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404 Error

Discussion in 'Completed Fics' started by Missingno. Master, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. Z-nogyroP

    Z-nogyroP whoa whats that

    Ooh, index of glitches! That's pretty useful. Major d'aww moment when Orange let Violet catch Missingno., too.

    Also, is that the same Missingno. that they found in the Pokemon Tunnel? It doesn't seem like it, but...

    I second Jonah's request.
  2. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    I knew that I would have Violet get the Aerodactyl Skeleton Missingno. the moment I started planning out their teams, which was really, really early in the fic's life, because I wanted it to be nicknamed Skelefly- that's what I named the very first Aerodactyl Skeleton Missingno. I ever caught. Pretty much the only time I ever nicknamed something.

    Truth be told, my favorite character, it would be a toss-up between Violet and Orange. I have fun writing for both of them. Not that I don't for Red, of course.

    All I can state for now is that his next catch will not be a Glitch Pokemon. I am not commenting on any subsequent catches.

    No, it's a completely different Missingno. Like in the games, Missingno. can't just shift between forms like Deoxys or Burmy. The different forms work more like Unown, Basculin, and Gastrodon- once the form's established, that's it, it's locked into that form forever. The Missingno. in Pokemon Tunnel is in Ghost form, and Skelefly is in Aerodactyl Skeleton form.

    I've been working on the next chapter, and it is coming along nicely. It's not really even close to being finished, but like I say, it's coming along nicely. There's a definite possibility it'll be out this week, but there's no guarantee.
  3. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    ...Or, I work on it some more and realize it actually was kinda close to being finished. Huh. Go figure.

    Chapter 28: Skelefly And Snorlax

    The next morning, the trio exited the Pokémon Center, well- rested and ready to go.

    "OK, the nurse said there are two ways to get to Chufisa," stated Violet. "The quickest way is through Nodacel City and down Skateboarding Road. However, we'll need to skateboard our way through there, you're not allowed to walk it." She paused for a moment. "Anyone got a skateboard?" she asked. Red and Orange shook their heads. "Thought not," Violet stated. "Which just leaves the slightly longer east road. Fastest way there from here is to cut through Vandeler Town."

    "Well, let's go, then," Orange said. "Maybe we'll get there before the day is done, if we're lucky."

    "If we start now, we should get there by nightfall," agreed Violet. "Provided there are no unexpected holdups, anyway."

    With that, Violet led the way, and the three trainers headed east towards the city's exit. After they had been walking for about ten minutes, Orange stopped in front of a house that seemed to be constructed entirely out of varied silverware- spoons, forks, knives, even a can opener or two. The sign in front read, "The home of the mystical Ms. Psychic."

    "C'mon, guys," Orange stated. "Let's see what this is all about."

    "So much for no unexpected holdups, huh?" sighed Red, though he and Violet followed Orange through the door.

    Inside the one-room house was a round, wooden table, and sitting at that table was an older woman, whose face gave a distinct air of strangeness. "Aha!" she exclaimed as the trio entered. "Welcome, welcome, and allow me to introduce myself... I am the incredible... Ms. Psychic!" she exclaimed in an overly-dramatic fashion.

    "...Yeah, OK," Orange said after a brief moment of silence, "So, we-"

    "Wait! Not another word!" interrupted Ms. Psychic. Then, with a flourish, she produced three pink discs from seemingly nowhere and handed them to Red, Orange, and Violet. "You wanted these!" Red accepted his disc, the label of which read "Technical Machine #29- Psychic".

    "TMs for Psychic," Violet remarked. "Not bad."

    "Well, of course they are not bad," laughed Ms. Psychic. "I foresaw your intent to acquire them, after all!"

    "Yeah, thanks a lot, Ms. Psybeam," Orange said.

    Ms. Psychic frowned. "That's Ms. Psychic," she corrected him.

    "Uh huh," nodded Orange, not really listening. "Yeah, well, we should get going, shouldn't we? Thanks for the TMs, Ms. Psyduck."

    "That's Ms. Psychic!" exclaimed the woman as Red and Violet followed Orange out the door.

    "OK, that was a waste of time," Violet sighed as they continued walking down the wooden streets. "Well, OK, not completely- Psychic is a powerful move. You guys figure out who you're teaching it to?"

    "Q, of course," grinned Orange. "I'll wait till we've reached Chufisa City, though."

    "Hang on," Red said suddenly. "Chufisa... spelled C-H-U-F-I-S-A?"

    "Yeah, it is," nodded Orange. "Let me guess- rearrange the letters and...?"

    "Fuchsia City," finished Red, nodding. "And from what I've heard, the positions match up, too. Anyway, I don't think Charizard, Parasect, Dodrio, or Raticate can learn Psychic. I'm just gonna hang onto this until I catch something that can learn it."

    "Yeah- you haven't caught a Pokémon since Doduo," Orange said suddenly. "Why is that? It's not like you haven't had opportunity."

    "Nothing really caught my eye, I guess," Red shrugged. "I'll catch something when I see something I like."

    "I'm probably going to use mine on either Flutters or Tombstone," Violet stated. "Yeah, I'm thinking Tombstone, Flutters already knows Confusion, and I'm sure I can help it learn Psybeam, too."

    "But is that Ms. Psywave strange or what-" began Orange.

    "THAT'S MS. PSYCHIC!" came a shout from up the street.

    Red, Orange, and Violet exchanged surprised glances. "How did she do that?" asked Orange.
    The rest of the trip to Fansfor City's exit was uneventful, and before long, the group found themselves traveling back down the rocky, grassy, wet road of Route -8. Before long, a young boy wearing a yellow t-shirt, a blue cap, and a pair of blue shorts approached them. "Hey!" the Youngster exclaimed. "You guys are Trainers, aren't you?"

    "Yep," grinned Violet. "Name's Violet. This is Orange, and this is Red."

    "Yeah, yeah, yeah, nice, now which of you wants to battle?" the Youngster demanded, producing a Poké Ball.

    "Hey, you know what? I'll do it," Violet said.

    "Thought we were in a hurry, Vi?" said Orange.

    "Yeah, but I'd kinda like to get the hang of using my newest Pokémon in battle," replied Violet as she too prepared a Poké Ball.

    "OK, 44Hy, let's go!" shouted the Youngster as he threw his ball, unleashing a red, white, and black cube-shaped Water/Psychic-type into the open.

    "I choose you, Skelefly!" Violet called as she threw her Poké Ball, and in a flash of light, the Aerodactyl Skeleton Form Missingno. emerged, screeching loudly.

    "Whoa, a Missingno.!" the Youngster exclaimed. "44Hy! Use Headbutt!"

    "Hyyyyyy!" squealed 44Hy as it flew up to meet the Missingno.

    "Skelefly, Defense Curl!" Violet ordered.

    Skelefly, however, merely screeched its apparent displeasure with the order, and instead blasted the Riverside Pokémon with a Flamethrower attack. This did not deter 44Hy, however, and the Headbutt connected.

    "What?!" Violet exclaimed. "Skelefly, I said Defense Curl, not Flamethrower! Now try your Egg Bomb attack!"

    "44Hy, use Aurora Beam!" yelled the Youngster.

    While 44Hy complied with its trainer's order and unleashed a rainbow-colored ray of light, Skelefly once again took issue with its trainer's order, and instead dove down, clearly intent on using Bone Club instead.

    "Skelefly, what are you doing?!" Violet shouted.

    "Not obeying you, that's for damn sure," sneered the Youngster as the Aurora Beam sent the Missingno. crashing to the ground. "Let's wrap this up, 44Hy! Confusion attack!"

    "Skelefly, come on!" Violet called desperately. "Please, use your SmokeScreen attack!"

    Skelefly instead fired off three large, white eggs from its bony mouth, which were promptly exploded in midair by the blue ray of energy 44Hy was giving off. Then, the Confusion continued its course, striking Skelefly and knocking it out.

    "But- but- but- HOW?!" Violet exclaimed. "When you fought it yesterday, Orange, it held its own for the longest time, and now..."

    "Yeah, but yesterday it was battling effectively," Orange observed. "Now it just seems intent on not following your orders, Vi."

    Violet sighed. "Skelefly, return," she sighed, holding out the Poké Ball.

    "Yeah, we won!" the Youngster cheered as his 44Hy flew circles around him, squealing happily. The two then went off, still happy about their victory. Once they were out of earshot, the trio set off again, this time with Violet in a significantly less pleased mood.

    "Aw, cheer up, Vi," Orange said as he put an arm around his girlfriend's shoulder. "You just need to work with Skelefly, is all. I'm sure you'll-"

    "Hey! Red!" came a voice from behind the trio. Red, Violet, and Orange wheeled around, and there stood a boy in brown clothing with spiky black hair. "Heh, I had a feeling you'd pass through here again," smirked Terrence. "I've been training, see, so now we're gonna have a rematch, and this time, you're going down."

    "Yeah, not right now," Red said. "We kinda want to get to Chufisa City by nightfall-"

    "Oh, come on, it won't take long for me to thoroughly destroy your team," pleaded Terrence.

    "OK, you know what? I accept," said Red. "I think I got time to cream you. But since we really are in a hurry, we'll make it a quick one. Just one Pokémon each, OK?"

    "Fine, let's just get going with this!" exclaimed Terrence as he threw a Poké Ball. "Golem! Go!" he shouted.

    In a flash of light, what appeared to be a large spherical creature, covered in odd grey-greenish plates of rock, with two arms, two legs, and a head sticking out materialized. "Golem gol," it rumbled. Red held out his Pokédex, aiming it at the creature.

    "Golem, the Megaton Pokémon, and the evolved form of Graveler," droned the device. "Golem's hard shell is as tough as rock. Once a year, it sheds this shell to grow larger."

    As he put his Pokédex away, Red took a Poké Ball off his belt, enlarged it, and threw it. "Raticate, I choose you!" Red yelled as the Rat Pokémon appeared in a flash of light.

    "Rrrrrraticate!" screeched Raticate.

    Violet made her way to the sidelines and said, "Alright, begin!"

    "Golem! Double-Edge!" ordered Terrence.

    "Raticate! Water Gun!" Red commanded.

    Both Pokémon started their attacks at once. Golem tucked in its head and limbs and proceeded to roll forward as Raticate unleashed a forceful stream of water from its mouth. Golem rumbled in discomfort as it rolled valiantly against the Water move.

    "Don't give in, Golem!" commanded Terrence. "Hit it hard!"

    "Lem... Golem!" shouted Golem as it crashed into Raticate with a valiant effort. The Normal-type was sent flying backwards, and though it fell to the ground, it got back up very quickly.

    "Raticate, try your Tail Whip!" Red ordered.

    "Golem! Harden attack!" yelled Terrence.

    Raticate wheeled around and started to whip its tail back and forth, as Golem struck a pose, its entire body seeming to gleam for a moment as it stood completely still.

    "Well, that flopped," remarked Orange. "Harden upped Golem's Defense just enough to cancel out the Tail Whip."

    "Raticate, use Water Gun once more!" Red ordered.

    "Rrrrrati...caaaaaate!" exclaimed Raticate as it wheeled back around and blasted a forceful jet of water from its mouth, causing Golem to cry out in pain.

    "Golem!" shouted Terrence.

    "Finish it! Quick Attack now!" Red yelled.

    Almost before Red had finished giving the order, Raticate sped forward, slamming into Golem. While this obviously was less than effective against the rock-hard armor covering Golem, it did nevertheless cause it to tip over backwards and roll right into a nearby rock with a loud CRASH.

    "Get up! Golem, come on!!" Terrence ordered. "Get back in there! Use Mega Punch!"

    However, as Golem feebly rolled back forward, it became clear that that last impact had knocked it out. It made no effort whatsoever to get back to its feet.

    "OK, Golem is unable to battle, so the winners are Red and Raticate," stated Violet.

    "Nicely done, Raticate!" Red congratulated his Pokémon. Terrence, on the other hand, was decidedly less than pleased with the outcome.

    "GAAAAAAAH!" he roared as he returned Golem to its Poké Ball. "This isn't over, Red, do you hear me?!" he demanded, storming over to Red. "This! Is not! Over!"

    "Dude, relax," Red said. "Why are you always getting so worked up whenever you lose a battle?"

    "Because the world's strongest Pokémon Trainer does not keep losing to the same guy over and over!" replied Terrence. "And if I'm gonna be the strongest Trainer in the world someday, then I can't keep losing to you! So we're gonna keep this up, see. We're gonna keep this going, so you will eventually realize that I am not someone to mess with!"

    With that, before anyone could get in another word, Terrence stormed off in the direction of Fansfor City, grumbling various swearwords under his breath. Once he was out of sight and earshot, Red, Orange, and Violet all exchanged glances.

    "What's his deal?" Orange said. "Every time we see him, he demands a battle from Red, and then gets all enraged when he loses."

    "He's crazier than those Team Debug and Team Error guys we keep running into," Violet added, shaking her head.

    "Or that Ms. Psybeam," added Red.

    At this, however, an echoing shout sounded from the direction from which they had come; "THAT'S MS. PSYCHIC!"

    Again, the trio exchanged glances. "How does she do that?" asked Orange.
    For a good hour the trio continued on their way. Every so often, Orange would point out a wild Pokémon and urge Red to catch it, and every time, Red declined.

    "Why?" asked Orange as Red decided against pursuing the wild 7g that had been pointed out to him. "Why not?"

    "I don't want to catch a 7g," Red replied. "What's wrong with that?"

    "Well, you also didn't want to catch the .4 we saw, or the pPkMnp," Orange said. "You only got four Pokémon, Red, you're gonna have to catch something new one of these days."

    "I don't disagree," nodded Red. "But when I'm ready, OK?"

    "Oh, fine," sighed Orange.

    "Relax, Orange," said Violet. "Let Red catch something when he's ready, OK?"

    "Yeah, I guess so," Orange conceded reluctantly, though he couldn't help but smile as Violet smiled at him. They exchanged a quick kiss as Vandeler Town came into view.

    "Let's get through here quickly," Red stated. "Vandeler Town gives me the creeps."

    "I second that," Violet nodded.

    "I third, fourth, and fifth it," chimed in Orange as the trio quickened their walking speed simultaneously, making their way through the ominous town, past the ominous structures, the dead trees, and the massive, tombstone-shaped structure that was the entrance to Pokémon Tunnel.

    "Hold up," Violet said suddenly, coming to a stop. "Pokémon Center's right here," she added, pointing to the nearby building, made from crumbling rocks, dying hedges, and rotting pieces of wooden fence. She then led the way into the building, pushing open the two rotting pieces of fence which served as the doors.

    "Hi! Welcome to our Pokémon Center," smiled the nurse as the trio approached her.

    "Nurse, can you please treat my Missingno.?" asked Violet, handing the nurse a Poké Ball.

    "While you're at it, maybe heal up my Raticate, too?" Red added, also handing her a red-and-white sphere.

    "Certainly," the nurse nodded as she walked off towards the center's healing machine.

    "OK, so, according to this map," Orange said, indicating the map of the Tanko region attached to the wall while Violet sent out her h Poké and dug her Psychic TM out of her fanny pack. "To get to Chufisa City, all we gotta do is head south from here and follow the path. As long as that Snorlax has moved, we shouldn't have any problems."

    Red nodded. "Let's just hope it moved, then."

    Before they could talk any further, the nurse called them back over, declaring both Raticate and Skelefly to be fully restored. Violet withdrew Tombstone, and as she and Red collected their Poké Balls from the nurse, the trio exited the center.

    "All right, I checked the map, and we head south from here," Orange stated.

    Red nodded. "Let's go, then," he stated.

    Mercifully, it didn't take them long to leave Vandeler Town, and they were headed back down Route -12, across the concrete and wooden docks serving as walkways across the water. Before long, they happened upon a bored looking man who was sitting on the dock, holding a fishing rod, and staring out at the water. After a moment, he noticed the approaching trainers, reeled in his rod, and climbed to his feet. "Hey, you guys!" he said. "You three Pokémon trainers?"

    "Yeah," nodded Orange. "What's it to you?"

    "I've been fishing for the past three hours, and no bites," the Fisherman explained. "I'm bored out of my skull, and I want a battle."

    "We're kinda in a hurry-" began Red.

    "I'm game," grinned Orange. "One Pokémon each sound good to you?"

    "Works for me," the Fisherman grinned back as he clutched a Poké Ball in his hand and threw it. "I choose you, Clefairy!"

    In a flash of light, the small, pink Fairy Pokémon materialized. "Clefairy," it said in a soft voice.

    "Alright, Eevee, let's go!" shouted Orange as he tossed a Poké Ball of his own, unleashing the small, brown, furry Evolution Pokémon, who faced Clefairy and growled with determination.

    "I'll be the referee for this," Violet said as she stood off to the side. "Aaaand, begin!" she stated.

    "Clefairy! Horn Attack!" commanded the Fisherman.

    "Eevee, Reflect!" ordered Orange.

    The curl of fur on Clefairy's forehead unfurled itself, sticking straight out in front, coming to a particularly nasty point. As it charged forward, however, a shimmering, semitransparent dome of energy formed around Eevee, and Clefairy bounced right off.

    "Horn Attack?" Red remarked. "How the..."

    "Clefairy obviously learned that attack in the LM4 stage," Orange said.

    The Fisherman nodded. "You got that right! Clefairy, now use your Quick Attack!"

    "Eevee, use your Quick Attack, too!" Orange shouted.

    "Vee!" barked Eevee as it charged forward at the same time as Clefairy, both Normal-types dashing at each other at high speeds. They collided, each bouncing off the other. Both were thrown back, but were able to climb to their feet very quickly.

    "Eevee! Swift!" said Orange.

    "Clefairy! Water Gun!" said the Fisherman.

    As Clefairy opened its mouth and unleashed a stream of water, Eevee opened its own mouth and unleashed a barrage of glowing stars. The two attacks met in midair, but the stars merely sliced their way through the jet of water, and before the Water Gun could even get close, Clefairy was forced to stop the attack as the stars pelted its body relentlessly.

    "Don't give in, Clefairy!" called the Fisherman. "Wrap attack!"

    "Fairy!" responded Clefairy as it lunged forward, its swirly pink tail uncoiling like a little Ekans. Eevee barely had time to react before it found itself wrapped up in the tail.

    "Eevee!" Orange exclaimed. "Come on, get out of there!"

    Eevee struggled, but Clefairy's grip tightened, and the Evolution Pokémon could not break free. This did not deter Eevee, however, but it only got free when Clefairy finally let it go. Eevee, however, was now pissed, and immediately bit down on Clefairy's tail.

    "Wait, was that just, like, regular biting," Red asked, "or did Eevee just learn how to use Bite?"

    "...Looks like Eevee learned Bite!" grinned Orange as he glanced down at his Pokédex. "Nice one, Eevee! Now use Swift!"

    "Clefairy, time for Metronome!" yelled the Fisherman as Eevee relinquished its grip on Clefairy and backed off. In response, Clefairy raised its arms in the air and waved its fingers back and forth.

    "Oh, boy," Red murmured. "Metronome... there's no telling what move Clefairy's gonna use now!"

    As Eevee opened its mouth to unleash another barrage of stars, Clefairy stopped waving its fingers back and forth, and sprung into the air, its left knee glowing red.

    "Oh, not good," Orange whimpered, watching Clefairy. "Metronome must've called up Hi Jump Kick!"

    Eevee unleashed Swift at that moment, and as the stars pelted Clefairy, the Normal-type was knocked off course, and crashed into the concrete portion of the dock just behind Eevee. It made no effort to move whatsoever.

    "Right, it looks like Clefairy cannot continue, so Orange and Eevee are the winners!" declared Violet.

    "Return, Clefairy," sighed the Fisherman as his Normal-type was withdrawn to the spherical confines of its Poké Ball. "That Eevee of yours ain't bad," he added to Orange.

    "Thanks," grinned Orange as he withdrew Eevee. "Same goes for that Clefairy. I had an LM4 myself, but mine evolved all the way to Nidoking."

    "As fascinating as this all is," Violet cut in, "We're kinda trying to get to Chufisa City today, so..."

    "Right," nodded the Fisherman. "Just a second, though," he added as he dug through a backpack sitting on the dock next to his fishing gear. He produced three glassy stones from within the bag- one was a greenish color with a lightning bolt engraved in it, one was a fiery orange stone that looked as though it had a small ember trapped within, and the final one was blue, and it looked as though numerous bubbles were trapped inside. "Nodacel Department Store had a sale on evolution stones not too long ago, so I just bought one of each. I didn't need them, but I figured it couldn't hurt to be prepared. But here, you take 'em. You can use at least one of them, once you decide how you want to evolve Eevee. Plus, I still got the Leaf Stone, if I ever get a Gloom or a Weepinbell.

    "Oh, sweet!" Orange exclaimed as he accepted the stones and dumped them into his backpack.

    "You sure you just wanna give those out like that?" Red asked.

    "Yes, he's sure, Red!" Orange said loudly.

    "Relax," the Fisherman chuckled. "Besides which, you gave me a good battle there, you earned them."

    "Thanks," Orange grinned.

    As the trio walked off, the Fisherman went back to his fishing, and now Orange was starting to talk about a subject that had yet to come up before.

    "What should I evolve Eevee into?" Orange murmured. "I mean, I already have Q, so I'm pretty well set as far as Water-types go. That leaves Flareon and Jolteon... but what would Eevee want to evolve into? I can't ignore that, it's gotta be something Eevee would be happy with- aw, crap," he groaned as he saw just why Red and Violet had come to a stop.

    They had arrived at an all too familiar three-way intersection. The path which led away from the sea and towards Miliovern City was completely unobstructed. The path which continued south, however, was still obstructed as it had been the last time they had gotten there- by the rotund bulk of a large sleeping Snorlax.

    "Mew damn it," sighed Violet. "Well, we gotta wake the Snorlax up. Orange?"

    "Hmm?" Orange said, turning to face Violet. After a moment, a look of dawning comprehension came over his face. "Wait- are you saying... are you giving me permission to-"

    "Yep," smirked Violet. "Play that Poké Flute, Orange, and wake up Snorlax."

    "Are... are you sure?" Orange asked. "I mean, I did promise you..."

    "Yeah... but that promise, and my reason for making you make that promise, utter Tauros crap," said Violet. "Go ahead and play it."

    "You know what? I just might," smiled Orange. "And I'm telling you, Vi, someone as great as you, I just know Skelefly will be warming up to you in no time."

    "Orange, you're so stubborn, and you can be annoying... but you're sweet," Violet said softly as she moved closer to Orange. Before he knew what was happening, they were kissing. Not long after, however, they broke apart as they heard a familiar whirring noise. Simultaneously, Orange and Violet turned to look at the Snorlax- or rather, the large mass of transparent red energy being sucked into a Poké Ball. The sphere landed on the dock and wobbled back and forth for several seconds before it gave off a low-pitched ping and was still.

    "Honestly," Red remarked as he picked up the Poké Ball containing his new Snorlax, "I can't believe nobody's thought of doing this sooner. Seriously, it's just laying there, fast asleep, and it takes nothing less than Orange's snoring to get it to so much as stir, and nobody else thinks to throw a Poké Ball at it?"
    End of Chapter 28.​
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2013
  4. Jonah the Slaking

    Jonah the Slaking Couch-bound Warrior

    I can never remember Terrence's existence.

    You're not going to make Ms. Psychic into another Mr. Psychic, are you? That's really an AoA thing, and it shouldn't be in this one too.
  5. pacman000

    pacman000 Well-Known Member

    Another chapeter? I didn't know ... Can I be on the PM list? Until now I never thought it was necessary.

    This was a rather episodic chapter, but that's okay. It flowed well, so it worked.

    Also there's this:
    Funney stuff. Why can't you just catch Snorlax?
  6. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    This was more of a shout-out to that than the beginning of a similar running gag. It might happen once more after this, if that, but it's not gonna become a regular thing.

    Consider yourself added. And I know, right? When I first encountered the sleeping Snorlax in Red version, my first instinct was to go into my bag and try to use an Awakening on it, actually. Never got why you couldn't do that, or use a Poke Ball.
  7. Z-nogyroP

    Z-nogyroP whoa whats that

    Well, it won't be a running gag, but it was still a nice callback.

    Somehow, I feel like Terrence is this fic's Gary.

    Stalker much?


    Jolteon. Seriously. Jolteon.

    and now because I said that he will get Flareon

    I know, right?!?!?

    Great job again, MM. I still want Red to get a glitch, though. Like, seriously. He needs one. And Orange needs a Bug-type. That too.
  8. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    I could not resist doing that, by the way. I just could not resist.

    Eevee's evolution was decided on long before Orange obtained it. Obviously, I'm not saying what it'll become, though I will confirm that it won't evolve into Vaporeon.

    Yeah, I mean, we should be able to use Poke Balls or Awakenings on it, shouldn't we? I mean, obviously, from a storyline point of view, I can see why not, but still, it's only from a storyline point of view that it makes sense.

    Orange isn't gonna be getting a Bug-type any time soon. Whether the same can be said for Red and a Glitch Pokemon, however, I won't say one way or another. Can't go spoiling everything, now can I?
  9. pacman000

    pacman000 Well-Known Member

    Perhaps it's illegal to catch a sleeping Pokemon, unless it was put to sleep by one of your Pokemon in a battle.

    But why you use an awakening? Perhaps it's illegal to give medicine to wild Pokemon, unless your a registered nurse, doctor, or researcher.

    But why can't the police do anything? Perhaps it's not in their jurisdiction. Why? Who knows? It's politics; that stuff can get complicated/messy.

    There! I think I've solved most of the problems. Oddly, I never noticed them before. :)
  10. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    In GSC, you can encounter wild Pokemon that are already asleep at the start of the battle, and it's perfectly OK to catch them.

    In D/P/P, you are required to administer the SecretPotion to a flock of wild Psyduck to get to Celestic Town.

    And I got no answer for the police thing. Oh, well, two out of three ain't bad. :)
  11. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    Why, yes, I have been feeling particularly motivated to write lately. However did you guess?

    Chapter 29: The Ways Of Team Error

    With Snorlax out of their way, the trio found that their journey was going very smoothly now. As they continued to navigate the floating walkways over the water, they encountered several other Fishermen, but the ones that did notice them weren't looking for battles.

    Soon, the docks led the three Trainers onto dry land- mostly squares of grass and rocky terrain, though there were definitely threes, twos, and aluminum siding thrown in as well. It was around this point the path stopped going south, and instead turned to the west.

    "We can't be too far now," grinned Orange. "Another hour of walking or so, and we should reach Chufisa City!"

    "We're making excellent time, aren't we?" observed Violet as she looked up at the blocky, scrambled sun in the sky. "The sun won't start setting for several hours at least. Maybe we can take a little break here."

    "I second that," sighed Red as he sat down on a giant five. "We've been walking all day, Orange. Even if we don't get to Chufisa City while it's still light, it doesn't matter, the Pokémon Center will still be open."

    "But... I... Oh, all right," grumbled Orange.

    "Hey, we may as well let our Pokémon relax, too," Violet said as she took out six Poké Balls and tossed them into the air. "Chompy! Flutters! Migraine! Skulls! Tombstone! Skelefly! Come on out!"

    "I guess so," Orange conceded as he tossed half a dozen balls into the air. "Q! .4! Fearow! Nidoking! A! Eevee! Go!"

    "Charizard, Raticate, Parasect, Dodrio, Snorlax, you too!" yelled Red as he threw five Poké Balls.

    For a moment, the collective flashes of light were absolutely blinding as the seventeen Poké Balls opened up simultaneously. Then, as the light faded, there appeared all the group's Pokémon at once, and many of them began to interact with one another. Fearow and Skulls began to race each other, .4 flew dizzying circles around Flutters and A, gibbering excitedly, and Eevee began jumping up and down on the sleeping Snorlax's stomach as though it were a trampoline. Snorlax, far from seeming to mind this, didn't even appear to take notice. However, the first thing Red and Violet noticed was that Charizard and Skelefly were circling each other in the air, glaring at each other intensely.

    "Uh-oh," muttered Violet as she noticed this.

    "Charizard," Red called to his Fire/Flying-type warningly. "Don't do anything hasty."

    "Skelefly, come down here," Violet said to her Missingno.

    Neither Pokémon appeared to have heard their trainers, however, and now they were growling at each other.

    "Say," Orange piped up. "Why don't you two have them battle each other?" he suggested. "It'd be a great way for them to let off some steam, and maybe it'd help with Skelefly's obedience issues, too," he added.

    "Huh," Red remarked. "That's not a bad idea. What do you say, Violet?"

    "Works for me," agreed Violet.

    "Charizard, ready for a battle?" Red called up.

    "You too, Skelefly, we're gonna have a battle, so please come down here!" Violet called.

    Charizard and Skelefly both descended to the ground, neither one taking their eyes off the other. As they were spaced far enough apart already, Red and Violet merely took their positions behind their Pokémon, while Orange stepped off to the sidelines.

    "I'm gonna referee this match, that OK?" Orange asked them. When Red and Violet both nodded, Orange nodded back. "Then begin!" he declared.

    "Charizard, Flamethrower!" Red ordered.

    "Skelefly, Waterfall!" commanded Violet.

    Charizard and Skelefly both unleashed powerful streams of fire from their mouths simultaneously. The attacks collided in midair, creating a powerful explosion which blew both combatants back.

    "Skelefly, no!" Violet exclaimed. "Come on, use Waterfall!"

    In response, the Aerodactyl Skeleton Missingno. took to the skies, screeching madly as it spewed three large white eggs out of its mouth. Charizard flapped its great wings, also taking to the skies, and evading the Egg Bomb completely.

    "Ugh," Violet groaned. "This is a disaster..."

    "Charizard, now use Slash!" Red ordered.

    "Skelefly, use Defense Curl!" shouted Violet.

    Charizard flew forward, only to be met with Skelefly's Flamethrower once more. Being a Fire-type itself, Charizard was able to withstand the move with ease, and took a swipe at Skelefly- only for its glowing claws to pass right through the bones!

    "What the-" began Red. Violet, however, was glancing over at her other Pokémon.

    "Skelefly must have copied Tombstone's type combination!" she exclaimed. "It must have become a Ghost and Poison-type! Come on, Skelefly! Waterfall attack!"

    Screeching unpleasantly, Skelefly instead unleashed another Flamethrower, which Charizard evaded with ease before retaliating with a Flamethrower of its own. The Missingno. screeched with displeasure as the Fire move hit, and then there could be heard the clatter of bones as Skelefly hit the ground, stirring feebly, but clearly in no state to get back on its feet, let alone in the air.

    "Skelefly is unable to battle," declared Orange. "Red and Charizard win!"

    Violet slowly approached her injured Missingno., noticing several burns on its skeletal body that looked particularly nasty. "Skelefly, you OK?" she asked. In response, Skelefly screeched weakly yet defiantly, attempting to sound stronger than it felt.

    "Some of those burns look pretty bad," Orange observed as he and Red approached Skelefly. "We should get Skelefly to a Pokémon Center."

    "Oh, don't bother with the Pokémon Center," came a familiar voice from behind the trio, causing them to jump and wheel around simultaneously. "We'll take care of that Missingno. for you!"

    "You two!" exclaimed Orange, for there stood a pair of men in purple outfits, each one emblazoned with a large orange E on the chest.

    "Team Error!" said Red.

    "Did you twerps miss us?" smirked Jeff, the Team Error grunt who had spoken up moments ago. "It's been a while, hasn't it? And now you've gone and caught a Missingno. for us to take to the boss!"

    "Like hell," snapped Violet. "This is my Missingno.! If you want one so bad, go catch your own."

    "Well, we've been through this before," said Larry, the other grunt. "Poké Balls cost money, which is something we're not exactly made of."

    "So we'll just be taking that rarity to the boss ourselves by force," Jeff added as he threw a Poké Ball. "Go! pPkMnp!"

    "You too, 7g!" shouted Larry as he threw a ball of his own.

    "Nidoking, help us out!" Orange called over to the group of Pokémon.

    "You too, Snorlax!" added Red, as he noticed that his newest Normal-type was starting to stir.

    As pPkMnp and 7g materialized from their respective Poké Balls, Nidoking and Snorlax stomped over to where their trainers were. Despite Snorlax never having actually seen its trainer before, it looked ready for orders in any case.

    "7g, Double-Edge!" Larry yelled.

    "pPkMnp, Sludge!" commanded Jeff.

    "Nidoking, Aurora Beam now!" said Orange.

    "Snorlax, use Headbutt!" Red called.

    7g flew at Snorlax, who was stomping right in its direction, head lowered. They slammed into each other as Nidoking's Aurora Beam and pPkMnp's Sludge collided in midair.

    As the battle raged on, Violet took this opportunity to take a Burn Heal out of her fanny pack and spray it on Skelefly's burns. The Missingno. screeched in response, but more softly than usual. It lifted its head slightly, and gave Violet a long look with what appeared to be bare eye sockets.

    "Just relax, Skelefly," Violet said soothingly. "Let the Burn Heal do its job, OK?" Then, she sighed. "I wish you'd listen to me, though," she added quietly, looking down. "I know you never had to take orders from anyone before, but you have to realize, I know what I'm doing. I mean, ever since you started not following my orders, you haven't won at all, and I know you're capable of winning... I just wish you would trust me," sighed Violet. At that moment, she finished tending to Skelefly's wounds, and after patting the Missingno. on the head, stood up to join in the fray. Snorlax and Nidoking had taken out pPkMnp and 7g, and were now battling Jeff's 'M and Larry's Z4.

    "Z4, use your Fury Attack!" Larry yelled.

    "'M, Water Gun!" commanded Jeff.

    "Snorlax, go for Body Slam!" ordered Red.

    "Nidoking, Horn Attack!" said Orange.

    Nidoking and Z4 charged at each other, the latter sprouting multiple dangerous-looking spikes from the front of its body. The Box Bee Pokémon dove beneath Nidoking's horn and jabbed at it repeatedly with its spikes, causing the Poison/Ground-type to roar in pain. Meanwhile, Snorlax's Body Slam missed as 'M soaked it with water sprayed from its mouth.

    "Let's finish this, 'M!" Jeff called. "Sky Attack!"

    "Z4, use Horn Drill!" added Larry.

    "Snorlax, Harden attack!" Red shouted.

    "Nidoking, Aurora Beam!" ordered Orange.

    However, 'M and Z4 were the first to attack as 'M plowed into Snorlax, a harsh glow coming over its whole body, and Z4 struck Nidoking with a single spinning spike. Nidoking and Snorlax collapsed simultaneously and ceased all movement.

    "No!" groaned Orange as he and Red withdrew their unconscious Pokémon.

    "Hah!" sneered Larry. "And now our associates should have gathered up every single pPkMnp nesting in the area- OW!" he exclaimed as Jeff slapped him in the head.

    "You damn fool!" Jeff exclaimed. How many times do I gotta tell you to not reveal our plan to the enemy!"

    "I was doing no such thing!" argued Larry. "All I did was- oh, yeah, wait, that pretty much spoils the whole thing, doesn't it?" he remarked weakly. Jeff facepalmed.

    "You guys aren't getting away with this!" Orange exclaimed. "Fearow!" he shouted, turning to face the trio's Pokémon- only to find that they were all trapped beneath a large net, which, despite all their struggling and attacking, wasn't giving way.

    "Oh, aren't we?" smirked Jeff. Just then, a large green pickup truck pulled up, packed with cages full of pPkMnp, eliciting a collective gasp of horror from Red, Orange, and Violet. "Now, let's just bag that Missingno. and we'll be on our way." As he spoke, Larry removed a net from the cab of the truck, but stopped short as a screeching noise pierced the air. Everyone wheeled around- Skelefly was back on its feet, its wings spread wide.

    "Uh-oh," Red murmured. "Should we start running now?" he asked Violet.

    Violet shook her head. "Wait," she said as Skelefly looked her in the eyes. Slowly, Violet approached the Data Pokémon, never breaking eye contact. Or, eye-to-eye-socket contact, as the case may be. After a few moments, Violet smiled and turned to face Team Error. "OK, Team Error," she stated. "Like my boyfriend said, you guys aren't getting away with this! Skelefly, go!"

    With another screech and a flap of its wings, Skelefly was in the air again, hovering in place, ready to battle. 'M and Z4 exchanged nervous glances, as did their trainers.

    "'M, use your Take Down attack!" Jeff ordered.

    "Skelefly, Defense Curl!" called Violet.

    To general astonishment, the Missingno. pulled itself into a vaguely spherical shape, and appeared to not take much damage from the attack. As the Missingno. pulled itself out of the Defense Curl, Orange and Red exchanged surprised glances.

    "Did Skelefly just obey Violet?" Red asked.

    "Looks like it!" Orange nodded.

    "Nice, Skelefly," grinned Violet. Skelefly gave a short screech in reply, though this did not sound nearly as unpleasant as its usual screeches.

    "Your turn, Z4!" exclaimed Larry. "Use Pound!"

    "Skelefly! Flamethrower!" ordered Violet.

    As Z4 zoomed forward, buzzing menacingly, Skelefly opened its bony mouth and unleashed a stream of fire from within, and the Bug/Poison-type was roasted within seconds.

    "'M! Sky Attack now!" exclaimed Jeff.

    As Violet opened her mouth, she noticed that the truck was starting to pull away. "No, you don't!" she exclaimed. "Skelefly, use Bone Club on the truck!"

    Screeching loudly, Skelefly dove down and took a swipe at the truck's tires with its skeletal wing, slashing the rear tires in one move. The truck came to a stop as Skelefly flew over to the net under which the rest of the Pokémon were trapped, and pried it open with its wings. The Pokémon all raced out, dashing towards their respective trainers happily.

    "Oh, we're screwed," Jeff muttered.

    "Yep," nodded Larry.

    "Dodrio, Drill Peck those cages open!" Red ordered.

    "And now, Skelefly, Egg Bomb attack!" Violet ordered once Dodrio had started to open up the cages. Once all the pPkMnp had escaped, however, Skelefly didn't get a chance to attack- the group of Fortress Pokémon all blasted Jeff and Larry with their Sludge attacks at once.

    "Yeah, we're outta here," stated one of the other Team Error grunts as the group exited the truck and took off running the same way the trio had come in the first place.

    "Right behind you!" Jeff shouted as he and Larry withdrew 'M and Z4 and took off after them as fast as they could go.

    "All right!" exclaimed Orange as Violet hugged Skelefly. "We did it, guys!" He then turned to face the pPkMnp. "Go on home, guys," he added.

    The pPkMnp all gave low yet friendly growls before they started hopping off towards a cluster of trees which all seemed to be made out of plastic, aluminum siding, and various even numbers. As they did so, Red, Orange, and Violet proceeded to return all their Pokémon to their Poké Balls.

    "Well, that wasn't exactly as relaxing as I was hoping it to be," sighed Violet. "Still, I think we should get moving. We can still get to Chufisa City by nightfall, get something to eat, get a good night's sleep, and then we'll challenge the Gym in the morning."

    "Works for me," shrugged Red. "Let's go, then.

    With that, the trio headed off, continuing west, until they could see an assortment of houses that seemed to be made of hedges, roofing tiles, nines, fours, and wooden fences in the distance.

    "Aha!" Orange exclaimed. "There it is, Chufisa City!"
    End of Chapter 29.​
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    I've been wondering, aren't most of the glitch Pokemon just a big box of garbled pixels? How do people tell them apart?

    Skelefly started obeying Violet too quickly, if you ask me.
  13. Missingno. Master

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    They may be mostly big boxes of garbled pixels, but they still look different from one another. Just look at their sprites on Bulbapedia. No way you'll be able to confuse LM4 with h Poke, for instance. Also, some of them are shaped differently.

    And I agree it didn't take very long for Skelefly to start obeying Violet, but I never really intended for Skelefly's disobedience to be a major detriment to Violet, as was the case with Ash's Charizard.
  14. Z-nogyroP

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    Pretty good chapter, made better by the fact that you are making them so quickly. And also, what the hell is the ground made of?

    If Red does catch a glitch, I hope it's PokéWTrainer. It is The Best Kind.

    Also, I think this is the first time all the characters have had all their Pokemon out at once.
  15. Missingno. Master

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    Grass, rocks, threes, twos, and aluminum siding.

    I've already decided what will happen in regards to that.

    No, they also did this between Moon Canyon. Of course, there were far fewer Pokemon in the group then.
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    Good chapter. It's still episodic, but the episodes build off of eachother. That's good.
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    Chapter 30: Two Heads Are Better

    By the time the trio had entered Chufisa City and arrived at the Pokémon Center, the sun was really starting to set, and it was starting to get dark. Red, Orange, and Violet wasted no time in healing up their Pokémon. While the nurse was tending to them, they grabbed some dinner in the cafeteria. Once Orange had polished off his fried nines, the doors to the center burst open.

    Two Chansey were pushing a stretcher, which was carrying an obviously badly hurt Hypno. Following close behind was a young boy, obviously Hypno's trainer. Concerned, the trio made their way into the lobby as the Hypno was wheeled into another room.

    "What happened to that Hypno?" asked Orange as the nurse was handing them back their Poké Balls.

    "Oh, the trainer had just come from Chufisa Gym," sighed the nurse. "It's like this all the time, every time someone goes and challenges Vanna."

    "Really?" Red remarked. "She must be pretty good."

    "That's an understatement, I'm afraid," the nurse replied. "Vanna's been the Gym Leader for three years, she gets challengers every week, and I think she's only given a total of five badges."

    Orange gave a low whistle. "Wow," he remarked. "So, guys," he added, turning to Red and Violet, "Am I the only one getting totally pumped up for this?"

    "Yeah, kinda," Red nodded. "Judging from what we were just told, somehow I'm not liking our odds here."

    "Well, Gym Leaders aren't supposed to be weak," laughed Orange. "A good challenge is my idea of a good time! C'mon, let's get some sleep. I want to get to the Gym already and win me badge number six!"

    Sighing, Red and Violet followed the excitable Orange to the room the nurse had given them for the night, and due to the tiring nature of their day, it wasn't long before they were all asleep, complete with earplugs in Red and Violet's ears to drown out Orange's usual snores.

    The next morning, Orange was the first one up, and was already raring to go by the time Violet and Red had woken up. "Come on, guys!" Orange exclaimed.

    "Orange, can we have breakfast first?" asked Violet.

    "Right!" nodded Orange as he wheeled around, now leading them to the cafeteria instead. "Most important meal of the day, breakfast, can't forget that!"

    Several slices of whole wheat zero toast later (and some fried nines, in Red and Orange's cases), the trio exited the Pokémon Center, Orange leading the way. Twice Violet had to correct him, as she had thought to ask directions from the nurse beforehand, though finally, they arrived at a large building that seemed to be covered with (or perhaps made out of) poison ivy. Mercifully, the doors appeared to be made out of large eights, so they could be safely pushed open.

    As they entered the Gym, the lights turned on, revealing the usual large dirt battlefield which appeared to be the norm in most Pokémon Gyms, surrounded by very high wood-paneled walls. At the end of the battlefield, there stood a girl who looked older than Violet (though not by too much- she couldn't have been too much older than 22). She wore a purple t-shirt with a yellow skull-and-crossbones design on the front, with matching purple pants, and her black hair flowed down to her waist.

    "Well, well, well, three more victims to be rushed to the Pokémon Center," smirked the woman. "Welcome to Chufisa Gym. I am, of course, the lovely Vanna, the Gym Leader around here. Now, how about I get the names of those I'm about to utterly destroy?"

    "No, but how about we give you our names instead?" retorted Orange. "Orange McPixel. This is my good friend Red Vershunn, and this is the lovely Violet Scramble. We all come from Talpel Town and we're here for Gym battles."

    "Hah!" cackled Vanna. "You three actually think you can win against me? We'll just see about that, won't we? How about you first, redhead?" she said to Orange.

    "Works for me," Orange stated as he stepped into the challenger's box. "Ready to lose?"

    "I could ask you the same thing," smirked Vanna as she enlarged a Poké Ball she was holding in her hand. "Rules here are simple. One Pokémon each."

    Orange nodded. "Got it," he stated.

    "Good luck, Orange," Violet said.

    "Yeah, you can do it," nodded Red.

    "Ha ha ha," laughed Vanna. "If you think your little cheering squad is gonna help you out, then you are sorely mistaken. Go, Poké Ball!" she yelled as she flung the sphere onto the battlefield, which sprang open, unleashing in a flash of light a hovering creature composed almost entirely of two lavender heads of different size.

    "Weezing," it groaned.

    "A Weezing," muttered Orange. "All right, then let's get started!" he exclaimed as he threw a Poké Ball. "Q! Go!" he yelled as the cube-shaped form of Orange's starter materialized. As the two Pokémon faced each other, Vanna made the first move.

    "Weezing! Sludge attack now!" Vanna commanded.

    "Q, Water Gun!" Orange ordered.

    Simultaneously, Weezing and Q blasted forceful streams of sludge and water respectively, though the Sludge attack was able to cut right through the Water Gun. Q cried out in pain as the Poison move met its mark.

    "Whoa!" Red exclaimed. "That's some power there!"

    "A minor setback!" scoffed Orange. "Q, use Confusion!"

    "Weezing, use your SmokeScreen!" said Vanna.

    "Weezing weez," groaned Weezing as it forcefully sprayed a thick, dark cloud of smoke from the various pores on its body. Though Q's Confusion blasted right through the cloud, Weezing made no sound. Instead, the smoke cloud just got bigger.

    "Come on, Q!" called Orange. "BubbleBeam attack!"

    "Weezing, Tackle it now!" Vanna shouted.

    "Kyuuuuu," trilled Q as it sprayed a forceful stream of bubbles from the front of its body. However, Weezing emerged from another part of the cloud, and rammed Q hard.

    "Q!" Orange exclaimed, for the Water/Psychic-type was now wobbling in midair unsteadily.

    "Weezing, Toxic attack!" ordered Vanna.

    "BubbleBeam!" Orange yelled.

    As Q unleashed another spray of bubbles, Weezing flew above Q, unleashing a black fog from both mouths which briefly engulfed the Deep Sea Pokémon before fading away. As this happened, however, Q was now groaning in pain.

    "Q's been poisoned- badly poisoned!" Violet stated. "Toxic is a sinister Poison-type move. The poisoning it induces gets worse over time! Orange, you gotta take that thing out now!"

    "Right," nodded Orange. "Q, use your Confusion attack!"

    "Weezing, Thunderbolt now!" yelled Vanna.

    "Weezing WEEEEZ!" bellowed both of Weezing's heads as the Poison-type crackled with electricity before blasting a powerful lightning bolt. Q was firing off a light blue ray of Psychic energy, but was unable to fend off the Electric move- screeches and squeals of agony could be heard from Q as the electricity from Weezing's Thunderbolt coursed through its body, and as the attack finished, Q landed, smoking slightly, on the floor and ceased any further movement.

    "Looks like we win," smirked Vanna as she withdrew Weezing and placed its Poké Ball on the nearby healing machine. "Next victim."

    "Q, return," Orange said as he held out the Poké Ball, withdrawing his starter. Dejectedly, he walked off the battlefield. Violet watched this for a moment before dashing out into the challenger's box herself.

    "Alright, now it's my turn," stated Violet. "And you're the one who's gonna go down, Vanna."

    "Oh, we'll see about that," smirked Vanna as she took the Poké Ball off the healing machine and threw it. "Show time, Weezing!" she exclaimed as the Poison Gas Pokémon appeared once more.

    "Violet, why not use your own Weezing?" suggested Orange.

    "I have a better idea," Violet smirked as she threw a Poké Ball. "Tombstone, I choose you!" she shouted as the h Poké materialized.

    At this, Vanna cackled. "I see, you think just because you're using a Poison-type that my Weezing will be at a disadvantage. Toxic can't work on Poison-types, after all. But you'll see there's much more to Weezing than just poison. Weezing, use Thunderbolt!"

    "Weezing WEEEZ!" bellowed Weezing as it fired off a sizzling bolt of lightning.

    "Tombstone, Night Shade!" Violet ordered.

    "h Poké!" exclaimed Tombstone in its eerie, echoing voice as a black energy bolt burst forth from the front of its body, colliding with the Thunderbolt. The attacks struggled against each other for a moment, though Thunderbolt won out, lighting the Ghost/Poison-type up for a moment.

    "Tombstone, use HM02!" Violet commanded.

    Though nothing seemed to happen, Weezing began to show signs of slight fatigue. All four eyes started drooping, and its floating became increasingly wobbly.

    "Snap out of it, Weezing!" snapped Vanna. "Use Fire Blast!"

    "Weez weeeeez!" bellowed Weezing as a tremendous plume of flame erupted forth from the mouth of the larger head, the flames taking the shape of what seemed to vaguely resemble a stick figure of some sort. Before the h Poké or its trainer could react, Tombstone was struck by the Fire move, and once it was over, several nasty burns could be seen on Tombstone's body.

    "Uh-oh," murmured Orange. "Tombstone's burned."

    "Tombstone, blast it with Psychic!" Violet ordered.

    "SmokeScreen!" shouted Vanna.

    As a brightly colored wave of energy emanated from Tombstone's body, Weezing unleashed another thick cloud of smoke, this time blanketing the entire battlefield in seconds.

    "Tombstone, come on!" Violet called. "You can do this!

    "And now, Weezing, Mimic attack!" cackled Vanna.

    Weezing emerged above the cloud of smoke, the skull-and-crossbones design on its larger head glowing brightly.

    "Get out of there, Tombstone!" Violet shouted. "And use your Confuse Ray!"

    "Weezing, Psychic now!" Vanna commanded.

    As Tombstone warily flew up and out of the SmokeScreen, it was instantly met with a wave of Psychic energy from its two-headed adversary. "Po! Poké!" grunted Tombstone as it reeled from the super effective hit. However, Tombstone was not down just yet, and the patterns and designs on the front of its body seemed to melt and distort as a ray of light shined off of it. Instantly, Weezing's eyes became unfocused- all four of them- and it started to fly about erratically.

    "We got it, Tombstone!" grinned Violet. "Take Down now!"

    "Weezing, Psychic attack once more!" shouted Vanna.

    As the Spirit Pokémon charged forward, Weezing began to send waves of Psychic power in multiple directions, though none of them in Tombstone's direction. Tombstone then slammed into Weezing, though seemed to reel from the blow.

    "Direct hit!" Violet exclaimed. However, at that point, Tombstone collapsed to the floor. "What?!" Violet exclaimed, this time in shock and anger. "What- but- how-"

    "Poor judgement on your part," sneered Vanna as she withdrew Weezing. "Your h Poké had already taken so much damage from Weezing's attacks that the recoil damage from Take Down was sufficient to knock itself out."

    Speechless, Violet wordlessly withdrew Tombstone and stepped back as Vanna placed Weezing's Poké Ball on the healing machine.

    "Red," Orange said to his friend quietly, "Do me a favor, OK? Take that Weezing out."

    "You got it," nodded Red. He gave Orange and Violet a confident smile as he stepped onto the battlefield.

    "Three victims this soon after breakfast," remarked Vanna. "It's gonna be a good day, I can tell. Weezing, let's go!" she exclaimed as she tossed her Poké Ball once more.

    "I choose you! Charizard!" Red shouted as he also threw a Poké Ball.

    In simultaneous twin flashes of light, Vanna's Weezing and Red's Charizard materialized on their respective ends of the battlefield.

    "Charizard, stay alert," Red advised his starter. "That Weezing is good. You'll have to stay focused and avoid its attacks."

    "Let's get started," smirked Vanna. "Weezing! Thunderbolt!"

    "Evade it, Charizard!" Red called. "In the air now!"

    As Weezing crackled with electricity, Charizard gave a great flap of its wings and was airborne within seconds. The Thunderbolt struck the ground just below Charizard, right where it was standing seconds ago.

    "Charizard! Flamethrower!" Red ordered.

    "Weezing! Smog attack now!" Vanna yelled.

    "Weezing," groaned Weezing as it began to emit thick clouds of poisonous gas from its mouths. As Charizard unleashed Flamethrower, the flames reacted with the cloud of gas, causing them to explode back at Charizard, knocking the Fire/Flying-type to the ground.

    "Damn!" grunted Red. "Charizard, come on, that's just a minor setback! Use Slash!"

    In an instant, Charizard was in the air once more, this time with its claws glowing as it flew right at Weezing.

    "Toxic attack now!" Vanna ordered.

    "Blow it away!" was Red's order.

    Weezing blasted a sinister black fog from its mouths, but Charizard came to a stop in midair and flapped its wings forcefully, preventing the poison move from making contact.

    "Not bad," conceded Vanna. "Now, Weezing, Sludge attack!"

    "Charizard, Flamethrower!" Red called.

    At the center of the battlefield, the stream of flames met the jet of sludge, and both attacks struggled against each other for a moment. The two appeared to be evenly matched.

    "All right, Weezing, you know what to do," smirked Vanna. In response, the mouth on Weezing's second head opened up, and another stream of sludge flew out of it. This smaller Sludge attack flew past where its larger counterpart was trying to get past Flamethrower, and struck Charizard in its right wing. Charizard exclaimed in surprise, stopping its Flamethrower attack involuntarily, which was all Weezing needed for its Sludge attack to connect.

    "Charizard!" Red exclaimed. "Try a Mega Punch!"

    "Weezing, Thunderbolt it!" Vanna ordered.

    "Weezing WEEEZ!" exclaimed Weezing as it fired off a bolt of electricity. Charizard, flying towards the Poison-type with its right hand clenched into a fist, dove in midair to evade the Thunderbolt. However, Weezing didn't give up, and fired off more Thunderbolts. Charizard flew up to avoid the second one, but the third one hit it dead on.

    "No! Charizard!" Red shouted as his starter collapsed to the ground, barely stirring.

    Vanna laughed as she called Weezing back to its Poké Ball. "Well, any time you three need to have your rear ends handed to you again, I'll be right here," she said.

    Ignoring her, Violet addressed the other two as Red withdrew Charizard. "We should get to the Pokémon Center," she stated.

    "No objections here," Red replied.

    "Yeah, let's go," Orange added as the trio made haste in exiting the Gym.
    In the Pokémon Center, Red, Orange, and Violet were all sitting restlessly in the lobby as they waited for the nurse to return with Charizard, Tombstone, and Q.

    "It's been fifteen minutes," sighed Orange. "This is unbearable."

    "I know," agreed Violet. "But was that Gym Leader the rudest person you've ever met or what?"

    "I know, right?" said Red. "Having confidence in your Pokémon is one thing, but the way she was talking, you'd think she was in command of a legendary Pokémon of some sort."

    At that moment, they heard approaching footsteps, and the three Trainers looked up simultaneously to see the nurse approaching them with three Poké Balls.

    "They're all fine," she smiled, which reassured them greatly.

    "Thanks," Orange said as he took Q's Poké Ball.

    "You know, from what you've told me, you three actually did a bit better against Vanna than most of her challengers. A lot of them barely ever manage to land a single hit on Weezing. I think that with a little additional training, you might actually be able to beat her."

    "Really?" Red said. The nurse responded by nodding.

    "Well, I guess we could stand to do some extra training," Orange stated. "Any good places around here to train?" he asked the nurse.

    "Well, yes, actually," the nurse responded. "Just north of here, you'll find the Fight Zone, an area where Pokémon Trainers gather to train against one another. Each day, whoever wins the most battles is allowed to battle the Fight Zone's warden, too, and if you can beat him, he gives out a prize of some sort."

    "Sounds cool," grinned Orange. "What do you say, guys?" he added, turning to face Red and Violet.

    "I'm in," Red said.

    "Same here," added Violet.

    "Well, your Charizard, h Poké, and Q are fighting fit once more, so if you wanted, you could go right now," said the nurse. "Do you need directions?"

    "Nah, we're good," Orange replied as he stood up. "C'mon, guys," he added as he led the way out the door.

    "Coming," smiled Violet as she and Red stood up. Once Orange was out of earshot, however, she turned to the nurse and muttered, "We need directions. We need directions very badly."
    End of Chapter 30.​
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    Hey! They didn't win! Actually, that's okay. Winning every time gets old.

    A Fight Zone in place of the Safari Zone? Actually, that sounds like a good idea. The Safari Zone is cool, but it's too hard to catch Pokemon there.
  19. Jonah the Slaking

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    Well, is there a Safari of any kind then?

    Figures it'd be a Weezing. I'm on to you, MM. *evil eye* On. To. You.

    Nah, but seriously, how does a Weezing withstand a Psychic attack? Unless its Special runs off its Special Attack, that's pretty much impossible unless it's massively overleveled.
  20. Missingno. Master

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    Yeah, I knew I had to change it up, they can't just keep winning these gyms on the first try.

    Not so much, no.

    Yeah, I couldn't resist. :)

    Weezing never actually took a Psychic attack. It managed to evade Q's Confusion and h Poke's Psychic by using SmokeScreen.

    Oh, and you guys might be interested in this- I was bored last night, so I did a little spriting.

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