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Do you play with Nuzlocke rules?

  • Yes!

    Votes: 14 27.5%
  • No...

    Votes: 30 58.8%
  • What the hell is Nuzlocke?

    Votes: 7 13.7%

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Danggit! I knew it was somewhere between 15-17, but Icouldn't remember if I was counting dark or steel or not and didn't want to go and count. :) Thank you for correcting me.
Oh, and I don't see Solrock as a Light type, Because then to balance it wouldn't Lunatone have to become Dark?
Wow, I never really thought about the whole Sableye/Spiritomb typing thing, that is a wonderful point!

No problem.

I think the real reason people use Solrock as a... mascot I suppose, for Light, is cuz it looks like the sun.

Well, blaze boy said that Light would "mess up the balance between the type undoing the reason why dark type and steel type where brought in." But the reason Dark was brought in was because Psychic was WAAAAAAY overpowered in the early days. It's not half as powerful now as it was then. New moves have been made, different additions to the battle systems, new Type-combos - all these have a play in the balancing of the Type system. Light wouldn't mess it up. It'd add an interesting new spin. Something to twist your strategies around. People don't complain when a new Type-combo happens. Why should a new Type be different? It makes you reconsider your moves, teams, everything you do. I think a Light Type would be a wise move on GF's part.


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It complicates things more, dark doesn't need an opposite simple as


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It complicates things more, dark doesn't need an opposite simple as

How does it complicate things? Like every type, it will have weaknesses and strengths, once you figure them out you just plan around it, technically any type they could add could complicate it.
Technically type combos complicates things more. Like Water has its strength and weakness, ground has its, then when you put them together you lose some and gain others, while single types are much easier to figure out.


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think about what moves could be light type.
not many moves,is it?
now think about Pokemon that could be light type.
Ampharos ;181;
Solrock ;338;
not many Pokemon either.
so,what is the point in light type?


well, it's just unneccessary, don't get me wrong, it would be AWESOME! there's nothing I like more than diversity, but think about it. there haven't been any new types since G/S and NOW you're not only expecting a new type but you're NAMING it and expecting pokemon to change to it or whatever.
Think about it, there wasn't like a "diamond type" or a "clear" type or whatever when new games came out, and some people are even going so far as to say Zorura/rk are going to be version exclusives and there's going to be a light type opposite it. ARE YOU KIDDING??
anyway, I'm just saying it's not likely, and haven't the legendary types already been announced? I haven't checked for reasons pertaining to spoilers so there's probably a reason, but...yeah


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its just useless really.... I can't think of anything other than some sort of SunnyDay/Psychic move.


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And yet... Spiritomb and Sableye. Pokemon without any weaknesses. If the system is balanced, why is it possible to have a Pokemon with no weaknesses?

the funny thing about sable eye is it sucks, game freak knows it sucks, and is why they keep kicking it in the balls (stall much?) spiritomb was an attempt to make a decent pokemon so people forget sableye, but even then its also lacking and is in the UU tier.

we dont need a light type


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I love how everyone is going on about how this isn't going to work, how it isn't needed, and how there aren't any moves for it.

Forgetting the fact that the game isn't even out yet, most of the stuff in the games right now isn't really "needed" either, and the fact that if there aren't any moves for it Game Freak can make some.

Really people? Do we really need to copy the Legend of Zelda fanbase and complain about something that hasn't come out yet?


I think that it is funny. People are all like "Its pointless". I really dont understand what is the hold up. I think that it would be awesome to have a light type. You already cannot pass HM's through the old games to the new ones. This is a whole new generation we are talking about. If people haven't noticed, which it is hard to believe that they have not noticed, this game has been constantly improving and constantly gaining more parallels to this world.

What is the opposite of Fire? Water. What is the opposite of Flying? Ground. You want another example? What would be the opposite of Dark?... let me give you a hint. Light!
Aint that cute?!


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That's be nice, but it's not actually a "dark" in japanese. There, it's (IIRC) "evil".

And, as far as I can tell, they're using "light", not "good".

If I'm horrendously wrong, someone please alert me.


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I look at it this way. When red and blue were out, psychic was an overpowered type, only to be beaten by bug (and bug sucked back then... the only good ones were ones that didn't have good bug moves.), dark was put in to be the complete counter of psychic so that psychic didn't annihilate as much. light is just to general also, electric, fire, and psychic (luster purge & others) could also somewhat fit into that category.

Also, look at the fact that there has never been a dark psychic type. that would be awesome, but dark counters psychic.

So, to my conclusion, a light type is not needed.


Light type is most likely never going to happen, now don't quote me on this. its just like Eevee's going into the former physicals. Eevee's as of now have been type specified as Special from Gen 1 and 2.


If I'm horrendously wrong, someone please alert me.

I am sure that you know what you are talking about, because until I read your earlier post, I did not know that. But I thought that they did that whole "translation" thing for a reason. If dark in Japan is evil, then the evil existed on its own. You would think they would have had light or "good" put in the game at the same time anyway. Or is their something that I am still not understanding?

And @ Clever-Mird- have you realized that some pokemon have multiple weaknesses? Like how electric is weak against both rock and ground types. Why cant dark have an opposite? Psychic is also weak against ghost if I am not mistaken, right? So again, what am I not understanding?
I'm not really for or against it. "Light type" sounds silly to me, almost like an alignment which has never been part of Pokemon. The concept itself sounds alright to me.


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I think while it wouldn't be the end of the world if they went for it, it's unneccesary and really kinda stupid to be changing it up after 3 gens of the same.

Dark Eevee

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I'm tired of all the new types threads.

Anyway the Dark type is the Aku-Evil type in japan.
So if there was a "light" type it would probably be the Holy type in japanese first and then be changed to the Light type for other places.


The reason a light type is not needed is because you're not understanding what dark types are suppose to represent: Sneaky, Dirty, Cheating Fighters.
The reason a light type is not needed is because you're not understanding what dark types are suppose to represent: Sneaky, Dirty, Cheating Fighters.

Dark types could be the opposite. Think almost like the holy monks of the Pokemon world, temple guardians and such. They should have a fu dog Pokemon.


there will be people questioning about trading issue if GF decided to bring Light to gen 5 since they should renew the calculation of Hidden Power :/ that's all i know about the technical reason.

Then the type Dark is a state of mind (dirty work, battle and such) which is the actual reverse of Psychic. Many people wants Light because they think it's the opposite of Darkness, and they're wrong.

Sorry for my bad English :(
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