the man, who they were presuming was the leader, shrugged in slight agreement. "Kid speaks the truth, even though he is a little delusional."

"Aw, come on, Jediah, why do you have to be that way?" he whined, throwing his hands up. "I mean well!"

A woman at his side smacked him. "Do you want to lose your body privileges?" she snarled.

Giratina suddenly chortled, fanning his wings. Everyone stared at him, his fellow Legendaries flinching at his tone. "You've got to be kidding us, really..." He took a breath. "This... this has to be some stupid dream we're all having. I mean, what are the odds, really? Who here is stupid enough to believe that a small army of people, humans and Pokémon respectfully, can rise from the dead? You keep your mouth shut, Latios," he added to the side. "Meanwhile, they're here to take us to this 'Legion' proclaiming they're temporarily using bodies for the Tree—that is gone from the face of this planet—and threatening us damnation if we don't listen." He laughed again.

"Giratina, shut up," Darkrai hissed through his teeth, nervously glancing between him and the group.

The dragon continued to snort in amusement. "I know demons, I've personally seen them. And these aren't demons, you should know that, Darkrai. Just because they can possess bodies and raise them from the dead doesn't automatically make them a demon. A bad spirit, maybe, but not a demon." He shrugged. "They're the least of our problems. We can just destroy the bodies, it's not like they're immortal or anything."

Jediah glanced at the perched Ledyba and his peers with a slight smirk, then looked back at the Legendaries. "Oh you are correct, Giratina, we are the least of your problems." The smile grew more menacing, and he scooped up a handful of dirt. "We are only servants to Lord Legion. If you need someone to fear, it should be him. Do not mind us. Not that you will in your sleep, anyway." He threw it into Raikou's eyes, as he was the closest.

The beast screamed and attempted to swipe it out before a Bellsprout tossed particles over him. He fell unconscious next to Suicune a few moments later.

"Take them down!" the man commanded. "Those inhabiting the Pokémon will take care of the larger entities!" The army advanced forward.

Shaymin quickly got over her shock. She cried out a "Run!", and ignoring Zapdos' boasting of "I told you so!", they all fled as fast as they could.

They were jumped in a blink of an eye, and though they all fought back, the smaller Legendaries were quickly subdued by the humans. Celebi was one of the first to succumb to unconsciousness, followed by Mesprit and Jirachi, but not without a fight. Those who could fly took off, only to be pursued by local flying Pokémon by the numbers. Their speeds were incredible, and they bombarded them, plucking out feathers, and pecking and clawing them. Their attacks may have slowed them down, but it wearied themselves out. No matter how many of them they hit, they shook it off and came for a second, even third round. All was lost when the humans below shot them down with crude arrows and other weapons they had scavenged from the town.

Entei and Deoxys, the only two with the highest speed, had grabbed as many as they could and carried them off. They failed to overlook other groups outside of Cherrygrove who, on some impulse, attacked them at random and snatched their friends who hollered at them to continue running. They found it useless in the long-run, ending up being tripped and tackled. Though the alien morphed into his other forms, he over-estimated the strength of packs. His Defense Mode failed to protect him, and his jewel was cracked in the process.

Groudon, Rayquaza, the three Sinnoh Alpha legends, and Regigigas were slowed down by the barrages of possessed Pokémon, but they made an effort to fight back and try to give the others a chance to escape. No matter how many attacks they threw at them, at how hard they stomped them into the ground, they kept coming back. Even if their bodies were broken, they fixed themselves right up and gave their all. A few Grass-types that were there held them down with their roots and vines while tossing Sleep Powder and Stun Spore into the air, others went ahead to pound them with all they got.

"Damn it all, they won't die!" the land titan roared out after the umpteenth Pokémon he stepped on rose up, snapping its limbs back into place. He went to punt it, only to accidentally kick Palkia's backside.

"What the hell was that for?!" His distraction cost him his defense, and a Heracross' horn punctured the pearl-colored jewel on a shoulder. He gave a startled gasp and tumbled backward into his rival, knocking them down. The surrounding Pokémon then proceeded to blind them with sand and shower them with Sleep Powder. The remaining Legendaries raged on.

Jediah only watched excitedly from the sidelines as his fellow minions brought them all down one-by-one, not bothering to hold back a victorious smirk. His eyes brightened at the spilling of blood from both sides, and he couldn't help but cackle. He caught the glint of Giratina's glare before a blow struck the dragon's head, which made him laugh hard and loud enough for an echo.
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Giratina needs to learn to keep his mouth shut, and not underestimate his opponents... Yeesh! I read this earlier on FF.net, but I'm commenting on here telling you how awesome this was, etc. etc. I cant wait for the next part though :3


I swear Legion is obsessed with blood.
But I admire Celebi's willingness to help despite being sick.
Great chapter, like always! ^_^

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FormeEon: Lol, both him, Deoxys, Lugia, and Entei need to learn to do that xD. It got them in trouble in the past, but they just never learn. I take it you're not a member on FFN, you just go there, eh? Heh, anonymous reviews are available, but you're free to do what you want. Thanks!

Aslynn♥Pokemon: In chapter twelve, Legion mentioned his fascination with blood, though obsession may be the correct term. That, and he knows that as long as he's in control of Mew's body, he can mutilate her all he wants and still keep her "alive". I like as well Celebi's behavior for the whole thing, even though I do feel bad for beating him up, lol. But mainly it's because he knows Mew would never have hurt him, and he has already forgiven her. He just has to tell her himself.

Thanks for the replies, guys! (Heh. Rhymes.)

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I hate zombies X_X great chapter and i hope mew (the real one) comes back


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Sorry for not commenting about the new chapters, but I kinda have 2 awnsers on the question "Why the f-word don't you comment on your fave fic?" Awnser 1: I have been chaught in the Youtube trap. I'm obsessed and addicted of Youtube in every way, and by watching an insane ammount of c***, I am limited to scool, rugby training, Youtube and eating Corn Flakes (I'm obsessed with eating Corn Flakes too, for some reason. Don't ask me if you are'nt sure you don't want to know. The story about it is kinda scary.) Awnser 2 is that I think that this fic has gotten worse since Legion came into it. I was happy about the plain comendy and drama. I don't think it is a good idea to bring Christianity into Pokémon, since the two topics don't have a s*** to do with each other (I am an Atheist, if you want to know. I don't like Christianity at all, and I have several valid reasons. Ask me if you don't believe me.) But the new chapter was different. Zombies. Zombies! ZOOOMBIEES!!! I love zombies. Not in the way you love your dad or your new puppy, but I just think they are cool and just awsome. I'm missing the mindless screams for brains, but I like the chapter (and the zombies) overall, because I started to understand Legion's plan. I also don't understand Legion's plans over possesing Mew. He could have possesed Mew in the future after Legion had made the c*** that I did'nt really understand in the new chapter, so he would'nt take the oblivious risk to kill Mew? Or... Did he do that to hold Mewtwo under control...? I'm still kinda confused.

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Hikaru 200: Lol, I don't like zombies either, but these are a different kind of zombie. Entei and Raikou are just idiots have hung around human civilization too long that they know these things, even though Suicune told them over and over they don't exist.

And about Mew, I think you'll like the next chapter ;). Just saying.

digipoke1: Thanks! I added you on the PM list, since you have dropped implied hints in the Games forum.

iCakeify: Hoo boy, your reply. It's all over the place, I don't know how to answer most of it ^^;. Let me see what I can do about it.

Sorry for not commenting about the new chapters, but I kinda have 2 awnsers on the question "Why the f-word don't you comment on your fave fic?" Awnser 1: I have been chaught in the Youtube trap. I'm obsessed and addicted of Youtube in every way, and by watching an insane ammount of c***, I am limited to scool, rugby training, Youtube and eating Corn Flakes (I'm obsessed with eating Corn Flakes too, for some reason. Don't ask me if you are'nt sure you don't want to know. The story about it is kinda scary.)

I never really questioned why you weren't replying, I figured you were busy with school and all that x3. Hey, corn flakes are good for you. I don't eat them plain, I prefer the Frosted Corn Flakes (you know with Tony the Tiger, if that's what you were referring to). Lol.

Awnser 2 is that I think that this fic has gotten worse since Legion came into it. I was happy about the plain comendy and drama. I don't think it is a good idea to bring Christianity into Pokémon, since the two topics don't have a s*** to do with each other (I am an Atheist, if you want to know. I don't like Christianity at all, and I have several valid reasons. Ask me if you don't believe me.)

To each their own.

Honestly, I was worried about posting the story at first because of the reasons you've written down. The story wasn't originally going to be like this, but it turned out that way. Honestly, I don't exactly know why. I wanted to go for a romance that was pure and a little different from what the other romance stories are like. However, I was taught that love is of God, and from God comes all things good. Love is good, we all know that, and it's a natural good, as it's all around us. The world has always been trying to stomp the true idea of love into the ground, and it has always made me sad that people would throw around love like it was an object.

So I suppose the story formed around that idea and turned into what you see today. All I wanted to do was write a story that shows love is pure, but we cannot have that love without a little help. I also borrowed a little something from a friend who believes that you cannot love other people until you love yourself. Most of the characters here have that problem, mainly Mewtwo in general. He hates himself for being a clone and for being more of a human than as a Pokémon. And then Mew, who has always loved everyone, has lost that love since she was impregnated for a cloning experiment and when the baby died. She can't forgive herself for it, and thus she stopped loving.

Legion is a mastermind at making everything worse, being a demon. All he cares about is getting a body and damning souls to be as miserable as he is (because that's what Lucifer wants), and he doesn't care who he hurts as long as he gets it.

But yeah, that's some of my reasoning that I feel I should put down.

But the new chapter was different. Zombies. Zombies! ZOOOMBIEES!!! I love zombies. Not in the way you love your dad or your new puppy, but I just think they are cool and just awsome. I'm missing the mindless screams for brains, but I like the chapter (and the zombies) overall, because I started to understand Legion's plan. I also don't understand Legion's plans over possesing Mew. He could have possesed Mew in the future after Legion had made the c*** that I did'nt really understand in the new chapter, so he would'nt take the oblivious risk to kill Mew? Or... Did he do that to hold Mewtwo under control...? I'm still kinda confused.

Lol, a lot of people love zombies, but like what I told Hikaru, I'm not a zombie fan/believer, and these are a different kind of "zombie". I have of yet to see a movie where a zombie has a body that's whole and perfect. Then again, these bodies aren't perfect either as shown with the Ledyba.

He needed someone to work the controls. He's only a spirit, what can he do besides possess bodies? And to make bodies, one needs to have a body. Mew and Mewtwo are among the strongest of the Legendaries, and thus he believes that the two can make strong children. But he has to use trickery and deception to make it work. He has part one of his plan finished, resurrecting the Tree, which he used to help motivate his weaker minions to inhabit the bodies as a fuel source. And also to bring down the Legendaries. He could kill them all himself, but he likes the suspense xD. And so he could break Mewtwo's mind even further.

That's another reason. In Mewtwo Returns, it's revealed Mewtwo has a powerful will. While he did try to take over Mewtwo earlier, he was putting up a fight. Mew has the weaker will as a result of her being an experiment, so after knocking her guard down and weakening her further, he took her over. He knows Mewtwo will not hurt Mew anymore, because he loves her, and thus he manipulates her body to drive Mewtwo to madness and obedience. Even though Mewtwo has of yet to give himself up to Legion, he's grown weak enough now, both in body, mind and spirit, to stop him.

I hope that's answered most, if not all of your questions ^^.

I'm a little over half-way done with chapter fourteen which should help a little bit as well, and should be (should be being the keywords here) a little hopeful. It's "special" in a way, well I think it is xD.

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Second half, a.k.a, the long-awaited chapter I have stressed about in the past. I hope you aren't disappointed. It's probably also the one many of you have been waiting for, and I thank you for being patient with me about it. However, like other chapters, this is subject to be added on in the future if it calls for it. (Gee, I haven't been too happy with a lot of these chapters lately for some reason.)

Though I do must warn you, this is probably the chapter with the most religious references in it, twice as much if not more than in chapter nine.


Chapter Fourteen: Transcend

"For a small moment I have forsaken thee,
but with great mercies will I gather thee."

-- 3 Nephi 22:7


It was dark and quiet; it had been for some time. She couldn't remember if she had lost her senses or if she was isolated in empty space. As much as the silence was welcoming for a while, she was feeling herself growing mad from it. All she had to keep her company were her recurring memories. Unfortunately, many of them weren't happy memories. No matter how much she had tried to focus on the good, the bad kept pushing through, almost like they were mocking her. They became burdens as they all flooded around her, weighing her down to a quivering wreck. With each flashback she had, her wounds seemed to deepen. She was sure she was crying blood instead of tears—it was rather ambiguous, though, as she was still bleeding.

The wound on her arm wouldn't stop flowing, no matter how much pressure Mew applied to it. Her paws were her only available tourniquets she had in the suffocating void, and no matter how much blood she shook off, they were useless within minutes. The agonizing throbs were steadily worsening, and the deafening silence forced her to talk to herself as a distraction. She had mumbled at first, then resorted to screaming and wailing when it wasn't enough. Secretly, it was in the hopes someone would hear her. The tiny Legendary didn't know how long she was there, but she craved the sound of another voice. It didn't matter whose it was, just as long as she knew another living being was nearby.

When her voice had given out and the pain so unbearable, it became almost a part of her. If it were to make her feel better, she would hurt herself. She convinced herself she had an endless amount of blood in her, that losing a pint or two wouldn't be felt. It was the only way she knew she was still alive, the only physical being left in existence. With each self-infliction, Mew individually cursed her friends, envisioning what their reactions to her cutting herself would be. Even though her vocal cords were hoarse, she laughed at them, her inner bitterness becoming almost a form of hatred.

She had collapsed from exhaustion not long ago. She could still feel her veins emptying out around her, and she wished she could die. It was a frightening concept, and though her heart told her to endure, Mew wanted it to end. Breathing was painful enough as it was, thinking tired her out, and movement was now nearly impossible. She was ready to give up the ghost.

But he wouldn't let her die.

Legion had told her himself this was her eternal torment. She didn't believe him at first, a mistake she now solely regretted. It didn't help she, in his words, "crossed the line" by appearing to Mewtwo. The demon had personally dragged her to her current place where he claimed no one would find her, and that she wouldn't interfere in his plans again. So far, he was right. In between her depleting sanity, she could feel the growing effects of his possession of her body. Most of the serious injuries were of his doing, though it became harder to distinguish as time went on.

She managed a dry sob, burying her face into the bloody pool. "Wh...why?... Why... does it hurt? I can't... I can't take this..." Her eyes closed tightly. "Someone... or God... just let me die. Let us all die... it hurts..."

She was ready to succumb to the surrounding darkness when she became aware of a hint of light. It was nothing more than a speck, reminding her of what a star looked like. So small and insignificant, yet she kept an eye on it. There was no reason why she showed interest in it, but it had been a long time since she had last seen anything.

Mew wept again, wincing when she curled a hand. "No more... I can't do this anymore..." She ducked her head, but couldn't stand the acrid smell of her blood. Upon glancing up, her breath caught in a quiet gasp.

A lone figure, all in white, was making its way over at a steady pace. It was the source of the light, literally emitting from the being. The stranger, once Mew grew used to the luminosity and when the personage was more visible, looked to be a human woman with a long-sleeved, flowing dress and silver, curly, impossibly-long hair. However, she ended up blinking, and upon a closer inspection, she turned out to be a young girl no older than six with a different appearance altogether. She still wore a dress, but it was to her knees, revealing feet clad in sandals. Her hair was of a decent length down her back, the color a shining aqua-green. The only similarities were a loving smile was on her face and the eyes the color of the noon-day sky.

Unable to look away, Mew could only remain where she was when the child paused before her. They stared each other down until she spoke, her voice echoing slightly. "You must be Mew."

A small frown painfully manifested itself. "So what if I am?" she rasped out.

The girl was unfazed as she crouched down, wisps of hair curling around her plump cheeks. "That's a good question," she mused. "I've met other Mew before, but they were all different. None of them were as beautiful as you, though."

The feline vainly attempted to push herself away almost immediately. "I'm not beautiful... I'm just like any other Mew."

"Not really." She had a grin that made her squint. "While you are all similar, each of you are different. What separates you all are your hearts. So far, you have the most love in your heart."

"No, I don't!" she snapped, forcing herself to sit up and show her slashed arms. "Does this look like I'm full of love right now?! I can't stand it anymore! I was doing fine until he showed up! And look what he made me do!"

The youngster tilted her head. "You mean Mewtwo?"

Mew quickly shook her head. "I'm talking about that demon bastard, Legion!"

"That's a rather harsh word, isn't it?"

She realized what she had just said and hastily amended herself. "Sorry about that, I didn't mean to... Just forget I said that."

The girl giggled. "I don't think you're telling the complete truth."

"No, my apology is sincere."

"I know. I was talking about your injuries." She gazed sadly at the crimson puddles around them. "You wouldn't be bleeding so much if your heart wasn't hurting from getting rid of all that love."

The feline held back a whine, dropping her eyes to her trembling arms. "This isn't love," she murmured weakly. "Love isn't supposed to hurt like this."

"Sometimes it does. It's in your blood." She pointed a delicate finger at a deep wound. "If blood sends love all around your body, then a cut is a work of carelessness that wishes to destroy that love. The worse it is, the more love you lose. Cuts like these are what you would call 'hate'." She lifted her large eyes to cross visions. "Someone made out of love wouldn't have hurt you like this."

As much as she was making sense, Mew was saddened by the child's innocent reason of logic. I'm either not explaining it right, or she's missing the point, the dear, she sighed to herself. She tried again, "I'm saying that Legion, a demon, made me hurt myself."

The girl nodded. "I know."

"But you brought up Mewtwo." She blinked. "Speaking of, how'd you know about him?"

The young miss toothily grinned, brightening her countenance. "In the Spirit World, you know about everyone."

Regardless of how happy she stated it, it concerned the Legendary. In her inner anguish, she had completely forgotten she was on the other side, that it was the result of her remembering everything about her life. It explained why the longer she was with this little one, the more she looked familiar.

Waving it off, however, she brought herself to reluctantly nod. "Oh... right."

Tilting her head, the human girl knelt before reaching forward to place a hand on her shoulder. It was warm and very comforting. "Why does Mewtwo make you hurt so much?" she queried. "The more you think about him, the more your love bleeds out." Her eyes focused on the six long cuts on her cheeks. "This Legion must not want you two together."

Mew's ears drooped as she bit her lip, breaking the gaze. "No... he wants us together, but in the way he wants it," she started off, wringing her hands. "Mewtwo and I... we're... we're life-mates. We have been for several months now. I just... didn't want to admit it. He says he didn't mean to, but since I returned the affection, we formed that bond..."

"Like a marriage?" the lass defined, beaming.

She shrugged. "Something like that... if you want to get all technical with it. But it's really more of a promise."

"Like a marriage."

A scowl crossed her features. "Human marriages deal with rings and legal pieces of paper. Life-mates, on the other hand, are more about accountability and being a team."

Shaking her head, the child resolved, "A marriage is a promise between a man, a woman, and God that they would be together always. If being a life-mate is similar to that of a marriage, then it's the same as a marriage."

"You're getting it mixed up."

"How can I? Your definition of 'life-mate' is much like my definition of 'marriage'. Some Pokémon see it differently than others, though, like you and Mewtwo, and Cresselia and Darkrai."

Mew's heart sank at the mention of the two. "Look, kid, I know you mean well—"


"...is that your name?"

She nodded. "On Earth, anyway. I have a heavenly name, but you can call me Amber."

Something in her mind told her she should have already known that, but she pushed it back. "Well, at least now I have a name to go with that pretty face."

Amber laughed, a pleasant sound of tinkling bells. "Anyway, Mew, you gonna continue explaining to me about you and Mewtwo?"

"But I thought you said you know everything," Mew reminded her suspiciously.

"I do. I just wanna hear your side of it."

She found herself smiling. "It's funny what the future holds. Mewtwo and I never got along at first, we used to fight. When we came to a truce, we went ahead and tried to at least get to know each other better, just for it to be more of a friendly rivalry. But... as the years came and went, we wouldn't leave each other alone. Well, actually that was me. I kept bothering him just about every week or something like that. He must have gotten so sick of the yelling and fighting and running that he went ahead and put up with me." A quiet laugh escaped her. "Oh, I knew he wanted nothing more than to silence me for good, but he couldn't do it. We managed to become good friends, getting together whenever we could... if the Tree let me."

The girl took hold of a paw, ignoring the blood. "When did you fall in love with him?"

Glancing over at Amber, Mew let out a sad sigh. "It's... hard to tell. When we were just friends, he asked me a question about love, and I told him that friendships counted as love. I didn't think much about it until after I returned to the Tree. I found it strange how even though I knew about love, I couldn't explain to him what 'true love' meant." She snorted. "Even so... it was then I realized I didn't know what it really meant to be in love, if that's what he was originally talking about. Loving people I could do easily, but to have feelings for someone... of passion... that was a different story. I don't know when it was I fell in love with him, but I loved him enough that I... kissed him back."

She trailed off, and she lost herself in that fateful memory. Whether he felt like it was his duty or not, he returned her from near-death, and from herself. While she had proudly told him she could take care of herself, inside she had known how incapable she was, and even Mewtwo knew that much. He did the only method that was available to him at the time, and she spat in his face over it. Still, as much as she had wanted to hurt him, to remove herself from the situation, she stayed. She figured that was all it was going to be, and he would leave her alone after that.

Intentionally or not, the moment became intimate. And when his soul revealed itself unto her, it sparked something inside her she had not felt in a long while. It had healed her without her conscious approval. And then she found herself lost in a kiss, the first step on the long road to recovery... to a love she had desperately desired.

She had chosen Mewtwo to be her mate.

Amber jolted her back to the present when she drew her into her hold, giving her a squeeze. Almost immediately, she felt more at peace with herself. "What made the kiss special, Mew?" she inquired in a curious tone.

Mew thought on it some more, growing more aware of a flush rising to her cheeks. "He was healing my heart without knowing why. I'm sure had things been different... maybe then, I wouldn't have been so harsh with him. I would have been more... consciously willing to make the decision of him becoming my mate when he was ready to confront me about it. Maybe... we wouldn't have been so afraid to try..." Slowly, she raised a hand to rest it on her stomach, and closed her eyes as she took a shaky breath. "He was trying to mend our already-thin bond before... this happened. I just... I was nasty to him because I was afraid. I didn't know it was Legion that made him hurt me at the time, and I told him to never touch me again. But we both knew we had a special connection by then... that we couldn't keep denying it. H-Had I let him kiss me again that night, to let ourselves be more intimate with each other, we may not have been in this mess. If it was possible, I would have conceived."

She clutched Amber's hand tightly as she fought back tears. The girl nodded in understanding. "It's what you both want, right? A baby?"

Mew swallowed. "Well, I do... even though it may never replace what I felt when I was... pregnant the first time. I'm not entirely sure about Mewtwo, but I want to show him he is capable of giving me children, that he is a Pokémon. And... it'll also be the proof of our love. I want him to know that I love and support him by bearing his children, and by always being there for him. If it turns out he is unable to produce offspring after all, I will still love him. I don't want him to think that because we end up childless I will leave him for someone else. He's been alone for so long... I just want him to be happy."

Choking back her sobs, she rubbed at her eyes until they started to sting. Glancing down at her hand to find it still bloody, she allowed her tears to flow. Amber's smile never changed, though she gazed down with a look of compassion. The Legendary spoke again, not bothering to hide the sadness in her voice, "However... there cannot be true happiness if we have some grievous memory or sin on our shoulders. Right? I know I did things I'm not proud of. Whether on purpose or not, I have killed people. I can still feel their blood on me... hear their tortured screams... Bridget's pleading..." Breath sticking in her throat, and the images flashing before her eyes, she immediately shook her head with a quiet whimper. "I'm not alone in this, though... I think. Well, Mewtwo never went into detail, but he has killed before. A-And he can be manipulative. I accidentally overheard him say he... that he is part human, and because of it, he got those characteristics. These memories must be haunting, weighing him down all these years. I don't think he can ever forgive himself for it."

She paused for a moment until she dropped to a murmur, "He believes he took advantage of me at Mount Quena because of that. Again, he didn't tell me directly... he might've been planning on it or something. But still, he feels he's not fit to be my mate. According to him... he violated me. He views himself as someone unsuitable to love or be loved because of who he is. As a close friend of his... I have just never heard him say that before. I mean, yeah, he has put himself down before no matter how many times I've told him he's unique. You must have seen Mewtwo if you know about him. Everything about him is man-made, but he's beautiful. In fact... we literally had a soul-to-soul talk, and he's just so... Oh, Amber, if beauty ever exceeds in itself, it would be Mewtwo. As imperfect as he is, he's gorgeous. Very..."

Upon thinking back on the memory, Mew shuddered, still feeling the lingering touch of his body and their kisses. The thoughts that had gone through her head were still clear: those of dread, anxiety, desire... and regret. She hadn't meant for them to go far. She knew he would stop himself, but when he would had been the real question. All she had wanted to do was forgive him and to give him an opportunity to let him forgive himself. His emotions had been too much. While he loves her, he had gotten out of control to the point he called it lust. But she knew it wasn't true. She put all her trust in him, putting herself on the line, and it paid off the moment she saw the remorseful look in his eyes. The temptation failed, if just barely. Still, she knew he hadn't yet forgiven himself for it.

Amber retained her silence and hold on the trembling Mew, petting her in consolation. Slowly, her eyes closed, and she drew in a breath. "Adam fell that men might be," she let out softly, trailing off.

The petite feline blinked up at her, puzzled. When the girl didn't respond any further, she inquired of her, "And that is?"

The smile grew sad, and she sighed. "Oh, Mew. How could you forget that?"

"Forget what?"

She pulled Mew up to stand alongside her, no signs of any bloodstains on her. "I have something to show you," she whispered, tightly gripping her hand. "I feel you need to know about it."

Questions came to mind, but the feline held her tongue as she was led down an unseen path. Amber was the only light source, and yet their surroundings remained a void. It even felt like they were just walking in place, not moving an inch. As frustrating as it was, she placed her trust in the child that she knew where she was going.

After all, she kept telling herself, if she could find me, then she can find a way out.

It wasn't known how long they were traveling for. Ever since she was placed in this dark place, Mew had lost track of time. All she knew was that the more she felt the pain, the less time she had. However, it was like it all had faded away when the girl visited her. The dull aches of wounds pleading to be healed were still there, but she hadn't felt new ones open, nor felt the urge to hurt herself. In fact, the only objects of interest on her mind were this human and the wellbeing of her friends. Her negativity gone, a small smile grew on her face, thankful to be with Amber.

Then an ear flicked, and she could make out faint sounds of a mournful cry—it almost sounded like they had approached a wake. She looked around, noticing the blackness had toned down to a bluish tint, signs of light nearby. The more it lightened up, the more she realized there were people everywhere, some louder than others; even so, they were alike in some ways. None of them that she could make out were as bright as Amber, albeit still recognizable as humans and Pokémon, and they were all in a state of sadness. They all kept their distances, refusing to say a word to a neighbor or to look at them. Nevertheless, when they walked by, all heads turned in their direction and the mourning stopped.

The Legendary frowned. "Amber... where are we?"

She glanced down. "Spirit Prison. It's where sinners stay."

Mew's expression deepened. "But if we're all sinners... then how is it some people go to a good place like heaven?"

"The majority aren't directly sent to their rightful kingdoms. That's not until the Final Judgment. But when we die, we are judged according to our works, and then are sent to either Spirit Prison, or Spirit Paradise."

"So... this 'Paradise' is where the good people go?"

Amber nodded. "The spotless arrive there, and then they go throughout Prison to teach the people. That way, everyone gets a second chance at life."

After a quick glimpse at a nearby on-looker, she took deep breaths. "So you're telling me I was in Prison, then?"

"Sort of. It was more like isolation. Demons don't judge spirits, it's not in their authority. But they do try and hide away people to the farthest reaches of Prison." The girl slowly let out a breath, and a loving smile graced her face. "They have of yet to succeed at eternal bondage, though."

Mew felt a gasp die in her throat, and a warning sting at her eyes caused her to rub them (thus irritating them once more). "So... Amber? Where are we going, then?"

"To the Veil."

She blinked, wondering if her ears had failed her for a second. "Sorry, what? You mentioned a what?"

The girl laughed quietly, and she swung their arms in a rhythmic motion. "You know, the Veil. It separates the living from the dead."

Her mind suddenly clicked, and she nearly released her hold in surprise when she choked out, "Wait, I'm dead?! But I thought Legion—!"

Slowing to a gait, Amber shook her head when she locked gazes, bending down to her eye-level. "Remember when I said that the moment we die, we are judged? Demons don't judge the dead, Mew, and they certainly don't judge the living. You were taken away by force, led to lose faith, and to hate yourself. While you are in spirit form, because you haven't been judged, you are still free to roam around. Thus, you were able to go into Mewtwo's dream until you were found out." Her smile then transitioned to a solemn beam. "Your friends were praying for you and Mewtwo," she murmured sadly. "They miss you a lot."

Her eyes widened, a watery film dissolving into view. "They know...?"

"Not really." She straightened up. "They just know you and Mewtwo are missing. They've been looking everywhere for you, they're so worried."

Mew pressed a hand to her heart, feeling a twang of happiness at the news. "I'm worried about them, too," she sighed. "I wish... I could let them know that."

Amber took a glance over her shoulder. "You want to see them?" she softly requested.

She snapped her head up with a cautious look. "What's the catch?"

"There's no catch, really. But at the moment... I won't enable you to talk to them just yet."

Her brows slightly rose. "Why? Is there... something wrong?"

Without another word, she gently pulled her through the thinning crowd. Mew began to fear the worst, but hoped at the same time it was more of a technical difficulty with communication, if spirits were capable of running into that. She stole looks from the surrounding spirits, wondering if any of them were aware of anything that may be happening on the other side. From the solemn expressions on their faces, something was going wrong.

Her hand was released when they stopped, and she stared at the most bizarre thing she had ever seen. While it looked like it still continued down into the misty space, even showing other spirits lingering beyond it, there was the hint of a wave as if it was silky fabric with a velvet appearance. The size of it wasn't known, it seemed to rise and stretch into eternity.

Amber gazed upon it with that of love and nostalgia. "Do you know what the Veil's purpose is?" she inquired without tearing away from the sight.

Once she found her voice, Mew shook her head while stuttering, "I-I... well... you mentioned it separates the dead from the living..."

"Do you know why?"


"It's a sign of mercy. If mortals knew what life was before birth and after death, they wouldn't make as many choices as Father would have liked them to make." The girl sighed. "They would have been so homesick... and while Father does want us home, He wants us to be individuals, to 're-discover' ourselves. We're all so different, so unique, it just amazes us all when we find out He has always loved us, and was always there watching over us. And He misses us dearly, but knows that He will not interfere unless we want Him to." She then turned to Mew, smiling at how awe-struck she was.

It took a few moments before the feline would speak. "Are... we going through there?"

"Not yet."

"Then why'd we come here?"

"Being close to the world of the living, we have more access and chances of success to contact the still-living souls past here." She giggled a little. "It's also a little thinner here, so chances are those who are gifted with spiritual eyes can see us."

The Legendary frowned a little. "I've thought I could see spirits lately, before Legion possessed my body," she remarked, glancing over. "Why is that? I never saw them before, so why now?"

Crossing her arms behind her back, Amber replied, "The world's quieter now. And the Spirit World welcomed in so many beings at once, the Veil kinda burst some seams." The thought must have been humorous to her for she laughed. "It was bound to happen anyway. But everyone has the ability to see spirits, it's just that many of us are too... preoccupied to notice."

Mew hung her head a little. "I could have sworn it had to do with clairvoyance..."

"In a way, it does. But you have these gifts for a reason." Reaching out, the child lightly touched the surface, and in a single circular motion smoothed it out flat. Before their eyes, the texture changed into that of glass, and their reflections were clearly seen. Beckoning toward the mirror, she stated, "Look past your reflection if you want to see your friends." Her voice lowered. "But remember not to talk to them. Don't respond to them in any way at all. Just look... and be still."

She was confused and hesitant, but the Legendary obeyed and drifted to the front. Trying to resist staring at her bloody form, she searched around and concentrated at looking beyond. Something in the back of her mind pointed out it was stupid, but she quickly dismissed it. She remained quiet the entire time, becoming aware that everything was darkening. Then, in the depths, physical crowded shapes dissolved in. She slowly took in breath as the figures defined themselves into the Legendaries in mourning stances. They were all silent and refused to look at one another, choosing to stare off into space.

Though Mew didn't know how long she was gone for, she was astonished at how much they had changed. They were no different from before, but their expressions were very grave, and their bodies were covered with grievous wounds. None of them seemed to have attempted to stop the bleeding, nor even noticed their injuries. Very little tears were shed, the most were from Latias and Manaphy. For reasons unknown, a few were missing: Ho-oh, Lugia, Uxie, Azelf and Kyogre. Her heart went out to them, and she felt the gashes on her arms throb.

It was then Darkrai lifted his head and made eye-contact. She felt her insides freeze up at how empty and pale his eyes were. Remembering Amber's statement of some of them being able to see her, and recalling how he was always close to spirits, she calmed down, even bringing a small smile to her lips. It was her way of telling him she was fine; there was no need to worry.

She expected him to raise himself off the ground, but she hadn't looked forward to him announcing to everyone, "It's Mew, she's here!"

They all raised their heads toward her direction, revealing, to her disbelief, empty eyes. All of them exclaimed her name, and rushed forward to crowd around her. Their manner of movement, however, did not excite her. They weren't sounding glad to see her, apprehending her for her disappearance and for her behavior even though it was obvious they were worried. Their voices blended into a cacophonous wail as they all expressed their feelings at once.

"Where have you been, we were looking everywhere for you!"

"What's the deal, eh?!"

"Are you still pissed about the whole 'replenishing the earth' deal?"

"You scared us half-to-death with what you did to Celebi!"

"Where's Mewtwo, what have you done with him?!"

"You're hurt! What'd you do to yourself?!"

"We've wasted three days searching!"

"What the hell, Mew? What. The. Hell?"

"Why aren't you answering, Mew? Answer us!"

She remained in place, quaking under their harsh gazes and words, and feeling cold sweat trickle on her temples. They meant well, she knew that, it was their tone of voices that persuaded her otherwise. As they continued to gripe over her, she felt very uncomfortable and wanted nothing more than to reassure them with her voice. Her throat closed up on her, and her teeth bit down on her lip to keep from breaking Amber's request. Tears stung at the corners of her eyes the longer she stared back at each of them, taking in their darkening expressions and ever-growing bitter words. Her hands had squeezed hard enough to tremble, causing the blood to stream even faster down her arm.

"You're dead, aren't you, Mew?"

"Dead! That explains everything."

"Explains that cut Celebi told us about!"

"She's not dead, or else we wouldn't see her."

"Mew will save us, she's the key to our survival!"

"Save us? She can't even save herself!"

"No matter, we need her back! We need you back, Mew!"

And then they reached out for her, slipping past the mirror and grasping her shoulders. The icy vibes of their touches and dripping blood made her gasp, but also unfortunately release a scream of horror. She was seized from behind and pulled back into the hold of the girl, who began trying to calm her down.

Mew continued to cry out, struggling in a desperate attempt to flee. "OH, GOD, WHAT HAVE I DONE?!"

"Mew, please calm down."


"You didn't do anything to them."


Amber dropped to her knees and squeezed the frightened Legendary into her. "It's not your fault. Nothing about them has changed."

"YOU DON'T KNOW THEM! YOU DON'T KNOW THEM!" She broke down into sobs, her movements receding to feeble twitches and shudders. Her arms fell limp as she continued to wail with every heart-clenching breath. The piercing tears burned her skin and scratches as they rained down, both salty and bloody drops rolling off the child's dress. She continued to choke out words of hatred toward herself and lament for her friends.

Upon digging her fingers into her, she felt some comfort in the child rubbing her back. The girl rested her cheek between her ears, and whispered, "They miss you a lot, Mew."

The feline shook her head. "But not in that way," she whimpered.

"They care about you."

"...I know..."

"You did well."

"How would you know? Did you see them?"

"I could hear them," she said, closing her eyes. "I only saw their arms, though..." Mew shivered, clutching tighter. "They really want you back."

"But why would they act like that?" The girl looked down, no signs of anxiety on her face. The tiny Legendary was slightly envious of how calm she was. "I don't get it. If they miss me so much, why were they talking about me like that?"

Amber simply shrugged. "They must have been so over-joyed, they couldn't think properly. Maybe."

"And their eyes... their bodies..." She pulled back for direct eye-contact. "Amber... what happened to them? Do you know?"

She didn't answer immediately until after she lifted up Mew's left arm for a closer inspection of her gash and her shredded palm. "Legion brought back the Tree."

Her eyes widened, gawking down at her injured hand like it was the plague. She knew the demon had been destroying her body, but how he did it wasn't known, the pain had been too unbearable to tell. However, the news about the Tree of Beginning being brought back threw her off. She figured Legion was taking his sweet time, or that it would have been months before he could find a way to restore it.

Gulping down a gasp, she breathed out, "What did he do to me?"

Lifting her eyes to lock visions, Amber solemnly stated, "You are running out of time. It's only a matter of hours now."

She coughed lightly from improper breathing. "Hours? For what?"

"When the Tree is grown up, it'll feed off the aura available. But... it looks like your blood was used to bring it back."

Mew involuntarily pulled her arm back. "What!"

Standing up, the young lass glanced back at the mirror. "You weren't the only one, though..."

Brows furrowing, she spun around for a look herself, and her hands shot up to her mouth in appall.

In the thick of the dark mist, huddling and clutching at his head, was Mewtwo. He looked like he had gone mad, rocking in place and digging into his face near the eyes as he muttered indistinctly to himself, though they could hear his pitiful whimpers. He had many scratches on his figure, but it was hard to tell if they were intentional or by attack. Few were bleeding badly enough to leave a small puddle beneath him, staining him a deep pink. On closer inspection, she realized most of the blood-loss was from his chest on-up.

Shaking her head in disbelief and gasping out quiet "no"s, Mew flew up to the mirror, pressing her hands to it in the hopes it would let her go through. When it didn't, she cried out "Mewtwo!", gulping down her tears. "What's going on, what happened to you?!"

He made no motion he had heard her. She tried again, slapping the glass repeatedly. "Mewtwo, look at me! I know you can hear me, so please, look at me!"

Still no response as he continued to stare blankly out into space.

Her paws clenching into tight fists, she pounded hard on the mirror's surface. "MEWTWO, ANSWER ME, PLEASE!" she hollered, voice cracking in the process.

Amber pulled her back. "He can't hear you in this state."

The feline jerked away and resumed her hammering. "MEWTWO!"

"Mew, you're only hurting yourself further—"


"Mew, listen—"

"WHAT DO YOU WANT?!" she shrilled at the girl, tears flying from her eyes when she spun around. Her face was contorted in a mixture of rage and sorrow, sobs attempting to rip out of her throat.

Unfazed by her lashing out, Amber gave her calm response. "Mewtwo has closed himself off from all communication, though it may have been forced. He's torn between life and death."

"Not possible!" Mew snapped. "He's strong-willed, he could never lower himself as such!"

"Not unless he's been subjected to enough pain."

"You're wrong!"

Amber slightly dipped her chin in. "Mew... does he have a weakness?"

"No, what?! Weakness?! Mewtwo doesn't have a weakness that I—" She angrily shook her head. "He's the strongest Pokémon in the world! How can he have a weakness?"

Much to her dismay, the child smiled. "How do you know he hasn't developed one over the years?"

Mew grasped her trembling paw at the wrist. She's just a child, she doesn't know better... Taking a deep breath, she enunciated, "He is the strongest Pokémon in the world. He cannot have a weakness."

"Everyone has one, Mew. Mainly on the inside." She reached out to lightly lay a hand on her chest. The gesture left the Legendary breathless. "Mewtwo has a heart, right?"

"If he didn't he wouldn't be living, would he?"

Amber giggled a little. "I meant he has feelings, right?"

Swallowing, she nodded. "Yes... he always has..."

"How do you know?"

Glancing over her shoulder at her silent mate, she murmured, "If he wasn't angry, he showed a kind of fondness towards a lot of things. Though they were born out of a hatred for the world, he cared for his clones like they were his family. He told me that when they separated, he had felt it was for their own good. He couldn't continue protecting them, but he couldn't keep them close by either. They needed their space... at the risk of being forever apart."

"Is that his weakness?"

"...in a way..."

"Is there anything else?"

She took a breath. "Well... as time passed, he did show compassion for the human race, and other Pokémon. Most notably with me... he stopped wanting to kill me after we became friends."

Clutching her hands, the girl pressured, "And you?"

Scrunching her eyes shut, Mew couldn't help but think back to Mewtwo's confession with Ho-oh. He had trembled from the thought of her and stuttered at the mention of her name. His spilling of his heart made her very own ache, and she had desperately then wanted to open up to him. The unfortunate events that followed only postponed it. She had her chance when he was dreaming, but it was once more put on hold to make room for their passionate moment. Whether or not his heart was into it, hers surely was, and thankfully he had managed to feel it before their separation.

But... how much did it hurt him? How much did it take to break him?

Looking teary-eyed back up at the child, she whispered breathlessly, "For God's sake, Amber... let him die. Look at him. He's been through enough. Legion's torn him apart in my absence. It's obvious he loves me with all his heart, but it's hurting him. Please... fetch him and bring him here. He needs to be at peace."

Though she had expected it, Amber shook her head. "It's not his time yet."

"But it wasn't my time either, and yet here I am!"

"Mew, I told you you're not dead."

"Neither is he!" she gasped out, gesturing toward Mewtwo. "But he at least didn't kill himself! Those wounds aren't of his doing," she held out her arms, "unlike my doing! I deserved my punishment, he hasn't for his!"

Tearing her eyes away from the gashes, the young lass sighed. "Do you want to die, Mew?"

She stumbled at the question. "Wha... err... n-no... No, I don't. Not really..."

"So why do you want your mate to die and not you?"

Her hands clenched tightly, though she barely noticed. "I don't want him to suffer," she growled out. "He's gone through a lot in his life. He has that small desire to die, he's expressed it before."

Amber stepped forward to clasp the feline's small paws. "Mew... you don't want to die," she reviewed, "but you want Mewtwo to die. This selfish wish of yours will only make your miseries worse. He wants to be with you, and you want to be with him. But there's nothing to gain with the both of you here prematurely, and if you are separated by the Veil for a long period of time, your sadness will only grow. And... your love will die." A solemn smile flashed for a moment. "While in time you both may find a new love, the special bond you two developed will be that ugly scar your new mate will forever see. It won't ever be as special, as pure, as this." Kneeling, she retained her hold on Mew's hands as her eyes softened. "Can you feel it, Mew? Can you feel his pain? His sorrow? His love?"

The Legendary bit her lip when it quivered, an icy shiver extending from within her heart. She couldn't bring herself to verbally deny it, neither could she express that she felt it. Her pain had been strong enough to overcome it, though she knew the whole time it hadn't been hers. While her wounds dulled in time, the throbs remained to be a constant reminder. However... the more she thought about it, it was only then she realized it wasn't physical, it was instead emotional.

A foreign, yet familiar emotional response...


She turned around, quietly gasping at Mewtwo's tall figure beyond her reflection. His stance was shaky and hunched, the blood trickling down his form more freely. His wide violet gaze clenched her heart when their eyes met. Gingerly he stepped forward, taking long, slow strides for the mirror, reaching out his hands in a pleading manner.

In an instant, Mew shot up, pressing her hands on the glass. "Stop!" she cried out. "Don't come any closer!"

He wordlessly obeyed, fingers barely touching the surface. He stared down at her, visibly pained at her rejection. She swallowed down the lump before shaking her head. "You can't come here, Mewtwo," she choked out, feeling as though her heart was starting to break. "I-I won't let you."

He fell to his knees, trembling hands remaining stretched out. When he spoke, it just about ripped her in two like she feared. "Mew... I want to be with you..."

Her tears overflowed as she hung her head. "I know you do... but you can't die."

"I will not die—"

"Yes, you will!" Mew declared amidst her crying. "This side is the Spirit World! You pass through this mirror, you are going to die, and Legion will have won!" Her hands curled into loose fists as her levitation wavered. "A-And we won't be together. We'll be separated..."

"...Mew, we will still be together."

"ARE YOU BLIND, MEWTWO?!" She pressed her wrists up against the mirror, smearing the blood around. "I KILLED MYSELF! I AM LITERALLY IN A PERSONAL HELL BECAUSE OF IT!" Demoted to pitiful wails, Mew pounded the glass, wishing it would shatter to reunite them and cut herself up at the same time. "I'm a murderer! I can't be saved because I took lives away before their time! I killed them, I killed them! They took my baby! My baby... she took my baby..."

Battered by sobs, she collapsed onto the floor. The horrid memory of her miscarriage returned, clearer than ever, recalling the massive pain of the baby being cut out of her. Then there was Bridget's sincere apology about the infant's death, and "Sir" demanding she be re-impregnated. The blinding rage couldn't conceal what she had done. She was aware of what she did to the scientists, every one of them, in gruesome detail. The pungent stench of blood that had excited her so, the pleasure of hearing their screams of torture was the end result of her becoming a monster. She had felt no sympathy for any of them until after the carnage when she was subjected to the hauntings of their memory.

And the near-death of her soul.

Unexpectedly, her paws were grasped and lightly squeezed, startling her back to reality. Mew quietly gasped and gazed wide-eyed up at Mewtwo, whose benevolent expression made her weep harder. She leaned upon the mirror, wanting his warm embrace, but accepting their interlocked hands all the same. The seemingly insignificant contact made her feel loved, the moment growing more intimate when he reached forward to brush away her tears; it was a silent gesture of forgiveness and understanding. She welcomed the touch, grabbing onto his arm to keep it in place.

A look of longing transitioned into his eyes that very moment. Letting out a sad sigh, he muttered, "It was never your fault to begin with."

She deeply frowned, burying half of her face into his palm. "How would you know, Mewtwo?" she murmured out, slowly shaking her head. "You don't have a clue as to how I feel right now."

He gently pulled away from her grip to lay his fingertips on her chest. Her breath caught looking back at him. A small smile on his lips, Mewtwo lifted her chin up. "Then I propose we start opening up to each other now." The beam faltered. "It... may be our only chance."

Mew dipped her chin back in, then glanced over her shoulder at Amber. The girl had moved back to give them space, and she grinned when they made eye-contact, waving in encouragement. Taking a breath, she looked back at her mate, and rose closer to his eye-level. She stroked the glass where she would have touched his cheek, pressing her forehead against the cool surface.

"Mewtwo... what's the point? We're separated by life and death. In our positions, we should know each other by now. Well... I should, anyway... being a spirit and all."

Surprisingly, he didn't appear to be disappointed with her response. He just reached through the mirror once again to cup her face. "I did not mean by that, Mew. Do you remember what happened the last time we were together?"

She bit her lip, nodding. "What are you getting at, Mewtwo?"

His hands slipped down to her shoulders. "There was something special about our last kiss. Legion knows about it. He said our kiss had such a high commitment, it was almost celestial. That was when we developed a bond within our hearts that allows us to feel each other's emotions. Do you know what I am talking about?"

Mew involuntarily placed a hand on her chest, eyes beginning to well up as she nodded vigorously. After a few hesitated breaths, she whispered out, "What does it mean?"

"I am unsure myself, though possibly we can renew it or strengthen it. It seems nearly impossible physically, but how about spiritually?"

She shivered a little. "Mewtwo, you're not suggesting we... you know?"

He rubbed her shoulders. "No, this is not the time nor place for that." He thoughtfully ducked his head for a few moments. "Mew, dear..." Her heart leapt into her throat at the word, and she had that feeling his did as well when he struggled to continue. "...y-you know everything is in chaos, especially now that the Tree is back. Legion has weakened me in an effort to fulfill his plan. Our friends... I am speculating they are in a bad spot as well. And you... oh, Mew..." His thumb wiped at the claw marks on her face, visibly choking back tears. "Where did we go wrong?"

Mew only shook her head. "It doesn't matter, Mewtwo... there's nothing we can do now."

He tightened his hold, causing her to tense. "No... no, there has to be a way. I know there is."

"Does it have to do with whatever it is you want us to do together?"

"Probably not. But in the long-run... at least we will be together."

She wavered in her levitation, supporting herself beside the mirror. "Mewtwo, if it means coming over here, my answer's still 'no'," she moaned, a little disappointed. "I can't have you die like this."

The corners of his mouth upturned briefly. "It has nothing to do with death. I promise."

Suddenly, there was a reverberating twang in her heart, the waves rolling through her body leaving her breathless. Their gazes fully locking, Mew acted on her own accord by flattening up against the glass, lips scarcely touching the surface. Mewtwo rested a shaky hand behind her head as he leaned forward, slipping seamlessly through to brush a tender kiss to her mouth. Just as they made contact, the tiny Legendary felt herself fall into him, enabling her to wrap her arms around his neck in response.

Once they touched, it felt like liquid fire replaced the blood in their veins. The surprise of it all jumpstarted their breathing, and when they gasped in unison, they tightened their embrace to keep steady and resumed the kiss. Immediately, Mew could feel the aches of her wounds flaring up due to the quickening beats of her heart, but she unheeded them. Almost like it was second nature, she opened up further to exchange part of her soul.

It was then she could feel rising from the depths of his soul a craving to press her onto a flat surface and have his way with her—she naturally considered it. His fingers twitched against her body as the carnal desire pulsed in the air, a deep groan thrumming in his chest. The touch alone was enough for her mind to ecstatically fantasize about what he would do to her, yet she recognized the brief flashes were nothing more than snippets of dreams. Moving on to the memory of their previous encounter, as real and erotic as it was, she had known from the start it had been manufactured by an outside force to exploit their feelings. It mercilessly mocked Mewtwo as an individual, doing its damnedest to beat him into submission and compromise his character, and she unintentionally aided it.

She dropped everything when it suddenly felt like a hand took her troubled heart into its gentle grasp to soothe it, and she recalled his pained expression as he held her in his arms. Quivering, her paws slid to his jaw but dared not push him away, instead softening the kiss by cradling his lips, shaking her head to fight back tears. The clone quietly moaned in return, and as his trembling and passion slowly receded, his hands loosened without pulling away.

And then she gave a plea from the bottom of her heart. There was nothing pitiful about it, neither a spur of the moment or a well-thought-out line. It wasn't even physical, yet it felt like she expelled it into his mouth and down to his core. She didn't know if it would even reach him.

Don't leave me.

To her utmost surprise, almost momentarily, he paused above her with shallow breaths and the taste of tears—her tears—on his lips. Mew let out a muffled mewl, trying to dam up the rest as the kiss was reluctantly broken with a slow sigh. Taking a breath, her eyes opened to find him hovering over her, irises the brightest she had ever seen them. He lovingly smoothed a thumb down her cheek, swallowing a lump in his throat.

"I can never leave you, Mew," he quietly uttered, giving a gentle headbutt. "I am always with you... as long as we can feel one another here," and he gestured to her heart.

She blinked in amazement up at him before she gave him a tiny smile. "It worked..."

He chuckled lightly. "Indeed." He then winced slightly, his hands clenching before releasing her. "I hope you will find a way back, Mew. We need you."

Mew nodded, still feeling light from the bonding. "I know... I'm sure I will, though. I never would have found my way here, honestly." She gave a giggle, wiping at her eyes. "I'm just so thankful I was found."

Mewtwo rose his brows, looking over her shoulder. "Found by whom? Are they here?"

She paused, glancing back at Amber who hadn't moved from her spot, still with her trademark smile. While it saddened her that the clone possibly couldn't see her, she remembered that she couldn't fully see him beyond the mirror, either. Deeply inhaling, Mew verbally expressed, "A little angel who led me back to you." She spun back around to see him crack a smile at her statement, making her flush. "It is the Spirit World, after all."

"Will this angel know how to bring you back to us?"

"I'm sure. She's very well informed."

Pleased about her answer, Mewtwo caressed her face and touched foreheads once more. "I love you, Mew," he breathed out, a soft light in his eyes.

Mew extended a paw to touch his cheek, only to find the mirror had regenerated itself between them. Taking a breath to steady herself, she resorted to holding his hand, closing her eyes. "I love you, too... Mewtwo..."

He squeezed back before pulling away, leaving an impression behind. She didn't dare look back up until arms wrapped around her. She was met with the sight of their reflections, and nothing more.

They were silent for a while until the feline finally found her voice. "Amber... will I be able to return home to my body?"

The girl nodded. "You will."


She tightened the embrace. "Very soon. Just give them a chance to discover themselves again."

Mew blinked in confusion. "What do you mean by that?"

Amber giggled. "While they can't defeat their enemy, they can at least escape by means of being themselves."

She understood enough she went ahead to question on another topic of interest. "How much of Mewtwo did you see... by the way?"

A dreamy smile appeared on the child's face, her gaze almost that of a far-away look. "Enough to know he's how I've always seen him... and that he loves you very much."

Mew frowned slightly, turning her back on the mirror. "Amber, do you know why it was Mewtwo and I were able to be together like that?" She fiddled with her fingers. "Um... you saw it, right? The mirror seemed to have let me through... or it disappeared or something..."

Looking back up, she was taken aback at how puzzled Amber was herself. "To be honest, Mew, that has never happened before, that I know of." She shrugged with a laugh. "But it's a sign you two have transcended death itself to that of a celestial status."

A chill ran up her spine. "What... exactly does that mean?"

She took her hands, and happily explained, "You and Mewtwo are life-mates even after death. You helped strengthen and renew that bond, didn't you feel it? A burning feeling?" Her smile widened at Mew's shocked expression, eyes sparkling with joy. "Excuse me for being so excited over it, it was the first time I saw a couple being sealed together. Personally, anyway."

The Legendary could hardly believe what Amber was saying, but the peaceful, warm sensation deep inside her was testifying of it otherwise. Thinking back on it, it had been so overwhelming she could hardly handle it; even Mewtwo had been struggling throughout it. Strangely enough, however, she could have sworn it was circulating through them both the entire time, so they shared the same emotions and pain.

Laying a hand over her heart, Mew no longer had a lingering doubt that he truly loved her. She didn't want him to leave, wanting nothing more than for them to always be together, but knew deep down that their current conditions would have made it impossible without consequences. As much as it hurt to let him go back, she had been at peace, like she knew everything would be okay no matter what happened.

Her thoughts and heart set on Mewtwo's wellbeing, she felt once more the great pain and sorrow crying out from his depths, along with a plea for death. However, now that his love for her was absolute, his will to live was rekindling, as well as the desire to keep her pure no matter what Legion was going to throw his way. Despite everything the demon had crushed to reach his soul, he had failed to take away that love, and now there was a new special bond between them.

Mew smiled, comforted with the knowledge that come what may, she had his heart forever.
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