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  1. A

    LF battle ready VGC 2023 Regulation C pokemon

    along these lines or similar, please pm me for a trade Tatsugiri @ Toxic Orb Ability: Commander Level: 50 Tera Type: Grass EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe Timid Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Endure - Protect - Draco Meteor - Muddy Water Dondozo @ Leftovers Ability: Unaware Level...
  2. 6v6 Pokemon Go

    6v6 Pokemon Go Online Tournaments

    Rules: Choose 6 Pokemon and battle 2-3 rounds. The first player to knockout all 6 of his opponents pokemon wins the match. Any pokemon that doesnt get knocked out in the 1st round can be used again in the 2nd or 3rd round $20 Tournaments starting 6/2/22. Free Entry. Tournament winners have to...
  3. 6v6 Pokemon Go

    6v6 Pokemon Go Online Tournament

    Rules: Choose 6 Pokemon and battle 2-3 rounds. The first player to knockout all 6 of his opponents pokemon wins the match. Any pokemon that doesnt get knocked out in the 1st round can be used again in the 2nd or 3rd round $20 Tournaments coming soon. Free Entry. Tournament winners have to face...
  4. deliaketchum

    Masters 8 Poll

    Given the spots of Masters 8 yet to be filled. Which one of these you would like them to be part of Masters 8? If there is other, please specify as poll allows for certain no of options.
  5. Sandra Meland

    Problem with lowering/reseting EVs

    Hi! Trying to decrease my Togekiss' attack and HP stat to make room for max speed, but when I feed it any of the EV-lowering berries it just says "It won't have any effect". I also can't use Carbos, or even a Swift Feather to increase its speed stat. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? To...
  6. Kage-Pikachu

    Pokemon Sword & Shield GENERAL DISCUSSION Thread [Spoilers]

    Confirmed information about the 2019 Switch game: Will include "many" new Pokemon Will have better graphics than any Pokemon game released up til now Will be directed at experienced players Will be a core entry to the series Will be released in the second half of 2019 And of course we'll have...
  7. Dragohammer227

    LF: Hidden Ability Pokemon, Shinies, 6 IV Ditto, & Master Ball FT: HA, Shiny, EV Trained Pkmn, Items

    Hello Serebii Forum. I'm in the market for HA Pokemon, a couple shiny pokeomon, 6 IV Ditto and a Master Ball. Hopefully I have something in my wares that peaks your interest as well. Looking For: "Ah! I'll buy it at a high price!" HA Arrokuda / Barraskewda (Propeller Tail) HA Scraggy /...
  8. Amethyste

    Amethyste's Little Breeding Corner [IVs, Aprimons, Hidden Abilities, Egg moves]

    Welcome to my Little Breeding Corner! INFO I'll be way less active now due to my vacation being over. Please be patient with the trades, going to add a trading list now for convenience. All my breeds are german. All my breeds in the Available section can be either competitive (=perfect IV...
  9. J

    FT: HA Hattena Calm 5IV in Heal Ball

    LF other 5IV mons with HA/in cool balls & shinies PM offers
  10. GhettoMonkey

    FT: Some Competitive Ready pokes - LF Other comp. ready pokes (list inside)

    I have: Drilbur Mold Breaker Repeat Ball Jolly 5IV - Perfect x2 Applin Ripen Heal Ball Bold 5IV - Perfect x4 Applin Ripen Heal Ball Adamant 5IV - Perfect x3 Dreepy Clear Body Pokeball Adamant 5IV - Perfect x1 Darumaka Inner Focus Pokeball Jolly 5IV - Perfect x1 Toxel Static Ultra...
  11. DragonScale

    What Pokemon would you add to the Galar pokedex?

    Rules No Starter Pokemon (except the Bulbasaur and Squirtle lines), Fossils or Legendaries/Mythicals/Ultra Beasts from past gens You can buff said pokemon you're bring back if you want to like giving it a new ability and move they would've benefit from I would add (and buff) the following...
  12. unresponsive

    FT: 200 BP worth of items LF: 5iv pokemon

    I'm still starting out obtaining worthwhile pokemon so I have 200 worth of BP items for trade in exchange for any 5iv or interesting ball / HA pokemon. some things I'm seeking especially: 4-5IV barraskewda (female, in net or great ball) 5iv blipbug (female, in repeat or luxury ball) 4-5iv...
  13. S

    Ultimate Battle Tournament

    Competition ID: 2NDKC98WV Host: Stormy Time: UTC: 12/02/19 1:00 - 12/02/19 3:59 Rules: Galar Beginnings No. Of Battles: 10/Day
  14. M

    Mysterions competetive breeding center

    Welcome to my trading shop. I am offering several perfect IV Pokemon. All of them will be level 1. My offers will increase with the time. IVs are given in the order HP/ATK/DEF/SATK/SDEF/SPD. If I don't specify it, they don't have a hidden ability and are in some kind of normal ball. The design...
  15. Zold

    Zold's Sword and Shield Breeding Grounds (IV-bred Pokémon)

    Zold's Sword and Shield Breeding Grounds Welcome to my 8th gen trade shop! This generation I will be back with perfect Pokémon, bred in aesthetically pleasing balls, with Egg Moves and everything your heart desires (that's the aim at least!) The thread is still much a work in progress, so bear...
  16. Archer Steele

    Gen 8 Competitive Meta

    Given we know that there will be a limited array of Pokemon, as well as no mega evolution and no z-moves, how do we expect the Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield singles meta to behave? I for one hope dynamaxing isn't in wifi battles, but if it is, all we know about it leads me to think it won't...
  17. P

    FT: Tapu Koko, Tapu Lele and Tapu Fini / LF: Pheromosa, Buzzwole or Greninja

    Hello. I decided to restart my SM game to play again, but I need to get rid of these three legendaries because I don't want to spoil my Pokédex. They are all legal Pokémon with 6 IVs and at level 100. Tapu Koko: Timid nature Tapu Lele: Timid nature Tapu Fini: Bold nature The UBs must be with a...
  18. DBK

    LF: Shiny Eevee

    I'm looking for: Shiny Timid Male Eevee Shiny Modest Female Eevee Shiny Adamant Female Eevee Shiny Calm Female Eevee Not looking for perfect IVs just a competitively beneficial set. This is urgent because my fiancee needs these so she can start playing Ultra Sun (she wants a shiny competitive...
  19. DBK

    LF: Female Shiny Popplio

    I'm looking for a female shiny Popplio. Modest nature is preferred but any nature that is competitively beneficial will do. IVs don't have to be perfect but would prefer a competitively beneficial set. This is urgent as my fiancee needs one so we can officially start playing USUM (yeah I know...
  20. Evil_Nazgul0616

    Is This Pheromosa a Lost Cause?

    I know this should probably go in the "ask a question" thread, but I noticed the date of the last post in there and didn't want to cause any necromancy. Mods, if I won't get penalized for necroposting that thread, let me know and delete this thread and I'll repost this question in there...