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Moving from DS to SP

Hey, this is my first post on Serebii!! I started Fire Red a few weeks ago on an SP and after playing for a few hours I saved it and turned off. When I went to play it again the next day I put it in my DS, just to see the difference in graphics, sound etc but a screen came up saying my save file was corrupt!

I dont know if this has anything to do with the fact that I switched consoles but since I started again I have only used the DS and my save file is safe. But now I want to trade and battle with my brother and friend but Im not sure if it is possible with the DS and Im not sure if it is worth risking my new 30 hour file by putting it in the SP. Does anyone know anything that would help me? Am I being paranoid? Thanks.

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Is it just possible that your FireRed could be pirated/fake? If you bought it at eBay/used theres a high chance of that happening.

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you can trade with a ds to an advanced or sp the file corruption might have just been because there was dirt or something in the cartridge or ds or the game coud have been dropped or something like this


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thanks, but how exactly do i trade between DS and GBA random guy?

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That happends in my sapphire all the time but only when i turn off the game while either trading or saving
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about your corupt file when you saved did you turn it off while it said "Saving......" or "(player name) Saved the Game" or after the "saved game" message disappeared?
It should be fine, somebody above said that if you bought it from Ebay there's a high chance it's pirated. It shouldn't do that though...like Validus said when did you turn the game off? I always switch from DS to SP and it's fine...I think it's pirated. Where exactly did you buy it?


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Thanks for all the replys. I did have to buy it off ebay because after trying a few times about town it was always sold out so I turned to the internet and found it for £15 on ebay.

Im kind of regretting it now if it is pirated, the game came wrapped up and looks genuine enough except the box is slightly faded and there was no booklet. Will this definately mean my save file will be corrupt?

About the turning it off whilst saving. It is a possibility but I cant remember exactly now if I did or didnt because like I said it was a few weeks ago.


I've heard that with some versions of Mysterious Dungeon, it will delete your save file if both it and a GBA game are in your DS together.

Dunno if that applies, but it may be an explanation.


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Thought I would bump this thread rather than starting a new one.

My new 30 hour file was just inexplicably deleted! I turned it on and instead of reading the same old 'the save file is ok' message I got a 'the save file is deleted...' Its different than corrupt but still my file is lost.

I dont know what to do now. Im going to have to find the guy who sold me it and get him to pay up. Im very peeved atm. Sure there is no way to reverse this?


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Mystery Dungeon-What's your starting team?

I got pokemon mystery dungeon(both) through the mail on thursday because of the pokemon tournament and it was supposed to come out on monday and i think the games are really good. So what's your starting team and what did you name your rescue team(or what are you planning on doing)? It took me about an hour and a half to get my leader as Pikachu and then i chose Squirtle as the partner pokemon. I also named my rescue team Go-Getters (because of the mystery dungeon special)
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I as well do not have the game yet. I feel that you should have waited to make this thread after the majority receives the games. Frankly, not many people can answer.


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It came outv already? I never knew...

I plan on getting it soon, but it's not really on my must get list. Im saving up for a new Rolex Watch.

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Can you evolve a level 100 Pokemon that requires leveling up?

Or when it goes from 99 to 100 you need to do it.
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