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404 Error

Discussion in 'Completed Fics' started by Missingno. Master, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. Jonah the Slaking

    Jonah the Slaking Couch-bound Warrior

    Make a hack if you can! That looks awesome! Or, you know, get someone else to do it.
  2. Volcer

    Volcer Shur'tugal

    Hi, I've been reading this for the past few days and liked it. May I be added to the PM list? I might leave a review later, it's just that its late where I am.
  3. Z-nogyroP

    Z-nogyroP whoa whats that


    So, Fight Zone's the exact opposite of the Safari- No wild Pokemon, just trainers.

    Vanna is very rude. She should be slapped. Preferably by Red. Or Terrence. Probably Terrence.

    Also, obvious Weezing was obvious.

    That's a pretty good .4 capture scene. I just hope the gang manages to take down Weezing, but the way you mollycoddle the thing, not likely. For now.
  4. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    I'd just like to apologize for the delay- I've been a tad sidetracked, been recoloring some R/B sprites; [​IMG]

    Anyway, without further ado, here it is!

    Chapter 31: Eevee's Choice

    The streets of Chufisa City, as Red, Orange, and Violet learned, were paved mostly with nines, sevens, rocks, and perfectly square pools of water. There was also, of course, the occasional freeze arch- easily avoided.

    "Alright, I think we better start talking strategy," Red stated as they made their way down one particularly long stretch of road. "Orange, one thing I've noticed is that Weezing makes use of SmokeScreen every time there's a Psychic move going its way-"

    "We'll talk strategy later, Red," Orange interrupted. "In the meantime, we're here!" Red looked- Orange was pointing directly ahead of them, at a small building made from rocks, sevens, and leaves. On either side, there were large walls which seemed to be formed entirely out of roofing tiles and various numbers. A small sign had been posted in front of the building, which read "Fight Zone".

    "I figured it'd be a bit bigger," Red remarked.

    "My guess is it's an outdoor deal," Violet stated, "and that building's just the entrance."

    "Huh," Red said. "I guess that makes sense."

    The trio walked up to the building, with Orange leading the way. He pushed open the (surprisingly light) slab of rock which functioned as a door, and led the way inside.

    "Welcome to the Fight Zone," smiled a man who sat behind a counter inside the small building. "Admission is 500 Pokédollars per person."

    "All right," Red replied as he, as well as Violet and Orange, produced the necessary funds and handed them to the man. "We're all going in, the three of us."

    "First, let me see your Pokédexes," the man stated as he held up an odd-looking device which resembled a TV remote, though with fewer buttons. As Red, Orange, and Violet held up their electronic Pokémon encyclopedias, the man aimed the device at each one and pressed a button. "Done," he said. "Now your Pokédexes are programmed to count the number of battles you win within the Fight Zone. Whoever wins the most battles by the end of the day earns the right to battle the warden. Now, get out there and enjoy yourselves."

    "As long as I get in some good battles, you better believe I'll enjoy myself," grinned Orange.

    "That's the spirit," nodded the man. "It's Trainers like you this place was made for." At this, Orange seemed to get even more impatient than usual, and that was saying something. He led the way out the back door, and stopped short as he saw what lay before him.

    Before the trio lay the Fight Zone- a massive open area. The ground was nothing but solid earth, with the white outlines of battle arenas drawn all over. Numerous Pokémon Trainers were already in action. As they looked around, Red could spot a Beedrill striking an LM4 with Twineedle, an Arbok with its coils bound tightly around a struggling Seel, and a .4 zipping all over, flying circles around an increasingly disoriented Gloom.

    "Whoa!" Orange breathed in awe. Then, with no warning whatsoever, he took off running. Red and Violet hastened to keep up with him, but by the time they caught up, he was already challenging a boy somewhat younger than him to a battle. His soon to be opponent was clad in green clothing, and looked ready to battle.

    "All right then, one Pokémon each, that sound good?" asked the Jr. Trainer.

    "Works for me," grinned Orange as he took a Poké Ball off his belt and enlarged it. As he stood there, ready to unleash whichever Pokémon he was prepared to use, the Jr. Trainer made his way to the opposite end of the nearby arena. Once he was in his side's Trainer box, Orange threw the ball. "Go! Eevee!" he shouted.

    In a flash of light, Orange's Eevee appeared, looking ready as ever for a good battle.

    "All right, Zubat, go get it!" yelled the Jr. Trainer as he threw a Poké Ball of his own, unleashing the Poison/Flying-type into the air.

    Orange made the first move. "Eevee! Quick Attack!"

    "Zubat, Confuse Ray now!" ordered the Jr. Trainer.

    Zubat opened its mouth and a strange multicolored light shone from within, but before anything else could happen, Eevee dashed forward at top speed, jumped up, and slammed into the Bat Pokémon, knocking it to the ground.

    "Vee!" barked Eevee as it landed back on the ground, grinning as Zubat wearily flapped its way back into the air.

    "Don't take that lying down, Zubat!" called the Jr. Trainer. "Wing Attack!"

    "Eevee, Reflect!" Orange ordered.

    As Zubat dove at Eevee, the Evolution Pokémon summoned a shimmering dome of reflective energy all around it. Zubat bounced harmlessly off the shield, but managed to stay airborne, albeit very unsteadily.

    "Finish it!" Orange yelled. "Swift attack now!"

    Before the Jr. Trainer could even begin to give an order, his Zubat was already being pelted with dozens of stars which were flying from Eevee's mouth. Though it tried to fly away from the assault, the stars followed Zubat wherever it went.

    "Oh, come on!" whined the Jr. Trainer.

    "Sorry," cackled Orange. "Swift never misses its target, see."

    At that moment, the stars caught up with Zubat, who screeched as the pointy projectiles slammed into it. Once the attack had finished, Zubat crashed to the ground and moved no more. As the Jr. Trainer withdrew Zubat, Orange heard a beep from his Pokédex. Opening it up, Orange grinned as he saw a large, blue "1" displayed on the screen.

    "All right," Orange grinned as he turned to where Red and Violet had been standing. "That's one for me, fellas! ...Er, guys?" he added once he noticed that Red and Violet weren't there anymore. It didn't take long for Orange to find them, however- Red was in one nearby arena, commanding his Dodrio against a Cooltrainer's Arcanine, and Violet was in the arena next to it, taking down a Hiker's Onix with her Victreebel.
    As the hours passed, Red, Violet, and Orange all engaged in numerous Pokémon battles. Red led Charizard on to victory against a Lickitung, expertly commanded Parasect in the taking down of a pPkMnp, and flattened a Primeape with Snorlax. Orange blew away an opposing Wigglytuff with Fearow, destroyed a Shellder with .4, and commanded A to victory against a Voltorb. Violet took out a Pidgeotto with Skelefly, used Tombstone to knock out a Pinsir, and helped Migraine to claim victory over an 'M. They fought battle after battle, occasionally making use of the various healing machines which had been conveniently placed in various locations around the park, as the numbers on their Pokédexes' battle counters rose higher and higher.

    Finally, Red, Violet, and Orange had each finished a battle simultaneously, allowing them to spend several minutes together- it wasn't uncommon for one of them to be challenged while watching one of the other two battling, after all.

    "OK, how many wins you guys got so far?" asked Orange, a broad grin on his face. It was clear he was enjoying himself immensely.

    "Thirty-five," replied Red.

    "Thirty-nine," added Violet.

    "Fifty-six for me!" Orange exclaimed. "And hey, guys, I was thinking... maybe it's time I evolved Eevee."

    "Really?" said Violet. "What are you gonna evolve it into?"

    "That's just it, I don't know yet," replied Orange. "I'm gonna let it decide for itself." As he said this, Orange held up a Poké Ball, allowing his Eevee to emerge from within. The Normal-type landed on the ground and looked up at its trainer.

    "Vee?" asked Eevee, tilting its head to one side.

    "OK, Eevee," Orange said as he knelt down and dug into his backpack, pulling out the three evolution stones from within. "I'm thinking this might be a good time for you to choose which way you want to evolve. This is a Water Stone," he explained, pointing to the glassy blue rock. "If you go with this, you'll evolve into a Water-type, Vaporeon. This," he said as he pointed at the glassy yellow rock, "is a Fire Stone. You take this, you evolve into the Fire-type Flareon. And this," he said, pointing at the glassy green stone, "is a Thunderstone. This will evolve you into the Electric-type Jolteon. And once you make your choice, there's no going back."

    "Vee..." murmured Eevee as it looked over the assortment of stones, a look of uncertainty on its face.

    After a moment, Orange spoke up again. "You know, there's a fourth option, Eevee," he said. "You don't actually have to evolve. Not if you don't want to."

    Red and Violet looked on at this scene, intent on staying to find out what Eevee's choice would be... at least, until a Black Belt stormed over and challenged Red to a battle, practically dragging him over to a nearby arena. Violet, meanwhile, rolled her eyes as the Super Nerd who challenged her to a battle started flirting with her.

    "All right! Let's do this!" exclaimed the Black Belt with a wholly unnecessary amount of loudness in his voice as he and Red took their positions at the opposite ends of an arena. "Hitmonlee! Go!" he bellowed as he flung a Poké Ball forward.

    In a flash of light, a vaguely human-shaped Pokémon appeared. Instead of a head, two eyes were visible near the top of its brown torso, and its legs closely resembled tightly coiled springs. Red took out his Pokédex and held it out in front of him.

    "Hitmonlee, the Kicking Pokémon," droned the device. "Repeatedly kicks its enemy with legs that freely stretch and contract. Some people refer to it as the "'kicking master'."

    "Well, let's see how the kicking master fares against this," stated Red as he threw a Poké Ball. "Dodrio!" he shouted as his three-headed bird emerged from its spherical confines.

    "Hah!" roared the Black Belt. "Hitmonlee! Jump Kick!"

    "Monlee!" exclaimed the Hitmonlee as it jumped into the air, and aimed a kick at Dodrio on its descent.

    "Dodrio, Fly!" Red ordered.

    Two of Dodrio's heads faced down, and tons of rocket exhaust and flames blasted from their beaks, propelling the Triple Bird Pokémon high into the air, and more importantly, out of the path of Hitmonlee's Jump Kick. The Fighting-type crashed to the ground, and started clutching its leg.

    "Now, Dodrio!" Red exclaimed.

    "Driooooo!" cawed Dodrio as it dove down and slammed into Hitmonlee. As Dodrio climbed back to its feet and backed away, it was clear that Fly had scored a one-hit KO.

    "Gaaaah!" exclaimed the Black Belt in a remarkable impression of Terrence as he withdrew his fallen Hitmonlee. "You!" he roared as he stormed across the battlefield and approached Red. Though Red briefly considered fleeing from this man, the Black Belt proceeded to shake Red's hand. "Good battle!" exclaimed the Black Belt before walking away. Red just stood there as it slowly sunk in that the Black Belt was not a sore loser- he was just loud. He was shaken out of this as a voice boomed over the Fight Zone over various speakers located all over the park.

    "Attention, Pokémon Trainers," the voice announced. "Today's battling is concluded. Once you have finished whatever battle you are currently involved in, please report to the entrance for the announcement of today's winner."

    Red wandered around in search of Violet and Orange. He found Orange first, though Eevee was no longer out of its Poké Ball. "Orange, what did Eevee choose?" asked Red.

    "You'll see," was all Orange said as they went to find Violet. This search, as it turned out, did not take very long at all, for Violet was in the middle of a battle not far from there.

    "OK, Skulls, let's wrap this up!" Violet was shouting. "Sludge attack!"

    "Weezing weez," groaned Skulls as both heads blasted the opposing LM4 with streams of smelly black gunk.

    "No! Come on, LM4!" exclaimed the Fisherman currently commanding the Bubble Cube Pokémon. "Use Water Gun!"

    "Foooouuuur!" bellowed LM4 as it suddenly unleashed a blast of water which started to overpower the Sludge.

    "Excellent!" grinned the Fisherman. "Now use your Quick Attack!"

    "L M, L M four!" squealed LM4 as it flopped forward with great speed.

    "Skulls, use Thunderbolt!" Violet commanded.

    "Weezing WEEEEZ!" bellowed Skulls as a sizzling bolt of lightning issued from its body, directly striking the oncoming Water/Fighting-type. Once the attack had ceased, so did LM4's movement.

    "Damn," sighed the Fisherman as he withdrew his LM4. "Don't worry about it, LM4, you were great out there," he said, addressing the Poké Ball in his hand. After thanking Violet for the battle, he wandered off.

    "OK, final totals?" asked Orange. "I got fifty-six."

    "Forty-one," Violet replied.

    "Thirty-six," Red answered.

    "So, Orange, what did Eevee choose to do?" Violet asked.

    In response, Orange merely gave a small smile. "You'll see," was all he said.

    "Yeah, he wouldn't tell me, either," Red sighed. "I guess... we'll see," he shrugged as they approached the crowd of trainers who had gathered near the entrance building. Standing on a raised platform to the right of the building was a somewhat elderly man dressed in a suit. No fewer than six Poké Balls could be seen attached to his belt. It was this man who was currently speaking into a microphone.

    "Alright. Thank you all for coming. I am the Fight Zone warden, and as you all know, whoever has won the most battles here today wins the privilege of taking me on in a one-on-one battle. Now then, according to our computer systems, I am told that the trainer with the most wins today is... Orange McPixel from Talpel Town with a whopping fifty-six wins!"

    "YES!" Orange exclaimed as he charged forward, making his way over to the platform.

    "Wow. Good for him," remarked Violet. Red nodded in agreement.

    "Very well, lad," grinned the warden as Orange finally approached him and identified himself with his Pokédex. "Now then, if you can defeat me in battle, you will earn a special prize- the coveted HM03! A Hidden Machine which will teach your Pokémon Surf."

    "Awesome!" exclaimed Orange. "Oh, I'm definitely winning."

    "We shall soon see about that," the warden stated. "Kindly make your way to the end of the arena," he said as he pointed to one end of the platform. Though Red couldn't see it, he supposed the platform was set up like an arena. As Orange walked over to one end, the warden made his way over to the other end. "You choose your Pokémon first," called the warden.

    "Your funeral," grinned Orange as he detached a Poké Ball from his belt and enlarged it. "Time to taste the awesome power of my newly evolved Pokémon!" he exclaimed as he threw the ball. "Go!" he shouted.

    The ball split open in midair, and as the flash of light faded, there stood before Orange a quadrupedal creature with reddish-orange fur all over its body. A tuft of especially fluffy-looking tan fur sprouted from its head, and its tail appeared to be made of nothing but the same kind of fur. It also had a tan collar of fur around its neck. "Flaaaaare!" shouted the Pokémon.

    "So Eevee evolved into Flareon!" Red stated. Violet held up her Pokédex.

    "Flareon, the Flame Pokémon, and one of three possible evolved forms of Eevee," said Violet's Pokédex. "Flareon has a flame bag inside its body. After inhaling deeply, it blows out flames of nearly 3,100 degrees Fahrenheit."

    "Hmm, a Flareon?" remarked the warden as he selected a Poké Ball. "All right then, let's see how you handle this!" He threw the ball and called out, "Go, Missingno.!"

    As the warden's Poké Ball hit the floor, it opened up, and unleashed what appeared to be a skeletal, bipedal creature with vicious scythes for arms. Its entire body was composed of bones. "Misssssingno.," it hissed menacingly. Orange held out his Pokédex in response to this Pokémon's appearance.

    "Missingno., the Data Pokémon," it droned. "Missingno. in Kabutops Skeleton Form are highly capable swimmers. It is capable of learning a wide variety of attacks, and its type will constantly change to match another Pokémon in the area."

    "Another form of Missingno.?" Red murmured. "That is strange..."

    "Let's go, Flareon!" exclaimed Orange. "Quick Attack!"

    "Missingno., Rock Throw!" ordered the warden.

    Missingno. slashed its scythes through the air rapidly, each slash seeming to create a rock out of nothing and propelling the rock through the air. Flareon, meanwhile, charged forward, deftly weaving its way between the flying rocks before tackling Missingno. to the ground.

    "Missingno.!" called the warden. "Get up, and use your Bonemerang attack!"

    "Flareon, give it a taste of your Flamethrower!" yelled Orange.

    Missingno. climbed to its feet, and viciously swiped at the air, causing its entire right arm to detach from its body. The disembodied appendage soared through the air, spinning rapidly as it did so. Flareon, meanwhile, opened its mouth wide, and unleashed a blazing stream of fire from within. Missingno. screeched and hissed in pain as the attack connected, but Flareon was forced to stop as the Bonemerang hit it in the back of the head. The arm flew back to Missingno. and automatically reattached to its body.

    "Now, Missingno., use your Headbutt!" commanded the warden.

    "Flareon, Smog!" Orange called out.

    As Missingno. charged forward, Flareon exhaled a large plume of poisonous black fog from its mouth. The Data Pokémon charged right into the cloud, and started coughing. The smog cleared away to reveal that Missingno. had collapsed as a result of the Poison move.

    "Let's wrap this up," grinned Orange. "Flareon, use Swift!"

    "Flaaaare!" replied Flareon as it launched a number of star-shaped rays from its mouth. The stars pelted Missingno. as it tried to shield itself with its skeletal scythes. Once the attack was finished, Missingno. wobbled in place for a moment, before collapsing to the floor and moving no more.

    The warden bowed his head as he returned Missingno. to its Poké Ball. "Very nicely done, Orange," he stated as he made his way across the battlefield. "You deserve this prize." As he said this, he dug a light blue disc out of his jacket pocket and handed it to Orange, who eagerly accepted it.

    "Aw, sweet!" Orange exclaimed as he examined the disc.

    Once Orange had thanked the warden, shaken his hand, and got down off the raised platform, he made his way back over to Red and Violet.

    "Congratulations, Orange," grinned Red.

    "Yeah," added Violet as she wrapped her arms around Orange. Given that they seemed to be taking things easier as of late, Red raised no objections as Orange and Violet started to kiss.
    "Okay, now let's talk strategy," Red stated as the trio made their way down the streets of Chufisa City, on their way back to the Pokémon Center for the night.

    "Good idea," nodded Violet. "Now, any time there's a Psychic move going Weezing's way, Vanna orders a SmokeScreen. One thing we should think of is a way to get aound that."

    "Also, we gotta remember to steer clear of Fire moves, or she'll do that thing with Smog," added Orange.

    "And Violet, I think you might have actually won that last battle with her if you had had Tombstone use something like Night Shade instead of Take Down," Red stated. "I'm thinking it's a good idea all around to steer clear of moves with recoil damage like that, at least for this battle. Now, let's start thinking which Pokémon it would be best for each of us to use with all that in mind..."

    They continued to talk about this even as they re-entered the Pokémon Center, right up until Red and Violet put earplugs in their ears as they all prepared to go to sleep. Orange rolled his eyes at this sight and launched into a speech about how they were exaggerating the volume of his snores, but as Red and Violet couldn't hear a thing, all that got through to them of Orange's tirade were the funny hand gestures.
    End of Chapter 31.​
  5. Shymain

    Shymain Shaymin Lover

    Nice sprites! I love this fanfic. I can't wait for the next chapter! You are my favorite author on Serebii, and I think that you are awesome of awesomeness!
  6. Jonah the Slaking

    Jonah the Slaking Couch-bound Warrior

    >The Black Belt is a large ham
    >Poliwrath is ready for a pimp slap
    >Fight Zone

    No, but seriously, very nice work. Can't wait for the Gym battle.
  7. UltimatePokemonExpert

    UltimatePokemonExpert Experienced Trainer

    Your sprites are awesome dude. Awesome chapter! Glad to see Flareon, gotta love Fire types. or at least I do. Can't wait to see them destroy that Weezing.
  8. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    Thanks! You flatter me. :)

    Thanks! I personally like what I did with the Black Belt.

    Flareon's my favorite of the Eeveelutions, so to be honest, I'd be surprised if nobody really saw it coming. For the record, I planned for Orange to get Flareon before I even started on the chapter where he got Eevee. The characters' eventual teams were planned out extremely early. My original plan, actually, was for Red to get a Slowbro instead of a Snorlax, but then I started to picture what we now know as that scene where Red catches Snorlax, and I knew I had to include that.

    I've been working on the next chapter all day now, and it's really coming along. I might even have it done today!
  9. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    Chapter 32: Second Time's The Charm

    The doors of the Chufisa City Pokémon Gym flew open as Orange confidently stepped inside, Red and Violet following close behind. Though she jumped a bit initially at the sudden noise, Vanna smirked as she saw the trio. "Ah, yes," she sneered. "The three losers from the other day, I remember. Back for more punishment, hmm?"

    "We're back for our badges," Orange responded. "We're here to win!"

    Vanna laughed at this. "You really think you got what it takes? I was under the impression you three wimps gave it all you got last time."

    "Wimps, are we?" demanded Violet. "Go on, Orange, show her just how wimpy we are."

    "It'll be my pleasure," stated Orange as he stepped into the challenger's box, a Poké Ball already in his hand.

    "Well, I suppose I could whip you three again to get me warmed up for the day," smirked Vanna as she walked over to the battlefield, taking her position opposite Orange. Vanna then threw her Poké Ball onto the battlefield. "Weezing, time to win!" she shouted as her Poison-type materialized.

    "Weezing," it groaned.

    Orange took this cue to throw his own Poké Ball. "Let's go, Q!" he shouted.

    In a flash of light, Orange's Q materialized, the Deep Sea Pokémon hovering in midair. "Kyuuuuuu," it sang.

    "Making the same mistakes all over again, I see," Vanna sneered. "Weezing, let's give them a Thunderbolt."

    "Dodge it!" yelled Orange.

    "Weezing WEEEZ!" bellowed Vanna's Weezing as it unleashed a sizzling bolt of electricity. Quickly, Q floated up and evaded the attack.

    "Alright, Q, use your Confusion attack!" Orange ordered.

    "Kyuuuu," trilled Q as it released a ray of blue energy from one of its corners.

    "Weezing! SmokeScreen!" commanded Vanna.

    "Weeeeeez," groaned Weezing as thick clouds of black smoke erupted from its pores, blanketing a large portion of the battlefield in smoke. Though the lack of any sounds from within told everyone that Confusion had missed, Orange was grinning.

    "We got 'em now, Q!" he said as the Weezing slowly rose up and out of the smoke cloud. "Disable!"

    "What?!" Vanna exclaimed. "Weezing, Fire Blast!"

    Q, however, proved to be the faster of the two, as a pink glow came over its yellow and black body. A similar glow then formed in all four of the Weezing's eyes, just before the larger head unleashed a star-shaped plume of fire from its mouth. Q screeched in discomfort as the move made contact, though it didn't appear to do much damage- it was, after all, a Fire move being used against a Water-type.

    "I'm guessing she was hoping for Q to waste Disable on a move she wouldn't have ordinarily called for in this match," Violet remarked to Red, who nodded in agreement.

    "I'm liking Orange's strategy, though," Red stated. "Now that Weezing can't use SmokeScreen, Vanna can't use it to evade Confusion anymore."

    "Let's do it, Q!" Orange yelled. "Confusion attack!"

    "Weezing, try your Smog attack!" Vanna called.

    "Weezing weez," groaned Weezing as it proceeded to belch thick clouds of poisonous fumes from both mouths. Q's Confusion, however, cut right through the gases. Unlike with SmokeScreen, Weezing was unable to make use of Smog to shield itself with any semblance of rapidity, and therefore Orange heard the sounds of Weezing crying out as the Confusion attack connected with the Poison-type. Weezing fell to the ground, and though it was able to rise back into the air, it did so extremely unsteadily.

    "Let's wrap this up," smirked Orange. "BubbleBeam!"

    "Sludge attack!" Vanna yelled.

    Simultaneously, Weezing fired off twin streams of sludge from its mouths as Q blasted a barrage of bubbles from its front. The attacks connected, the forceful torrent of bubbles and the streams of sludge holding each other at bay for a few moments. Then, Weezing's wobbling became somewhat more pronounced, the Confusion attack clearly having taken a toll on its stamina.

    "No! Weezing!" Vanna exclaimed. However, her shouts did no good; Weezing's Sludge weakened, and Q's BubbleBeam was able to overpower the Poison move. As the bubbles blasted Weezing, it collapsed to the ground... and ceased all movement.

    "I... I don't believe it!" gasped Orange. "We did it! Q, we did it, we won!"

    "Kyuuuuu kyuuuuuuu!" trilled Q happily as it twirled around in midair.

    Vanna said nothing at first. She wordlessly withdrew Weezing, then stormed over to where Orange stood, and pushed two objects into his hands; a pale yellow circular object with a black skull-and-crossbones design in the middle, and a purple disc which, according to the label, was a Technical Machine capable of teaching Toxic.

    "Here," she grunted. "Your Sludge Badge and your TM04. It teaches Toxic." Without another word, she stormed back over to her side of the battlefield and placed Weezing's Poké Ball on a nearby healing machine.

    "Nicely done, Orange," grinned Red as Orange and Violet hugged.

    "Alright, now I'm up," Violet declared as she took Orange's place on the edge of the battlefield. "Not feeling so hot now, are you?" she smirked as Vanna scowled at the trio.

    "That was but a fluke," growled Vanna. "Dumb redhead over there only won because of sheer dumb luck."

    "That happens to be my boyfriend you're talking about," snapped Violet. "Now let's get going- it's going to be so satisfying to defeat you."

    "Not even in your dreams!" exclaimed Vanna as she threw her Poké Ball. "Weezing!" she shouted as the Poison Gas Pokémon reappeared.

    At the same time, Violet threw her own Poké Ball. "Flutters!" she yelled.

    In a flash of light, Violet's Butterfree emerged from its ball and flapped its wings idly, floating in midair. "Freeeh, freeeeh," exclaimed the Butterfree.

    Vanna snorted. "You're using a Bug and Flying-type that doesn't get any Bug moves, against a Poison-type that knows Poison, Electric, and Fire moves? That's got to be the three stupidest mistakes I've ever seen a challenger make- other than, of course, challenging me and expecting to win," she cackled.

    "Yeah, well, you're the three stupidest mistakes I've ever seen!" Orange blurted out. As Red and Violet gave him a funny look, Orange blinked and muttered, "OK, that was bad..."

    Vanna, meanwhile, was thoroughly enjoying this. "Hah!" she cackled. "What a way with words your man has," she laughed sarcastically.

    Violet frowned at this. "OK, you listen up," she hissed. "Nobody but me talks about Orange like that. Flutters, go!"

    "Freeh!" replied the Butterfree as it flew forward.

    "Go get it, Weezing!" ordered Vanna.

    "Weezing," groaned Weezing as it too floated forward.

    "Yeah! You got this, Vi!" cheered Orange.

    "Weezing, use Sludge!" commanded Vanna.

    "Flutters, Harden attack!" called Violet.

    As two identical streams of sludge flew across the battlefield, Flutters stopped flapping its wings, and became entirely motionless, its entire body appearing to gleam brightly in the light. The Sludge attack made contact, but did not seem do much damage to Flutters as the Butterfree started to fall. Once the attack had ended, however, the Butterfree started flapping its wings again, and was airborne once more. It was clear that the super-effective move had had an effect on the Butterfree, but the damage wasn't as major as it could've been, thanks to Harden.

    "OK, Flutters, let's go with Psybeam!" Violet ordered.

    "SmokeScreen now!" Vanna shouted.

    As a multicolored beam of light erupted forth from Flutters's eyes, Weezing unleashed thick clouds of smoke in every direction. The Psybeam flew into the smoke, but Violet thought she could see it fly out the other end of the cloud. Then, she got an idea.

    "Flutters, Whirlwind!" Violet ordered. Red and Orange exchanged looks of mild surprise at this command.

    "Did you know she taught Flutters Whirlwind?" asked Orange.

    "Nope," Red replied.

    "Yeah, same here," Orange said as they turned to watch the battle again, just as Flutters was flapping its wings hard. The forceful wind it was giving off sent the SmokeScreen blowing away with little effort.

    "Psybeam! Now!" Violet yelled.

    "Weezing, go for another SmokeScreen-" began Vanna, but too late- Flutters launched a second Psybeam almost before its trainer had stopped talking, and struck the Weezing heads-on with the Psychic move.

    "No more games!" snapped Vanna. "Weezing, Thunderbolt!"

    "Flutters, use Sleep Powder!" called Violet.

    "Freeeh, freeeh!" chattered Flutters as it soared above Weezing, scattering a shimmering blue dust with every flap of its wings.

    "Weezing weez... weez... weeeezzzz," murmured Weezing as its attempts at an attack turned to snores- it was asleep.

    "Let's finish this!" grinned Violet. "Confusion attack!"

    "Freeeeheeeheeee!" bellowed Butterfree as twin rays of pale blue light issued from its eyes. Each ray struck one of Weezing's heads, and the two-headed Poison-type jolted awake- only to succumb to unconsciousness moments later.

    "Oh, come ON!" screeched Vanna furiously as she withdrew Weezing (it took her multiple tries- so angry was she that her hand was shaking, and the Poké Ball's beam kept missing Weezing as a result).

    "Yeah! Way to go, Vi!" grinned Orange as Violet strolled back over to him and Red, Flutters fluttering behind her.

    "That was great," Red congratulated her.

    "Heh, thanks," smirked Violet. She turned around to spot a seething Vanna standing before her. Wordlessly, the irate Gym Leader thrust a Sludge Badge and a TM04 into Violet's arms before storming back over to her end of the battlefield.

    "Geez, she's a sore loser," remarked Orange.

    "Well, looks like I'm up now," Red stated as he stepped into the box where Orange and Violet stood earlier for their battles. He selected a Poké Ball off his belt and enlarged it as Vanna healed up her Weezing. Once the healing machine gave a single pinging noise, she grabbed the ball off of it and threw it without a word, unleashing Weezing. Red raised an eyebrow at how progressively madder Vanna was getting, but decided to not comment on it. Instead, he called out, "Let's go, Snorlax!" as he threw his own Poké Ball.

    In a burst of light, the ball opened up, unleashing the huge and heavy form of Red's Snorlax. Mercifully, the Normal-type had not chosen this time to be asleep, and was in fact standing on its stumpy feet, glaring at Weezing through its slit-like eyes. "Snooooorlaaaaax," it rumbled.

    "Weezing, Sludge attack!" ordered Vanna.

    "Snorlax, Harden attack!" called Red.

    Like with Flutters, Snorlax stood still as its body seemed to gleam in the light. The Sludge attack barely even seemed to faze the Sleeping Pokémon.

    "Now try a Thunderbolt!" yelled Vanna.

    "Snorlax, Amnesia!" Red shouted.

    Snorlax proceeded to absentmindedly scratch its head, as though it was trying to remember something. At that moment, a sizzling bolt of lightning struck Snorlax, but it seemed to be so preoccupied that it didn't even appear to feel the move.

    "I see what Red's doing," grinned Violet. "He's boosting Snorlax's defense so Weezing can wear itself out."

    "I just hope it works," Orange muttered. "Doesn't Weezing know Toxic?"

    "Ooh, yeah, forgot about that," Violet muttered back.

    "Screw this!" exclaimed Vanna. "Why I never taught you Haze... Weezing, try your Toxic attack!"

    "Aw, craaaap," groaned Orange. Red, however, did not look worried by the clouds of poisonous gas billowing towards Snorlax.

    "Use Surf!" Red commanded.

    "Snor! Lax!" grunted Snorlax as its eyes glowed light blue. Then, a large tidal wave seemed to erupt right out of the ground. The wave forced the Toxic clouds to disperse harmlessly before crashing right down onto Weezing.

    "Whoa!" Orange exclaimed. "So that's why Red wanted to have a look at my new HM this morning! I didn't know Snorlax could learn Surf!"

    "Weezing, get up! Tackle it now!" yelled Vanna.

    "Snorlax, use Headbutt!" Red ordered.

    Weezing recovered from the unexpected Water-type move and charged forward. In response, Snorlax leaned back slightly, then thrust its head forward forcefully, colliding with Weezing.

    "Let's wrap this up, Snorlax- Psychic attack!" Red exclaimed.

    "What?!" Vanna screeched. "Wha- er- Weezing, SmokeScreen!" she hastily added, clearly not having expected this.

    Snorlax's eyes flashed a bright blue, and its entire body emanated a wave of psychic energy. Though Weezing proceeded to unleash a SmokeScreen, the wave of energy was too large for Weezing to evade. The Poison-type collapsed to the floor, making no attempt whatsoever to get up.

    "Noooooo!" Vanna wailed as she called Weezing back to its Poké Ball. "I don't understand! The other day, you all sucked! And now you're suddenly taking Weezing out easily, what is this I don't even..."

    "We trained our Pokémon," stated Red.

    "Yeah, and we learned a thing or two from last time," added Orange. "That helped us put our strategies together. We know SmokeScreen was Weezing's key to evading Psychic moves, hence Q's Disable."

    "I knew Charizard wasn't an option, given that little stunt you pulled with Smog last time," Red continued. "So I was working with my Snorlax this morning. Taught him Surf and Psychic- thanks again for letting me borrow that HM, Orange- and not only does Amnesia help Snorlax take special hits better, it also powers up its own special attacks!"

    "Flutters learned Whirlwind during our training yesterday," Violet chimed in. "That's when I got the idea to use it instead of Tombstone- between Whirlwind and Psybeam, it seemed only too perfect. And Sleep Powder didn't exactly hurt."

    For a moment, Vanna was silent as she took all this in. Finally, she sighed, as though conceding defeat. "Fine," she sighed, in a decidedly calmer tone than before. "I suppose, given all that, that the three of you may very well, in fact, be better trainers than me. I'm not happy about it, but I still admit it. Here," she added as she strode over to Red and handed him a badge and a TM. "Your Sludge Badge and your TM04." She walked back across the battlefield, and once she got there, she turned around and nearly smiled at them. "I expect the three of you to have greatly improved when next we meet," she snapped. "Because you can bet I'll be training hard."

    Red, Violet, and Orange all exchanged looks before grinning at Vanna. "Oh, so will we, believe me," Red replied. With that, the trio said their goodbyes to Vanna, and then exited the Gym.

    Back at the Pokémon Center, Red turned to Violet and Orange. "All right, where to now?" he asked.

    "Excuse me," came a voice. Red turned around- the center's nurse was walking back over to them, with three trays of Poké Balls. As the trainers accepted their Poké Balls and reattached them to their belts, the nurse continued. "If you're looking for the nearest Gym, there's the one in Nodacel City to the north."

    "We've already been to that one," replied Orange.

    "What about the Gym in Fansfor City?" asked the Nurse.

    "Been there," said Red.

    "Miliovern Gym?"

    "Done that," said Violet.

    "Well... I'm not sure how you'd get there, but if you can find transportation, you can cross the sea from here," suggested the nurse. "Bincanar Island's got a Pokémon Gym."

    "Bincanar Island?" repeated Red, his interest piqued. "Well, maybe we could cross the sea on our Pokémon?" he asked.

    "You could if they knew Surf," the nurse replied. "Surf, in addition to allowing the Pokémon to create a forceful tidal wave for attacking, helps to develop the Pokémon's swimming skills, and in some cases where it's necessary, helps them to develop the strength to carry passengers. But the HM is hard to come across-"

    "I got it," Orange stated as he pulled the HM03 out of his bag.

    "Oh. Well, OK, then," smiled the Nurse as she walked away from the table. At that point, Red, Violet, and Orange continued to eat their lunch.

    "Alright, so what say after we're done," Orange said between mouthfuls of fried nines, "what say I teach Q and Migraine Surf, and we all set sail for Bincanar?"

    "I'm all for that plan," nodded Red as he was munching on a well-done seven burger. "Finally, I'll get me some answers! I mean, I like being in Tanko a lot, but I still gotta wonder, how did I even manage to end up here in the first place?"

    "I think we're all curious to know that, Red," agreed Violet as she munched on her even number salad. "I believe we're all in agreement here, then. Let's go down to the coast when we're done and get going. If we don't make any stops, we should reach Bincanar Island by nightfall."

    That statement seemed to be all the motivation Red and Orange needed to finish their food quickly. Once they had all finished, Orange led the way out of the Pokémon Center and down the street. The beach wasn't too far a walk from the Center, and Red was slightly surprised to see that the beach was composed entirely of sand- he had expected a mess of gravel, clumps of grass, and assorted Nintendo gaming systems for some reason. He said nothing about it, however, as Orange and Violet sent out Q and Migraine, respectively. As Orange produced the HM03 from his bag and started to use it on his starter, Red took a Poké Ball off his belt and opened it up, unleashing his Snorlax onto the sand.

    "OK, Snorlax, get ready," Red said. "We're gonna be setting sail soon."

    "Lax," nodded Snorlax.

    "And done!" declared Violet as the Hidden Machine fell off her Golduck's forehead and into her hand. She handed the disc back to Orange. "All right, according to the nurse's directions, we head south until we pass Afamose Islands, then we turn right and keep going straight. Ready to go?"

    "Ready," nodded Orange.

    "Same here," added Red.

    "Then let's ride," stated Violet. "Migraine, Surf!"

    "Q, Surf!" stated Orange.

    "Snorlax, Surf!" Red said.

    Migraine dove into the water, and resurfaced not far from the shore, looking back expectantly at Violet, as though expecting her to get on its back. Q landed in the water, bobbing idly on the waves, clearly waiting for Orange to board. And Snorlax turned its back to the water. Red was about to ask what it was doing when it then fell backwards, landing in the water with a great SPLASH, but still floated. As Red looked at Orange, confused, the latter shrugged his shoulders. "Fat floats, I guess," was all he said as he unsteadily climbed onto Q and sat down atop it. Violet, meanwhile, stood on Migraine's back, balancing carefully on the Golduck. And Red climbed up onto his Snorlax's stomach, where he had plenty of room to sit comfortably.

    At once, the Pokémon started swimming. Migraine swam with beautiful form- despite its speed, Violet didn't look as though she was about to lose her balance. Q was also swimming, in spite of its distinct lack of appendages. Snorlax was kicking its stumpy feet furiously, propelling its large form forward.

    "Bincanar Island, here we come!" grinned Orange as their Pokémon swam onward.
    End of Chapter 32.​
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    OK, good news, people- I think you should all start to get used to this new fast pace of mine! The chapters are going to start coming out a little faster for at least a little while here. Having said that, here's Chapter 33.

    Chapter 33: The Missingno. Link

    It was smooth sailing for the trio as their Pokémon conveyed them across Sea Route -19. The water was calm, and as the nurse in the Chufisa City Pokémon Center had stated, Surf really seemed to work wonders for Migraine, Q, and Snorlax's swimming skills. Despite the fact that Violet had nothing to hold onto as she stood on Migraine's back, the Golduck had yet to throw her off. Q was swimming equally smoothly, enough to stop Orange from clinging to the Deep Sea Pokémon as though fearful of falling off. Snorlax, despite the laziness its species was so well known for, wasn't even slowing down in its kicking.

    "I gotta say, this is pretty nice," smiled Violet as she glanced around, taking in the scenic ocean view.

    "I agree," nodded Orange. "This is good- ooh! It's a wild Tentacool!"

    At his words, Snorlax, Q, and Golduck gently came to a halt. Red looked- bobbing in the waves before them was a small blue creature, with what looked to be large rubies embedded in it. Just above water level, its two small eyes looked up at the trio. A pair of brown tentacles could barely be seen beneath the waves. Red recognized it as the Pokémon Walter had used, back in Ruceelna Gym. "Tentacool," it said in a slightly nasally tone. Red took out his Pokédex and pointed it at the creature.

    "Tentacool, the Jellyfish Pokémon," droned the device. "Drifts in shallow seas. Anglers who hook them by accident are often punished by its stinging acid."

    "Cool," Red remarked. "So, what do you guys think? Should I try to catch it?"

    "Might not be a bad idea," Violet replied. "Bincanar's Gym Leader is supposed to use Fire-types, so a Water-type would be a logical choice."

    "Well, that sells it for me," decided Red as he reached for his belt. "Dodrio, I choose- oh, no, wait, I don't think it can swim... OK, Parasect- ooh, no, that's not much better... Aha! Raticate, let's go!" Red called as he finally chose a Poké Ball and threw it, his Raticate materializing in the water. Raticate kicked with its webbed hind feet, keeping afloat as it faced its Water/Poison-type adversary.

    Tentacool made the first move, and fired off a stream of acidic fluid from the tip of its right tentacle. Raticate took a deep breath and sank beneath the water to evade it, then resurfaced.

    "Raticate, use your Quick Attack!" Red ordered.

    "Rrrrraticate!" screeched Raticate as it kicked furiously, zooming through the water and colliding with Tentacool. Though this knocked the Jellyfish Pokémon back a bit, it regained its composure and unleashed a Water Gun from the smallest ruby on its head. Raticate screeched its displeasure at the high-pressure Water move.

    "OK, let me try this!" Red exclaimed as he took a Poké Ball out of his bag and tossed it. "Poké Ball, go!"

    The ball struck Tentacool, and sucked it inside. It landed in the water and bobbed in the waves, shuddering back and forth... and then it exploded. Everyone present shielded their faces with their hands, but the shrapnel from the ball did not fly that far as Tentacool reappeared in a flash of light. Now looking wary of the trio, Tentacool sank beneath the waves and did not resurface.

    "Raticate, return," sighed Red as he held out the Normal-type's Poké Ball. Once Raticate was withdrawn, Snorlax, Q, and Migraine started to move again.

    "Well, that flopped," remarked Orange.

    "Yeah, sorry about that, Red," added Violet.

    "It's alright, I guess," sighed Red. "I should've weakened Tentacool a little more."

    "Well, I hear the seas are filled with Tentacool," Orange said, in an attempt to cheer Red up. "You'll find another one in no time."

    Two hours and exactly zero Tentacool later, the trio spotted a small pair of landmasses off to the starboard side. Violet pointed them out to the other two. "Alright, we're coming up on Afamose Islands," she said.

    "And let me guess," Red said after a moment of thinking to himself. "Spelled A-F-A-M-O-S-E?"

    "Yep," replied Orange. "And you rearrange the letters to get...?"

    "Seafoam," stated Red. "Seafoam Islands in Kanto."

    "OK, hard to starboard, guys!" Violet called to the Pokémon.

    "Duck?" replied Migraine.

    "Kyuu?" added Q.

    "Snor?" rumbled Snorlax.

    Violet facepalmed. "Turn right," she hissed.

    At this, all three Pokémon slowly turned to the right, so they were all swimming to the west instead of the south.

    "Still no Tentacool," Red reported after scanning the sea before them. "I saw a few Magikarp here and there, though, and... I think a few 7g?"

    "Ooh, 7g," Orange remarked, his interest piqued.

    "Orange, no," Violet said, shaking her head. "We want to get to Bincanar Island by nightfall, remember."

    "Right, right," sighed Orange.

    The hours passed. The only change in the scenery to be reported were the blocky, pixellated sun slowly moving across the sky, and the occasional Swimmer treading water. Thankfully, none of them seemed to notice the trio, or else one of them might have been challenged to a battle. Finally, as the sun was starting to set, they could see a large island in the distance. A large mountain which, at a distance, looked to be made of roofing tiles, concrete, and various numbers, stood tall on the island, pointing up at the sky.

    "There it is!" Orange exclaimed. "Bincanar Island! We're almost there!"

    The island grew larger as they came closer. As the beach came into clearer view, however, Red frowned as he spotted a commotion on the sand. Three people were gathered around... something. Red couldn't tell what it was, or who those people were. As the trio's Pokémon finally swam up to the beach, and the trio climbed off, Red could now identify the group of people as Team Debug grunts, and... he still couldn't tell what they were gathered around. Whatever it was, it was large- a white body, covered in black, purple, and orange markings. And the Team Debug grunts were beating it with sticks.

    "Whoa!" Orange exclaimed as they withdrew their Pokémon. "What are they doing to that 'M?"

    "Orange, that's a bit larger than an 'M," Violet stated. "I think it's a Missingno." At this, Red opened up his Pokédex.

    "Missingno., the Data Pokémon," droned the device, as an image of what appeared to be an 'M showed up on the screen. "In its Normal Form, Missingno. highly resembles 'M, though differs in size from one. In this form, Missingno. are known for their sheer attack power." Red shuddered slightly at the sight of the strange Pokémon, but at the same time, seeing the Debug grunts beating up on it made his blood boil.

    "Hey!" Red yelled as he ran over to the grunts, plus the whimpering Missingno. they were attacking. "What did this Missingno. ever do to you?" he demanded.

    "Hah!" sneered one of the grunts. "Looks like a twerp wants to interfere with us!"

    "Listen, kid, this piece of crap isn't a real Pokémon," added another grunt. "We can do what we want with it."

    "Who are you to decide what is and isn't a Pokémon?" demanded Red. "It registers in my Pokédex, so why wouldn't it be a Pokémon?"

    "Ah, screw this, just drive him off!" exclaimed the third grunt. Each grunt pulled out a Poké Ball and enlarged it.

    Red, however, was ready for action. "Dodrio!" he called as he threw a Poké Ball of his own, unleashing the Triple Bird Pokémon.

    "Go get it, Scyther!" shouted one of the grunts.

    "Arbok, go!" yelled another grunt.

    "Get 'im, Vileplume!" bellowed the third grunt.

    In three flashes of light, the aforementioned Pokémon appeared- a Scyther, which Red knew by sight, a large, purple snake with fierce looking markings on a wide hood just below its head, and what appeared to be a humongous walking flower.

    At that moment, Orange and Violet came running over. "What the hell?!" Orange exclaimed.

    "Team Debug," replied Red. "They're messing with this Missingno."

    "Scyther! Slash it to ribbons!" roared a grunt.

    "Arbok, Bite!" shouted the second grunt.

    "Vileplume, Acid!" commanded the third grunt.

    "Dodrio, use Tri Attack!" Red exclaimed.

    "Scyyyyy!" screeched Scyther as it flew forward, scythes at the ready.

    "Chaaaaa!" hissed Arbok as it lunged, mouth agape, fangs bared.

    "Vilepluuuuume!" exclaimed Vileplume as it leaned forward and blasted a stream of acid from the center of its flower.

    "Do!" "Dri!" "O!" cawed Dodrio, each syllable covered by a different head. They arranged their heads in a triangular formation, and a ball of light formed in each mouth. Then, a large glowing triangle formed between the three orbs, and was fired off. The Acid did nothing to stop it as it plowed into Scyther and Arbok, causing them to collapse.

    "Now! Drill Peck!" Red called, pointing at the still-standing Vileplume.

    "Drioooo!" cawed Dodrio as it dashed forward at Vileplume, all three beaks surrounded by rapidly swirling energy. It then struck Vileplume with all three beaks, and the Grass/Poison-type toppled over.

    "Let's get out of here!" exclaimed the grunt who owned Arbok as he withdrew aforementioned snake and started running. The other two grunts seemed to be in no mood to argue with him, for they withdrew Scyther and Vileplume, then took off after their colleague.

    "It's almost too easy," snorted Orange. "They can't even win with three against one. Of course, given that the 'one' in this case is a Dodrio..."

    Red, meanwhile, was approaching the Missingno. He was doing so extremely slowly and warily, but he still looked somewhat concerned for the Pokémon's health. At that moment, he jumped somewhat as Missingno. slowly rose up, turning itself upright. Now Red could see, it definitely resembled the L-shaped Pokémon Jeff of Team Error had been using in battle lately, though this one looked somewhat taller than the 'M. It looked to be roughly ten feet tall. "Missing Missingno.," it said to Red, smiling.

    "You... er... you feeling OK?" Red tentatively asked Missingno. In response, the Bird/Normal-type slowly rose into the air, and moved its body in a motion that resembled nodding. Red managed a brave smile. "Well, that's good," he said. In response, Missingno. began to slowly fly circles around Red.

    "Missingno. Missingno., ingno. Missingno.!" Missingno. was saying.

    "All right," said Red. "Well, you should probably get back to where you came from. And try not to go near Team Debug again, OK?"

    "Missing?" replied Missingno., sounding a little confused.

    "It'll be fine," Red reassured Missingno. At this, Missingno. slowly floated out over the sea. While Red, Violet, and Orange set off in search of the Pokémon Center, none of them saw Missingno. briefly turn to look at Red once more before continuing on its way.
    The streets of Bincanar Island had a tropical feel to them- paved with chunks of palm trees and coconuts mainly, with several numbers thrown in. The nurse on duty at the Pokémon Center looked decidedly more tan than the other Pokémon Center nurses they had encountered- though otherwise identical to them all, of course.

    "The lab?" said the nurse in response to Violet's question. "Well, once you leave the Center, just go right. It'll be on your right, you won't be able to miss it."

    "Thanks," smiled Violet.

    "Of course, the lab is closed for the night, and won't be open tomorrow..." the nurse continued.

    "What?!" exclaimed Orange. "Why?"

    "The lab's always closed on Sundays," explained the nurse. "It'll be open again on Monday. In the meantime, you three are Pokémon Trainers, aren't you?"

    "Yeah," nodded Red. Violet and Orange nodded in agreement with him.

    "Well, the Gym's not closed on Sundays," smiled the nurse. "When you leave here, turn left and follow the road. You'll know the Gym when you see it." Just then, a machine in the back dinged. "Ah, your Pokémon are healed!" she exclaimed as she made her way over to the healing machine.

    Once the trio had retrieved their Poké Balls from the nurse, they turned in for the night. The next morning, right after breakfast, they exited the Pokémon Center. Orange had wanted to lead the way, but given that getting to the Gym involved following the nurse's directions, Red and Violet agreed that that wasn't such a good idea. Instead, Violet led the way. The road they took overlooked the beach- all Red had to do was look to the right to see the ocean.

    Before long, they came to a massive structure made chiefly out of rocks and aluminum siding. Alarmingly, parts of it appeared to be on fire, though several passersby reassured the trio that that was intentional. Sure enough, carved into a particularly large rock above the giant palm leaves which functioned as doors were the words "Bincanar Island Pokémon Gym".

    "Here we are," grinned Violet. "Anyone else ready for badge number seven?"

    "Hell, yeah!" exclaimed Orange. "How about you, Red? ...Er, Red?"

    For at that moment, something had caught Red's attention. Something floating over the beach, right in their direction. Something tall and blocky. It was a Missingno.

    "Wait a second," breathed Violet as the Data Pokémon approached them. "Isn't that the Missingno. from yesterday?"

    "I... I think it is," Red said as he nervously eyed the L-shaped creature, who had begun to fly circles around him again.

    "Hey, you know what?" Orange said after a moment of observing Missingno. "Red, I think Missingno.'s taken a liking to you."

    "Say what?" asked Red.

    "Yeah," agreed Violet. "Missingno., are you saying you want to go with Red?"

    "Missing! Missingno.!" exclaimed Missingno. happily, its smile very much pronounced as it looked expectantly at Red.

    Red said nothing. Though he had been slowly and steadily getting more and more used to the Tanko region, the fact remained that he still wasn't completely comfortable with the native Pokémon. But then, he recalled his own words to Team Error... Missingno. might have been among the strangest of Pokémon he had ever seen, but it was still a Pokémon. And besides, what harm could it do? As Violet and Orange had pointed out, this Missingno. had obviously taken a liking to Red... As Red met Missingno.'s gaze, he was not sure what he should do...
    End of Chapter 33.​
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    Should've gone with this logic since it is Glitch world haha

    woo finally a glitch pokemon for Red
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    lol, yeah, that would've worked pretty well.

    Don't jump to conclusions just yet. There's been no mention of using a Poké Ball on it at the moment.

    By the way, when I say the pace is getting fast, I really mean it. The next chapter should be ready soon. And when I say soon, I'm talking "start spamming the Refresh button now" soon. Yeah.
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    See? :)

    Chapter 34: Burn, Baby, Burn

    Red and Missingno. looked into each other's eyes for a good minute, Missingno. with anticipation, Red with indecisiveness. And then, finally, Red betrayed a small smile.

    "Well," he said as he dug into his backpack, "I suppose I do need a sixth Pokémon... a full team would help for sure in the Pokémon League, wouldn't it?" As he said this, he withdrew his hand from his backpack, and it was clutching a Poké Ball. At the sight of this, Missingno. exclaimed happily.

    "Missing! Missingno.!" Missingno. cheered happily as it slowly moved forward, gently bumping the ball's button with the front of its face. Immediately, the ball opened up along the black band, and Missingno. was converted into a mass of red transparent energy, which was then sucked into the ball. Once all of Missingno. was inside, the ball snapped shut and immediately gave the telltale ping to indicate a successful capture.

    "Nice!" grinned Orange as he patted Red on the back. "I knew you'd start warming up to Tanko's Pokémon!"

    "I'm still in the process of doing that, I think," Red replied. "Still... At least I'm willing to make the effort, right?"

    "It's a step in the right direction," Violet nodded approvingly. "Now, let's get on with this." With that, she pushed aside the giant palm leaves and stepped into the building.

    The interior of Bincanar Gym looked as though it had been carved entirely out of reddish-brownish rock. A number of burning torches attached to the walls provided a sort of dim light to the room. As usual, there was a battlefield making up the vast majority of the room, and the boundaries were carved into the rock. At the opposite end, standing next to what appeared to be a healing machine built into a boulder, was a teenage girl with fiery orange hair, clad in a bright yellow tank top and blazing red shorts. She didn’t look much older than Violet.

    "Whoa," Orange said suddenly, blinking to try and adjust his eyes to the dim light. "Cousin Maggie?! Is that you?!"

    "Hey- that voice!" exclaimed the person on the other end of the Gym. "Cousin Orange! I haven't seen you in years! You still living in Miliovern?"

    "Nah, we moved to Talpel Town," replied Orange. "Electra's still the Miliovern Gym Leader, though. Red, Vi, this is my cousin Maggie McPixel."

    As Orange and Maggie caught up, Red and Violet exchanged highly surprised looks.

    "He has another cousin who's a Gym Leader?" Red whispered.

    "I know!" Violet whispered back. "Didn't see that coming. At least she seems a bit nicer than Electra."

    Red nodded in agreement.

    "Yeah, sure, I'll be happy to battle you and your friends," grinned Maggie. "How about you first, Orange? I wanna see just what kind of trainer you turned out to be. Three Pokémon each."

    "Works for me," Orange grinned back as he stepped into the challenger's box.

    Maggie produced a Poké Ball and threw it. "I choose you! Ninetales!" she called out.

    In a flash of light, a large yet graceful creature emerged from the ball. Its luxurious fur was a lovely cream color, and nine long tails flowed from its backside. "Niiiine," it said. Orange responded by taking out his Pokédex and pointing it at the Fire-type.

    "Ninetales, the Fox Pokémon, and the evolved form of Vulpix," droned the device. "Extremely smart and vindictive. Pulling one of its tails will result in a 1,000-year curse."

    "OK, let's do this!" Orange exclaimed as he threw a Poké Ball. ".4, go!"

    The ball burst open, and Orange's .4 materialized, already zipping around in circles with great rapidity, gibbering excitedly. "Cool .4," nodded Maggie. "But let's get started! Ninetales! Fire Spin!"

    "Niiiine!" howled Ninetales as it unleashed a swirling cyclone of flames from its mouth.

    ".4, use TM05!" Orange shouted.

    Gibbering rapidly, .4 flew right at the fiery funnel before suddenly veering off to the right and going invisible. Ninetales ceased its attack and started to look around, somewhat confused.

    "TM28 now!" commanded Orange.

    "Eeeee hee hee hee hee!" whooped .4 as the air around Ninetales exploded three times in rapid succession, knocking the Fire-type to the ground as .4 reappeared behind it.

    "Ninetales, it's behind you!" exclaimed Maggie. "Use Body Slam!"

    ".4, go for a Wing Attack!" yelled Orange.

    As Ninetales sprang into the air, .4 sprouted a pair of purple, blocky wings and zipped up to meet its adversary. Easily avoiding Ninetales's attack, .4 rammed Ninetales with its wings. Once it finished the attack, it withdrew the wings back into its body.

    "Let's wrap this up!" Orange grinned. "Use Dragon Rage!"

    "Ninetales!" exclaimed Maggie, but too late- the brilliant blue flames .4 had produced struck the Fire-type. The Dragon move did the trick- Ninetales fainted. "Return, Ninetales!" Maggie said as she held out the Poké Ball. Once Ninetales had been withdrawn, Maggie threw a second Poké Ball. "Let's go, Rapidash!"

    In a flash of light, what could only be described as a horse on fire materialized. Its mane was composed entirely of flames. It neighed loudly as it stomped the battlefield. Red held out his Pokédex.

    “Rapidash, the Fire Horse Pokémon, and the evolved form of Ponyta,” droned the Pokédex. “Highly competitive. If Rapidash sees something moving faster than it, it will give chase in the hopes of racing it.”

    "We can take it!" Orange grinned. ".4, Agility!"

    "Rapidash, you use Agility, too!" commanded Maggie.

    .4 zipped around the battlefield, getting progressively faster as Rapidash galloped all around, also getting faster.

    "Now use Dragon Rage!" called Orange.

    "Rapidash, Fire Blast!" ordered Maggie.

    As .4 unleashed a stream of blue flames, Rapidash launched from its mouth a large, star-shaped blast of fire. The two attacks connected, resulting in a violent explosion. Though Rapidash had managed to avoid most of the blast, .4 had been right in the middle of it.

    ".4!" Orange called out in concern. However, as the dust settled, it became clear that .4 had fainted.

    "You trained that .4 really well," grinned Maggie as Orange withdrew the Caffeine Pokémon.

    "First Pokémon I ever caught," Orange grinned back as he threw another Poké Ball. "Go, Nidoking!" he shouted as the large, purple Drill Pokémon materialized, roaring loudly.

    "Let's do this," exclaimed Maggie. "Take Down, Rapidash!"

    "Nidoking, Rolling Kick!" Orange ordered.

    Rapidash charged right at Nidoking, whose immediate reaction was to execute a perfect roundhouse kick. It struck Rapidash in the side, and sent it tumbling down to the ground, where it lay groaning as it struggled to climb back to its feet.

    "Come on, Rapidash!" exclaimed Maggie.

    "Finish it, Nidoking!" said Orange. "Water Gun!"

    Nidoking roared loudly as it unleashed a forceful stream of water from its mouth. Rapidash neighed loudly in protest, but quickly collapsed to the ground.

    "Two down, one to go!" Orange exclaimed as Maggie withdrew Rapidash.

    "Hah, yeah," grinned Maggie. "But this last one's my pride and joy!" she added as she produced a third Poké Ball and threw it. "Go, u!"

    In a flash of light, a large, mainly rectangular creature materialized. It was a vertically-facing rectangle, not unlike a pPkMnp or an 'M. On the top left side of it, there was a smaller rectangle protruding. Its entire body was white, though with abundant orange markings and sparse black markings. It gave off an ominous, rumbling roar as it floated motionlessly in midair. At the sight of this thing, Orange took out his Pokédex and held it up.

    "u, the Fiery Pokémon," droned the device. "Immensely proud of its power. If a u turns down a battle challenge, it is a sure sign of illness."

    "Nidoking, Aurora Beam!" ordered Orange.

    "u, Water Gun!" commanded Maggie.

    As Nidoking unleashed a multicolored ray of light from its horn, a small mouth opened up on u's body, and a forceful jet of water was issued from within. Nidoking groaned as the attack connected. Its focus broken, the Aurora Beam fizzled out before u had taken much in the way of damage.

    "u, now use your Ember attack!" called Maggie.

    "Nidoking, Water Gun!" shouted Orange.

    This time, it was Nidoking's attack that broke through, and u's attack that fizzled out- the embers that flew off of u's body were doused by the jet of water Nidoking fired off. u roared unpleasantly as the Water Gun hit.

    "Horn Attack now!" yelled Maggie and Orange simultaneously.

    Nidoking charged forward, head lowered, horn sticking straight out; u flew forward, a deadly-looking spike protruding from the front of its body. The two Pokémon collided in the middle of the battlefield, and they simultaneously collapsed to the ground as a result of the impact. Neither one moved.

    "A draw?" Maggie said disbelievingly. "Oh- wait- Orange, you still have one more, don't you? Yeah, so you win!"

    "All right!" Orange exclaimed as he and Maggie withdrew Nidoking and u, respectively.

    "Yeah, you really turned out to be a great trainer, Orange," grinned Maggie as she walked across the battlefield and handed Orange a badge which appeared to look like fire. "So, here's your Inferno Badge, and your TM38- that teaches Fire Blast! Oh, where are my manners, Orange, who are your friends?" she added, turning to look at Red and Violet.

    "Maggie, this is Violet Scramble, my girlfriend, and this is my good friend Red Vershunn," replied Orange, introducing Violet and Red respectively.

    "Ooh," grinned Maggie. "Girlfriend, huh? Way to go, Orange. And your other friend's cute, too," she added quietly. Red blushed slightly as he heard this. "So, which one of you's next?" she asked.

    "I'll go next," Violet volunteered before Red could even open his mouth.

    "All right, just let me heal up my Pokémon first," replied Maggie as she walked back across the battlefield.

    "I gotta say, I like her," Violet remarked.

    "Yeah, me- me too," Red added. At this, Violet and Orange turned to face Red, whose face was starting to match his name.

    "Ooh, Red," grinned Violet. "Yeah, you like her, all right." Orange couldn't help but grin at this.

    "Well... I... uh..." Red stammered.

    "Red, relax," grinned Orange. "You know how sometimes someone will get mad at their best friend because their best friend falls for their sister or cousin? This is not one of those times. You're my friend, I'd trust you with her."

    "Th-thanks, Orange," Red replied, grinning weakly. With that, Violet took her place in the challenger's box, as Maggie had already sent out her Ninetales.

    "Go, Skelefly!" called Violet as she threw a Poké Ball, unleashing her Aerodactyl Skeleton Missingno. into the cavernous room. Skelefly flapped its wings, staying airborne as it seemed to glare down at Ninetales (it would be easier to tell whether it was glaring if it had more than just empty eye sockets).

    "Oh, cool, you nickname your Pokémon," grinned Maggie. "Let's go, Ninetales! Fire Spin now!"

    "Skelefly, Waterfall attack!" ordered Violet.

    Skelefly screeched as its entire skeletal body became cloaked in water. It then dove down at Ninetales, its water-covered body cutting right through the swirling flames like extremely fiery butter before slamming into Ninetales. The Fox Pokémon was sent tumbling backwards, but it got back to its feet quickly enough.

    "Quick Attack!" called Maggie.

    "Use Bone Club!" commanded Violet.

    Ninetales charged, running straight at Skelefly. As it jumped up, however, Skelefly clubbed it in the head with one of its skeletal wings, sending Ninetales crashing down to the ground.

    "Finish it!" called Violet. "Egg Bomb!"

    Skelefly screeched as it faced down and allowed three large eggs to tumble out of its mouth. Each egg exploded upon contact with Ninetales, and once the move had stopped, Ninetales made no effort to get up.

    “Get back!” exclaimed Maggie as she held out Ninetales’s Poké Ball. Once Ninetales was sucked back into the sphere, Maggie threw another ball. “Go! Rapidash!”

    Maggie’s Rapidash materialized in a flash of light, neighing loudly as it glared across the battlefield at Skelefly. It stomped at the ground and snorted at the Data Pokémon.

    “Let’s keep it going, Skelefly!” exclaimed Violet. “Waterfall attack!”

    “Rapidash, Take Down!” called Maggie.

    Skelefly and Rapidash charged at each other, the former cloaked in swirling water. They collided in the center of the battlefield, where each struggled against the other’s attack. Finally, Skelefly’s Waterfall won over, and Rapidash was thrust backwards. Skelefly screeched and flew a celebratory loop-de-loop as Rapidash got back to its feet.

    “Fire Blast!” ordered Maggie.

    “Skelefly, SmokeScreen!” Violet ordered.

    But before Skelefly could get much of any smoke out of its mouth, the five-point plume of fire which had erupted from Rapidash’s mouth already engulfed the Aerodactyl Skeleton Missingno. Skelefly screeched in discomfort and pain as it collapsed to the ground. In a manner of seconds, Skelefly had ceased all noise, and all movement, for that matter.

    “Phew,” sighed Maggie as Violet recalled Skelefly. “I don’t mind telling ya, I was a little worried there! Your Missingno. is powerful!” she exclaimed.

    “Thanks,” smiled Violet. “I can’t take all the credit, of course, Skelefly was pretty strong already when I caught it. OK, Skulls, you’re up!” she added as she threw another Poké Ball.

    In a flash of light, the two-headed, floating form of Skulls materialized. “Weezing,” it groaned.

    “Rapidash! Fire Blast!” called Maggie.

    “Skulls, use Smog!” ordered Violet.

    “Weeeeeez,” groaned Skulls as it unleashed thick clouds of poisonous fog from both mouths. At the same time, Rapidash let fly another Fire Blast, but this one reacted with the toxic gases Weezing was currently expelling, causing an explosion in Rapidash’s direction, flooring the Fire Horse Pokémon once again. Though it was still conscious, now it struggled to get to its feet.

    “Wrap it up with Sludge!” commanded Violet. Immediately, the Weezing blasted Rapidash with twin streams of sludge, expelled from their mouths. Rapidash neighed feebly in protest for only a moment before succumbing to unconsciousness.

    “Rapidash, return! u, go!” called Maggie as she held out Rapidash’s Poké Ball in one hand while throwing another ball with her other hand.

    As Rapidash was sucked back into its ball, u reappeared in a flash of light, roaring loudly.

    “Skulls, Thunderbolt!” ordered Violet.

    “u, Thunder!” shouted Maggie.

    Simultaneously, both Pokémon lit up with voltage as they fired off large, powerful bolts of lightning. The attacks connected in the center of the battlefield, promptly resulting in a massive explosion, which blew both combatants back.

    “Come on, Skulls!” Violet encouraged her Weezing.

    “u, use your Horn Drill!” Maggie exclaimed.

    “Ooh, this could get nasty,” Orange whispered to Red. “Horn Drill is a one-hit KO move. If it hits, Skulls is down!”

    “Skulls, Sludge!” ordered Violet.

    As the dust cleared, u could be seen flying menacingly towards Skulls, a long and deadly sharp spike protruding from its body- except this one was spinning. Fast. Skulls unleashed a stream of sludge from its larger head’s mouth, but the spinning horn easily dispersed the sludge, cutting through it with ease. Before Violet could say anything, the attack made contact. Skulls dropped to the floor as the horn retracted back into u’s body.

    “Skulls!” Violet exclaimed in horror, but to no avail; the Weezing was making no attempt to move.

    Maggie giggled as Violet withdrew Skulls. “See, Horn Drill’s one of those moves where if it hits, the target’s knocked out instantly,” she explained. “For what it’s worth, though, that’s a pretty good Weezing.”

    “Well, if you thought Skulls was good,” replied Violet, “then you’re gonna just love… Migraine!” she shouted as the ball opened up, unleashing her Golduck.

    “Aha, a Water-type. Now it gets interesting,” Maggie remarked. “u, use Thunder now!”

    “Migraine, dodge it!” Violet called.

    “Duck! Golduck!” exclaimed Migraine as it did a sudden backflip, just barely evading the launched lightning bolt.

    “Now use Water Gun!” ordered Violet.

    “We’ll use Water Gun, too!” responded Maggie.

    Both combatants simultaneously let fly identical jets of water at each other. The attacks collided in the center of the battlefield, but Migraine’s Water Gun slowly started to push u’s back.

    “Ha haa!” Violet laughed triumphantly. “We’d be evenly matched, except Migraine here is a Water-type. Attacks are always more powerful if the Pokémon using them is the same type as the attack, you know. Now, Migraine, Surf!”
    “Duck! Gol!” grunted Golduck as it stopped its Water Gun, its eyes glowing blue. Then, a tidal wave seemed to rise up out of the rock, and crashed down over u, sending it tumbling to the ground. The Fire/Flying-type roared and shrieked its displeasure, and rose back into the air, albeit very unsteadily.

    “We got it now!” Violet called encouragingly. “Confusion attack!”

    “Come on, u, Thunder!” pleaded Maggie. However, her order was in vain; the blast of blue psychic energy Migraine had fired from the ruby in its forehead struck u, and the Fiery Pokémon collapsed to the ground. It made no effort to move.

    “Victory!” exclaimed Violet as Migraine ran up and hugged its trainer. Though Maggie didn’t look too pleased at losing, she still smiled as she walked across the battlefield, withdrawing u as she went.

    “A well-fought battle,” Maggie said to Violet as the latter was presented with an Inferno Badge and a TM38. “You’ve earned these. Hey, Red, it’s your turn now,” she added to Red, smiling at him briefly before she walked back across the battlefield. Red blushed in response to this (which in turn caused Orange and Violet to exchange smirks), but took his position in the challenger’s box all the same. Finally, once Maggie had healed up her Pokémon, she wasted no time in throwing Ninetales’s Poké Ball, releasing the nine-tailed fox onto the battlefield.

    Red threw a Poké Ball. “Raticate!” he exclaimed. “Go!”

    In a flash of light, Red’s Raticate materialized. It bared its prominent fangs at Ninetales and hissed, “Rrrrrraticate!”

    “Okay, Ninetales, let’s go!” exclaimed Maggie. “Quick Attack!”

    “Use your own Quick Attack, Raticate!” ordered Red.

    Ninetales and Raticate darted forward, and collided with each other in the center of the battlefield. Each bounced off the other with relatively little damage.

    “OK, now use Water Gun!” Red commanded.

    “Fire Spin!” was Maggie’s reply.

    Raticate unleashed a stream of water from its mouth, but Ninetales was quicker- the swirling flames emitting from its mouth wasted no time in forming a great, fiery tornado which surrounded Raticate from every side.

    “Not good,” Orange remarked. “Raticate won’t be able to do much of anything within the Fire Spin, it’s like being caught in Wrap!”

    “Raticate, come on! Do something!” Red pleaded, but all he could hear in response were Raticate’s pained screams. Finally, once the flames subsided, Raticate could be seen again. Its fur was charred in several places, and it looked significantly worn out.

    “Raticate, Hyper Fang now!” Red ordered.

    “Use Fire Blast!” called Maggie.

    Raticate lunged forward, teeth at the ready, but was met with a five-point plume of flames, fired from Ninetales’s mouth. This second incendiary onslaught proved to be too much for the Rat Pokémon, who collapsed then and there.

    Sighing, Red withdrew Raticate as Maggie squealed loudly, congratulating Ninetales on its victory.

    “Hm,” Violet remarked. “Bit of a bumpy start for Red, isn’t it?”

    “Oh, he can turn this around,” Orange replied. “He’s only down one Pokémon.”

    “OK, Charizard, you’re up!” Red called as he threw the ball, unleashing the Fire/Flying Flame Pokémon. Charizard gave a triumphant roar as it landed on the ground, its wings spread wide.

    “Ninetales, Quick Attack!” ordered Maggie.

    “Charizard, Mega Punch!” commanded Red.

    With a flap of its wings, Charizard took to the air. It flew low, zooming towards the rapidly oncoming Ninetales, fist at the ready. However, before it could execute the punching move, Ninetales accelerated unexpectedly and smashed into Charizard, causing it to crash to the ground. To Red’s relief, however, Charizard got back up without any problems whatsoever.

    “Let’s go with a Flamethrower!” called Red.

    “Ninetales, Confuse Ray!” said Maggie.

    All nine of Ninetales’s tails stuck straight out as its eyes flashed with red light. As Charizard prepared to fire off a Flamethrower, it suddenly gained a similar red glow in its eyes, and began to wobble around erratically.

    “Oh, come on!” Red exclaimed. “Charizard! Use Flamethrower!”

    Charizard shook its head as though to clear it… took a deep breath…

    …and punched itself in the face. Red facepalmed as Charizard hurt itself in its confusion.

    “Okay, Ninetales! Hyper Beam!” ordered Maggie.

    “Oh, crap,” muttered Red. “Charizard! Charizard!!

    But it was no use. For all of Red’s shouting, Charizard could not snap out of the confusion. Indeed, even if it did, it had only time to barely register the yellow blast of destructive energy headed right for its face before the Hyper Beam made contact. There was a tremendous explosion, dust flying in every direction. When the dust settled, to Red’s relief, Charizard was still conscious, albeit stumbling around. Ninetales was laying on the ground, conscious, but breathing heavily.

    “Charizard’s lucky to still be standing,” stated Violet. “Hyper Beam is the most powerful move a Pokémon can pull off without making itself faint in the process. Looks like Ninetales needs to recharge, though.

    “Come on, Charizard!” pleaded Red. “Snap out of it! Quickly!”

    But it was no use. Charizard stumbled around, still confused… and tripped over Ninetales, toppling over on top of the Fox Pokémon. Neither Pokémon made any attempt to move.

    “Looks like a draw,” said Maggie as she and Red both withdrew their unconscious Fire-types. “But I got two left, and you’re down to one. You sure you can pull this off?”

    Red did not answer right away. He was thinking about what to use. Parasect, obviously, was out of the question… Dodrio or Snorlax might work, the latter especially due to its Surf… Then, Red remembered his newest Pokémon. He recalled how the Pokédex praised its “sheer attack power”… Yeah, he’d be relying heavily on beginner’s luck, but it already liked him. He took the appropriate Poké Ball off his belt and looked at it for a moment as Maggie sent out her Rapidash. “It’s a bit of a long shot,” Red said at last. “But I gotta try it.”

    “Oh, Mew, don’t tell me he’s gonna use Parasect,” muttered Orange. “’Long shot’ is an understatement…”

    “Missingno., I choose you!” Red called as he heaved the ball, unleashing the 10-foot tall Bird/Normal-type into the air.

    “Miiiiiising Missingno.!” Missingno. cried out happily as it spun around once before stopping to face Rapidash.

    “Okay, let’s get this going,” grinned Maggie. “Rapidash, Take Down!”

    Hastily, Red flipped open his Pokédex and pulled up a list of Missingno.’s attacks. “Missingno.! Water Gun!” he ordered.

    “MissingNOOOOOO.!” screeched Missingno. as it opened its mouth, unleashing a torrent of water from within. Rapidash galloped right through the water, but slowed down all the same, neighing in protest before stumbling out of the attack’s path.

    “All right!” grinned Red, his misgivings about Missingno. starting to fade away. “Now use your Earthquake attack, Missingno.!”

    “Missingno., missing!” replied Missingno. as it slammed its body down on the stone floor. Hard. The impact shook the entire Gym, and Rapidash couldn’t keep its balance.

    “Whoa!” Orange exclaimed as the Earthquake subsided, observing that Rapidash was not trying to get up. “Floored in one hit! The Pokédex wasn’t lying, was it?”

    “Impressive,” smiled Maggie as she withdrew Rapidash. “But does it have what it takes to handle… u!” she yelled, a third Poké Ball already flying from her hand. The ball split open, and u materialized once more, roaring loudly.

    “This is gonna be good,” Orange remarked.

    “Missingno.! Water Gun!” ordered Red.

    “Use your own Water Gun, u!” commanded Maggie.

    Both Missingno. and u blasted forceful streams of water from their mouths at the same time. The streams met in midair, each cancelling the other one out. This went on for several moments, and once it became clear that neither side was giving in, Red called out again.

    “Missingno., let’s use Sky Attack!” he ordered.

    “Missingnooooo.!” trilled Missingno. as it rose up and out of the way of u’s Water Gun, a dazzling yellow glow slowly coming over its whole body. Then, it charged.

    “u, get out of the way!” shouted Maggie.

    u roared as it flew up suddenly to evade Missingno.’s Sky Attack To Red’s relief, Missingno. was able to come to a stop before it hit the ground. It then proceeded to rise into the air and give chase to u. On Maggie’s order, u let off an Ember, scattering small flames in its wake to harm Missingno. Red, however, ordered Missingno. to use Water Gun, which succeeded in dousing the flames before they could slow Missingno. down any. The aerial chase continued for some time. Violet and Orange found that the battle was getting more and more intense by the minute.

    “Now, u! Wing Attack!” shouted Maggie.

    “Missingno.! Sky Attack! Now!” ordered Red.

    The combatants charged each other, u with a large pair of blocky orange wings protruding from its sides, Missingno. with a brilliant golden glow enveloping its body. As they collided, each one struggled to overpower the other, but neither of them seemed able to get the upper hand.

    “Wow. u really has a lot of fighting spirit,” remarked Orange. “I mean, look, it’s holding its own against a Normal Form Missingno.’s Sky Attack. That’s not easy to do.”

    “Let’s end this!” Red called up to Missingno. “Use Seismic Toss!”

    A white, black, purple, and orange tentacle-like appendage sprouted from Missingno.’s side and coiled around u, holding it in place. Missingno. then flew into the air, doing repeated loop-de-loops, building up speed and momentum every second.

    “u!” shouted Maggie.

    “Now!” Red exclaimed.

    “Miiiissiiiingnoooooo.!” bellowed Missingno. as it dove down towards the ground at breakneck speeds. Then, at the last minute, it pulled out of the dive, but uncoiled its appendage and withdrew it back into its body at the same time. u, still being propelled by the attack’s momentum, was slammed into the ground. This resulted in a lot of dust being kicked up by the impact. As Missingno. slowly descended in front of Red, the dust started to settle…

    …and there lay u, not moving at all.

    “Yes! We did it, Missingno.!” Red exclaimed. Before he knew what he was doing, he had run over to the Data Pokémon and hugged it. Once he came to the realization, however, he didn’t feel particularly inclined to stop. It was the first time he had ever had physical contact with a Tanko-native Pokémon.

    “All right, Red!” exclaimed Orange as he and Violet walked over to him. “What a comeback!”

    “I’d have to agree with that,” smiled Maggie as she approached them, her hand held out to Red- she was holding an Inferno Badge and a TM38, both of which Red gladly accepted. “You and Missingno. make a great team,” she said to Red. “And the battle itself was intense. I was pretty sure I was gonna win, but you pulled off a great comeback.”

    “Heh… thanks,” smiled Red, blushing slightly. The sight made Maggie giggle.

    “So, where are you guys headed next?” she asked. “The nearest Gym is the one in Ivadirin City, but I hear that’s been closed for some time.”

    “We’ll go and check it out anyway, I think,” Violet decided. “Might be open by now, for all we know.”

    “Yeah, but first, we’re gonna head on over to Bincanar Labs,” Orange added. “We’re probably just gonna hang around the island until they’re open tomorrow.”

    “Bincanar Labs?” repeated Maggie, a look of curiosity on her face. “What are you guys heading there for?”

    The trio exchanged looks- they never actually told anyone the truth about Red before, other than Professor Redwood, of course.

    “I got an idea,” Orange stated. “Why don’t we all go to the Pokémon Center for lunch and we’ll tell you the story there?”

    “Works for me,” smiled Maggie. “Three battles in a row works up an appetite, wouldn’t you say?”
    “Whoa,” Maggie said, mouth agape, all thought of the fried nine speared on the end of her fork long forgotten. “So let me get this straight- the Kanto region exists, Red’s from there, and you guys are trying to help him find out how he managed to get here in the first place?”

    “That pretty much covers it, yeah,” nodded Orange.

    “Wow,” Maggie murmured as she looked at Red, who was looking down at his own plate of fried nines. “Wow, that’s… that’s actually pretty cool.”

    “Really?” said Red as he picked his head up.

    “Yep!” smiled Maggie. “I mean, think about it- you’ve come this far in a region you’ve never even heard of before. When you got here, all you had was a Charmander, and now you got seven of Tanko’s Gym badges and six powerful Pokémon. I don’t think a lot of people could take that kind of drastic change as well as you had.”

    “Yeah, well,” Red murmured modestly, “I mean, it’s not like I got through it on my own. I don’t know what I would’ve done if I hadn’t been traveling with Orange and Violet.”

    “And believe me, Red, we got a lot to thank you for, too,” Violet stated. “You’re the reason me and Orange were traveling together in the first place, and if that hadn’t happened, we might never have started going out.”

    “We owe you big time for that,” agreed Orange. “Not to mention it’s always been nice just having you around. You’re a good friend.”

    “Thanks, guys,” smiled Red.
    After this, the trio plus Maggie continued to eat, until Maggie broke the silence with a question. “So, what are you guys gonna do for the rest of the day?”

    “I dunno,” shrugged Orange. “But I think Red has an idea of what he’d like to do,” he added with a sly grin, prompting Red to blush again.

    Red tried to act as though he hadn’t heard, but now that Maggie’s curious gaze was fixed on his face, he decided that that idea wasn’t gonna fly. “Well,” he said quietly, “Maggie, I was… I was kinda wondering if maybe you’d like to… y’know… catch a movie with me or something today?”

    The two seconds that went by before Maggie answered were the longest hours of Red’s life. At last, she smiled and replied, “Sure, that sounds great!” Red’s nervous look turned to a relieved, happy expression in response to this, while Orange and Violet exchanged grins. The two of them watched as Red and Maggie proceeded to talk to each other, telling each other more about themselves, occasionally munching on a fried nine in the process.
    End of Chapter 34.​
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    Yeah, I seem to have been more active recently. Awesome chapter, and I love your writing. In my opinion, you should have had Red lose... But oh well, who cares? So... Yeah, pretty predictable that Missingno. would be his firs Glitch Pokèmon, based on your Username...

    I'm glad you've got around to writing a bit more often!
  15. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    I planned for Red's battle to be very close for him, but for Missingno. to pull out the win in the end. I felt it was just the thing Red needed to start bonding with Missingno. And I was kinda hoping it wasn't so predictable that Red would get Missingno., but that decision had been made very early on.

    And yeah, I've been very motivated to write lately. In fact, the next chapter is coming along very well, and should be up before the day is done.

    Oh, yeah, I neglected to mention- 404 Error is now on Fanfiction.net!
  16. Missingno. Master

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    Chapter 35: There's No Place Like Home

    The rest of the day went by quickly. Orange and Violet accompanied Red and Maggie to the movie theater to make it a double date, where they all had a good laugh at the stupidly bad special effects of Nidoking Kong They went back to the Pokémon Center afterwards for dinner, as the movie theater poptwos didn’t exactly constitute a filling meal. Afterwards, Red walked Maggie back to the Gym, where they bid each other good-bye. Red promised to see her again, which made Maggie smile.

    The next morning, Red was in an extraordinarily good mood. “Wow, Red,” remarked Orange as they met in the Pokémon Center’s cafeteria for breakfast. “You’re in a good mood today.”

    “And why shouldn’t I be?” grinned Red. “I only had myself the time of my life yesterday, and today I just might learn how I got to Tanko in the first place!”

    “Alright, then,” Violet stated as a Chansey arrived to bring them their meals (they had all ordered whole wheat zero toast with six jelly, and Red and Orange were splitting a side order of fried nines). “After breakfast, we’ll head on over to the lab.”

    “As I’m sure you both can guess, I have no objections,” Red stated.

    “Then we’re all in agreement,” nodded Orange as he dug in and started on his half of the fried nines.
    Bincanar Labs looked more like a normal building than most other structures in Tanko that Red knew of. The outside walls looked to be made mostly of steel, though the windows appeared to be rows of empty test tubes stuck to each other. The doors, however, were a pair of jumbo-sized Game Boy Pockets. Brimming with anticipation, Red pushed the double doors open, and strolled inside.

    The lobby was fairly small, with black and white floor tiles creating a checkered pattern. With Orange and Violet following, Red strolled over to a wooden desk at which was seated a young receptionist.

    “Welcome to Bincanar Labs,” she greeted the trio. “What is your business here?”

    “My name is Red Vershunn,” Red replied. “And I am from the Kanto region.”

    A stunned silence followed this statement as the receptionist blinked in surprise. “You’re serious?” she asked, though her voice lacked any semblance of skepticism- it sounded more hopeful than anything, and she smiled as Red nodded. “Well, in that case, Red, you’ll want to head on down to Room 3,” she said, pointing down a hallway to Red’s right. “Last door on the left. The scientists in there will want to speak with you.”

    Red nodded, thanked the receptionist, and led the way. The hallway really was quite short, and there were only three doors. Not even Orange could have gotten lost trying to find Room 3 in this place. As they approached the door labeled “Room 3”, Red gently pushed it open.

    Inside the room, there stood a pair of men in lab coats, reading over papers which were spread out all over a metal table. As Red, Orange, and Violet entered, they both looked up.

    “Ah, and who might you be?” asked one of the scientists.

    “I’m Orange McPixel,” replied Orange. “This is my girlfriend, Violet Scramble, and this here is Red Vershunn. From Pallet Town. In Kanto.”

    At these last two sentences, the scientists gasped and exchanged excited glances. “Kanto?!” they exclaimed simultaneously. “Come in, come in!” said one of the scientists, ushering the three trainers inside.

    “You see, myself and my colleague here, we have been hard at work, very hard at work, to forge a link between Tanko and Kanto,” explained the other scientist as he hurried over to a machine. “And I am thinking now that we may have just what we need- the DNA of a Kanto native!”

    “Wait, what?” Red asked nervously.

    “Oh, no, no, no, it is not something with which you should be concerned,” the first scientist reassured him. “All we will be needing is something minor. A strand of hair would be sufficient.”

    “But first,” the other scientist put in, “would you mind terribly if you were to relate to us the story of how you came to be in Tanko in the first place? What you remember of what happened, I mean?”

    At this, Red launched into the story- how Professor Oak had taken him and Blue to the Safari Zone, how Red had been put to sleep by a Venonat’s Sleep Powder, how he suddenly heard voices in his head when he was trying to find Professor Oak and Blue, and how he had passed out from the relentless noise and woke up in Talpel Town. The scientists were very quiet following Red’s story. “…You guys believe me, right?” asked Red.

    They nodded simultaneously. “Not only do we believe you, Red,” said one of the scientists, “but your story in fact fits in with our theory, based on an old, nearly forgotten legend.”

    “Legend?” repeated Red, Orange, and Violet simultaneously.

    The other scientist nodded again. “See, it is said that long, long ago, travel between the Tanko and Kanto regions was very much possible. There were designated portals scattered throughout the two regions. You walk through one, you end up in the other region. But the people of Kanto, they were scared of the Pokémon native to Tanko. They feared them, simply due to their differences. So the people of Kanto tried to stage an attack on Tanko, to destroy what they saw as abominations. This incurred the wrath of the slumbering legendary Pokémon, p T.” At this, Red took out his Pokédex. On the screen appeared a pale white cube-shaped creature with three large vertical black bars going down its front. Sparse black markings could be seen between the bars.

    “p T, the Behemoth Pokémon,” droned the device. “Its immense power is spoken of in legend. Said to slumber deep underground, where its occasional tossing and turning causes earthquakes.”

    “That’s the one,” the first scientist nodded. “According to the legend, p T was able to drive off the attackers, drive them back to Kanto. Then, p T destroyed all traces of the portals in Kanto, though left the Tanko portals intact, as they had been constructed with greater care, and could not be destroyed. Now it is said that if anybody steps into one of these inactive portals, they are merely stopped where they stand.”

    “Freeze arches!” exclaimed Red, Orange, and Violet simultaneously.

    “We think so, very much, yes,” the other scientist replied. “But it is also said that p T forgot to sever one link between Tanko and Kanto. There were these open fields, one in Tanko, one in Kanto. If you went to sleep in one, you would wake up in the other. Unfortunately, our research has never once turned up any sort of indicator as to where these fields would be in modern times. But now, based on what we know of Kanto, plus Tankoan geography, this narrows things down considerably- now we have reason to believe that the field which would enable access to Kanto is the Fight Zone in Chufisa City!”

    Red, Orange, and Violet exchanged glances. “It’s closed at night, so I guess nobody would really have been in a position to find out for themselves,” Orange stated.

    “This is very good for our research!” the first scientist exclaimed excitedly. “Professor Redwood was right, the Red lad was very helpful indeed-“

    “Wait a minute, what?” said Violet suddenly. “Professor Redwood said what?”

    “Oh, yes,” nodded a scientist, who was currently dialing a number on a nearby videophone. “Not very much long ago, he got into contact with us- he helps us with research whenever he can, you see- and informed us that a young boy from the Kanto region was headed for Bincanar Island, and that he would be of help in our research. Now, would you say you have adjusted well to Tankoan everyday life?”

    “I’d have to say that,” nodded Red. “I love it here, to be honest. I was weirded out at first by the way everything looked, and by some of the Pokémon, but I gotta say, I’ve enjoyed myself immensely.”

    At that moment, a voice could be heard from the videophone- it was Professor Redwood. Red, Orange, and Violet walked over until they were right behind the scientist conversing with him.

    “Ah, Red! Violet! Orange!” exclaimed Professor Redwood, just as pudgy and balding as Red remembered him. “I see you’ve all made it to Bincanar Island. Now, first off, I owe you an apology, Red.”

    “What for?” asked Red.

    “Truth is, I could’ve arranged for transport for you to Bincanar Island, no problem,” admitted the professor. “This could all have been taken care of last week. But I wanted you to explore the region, instead. See, these fellas here, part of their research involves finding out whether it’s possible for a Kanto native to adjust to life in the Tanko region. I would’ve told you, only they claim it would’ve interfered with their research if you knew.”

    “Professor,” grinned Red, “you got nothing to apologize for. I’ve had the time of my life here! I have a team of amazing Pokémon, I made two very good friends, and I’m going out with Orange’s cousin Maggie. I- OW!” he exclaimed suddenly as a scientist plucked a strand of hair from his head.

    “Sorry,” the scientist nodded as he opened up a panel on the side of the machine he was working with earlier, which resembled another videophone. “Just give me few minutes here,” he added as he leaned over and began tinkering with the machine’s innards, along with the hair he had taken from Red. “Aha,” he said suddenly. “I think we have something!” Excitedly, the scientist punched in a phone number, and Red’s jaw dropped as he saw who picked up on the other end- a somewhat elderly man with grey hair. He wore a lab coat like Professor Redwood’s, but was much thinner than he was.

    “Hello?” Professor Oak said as he saw the jubilant scientist on the other end. “Who is this- Red?!” he exclaimed as he suddenly noticed the trainer in the background.

    “Professor!” grinned Red as he ran over to the machine. “How’ve you been?”

    “Never mind me, boy, what about you?” asked Professor Oak. “Nobody’s seen you in over a week!”

    “It’s a long story, Professor,” Red stated. “But I’m perfectly fine.”

    “But where are you?” asked Oak.

    “Excuse me,” called the voice of Professor Redwood. Taking the cue, the scientists turned the two videophones to face each other. “Professor Oak, I presume? Allow me to introduce myself- Professor Omar Redwood. I’ll be happy to shed some light on the situation. Now, from one professor to another, do you believe in the notion of parallel universes?”

    As Professors Redwood and Oak talked to each other, Violet and Orange turned to Red. “Wow, so Red, if these guys got things right, then you could return to Kanto just by going into the Fight Zone and taking a nap!” exclaimed Orange.

    “Yeah,” sighed Red. “It’s pretty cool to know there’s almost definitely a way back if I want there to be. Still… I like it here,” he smiled. “I can’t see myself going back to Kanto for a while.”

    Before long, the scientists put Red back on with Professor Oak, who seemed reassured that Red was safe. He still didn’t fully understand about the Tanko region, but was fascinated enough by the idea that he requested that the scientists stay in touch with him. Once the call was terminated, Red found that he was hungry. At Violet’s suggestion, the trio made their way back to the Pokémon Center for some lunch.

    “Well, how do you feel, Red?” asked Violet as they enjoyed their even number salads. “You got the answers you were looking for. Probably feels pretty good, right?”

    “It does, yeah,” nodded Red. “I wasn’t banking on it involving some old legend, but it’s still nice to finally have some answers. So, where to now?”

    “Maggie said the nearest Gym is the one in Ivadirin City,” replied Violet. “We should go and see if it’s opened back up yet. If not, we’ll ask around, see if there’s another Gym we missed somehow, We need eight badges to get into the Pokémon League, after all.”

    “How will we get there?” asked Red.

    “We could fly there,” suggested Orange. “Fearow and Dodrio know Fly, and I’m sure Skelefly can learn the move too.” Violet shuddered at this suggestion.

    “Orange…” she murmured.

    “It’ll be fine,” he reassured her. “You trust Skelefly, don’t you?”

    “Yeah,” murmured Violet.

    “Yeah, so Skelefly’s not about to drop you,” stated Orange. “Besides, even if there was anything to worry about, Red and I would be right there with you to help."

    Violet gave a great sigh, and remembered that things worked out when she had to ride Fearow with Orange back in Fansfor City. Maybe this wouldn’t be as bad as she was thinking it’d be. “Very well,” she stated. “I’ll give it a shot.”

    “All right,” smiled Orange. “Have I ever steered you wrong before, Vi?”

    Violet opened her mouth, but closed it after a second. “Too easy,” she chuckled.

    After lunch, the trio headed off. First, Red insisted on going back to Bincanar Gym to say good-bye to Maggie. Again, he reiterated the promise that he would see her again. Maggie replied, stating that she would be attending this year’s Pokémon League competition, and that she was hoping to see him there.

    After that, they went down to the beach. Red sent out Dodrio, Orange sent out Fearow, and Violet sent out Skelefly. Violet then dug out her HM02, and once Skelefly had learned Fly, all three trainers climbed on their respective Pokémon’s backs.

    “Fly!” they all called out simultaneously. Instantly, Fearow and Skelefly flapped their wings, and two of Dodrio’s heads faced down, their beaks expelling rocket exhaust. All three avian Pokémon rose into the air, carrying their trainers on their backs, and on Violet’s command, headed north.

    Flying was much faster than Surfing, Red quickly realized. It didn’t take them much more than ten minutes to cross the vast stretch of sea between Bincanar Island and Talpel Town. They passed over Route -1, where Red could see a swarm of .4 zipping around in every direction above the trees. Then, they looked as Ivadirin City came into view- and did a double take.

    “What the hell?!” exclaimed Orange as the trio of Pokémon started their descent. For scattered all over the city, there were numerous Team Error and Team Debug grunts duking it out with each other in Pokémon battles.

    “Yeah, this can’t be good,” Red frowned as they climbed off their Pokémon. Nearby, there were four very familiar faces engaged in battle.

    “Poliwrath, Mega Punch!” exclaimed Will.

    “Ninetales, Take Down!” bellowed Lou.

    “pPkMnp, Sludge!” commanded Jeff.

    “7g, Double-Edge!” ordered Larry.

    “Oh, come on!” groaned Orange loudly as the grunts’ Pokémon all fought each other. “Why is it you clowns show up wherever we go?!”

    “Not that it’s any of your business, twerps,” growled Jeff, “but Team Error’s plans are finally about to come to fruition! Every member of Team Error was summoned here today to witness the unveiling of the boss’s grand master plan! Only thing is, these Team Debug goofballs happened to choose here and now to do something similar!”

    “Who are you calling goofballs?!” roared Will. “We, Team Debug, were called here to Ivadirin City! Our boss is gonna unveil our master plan today!”

    “OK, stop it!” exclaimed Red suddenly. “We’re not gonna get anywhere like this! Fighting you goofballs has never done anything to slow you down! We’re taking this directly to the top. Where are your bosses?”

    “Hah!” snorted Lou. “As if we would tell you that the esteemed boss of Team Debug holds an important job in Ivadirin Gym- OW!” he exclaimed as Will slapped him in the head.

    “Idiot!” exclaimed Will. “What are you going and revealing our boss’s whereabouts for?!”

    “What? I didn’t do that- oh, wait, yeah, I kinda did do that, didn’t I?” murmured Lou. Will facepalmed. “Well, who says our info’s right, anyway?” he added suddenly. “We ain’t never even seen the boss, we just get our orders by way of phone calls!”

    “Yeah, well, your boss ain’t that smart,” sneered Larry. “Working in the same place as our boss. And he keeps a low profile, too, so odds are your boss won’t recognize him until he strikes! OW!” he exclaimed as Jeff smacked him in the head.

    “You’re no better than those bumbling goofballs!” Jeff snapped. “Now these twerps know how to get to the boss! Well, we ain’t gonna let them get away-“

    “Yeah, they’re gone already,” Larry interrupted. Jeff turned around to notice that Red, Violet, and Orange had all made a run for it, and proceeded to swear loudly.

    “Finally, we’re gonna make some progress here!” Orange exclaimed triumphantly as they ran past the feuding bad guys, past the Arbok who had a pPkMnp trapped in its coils, past the Pinsir trying to withstand a .4’s TM28, past all the pairs of battling Pokémon. “Red, you’re right- just battling the grunts isn’t doing any good. If we want to make real progress in taking down these slimeballs, we gotta go to the top!”

    “I wonder why both of their bosses work for this town’s Gym Leader, though,” Violet wondered out loud. “Maybe one of them is the Gym Leader.”

    “That’d be weird,” chuckled Red as the Ivadirin Gym came into view. They slowed down to a walk as they approached the mass of roofing tiles which constituted a pair of double doors. Still attached to the doors with duct tape was the note explaining that the Gym Leader was away on business. Ignoring this completely, Orange pushed the doors open with great force, revealing the well-lit interior of the Gym. A simple dirt battlefield made up the vast majority of the floor. And to their astonishment, only one other person was in the room, and that person was standing on the other end of the battlefield, smirking at the trio.

    “YOU!” exclaimed Red in shock.
    End of Chapter 35.​
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