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Do you play with Nuzlocke rules?

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  • No...

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  • What the hell is Nuzlocke?

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im to sound like a n00b but what is SR? ://


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Does anyone here have a link where I can get the RNG reporter fo 5th gen?
Btw has anyone here ever caught a shiny pokemon as soon as they got their pokeballs?
my first shiny was shiny, first pokemon in platinum i caught and it was shiny! o_o
If you can't find RNG reporter I think you're going to have a hard time learning to RNG. Gotta learn to search the internet. All RNGing info isn't exactly in one place so learning to search is a valuable skill. (Hint: Google.com)


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Wait can you please explain it abit more clearly for me please, ummm like dumb it down lol. And im at 930 Munna eggs guys, and still no shine, but I can feel it close. :D

Alright. Basically, when you start a new file in Emerald, it sets certain times from when you start playing as certain natures,and indeed if a Pokémon is shiny. For example, if it set 1 minute from when you start your file as a shiny Calm Pokémon, every time you play and encounter a Pokémon one minute from when you started playing, it will be shiny and Calm. Does that make sense?

The thing is that the other Pokémon games generate different times and encounters every time you play the game. However, Emerald doesn't do this. Instead, the encounters are set whenever you start a new save file. So every time you start the game, the chosen values and times for each Pokémon are set, and the only way to make new ones is to restart your file.


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Event with ANOTHER ability that isn't normal/DW. For example, Defeatist Garchomp would mean that Garchomp could be used in OU if it has Defeatist.
There would be no difference. Had things been reversed, t'would be Gen 1 that was called unoriginal and judged harshly in comparison to Gen 5.


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im to sound like a n00b but what is SR? ://

SR stands for Soft Reset.
Soft resetting (often shortened as SRing) is a feature found in the main series Pokémon games. It involves pressing certain buttons on the game system to reload the game from the startup screen.This practice is widely considered useful, as rebooting the game will modify hidden data values. The values that determine the shininess of an in-game event Pokémon is of particular interest here, as are the Pokémon's IVs and natures.When soft resetting for a shiny Pokémon, another similar term, shiny resetting, can also be used.

Mr G W

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I find all pokemon in this gen creative.

We never had Ice Creams, Centipedes, Fire Pigs, Gears or Robotic Insects before.

People complain just to complain, they have no reason to.

and i like my yellow spider.


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The Weakest pokemon fan club

Join this thread if you think pokemon with low stats deserve more love....
eg: magikarp, kricketot, sunkern and post about your experiences and good movesets for these pokemon, basically anything to do with weaker pokemon that is positive.

Rules of thread:

But other than that enjoy, and make a difference to people's views on supposedly "weak" pokemon!
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First of all, what is your favourite low statistic pokemon and discuss it. :)


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Question for Trainers

Ok. Hello im a new member...im pretty good at pokemon but...i dont understand what ev and iv means. Can someone please answer?

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Poor Sunkern. There should be an item like the Evolite stone that greatly powers up all the stats +3 of Pokemon with a BST of 218 and under.
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My fave low-stat Pokemon is Tyrogue. Don't ask me why, it just is.


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An IV is a value that alters your stats. It is decided when you catch the Pokémon and can't be changed. It has a value between 0 and 31 and there are six - one for each stat. The higher the IV is, the higher the stat will be.

An EV is a value you get by beating Pokémon. You earn one to three points when you beat a Pokémon, and it can be from one to three stats. For example, beating Bidoof will give you HP EVs, whereas beating Geodude will give you Defence EVs. You can have up to 252 EVs in one stat and a total of 510 EVs overall. It can be raised by using Vitamins and lowered by using certain berries.

I hope this helps, I only have a basic knowledge of these kinds of things. However, next time you have a question, make sure to go to the questions thread - it's at the top of the page.


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IVs (individual values) are numbers that pokemon get for each stat. The number is decided when they are encountered in the wild or hatched and cannot be changed, ever. Basically, the higher the IV, the better a pokemon performs in that stat.

EVs (effort values) are a bit like IVs in that they affect a pokemon's performance in a certain stat, but the difference is that they can be changed. Pokemon in the wild give out EVs when you battle them, and each one gives out a certain EV in a certain number. Every four EVs you get in a stat translates to about one stat point at level 100, but they will still raise your stats before you get to that level. Basically, any EVs you get will increase the pokemon's stats when they level up. You can have a total of 255 EVs in any one stat, but that's not divisible by four, so the extra 3 EVs won't make a difference. That's why most people only raise their EVs to 252. In total, you can have 510 EVs, so if you raise two stats to 252 EVs, there are still 4 left over which can be given to any stat you desire.

I hope that helped.


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Ok thx for everyone... Now 2 more question :p
Whats a Uber pokemon?
What does DW mean?


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Mine just out of interest, is Ralts because it was my first shiny. To find out that such a cool pokemon had such a low stat range was slightly weird.... :/


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rong forum try the club forum

I've tried the club forum, this just seems a bit more of an appropriate place to post this. Back on topic, can any of you come up with a decent moveset for the following pokemon:

Cascoon (This includes Wurmple)
(+ Tyrogue for No. 1 Machop Fan)

Oh, and as a challenge, what do you guys think is the best attack strategy for magikarp?
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