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Animals or objects?

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Throughout the years, we have had most of our pokemon based on animals, and a few based on objects(;082;;299;:561:;479-c;:582:;338; ect.). Which did you prefer, and what were your favorites of each? Personally, I've always liked the animal based pokemon, but I want to know what you think!


I like object Pokemon to an extent... if they make sense. Magneton? Yeah, I buy it. Chandelure? Yeah, candles can be spooky, and it's good design. Makes sense. But I can't stand the Vanillite line, no matter what anyone says.

Overall, I like animals better. However, I do like object Pokemon more than Pokemon based on random Japanese myths and stuff like that.

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Generally, I prefer animal-based. Object-based ones (like Garbodor; WTF?) suck.
I like the animal Pokemon in general, but I love the creative design of some of the objects, like Nosepass and Rotom(s).


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I like both as long as the designs are tasteful, and not something totally garbage like the trashbag Pokemon :/


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I prefer the aminals. They have some cute ones. Like this guy ;492;
...and what exactly is Sigilyph? A totem pole? lol


I want object pokemon, with good design, animal is getting lame.

I agree. The animal conepts have just been looping, and id love to see it stop. Object pokemon are always much more creative anyways. Like, a fridge pokemon. What more does one need?

Out of curiosity, why isn't the mixed group posted? Darumakka is based of both an animal and object, and I believe a few others are too. That takes creativity, and fortunately, are still rare enough to be visually appealing.


i hate object pokemon like vanillite. i mean really? you were that low on ideas you made a ice cream pokemon? WTF? i like the dragons best. also object pokemon were never bad until 5th gen. metagross, rotom, golem etc were cool but then ice cream cones, garbage bags, and totem poles? those are just dumb


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i cant really make a general statement like that, it really depends on the pokemon

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i cant really make a general statement like that, it really depends on the pokemon

Pretty much how I feel. A lot of "object" pokemon are fairly animated and lifelike. I would have a problem with a candle pokemon that just sat there woulf be boring but GF is creative and gives them life. But I dislike garbodor because it has a crapy design, not because it is a garbage bag

Also the rotom forms represent rotom (which is made of plasma) possessing a tool.

Check bulbapedia if you don't understand what a pokemon is supposed to be.


Animals. I prefer animals to objects in real life too (except maybe my computer...)

There are a few object Pokémon I like, but some are ridiculously farfetched -coughVanillitecough-. I can buy a possessed chandelier; I can even buy that sewer sludge or garbage or magnets somehow came to life. I can't buy a living ice cream cone.

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Animals I'd say are better but then they're more numerous so we have a better choice. I like the dragons, such as Haxorus, if that counts as an animal.

James Turner designed the Vanillux line, and pretty much all of his designs are a bit lame, except the Golett line.


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I actually like the object pokemon. Unless they're uncreative.


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Overall I prefer Pokemon that are based on animals but there are some Pokemon based on objects which I think are really cool.
Objects. Animals are too mainstream.

And it's nice to see that so far only one person has been wearing their nostalgia goggles. Good job guys.


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I don't really understand the hate for Pokemon like Vanillite, Trubbish, etc. It's become trendy to dislike them for some reason. You can suspend your disbelief enough to battle, trade and raise fictional monsters but you can't believe that there are Pokemon like objects in the series (it's Pokemon, I ain't gotta explain ****)? I get it if you dislike the design but complaining merely because it's ice cream or trash or whatever is unreasonable. There are worse concepts for Pokemon, which is something I could go on and on about.

Anyway, rant over, it just irritates me. :/
To answer the question though, I prefer both so as long as the design works for it. There are some really cool object Pokemon like Chandelure and tons of awesome animal-based Pokemon too.
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