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Will you import SoulSilver and/or HeartGold? / Which version are you getting?

Will you import?

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oh yeah :D
I can’t read Japanese, so I’m going to wait. I will go with the HeartGold, because I like Ho-Oh more than Lugia and I loved Gold :)


This might get me in trouble, but I'll be honest. I'll get a rom of it when its out in japan and play it on my r4. Then when the english version comes out I'll buy it.


Gonna wait for SS in the US.

Zomg, rhymage.


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I'm waiting, and I'll get soulsilver because lugia owns ho-oh's ***.

Hell, if soulsilver is good enough, I might even trade in my pearl for heartgold too. I already have diamond and platinum. ha.


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its gonna take a while but im waiting for a us release of Silver. im not going to preorder because i didn't for D/P and it ended up that shipping to my local gamespot was delayed so i got it at walmart two days before my friends! and that doesnt happen often in western iowa.


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You can get Ho-oh and Lugia in both. That's what the originals did and they probably won't take it out.


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Waiting...I don't think I can read Japanese...I guess I'm getting Heart Gold since Kyogre is in it...which make no sense.
I'm going to wait until they come out where i live
I will probably get HeartGold, because Gold was always my fave


not importing

not going to import from anywhere, but im really not sure as to which version i want. see, i want to start out with typhlosion cause hes my favorite starter of alllll the starters. so i dont really want hooh sooner. but, in that version you get kyogre, my favorite legendary. and there-in lies the prblm. i prefer lugia, but dislike groudon. meh.

ps i know i can trade, but i prefer using pokemon i caught or obtained myself.
Man this is actually a hard descision XD
I think i will just imptort HeartGold...
I'll get both, but I'm not sure wether I'll import them or not. Maybe I'll import one, and then buy the other one in Aus. It's a hard decision


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I think I will import HeartGold and get SoulSilver when it comes out in English. That is gonna be my main game.


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I will wait for the U.S. release before i get HeartGold. I will have to remain playing Platinum until then.
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