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  1. Mythical-Moonlight

    Was this Ash's Worst Team yet?

    It seems out of all the Teams Ash has had over the years this one gets the most criticism in general. I've seen complaints about how Ash had way too many Pokémon. And how there was wasted potential in some of the Pokemon (Snivy, Scraggy, Oshawott, etc...) Was is really that bad? If you think...
  2. A

    How would you rank the generations music-wise??

    Hi all! So I’m planning on making a YouTube video where I rank each generation of Pokémon main series games (1-8) on their overall music, including the standout themes from each generation in the video. With that, I want to get all of your opinions! How would you rank the Pokemon games by the...
  3. Lord Godwin

    If Unova, Kalos and Alola Elite Four were done the classic way...

    So basically if tge Elite Four in Unova, Kalos and Alola (both versions) were done linear as Kantor/Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh what do you think would be the order assuming they were from weakest to stronger member each? Just to remind: Unova: Shauntel Grimsley Caitlin Marshal Kalos: Wilkstrom...
  4. Ethan Mantooth

    Ash's best team

    I personally think Ash's Sinnoh team is the best Kalos is a close 2nd I just think his Sinnoh Team is better all around yes I know Greninja is super good but besides him Kalos team is good at best
  5. Storm the Lycanroc

    Generation 5 Remakes Discussion/Speculation

    As of writing this in 2019 the latest Pokemon games going to be released are Sword & Shield. A remake for Diamond & Pearl hasn't been announced but will most likely come at some point. I know a remake for Black & White isn't likely for a couple more years but I'd like to at least discuss what a...
  6. seth forte

    If Reshiram had a gender what do you think it would be

    i made a post like this in miscellaneous discussion but some one said to put it in general. Anyways what gender do you think Reshiram would have? Ken Suigimori said in an interview that Reshiram was given lady like features, so i think its a girl Source...
  7. seth forte

    If Reshiram had a gender what do you think it would be?

    There seems to be a mix, but i've heard that "Ken Sugimori said that Reshiram was intentionally given a more "ladylike" look to contrast with the masculine-looking Zekrom." with a link that went to http://pokemonblackandwhite.net/?p=1641 that doesn't seem to work anymore.so what do you think...
  8. Scepty26

    A Dance of Ice, Fire, and Lightning

    I hope you all enjoy the first chapter of my story. This series is going to be relatively long with around 20+ chapters. There is going to be some swearing and violence (especially in the later chapters). This chapter has very few cuss words and no violence so it should be fine for all ages. I...
  9. kacklord

    Mongrels in Castelia

    Author's Note hi there. i'm kacklord, though if you know me at all you probably know me as qva from the discord. i'm pretty fresh to this whole fanfic scene and in fact have never done anything serial at all before, so this is a totally new experience to me. i had the idea for this in the...
  10. NovaBrunswick

    Which Striaton brother did you battle?

    Striaton City Gym had three siblings as Gym Leaders: the Grass-type brother Cilan, the Fire-type brother Chili, and the Water-type brother Cress. Which brother you fought depended on your starter - so if you chose Snivy you'd fight Chili, if you chose Tepig you'd fight Cress, and if you chose...