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Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
Severe or not, there is Mood Whiplash ahead. Not that you needed to know if you got this far.

This is “R” for a reason. Reader discretion is advised.



Chapter Seventeen: Confrontation

"My first cry never-ending
All life is to fear for life
You fool, you wanderer
You challenged the gods and lost"

-- "Planet Hell", Nightwish, "Once"


For the whole time they stood before it, the Veil was curiously rippling like someone was batting at it on the other side. As hypnotizing as it was, it brought some concern to Mew. "Does it always do this?"

The girl gave a slight shrug. "I'm not entirely sure. The only time I can think of when it did this was when the world ended, only more violently. Though whenever a multitude of people die, it does move a lot, if that's what you're asking about."

Her heart clenched in fear. "Y-You mean... they're dying?"

"You can say that." Amber hung her head a little. "They're losing. They haven't had time to get their strength back. Even if they were perfectly healthy, the strength of these demons is unlimited. They cannot fight them on their own."

Shaking her head, the feline grasped tightly onto her sleeve. "But Amber! They can't die! They just can't!"

"That's why I brought you back here. You have to take back your body, and you and Mewtwo have to destroy the Tree."

Her eyes slowly widened, her fingers unraveling themselves from the cloth to hover. "...I thought we're neutralizing it," she breathed out.

Amber gave a short nod. "You are, but you have to kill it when it's neutralized."

"But why?!" came the abrupt cry. "Isn't it already dying anyway?!"

The girl's head hung, a look of hurt on her face. "It's very ill, so naturally it would be," she sighed out. "If we keep it alive, it will poison the whole earth. Besides, the world doesn't need it anymore. It isn't fulfilling its original purpose now that you are no longer its guardian."

Mew quietly whimpered, looking back at the writhing Veil. She trembled from the mixture of anger and sadness shooting throughout her body, feeling the blood weakly pumping through the open wounds. Staring ahead, she choked down her sobs as her mind wandered back to her friends fighting on the other side. She could sense their distress, could even feel the flicker of souls at the edge of death. As much as she didn't want to admit it, she knew they weren't going to make it.

When the child's hand curled around her fingers, she squeezed back. Amber's voice was calm, almost dark. "Mew... I must warn you that the moment you pass through, Legion will sense you there, maybe even see you. It is a very difficult task to enter back into your body and cast him out, but I know you can do it." Releasing her paw, she gently pet her head. "You are strong enough to fight back. As long as your will overpowers his, he can never possess you again."

The petite Legendary let out another small sound of protest, hanging her head to close her eyes. She was supposed to feel comforted by her soft hand, but somehow couldn't bring herself to relax. Grasping at her arms when she shivered, she murmured without looking up, "Amber... please tell me how you died."

She gave a sad smile, pulling her hand back and gazing up at the endless curtain. Standing straight, she started off, "I was born into a good, loving family. We lived well for living out in the suburbs, what with Papa being a scientist. This meant that at most times, he was away working, so it was Mama and I for most days. But luckily, Papa had one day off a week so we could spend time together. We would go out for drives, walks in the park, the movies in town, just about whatever. We were very happy together, but Papa was more happy. I think he and Mama were ready to give me a brother or sister."

Amber giggled lightly before sighing. "One day, we had gone out driving. It was normal, and it was a sunny day. I hadn't sat by the window before this time, so I felt bigger sitting right behind Papa. I was on my knees like I usually did, watching Papa work the wheel... when all of a sudden, this large truck came for us. Papa had to turn very hard, Mama was horrified, and I barely caught myself from falling to the floor. And then the car flipped over, and we rolled into a ditch. We hadn't worn our seat belts. Mama and Papa managed to get through okay, but I was bleeding very badly. The ambulance arrived just as I passed out from laughter... talking to Papa about becoming a star..."

Mew had her full attention on her by this time, her eyes wide in silent shock. The young lass seemed to feel her stare upon noticing she had trailed off. "I had returned home for maybe no longer than an hour when Father told me He had something special for me. My parents had separated down on Earth when Papa became obsessed about bringing me back. Father was sad about it all, but He told me He was willing to give Papa a second chance. I knew Papa was working for a wicked man out of desperation, and that man wanted a very powerful Pokémon in return. I watched as Papa took a trip to the Amazon where they stayed for a good few months before they found a fossil. They studied it carefully while Papa worked in the background to make a new body of myself. This was when Father asked me to go inhabit the new body for a short while until He would call me back. So when it was ready, I went back down. Because I passed through the Veil, I had to forget about what Heaven was like, but I guess Father allowed me to keep some memories. I was also able to see spirits from time to time. But they were the bad spirits... they told everyone there bad things..."

The feline lay a hand on her shoulder when Amber started to quake. They gazed at each other for a few moments before the girl took a breath. "Sorry about that," she apologized, brushing away her bangs. "I was there in that tube for quite some time. Papa would talk to me about the current events, about his own private thoughts. He was heartbroken ever since I died and Mama left him. I had asked once where she went. He didn't really say, though he had mentioned something about her probably seeing another man. He never knew Mama killed herself. Imagine my surprise when I saw her standing and crying behind Papa when he was working. That was the only time I saw her."

Mew spotted a tear at the corner of her eye before the girl blinked it away. "Well, after a while, Papa and his group figured out about the DNA, and they created Mewtwo's body and a few other Pokémon as well." A tiny smile found its way to her lips. "I watched as their spirits descended into the bodies to give them life. I didn't know then why that was, but I do now. Father wanted Papa to learn a lesson from all this. He loved Papa very much that he was trying to humble him about life. Papa never accepted the fact I was dead, and he forgot all the things he taught me about life.

"It took a few months before Mewtwo and the others matured enough to have strong brainwaves. I decided then to contact them. They were confused, and yet curious. I had grown to love them by this time, so when I had finally talked to them and began answering their questions, I felt like a big sister to them, maybe even a mother-figure. So I taught them to count, how to spell, to memorize body parts and what they do..." She giggled. "I even went ahead to show them what the outside world looked like, like where I lived, what my Papa and his workers ate and drank, all kinds of things. We had fun together, and I was happy to see they were growing up. I had felt a strong bond toward Mewtwo the moment Papa introduced him to me, and thus I was very close to him. During the time we were together, he had this undying love for learning. He was always saying to me, 'More, Amber, more! I want to learn more!'"

The two found themselves chuckling over it. Mew grinned at imagining a young Mewtwo tugging on Amber's dress and asking many questions. "Wow, Amber, how did you manage to answer all of his questions?" she inquired. "You two were young. How did you do it?"

"I don't know myself. I suppose as a child, you just know everything." Then her face suddenly faltered, and the Legendary felt in her heart something was wrong. She was quiet for a minute, eyes glazing over in a faraway look until she gradually found her way back to reality. "And then one night... we were looking at the moon above us, just talking. Well actually, he was asking questions, and I was answering him, like always. Then he asked me 'Why are we born?', to which I told him there was a mother and a father. He wanted to know who his parents were... and I was stumped for the first time. I had almost forgotten why he was there, why I was there. When one is growing in a tank in a laboratory, you don't learn the important things in life, like what a family is, what love is, and so on. In fact, by that time, I didn't know Papa anymore. He had become so different, and was gone a lot, I nearly forgot he was even there. Even though Mewtwo was being created to be something else entirely, I made sure he was loved everyday. I made sure he laughed all the time, in the hopes he would remember it when he was out doing... whatever they were going to make him do."

Amber reached over to clasp hands with Mew. "The only answer I could come up for him was that God was his parent... and that He was mine, even though Papa was technically my father. Then I ended up telling him he was a Pokémon, and he thought I was one as well. Which is funny in a way, since the first time we met, that was the first thing I taught him. I told him Pokémon are a little stronger than humans, hinting that he was in perfect health. Did I mention that my body was weakening every day while in that tank?"

Though she shook her head, the feline murmured, "But I figured that was the case. You never did step foot outside, did you?"

The girl squeezed her paw before resuming, "It was at that moment I heard my name being called. Not physically, but in my heart. 'Amber, your work is done. It's time to come home.' And I felt my body begin to die. Mewtwo didn't know what was wrong, but I couldn't tell him I was dying. I just couldn't... so I told him to live... and that I was thankful to have been with him. Then he began to cry, not knowing why he was crying. It was then I realized something. Whether it was because of his DNA, or my doing, he was part human. Pokémon rarely cry, and when they do, it's because they hurt. However, Pokémon have feelings, they always have. It's what makes them human if only for a moment. There are those special Pokémon who are more human than we are, Mewtwo being one of them. He didn't know why I was leaving, but he understood enough that he was upset. He cried for me... screamed out my name as I ascended back into Heaven.

"I was honestly upset myself, even told off Father about it. He is very understanding, and He reminded me that I was going to die even had my body survived into adulthood. That's the curse of mortality. Mewtwo is going to live a long life, longer than most Pokémon, so he would have out-lived me anyway. But happily, I was assigned to be Mewtwo's guide, or guardian angel as you put it, and I've been watching him since."

She closed her eyes for a few moments, smiling at the memories of her friend. When she looked down at Mew, the Legendary was holding back her sobs, her tears dripping off her cheeks. Filled with sympathy, gratitude and sadness, Amber knelt down to throw her arms around her tiny companion. The feline returned the hug, burying her face into her chest to weep. They held each other for what they hoped to have been a long, peaceful time, the worries of the other side forgotten for the moment to make room for the impact of emotions. The girl calmly rubbed Mew's back, not bothering to fight back the stray tears that found their way out.

Before long, all she could hear was the hiccups stifling themselves in her dress. Laying her head between her ears, the angel whispered in a loving tone, "Mew... thank you for your tears. But please don't cry for me. I had my chance to cry, and I chose to go out with a smile. Mewtwo's tears couldn't bring me, his best friend, back to life. What chance do you have of bringing me back to life? I have been dead for hundreds of years, my mortal body is long gone. Mewtwo will not remember me. But you will." After a squeeze to her shoulder, Amber stepped back a few feet.

Mew gazed tearfully at her shining smile, feeling no desire to leave her. It tore at her heart when the girl slowly shook her head. "I cannot keep you here any longer," she sighed out. "It's not your time right now. Mewtwo is looking for you, he's in more desperate need for your help than I am. Go to him, and live. We will be here when you return."

The feline sniffled. "'We'?"

A wide grin spread on Amber's bright face, and she extended her arms out beside her. Dissolving out of the darkness came a silver film. Upon taking a closer inspection, the Legendary slowly gasped in awe, watching as personages walked into view. On one side stood a throng of people, dressed all in white robes or dresses, with loving smiles on their faces. Though she was quite sure it was because she had been in the Spirit World for so long, she felt she knew many, if not all of them. Flashing through her mind were images of them in their mortal life, from when she saw them as children, as adults, and in between. They were the few who knew of her existence, the few who kept their encounters prized in their hearts, never telling another soul about it. Many were pure in their hearts, others were courageous, while some were misguided for a time. As she cast her eyes about them, they all nodded in silent encouragement.

Placing a hand to her heart, Mew looked over to see a multitude of Pokémon standing in the same manner as the humans. And much like with them, she knew every one. Together in one place like a family were the clones, along with their originals and families. She felt joy at how they had found their happiness, their own special place on this side of the Veil. It took her a few moments before she recognized the larvae children as how they were as adults, catching the innocence in their eyes. She had to cover her mouth when she sobbed, feeling the tears once again.

Closing her eyes tightly, she took a deep breath before looking back up, and nearly gasped. Standing close by was a figure very much like herself, albeit slightly bigger. Everything was how she still remembered about her, from her posture to her eyes—she had never forgotten those eyes. She had missed the love that dwelled deep inside them from the day she was born; it was the love that taught her hope and life.

Unable to hold it in any longer, she rushed forward and threw her arms around her with a wail. "Oh, Mother, you're back! You're back!" She received a tight hug and a nuzzle against her head as a reply. A quiet purr escaped from Mew, and she squeezed her more. "I missed you so much, Mother, it's been... it's been forever." Grasping her mother's paws, she smiled tearfully. "I never forgot you, I swear. But you were gone so quickly... I stayed hidden for a couple of days waiting for you to return, but you never did. I was so alone..."

Her parent only raised a hand to wipe at her eyes, and almost immediately her childlike instincts made her mumble a protest, bringing a smile to her mother's face. "You did well, dear," she sighed out. Her voice was softer than she remembered it to have been. "I'm proud of you. I had faith in you ever since you were conceived. And now here you are, a beautiful, strong, mature female who knows her purpose in the world."

Mew blushed a little, hanging her head. "Actually, Mother... I prefer being called a woman."

To her surprise, she grinned. "Even better."

She smiled as well until a thought came to her head. Lifting her head to scan the crowd, she frowned a little. "...where's my father?"

Her mother's smile never faltered, though it became sad. "He's not with us. We were... not as close as we thought we were."

Mew felt something sink in her chest, and her arms dropped. The desire to see her father's face depleted from disappointment. "I'm sorry..."

"Don't be, I'm more happy for you. I was honestly surprised how you and Mewtwo have gotten along over the past few centuries. Though to tell you the truth, you didn't have any other choice."


She laughed heartily at the heavy blush on her daughter's face. "Oh ho ho, I've waited all these years to finally say that! That's one thing off my chest!"

"Don't tell me you have more!" she groaned in disbelief.

"I'll save those some other time. Mostly for when your mate is around." And she laughed again.

Mew's ears flattened a little in embarrassment when she dropped her eyes. She loosened up when two familiar characters stepped forward, big smiles on their faces. "Pikatwo, Meowtwo! Oh, I'm so happy to see you!" She reached down to give them hugs.

They returned it awkwardly before the Meowth cleared his throat. "We just wanted to say we're so happy you and Mewtwo are together. Pikatwo and I and the others were worried he'd be alone forever. He never did show interest in finding a mate."

"But boy was he jealous of us," Pikatwo smirked, nudging his friend. "I could tell by the way he looked at our kids. You noticed?"

"To me, he looked like he was plotting to eat them."

The Legendary stole a quick glance at her mother, nervously grinning. "Mewtwo would never do that."

"Oh yeah, he wouldn't," Pikatwo agreed. "He'd just go on saying how he was never going to have kids. But we know better."

"It was only a matter of time." The Meowth raised a quirky brow at Mew. "Isn't that right, Mew?"

She twiddled her fingers in further anxiety. "Yeah... um... Was that all you wanted to tell me?"

"Naw, just came by to say hello, maybe introduce you to the kids, and say good luck."

Pikatwo rolled his eyes, hiding a chuckle. "Thanks for keeping him company, Mew," he added, giving a thumbs-up. "We really appreciate you looking out for the big guy. If we weren't so caught up all the time, we would have visited him more often instead of him looking for us whenever he felt like it."

"You were 'caught up', I was baby-sitting," Meowtwo muttered, shooting him a look.

Mew forced herself to laugh to brush off the awkwardness. "Oh, you are so welcome, you two! But you seriously didn't have to thank me. I have always enjoyed being with Mewtwo. I should thank you two for keeping him sane for so long. I would have been unable to without you."

They both blushed and gave toothy grins.

Her heart soaring, she grasped their faces to plant a kiss to their foreheads (giggling when they bristled in shock) before pulling away. Turning back around, she smiled at her mother and gave her one last hug. "Thank you for everything," she murmured, snuggling into her neck. "You did your best to care for me. Though you didn't teach me everything, that belief that I'd see you again has always been with me. It kept me alive this long... I think I can last another hundred years without you."

She cupped her face when they separated. "I know you can. I let you go sooner than I would have liked, but I honestly cannot see it happening any other way." She gently kissed her daughter's forehead. "Go to him, sweetheart. He needs you more than I do."

Nodding, Mew headed back for the Veil, pausing before it for one last look. When a thought came to mind, she frowned solemnly, hanging her head. "I'm going to forget all of this... aren't I?" she murmured.

"Only when you enter your body again."

She lightly gasped, spinning around to face whoever spoke. Her eyes widened at the sight of a tall, beautiful woman standing a few feet away. She took in her white countenance, at how silver and lengthy her curly hair was, the angel sleeves and dress trailing on the ground—her perfection in general. When they made eye-contact, blue-on-sapphire, Mew felt at peace and a love she had nearly dismissed. She wavered in place, overwhelmed by it all.

"...Amber? This... this is you?"

The woman grinned brightly and nodded. "This is my perfect body, the way Father made me." She let out a laugh similar to that of her younger self. "There is a reason I remained as a child for you, Myriam."

The feline's heart jolted. "How do you know my name? O-Only my close family members can..."

Amber stepped forward to kneel before her. "I will give you a few guesses, and the first two do not count." She winked, sending Mew into shivers. Tilting her chin up, she resumed, "You know, I recall that many years ago, Mewtwo made a promise to himself to never cry. How can you blame him, being forced to become someone he is not. But though his heart did soften over the years, he remained strong in that belief because he believed he is strong enough not to." A sweet smile manifested itself on her smooth face. "You are very special to him, Myriam. I hope you realize that."

Mew couldn't keep her tears back as they came on their own accord. She was vaguely aware it wasn't a regular cry. "Thank you for showing me that, Amber," she murmured. "I fought it for so long... I was so upset... and so selfish..." Hiccuping, she gazed back up at her, and quietly lamented, "I-I don't want to forget. I want to remember you a-and everything you told me."

The angel gave a surprisingly mischievous smile. "I will see if I can tweak some strings. I cannot promise you will remember everything though." Giggling, she leaned forward and softly pressed her lips to her forehead. "I will see you later, Myriam. Be careful." She stepped back to be among the crowd.

Taking in the multitude, hoping it will be burned into her subconscious, Mew waved to them, bringing a small smile upon her face. Then, deeply inhaling, she slipped through the Veil.


Mewtwo had underestimated himself. He wasn't unsure where the Heart was, he was exactly unsure. He knew where the so-called bedchamber was, but he guessed where to go from there. Legion had taken care not to show him too much of the Tree, and even from what he could see, everything looked the same. The only sense of direction he had was the dismay deep inside him. He was certain he was sensitive enough to the demon's aura by the way it gripped his heart, for the closer he got, the more he shivered and had to will himself to continue forward.

He strained his broken body beyond its limits and necessities the further he climbed. He feared going through the tunnels, as any sound he'd make would be reverberated off the crystalline walls and possibly attract the minions or white blood cells. It didn't help that his labored breathing often choked him, and there were plenty of loose rocks he slipped on. While resting or in hiding, he tried to heal himself, though he was still fairly weak to do much more than close up shallow wounds. He would stare at the vial still clenched in his hand, arguing with himself about drinking it or not. His heart overcame him every time.

Upon rounding a corner, his back stung when a sharp chill ran down his spine, forcing Mewtwo to claw into the wall to keep his balance. He swallowed down nausea amidst his rapid breathing, staring in horror at the entrance looming down the tunnel. He couldn't tear his eyes away from the Heart, feeling a strong tug in its direction like it was reeling him in—it called for him. It was the sight of Legion in front of the lily that kept him from running inside. The psycat's knees quaked as he gazed at Mew's back, now on the brink of tears.

Shaking his head to clear a headache, he turned away, taking in deep breaths. "Calm down, Mewtwo," he murmured to himself, despite it making his tremors worse. "Y-You can do this... you stood up to Legion before... Just have to destroy the Heart..."

As Mew filled his thoughts upon glancing at the water, he gingerly made his way toward the room, trying desperately to keep from falling to a crawl. The aura spilling from the chamber was very heavy, a sign the demon wasn't happy. Sweat formed on his palms, making it harder to grip onto the wall and the vial without worry of cracking it. He avoided looking at Legion as he advanced inside, finding it harder to breathe than before. It was once he was in far enough that he quietly eased down on all fours and slipped behind a spire.

I have to go around, he thought as he assessed the Heart. I hope there are enough of these crystals to keep me concealed—

"It is meaningless to think you can roam around undetected," Mew's echoed voice stated in a matter-of-fact tone, startling him. "The crystals react to your presence, strangely enough." There was a short pause. "And also, you are wheezing a bit. You are not in the condition to move. How you got here without passing out eludes me."

Sucking in a harsh breath (thus proving her point even further), Mewtwo stood up. Mew had made no indication she had looked behind her. The only visible movement was her rhythmic flicking of the wrist. He found himself nearly mesmerized by it.

"Did you want something, darling?" she inquired of him. "Thinking about apologizing for what you said to me? For what you did to me?" She rolled her head in a circle so small pops could be heard, making him flinch. "You have some explaining to do."

Slightly shaking his head, he responded, "I-I came to stop you, Legion."

A quiet, cruel laugh immediately escaped her. "With that attitude? Hell, you cannot even stand without supporting yourself. What makes you think you are adept enough to challenge me?"

"Legion, you have tormented us long enough," he added on, quickly stepping away from the spire. "I ask of you to release Mew and leave us in peace."

She laughed again, most likely as a mockery. "I was half-expecting you to beg for release. Guess I have been underestimating you." She fell silent for a long moment, the aura becoming a huge burden on the clone's shoulders. He shifted nervously where he stood, daring to step closer, hardly looking away from her circling wrist. "By the way, Mewtwo, since you reminded me, I have a small question to ask."

He started to subconsciously roll the flask around in his palm. "What is the question?"

Legion waited through another heavy moment before speaking up. "Have you talked to Mew lately?"

Mewtwo shivered a little as he dropped his eyes, choking on his breath. How did he know? "I, uh... I-I have."


"Why do you want to know?"

"I ask the questions," she snapped, knuckles cracking when her hands clenched into fists. "When did you last talk to Mew?"

He carefully chose his next words, even taking the time to prevent himself from stumbling. "E-Erm... well... I am not entirely sure if I did speak to her. I had passed out from blood loss from when you... taught me a lesson." He bit his lip nervously at the memory. "If I have to venture a guess, it would have been between three to five hours ago."

"Just say 'today'," she snarled, losing patience according to her tone. "You talked to her today."

"I talked to her today," he repeated pitifully.

She lifted her head slightly. "And? What did you two talk about?"

Mewtwo held himself when he shivered. He remembered her calling his name, sounding more desperate with every breath. When he finally responded, she had a complete one-eighty, begging him to leave, to not come further or he would die. Her claim that on her side was the "spirit world" was a bit hard to swallow since he couldn't see anything else, but that hadn't mattered. He truly wanted to be with her, to hold her, to love her—but most importantly, to bring her back. She kept refusing, screaming about being a murderer and killing herself despite it not being her fault. So then...

He frowned slightly, glancing back up at the demon. He couldn't tell him. The memory was as clear as day, but it was what he had experienced that was keeping him quiet; it was too special, too sacred to tell Legion. They had both felt it at once, every single emotion they went through, the exchanging of souls... he had heard her inner self pleading with him to not go. It was as though she knew what was going on, and what might happen.

"Well? What did you talk about?"

He shook his head, closing his eyes. "I cannot say."

"Why not?"

"It is only between Mew and I."

"Can you tell me what you were doing, though?"

Legion was growing more agitated, he could sense it in the air. He quietly let out a shaky breath. "I cannot say that either."

He glanced back up when he heard the demon scoff. "Thought so. But no matter, I already know the answer to that." Slowly, Mew glanced over her shoulder, her visible iris glinting dangerously. "You two kissed."

He felt his heart clench. "Why would it concern you?" he muttered. "We have kissed a few times before this."

Her eye narrowed. "Do you have any idea what you have done?"

"I do not."

"That is a lie." She spun around to face him fully. The shadows splitting across her face frightened him when she strode forward. As much as he wanted to back away, to separate himself from the terror before him, he found his feet were refusing to obey. "You know what you have done," Mew snarled, flexing her fingers. "You knew she was dead. You knew what would have happened if you kissed. You knew of the covenant. You knew the opportunity was there, and you took it!" She paused before him at eye-level, her glare freezing his insides. "You do know what you have done, Mewtwo, now say it!"

His voice nearly cracked when he exclaimed, "I only kissed her! We did nothing else!"

"LIAR!" He cowered at the high intensity and the echoes it left behind. "YOU ARE A LIAR! YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID! YOU BOTH DO!" She sharply cut her tail across his cheek, slicing it on a molar. "Mates for life, was that not what the Mew species did?! How is it that you two could become eternal mates?! How?!" She repeated the slap on the other side.

Mewtwo spat out some blood before answering weakly, "E... Eternal mates?"

She smacked him once more, hard enough to slam him into a spire. "Do not pretend you do not know what it means! You know damn well what you have done!" Watching him struggle to pull himself back up, she raised the left arm before her and slashed at the gash. The clone let out a startled gasp upon feeling a searing fire shoot through his limb, almost dropping the vial. He raised his eyes just when she calmly sunk her claws into her cheek, right onto the wounds, and slit it deeper down to her jaw.

It was the most horrendous sensation he had felt in a long time. He screamed not from the pain, or that it felt like bugs under his skin, but at how mellow Legion was about ripping apart Mew's body. Her expression barely changed except when the corners of her lips twitched at his sensory suffering.

"Stop it, Legion!" he shouted, struggling not to scratch at his face to rid himself of the feeling. "Please, stop! She is damaged enough already!"

The demon barked out a short laugh, dropping her hand to her side. "You are so typical, so quick to jump to conclusions. I am just making a point here. Now that you are of one mind and spirit, in a sense, if Mew ever hurts herself, you will feel that very pain. If she is happy, sad, angry, of any emotion, you will either sense it or develop that emotion as well. If you two were ever separated, you both can communicate with your hearts. Even from beyond the grave."

A smirk spread when Mewtwo quivered, still rubbing his face as he swallowed deep breaths to calm himself down. She circled him, taking care to run her tail across his shoulders to send him into more tremors. "But then again... it all depends on the strength of your bond. You can be eternal mates and still not be close. You two do not have to worry about that. If I am not mistaken, you two are very close. However, despite that tight bond, there are ways to break it, if only very few. One of them is for having one of you dead for too long a period of time. If one half is tired of waiting for their other half to return to them, they may find another mate. Which leads to the next possible way to break the bond..."

She let out a breathy chuckle, lowering herself down to his level and taking his chin into her paw. "It is something you may be familiar with, honey, having watched the humans do it for years. Unless you had the other mate's permission, you cannot get yourself a new mate, even for a one-night stand. But mates rarely share each other regardless, even as spirits. Infidelity is very frowned upon on the other side."

He jerked away. "What are you getting at?"

She leaned in to touch noses, running a finger down his jawbone. "You know what I want."

Shivers painfully racked his figure. "What do you want me to do?"

It felt like his heart had stopped when he saw the wicked gleam in her demonic eyes. She sensually licked her lips as her grin widened, and she drawled out her answer, "Fuck me. Hard."

With little time to react, Legion pounced on Mewtwo, wrestling him to the ground with ease. The clone's head smacked against one of the larger spires, stunning him enough to be pinned into the concave corner. He felt the bottle slip along his fingers, but was distracted when Mew sunk her claws into his face as she devoured his mouth, cutting her tongue past his lips. He shot his hands forward to push her off only for them to be aggressively repelled by an invisible force, and lay paralyzed on the crystals above him. With a chuckle, she thrust herself further against his lean body. Breathless, he struggled to put space between them to find he was completely flattened to the spire with barely any wriggle room.

He let out a pleading whimper to which she obliged in messily pulling back to give him air. "Re—Release me!" he managed to pant out, his eyes stinging from his forming tears.

With a smirk, she slurped the saliva off his chin, then bit her way down his throat and chest. Mewtwo fidgeted when her tail began stroking between his thighs, inducing his body heat to climb. The further Mew slid down his torso, the more he desperately fought against his restraints. He squinted at the harsh glow the crystals gave off, noticing they pulsated along with his climbing heart rate. As curious as it was, he easily pushed it from mind when he spotted the small bottle lying against a further spire a good several feet away. He noticed at a second, longer glance there was the possibility it fractured. Gritting his teeth, he attempted to ignore his strong headache to telepathically levitate it back until his counterpart suddenly paused directly above his pelvic bone. The fanged grin flashed when they crossed visions, freezing his insides.

Mew straightened up to straddle him, sticking out her chest to knead a breast. "Face it, darling, you cannot win if you do not fight me," she purred, a laugh at the tip of her tongue. "Even if you do, and you break this body, I will still come out the victor. You cannot kill me the way you could kill Mew if she were here right now. That is the difference between her and I: mortality, and immortality. As long as I am in control of this body, I can keep it alive and halt its aging. Which means you shall be mine for as long as it takes to give me what I want, even if I have to drain you dry." A twisted smile broadened when she tilted her head. "But I hear that until you die, your body will only make more. And since the female only has a certain amount of eggs, let us not waste anymore time." She lowered her hand behind her and began fondling.

Immediately, Mewtwo started to sweat and squirm from her intense touch. He fought back moans, though he could do little about his carnal actions as he felt himself unsheathe. "Think about what you are doing, Legion! You are making a grave mistake!"

She rode his every movement, her tongue licking across her bottom lip. "That feels lovely, does it not?" she cooed as his muscles tightened in endeavor to lift himself from the floor. "You have waited a hundred years too long to be this sensitive. Perhaps you are more cunning than I give you credit for."

Mewtwo's teeth and jaw locked from clenching too hard. "L-Le... Legion, you bastard—hhngh-AAH!"

Just as the sharp gasp trailed off, her eyes brightened when her hand brushed along the protrusion. "Yes, Mewtwo," she breathed out, raising her brows. A quiet cackle ripped out of her throat, running her fingers along its length. "Salute me."

A throbbing ache spread upward, and he was unable to hold off another cry upon throwing his head back, fighting to steady his breathing. His vision wavered, though he couldn't keep his eyes closed without growing nauseous, his thoughts muddled. A husky groan squeezed its way out of his chest from a stray, but well-placed stroke, his hips suddenly bucking. He struggled to throw her off, though she held on with her thighs.

"Relax, honey. It is normal to be anxious, but just give it a moment..."

He swiftly shook his head, straining to move his arms down. "P-Please... hear me out..."

"Oh, I will, dear," she snickered. "But it will not be just me. I want everyone to hear you enjoying it, even your beloved. I am certain she will find herself enjoying it as well." She let out a soft sigh and closed her eyes, her paw slowing its caressing. Mewtwo felt his body tremble from the adrenaline, cold perspiration running down his neck.

"What do you think the child will look like?" she whispered, gazing up at him beneath her eyelashes. The shadows across her eyes accentuated the piercing glow. "Will he be a mixture between you and Mew? Or possibly an exact replica of you? It is also possible he may look just like his mother. Unless you are wanting a specific look? I can do that. I would have to find the right egg and sperm, which may take a while, so we might as well get comfortable while you make up your mind."

Mewtwo swallowed nervously as Mew positioned herself right on the tip of his manhood, smiling evilly down at it. He tried to ignore the touches while his thoughts hurriedly recalled back to what the demon said, remembering there was a flaw. Wait... The right egg... egg... the ovulation period... The surgery... The poison!

Quickly glimpsing over at the bottle, he blurted out, "You overlooked one other detail, Legion."

She appeared intrigued. "Hmm? Are you telling me you are quick?" A pleased smile flashed, frightening him. "Well then, let me assist you."

He stopped her before she could make another move. "No, no, Legion, just listen to me," he pleaded. "There is something wrong here."

Her ears perked up when she made eye-contact. A cold wave flushed through his chest at the sight of a scowl. "What are you saying?"

Taking a deep breath to collect himself, he thought back to the brief topic of her ovulation. From there, as unpleasant as it was, the memory of Mew sprawled on a table screaming at the scientists as they cut out the baby came to mind. Then after that horrific moment, the ones of importance were the brief conversation between two of them about the surgery and its consequence, and Bridget's confession.

Mewtwo carefully thought out his response before speaking up. "Remember when Mew was in the lab?"

A brow rose. "Of course. I showed you the memory."

He slightly nodded. "So you know Mew had a Caesarean section."

"Correct. It is faded now, but you can see the scar if you look closely."

Biting his lip, he dared not look away from her eyes. "Notice where the incision is, how it is," he indicated. "It did not help they were not careful. Because of it, Mew will only have a few children before complications follow."

Mewtwo detected Mew's jaw nearly locking in place. "'Complications'?" she echoed.

"There is more." He swallowed down a lump in his throat, fighting back tears. "She also has a poison in her bloodstream that is lethal to the fetus. I-I do not know how much she consumed, but she had enough so that it will be part of her for a long time. How long, I do not know either. But she cannot get pregnant and expect the child to live. She... she will have miscarriages. You cannot prevent that."

The clone barely noticed his body was relaxing, that the hold on him was loosening. He still couldn't look away in fear Legion thought he was lying. But the longer he stared, the more he saw the shocked expression lighting up her eyes, her face paling and body trembling in place. The dark atmosphere around them started to press down, a faint glow sparking to life around her frame. Mewtwo inwardly flinched at the growing anger, keeping himself from holding his breath.

Steadily, Mew limply lifted herself off him, hands curling so tightly her claws broke the skin. Her lips pulled back from her clenched teeth, the slitted pupils shrank into the gray background as her eyes widened, and her tail sharply flicked. "Are you serious?" Her voice was quiet and cold.

His vision wavered a little when he nodded.

She shook her head harshly. "You cannot be serious," she snarled. "That cannot be. There is no way that can be plausible." Then she suddenly tensed, snapping her head up as her gaze flitted to the side, her mouth agape. Mewtwo thought she noticed the water until he saw a drop of sweat run down her temple, even heard the breath catch in her chest. She was mute for a long moment before she shook her head once more. "...you lie. You both lie."

Frowning, he turned to where the demon was staring at just to find nothing. However, right then and there, he could sense a familiar presence beside him. While he fretted over it, he took notice of a small weight on his shoulder, sending a wave of warmth running through his limb.

Legion shortly snapped out after an awkward silence, "You were delusional over that baby! You hated it, you did not want it! God answered your prayer, did He not?!"

Not a second later, his arms dropped to the floor. A wild look blazed in Mew's eye. "Get your paws off of him! He is mine!"

And then, Mewtwo clearly heard her voice like she was right by his ear. "He was never yours, Legion, much like that body."

He let out a small gasp and turned his head again. There was vaguely a faint outline he could see, levitating at his side. "...Mew?"

"You!" He swerved back over to find Legion glaring at him. "You knew she was here! You stalled for time!"

"Leave Mewtwo out of this," was the cool demand.

"Shut up, bitch!" the demon screamed at the crystals.

"It is I you want, Legion! You are in my body for a reason!"

"Shut up! You are dead! DEAD!"

"If I am dead, how can I still bleed? How can I still have a heart in death? You do not have the right to end a life when you don't have a life yourself."

"You lie, lie!" The impostor clutched Mew's head, pressing down her ears. "You cannot be here! You are in Prison for eternity! I placed you there myself!"

"Demons cannot judge spirits!"


"Condemn me then, Legion! If I am damned as you say, condemn me!"


"You want judgment? Then kill me, Legion! Kill me!"

Mewtwo finally stood up, unwilling to hear their screams a second further. "Legion, I beg of you, cease this torment! Let her come back into her body! Release her, please!"

"LIKE HELL I AM!" Snapping Mew's head up, he unleashed a psychic attack that induced a blow to the clone's skull, cracking him into the spires at an angle. He slumped against them, wincing at the severe aches in his head and neck as his vision clouded over. "I will not release her, but I will take you up on an offer or two!"

Blood poured down the side of his face, a couple of rivers trickling into his eye and mouth. Wiping away the irritation, Mewtwo squinted in the hopes he still had some of his sight. When he was finally able to see, Legion was gone. He began panicking, sloppily pulling himself to his shaky feet.

"Legion! Mew!" he called out, leaning against the crystals. He hissed sharply and applied pressure to his arm, yet quickly brushed it aside. "Do not touch her, Legion! Where are you?!"

He winced when the echoes faded, and he dropped his gaze to the bottle. Carefully easing himself to his knees, he scooped it into his hand, eyes widening at the small puddle it had been lying in. Biting his lip, the clone held the vial up to the light, throat closing up to see it roughly half-drained. Rubbing away any tears that welled up, Mewtwo stood up with a groan, then growled at the shot of pain in his arm. Clutching it tightly once again, he stumbled from spire to spire, flinching at the gleam from the Heart when he hurried by. The presence of Mew was still in the chamber, so he let it guide him out. The throbs in his head made him dizzy, and black spots popping up in his line of vision didn't help. With a moan, he rounded a corner, collapsing against the wall for ballast. Through the haze across his vision, he saw what appeared to be daylight not far ahead and quickened his pace, hoping he was close to the end.

When he reached the exit, he suddenly couldn't feel Mew in his heart, and his strength gave out on him. He coughed from the dust and exhaustion, struggling to lift his head off the ground. His sight evened out as he gaped at Legion floating some feet ahead, leering down at him. There was a slight howl of wind rushing by, so Mewtwo hardly heard the demon say, "How the mighty have fallen."

He shook his head to clear his ears before listening again. "Your beloved put up a long fight, Mewtwo. She is a valiant, strong woman, the finest of her kind, and I cannot keep up with her any longer. I am going to let her go now like you asked me to. Do me a favor and take good care of her." Sighing, the demon raised a hand to rub the neck, then gave a wicked smirk. "That is, if you can catch her."

Digging the claws deep into flesh, he slit Mew's throat. Dark, thick blood bubbled out onto the rocky ground before Mewtwo, some splashing on his pallid face. He watched horrified as the devilish glare transitioned into a wide-eyed stare with a blink, the pupils disappeared from view; the evil laugh faded to an open-mouthed gasp; the erect, proud stance fell into a pathetic slump. Her head slowly lifted up to cross visions with him where he saw the light draining from the depths. Her lips wordlessly mouthed as she dropped from mid-air and disappeared beyond the cliff.

He had time to holler out her name before the winds carried it away.
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So, it's true then. Amber is the daughter of Dr Fuji (that was his name, right?), like I'm sure a few suspected.

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Last chapter: oh my. So Legion, realising that there was nothing he could do to prevent Mew re-inhabiting her body, slit Mew's throat and departed? So.....


Yes and no. He could continue preventing Mew from re-entering her body, but after Mewtwo told him what had happened to her body couple of years prior, he flipped out. Since there's no way to tell whether Mewtwo is actually telling the truth or not, Legion decided to just end it all, now that Mew's body is worthless.

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wat is this i dont even

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Well, enjoy!

Chapter Eighteen: Confessions

"' Among the nonsense tragedies, what on earth you are looking for?
You only have to be honest to yourself and your own fate'
Tell me why, or why not, complaining way too much
Maybe I overlooked something fatal for me"

-- "Why or Why Not", Oshima Hiroyuki, When Cicadas Cry


...it can't be...

Everything had happened in such a blur, she just barely begun to catch on.

Things had gone downhill very fast when she decided to intervene, thinking she was giving him time to run or even fight back. Something got beyond her control—not that she had any to begin with. He had pushed himself past his limits to look for her in the hopes he could bring her back, but he still had no power to convince the demon to let her go.

...there is no way it can end like this.

Mew had found it difficult to register Mewtwo after Legion forced her back into her body. It could have been because he destroyed it to the point everything was disconnected in her. She lacked the life to remain conscious, but she fought to stay awake. From what she had seen, he was now reduced to a wreck like she was, hardly able to stand and most likely not in his right state of mind. However, judging by the horror-stricken look on his face, something had gone wrong. She had no idea, however, what it was that would cause him to tremble like that. Or why it felt like she was falling from a long height.

The feline only stared blankly above her, unable to tell how real it all was. She had fallen out of trees before, though she was always asleep whenever it happened. She could vaguely remember those because of the dreams she would have of her suddenly dropping from the sky mid-flight. Gravity was a very curious, surreal concept, she honestly never gave it much thought. Having flown all her life, it was nearly nonexistent, a fairytale, freedom specially for her. Now, as she fuzzily watched the rock formation stretch higher and higher up, her hearing blocked out by the roar of wind, Mew felt she lost that right.

Faint images suddenly began to dart by, almost catching her off-guard—then again, it seemed natural. It was here the human expression "life flashing before their eyes" started making sense. Never had she thought she would ever experience it, having been portrayed as a scary thought to a neurological break-down. Strangely enough, she found comfort in the remembrance. Not one image stayed for a split second, but to her, they were there long enough for her to have a good look. She got to know them by heart, hoping there wasn't an end to the drop so she could see them all: good, bad, heartbreaking, frightening, everything. She didn't want to forget them.

What little breath she had was knocked out when she slammed into water, her vision darkening. Peaceful silence followed afterward to where her body finally relaxed and slowed down its descent. Her eyes began to droop, wanting to rid itself of the extra water, only to ache whenever she blinked, forcing her to keep them open. Billowing in sight, disturbing the beautiful shades of blue and green around her, was a cloud of red. It was everywhere no matter where she turned her head, dissolving into a lighter, thinner color. As heavy as she felt, the Legendary managed to lift her arm up, watching as the wound emptied itself out to mix in with the water.

Then, her throat closed up without warning, choking her. She tightly covered her mouth, struggling to keep from breathing further. No... this wasn't meant to happen...! Her limbs flailed about in a half-attempt at swimming seconds too late. She had bled so much, her heart couldn't keep up with her survival instincts, thus killing her chances of escape and movement in general. She pitifully whimpered, weakly staring past her flowing tail up at the spindly rays of light.

When she blearily blinked, a vague image of the young Amber appeared before her, gazing sadly at her. Feebly, Mew lifted her arms up in a wordless plea for aid. Amber... I can't breathe... I thought I was going to live. You said I would...

The girl gave her a small smile, reaching out for her hands. The feline could feel a physical brush against her skin, but dismissed it as her nervous system shortening out. Opening her mouth, the rush of water down her throat surprised her into a gasp, clogging up her airway. Gagging, her vision started to pop out of focus, feeling as though sand was replacing her bones to weigh her down. She grew frightful when her insides burned, the last of her blood throbbing in her veins.

And then she fell limp, unable to do a thing except stare wide-eyed as her sight faded out. Just as the last of her senses failed her, she felt a familiar touch wrap around her waist.


He pulled her out of the water before climbing out himself, focusing on catching his breath to hardly notice Pokémon were scattering. His body was still trembling from the dive, leaving him attempting to sit up, demanding for a long rest. Shaking the droplets from his face, Mewtwo coughed out a small chuckle, staring down at the prickly grasses.

"That was... quite the scare," he sighed out hoarsely, pushing a hand against his chest to help slow down his panting. "Oh, Mew... can you hear me?"

With exception of the slight rustle of leaves and small splashes from behind, he was met with silence.

Frowning, he looked over, swallowing nervously at how ashen she was, her face turned away from him. He cast his eyes about her tiny body, tensing at the watery wounds and blood that continued to slip out from them. He shakily clasped her up-turned paw, hoping the icy touch was from the water.

"Mew... look at me," he murmured. "Are you okay?"

There was no movement to be seen except for her waving tail still partially submerged in the shallow end. His heart racing, he reached out to roll her head over. He froze when he met the empty stare of her dull, bloodshot eyes. Blood and water was pouring out of her mouth, her lips and surrounding skin blue except for the wounds. Lowering a quivering hand to her chest, his breath caught when he felt no heartbeat.

Shaking his head and muttering out a stream of "no"s, Mewtwo pressed his ear to her to hear for himself. "No! No, Mew!" Panicking, he held her up by the shoulders to shake her, only to pause and think for a moment.

He recalled his days of traveling and visiting human cities where he would come across accident scenes. It had always interested him to watch a human attempt to revive another, he had taken note of a few procedures that were used to bring a person back to consciousness. Of all of them, the most common next to the electric pads uniformed humans would rub together and press to the chest was a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation—which usually came first. The usage was wide-spread enough children learned it at a young age. He would look in on a few of those lessons whenever he came across it, though he convinced himself he would never use it. "Such a human practice," he had stated it.

Gazing down at the limp body of his beloved, he swallowed down a lump. Unless he could come up with a better solution in a short amount of time, there was no other option. Sucking in a breath and closing his eyes tightly to review the information in his head, he lay her down and straightened her chin. Glancing down at his hand, he placed the palm down on her sternum. His brows furrowed in worry as he lifted his eyes to the heavens.

"God help me," he breathed out, then pumped hard and fast as he dared.

Mewtwo was unclear at how long he was to compress the chest, he was still trying to dig that out of the memory archives. Anxious enough as he was, he stopped counting at fifteen and went ahead to move on to the next step. Tilting her head back and pinching her nose closed, he drew in a long breath and covered her mouth, blowing hard down into her lungs. Looking up in the hopes it worked, he became devastated when he saw no change. Blinking back his tears, he made sure he kept breathing in the hopes he would calm down.

"Repeat, Mewtwo," he murmured to himself. "Keep going until she moves."

With every compression and breath he exhaled into her, the more stressed he became. He easily lost count the longer his mind lingered on Mew's recovery slipping past his fingers. There was no indication she was responding, no other movements except for the inflation of her chest each time he breathed down to her empty lungs. His mind kept telling him to find some help, but he refused to stop, believing she was still there, still trapped in her own body. He was sure he wasn't doing it properly, whether in her reclining position or his methods; either way, he wasn't caring about accuracy by this point.

"Mew, stay with me!" he begged her in between puffs, vainly wiping his tears away. "Come back to me, Mew! You can't leave!" He threw his head back to scream, "God, don't take her from me! Bring her back!"

Native Pokémon peered out from their hideouts sorrowfully, though some couldn't watch his desperate actions any further. Mewtwo had caught glimpses of them whenever he whirled his head around in the hopes some help would come. He gripped his beloved's fur in frustration, unintentionally slowing down as sobs racked his body.

"This can't be," he gasped out, shaking his head disbelievingly. "I-It can't be! I refuse to believe it! Mew... no... no..." Ceasing the pumping, he dipped his head down to breathe into her, only for him to pitifully moan into her lips, cupping her head tightly. Pulling back, he bitterly wept, leaning his forehead onto her cool skin.

Then, out of the blue, a thought popped into his mind: Start her heart.

He choked down his sobs before lifting his head up, trying to breathe normally. "Wha...?"

"Start her heart," it came again, clearer this time like someone was talking beside him.

He looked around, confused. "How...? W-Wasn't I already...?"

His hands suddenly moved on their own accord to slide down to her breast. "Focus the electricity into your hands, and shock her."

Mewtwo swallowed some more, gazing into Mew's blank eyes. "I-I don't know any—" he started to protest before he was interrupted.

"You are a Mew, half or not. You are just as capable of summoning various attacks like your wife."

His heart fluttered at the word, partially aware something was pushing down on his hands, keeping them glued to Mew's chest. As much as his full attention was on interpreting what was meant by "wife", he shook his head to brush it aside for now. Gritting his teeth, he closed his eyes and concentrated, searching inside for a trigger to charge up electricity. Seconds later, his skin tingled as a sensation flowed down his arms to circulate through his hands. He twitched at the tiny shocks he was receiving from it, tempted to pull away and risk interrupting the flow, only to will himself to keep body contact. When he was certain the voltage was high enough, Mewtwo pushed into her rib cage hard as he dared, and released the current.

Her body jerked, and a loud gasp escaped from her open mouth.

Startled, he pulled back when she roughly cleared the water from her lungs, and struggled for breaths between her gags. He watched the color slowly returning to her eyes, feeling joy fill his heart. Wiping at his wet eyes, he smiled, then bent down to carefully kiss and caress her face.

"Oh, Mew... oh, thank God," he whispered, pressing up against her forehead.

"M-M... Mewtwo..." she weakly wheezed out, reaching up for a feel.

"Shh-sh-sh, it's okay, dear," he continued murmuring out, grasping her trembling paw. "Just breathe. Breathe for me."

"Mewtwo... I-I..."

He hushed her again, gently laying a finger to her still-blue lips. "Just breathe for now, Mew." Cautiously, he scooped her shivering body into his arms.

The moment he did, she suddenly let out an agonizing scream.

He gripped her tighter in response to which she started to struggle, albeit weakly, clutching her chest. She wheezed some more when her body spasmed and her eyes rolled. Horrified, Mewtwo was uncertain whether to lay her back down or keep his hold on her, not knowing what was going on. Grasping an arm, he gazed worriedly down at the wound, noticing with wide eyes there was little blood coming through. Upon glancing at her throat and face, he found it was the same thing.

She had lost too much.

Shaking his head, the clone desperately looked around for any tourniquets he could use, cursing the tears obscuring his vision. He squeezed her wrist tightly in the hopes he could help block the flow, but it only made her scream out even more.

"No, NO! You can't die on me, Mew!" he hollered over her voice. "You can't go! God has to kill me first before I let Him take you!" He cast his eyes above him, clutching Mew closer. "Why are You letting us suffer?! Kill me if You want her so bad, but I'm begging You to spare her, please! I'm not living another life of solitude!"

Mewtwo looked down when she dug her claws into his chest. Her eyes were wide in fright, her gasps feeble and irregular between her teeth. Feeling helpless, he bent his neck to nuzzle her, allowing his tears to overflow. "I-I love this woman," he shakily breathed out, "and You know it... Don't take her from me... p-please..."

He flinched when a slimy object brushed against his knee, and he whirled over to see a young Omanyte patting him with a tentacle. Clutched in another appendage was the vial, which it held up to him with a sad, hopeful gaze in its eyes. Giving it a small smile, he gratefully accepted it, murmuring a "thank you" before it backed away. He only stole a glance at the water inside before tearing the cork off with his teeth. Holding his breath, he held her chin down and raised the bottle to her lips. Unintentionally, she flailed again, the tormented cries grating to the ears.

Finding no other way to administer it to her without spilling, Mewtwo poured it into his mouth to let it pool underneath his tongue. With little time to spare, he quickly bent down and clasped tightly to her lips. Mew's struggles nearly caused him to dribble it all over themselves, then she almost choked when she swallowed it down.

Out of ideas and the vial now sunk in the shallow end of the lake, the clone remained where he knelt to endure his mate's screams, face buried into her chest. For what felt like the longest time, he refused to budge, silently weeping and praying in his heart for an end to her suffering. Painstaking as it was, her struggles slowed, and her cries of agony quieted down to whimpers. Her breathing began to even out once her heart picked up in rhythm.

Mewtwo waited before looking up, gingerly feeling her neck for a pulse. The faint, but steady throb under his touch changed his anxiety to relief to find she had fallen unconscious, most likely from exhaustion. Stroking her cheek, he lifted his head and took in the miracle that happened to Mew's body. The color was returning to her face with all of the gashes scabbing over, her fur showing signs of a recovering sheen. He looked forward to seeing her eyes again.

The clone smiled, pressing his nose to her jawline and breathing her in, ignoring the tainted scent of blood and dirt. Tearfully, he turned his gaze skyward, taking notice of how bright and warm the sunlight was. In the distance, there was a voice calling to him as he collapsed to the ground, but he paid it no heed.

Mewtwo squeezed her figure to him with the last of his strength, and with a sigh on his lips, he thanked God with all his heart until he blacked out.


The moonlight rained down through the leaves to gently caress the couple where they lay. With exception of their tails tangled off to the side, the male shielded his smaller female counterpart in his shadow. He did so not because he didn't want her bathed in silver, for she was beautiful in the light, but because he wanted his fingertips to flesh her out for him. As he slowly drifted about her tiny form, Mew shivered and mewled in pleasure from the touches and kisses, pulling him closer with every breath. A long moan escaped her when he poked his finger into her mouth and allowed her to suck and lick it.

"Oh, Mewtwo... I didn't know you were so passionate," she murmured breathlessly, gazing starry-eyed up at him.

He grinned mischievously, teasing her parted lips with his tongue. "I am full of secrets," he replied in a sultry growl.

She trailed her fingers up his arm. "Can you share them with me?"

"In due time, my love." When she pouted, he chuckled, and rethought out his response. "But I suppose I can teach you one of them."

Her ears perked up in interest, and she cocked her head. "And what would that be?"

Mewtwo tightly entwined their hands as he pressed himself harder against her lovely breasts. Leaning in, he whispered seductively into her ear, "The power to scream to Heaven."

Mew rose a brow, wriggling a little beneath him. "How is that possible?"

He grinned wider, eyes lighting up in excitement. "Well, my dear, since you asked, let me give you a taste." He lowered a hand between her thighs.

She let out a surprised gasp and automatically closed her knees to squeeze him, her free paw shooting up to grasp his shoulder. "What are you...?"

"Shh, just relax." He tantalizingly stroked his fingers along her womanhood, watching her eyes widen and mouth drop open into an "O". Her gasps were quiet at first, her body steadily arching into his torso and legs spreading for him the longer he fondled. Then, when he intensified and found an opening, she started to breathe in labored puffs. Her hands tightened their grip as her figure went taut and tossed about.

"Ohh! Oh, Mewtwo!" she exclaimed, fighting back louder cries.

With a quiet chuckle in his throat, he ceased his caressing and slid his fingers out. "Was that good enough for you?"

She swiftly shook her head, panting. "No, no, that wasn't enough!" she whimpered. Sitting up, Mew snatched his arm. "I-I want more!"

Mewtwo tilted his head. "Well, this is rather peculiar of you. Is this normal female behavior by any chance?"

"I-I don't know... but it felt so good!" she moaned. "Please, Mewtwo, do it again! Touch me again!"

He obliged without another word, and Mew let out a happy, sighing wail. She impatiently pressed his fingers harder into her and quickened the petting. Mewtwo frowned, having no control over his hand even when she had let him go. He wanted to stop, remembering horrible memories of the previous times he had handled her so roughly.

Instead, he was startled to let out a small deep laugh so unlike his own. "This is only the beginning of it, my dear," he announced without consulting his inner self. "There is more where that came from."

Her eyes widened even more and her breath caught, her full attention on him. "Th-There is?"

There suddenly was something off about Mew. Of all the years he knew her, she had never shown interest in anything sexual, if she even knew about it. He spoke again before he could think on it further. "Of course. Look down." He hoisted himself up for the occasion.

She did so, and immediately her jaw dropped when a blush burned into view. She mouthed in shock for the longest time, unable to tear her ogling gaze away. In the meantime, Mewtwo's thoughts went wild elsewhere. What is all this? What am I doing? Why is... No... I thought I...

"Why, Mewtwo!" his counterpart's surprised gasp pulled him back. She stared up at him, half-excited and half-worried. "It'll never fit! You're too big for me!"

His heart flipped, even though he let out a lusty growl. He dipped in to lock lips, giving her a fanged grin. "That is when you scream," he purred huskily.

Then he fell upon her and rammed himself up inside, the scent of bloodshed exciting him and inducing him to increase in speed. Her voice caught from shock, only able to let out cries of felicity after she grew accustomed to his thrusting. She squeezed a leg into his side and threw her head back for better audibility, every moan and scream echoing into the night. With a shiver, her star-studded eyes fluttered shut as her mouth opened wider, letting out an exclamation just as white light enveloped them.


Mewtwo's eyes immediately shot open, a gasp dying on his lips as the image faded. He remained frozen where he lay, trying to recover from the dream. Though the lust washed out of his body the moment he woke up, he caught it in time for him to realize he was quaking from it, the throb between his legs swiftly fading. He moved to raise a hand to his forehead, only to wince from a sharp pain running through his arm. Looking down, he blinked at the hand-made sling, then at the leafy bandages wrapped around his upper build. Gingerly, he sat up, groaning doing so. His free paw massaged his temples just to find his head, too, was bandaged.

His mind returned to what he had just dreamed of, reviewing over the images of Mew splayed beneath his body, gasping with pleasure. It had been a few days, if not less, since he last remembered dreaming, and depending on which one was real and the other one being a dream, it continued where he left off: ready to take her virginity. He had forgotten about the dreams (which he figured was for the best), feeling like his shame had gone to great heights to finally get it out of his system. However, possibly because of Legion's advances, his subconscious restored the lewd dreams.

He jumped in surprise when Cresselia came into view, a joyful smile on her face. "You're awake! Oh, thank goodness!"

Taking a sharp breath to calm himself down, he brought on a smile of his own. "Where did you come from?" he stupidly mumbled.

She felt his forehead. "You're still a little warm. You just woke up, too, so that adds to your delusion..."

"What? Cress, can you fill me in on this?"

Her gaze became sad when she pulled back, clasping her paws to her chest. "You've been out since yesterday late afternoon. Mesprit says you were suffering from head trauma, possibly from when you landed in the water. But you had to have fallen from a long height... it's what happened with Mew."

He managed to only catch parts of her explanation due to a piercing headache shooting through that very moment. It was when he heard her mention Mew that he grew alert, and his thoughts redirected. "Mew! Where is she? How is she?"

Cresselia backed away a little at the sudden request, blinking in surprise. "Sh-She's doing fine. Still asleep, though."

"Where is she?" he asked more firmly.

"Mewtwo, you just got up. Rest a little longer before you go see her."

"I want to see her."

She vigorously nodded. "I-I know you do, but she's in no condition for visitors right now."

He scowled, and proceeded to stand on his feet against her wishes. When he attempted to take a step forward, he wobbled dangerously, falling into the swan's hold. "Mewtwo, please!" she nearly shouted, clearly anxious. "You need to recover! Mew will still be there when I release you!"

He pushed her back, attempting to straighten up. "Please, Cress, let me see her."

"I'm just as worried about her as you are!" Cresselia snapped out, snatching his arm. "She shouldn't even be alive right now!"

Mewtwo ceased his struggling, gawking down at her. Slowly, she loosened her grip on him and hung her head, tears brimming in her eyes. She resumed, her voice dropped to a murmur, "Her wounds are very deep, I'm surprised they are healing over. Even more incredulous, Mesprit is absolutely certain she was low on blood because of that. She fretted all night over her to make sure she wasn't going to have a heart attack, if she already didn't have one. E-Even more shocking... her back is very bruised... She may have broken it, but we found no signs to indicate it. And... the head trauma... We were also worried about brain damage, s-so..."

The clone turned away, closing his eyes tightly to take a long breath. In his mind's eye, he recalled the image of Mew's body, broken and bloodless, beyond all help and recovery. But when she did return to consciousness, regaining her soul back, he had nearly neglected the amount of pain she was in. She was pleading for an end to it all, whether for aid or death, he didn't know which. He wondered, though, if what Cresselia said was true, that her being alive was cruel...

His heart sank. "No... that cannot be true," he mumbled to himself. "I thought a small consumption can still heal..."

She lifted her head with a sniffle. "Pardon?"

He swept his eyes about his surroundings. It was barely recognizable being bare as it was—the walls and floor were clearly made of wood, possibly mahogany—and there was an empty walk-in closet. When he glanced back to see he had been laying on a mattress (covered with leaves and grasses for some odd reason), his mind clicked and identified it as a room—a human's room.

Turning to the lunar swan questionably, she replied softly, "This was the closest shelter we could find. We looked for a Pokémon Center in the off-chance there was still medicine there, but we couldn't find one. Latias luckily found this place, we just had to quickly dust the rooms and, um... fix up the beds before bringing you two in." She twiddled her paws. "It was like this when we arrived—we didn't raid anything, we swear."

Mewtwo cracked a smile at her feeble statement, then turned his attention to the door. "Which room is Mew in?"

Cresselia didn't bother to argue this time. "She's right next door. Mesprit or Latias might be in there with her."

"I wish to be alone with her," he requested, shakily walking forward.

She moved to catch him, only to be shaken off. "O-Okay, Mewtwo," she sighed. "They won't be happy, but I'll let them know." With a quick glance at him, she hurried out, leaving the door wide open.

Steadily, the psycat regained his balance enough he exited without much difficulty, ducking his head to avoid the frame. A few feet away was another room, the entrance welcoming him in. Sucking in another breath, he walked in just to pause at the doorway. Beneath the window, Mew lay on a similar mattress, covered in enough leaf bandages for him to mistake them as a body cast. A cautious approach showed she was peacefully sleeping, making the scene less frightening. The sunlight trickling in smoothed out her exposed face almost dreamily, brightening up the rosy tint of her fur.

Once he reached her bedside, he fell to his knees to hesitantly lay his hand on her warm forehead. He gently pet her, fighting to keep his tears back. "Mew... oh, Mew..." Mewtwo choked on an escaping sob, shaking his head. "I-I am so sorry. This... this is all my doing... it has to be. I mean, I... I started it. S-Somehow, I started this reaction from the very beginning. I do not know how... but I know I am most responsible for this."

He glanced at a dark corner with a shiver. "Had I actually done my very best after your... miscarriage... if I had known at the time it happened, I would have taken you out of the Tree. I do not know why that thought had never crossed my mind since I was thrown out every time I arrived... but it was stupid on my part. I should have just carried you out and taken you somewhere else. At least you would not have been alone for a long period of time..."

Scooping up her closest paw into his, he finally wept when he felt her pulse. "I-If I had known about the kiss... maybe then... maybe this would never have happened. Had I gotten your permission... we would be happier, I-I would think. And maybe... by some miracle..." He reached out to touch her belly, only to let his hand hover inches above and slowly trace an arch. "...I can see you resting... making guesses on what it would look like... and coming up with names. It would be not too simple, but not too exotic, either... it has to be perfect." He couldn't help smiling at the thought. "I would pick the boy names, and you the girl names... and then argue over which one is the best on both sides. And out of frustration, we would just end up choosing a different name without thinking, and it would stick."

His snickers didn't last very long, quietening down to inner sobs. He rested his head on his uninjured arm, keeping a good hold on her hand. "Please stay with me, Mew," he murmured, running a finger along her wrist. "I am sick of a life of solitude... Sick of sleeping alone and waking up alone... Sick of traveling alone, with no one to talk to... I do not want any more souls I have hurt haunting me, no more blood on my hands. Please... get better..." Mewtwo leaned in to gently brush a kiss to her forehead.

She stirred before he pulled away, causing his heart to flutter in happiness and worry. She blinked several times up at him, notably confused, though she lit up immediately when they made eye-contact. "Mewtwo..."

He nodded, and cupped her face. "How are you feeling?"

She frowned, brows knitting in agony when she attempted to sit up. "It hurts," she noted, her voice hoarse.

"It will for a while, Mew."

She scanned him for a quick moment, slowly raising a hand to skim along the bandages. "You look really hurt."

He flinched when he tried to move his other arm, having nearly forgotten about his injuries. "I will be fine. I am more worried about you right now."

Mew shook her head just to regret it. "I'm not that important..."

"You are to me."

She shivered, glancing away and catching her breath. "Just... go, please. Take care of yourself first."

"I am not leaving you alone again."

She let out a gasp when he bowed in to kiss her. Her paws flew up to grasp at his face, knowing the physical touch was real, but wanted to double check. It was strangely passionate for a light caress, almost like he was catching up to date on her—there was the hint of a hungry growl in his throat when he sighed upon parting. They gazed at each other for a few seconds until he closed the space again, easing into a deeper kiss.

It was cut short when his hand stroked down her bandaged neck, causing her to whimper and shudder. "Don't touch me there!" she gruffly mewled the second she broke away from him, covering her sore area.

Mewtwo fell back to avert his gaze, brows furrowed. "Sorry..."

He shifted uncomfortably under her scrutinizing stare, remorse stirring in his core. It was hard to tell what she was thinking of, though he was more anxious about if she knew of their predicament. Carefully, she pushed herself up to a sitting position, only to tremble more and let out a sound of complaint.

He immediately leaped to her aid. "Where do you hurt, Mew? Is something wrong? Do you need anything?"

She shook her head, blushing furiously. "No... I, um... I-I need to go."

Mewtwo's eyes slightly widened, a twinge of fear stinging his heart for a moment. "Go where, Mew? You need to recover, you cannot go anywhere."

"No, not that. I mean I need to go, as in..." She twirled her hands around, then squeezed them together. "...you know? To empty my bladder?"

It took him a split second to get what she meant. Once the realization hit him, he nodded with an "Oh! Oh, I see!", and scooped her carefully into his arm.

Mew, wriggling in discomfort, tried to pry his hold away from her. "Mewtwo, I can float on my own."

"You do not know that." He lumbered out to find the house's exit.

"I do too!" She barely stole a glance at the empty furniture each time he peeked into each room. "Where are we, anyway?"

"In some abandoned human house," he simply said, spotting a door across what looked to be the main room. "I do not know where it is, but Latias found it."

The feline managed a smile. "Gotta hand it to Latias for staking out these places."

Mewtwo chuckled as well, opening the door. They peered out, taking note of the gray forest before them and the cloudy weather. It was faint, but there was the scent of pine on the breeze. Out a yard away were the other Legendaries, quietly standing around and looking at nothing in particular. Latias, nervous as she was, immediately spun around and let out an eccentric squeal of "MEW, YOU'RE AWAKE!" as she rushed for her. She nearly knocked down the clone grabbing her friend tightly and spinning her around while sobbing hysterically.

The others hurried over to rescue Mew, and give her and Mewtwo remarks of gratitude. Naturally, the females swarmed together, hardly allowing other males to say two words to her. The psycat grinned nervously at the attention and their blended voices of concern, attempting to slip through the crowd to reach the group of eight. He didn't get far when his mate managed to cry out over their voices "Girls, I have to pee!", bringing the joyous occasion to an awkward halt.

The Eon Dragon, who never once let her go (though her hold had loosened up), exclaimed, "Oh my gosh, you should have said something!"

Mew fidgeted in place, though she managed a smile for her as she rubbed the bandages on her throat. "I tried..."

"Oh, I'm so sorry, Mew! I'll take you as an apology because you're my best friend and I love yooou!" She nuzzled her at the end with a sniffle.

"For heaven's sake, take her into the woods!" Mesprit shooed at her. "Poor thing's already close to bursting!"

Without another moment to spare, Latias pulled her along, bubbling on about what had happened during her three-day absence. Once the two disappeared, everyone's attention turned over to Mewtwo, the females moving to give him hugs or happy nudges.

"Glad to have you back," Suicune said with a grin.

"So I did not break your back after all," he pointed out jokingly.

She rolled her eyes and mumbled, "You're not that heavy."

Deoxys butted in with a joyful "MAN HUG!", throwing his arms around the clone and patting his back roughly. "Mewtwo, buddy, don't you ever scare us like that again! If you do, I'll kill you, got it?"

He awkwardly pushed him back, though he maintained his smile. "I will keep that in mind."

The alien then gave a lop-sided gaze. "So, are you still worn out from your three-day escapade with Mew?"

The group let out disgruntled groans and called him out on it, and a few reached over to smack him. "Dammit, Deoxys, did you have to make that joke?" Lugia groaned, face-palming. "Sheesh, you're insensitive..."

"I'm trying to lighten the mood here!"

Mewtwo just patted him on the shoulder. "Good to see you are still yourself," he sighed, shaking his head.

"See? He understands."

"Now if you excuse me, I have to relieve myself," he added, watching Deoxys tense up with slight amusement.

He swiveled around, his expression crossed between confusion and horror. "Oh good God, you've got to be kidding!"

It took a few moments for the group to realize what he meant. "Not that, gutter-brain," Zapdos grumbled with an exasperated sigh.

"Need someone to go with you?" Entei offered with a dopey grin.

"...No, I can manage on my own. But just to be on the safe side, wait ten minutes before coming to check up on me." Mewtwo promptly disappeared into the forest.

...though he rethought on the request when he finally found a running river to clean himself in after a few minutes. He wasn't familiar with the area, and he realized he needed to scavenge some food for Mew and himself (if no one else had anything set aside for them). Brushing aside the hunger pangs, he noted the water wasn't calm enough for a good reflection, so he couldn't fully see how terrible he looked. Which he figured was for the best, he didn't want to start worrying over himself.

Unsure of how long he had been gone, he decided to head back, keeping an eye out for any fruit or edible roots he could come across. He figured he had gotten turned around in his search for the river until he heard arguing in the distance. With a shrug, he let it be his guide, keeping a straight path back to the campsite. To his dissatisfaction, despite having secretly missed it (most of it), much of the group were verbally chewing each other out for "inappropriate behavior", with complaints of "I say we go back" or "stay here", and "you never keep your mouth shut" among other things. Those few who wished to remain out of it stood underneath a pine tree, worriedly whispering to themselves.

Mewtwo went ahead to approach them. Shaymin shot him a smile when she glanced over. "Ten minutes like you said," she said, sounding a little pleased. "Any problems?"

"None at the moment." He tilted his head at the others. "What did I miss?"

Her face faltered. "You haven't noticed, have you?" she sadly murmured.

"Noticed what?"

She directed her gaze to the crowd. "We've been cut in half, somewhat."

His heart jumped, and he scanned the Legendaries, mentally counting them and checking off names. His eyes widened the moment he realized faces weren't among them. "Where... what happened?"

"Jediah and his followers were too strong for us," Mesprit melancholily replied. "We were forced to retreat into the Tree until they suddenly fell back. They managed to capture some of us in the group, though: Ho-oh, Celebi, Azelf, Jirachi—"

Articuno joined in the count with her sister and Uxie, "Rayquaza, Raikou, Regice, Regigigas, Dialga, Palkia..."

"And Manaphy," Shaymin finished solemnly. "We were aware they were gone the moment we were no longer being chased. But then we heard you, and we temporarily forgot about them."

Mewtwo, as horrified as he was at the report of their missing friends, suddenly grew ill at the reminder of his encounter with Legion. "You heard me?" he echoed.

They nodded. "We ran out to see where it came from and saw you and Mew falling," Moltres recalled. "You two were pretty far apart... but we could see you were reaching out for her. Then you two hit the water, and we immediately looked for a safe way down. I mean, the majority of us can fly, we could have just swooped in to your rescue, but we were weak... Lame excuse, really..."

"I think it was for the best, to be honest with you," Uxie gave his insight. "If we had attempted the rescue, Mew may be in a worse spot."

Shaymin hung her head, then walked closer to Mewtwo before bowing in apology. "You were right to look for Mew. I-If we had waited any longer..." She shivered and glanced up shamefully. "I don't think I was wrong that you probably would have died from shock if she turned out to have been dead. But... to have her still alive after all this... it's a miracle. She changed you, Mewtwo. You are different than you were from when I last saw you years ago." She cracked a tiny smile. "I'm sorry for not believing in you, Mewtwo. I nearly cost her her life."

The clone knelt down and scooped her up into his hand, marveling at how tiny and light Shaymin was. "There is no reason to apologize," he assured her. "You are forgiven, you meant well. Even if I had told you I could feel her in my heart, you would have insisted I listened to you. I understand you try your best to be a leader, and to look out for us. You are still learning, so you have to make mistakes. No matter what had happened, I would never put the blame on you nor your leadership."

The hedgehog's cheeks warmed, and she tiptoed forward to nuzzle against his jaw. Mewtwo let out a small chuckle, pressing her close like he would for a hug. Then he gently lowered her down, noticing she had become a little healthier all of a sudden. Almost immediately, a small pink flower popped into view, making him and the others who witnessed it to quietly gasp.

Shaymin wriggled a little, gazing up at them with a tearful smile. "It's been a long time since I felt true gratitude. It's one of the most beautiful feelings in the world... next to love, I believe."

Nodding, Mewtwo turned to face the rest, who silently watched where they stood. He noted a few were holding back the water works, gazing in wonder at the blossom sticking out of Shaymin's fur. It saddened him to know they had friends who missed out on the small miracle, but he prayed in his heart there would be more opportunities in the future.

There came movement in the corner of his eye, and he looked to see Latias approach him alone. He became concerned, almost standing up in a flash until she placed a hand on his shoulder. "Mew wants to see you," she whispered in his ear.

It lowered his anxiety enough for him to nod and stand. Excusing himself, he walked into the part of the forest Mew had gone to. He started to shiver the moment his friends were out of sight (though he heard Latias gleefully compliment Shaymin's flower), feeling something was rather odd about her behavior.
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Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
"Mew, you wanted to see me?" he cautiously called out.

She came into view from behind a tree, looking a little jittery, albeit somber. Some of her bandages were off so she didn't look like a mummy anymore, though he wondered if she was supposed to be removing them so soon. Keeping her eyes down, she drew near enough to take his hand, which he noticed was a little cold to the touch.

"I found our place," she mumbled, pulling him along. Her voice may have been lowered, but he noticed she didn't sound as groggy as before.

He tilted his head curiously. "'Our place', Mew?"

She briefly glanced over her shoulder. "Where we can be alone."

"But the others—"

"Latias will let them know. I told her we won't be gone for the whole day. Hopefully." Mew tightened her grip and quickened their pace.

Mewtwo frowned, getting the prickling sense of déjà vu. "Care to tell me your plans, Mew?"

"What plans?" she immediately blurted out, keeping her eyes on the road and tensing a little. "This was just a random thought. I wanted to talk."

"We can talk here." He attempted to slow down.

She tugged at him. "No, I-I want to be alone."

"We are alone."

"No, I want to be alone alone! No, I mean—!" She swiftly spun around to grasp his shoulders. He winced at her leer, though her eyes softened when they made eye-contact. Nervously biting her lip, she slowly lifted a paw to lightly skim his bandages, the touch electrifying. "This is my fault," she breathed out. "Everything... I-I screwed it up... I worried you all sick with my illness."

Mewtwo shook his head. "It was not your fault, Mew."

"It is, Mewtwo," she firmly said, dropping her arms. "I was naïve, and foolish... I refused to grow up."

While he knew what she meant, he wanted to hear it for himself. "What do you mean?"

She winced, then picked at the leaves on her cheeks. "Physically, I'm a mature adult. That was what I was immortalized as. Mentally, I... technically am, but I wasn't happy with it. I had been so depressed at that time, I nearly neglected my duties my first year. S-So... I made the decision to, well, be childish." Mew's brows knitted in discomfort when she swallowed, her gaze dropping. "I love children, I watch over them a lot. I love how they're just so happy all the time. I wanted that... I wanted to be childlike, but there is that glaring difference between being childish and childlike... I learned that a long time ago..."

He had a feeling he knew what she was talking about, but held his tongue about it.

"...Mewtwo... you need a woman to be your mate, not a child," she continued, her voice low. "You're not one who easily opens up to others... so choosing a mate has to be the toughest decision of your life. It has to be someone with whom you will spend your life with, and be loyal to, and raise children with. She is to be your best and closest friend... which is where the trust comes in."

Mewtwo fought back a gasp when her tail curled around his, the bulbous end gently stroking the tip as she drifted closer. "It has to be the most awkward feeling in the world to know you and your best friend are intimately close. But I suppose it's different between mates. I mean, I wouldn't know, since I haven't mated. Yet."

The clone nearly backed away when Mew turned to wrap her arms around his neck. He had to avoid breaking eye-contact in fear that if he did look away, she would turn out to be Legion, and the world around him would melt away to reveal they were still in the Tree.

"What's the matter?" she asked, becoming exceedingly worried. "You look a little pale."

Gulping down a few breaths, he leaned his forehead against hers before he would close his eyes. "Nothing, Mew," he whispered. "I will be fine."

"It's because I mentioned sex, isn't it?"

"It really has nothing to do with you, honestly."

Her fingers curled around to the back of his head, inducing him to flinch. "Honey, please calm down. I'm going to need your cooperation for this."

He quickly looked up. "You need what?"

"Keep your eyes closed," she added. "Can you clear your mind for me very quick?"

"Mew, no, not while you are still weak," he immediately protested. "Teleporting is not what you should be doing."

She frowned slightly. "You don't look like you can continue walking."

"You have head trauma from falling into the water and nearly drowning," he stated, which made her recoil. "You are in no condition for this. As a matter of fact, we should not even be out here. We should be in that house recovering right now."

Mew hung her head, tears visible in her eyes. "Mewtwo, I want us to be alone," she whimpered.

"But why?" he emphasized. "Why do you want us to be out here? What is so important that you just cannot have the others around?"

Without another word, she crushed her lips to his, and a flash of light engulfed them. He was briefly aware of the sense of wind rushing by them, but he was too surprised by her sudden kiss to think much of it. All he knew was at the very next moment he lost his balance and fell on Mew, who let out a hurtful cry, and he had a headache.

She screamed again. "Mewtwo, get off!" she gasped out.

He sat up, watching her curl in pain as she struggled for breath. Sweeping her into his arm, he looked around, his eyes widening at the familiarity of the scenery. He recognized the waterfall immediately.

"Pryce Falls," he muttered, a chill running down his spine.

Mew followed his gaze, massaging her ribs. "Yes. This is our place, Mewtwo... Our get-away spot, you can say."

Shaking his head, he inquired hurriedly, "What makes you say that, Mew?"

She took an irregular breath, wincing a little. "It may have just been in your dreams, Mewtwo... but our spiritual bonding was real... even if it was scary. So it would be appropriate for us to bond physically here."

His eyes widened. "Mew... y-you cannot be..."

"We were almost separated for good, Mewtwo. Even if it was still my body, it wouldn't have been the same." She slipped out of his hold to smooth her fingers over his lips. The moment he gasped, she slightly poked them in to skim along his teeth. "It was three days, wasn't it? It's amazing how much things have changed in three days." Going further in, she touched his tongue, which he withdrew from her reach.

With a frown, she pushed herself away, floating out to the spring. Looking past her shoulder, she waved him over. "Come wash up with me, dear," she invited. "We're a little dirty."

Mewtwo was torn with himself over what to do. He wanted to return back to the others, knowing they would be safer with them than alone; the other half, however, wanted to stay, trusting her decision, and that half had its own two sides of the issue. Not wanting to hurt her, he went ahead to go along with it. Carefully, he stepped into the water, though he almost refused to advance further due to the cold temperature.

Mew smiled at the sight, and came to assist him. "It's no hot spring, but it'll have to do," she whispered to him with a giggle.

He blushed a little through his shivering. "Are you sure we should be getting wet, what with our injuries?"

"We can always get new leaves if they fall off."

He gave her a questioning look. "Do you even know how to wrap bandages?"

"I've practiced."

It was a harsh answer, he noted. A sting struck in his chest for a few seconds before it faded, and a single word came to mind.


Whether it was his own or hers, he didn't know. He went ahead to push that subject further. "How often were you hurt in your life?"

She shot him a glare. "Why does it matter?" she grunted. "I was accident-prone as a kitten, I bled a lot. Gave me an excuse to learn to tie knots." Glancing down to see Mewtwo was nearly torso-deep in the water, she shoved him over.

He came up to the surface very quickly. "What was that for?!" he spluttered. "I only have one functioning arm, Mew!"

She felt a little bad, but just gave a small shrug. "Oops?"

Glowering, he snatched her tail and wrenched her into the water. She hardly was submerged, though she clung to his arm with a squeal. "Oh, God, it's cold!"

Mewtwo smirked. "I thought you love swimming."

"I d-don't swim in cold water often! And even if I did..." She pushed him again. "You're such a jerk!"

"You started it." He dunked her.

She used her tail to splash him. "You pissed me off!"

"Not on purpose." He lightly sprinkled her.

Mew wrapped her arms around herself with a huff, squeezing her eyes shut. "Yeah, well... you scare me sometimes."

His brows rose a little. Somehow, he wasn't too surprised by her statement. He knew he was an intimidating figure, having even been told by a few others he was frightening. It was prideful of him to accept it, but as he became more peaceful, his expressions had softened up and it got harder and harder to anger him.

"How exactly?"

She paused in mid-shrug, a little unsure herself. "Well... there's the usual things. But lately... ever since our kiss at Mount Quena... I've felt your stares, your presence no matter where you were. You were pretty much everywhere for some time. Um... and I've been having dreams..."

"What kind of dreams?"

The heavy blush made her shudder, so she went silent and turned her back on him. She twirled her hand in a circular motion in the water in an attempt to get her mind off the question. Mewtwo, though he was sure she was trying to avoid answering, became more concerned the longer he waited. The instant he touched her, she gave a frightened gasp and dove into the water. He watched her swim in the direction of the waterfall before disappearing. Not wanting her out of his sight for long, he waded toward it, taking care not to slip. He stared up the length of the falls thinking she climbed up it until he scanned the cliffside. A little suspicious, he passed through the water to find a cavern. It was shallow and just scarcely taller than him, but Mew was there, huddled in the far corner. On the ground at the entrance were the stripped bandages, torn in pieces as a sign she had struggled to take them off.

Sorrowfully, he crawled in after her. Gazing at her exposed scarred wrists, he couldn't help reaching out to grasp them. To his relief, she squeezed back. "Please don't judge me, Mewtwo," came her muffled whimper. "I couldn't control those dreams. They just came, I couldn't do anything."

He nodded, running a thumb along her hand. "I understand, Mew... I have had dreams as well."

She peeked out with watery eyes. "You did?"

"Yes. They were vivid and rather sequential, in a way. I never had them until after... Well, I previously had dreams with you in them, but they were never like this."

When she lifted up her head, he found himself gawking at the dark scabs streaking down her face. She fidgeted under his stare, rubbing her knuckles on her cheek. "You dream about me?"

Mewtwo hung his head sheepishly. "They vary from time to time, but yes."

Mew slowly shifted to her knees, tightening her hold on him. He had to avert his eyes from her neck. "What about these recent ones? What were they about?"

His throat clogged up as though to prevent him from spilling out his dark secret. For a long moment, he struggled to get his voice out, to tell her the truth, to end the nightly torments. Finally, he managed to get a word out, if only reluctantly.


It was deathly quiet in the cavern, even the thunderous waterfall seemed to have lost its voice. The two could only stare at each other and breathe, unable to drop eye-contact or their hands. Mewtwo felt an icy chill numb his body and anchor him to the floor. He was sure his heart stopped beating, and that he lost his soul. He felt unworthy to be kneeling before Mew, wanting to run off to where she couldn't find him again. She didn't deserve him any longer.

As painful as it was, he watched her lean back, her hands beginning to release him. "Sex... Mewtwo?"

Now that he had nothing more to hide, he maintained his gaze and slowly nodded. "That was the premise of them," he murmured. "But... as erotic as the dreams were, the intercourse did not happen... until today. I suppose it is because I was so close to losing you, the dream went ahead to finish it like it was afraid that if you died, it would die with you. And... it is almost like it knew how devastated I would be if you did. As perverted as it sounds, Mew... I was becoming addicted to it."

She visibly shuddered, but kept her eyes on him. Mewtwo swallowed, reaching out to skim his shaking fingers along her cheek, inwardly grateful she didn't flinch, though her brows knitted in concern. Her eyelids fluttered shut from the touch, a clenched hand resting on her heart.

"I-I want you so bad," he continued, vainly fighting back his grief as she glanced back up, dropping his hand to her shoulder, "but it cannot happen physically. So I had to resort to fantasies. I-It is a lust... these dreams only prove I cannot love... I can only lust. But I know I love you! I do not want just your body, Mew, I want all of you!" They both flinched from the echoes, but he kept on with his declaration. "I want your heart, your soul, your love, everything! I have been tormented with this for so long, I can fight it no longer! I almost lost you! I do not care if we are eternal, I want you here with me!"

The clone buried his face into her scabbing neck to weep, holding her close. She made no movement that suggested he was unwelcome to her, but that didn't calm him down, having now lost control of his emotions. Out of sadness and fright, he pressed hot kisses to her face, her fingers digging into him almost reflexively. He barely registered it, and he continued to push his emotional distress onto her. Conflicted with himself about whether or not to press her to the wall, Mewtwo muttered incomprehensibly to himself in between breaths.

Mew felt her wounds painfully throb every time his lips brushed her skin, making her flinch from the burning sensations they would leave behind. She snatched at his fingers as his hand slipped around her torso and led them to her face where, while he did slow, his antsy digits massaged her cheek. A moan managed to find its way out of her throat, provoking him to kiss her mouth mistaking it for a pleasing sound.

But it sealed their fate. She couldn't fight it anymore.

Her lips passionately cut into him, her tiny paws grasping his head to keep him in place. She heard him grunt in frustration, and when she trailed a hand to his shoulder, she remembered his arm stuck in a sling. It was an unfortunate disability they both would have to deal with. Returning to his face, she clawed at a bandage, trying not to scratch him doing so. Mewtwo moved to kiss her throat, causing her to shiver when he breathed over the wounds. Hoisting herself up, she tilted his head back before easing him to the ground. She knelt over him, fingering the gauze on his chest.

They gazed at each other as they panted, trembling at their wandering touches. Swallowing, Mew leaned in to press their noses together. "Oh, Mewtwo... I-I don't know how it's possible, but... it is highly likely you and I were having the same dreams."

He quietly gasped in surprise. "You...? But... you are so... I did not think..."

"It was these dreams that have kept me up all night. They frightened me. I was worried I was developing lustful feelings, if that's what lust feels like. I didn't want that... I wanted to have a pure love for you." She frowned, running a hand across his brows before sitting back, straddling his chest. The clone swept his gaze along her figure, amazed at how bold she had become. "But... is it possible to lust after your own mate?" she whispered next. "I hope that we aren't mates because of that. I want it to be of love like everything should be."

She looked down at how they were positioned, then reached for his hand. She studied its size and traced the lines before closing her lips over a finger. Mewtwo watched in silent awe at her attempt to widen her mouth to further insert it. She barely got to the first knuckle when she pitifully whined and pulled it out. A look of slight disappointment was etched on her face, even when she pressed it over her heart. It was then he realized that despite cupping the breast entirely in his palm, she was rather voluptuous for her size. As much as he was certain she never showed, it was upon feeling her that he could gauge her curves.

Mew's lips pursed as his hand kneaded her, her figure steadily writhing in tune to his touch as she struggled to maintain eye-contact. He swallowed to wet his throat, sliding over to the other breast and brushing his thumb on perky flesh. Hesitant for only a few moments, Mewtwo sat up and craned his neck to press his lips to its peak. She quivered and gasped under his touch, inducing him to roughen the kiss and run his tongue across. Her arms wrapped around his head to push him closer, her breaths growing more irregular the longer he teased her.

"Ahh—nn, Mewtwo!"

He moaned against her skin, loving how her soft chest heaved against him. A sense of comfort washed over him as he nuzzled her, wanting nothing more than for that moment to last and to take her warmth into him. If he had any complaints, it was only having one functioning arm to hold her and feel her. From the way she reached down to snag his sling, she had the same thought, and she bumped her snout to his temple almost to muffle her cries.

"I want you, Mew," he murmured once he freed his mouth.

She briefly nodded, her whimpers quiet. Mewtwo tilted his head back to kiss her lips, peering at her red face. He couldn't get enough of her hot breaths, of how bright her eyes shone, and of her pure taste. It was similar to his dreams, and for a second he thought he was dreaming of her descending into his arms cloaked with moonlight. And then his gaze fell upon her scabbed cheek, shattering the illusion.

Glancing back at her eyes, he shivered at how quickly her light diminished. "Look at us, Mewtwo... What is this? Is this instinctive? Is it love? Lust? I can't tell anymore... but I'm almost convinced the dreams are just that: dreams. That's all they'll ever be..." She started pulling away.

"Mew..." He attempted to sit up to hold her back, but she stopped him with a gentle touch.

"Dear... I want you much like how you want me. But that shouldn't be. No... there's a deeper meaning behind all of this, I know it. What proves to us we are in love, that we chose each other for a reason? What makes us who we are?" She resumed fingering the leaves. "Mewtwo... you aren't all lust like you say you are. You have in your heart love like all of us do. It was planted in there when you were very small. Tell me..." her voice hesitated for a moment, "do you remember a girl named Amber?"

His lips thinned as he shook his head. "The name is not familiar."

Mew let out a sad sigh. "She was right," she murmured. "You don't remember her... but I'm surprised you don't recognize that love. It could have been because your sadness hid it away, and your anger may have corrupted it. Still, your heart may remember, which may be why you were willing to accept humanity, if reluctantly. And later, friendship... then love."

Mewtwo gingerly raised his hand to lay it against her forehead. "Are you feeling okay, Mew?"

She shrugged him off. "Mewtwo, I have a small favor to ask of you."


"...I want you to prove your love to me. If you truly love me, don't tell me. Just show me." Then she gave him a light kiss before crawling off him.

He carefully sat up, studying Mew with a slightly puzzled look. She frowned a little and sat back against the wall, rubbing her arms. With a slight shiver, Mewtwo scooted to the opposite wall, gazing thoughtfully out the mouth of the cavern. Her request made sense, but he didn't know how to do it, or what to show her. Somehow, he felt a little rushed, almost like everything hung on the balance. Looking past the waterfall, he stared closely at the tree across the field, eyes steadily widening upon recognition. Shooting her an aside glance, he slipped outside and waited until he was on solid ground before running over to it. Pausing under its shade, he felt a smile on his lips to find it still bearing fruit. Plucking off a few, he hurried back to the waterfall, trying to squeeze into the cave without getting the berries wet.

The feline looked up at his arrival, brows raising questionably when he shook the droplets off his face. With a smile of assurance, Mewtwo knelt before her to lay his find down. Mew couldn't fight a shudder as she stared at the Lum berries, but she was embarrassed when her stomach growled. He nodded down at them, giving her first pick.

Grabbing the nearest one and feeling the weight in her hands, she raised it to her mouth and bit out a good-sized chunk. In her mind's eye, she recalled her recovery in the Tree so many months back, bringing her pause. The clone raised his brows in alert and leaned forward, startling her back to the present and forcing her to shake her head with red cheeks. Though when she swallowed, Mew pressed a paw to her throat with a wince and moan.

"Are you having problems?" he asked in concern, still moving closer.

She raised her hand to stop him. "I'm okay," she croaked out. "Just a sore throat..."

Trailing off, the feline's thoughts turned to her injuries as she once again felt the scabs on her skin. She didn't have a good memory about what had happened, having only faint recollections of searing pain as her body was slowly shred apart by Legion—but she wished she could forget all of that. And as wonderful as it was to be back in her body again, it also felt different. It wasn't uncomfortable, but it wasn't entirely natural, like something was missing. Her sensitivity had also increased, probably a side-effect of being without a body for so long. Not long after waking up, tried as she could to ignore it, she had taken notice that with every heartbeat, the wounds throbbed deep in her core and itched in places she never thought could get itchy. And it might have just been her imagination, but she could swear it was being persistent.

A strangled intake of breath escaped her when she grazed a tender area of her neck, losing her grip on the Lum as she twitched. She scrunched her eyes shut at the mere remembrance of her own fingers sinking into her flesh—except she knew that wasn't her. She only had witnessed it in some strange out-of-body experience, yet there was an involuntary flex just from touch alone. And it dismissed the pain to press harder and scratch.

Mewtwo's arm pulling her into a tight hug was what squeezed out a sob from her, and she forcefully grabbed him so she wouldn't continue feeling herself. He had tougher skin than she, he didn't even jerk when her claws dug grooves into him, and for that she was grateful it was him holding her. But within an instant, tears felt like liquid fire when they slid down her cheek and neck, and although her mouth was open for a scream, only gasps pushed their way through.

"I-It hurts," she managed to choke out. "My body... it remembers..."

She wept into his chest, all while he seethed from her words, his hand shakily balling into a fist at her shoulder. It resentfully sank in that Mew's suffering went too deep for him to track, that there was nothing he could've done about it. Recalling all the times Legion shed her blood and seduced him while mocking the both of them, Mewtwo squeezed her tighter to himself and slipped themselves past the waterfall.

They hadn't been keeping track of how long they were out for, but no one yet was looking for them and possibly wouldn't. Once she was able to calm down and keep her hands down, Mew's wounds were gently cleaned and patched back up with fresh leaves before they returned to the cavern. She resumed eating, slower and with smaller bites this time so as to not further agitate her throat. Keeping her within arm's reach, Mewtwo rejected the berries whenever she tried to offer him one, feeling she deserved them more than he did. She noticed they tasted more and more bitter with each bite, which she linked to her guilt eating in front of her counterpart.

Prodding the skin of the last Lum for any soft spots, her ears drooped as she broke the silence, "Mewtwo... I-I don't know how to repay you for all this."

He waved his hand around in refusal. "Do not worry about it at this present time."

Mew smiled a little before sighing. "You know, I just realized you put me ahead of your life almost recklessly. It's just so... I wouldn't say it's selfish, but in a way... in the long run, it might be." She eyed his bandages warily.

He slightly frowned, lightly rubbing his arm. "How would it, exactly?"

Her eyes met his for a moment. "What if you had died, Mewtwo? You would be leaving me a widow, so to speak. That would be rather selfish, leaving me alone so suddenly."

Mewtwo imagined the consequences of poor Mew left alone. With the thoughts of her having to deal with guilt, loneliness, and the stress of trying to move on, and having been very close to experiencing that heartbreak himself, he agreed. Then he recalled how Celebi and the others were worried about his health, urging him to take the water for himself. He honestly couldn't blame them, they had meant well.

"It would have actually been selfish of me to take the last of Clarity Lake," he corrected. "There was very little left when I finally gave it to you."

She found herself shivering. "What do you mean? There wasn't enough for both of us?"

"No." He glanced over to do a quick scan of her figure, taking note of the wounds that should not have scabbed over so easily. "The vial had cracked, and by the time I administered it to you, there was only a quarter of it left, maybe less. There would have been no way to split it between us, not in the condition you were in." He turned his gaze back to the waterfall. "It is a miracle it still kept its healing properties. You were so broken up..." Not wanting to remember the horrific image any further, he trailed off.

Mew whimpered. "I understand..." After a moment's pause, she then quietly added, "I suppose it would have been worse if I happened to have gotten pregnant."

The statement made him close his eyes, and he slowly sighed through his nose. He knew she would bring it up eventually. "Mew... I can think of only two other times you and I would have become intimate had the circumstances called for it. What are the chances you would have been ovulating during those nights?" Mewtwo then raised a brow in inquiry, glancing over at her. "Do you even know your ovulation period?"

Mew shrugged. "I had friends who knew when theirs occurred. They were aware of this 'heat season', so they told me, and they almost always got pregnant during those seasons, whenever they were. I questioned about my heat season, but they couldn't answer. As far as I know, I don't think I had one. Since, you know... I was immortal at the time."

He placed his chin in his hand. "It is possible you might have one now."

"But I don't know when it is, or what it feels like. I could have been having it this whole time." She flushed at the thought, staring up at her mate. "Why am I telling you this?" she muttered to herself, biting into the berry.

The clone felt a blush rise as well. "I am sorry I brought it up. It is a sensitive topic, I take it?"

Mew waited to swallow before giving her reply. "I-I don't know. I mean, it doesn't come up in casual discussion anyway, so, uh... I suppose it is." Twiddling her fingers, she took another bite.

It was an awkward silence, both of them avoided eye-contact while they tried to fight down the blushes and concentrated on something else. Because they sat across from each other, it made things more uncomfortable, knowing they resolved their relationship, but didn't know how to carry it out. Thinking back on the issues and bonding they had, Mew got a little nervous. No doubt both of them knew there was only one other thing left to complete their bond.

Glancing up at him, she hesitated a little before opening her mouth. "Um... Mewtwo?"

"Hmm?" He looked over, visibly calm.

She took a breath, slowly going over her response. "I... um... c-can you promise me that I'm yours? That way... when we do finally... c-consummate, well..."

He wrapped his tail around her form, bringing a small gasp from her. She relaxed some at the warmth of the touch and his gaze. "You already are, Mew. But if you insist, I shall make the promise." He leaned forward to gingerly brush his fingers against her cheek, avoiding touching the scabs the best he could. "Though it would not be fair if you were just mine. I have to be yours as well to even it out. Does that make sense, Mew?"

She lightly grasped his wrist. "It's Myriam," she murmured, gently closing her eyes.

Mewtwo blinked, unsure if he heard her right. "It is what?"

"Myriam. That's my name." Looking up with half-lidded eyes, she let out a soft sigh. "I would have told you sooner, but I hadn't yet accepted you as my mate. Besides, now would be a good time to get used to it."

"Get used to your name? I have always called you Mew." He almost began to regret speaking out about it. Just by reciting the name over in his head, he was finding himself liking it, feeling it fit her well.

"That's because names are more for close family members. Many Pokémon have that custom." She hung her head a little, taking his hand into her tiny paws. "I am the last Mew, so naturally when Mother died, so did my family. I have not said my real name out loud in a thousand years."

"Why tell me this now?"

"We're mates, Mewtwo, we both acknowledge that. And having been so close to being separated... it's better late than never." Mew skimmed her fingers along his palm, a small frown on her lips. "No one else knows of it, except for you, Mother, and I... as well as others on the other side. It's to be uttered when those outside of the family aren't around. Any other time and location, 'Mew' must be used."

He was still a little puzzled. "Is there a reason for that?"

She shrugged. "I guess it's because if someone else knows about it, they can steal it away from you. Names are important in identifying someone in a unique sort of way, I suppose, depending on their meaning."

Mewtwo nodded, beginning to understand where she was coming from. "Do you know your name's meaning?"

"Well... I've heard different interpretations: 'drop of the sea', 'lady', 'someone who is loved'. There's quite a few."

He felt a smile spread on his lips, finding the name more beautiful and fitting when she listed the definitions. "Would you know which one your mother meant by?"

She once more shrugged. "I wouldn't know... Though I heard it also meant 'exalted', which I guess would make sense... But then again, most of the other meanings make sense."

Mewtwo gently caressed her jaw, bringing her gaze to him. "Your mother loved you very much to give you this name," he stated quietly. "A wise parent would know what name to give to their child that they can proudly live up to."

Mew blushed in humility, nuzzling into his hold. "I wish I told you sooner, Mewtwo..."

She clung on when he suddenly swooped her up to rest against his chest. "It would not have made as big of an impact," he said. "I almost lost you, so I am considering this as a blessing." Then he chuckled out of the blue. "You know, you could have just shown me your name."

She giggled and lightly nudged his shoulder. "You would have pronounced it wrong," she smirked.

"Try me."

"It's spelled with a 'Y' instead of an 'I'."

"I would have still pronounced it right."

"Would you?"

"Yes I would, Meer-ium."

She wrinkled her nose at his exaggeration. "What a way to butcher my name, Meew-two."

They quietly laughed as they hugged, feeling tears of joy creeping up on them. Mewtwo lay his head in between her ears, gazing happily past the waterfall, out towards the blurry forest. He suddenly noticed how healthy it was despite being gray, at how the grass did look a little greener than back down in Cherrygrove, the Lum tree out by the river still bearing ripe fruit... It made him wonder if not everything was touched in the disaster. Mew—Myriam, he corrected himself—had indeed found the right get-away. Secretly, however, he wanted to show the others this place. Maybe it would loosen up their worries in knowing the entire world hadn't been as ruined as they believed.

A shiver ran through his body the moment she hoisted herself up to whisper into his ear, "Thank you for saving me, Mewtwo."

He slowly shook his head, and held her close. "Do not thank me, Myriam. If it was all my doing, you would be dead. I did not know what to do... I was frightened. I did not know how to get help in time... I had to beg for your life—"

Falling back, she interrupted him with a soft kiss. "No need to tell me. I heard everything. You... have great faith in God to place it all in His hands."

Mewtwo tilted his head a little in puzzlement. "I meant everything I said to Him. How is that faith?"

Her smile was sad. "You were willingly asking for His help. Your heart was humbled enough to know where to turn to. This was something you couldn't have done yourself... you had too little knowledge on it." She looked away when she frowned. "To be honest, Mewtwo, if it was I who was trying to revive you... I might not have looked to Him for help. I think I told you this before, but I lost my belief in God. I believed He had forsaken me in my time of need. Even while that whole time I was looking to Him for help... it never came. I did horrific things because of it..."

He wanted to stop her, to let her know he already knew about it all, but his heart kept him back. He felt he had no right to question her, or to even approach her on it. Instead, he hugged her tightly and fought back his tears. She curled her arms around him in response.

"But these last few days, as horrendous as they were, and the pain was so unbearable... I don't think I would have survived it in any other time frame, you know? I guess it's because I now have something to hold on to..." She craned her neck to gently kiss his cheek. "I'm proud of you, Mewtwo. You have a stronger will than I do... and a wonderful guardian angel."

"Angel... you mentioned her before," he recalled. "I could have sworn it was just a dream."

"It wasn't. She allowed me to contact you, and because of that..." Mew's hand pressed on his sternum to feel his heartbeat, "...our bond has been strengthened. We can sense each other. It's much stronger than before, which would explain a lot of things, wouldn't it?"

Mewtwo squeezed her hand in silent agreement and in apology. They gazed at each other, feeling a sudden sensation of worry rise up in their chests. In unison they looked out of the cavern, almost expecting to find something or someone of concern outside.

Mew wriggled in discomfort. "It's calling..."

"What is?" Something in the back of his mind told him he should know, but he quickly set it aside.

"...the Tree wants us back."

His heart clenched up, and he pressed her closer protectively. "No... it cannot be possible..."

She anxiously looked up. "Our blood and aura are fueling the Tree," she said, almost hesitantly. "It's only natural that we are connected to it."

"I refuse to let you go," he darkly muttered, tightening his grip.

She let out a breathy gasp when he did. "Mewtwo... we have to go back."

He shook his head. "I almost lost you, Myriam. I cannot let it happen again."

"It won't if we work together."

"What are you talking about?"

She flinched at the growl in his voice. "Mewtwo, we need to go back. The Tree... it's sick and getting out of control. Do you know what that means?"

He took a few moments to recall any of the talks the two had about the Tree, only to take too long for her liking. "It's going to gorge itself any time now," she answered for him. "And when it does, we'll die."

"By that, you mean every one of us will?"

She sternly nodded. "We're not immortal anymore, Mewtwo." She wriggled free and exited the cavern.

Mewtwo hurried after and stopped her past the waterfall. "Mew—Myriam, this is suicide!" he exclaimed with a stumble. "We just barely escaped with our lives! The Tree is dangerous!"

"And that's why we have to kill it." She moved to get around him.

He caught her by the arm. "It could be a trap," he added. "Legion and his minions may still be there waiting for us."

Though she shuddered at the thought, she gave him a sharp gaze. "I'm aware of the risks, Mewtwo, but Amber told me we have to destroy it."

"What does this Amber know? Has she been inside of the Tree? Does she know of Legion's horrors? Is she aware of the dangers at all?"

"Amber's been dead long enough to know all of this," Mew snapped out. "She knows you have the power to neutralize the Tree—cleaning it out, in other words. The Tree has three types of aura inside it: mine, man, and demon. They are unable to mix without a catastrophe happening. It's possible the only reason it hasn't gone berserk yet is because of your blood, or something. You are half of both a Mew and human, Mewtwo, so... s-so that balances out two auras in there—I-I think. Oh..." She clutched at her head, shaking it around like it would help the memories fall into place. "Oh no... I-I don't remember it all... I just know about it... well..."

Mewtwo reached out to grasp her shoulder to help stabilize her. "Relax, honey, you are stressing out."

She smacked his hand away. "Mewtwo, please, we have to go back! That's all I ask!"

"And my answer is 'no'!"

"Mewtwo, we'll die if we don't!"

"And we will die if we go back!" He lowered his voice some when she flinched. "We are in no condition to fight, Mew, and you know it! I mean, Myriam!"

"Both names are fine," she mumbled, though he barely heard her when he resumed.

"Legion has half of our friends under his control! They will be beyond strength limitations regardless of how broken their possessed bodies are! We were unconscious for nearly a day, and we are not even close to recovery, none of us are!" Taking a few breaths, he reached out again, this time to cup her face. He was met with no backlash this time. "Myriam... please... let us rest. We have to go back to free them anyway, but let us recover first. Give us a couple of days, okay? Just... just let these past few days fade into the distance. Let us come up with a plan."

It was clear she was hurt, but Mewtwo could have sworn he saw resentment in her depths before she hung her head. "That'll work," she murmured, letting out a long sigh. "A few days won't kill us..."

He pecked her forehead. "Thank you, Myriam... Let us just pray for their safety for now."

She wiped at her eyes, slowly nodding. "Sure... why not? Exercise our faith." She shot a small beam up at him, her tail loosely looping around his. "Come on, we'll follow the creek back. It spills into Lake of Rage, according to Latias."

"So that explains the house," he noted, snapping his fingers. "Only in Mahogany Town do they build their homes out of mahogany."

Mew rolled her eyes. "Whatever you say, Sherlock."

He chuckled and leaned in, quirking his brow. "Elementary, my dear."

She shoved him into the water.


For the rest of the afternoon, the Legendaries discussed their plans of rescuing their friends. Mew gave an explanation about the Tree the best she could, with Mewtwo filling in the gaps of possible changes that had happened. He reluctantly even told them about Legion when pressured on about their enemy, bringing mixed emotions of anger and fear to the group. They shared Mew's desire to go back and destroy the Tree, but the clone managed to talk them out of it by pointing out everyone's afflictions. So they went ahead to develop a plan.

Lugia, Uxie, and Kyogre told their side of the story of how they infiltrated the Tree without being noticed (the beast mentioned he had made a mess of a field in one of the lower levels), giving them a visual idea of how they could enter—granted there weren't any guards, the wise fairy had noted. Everyone was given a chance to pitch in ideas no matter how ridiculous it sounded, which was almost appealed when it came to Deoxys' turn. They had to stop him after no less than a minute to call it out.

"I don't care what anyone says! I am damn well positive dressing in drag would get us in there!" he defended himself, shooting back glares at everyone.

When night fell and the temperature dropped, they went ahead to postpone the meeting for some rest. Although it was just to house Mewtwo and Mew for shelter, a small argument arose over who got to sleep inside. Because the building wasn't large and of the ratio between males and females (though Giratina complained they all slept outside together with no problems), the females easily won control of the house based on size, but Latias didn't want to sleep without her brother, and Mewtwo got a free pass so Cresselia and Mesprit could keep an eye on him. Leaving the rest of the males outside, everyone else went ahead to claim their rooms, although the majority chose to stay in the main room as it had a fireplace built in.

In spite of Mew's claims she was fine, the clone insisted on staying in the same room as her. Cresselia wasn't happy with his decision, but she allowed him as long as she could come in and out freely. She never did come by, though even if she did, the two never noticed, having gotten engrossed in conversation and quiet arguments about anything to pass the time away. They strayed away from talking about the Tree, Legion, or anything pertaining to the last three days, wanting to maintain a light atmosphere about them. Though he sat at her bedside the entire time, they never once touched with the exception of a kiss good night.

Mew ended up stirring herself awake from a sharp pull felt inside her chest. Her stomach fluttered nervously when she glanced over at her mate sleeping in the windowsill. She frowned at how uncomfortable it looked, wondering how he could sleep like that (especially as injured as he was), then rolled out of bed. Gingerly, she left the room and entered the main part of the house, thankful she could still levitate. Glancing out the window at the dying fire, she went ahead to Teleport right beside it. Doing so, she jumped in surprise when she heard Entei snort and mumble in his sleep, and hurried out to the safety of the dark forest.

While she calmed herself down, two sides of her subconscious began to fight. One told her to go back to sleep so she wouldn't be worrying everyone sick when they woke up. The other was pressuring her to keep going, that Mewtwo was in the wrong. So far, her desire to kill the Tree was winning, and she advanced further into the forest until she realized she had no idea where it was. She waited to see if there was anything inside her trying to tug her into the right direction, but nothing came, only the inner squeeze of its silent call.

"Forget it," she finally mumbled, rubbing at her eyes. "I can't continue on if I don't know where to go."

She turned around and headed back to the house. Without thinking properly, she flew for the window and smacked her head against the glass. Biting back a startled cry, she looked up and nearly had a heart attack when she met with the wide-eyed gaze of Mewtwo. She backed up when he opened the window.

"Mew, what are you doing?" he whispered anxiously. "Where were you?"

She spun her head around for a few seconds. "Um... I-I had to go to the bathroom," she sheepishly lied.

He scowled, sending a shiver down her spine. "You were going to the Tree."

Twisting her hands, she shamefully nodded, her levitation faltering. "I'm sorry, Mewtwo..."

"Mew, we talked about this," he interrupted her with a groan. "You said you would wait a few days, and you always give your word."

"Mewtwo, there is no time to wait," she protested. "Our friends are going to die if we don't save them. And even then, if we leave the Tree alive, it'll just kill us. Can't you feel yourself getting older?"

"I have always felt my body aging, it has nothing to do with the Tree." He tilted his head. "Can you?"

Mew let out a distressed sigh, feeling dumb for making the comment. "...not really..."

"Then we will be fine. All of us will." He reached out to stroke her face, frowning at the dark lines streaking down her cheeks. His voice lowered to a murmur, "Come back to bed, Myriam. We will discuss this more in the morning. For now, just sleep."

"Only if you get off the windowsill. Your back is going to be sore if you keep it up." She grasped his hand. "Sleep with me tonight, Mewtwo."

"Now Myriam, the door is wide open, and there are ladies present, particularly Latias."

She gaped at him. "Don't tell me Deoxys is corrupting your mind!"

With a smile, Mewtwo stepped away from the window, pulling her inside before closing it. "I only kid, dear. Loosen up a little."

"That was a horrible joke," she grunted, gently landing on the bed with her arms folded. A thought then popped into her head when she pushed lightly down on the mattress (she had refused to sleep on the leaves from earlier). "Um... you're not going to break the bed, are you?"

"I am not a Snorlax, Myriam," he smirked, sitting down beside her. He chuckled when she flinched from when the bed creaked. "If it is still intact from just sitting, it can take my full weight."

She shrugged, scooting to the side. "Just checking..." Watching as he reclined on his good side, she reached out to touch the sling. "Did Cress say when it'll heal?"

"No less than a few months," he said, looking down at it.

"Why don't you use Recover?"

"Broken bones are different from lacerations. If I had my full power, I might have at least set it and waited for it to heal over." He shrugged a little. "I never had to heal broken bones before, so I am just guessing here."

Mew sadly smiled down at him. "You do have flaws after all."

"What made you think I was not flawless?"

She shrugged a little. "I don't know... you just seemed that way. Didn't help you kept to yourself a lot."

With a grin, he reached out and pulled her in towards him, giving her a small kiss. She let out a quiet gasp, feeling herself slipping to lie on top at an angle from the way she was leaning over him. She squeezed his shoulders to push him away a little, staring down at him. He gazed back lovingly, with no other indication he was thinking of a second meaning as he gently stroked her ear.

"Well, guess I am not the only one who thinks that way."

Mew felt herself blush, and looked away. "...I'm kinda regretting asking you to sleep with me," she admitted.

Mewtwo let out a low chuckle and pecked her cheek. "I am irresistible."

"Just because you are saying that doesn't make it any less awkward."

Shaking his head with a quiet laugh, he shifted so she could lower herself to rest beneath his chin. "Good night, Myriam. Pleasant dreams."

"I hope so," she breathed out, snuggling closer. She relaxed at the feel of his heart against her chest. A smile found its way to her lips, becoming more convinced there had to be no other safe place than here in his arms. "'Night, Mewtwo... sweet dreams..."

Before she fell asleep, Mew happened to look over at the window. It was faint, but she was certain she saw the figure of a familiar girl sitting on the sill, a bright smile on her face.

"Good night, Myriam... Welcome back."


A/N: Okay, I'm not setting a time for how long it'll take me to write the next chapter. This one just needs time to be written out, there's going to be a lot of things happening as we are nearing the climax.

Can you believe in this?
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Climax? O.EM.GEE.

*sigh* Thank god Mewtwo was able to save Mew. I think I would've had a heart attack if she died. Then again, same goes for any character in this fic.

It's kinda strange me reading Mew as a slightly more mature figure. I can always see a Mew as a cheerful, carefree figure, but Myriam gives a Mew a new side to look at. Its strange, but you make it a smooth transition for me. Thats a good thing.

o.o Mewtwo's getting Deoxys-ified or something. He's getting slightly dirty. Stupid Deoxys.

I'm guessing next chapter they'll storm the Tree and something really bad is gonna happen. I'm hoping to do with the couple. Though I wouldn't be surprised is Legion reappears "possessing" one of the Legendaries. God that would be strange.

I admire your persistence in keeping this story going. I could never keep a story as good as this going for more than a few chapters, yet you have it nearing the climax. Amazing work, well done.


Petals and Leaves
Climax? O.EM.GEE.

*sigh* Thank god Mewtwo was able to save Mew. I think I would've had a heart attack if she died. Then again, same goes for any character in this fic.

It's kinda strange me reading Mew as a slightly more mature figure. I can always see a Mew as a cheerful, carefree figure, but Myriam gives a Mew a new side to look at. Its strange, but you make it a smooth transition for me. Thats a good thing.

o.o Mewtwo's getting Deoxys-ified or something. He's getting slightly dirty. Stupid Deoxys.

I'm guessing next chapter they'll storm the Tree and something really bad is gonna happen. I'm hoping to do with the couple. Though I wouldn't be surprised is Legion reappears "possessing" one of the Legendaries. God that would be strange.

Thanks for ruining the story. :p jk

Finally got around to read this. Fantastic job as always. Can't say much more other than God/Arceus/Whoever the hell He is (still confused on that) and destroy Legion. Or is Legion already "dead"?

Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
*sigh* Thank god Mewtwo was able to save Mew. I think I would've had a heart attack if she died. Then again, same goes for any character in this fic.

Does that include Legion by any chance xD? Naw, you've shown your hatred for the demon many times, so that couldn't be it.

It's kinda strange me reading Mew as a slightly more mature figure. I can always see a Mew as a cheerful, carefree figure, but Myriam gives a Mew a new side to look at. Its strange, but you make it a smooth transition for me. Thats a good thing.

I also found it a little strange to give her a name, but years of liking names for Pokémon and having named Mew in another story (completely unrelated to this one) made this a lot easier to do. I just had to find another name, and that was a little more difficult. Thankfully, I was inspired to give her the name when I couldn't stop thinking of Moses' sister. Guess I had the Veggietales short in my head at the time, lol.

I was actually planning on having her give her name around the end of the story, but I felt it was more appropriate for her to tell Mewtwo after her near-death experience. It was either that or Glad-to-Be-Alive Sex.

And I'm evil enough to not have them go at it with each other.

o.o Mewtwo's getting Deoxys-ified or something. He's getting slightly dirty. Stupid Deoxys.

XD When you live with someone for a while, you end up thinking like them whether you want to or not. JUSTIFIED! *fist pump*

I'm guessing next chapter they'll storm the Tree and something really bad is gonna happen. I'm hoping to do with the couple. Though I wouldn't be surprised is Legion reappears "possessing" one of the Legendaries. God that would be strange.

*insert Grinch smile here*

Finally got around to read this. Fantastic job as always. Can't say much more other than God/Arceus/Whoever the hell He is (still confused on that) and destroy Legion. Or is Legion already "dead"?

Lol, well, I always tell my readers to take their time, but I'm just glad I now have the motivation needed for this chapter.

Um, I don't really get what you mean there, but I know how much you all want Legion destroyed. Well, I know what I'm going to do with him, so you'll see in the next chapter what happens to him. So no, Legion's not dead.

Thank you both for the reviews, but I'm sorry to say that you are going to be waiting for a long, long while. I'm hoping it won't take four months like chapter four did for me. I've just had trouble trying to write this out and figure out how to make everything work. It's going to have the same feel as chapter four, which I suppose is what's holding me back.

I swear to you, though, that you won't be disappointed, at least I hope you won't be. It's been a month since the last update, and it's only a quarter of the way done, so who knows. I'm just glad you're all very patient with me.
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Hello, I just finished reading up to this point, and I have to say it was amazing. Between your stunning details, lovable characters, and oddly dark plotline, you kept me reading for hours. I especially liked the characters, and they all felt quite realistic, mainly mew, mewtwo, and legion. I can honestly say that I was worried for mew and mewtwo when legion tried to break their bond. Thank you for this psychologically haunting story that kept me up way too late. I've loved every word.

Also, if you're still workimg on this wonderous fic, please add me to the pm list. I wouldnt want to miss a bit.

Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
Thank you all for being very patient with me, I'm sorry it took me as long as it did, but I'm just grateful you're all understanding about my predicament at the moment. Last night I was fretting with myself whether-or-not to cut the current chapter in two, as to not torment you with a ridiculously-long chapter (which would be understandable, as this is now the start of the climax), or to put the story on some kind of "hiatus" because I've run into a roadblock. I decided I might as well slice it in half and hope it was for the best.

Well, without any further interruptions, onward with the plot—I mean story! The next chapter will be the long-awaited climax, no lie! When it'll be done... ehh, I don't know. Hopefully not as long as it's been torturing me with.



Chapter Nineteen: Last Chance

"It was a perfectly fine day, but I breathed in the cold breeze
In an instant, time stopped its needle
One-way, that cannot return twice
A lost child looks for a bright place"

-- "Forest of Grief" (translated), Ayane, When Cicadas Cry: Festival


The morning meeting took a bit to assemble, but even then the discussion went all over the place. Everyone was clearly worried about the fate of their friends that they desperately wanted to start the rescue right then and there. Shaymin was quick to persuade them to settle for a plan before it could get out of hand, only to realize they didn't know where the Tree exactly was. Mewtwo resolved it by mentioning the Mystri Stage, which Uxie also confirmed in recognizing the surrounding area upon infiltration.

"Well then, why not draw out a blueprint?" Latios made a suggestion.

"There's no use in mapping out the ruins," he said, arms folded. "The Sinjoh Ruins have been eradicated by the crystals."

"What about the Mystri Stage?" his sister worriedly asked. "Is it still useable?"

He shrugged. "I couldn't feel it..."

"It could be because it became the Tree's Heart," the clone explained, much to the surprise of the Sinnoh Legendaries. "Legion used it in the restoration."

"How is that possible? Only a Legendary can run it, and even then it's difficult to use!" Darkrai shook his head in disbelief. "Besides, it's forbidden, at least not without permission. It has to call us over—well, Dialga, Palkia and Giratina, to be exact."

The renegade snorted. "Arceus gave us that right since he never comes down here. But hell, I haven't used it. One of you folks always got to it before I could feel it calling, and that's after Dialga and Palkia have felt it." A few looked away, making him huff a little and return his attention to the front.

"It doesn't matter now," Uxie muttered. "The question we should ask is: who activated it?"

"He just said this Legion guy did," Deoxys scoffed. "Weren't you listening?"

"But Legion is no Legendary I know of."

Mew squeezed Mewtwo's hand when he hung his head. "He used Mew to do it."

Many of them murmured in astonishment. Shaymin's eyes widened, mouthing a little before finding her voice, "How is she still here? We aren't immortal anymore."

Mewtwo gently ran his thumb along the back of her paw. "Legion once told me he could keep Mew's body from aging at will. I know very little of what happens to the body during the activation of the Stage, though from what I saw..." His lips went taut as he glanced at his mate.

"Um... isn't aura supposed to be used to create the Tree or something?" Zapdos questioned.

Mew shivered, then nodded. "In a way, though a base is needed. You can't create matter out of thin air, something else has to exist to become something else."

"That bastard made a giant freakin' crystal from the Mystri Stage?!" Giratina roared, startling most of the Legendaries when he shot to his feet.

A memory of a gleaming blue object flashed into Mewtwo's head. "No... it was some kind of... shiny blue material."

Entei snickered. "He said 'shiny'." Suicune lightly bopped him on the head to shut him up.

He hardly heard the beast speak. "Because it had this smooth look to it, I would say it was a stone. A very familiar stone... it had to have aura in it."

The small feline gasped, straightening up. "Sir Aaron's gloves had stones in them! They held aura! So that explains...!"

The Legendaries leaned in when she paused. "Explains what, Mew?" Latias pressed.

She waved her paw about. "S-Sorry, I was thinking of something else... but that explains the base. Legion didn't make the Heart out of the Mystri Stage. He may have combined the two."

"Isn't that still saying the Heart formed directly from the Stage?" Heatran amended.

Mewtwo shook his head. "It looked intact the last I saw it. The Heart just rests on it."

"Doesn't mean they didn't end up fused together," Uxie pointed out, his grave tone of voice turning heads. "This is no ordinary demon since he knows about the Stage's abilities. It's possible he didn't activate the Mystri Stage, otherwise we would have noticed, but he must be keeping it awake for later use."

Cresselia paled a little. "Um... d-doesn't the Stage work according to the user's wishes and desires?"

The fairy darkly looked up. His expression was all it took for the group to become somber, their hearts feeling like stopping that very moment.

The meeting was quietly adjourned.


The following couple of days were difficult to handle with the hint of paranoia lingering on their shoulders. They continued to talk about finalizing the rescue plan while they fussed over their own recoveries in between. For the most part, they didn't suffer many long-term effects and were able to perform tasks without complaints, so Mesprit was able to relieve them from her care. It left her and Cresselia more time for Mew to be their main priority as Mewtwo showed positive signs and mainly just needed a good eye kept on his arm. But to their amazement, she was found to be well enough they had announced to the Legendaries that evening they were heading out first thing in the morning.

As much as the clone wanted to tell them the reasons for her speedy recovery, he felt it was too personal to tell anyone else. He didn't doubt Mew had suffered the injuries they said she may have had, much like he never once questioned the miracle. He had a little issue with their clearance, but after they talked it over, he vowed never to let her out of his sight "to be on the safe side".

"Honey, this is a rescue mission. You'll have to pay attention to everything else at some point," his beloved gave her reasoning later that night when he brought it up.

"I am just saying, Myriam, we need to be cautious about this," he sighed, readjusting the sling's strap. "Legion never once stated he was officially through with you."

"This isn't about me right now, Mewtwo."

"It might end up that way."

She shot up off the bed to wrap her arms around his shoulders. "I can take care of myself. I know the dangers now—"

"You do not know where he is or what form he is in," he cut her off, a slight frown on his brows. "He is more dangerous now because we do not know what to expect."

Mew averted her gaze to the window, watching Deoxys and Lugia trying to outwit each other in charades (or whatever the males were doing). She and Mewtwo had chosen to isolate themselves in the bedroom to talk things through after having let the others know beforehand. She was sure they hadn't been alone for more than fifteen minutes, and yet the chatter outside and down the hall had been nothing more than a low, buzzing background noise from the start.

Leaning her head against him, she murmured, "He may go after the others, though."

"I am aware of that... but he wants you more."

"But why? Why us?"

Mewtwo reached up to grasp a paw. "He wants nothing more than a body for himself and his followers. He claimed we would produce strong children... which may be the ideal body for a demon."

She raised her brows in puzzlement. "What makes him say that?"

Shaking his head, he attempted to move the subject elsewhere. "Myriam, are you still willing to kill the Tree?"

Annoyed he avoided her question, she replied anyway, "I am. But I can't do it alone."

"Can we wait to purify it?"

"It's not purifying, we're neutralizing. It'll be easier to kill it then."

"Has this been done before?"

"We're just calming it down, so it has been done before... in a way." She grew a little worried at the thought, then reworded her answer. "Well... I suppose you can say that by purifying the Tree, we are making it neutral... though it depends on the strength of the one neutralizing it."

Mewtwo looked over anxiously. "To balance it out, will it have to drain our life-source?"

Mew's brows furrowed. "It shouldn't... but..." She went quiet as she reviewed it to herself. Her eyes then suddenly widened, raising a trembling hand to her mouth. Before he could ask what was wrong, she pushed herself away from him. He watched as she sloppily drew the curtains closed, then hurried for the door to shut and lock it.

He immediately got up and started for her. "Myriam, what are you doing? We have to keep it ope—"

She crushed a hard kiss into him, pushing him back to the bed and knocking the breath out of him. She let out a moan, sliding her tongue as deep as she could inside his mouth. He lay there in shock, feeling her hug him tightly to sensually stroke her hips along his torso. Regaining movement in his arm, he grasped her face to pull her away for air.

"Myriam! What was tha...?"

He trailed off at the glistening tears, her hands clutching his shoulders as she struggled to even out her panting. Although he was pleasantly surprised by her taking the initiative, her forwardness was different. Never had she been so open to him before, it was as though she had revealed a secret persona.

Mew kissed him again with the same amount of passion, ignoring the dripping slaver. "I'm ready," was her purr between her breaths.

"Ready for what?" He winced when her tail lightly swiped across his abdomen.

"Please, Mewtwo... in case this is our last night, I want you to take me." She licked his chin fervently.

Mewtwo quickly rolled her off him before scurrying up against the wall. "Myriam, you cannot be serious!"

Mew gazed up with a hurt look, then crawled over to hug him around the middle. "Please, dear... I promise to be quiet. We can be quick about it. No one will notice."

"It does not matter," he breathed out, shaking his head. "This is not the time nor the place."

"Mewtwo, what if this is our last night together?" she mewled. Her eyes skimmed along the numerous scars littering his body.

"That may not be the case. Besides," he reached down to cup her face and wipe away the drying drool, "if we went ahead and became intimate, if either of us does die tomorrow... What if by some chance I end up impregnating you tonight?"

The question made her pause and look away for a few moments. "...Well... then at least it proves you are capable of having children."

"You are not getting it, Myriam."

"What makes you think you get it? You've never checked to see if you are sterile, your defense is because you're man-made." Mew turned her back on him when she lay down, curling up a little. "If your clones could have children, chances are you can," she muttered. "...as for myself..."

Mewtwo's heart skipped when she trailed off, wondering if she was ready to tell him. He sat back against the headboard and gazed down at her, waiting patiently for her to continue. His hearing briefly picked up the voice of Suicune yelling outside for the others to shut up, but it only held his attention for a few retorts. His mate eventually started to tremble from what he thought was the cold. Scooping her into his arm to hold against his chest, he spotted a tear rolling down her face before she snuggled closer, fingers gently clawing at his collarbone.

She whimpered something under her breath for half a minute until she glanced up. "Mewtwo... remember a couple of years ago, um... where I had been absent for a long time? U-Um... I... Please don't take this the wrong way, I-I'm still a..."

He stroked her cheek in comfort. "Slow down, Myriam. Calm yourself down first."

Mew gulped down a few breaths, leaning into his palm. "...I-It was horrible, Mewtwo... They did things to me... I had never been so scared..." She hiccuped on a sob and wiped at an eye. "I used to force myself to forget terrible memories. But this... I can't get it out of my head. There's no way I can, not while I keep having dreams... and after I found the scar..."

He tightly bit his lip, trying hard not to tense up.

"Honey... your hand's shaking."

He quickly lowered it to her back, turning his head to hide his teary eyes from her. "Sorry... You were saying?"

She was quiet for a long, painful minute while he felt her stare. He struggled not to show signs of his lament, hoping there were enough shadows to hide him from view until he could compose himself. When he shifted a little in place, the rosy feline startled him by reaching out to touch his face. He refused to meet her in the eye, shivering beneath her fingertips and holding his breath.

"You know about...?"

He nodded slowly.

"...for how long?"

Mewtwo choked on a sigh. "O-Only a few days," he stammered out, his eyelids drooping.

She leaned in. "How?"

He shook his head. "It does not matter... Even if I had never known, I can feel how frightened you are in here." Upon placing his hand over her heart, she pressed it closer without hesitance like she was treasuring it. "...You would have never been ready to tell me."

She fiddled with his fingers. "...I-I'm sorry, Mewtwo."

"Do not apologize," he interjected. "I should be apologizing to you. I visited you only a few times not long after I had gotten word of your return. You never once showed signs you knew I was there..." His hand gave her paws a squeeze, then released them. "I left you alone to be in the care of others because I did not know what to do. How was I supposed to know they could not help you either? We left you to die... we betrayed you..."

She took him by the chin and pulled him down for a kiss. It was gentle this time, not a hint of passion was on her lips. It was unfortunately short-lived; he scarcely returned it when she broke away, caressing along his jaw.

"No, it was my fault for not communicating," she murmured. "I saw you all come visit me... and I just stared through you all. I-I wanted to say something, really... I just could not bring myself to speak. My mouth... it refused to open the entire time. It was like I became dumb, you know? Which I suppose is what happens when someone goes through something terrible..."

Then Mew became at a loss for words, eyes showing signs of distress when she slid down to lay back on her side. A bit unsure what to do, having frozen up a little when she distracted him from his own sober thoughts, he moved to kneel over her. She jerked a little at his sudden movement, blinking up at him in disarray. Carefully, he lowered himself to let his elbows support him up just as he touched her cheek. He felt a rush of heat rise to her face when she glanced down at his figure, and he realized in slight embarrassment his mended arm was resting on her lower abdomen. Quickly, he flipped onto his good side to give her space, though he saw with surprise she looked a little disappointed.

Scooting closer to throw her arms around his neck, she sighed out, "Mewtwo, please promise me something."

"What kind of promise?"

"I don't care, just give me a promise."

He rested his chin between her ears while he thought on it, then curled his arm around her and looked into her eyes. "Myriam, darling, I make this promise to you that you shall have a long and happy life from this point on."

She frowned deeply. "You don't know that..."

His gaze softened to a sad look, and he silently kissed her. A small disgruntled whimper escaped her, but she let herself go without another protest when she opened up to lick his lips. As sensual as it was, he refused to allow her or himself to harden the kiss as such, and instead deepened the lip-locking. The moment felt like ages to them, breathing each other in while their bodies steadily tightened the space in the need for warmth and physical contact. When her tail deliberately brushed along his lower abdomen, Mewtwo squeezed her shoulder in warning.

"Dear, there is a time and place for everything," he mumbled against her mouth. "For now, the kisses suffice."

She parted for a breath, her paw curling at his neck. "Just the kisses?"

He nodded, stroking the back of her head in apology. Her eyes dropped briefly, then she pushed herself off the bed for the door to open it a crack. Glancing over, Mewtwo gave her an amused smile as he sat up, a quiet groan rumbling in his throat. "I will accept that. Cresselia would not be pleased if the door was locked when she comes to check on us."

Mew shifted a little in place before returning to him. He reached out for a hand only for her to straddle above his injured arm, straightening up to be eye-level with him. She trembled when he dropped his hand to rest on the small of her back, lightly pressing her to him. Hesitantly, she leaned in to snag a small kiss, reaching down to tug at the sling almost desirably.

"You're scared, aren't you?" she murmured, looking at him beneath her lashes.

The clone pressed his forehead to her with a sigh. "Myriam... I do not want Legion after you."

"Let him."

His eyes widened when his heart clenched. "Are you mad, Myriam?" he breathed out.

"I don't want to run anymore, and I don't want you to be alone with him again." Mew kissed him once more, holding him by the jaw. "We may die tomorrow... but I do not want him to win the battle over me..." With a shaky inhale, she tearfully met his gaze. "Take me, Mewtwo... just for this moment."

All it took was one look in his eyes and at his posture that it sunk in it wasn't the right time for intimacy. She could only frown a little, wrapping her tail around his as she closed her eyes to lean against him. In apology, he drifted his hand up along her figure to take her by the chin, the movement letting out a small mewl from her which was stifled by his mouth. Yielding, she hoisted herself slightly above him, hardening the kiss and grasping him further until his fingers accidentally skimmed the claw marks on her neck.

"Mewtwo!" she immediately gasped, yet there was just the hint of begging in her voice.

Parting, they eyed each other anxiously. Mewtwo trembled a little at a kindled flame in her wavering but pleading gaze. Glancing over her shoulder, he watched her lower their entwined, antsy tails to the bed where they sensually stroked in desire. Returning to her eyes, he let out a slow shudder of a sigh that got her to gasp. Tilting back her head, he pressed into her lips a little harder than before, bringing a drawn-out moan from when their tongues grazed together. Easing her mouth open, he stole a quick glimpse from her upon gently dipping her to the mattress.

"Myriam, we need to be as quiet as possible," he huskily whispered, shifting to kneel over her to put weight on his uninjured arm. She shivered and squeezed her thighs the moment he nuzzled her, his movements slow as he kissed along her shoulder. "...If it becomes too much, let me know, and I will stop," he added in a faltered tone.

Mew nodded and nervously swallowed, her voice caught in her throat. "I-I understand, Mewtwo..."

She immediately bit her knuckles to suppress a startled whimper when he tentatively ran his hand up a breast, throwing her head back with fluttering eyelids. He craned his neck to lightly lick her bottom lip, and she allowed him to casually trace along her tongue before they enclosed their lips to keep it covert. Giving in to the moment, her hands reached out for his arms, fingers tangling into the sling.

Having come by to check on them for the night, Cresselia raised a brow at the door being opened a crack. She moved for the knob when she heard the bed creak accompanied by soft gasps. The noise gave her pause, her breath catching. Feeling she was going to regret it, she carefully peeked in, first noticing the curtains were a bit disheveled like they were drawn in a hurry. She followed the light over to the bed, her heart jumping at the sight of Mewtwo bowed over Mew, lost in a deep kiss.

She knew it was wrong to spy on them (even though she had eavesdropped on Mewtwo's heartfelt apology days before), but it brought a sense of sadness over her. Though flustered as she pulled back to cover her face, the scene unintentionally brought back memories and long-lost desires of intimacy. She found herself thinking back to Darkrai, musing over what could be going through his mind as they waited for morning.

Cresselia hadn't realized she was staring off into space until Latias came up from behind. "Is something wrong?" she innocently asked.

The lunar swan quietly pulled the door nearly-shut to give her a smile, waving her hands around. "Nothing to report!"

Tilting her head, the dragon pointed at her face. "Then why are you blushing?"

"No reason!"

Frowning at the wide grin, she moved to look inside the room only to be shooed away. "I want to say good-night to Mew," she objected.

Shaking her head, Cresselia muttered, "Sorry, dear, not tonight... There's always tomorrow."

"How do you know there is going to be a tomorrow night?"

She mulled over it, but never expressed an answer, watching the young female head back for the front room. Her thoughts drifted back to Mewtwo and Mew, wondering if they knew tomorrow's outcome. She had known for a long time the two were close friends, even having that belief their relationship was similar to how hers and Darkrai's was. It was only a few months ago she had noticed tension between them, and the looks of longing from afar. She had once asked Mew about it only to have her deny and contradict herself within a minute's time. While she never pushed the matter any further, it was then and there she knew the two held a special bond like what she shared with her counterpart.

There was another creak beyond the wood. "Mewtwo—ah!"

"Please keep it down, dear."

"I-I'm sorry... I'm just nervous..."

"Just relax."

Low melodious moans sounded alongside slight rustling. "Mm... is this alright?"

"If you want to stop—"

"No... keep going..."

Cresselia shivered, silently closed the door, and went to her room. As much as she wished they wouldn't, it was their one night together. She couldn't control how intimate they were going to be with one another, and had no desire to stop them.

But she knew it was sure to break a heart if either of them were to die tomorrow.


The group gradually woke up at dawn (some were forced to by Shaymin), and had a breakfast no one was in the mood to eat but were persuaded otherwise. They had a morning prayer afterwards for guidance and protection, then once the last "amen" was uttered, they solemnly headed for the Tree. For the most part, they all were bunched together in their own small groups, holding hands or just making sure they kept some form of skin contact. None of them dared to speak a word, even when Entei randomly started bursting into song a few miles in. As bothersome as it was, no one had the heart to stop him, though Suicune barked at him to be quiet after a while.

"I'm just trying to brighten the mood!" he whimpered defensively, hanging his head. "None of you even joined in."

"Well, Entei, we're happy for you trying to cheer us up," Latios started out, smiling back at him, "but even then, your choice of music is rather... obscure, to put it lightly."

"You don't like it?" he muttered, looking like he was ready to tear up. "It just came to me..."

"Well, when you put it that way, it does explain the uniqueness of it—"

Deoxys immediately leaned in. "Yo, Latios, I'm all happy you're trying, and I'm letting you finish, but Cresselia has one of the best mood killers of all time." He then shrugged and ducked before the swan could reach over to (lightly) smack him.

There were a few snickers at the comment, but it did little for the group. Though it encouraged some to strike up conversations, they quickly became too melancholic, so they retained their silence and just stayed close together. Mewtwo began noticing a familiar chill when everything quieted down, knowing Mew was feeling the same thing when her tail tightly curled around his.

And then at the point of exhaustion, when the morning couldn't get more gloomy with its threat of rain, they came across trails of crystal spires to signify they reached their destination. The further they went along, the bigger and thicker the clusters became, unnerving them with reminders of the campsite in Cherrygrove. Flinching away like they were going to be bitten if they so much as brushed up against anything, the Legendaries huddled even closer and slowed down to cautious gaits as they murmured amongst themselves. Upon entering a clearing, jaws dropped and gasps of awe escaped out of impulse.

While the Tree itself looked like how it was prior to its destruction, even standing proudly against a landscape of mountains, it had a dark, twisted look to it. Thanks to the ubiquitous crystals, it held an eerie, ambient light like bloodshed instead of the peaceful, healthy green it once had. Whether or not it was because of the fog, the pathway to the Tree was uninviting and hazardous. The vegetation alongside of the trail looked normal, but a closer inspection revealed a hint of sickness to them.

Darkrai's face contorted in horror once he assessed the area. "My God... the Sinjoh Ruins... It's gone. I-It's been overtaken by crystals."

Giratina swerved over to him. "This is impossible," he growled. "Where's the Mystri Stage? It's still here, isn't it?"

Everyone looked over to Mewtwo for the answer, whose hardened gaze never left the Tree. He gave his quiet response, pointing high above them, "It lies somewhere up there."

"What do you mean 'somewhere'?" the renegade snarled, squinting up at its height. "You don't know where the Heart is?"

"I'm sure there's a reason he doesn't know," Uxie said, floating up to his eye-level. "Just please, calm down."

"What do we do when we find it?" Heatran inquired of him. "We never did discuss it, did we?"

There was a moment's pause where everyone looked at one another quizzically.

"Well, for one thing, Mewtwo said the Mystri Stage was used to hold the Heart," Shaymin slowly mused. "Perhaps the Heart is removable?"

Mew shook her head. "It's stationary."

"Damn, there goes that idea," Lugia muttered.

"Wait, would removing the Heart kill the Tree?" Mesprit asked.

"It would."

"Since when did we agree on killing the Tree? I thought this was a rescue mission!" Deoxys threw his hands up with a scoff. "Dammit, guys, I thought we covered all of this."

"You all can still stick with the rescue plan," the feline assured them. "Mewtwo and I will be the ones who'll do something about the Heart."

"You should have told us about this," the hedgehog sighed, shaking her head. "But no matter. Only a third of us are missing. I'm sure it won't take more than half of us to get them."

Most of them glanced back worriedly after surveying the Tree. "It's pretty big," Latias squeaked, fiddling with her claws. "What if we get lost and are separated?"

"Or get caught or attacked, which potentially leads to our deaths?" Darkrai added, getting a small wary glare from Cresselia.

"And the moment we walk in, what if there's this ominous choir complete with those creepy human instruments greeting us, thus symbolizing our impending doom?" Everyone turned to Groudon with a look of dismay. He shrugged. "Just saying."

Giratina grunted, rustling his wings. "They have a point, most of them. Honestly, Shaymin, I think planning it out was just a waste of time."

"Can we just go already?" Zapdos moaned, trudging forward and dragging his sisters along. "The longer we stand here arguing about what to do, the easier it takes for them to find us—"

Suddenly, a beam of ice skimmed by his wing and froze a tree. With wide eyes, everyone watched as Regice loomed over a hill to peer down at them, the dots on his face flickering rapidly. "Trespassers detected!" he announced in a chillingly empty tone.

"Aw, shit!"

Articuno and Moltres screamed and yanked their brother back to the group. The others gaped as the ice golem raised his arms to power another attack. Regirock and Registeel were the only ones who dared to go forth. "Regice, what has gotten into you?" the ironclad Legendary questioned in a pleading manner.

The dots on his face gleamed when he turned to look at them. "You abandoned me! You all did!" He aimed the beam to encase their legs to the ground.

"We did not abandon you!" Regirock gasped, quickly pushing aside their predicament. "We were too weak, we had no choice but to retreat!"

"Believe us when we say we wanted to go back and get you!" his brother shouted out, gesturing to the group behind him. "They will testify of it if you will let us explain!"

"You do not care for us!" Regice snapped. "You left us to die, to be a slave forever!"

"What are you talking about?" Shaymin piped up. "Slave to what?"

"Do not play dumb with me!" He shot a ball of ice in the hedgehog's direction, though she jumped back in time. "Regigigas and I shall not let you pass!"

As if on cue, there came a mighty quake, and the gargantuan pushed past a tree, towering over them menacingly. Tilting his face down, he reached forward and made a grab for the nearest Legendary, who happened to be Latias. She let out a terrified scream, her brother hurriedly snatching her by the arm to pull her away. Even if he hadn't, the giant wouldn't have touched her as Groudon clutched the out-stretched hand and wrestled it back.

"Think about what you're doing!" he growled through his teeth. "We're your friends, Reg!"

"You are no friends of mine," he rumbled, swinging his free arm to clobber him upside the head.

The titan stumbled along, landing on a group of spires with a hiss. Mew and Mewtwo lurched at a sudden wave of pain through their insides, losing their balance. The clone managed to swallow down his bitter nausea, but his counterpart was too shocked to catch herself. The nearby Legendaries swerved around when they heard her vomit, eyes widening in terror at the amount of blood she expelled.

"Oh, good God!" Deoxys exclaimed, covering his face.

"...wha... what's happening?" she gasped, clutching her stomach. "M-Mewtwo..."

Shaymin, ignoring how ill she was feeling, quickly put two-and-two together and turned to the giant. "Groudon! Avoid the crystals!"

"Oh, like I didn't know that!" he spat out, lifting himself up. Glaring over at Regigigas, his eyes widened at the sight of the Colossal Legendary rushing toward him with a limb spinning rapidly. "No-no-no-no-no—" The Dizzy Punch connected squarely with his jaw, knocking him back over.

Everyone struggled to remain standing from the tremor made, though the two partially-frozen golems were freed when the ice shattered. They hurried to help Groudon until Regice slid in their way. "Leaving so soon? I did not get a chance to say 'good-bye'."

Registeel moved to shake sense into him. "Regice, we are sorry for everything we have done to you, but this is going too far! It is almost like you want us to die!"

"That is the whole point." Shoving his hand into his face, he froze an encasing around his head, and pushed him back.

Regirock caught his brother, immediately working to chip off the ice. "Regice, snap out of it!"

"Fight me, brothers! Fight me, or perish with your friends!"

"Regice, Regigigas, don't! We're here to rescue you!" Latias shrilled out, struggling against her sibling's hold. "Come help us find the others!"

The ice golem looked over at the young dragon, a menacing sheen glinting on his body. "How cute, a rescue mission," he coldly growled. "I regret to inform you all that you came out of hiding for nothing. Legion gave us the command to kill on sight. But unless you surrender to us, then I might show a little mercy. Regigigas may not be that lenient."

She swiftly shook her head and fought some more. "Why aren't you trusting us?!"

"Latias, enough!" Latios shouted, shaking her. "It's no use, he's gone!"

"No! Regice is still there, I know he is!"

A chilling laugh escaped Regice. "Silly girl, you are starting to GET ON MY NERVES!" He shot a beam of ice out of his hands in the Eon dragons' direction.

Kyogre swooped in to block it with his fin. "This has gone far enough!" he snapped. "You want a fight, I'll give you a fight!"

"Kyogre, ya damn fish, stay out of this!" his rival roared from the side, trying to fight off Regigigas and his confusion all at once. "It's under control!"

Ignoring the titan's remarks, he turned to the others. "We have no time to stand around and gawk. I'll stay here and hold them off. You all go on ahead, I'm right behind you."

Latias opened her mouth to protest only to have her brother clamp it shut. "Let me help."

"No, protect your sister. I have Registeel and Regirock on my side, it shouldn't take long." He flashed a toothy smirk. "We'll be fine. Besides, you need to all be on higher ground anyway. I predict a flash flood on its way, and I can't have you being swept away on my watch."

A few Legendaries flinched at the sudden crack of thunder, but more began to fidget when it started to rain. Shaymin found the will to hurry on down the path, glancing over at the whale. "Good luck, Kyogre, Golems... Groudon. Be safe."

Saluting with a fin, he added, "Godspeed, chief."

She smiled for a brief moment, then leered at the hesitant Legendaries. "What are you waiting for, an invitation? To the Tree!"

At once, they gave their comrades a quick grin and shouts of "good luck" as they hurried to the terrier's side. Regice moved to stop them until his oppressors stood in the way. Groudon had grabbed a hold of Regigigas' arms, snapping out of confusion with a smirk. As the rain intensified, he noticed the hiss of steam coming off of his body.

Though he rolled his eyes with a groan, he commented to himself, "Well, look at the bright side, the pain will keep me focused and pissed."

"You're welcome, buddy," Kyogre dryly answered before smacking the ice golem into a tree.

With a wicked smirk, the Continent Legendary aimed a Hyper Beam into the colossal's back as he tossed him a few yards. "Hey, how about I shine a little light here?"

"No good, Groudon, it was to be raining today."

"Screw you, I've made it sunny loads of times fighting you!"

"If this was me, it would have been flooded minutes ago."

Groudon quizzically glanced over at his rival. "Then... was that flood prediction a fake?"

"It better be." He hurriedly threw up a bubble of energy when Regice blasted a Zap Cannon, allowing it to be reflected off.

"What the hell does that me—" Regigigas interrupted with a tackle to the ground where he proceeded to pummel him.

They felt the quakes of the battle behind them, but they dared not look back as they raced for the Tree. Mew kept her eyes open for any possible entrances, hoping its immune system hadn't been alerted. Luckily, she found a crystal-studded tunnel some yards off the path, and warned the others who were ahead to turn around. Even before they all arrived at the entrance, it was unanimous she would lead them through. After a brief explanation about the white blood cells' feral state, and a special request they all were to keep quiet the best they could, they continued on.

Every now and then there were echoes of rumblings and the tunnel would shake, a sign the raging titans and golems were becoming increasingly more violent. At worst, the two mates would waver and feel nauseated, but they still advanced on. Cresselia and Mesprit worried over them more and more, wondering what they could do to aid them in their temporary illness.

"We appreciate it, but there is nothing you can do," the clone sadly said when it passed once more. "Let us just be thankful the entire Tree is not suffering. Otherwise..."

They shuddered at the thought.

The group limited the amount of times they entered open fields to only check for their missing friends, see where they were, or if there was another tunnel they had to reach. It wasn't until Uxie pointed out the crimson glow steadily becoming brighter that Mewtwo remembered Legion's claim of the connection between the spires and himself. Upon out-right telling them the fact, the cross rants made him discouraged.

"Great, our cover's blown!" the alien scoffed over the others, shaking his head. "You should have told us this, Mewtwo!"

"Keep your voices down!" Lugia hissed as he reached out to smack Deoxys.

"What's the point, everything's ruined!"

"It's not his fault!" Articuno came to Mewtwo's defense. "He's been through a lot, and he probably just figured this out!"

Zapdos flailed his wings in her face as he attempted to shush her. "Use your indoor voice, Art!"

"I am!"

"Then lower it to my tone of voice!"

"You sound like you've smoked all your life," Moltres smirked, elbowing him when he turned to glare at her.

Entei let out a loud gasp, earning him a lot of stares. "Zapdos, you've smoked?"

Suicune twitched. "Entei, until that blessed day comes when you can listen to what multiple people are saying at once, shut the hell up!"

Though taken aback by her snappish request, he took the time to think on it. "I don't think that's realistically possible to accomplish."

"I am this close to pushing you off a cliff in a desert wasteland—"

"Suicune, no death threats," Latios sighed. "You're just making things worse."

"Yeah, sis, you're making things worse!"

"I heard him!"

"What have I told you about keeping your voices down?" Mew stepped in, a little fidgety. "Can't you hear your voices bouncing off these walls? You're going to attract something!"

"Oh, I'm attracting something?!" she snapped, swerving her head around to glare. "You see these idiots here? They're apparently attracted to annoying others for the heck of it!"

The feline wrung her hands. "Suicune, it's not their fault," she whispered.

The beast snorted. "Yeah, like it was my fault Entei became this. He used to be capable of holding intelligent conversations and being an individual and all that crap, remember? Now he's become this blubbering idiot even after I nursed him back to health during those godawful months!"

"Suicune, we can talk about this later—"

"You kidding?! This is the perfect time to get things off my chest since we're going to die anyway!"

Her brother started to tear up. "Y-You don't like me, sis?"

She leered at him from the corner of her eye. "I liked the old you. You were a great debater and a powerful, tactical fighter, but now you're... this!" Slowly, she shook her head. "You're like that one clingy person everyone befriends because they felt sorry for them. Most of them get over that clingy stage overtime."

Everyone cautiously leaned in, holding their breaths. Some of them knew what she was talking about, though they held their tongues about it. The fire beast frowned some more, then pointed at himself. "Have I gotten over it?"

A vein throbbed in her temple. "Weren't you listening to a word I said?" she snarled. "See, this is what I'm talking about, Entei! You don't listen, not anymore! If only you hadn't made that turn, we wouldn't be having this argument, now would we?!"

The two siblings stared each other down for a few moments until Suicune huffed, tossed her mane, and headed further down the tunnel. Entei remained glued where he was, eyes showing signs he was spacing out to push the awful feeling away temporarily, but he couldn't hide his sadness. Mew shivered as did the other Legendaries, unsure what to do to lighten up the tension. Slowly, they followed after the North Wind, shooting the silent beast a sympathetic glance on passing. Latias moved to give him a hug, even encouraged him to continue walking. Deoxys, as much as he wanted to speak out about it all, possibly even tell off Suicune or crack a joke, decided to let it go, muttering to himself it wasn't worth it. (Cresselia patted him on the back much to the slight surprise of him and Darkrai.)

Not another word was spoken for the next few miles. Though the heavy atmosphere lingered on his shoulders much like with everyone else, Heatran couldn't shake off a different feeling. He had meant to bring it up shortly upon entering the passageway, but kept quiet about it in the hopes it was a false alarm. The further they climbed, the more ill he felt. There was something very wrong about it all, he just couldn't figure out why.

Uxie happened to look behind him, taking notice of how slow he moved. "Hey, are you okay back there, Heatran?" he called out, flinching from the slight echo.

The Lava Dome Legendary waved an appendage. "I'll be fine, I prefer being in the back." He frowned and shuffled over to the wall, planting a foot against it.

Mesprit glanced over her shoulder at that moment, brows creasing in worry. She floated to her brother's side, grasping an arm. "Something's wrong," she muttered.

"Say what?" Deoxys grumbled upon passing, hardly looking at her.

"Something about a fog," Lugia responded, shrugging. "I don't get it."

"You two shut up and keep going," Moltres huffed, lightly pushing the sea guardian. "This tunnel's cramped enough as it is."

Suddenly, Heatran shoved her aside. The strength of the push took her and the on-lookers by surprise, she barely caught herself falling to the floor. Spinning around to yell at him, the phoenix ended up screaming at the sight of an orange Kabutops pouncing through the wall and landing with a squelch on him, right where she had been. The others either screamed as well, spat out curses, or advanced to help him, attacking the blob. Mew gasped and hurried over, fists glowing in preparation.

Heatran, as much as he struggled against the gelatin hold, vigorously shook his head. "No, get out of here!" he shouted. "Go get the others before they catch you!"

She punched a hole through the mass. "We're not leaving you, Heatran!" she exclaimed, grasping one of his horns. She let out a surprised yelp when the blob shot out to wrap around her wrist.

He immediately bit it off to free her and headbutted her aside. "It's too late for me! All of you go, now!"

They watched in horror as he was swallowed into its depths, and it seeped deep underground. Hardly any of them found the will to cry out his name or even weep. Mew floated over the spot it disappeared, the power in her hands wavering. Clenching her fists tighter, she swerved around to face the petrified group.

"Why are you still standing around?! Run!"

After a fidgety start, the Legendaries scurried down the tunnel the best they could. Lugia and Giratina stayed in the back to be less of a burden and to help be the blockades for any possible attack from behind. There were a few random ambushes, though they bombarded them with special attacks before they could engulf anyone else. Suicune, who was still in the front, nearly skidded to a halt at the end when she came upon a large fork in the road that led to several different tunnels. With a push by Zapdos (more like a harsh jab), she headed for one, only to turn around to face the others.

"I think we'll have to separate!" she called out.

"No shit, Suicune!" Deoxys exclaimed, rushing by her to enter the tunnel she was going in.

Latios quickly placed a hand on her crest. "Ignore him, it's just a rush of adrenaline."

She rolled her eyes and huffed, "Sure it is." After one last glance behind her, she ran down another exit. Tightly grasping his sister's hand, the dragon pulled her along, going after the alien.

Impulsively, everyone broke into small, random groups. Mewtwo moved for a far-off tunnel when a harsh tug in his chest brought him to a stop. Whirling around, his eyes caught an opening a few levels above them. Mew, due to her blasting apart a cell that moment, nearly bumped into him, and swerved past for a nearby entrance.

"Mewtwo, what are you doing?! Hustle!" she cried out.

Tearing away, he hurried over to take hold of her hand. "I know a better way."

She frowned, shaking her arm free. "You don't know this Tree better than I do. This tunnel will take us to the Heart."

"You have not been physically inside the Tree as long as I have," he reminded her. "Let us go up there."

Mew hardly glimpsed at it. "Mewtwo, this is still the same Tree. I know every single passageway, secret tunnels, where the best spots are for sunbathing, anything you can think of. I know it all better than I do the back of my hand—which I admit is rather pitiful."

He raised a brow. "That was your Tree, this is Legion's Tree."

"And I'm telling you, this way will take us to the Heart!"

They glowered at each other for a moment before they saw a cell in the shape of an Omastar leap for them from an adjacent ledge. Sweeping her close, he spun themselves out of its reach and shot up toward the tunnel. It started to pursue them, scurrying up the wall and pouncing when it got the chance. He dodged it with ease, though he was nearly caught off-guard by two new cells exiting the tunnel without warning, their elastic appendages extending out for them. He and Mew pushed them back psychically when they passed on through, the clone picking up speed in the hopes they would lose them.

Unfortunately, it seemed the Tree knew where they were at all times. They were ambushed at every inopportune time, slowing them down and tiring Mewtwo out. After one other narrow escape, his counterpart slipped through his grasp and quickly scanned the walls, patting the surface all the way down its length.

"Myriam, what are you—?" he started to ask worriedly, then was cut off by a yank on his tail. Promptly, he sliced the blob's tentacle off, and hurried up to his mate. "We cannot stop, we must keep going!"

"There's something here, I know it," she muttered through her teeth, slapping her tail at a spot above her.

After blasting apart a cell with a Shadow Ball, he exclaimed, "We are being surrounded, Myriam! There is no time for goofing off, whatever you are doing!"

She shot him a look before making a frustrated grunt and zipping to the other wall. After several smacks, her heart jumped when her paw slipped through a spot with ease. "Mewtwo, in here!" she called him over.

He obeyed, and the moment he reached her, she shoved him into the hidden exit and flew in after him, spotting him stuck between two crimson orbs carrying him up. "What was that for?!" he shouted, struggling to free himself. "You could have warned me!"

If the mood was a little different, Mew would be giggling at how cramped he looked. She just instead pounced onto a sphere, and scowled. "You're welcome, dear."

Letting out an exasperated sigh, Mewtwo sat up the best he could, trying to avoid scraping his head against the side. He scanned the numerous glowing globes around them. "What is this, anyway?"

"This is a vein, and these are the blood vessels, you can say. The cells won't get us here."

"Are you sure?"

She bit her lip, shifting her weight. "Not really... I never saw them enter here before, that I know of."

With a slow nod, he studied the orbs once again, taking notice of how rubbery and warm they felt, and the irregular closeness of them. "No matter... we are on a quicker route to the Heart, I have to admit. Good thinking, Myriam."

She gave him a smug grin. "Told you I know this place better than my hand."

He returned it, only to falter when he thought of the others' safety, wondering if they were having as much success as they were.
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Oh wow.
Why Regirock. Why. WHY.

I dislike that you "turned" Regirock and Regigigas (though admittedly protecting the Tree was Regirock's duty in Lucario and the Mystery of Mew). But, it makes some sense. In the case of those left behind, I would probably be rather angry, as Regirock and Regigigas have shown. But now I'm scared for the others who were captured. I don't wanna see them turned.

So, the climax approaches? Awe. Some.
I'm just going to suppose it has a LOT to do with Mew and Mewtwo. More than normal. (That, and heavy use of the nausea)

This is scary.
This is awesome.
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Wannabe RNGer
Wow. That was a powerful chapter in my opinion. It saddened me to see all the Regis fighting like that, but I'm glad they got a part now. It also worries me that Kyogre has no idea whats happening with the weather. While he was also a minor character, I'm sad about Heatran's disappearance, especially because it seemed like you were going to develop his personality in the future. I can't help but think that Mewtwo's thoughts at the end are not going to come true. Great chapter; I can't wait for more

Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
I dislike that you "turned" Regirock and Regigigas (though admittedly protecting the Tree was Regirock's duty in Lucario and the Mystery of Mew). But, it makes some sense. In the case of those left behind, I would probably be rather angry, as Regirock and Regigigas have shown. But now I'm scared for the others who were captured. I don't wanna see them turned.

I think you mistook Regice for Regirock X3. It was mentioned in the previous chapter that they were very regretful in leaving them behind, but they were too weak at the moment (and knowing most of the Legendaries, they had told them to keep going and that they'll catch up later). The reason why they're angry, though, will be revealed next chapter. It might be totally obvious, though.

So, the climax approaches? Awe. Some.
I'm just going to suppose it has a LOT to do with Mew and Mewtwo. More than normal. (That, and heavy use of the nausea)

Yes and no. The two do play an important part in this, however, the formatting of the climax is similar to that of chapter four, where we'll be seeing this in full circle so you can get the full effect of what is happening. Go make a mental note of each missing Legendary and prepare yourself. You may not be happy with the results--maybe.

Wow. That was a powerful chapter in my opinion. It saddened me to see all the Regis fighting like that, but I'm glad they got a part now. It also worries me that Kyogre has no idea whats happening with the weather. While he was also a minor character, I'm sad about Heatran's disappearance, especially because it seemed like you were going to develop his personality in the future. I can't help but think that Mewtwo's thoughts at the end are not going to come true. Great chapter; I can't wait for more

Lol, yeah, I finally gave them a part xD. But I honestly didn't know what to really do with them, so I stuck them in the front like that. I wasn't sure how to show the whole fight, sooooo I "cheated" and cut to the others in the middle of the battle. The outcome, however, will be revealed in the next chapter, so yay?

No need to be worried, it's just a rainstorm, nothing major. Can't blame Kyogre for getting worried about it, though.

Yeah, I didn't know what to do with Heatran either. I feel bad for it, though, but consider that a warning as to what may be happening to the others. I had to set it up somewhere.

You must know this story all too well ;P.

Thank you two for reviewing! (Would have replied sooner, but I decided to wait. Yeah...)


"Tougher than you."
Finally....i get to review this wonderful story of yours again, rejoice! XD

Anyway a powerful chapter, the Regis fighting like that. By the looks of it, your scaring half your readers away because of this. Probably that what happened to me. XD jokes.

I feel like this is getting near the end or near the major event that will happen. Can't wait! Keep up the great work KutiePie.


Read first five chapters, skimmed the rest.
Well, it's good for a shipping fic, but..
Do they HAVE to swear every two seconds? And Mew is a guy. Also, why the alternacy between calling Celebi a girl and a guy? The concept is good on paper, but not when put to the test. I like how your writing is going, though.

I've tried this postapocolyptic dating thing before, it didn't really work. Too many legendaries, too many males, ay ay ay.

And yet ANOTHER legendary centric fic? I are disappoint. Why can't people think of anything good? (>.<)

When you're done, you may consider remaking this as a oneshot, it's the kind of story that calls for that. But whatever floats your boat, Frank.

Sorry if that was kind of harsh, this is my first time reviewing ANYTHING and I'm a little review maniac. The epicness of reviewing might've gotten the best of me.

Also, Mew is extremely OoC, and maybe Lugia, Deoxys, some others. My favorite was probably Giratina. You got him spot on! I have always liked him, because Arceus seems like a nice guy and all, but he threw Giratina away like trash. :(

Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
@ midnightjewelz - I hope I'm not scaring people away xD;. Lol, but hey, everyone's free to read at their own pace.

@ RetardRaichu - Ooooh, a change of review. Well, this should be fun. I appreciate everyone's opinion, and respect anything they have to say. I understand no one likes everything someone does, so I was expecting one of these very reviews. Don't get me wrong, I'm not hurt about it, I know my place, and have learned to take criticism of all kinds. So, I'll give my reasons the best I can.

Read first five chapters, skimmed the rest.
Well, it's good for a shipping fic, but..
Do they HAVE to swear every two seconds? And Mew is a guy. Also, why the alternacy between calling Celebi a girl and a guy? The concept is good on paper, but not when put to the test. I like how your writing is going, though.

Well, for one thing, if you didn't like where it was going, you could have stopped instead of skimming. It's never a good thing to skim through a story. Just saying.

No one's swearing every two seconds. The way I see it, the average time one swears is... three minutes? (Okay, ignore that, I'm not good doing math at the top of my head.) However, this is a mature fic, and swearing is acceptable for a mature fic. I don't like swearing either, but not every character swears. It's more of those with a temper who swear, and it does show what kind of character they are.

If you want to believe Mew is male, fine, but some people see Mew either as a female, or genderless. I happen to be one of those who see Mew as a female. Same with Celebi and everyone else. And where are you seeing where Celebi's gender keeps changing? Care to elaborate?

I've tried this postapocolyptic dating thing before, it didn't really work. Too many legendaries, too many males, ay ay ay.

And yet ANOTHER legendary centric fic? I are disappoint. Why can't people think of anything good? (>.<)

Well, it might not have worked because you didn't know what to do with it. *shrugs* Some people can pull it off, others can't. It just depends on the story. Honestly, I was a bit confused and worried as to how I would pull this off, but as time went on, I found answers to carry it forward.

Have you heard of Ensemble Darkhorse? Legendary Pokémon are considered that. And also, Legendaries are unique. Many people see them as a higher form of intelligence, and Legendaries are the only reason why the movies exist. And in many of these movies, they've had some kind of personality all of their own. And they were very interesting characters. You can't blame someone for writing about a character or two they like. I happen to like Legendaries, and though I am aware how many stories there are of them, every story is different. Thus, this adds to the uniqueness, since everyone has different views on them all.

When you're done, you may consider remaking this as a oneshot, it's the kind of story that calls for that. But whatever floats your boat, Frank.

Lol, Frank XD. This is a story that really can't be a one-shot to be honest with you. There's too much going on to fit into a single one-shot. However, I am thinking about making prequel one-shots on most of the characters. They may not be posted here, though.

Sorry if that was kind of harsh, this is my first time reviewing ANYTHING and I'm a little review maniac. The epicness of reviewing might've gotten the best of me.

Understandable. I'll be frank with you, my first review was a harsh one, but it was really more of spam ^_^;. But the longer you're on here, and the more you read and see the examples of reviewing, the better you get at critique. At least you wrote a full review instead of saying "I don't like your story" and that's it. Thank you for following the rules.

Also, Mew is extremely OoC, and maybe Lugia, Deoxys, some others. My favorite was probably Giratina. You got him spot on! I have always liked him, because Arceus seems like a nice guy and all, but he threw Giratina away like trash. :(

Mew is the way she is for a reason, everything's explained in the story. Lugia and Deoxys are the way they are because it's a little something my brothers and I used to do as kids. In fact, many of the characters here are pretty much remnants of how my brothers and I saw them, and portrayed them in our little (stupid) role-plays. Entei's stupidity was more of a joke between us, but I loved it when we made him dumb. While I did incorporate that into the story, I toned down the stupidity so it's a result of a head injury he had gotten years ago. Actually, I take it back. He's not stupid, he's just handicapped now because of the injury. He has his moments of maturity and intelligence, but for the most part, he's just childish. I do feel bad for writing him like that, but I've found a way for him to fit into the family, and thus he is one of my favorites to write.

Giratina is another one I have fun writing. I have tried really hard to keep him cynical, and I'm happy I've kept him in character, and that you are happy about it as well. But Giratina is a rebel, so it would make sense he would get banished. And like what Arceus said, it was for his own good, and it is noted that he is a little better as a person than he was before. Character development marches on!

Well, despite the negativity of your review, I'm happy you gave your opinion, and that you kept it from being a flame by a least explaining why it is you don't like certain parts, and that you did mention a positive aspect. So for your first review, it's a good review. Thanks for taking the time to read the chapters you did, and for letting me know what you thought of it.


@ midnightjewelz - I hope I'm not scaring people away xD;. Lol, but hey, everyone's free to read at their own pace.

@ RetardRaichu - Ooooh, a change of review. Well, this should be fun. I appreciate everyone's opinion, and respect anything they have to say. I understand no one likes everything someone does, so I was expecting one of these very reviews. Don't get me wrong, I'm not hurt about it, I know my place, and have learned to take criticism of all kinds. So, I'll give my reasons the best I can.

Well, for one thing, if you didn't like where it was going, you could have stopped instead of skimming. It's never a good thing to skim through a story. Just saying.

ME: Sorry, it's a REALLY bad habit.

No one's swearing every two seconds. The way I see it, the average time one swears is... three minutes? (Okay, ignore that, I'm not good doing math at the top of my head.) However, this is a mature fic, and swearing is acceptable for a mature fic. I don't like swearing either, but not every character swears. It's more of those with a temper who swear, and it does show what kind of character they are.

ME: Sorry, that was an exaggeration. It's more like every halfminute.

If you want to believe Mew is male, fine, but some people see Mew either as a female, or genderless. I happen to be one of those who see Mew as a female. Same with Celebi and everyone else. And where are you seeing where Celebi's gender keeps changing? Care to elaborate?

ME: Well, it's kind of a joke between my siblings and me, because we thought that his GR(U)BY (That's what I call Green/Blue/Red/Yellow. Geddit? :p), especially his G sprite, looked fishy. Also, the way he acts in both of his featured movies was rather malelike IMO.

Well, it might not have worked because you didn't know what to do with it. *shrugs* Some people can pull it off, others can't. It just depends on the story. Honestly, I was a bit confused and worried as to how I would pull this off, but as time went on, I found answers to carry it forward.

ME: Yeah, I was eight anyway (>.>) That's why I said you pulled it off AMAZINGLY.

Have you heard of Ensemble Darkhorse? Legendary Pokémon are considered that. And also, Legendaries are unique. Many people see them as a higher form of intelligence, and Legendaries are the only reason why the movies exist. And in many of these movies, they've had some kind of personality all of their own. And they were very interesting characters. You can't blame someone for writing about a character or two they like. I happen to like Legendaries, and though I am aware how many stories there are of them, every story is different. Thus, this adds to the uniqueness, since everyone has different views on them all.

ME: I LOVE Legendaries but I think they're rather OU.

Lol, Frank XD. This is a story that really can't be a one-shot to be honest with you. There's too much going on to fit into a single one-shot. However, I am thinking about making prequel one-shots on most of the characters. They may not be posted here, though.

ME: Thank SpongeBob SquarePants. It's from my favorite episode.

Understandable. I'll be frank with you, my first review was a harsh one, but it was really more of spam ^_^;. But the longer you're on here, and the more you read and see the examples of reviewing, the better you get at critique. At least you wrote a full review instead of saying "I don't like your story" and that's it. Thank you for following the rules.

ME: I thought you were already Frank. xP

Mew is the way she is for a reason, everything's explained in the story. Lugia and Deoxys are the way they are because it's a little something my brothers and I used to do as kids. In fact, many of the characters here are pretty much remnants of how my brothers and I saw them, and portrayed them in our little (stupid) role-plays. Entei's stupidity was more of a joke between us, but I loved it when we made him dumb. While I did incorporate that into the story, I toned down the stupidity so it's a result of a head injury he had gotten years ago. Actually, I take it back. He's not stupid, he's just handicapped now because of the injury. He has his moments of maturity and intelligence, but for the most part, he's just childish. I do feel bad for writing him like that, but I've found a way for him to fit into the family, and thus he is one of my favorites to write.

ME: z0gm you did noobish rps with your friends too???!?? I was always Pikachu, sometimes Mewtwo or another random Pokémon and I randomly shocked everyone. Both nonSuicune dogs were retarded in all of our rps and Suicune was a brain. Celebi was a little obnoxious girlygirl, Mewtwo was the equivalent of Yzma (even frequently quoting her), Mew was ironically (considering his color) was an extremely manly dude, HoOh was all Boss, Lugia was a spoiled little girl, Articuno was surfer, Zapdos was skater, and Moltres was all epik, and.. Hm. I've forgotten one, haven't I? Oh that's right! Lapras was always really calm and Snorlax was like you'd expect him. I guess every kid did that.

Giratina is another one I have fun writing. I have tried really hard to keep him cynical, and I'm happy I've kept him in character, and that you are happy about it as well. But Giratina is a rebel, so it would make sense he would get banished. And like what Arceus said, it was for his own good, and it is noted that he is a little better as a person than he was before. Character development marches on!

ME: Rebels are epik! Bad Arceus! >:U (hits head with keyboard until Arceus is all they way into the ground)

Well, despite the negativity of your review, I'm happy you gave your opinion, and that you kept it from being a flame by a least explaining why it is you don't like certain parts, and that you did mention a positive aspect. So for your first review, it's a good review. Thanks for taking the time to read the chapters you did, and for letting me know what you thought of it.

ME: Thank you. Good night. (Here anyways)

Oh yeah! I disliked the swearing because what about the little ten year olds that capture (or try to) and battle with them? It's kind of messed up to think about that. :)|)